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ALEXIS KARPOUZOS is a Greek Author and Philosopher. He has attended philosophy and social sciences lessons at the School of Philosophy and at the Law School of Athens. He participated in self-organized alternative education groups which were experiencing modern pedagogical and didactic theories and methods. He is experienced in the theory and the method of psychoanalysis. His research interests revolve around the Holistic Knowledge – Widsom that combines the knowledge of nature and the knowledge of spirit and creates the experience of the universal consciousness.

He has published eight books in Greek and three in English (‘’The self criticism of science’’, ‘’Cosmology: philosophy and physics’’, ‘’Universal consciousness: The bridges between science and spirituality΄΄). The themes of his books relate to: General Philosophy and Ontology, History of Ideas, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Science, Educational Philosophy, Cosmology and Physics and Social Sciences.

In 1998 he founded the “ERGASTIRIO SKEPSIS” where he teaches philosophy, natural and social sciences. “ERGASTIRIO SKEPSIS” is a international community of learning, research and culture. Our goal is to create a spiritual experience in consciousness worldwide—where people recognize that we are all part of an interconnected whole. The center's activities include residential courses and conferences. The Center also runs discussion groups, social activities, art workshops, produces events, publishes books and videos in Greece.

Apart from its educational and research aspects, ERGASTIRIO SKEPSIS organizes, develops and takes part in a self-organized actions: ·Art Actions (visual actions, musical actions and drama group) ·Cultural Actions (cinema club, dance club) ·Socilal Actions (Social Solidarity Clinic, social school, School for migrants and refugees)

He founded and coordinates:  

 "The Way to the Invisible", philosophical research community for children and teen "

 The international online program, ‘’Transformation of thought and the evolution of consciousness’’,

 "Soul and Cosmos", interdisciplinary program that is aimed at teachers and psychotherapists.

 "School of Earth and Heaven" creates atmospheres knowledge and wisdom on islands, rivers, lakes and mountains in all over of Greece.


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