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Operation: Shatterfall


By the year of 2621 A.D, humanity has already constructed thousands of planetary colonies in unoccupied systems throughout the Milky Way. With the help of extraterrestrial allies, mankind has settled itself comfortably in a safe spot within the predominantly peaceful community of the Galactic Council. Although most of human controlled territories enjoy the luxury of peace, the never ending conflict between the United Colonial Government of Earth's Counter Aggression Treaty Organisation (C.A.T.O) and the brutal armies of the xenophobic People's Republic's Federation have raged on for another two bloody years. With war plaguing the human space, Earth's military alliance must find a way to keep every other warring human factions at bay without the help of her extraterrestrial allies. On the other side, hell bent on eradicating the authority of Earth and it's people, the People's Republic's Federation will do whatever it takes to win the war, even if it needs to commit war crimes. Faced with the largest PRF invasion force ever seen and the death of millions innocent lives, the government of Earth has no choice but to employ military force.

And so it begins, the most brutal and bloodiest battle between the two human galactic superpowers. As a new recruit in the C.A.T.O's armed forces,Private Kevin Frost and his allies will lead the counter offensive against the PRF. Being the best of the best, Raptor Company will conduct multiple strategic and tactical strikes against the enemy. But one thing is certain, Frost will not let Euphoria and it's people fall into the hands of an oppressive and murderous military government. Through his eyes, he'll show you war and vengeance.


"One good act of vengeance deserves another."

Jon Jefferson

Chapter 1: Prologue

USICS Excalibur-class destroyer codename: DDG-95 Stormbringer.
Orbit of Exaltation, Exalted System.
January 15th, 2621 AD
0430 hours, Galactic Standard Time.

Based on the Galactic Standard Time, it's Monday, Janurary 15th, another cold, bright day in the Stormbringer. Up here, almost 100,000 feet above the urban surface of Exaltation, the combat hulls of the Raven Carrier Stike Group prepared. With the combined strength of hundreds of Martian built ships, each packed with overwhelming firepower, the Strike Group will jump to the Frontline fifteen times faster than the speed of light. Which means, I might see combat for the first time. They shipped an entire batch of recruits into the 25th Brigade Combat Team just for the sake of the Euphorian Campaign. Fortunately, I was honored to be part of the freshmeats of the 25th.

I have been waiting for this day to come. It's only been six months since the my completion in Basic Combat Training. Today, I'm officially deployed and assigned to a unit. Currently, I'm part of one of the largest military force under the Counter Aggression Treaty Organisation's huge network of militaries, called the United Systems Interplanetary Command or USIC, for short. The USIC was responsible for Earth's security and defense during the early stages of the Second Space Age 500 years ago. As it's name suggests, it represented the military force for countless star systems, hence the name 'United Systems'. But ever since humans were granted more and more planets, Earth's defenses were spread thin, and so, C.A.T.O was born.

C.A.T.O consisted up to three hundred military forces, with each falling under the direct command of Earth's authority. These military forces often represented different regions in human space. Like the USIC, for example, who are in charge of the Core Systems' defense, or the Intercolonial Defense Adminisration, who are guarding the fragile shipyards of the Woodside Cluster. They often earned the nickname, Acronym Armies, due to the extensive use of acronyms for different military groups.

However, despite the combined efforts of the alliance in the Atlas System, we lost a fundamental element in the defense line against the enemy. After the defeat at Atlas Prime, the armies of the xenophobic and oppressive People's Republic Federation began flooding through the 'breach', or as the military would like to call, the Gap. Euphoria was the first to be struck by the toxic grasp of the People's Republic Federation. It was one of the sixty-plus colonies located near the Frontline and is a strategic foothold for the CATO. The planet's administration has ran countless supply runs for the alliance. Many battles were won because of its endless logistical and military support.

But enlisting was kinda like a death wish. Life expectancy drops tremendously in the Frontline, especially when you're a grunt in the Army facing the enemy up close and personal. When I say up close, I mean very up close.

But I have made a promise. A promise to my dead kin. A promise to avenge the dead and protect those who couldn't defend themselves against the PRF. To defy the Earth government is treason but to fight an all out war and commit genocide against its citizens is a war against freedom, justice and truth. This so-called People's Republic Federation has been a torn on our side ever since the Secession War almost a century ago. They have swallowed up nearly one hundred and twenty colonies in less than 50 years while ammasing an army three times the size of Earth's combined military force. After countless proxy tactics, provocations and open conflicts, war was declared almost five years ago.

They claimed they were fighting for the old, dead Communist ideology, but analysts suggest otherwise. They were no different from the nationalistic fanatics and murderers of the small, yet dangerous Nazi Federation located at the very far reaches of human space.

"Jump In: Two. Minutes, " the destroyer's A.I. announced.

I found myself again standing before the Stormbringer's massive reinforced windows, dressed in the standard issue combat uniform. My eyes focused on the gleaming white, ice crystals that have found themselves on the windows' surface and clouding up the field of view. As usual, the vacuum of space is eerily silent and mostly static. Beyond the glass was a crowd of civilians standing at the Rail's departure platform. Many of them were waving at the 800m destroyer as began its first jump procedure. Banners and posters of wishes of 'good luck' and many other messages were held up high above their heads. I looked to my left and right, only to see soldiers waving back at the crowd waving one last time before the ship disappears 15 times faster than the speed of light, perhaps one last time, knowing that the chances of them returning home may drop to less than 1%.

The destroyer slowly emerged from the terminal. At that moment, the undeniable beauty of the urban colony illuminated the infinitely starless void around her.

Billions of clustered bright white city lights lit up under the wrath of the grey gargantuan rainstorms that blanketed the darker side of the urban planet. The sky cracked as a flash of brilliant orange streaked across the clouds of Exaltation's predictable daily storms. From here, the lightnings represented nothing but only the sheer volume of hurricanes and storms that would cloud entire continents for weeks or even months.

Flickers of azure blue from civilian and military ships breaking out of jump demanded my attention. Arrays of orbital defensive platforms hung in unison as they defended Exaltation, each containing enough firepower and precision to destroy battleships with a single salvo. Hundreds of galactic-based communication satellites orbited the planet, following an orbital cycle behind the planet's defensive net. Exaltation was important, just like every other Earth colony. Although there were no extraterrestrial forces craving for Exaltation's wealth, we still had the PRF and a few other warring human factions to worry about.

"Jump in: One. Minute."

Now, a loud hum sounded around the walls of the vessel as the hyperdrive charged.

I looked around again, and wondered where my best friends are.

Midnight could be in the armory talking to the new girl. James? I won't be sure.

And here am I, alone, staring blindly into the void.

I continued cherishing the stunning view for the last time. My eyes soared through the city and it's vibrant lights, until a sudden hard slap landed right on my back.

Before I could reply, a voice spoke out.

The AI announced once again, "Jumping in thirty seconds."

"Briefing hall, two minutes."

I glanced over my shoulder, only to see one of the company's NCO, and nodded in reply.

I guess this is how it begins.

 I took a last sight at the distant Exaltation, before turning away as the ship began its final jump protocol.