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Short Stories


I am writing a collection of short stories. I will be updating whenever I can. The stories will vary in genre's. I am open to suggestions on what you would like to read.


Everyone's life is different. Some people's are easy, some people's are hard, others are just to hard to handle. Everyone deals with life in there own way. People that have a good, easy life, just live it the way they want. If some people's life get hard they turn to alcohol, drugs or other methods to help ease the pain and difficultly. Then sometimes when people's life get to difficult they choose not to live it anymore. Unfortunately for me, I was one of the unlucky ones, my life was just getting worse. It got to the point where I couldn't cope anymore.

My life wasn't always bad. Actually it was pretty good until I turned 15. On the night of my 15th birthday I threw a party. Everyone from school was there. People brought alcohol and some even brought drugs. Luckily my parents had gone on holiday. The music was loud, the people even louder, I decided it would be a good idea to join in with the drinking. After a few of hours and many shots later I found my self laid in my bed naked. The house was quite and the sun was starting to peep through my curtains. I couldn't remember much of the night but everyone had posted on Facebook about how good of a night it was. I was proud to have thrown a decent party until I saw what was posted on my Facebook wall.

Someone had posted a video on my wall. The caption read "She's a dirty slut. She enjoyed every minute of this!" There was over 50 comments on it. I scrolled through the comments before I watched the video. The comments were mainly people saying how much of a whore and I slut I was. Tears started pooling in my eyes as I pressed play and watched the video. The video was of me, naked, with a guy on top of me. I didn't recognise the guy. After five minutes the guy got off and a different guy got on. You could see me trying and failing to get them of me. The video went on for about fifteen minutes, three different guys took a turn on me, everyone in the room was laughing.

The tears where flowing down my cheeks. More people were commenting and the comments where just getting worse. Girls commented saying how much of a slut I was and that I should just kill my self. Guys commented saying how hot it was and that they wanted a piece of me. I felt humiliated and violated. I didn't want to show my face at school so I took the day off. I hoped it would all die down by the night time. My hopes were crushed. People were still sharing it and commenting.

I couldn't take the pain of it. I couldn't take the humiliation. It had to end. I had to end it. I walked down stairs into my kitchen, grabbed the sharpest, I placed it against my thigh. My hands were shaking as I stood there contemplating if I should end it this way. I thought about the things people were saying, the looks I'd get, the life I'd live after this.

I pressed the knife into my skin. I felt a piercing pain as I dragged it across my thigh, pushing as deep as I possibly could, I felt the blood rushing down my leg. I felt the knife get stuck on something but I just pushed harder and deeper then the blood was gushing out of my leg. I went light headed, I dropped the knife, I feel to the floor. I was numb, the world was turning black and I felt free. My last thought was that I got what I deserved. My eyes grew heavy, my body felt light, I let the darkness sink in. I ended it. It was over.