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The Dreadful Holiday


It's Valentine's day in school. The weird kid, Sam didn't get any cards for some reason. Sabrina, a classmate feels sorry for him and she gave him one of hers. Sending him a wrong message towards him.

The Dreadful Holiday

The Dreadful Holiday


“Okay class, you can start making your cards,” said Ms Clarkson, a young slender women with blonde hair in a pink dress that white hearts on it “And remember you're giving them out after recess”


“Uggggg,” Sabrina grunted as she planted her face down on her desk. Her long bright red hair fully covered as it, as strewn all over.


Today wasn’t her favorite day because it’s the dreaded Valentine’s Day, a time of the year that Sabrina didn’t care for. In fact, she never even liked the idea of making cards for her classmates. The only exceptions were Jenna and Claire since they are the only kids she hanged out with. Not to mention the color pink fuelled her desire to punch a hole in the wall… excessively.


She’s more of a purple girl, herself anyway. Plus pink and red clash way too much together.


However, Sabrina knew she wouldn’t be able to get out the situation due to the teacher observing the entire class. Therefore, she decided to just to do it as she takes out glue sticks and paper cards from her desk. Meanwhile, Ms Clarkson noticed a brown haired boy, Sam trying to eat his crayon.   Sam had a reputation for…  how to put this nicely… the “oddball” in school. He sat three desks away from Sabrina.


Ms Clarkson politely begged, “Umm… Sam! Please don’t eat your crayons. They’re for drawing.”


Sam wines, “But it’s says that’s its cherry flavor! See!” He holds up the crayon. Taking a peak at it, Ms Clarkson reads aloud the words, “Cherry Color,” to Sam. The entire class bursts out into giggles over the stupidity. 


Not pleased by the joke, Ms Clarkson sternly warns, “Sam, don’t eat your crayons.”


“Fine,” he groans.


“Thank you.”


Rolling her eyes, Sabrina thought to herself, “Gross but I guess that’s Sam being... well Sam.”


As the clock on the wall reads 11:30 am the entire class began finishing up their cards before lunch break at noon. Working diligently, Sabrina grabbed her liquid glue and outlined her last heart shaped card. Rubbing it, she made sure the glue was spread evenly along the borders before dumping massive of loads red glitter on it. Putting on the finishing touches, she wrote “Happy Valentine’s Day” in black ink.


“I hope Kyle will like this,” Sabrina said to herself. Kyle, the boy with black hair that sat in front of her in class, she kind… sort of might have a crush on, he’s cute, okay.  “Since I think he is the last one. Right?” 


After Recess


As the bell rang atop the schoolhouse, the entire class rushed inside to begin the card exchange. Taking the letters they made in the morning, the children marched around the classroom delivering their parchments into decorated boxes that sat atop their desk. Once the deliveries were done, Ms Clarkson told her students to return to their desks.


“Ok!” said Ms Clarkson with a smile “Is everyone back at their seats?”


The whole class shouted, “Yes, Ms Clarkson!”


“Alright then, you can look inside your boxes now,” chimed Ms Clarkson, “But… Slowly! And make sure to thank the person who gave a card to you.”


The class repeats, “Yes, Ms Clarkson!”


“Ok,” Ms Clarkson pauses, “go!”


Flinging her box open in unison with the congregation, Sabrina checks to see what she obtained. To her surprise, she discovered more letters inside her box than expected. She even got a card from Kyle, which reads “Happy Valentine’s Day! From: Kyle.” Blushing, Sabrina thought it was sweet of him to give her a card this year. Unfortunately, Sabrina couldn’t give Kyle his card due to the glue still drying. It had to wait till after school, sadly.


A quiet voice spoke near her, “I can’t believe it.”


Sabrina turned her head to witness Sam shaking his box, but not producing any letters except from Ms Clarkson that she gives to every one of her students.  His friend, Brian had left all his cards at home.  So he didn’t even have that… and everybody knows the card your teacher gives doesn’t count.


Saddened by the results, Sam hung his head low and quietly sobbed to himself. Feeling the pain and remorse, Sabrina’s guilt for forgetting to make him a card compelled her to grab one of her own. Making hasty changes, she erased the names from a card she received and replaced them with hers and his.


Just because Sam was the oddball ,  doesn’t make it right for the whole class to snub him, she pushed her purple wheelchair out from her desk without hesitation; Sabrina wheeled herself over to Sam with the edited card in hand. Arriving at his desk, Sam’s head still remained face down in shame. He never acknowledged Sabrina ’s presence.


Trying to be polite, Sabrina stuttered, “Hey… S-Sam, I have… this for you.” She presented the card to him. Stopping his quiet weep, Sam abruptly takes the card from her and opens it up. Smiling at the generosity of Sabrina, he immediately thanks her as the teardrops continued to roll down his face. Sabrina apologized, “Sorry I didn’t give it to you sooner.” She then proceeds to tell a harmless lie, “It’s just that I now found it in the back of my desk.”


Reading the card, “It’s says I’m bananas for you and it has a monkey holding a banana. I love it! Ha! Thank you so much,” replied Sam as he continued to laugh at the corny joke.


Sabrina responds, “I’m glad you like it. Have a great day”. She smiled at him before she returned her desk.


It is the end of the school day…


Heading out of the school, Sabrina waved good-bye to her friends as she parted in her own separate direction to go home. Not minding the lonely trek, it gave her moments to think about seeing Sam beam like he did and how he laughed at her joke.


Overall, it made her day just as much as his.


Suddenly, someone shouted, “HEY Sabrina, wait up!”


She turned around to see Sam running up towards her and panting. Catching up to her,, “Can... I w-“. He stopped at the “W-word.” Can I take… you home”? Why do people that? The “W-word” wasn’t even a bad one. She even uses it sometimes.


Sabrina replied, “Umm, you can say, “walk”. It’s not a bad word.”


Sam blushed turning red as Sabrina’s hair. She signed. “…Sure if that isn’t a problem for you.”


“Oh not at all,” Sam winked, “By the way, that card was so funny with the banana and monkey.”


“That was kinda of the joke,” reposted Sabrina as she rolled her eyes, completely oblivious to Sam’s flirty attitude. 



They continued to walk down the road to Sabrina’s home…


“… And the doctor told me if I stopped pulling at my hair then I wouldn’t get so many bald spots,” Sam commented while accomplishing all kinds of awkward in Sabrina’s mind in such a short while. Luckily for her, home was a just few feet away and she never felt more relieved to see it.


Approaching the front door, Sabrina thanked Sam for his kind deed.


“You’re welcome,” said Sam.   


“Soooo… See you on Monday?” asked Sabrina. Not quite sure what she could add to this extremely uncomfortable situation.


“Ok,” he replied, “See you,” Sabrina quickly rolled herself into house and locks the door, “Monday?”


Getting away from “awkward,” although still thinking it was nice for him to walk her home, Sabrina hangs her backpack up on the coat rack and calls out her return from school. Strolling past the living room, Sabrina spots her older brother, Travis watching some superhero cartoon on TV, and her dad, was sitting in their chairs reading the daily newspaper. Soaring into the kitchen, she finds her mother, Anna cooking up supper by the oven. Her mother was a redhead just her.


“Hey Sabrina,” her mother spoke, “How was school?”


Sabrina is flat in her expression, “It was fine.”


“Really?” her mother teased her, “Did any cute boys give you cards?”


“What?” said Sabrina; offended by the fact her mother asked “that” question. She stressed, “Mother! You know I don’t like those dummies.”   


Anna laughed, “Oh sweetheart, take a joke,” giving her a gentle nudge on her shoulder.


“Alright…” Sabrina pauses, “Mom can I ask you a question?”


“Sure, what is it?”


“Umm,” Sabrina hesitated to ask. “What do you when a boy likes you but you don’t feel the same way towards him?” She looked down on the floor.


Anna advised, “I would tell him that you're flattered by the offer, but you're just not interested.” She wondered, “Who is he anyway?”


Sabrina answered with shame in her voice, “Sam. He walked me home today.”


“Aw that’s so cute,” her mother cracked-up, “You two would be a darling couple.”


Sabrina wanted to gag on the thought as she let out a loud, “EWW!!! Mom! I'm ten.”


“Sabrina, lighten up.” Her mother gently hit her over the head with a newspaper, “I was joking. Besides, no boys until high school, missy.”


“Uuuuggggg,” Sabrina snorted.


“Sabrina, has a boyfriend?’ Her dad. Tom called out from the living room. ”Should i beat him up?’ Travis shouted after. Sabrina face planted in the dinner table for the second that day. She would hear about this for the whole weekend.



As the kids returned to school the following Monday, Sam told Brian that he was obsessive over Sabrina’s letter all weekend and is wanting to ask her to become her boyfriend. Brian agreed with the idea, but told him to wait until recess to do so. Sam thought the same way, however it kept him anxious all morning.     


When the clock read 12:00 pm the entire class burst from the school and out into the playground. Among the scene of girls and boy, Sam searched with ambition for Sabrina. Finding her, he began to build up his confidence as he stepped closer and closer to her. Coming within her vocal distance, he greeted Sabrina and asked her without shuddering.


Sabrina blushed, “Sam, I'm really flattered by your interest, but I just don’t feel the same way about you. ” Not believing what he heard, Sam asserted with a laugh, “Ha, very funny Sabrina. Don’t deny it, you like me.” This wasn’t going well.


“Sam please, no. I don’t... Well… I mean, like you as a friend-” 


A blonde girl, Dana interrupts, the meanest girl in school “Aw, how cute! The couple is arguing. “Another girl with honey colored locks Sylvia jumps in, Dana’s partner in crime “Sam, you better stop your girlfriend before she dumps you.”


“Buzz off,” Sabrina and Sam reply in unison.


Dana and Sylvia remained un-fazed by the demand and instead continued to harass them, “You know Sam, I wonder how the cripple managed to convince you to ask her out?” said Dana, “Did she threaten to ram you to death?”


“Or maybe she bribe him” Sylvia added.


Sabrina snapped, “CAN YOU STOP?”


“Or what,” Dana insisted, “You’ll run away like a normal kid? Oh wait, you can’t! You pathetic loser.”


“Oh. You mean like yourself?” Sam retorted.


The statement left Dana furious and Sylvia disturbed. Therefore without speaking a word or making up a comeback, they instantly ran off in tense anger.


Meanwhile, the tears began to slide down Sabrina’s face. While she resisted the urge to cry, her old emotional wounds were slashed open by the thoughts of her not being able to walk. Leaving her a crying mess, Sabrina assumed that Dana is right.


“What if I am a loser?” she sobbingly asked herself. 


“Don’t say that!” Sam responded, “You weren’t. They don’t what they are talking about and you have a really cool chair.” He turns her head towards him, “I believe in you.”


Hugging her, Sam wiped the tears from her eyes while she thanked him for saying what she needed to hear. As they let go of each other, Sabrina was thoughtless of her actions as she leaned in towards Sam. Kissing him on the check, Sam turned beet red in a millisecond.


As his mind flooded with the image of what just happened, he forgot about the fact that most boys his age would react by saying, “EWWW!!! Call the cooties doctor.” However, Sam didn’t mind it since he knew insulting Dana is going to get him into trouble later. Until then, the kiss made his day a whole lot better.