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My endless suffering


Two worlds I'm have been blamed for the suffering of man kind and my kind, the kind that I am not apart of because I am no killer ,but they don't care, I lost the will to fight know I am protecting the human apes from my kind . It won't be long until I have to kill her.


It all started 24 years ago, in 1990 October the 31, the day when evil and good come together. I lived a perfect life with my mum, but she looks so when I look at her every-time, I didn't know until I saw my friend Tom and it made me cry because he had something that I didn't I'm have. He had a dad, I'm not saying that I don't have a dad I do but he isn't around much, they wouldn't allow my mum and dad to be together because they are from different classes.He came around twice a week maybe three times if I was lucky, he came to my house for my fourth party my mam was so happy, I walked to schoolwith Tom and then we met up with my other friends. James gave me a hug and he had an idea that I liked, but I didn't know the consequences. When people say they saw death they say he looks horrible and he is mean and that he doesn't care if you lived a lovely life and that he just wants your soul. First of all, he is not mean,scary,horrible and in all of my life I have never since him take a life that didn't care, I know he is DEATH but he didn't want this job and if it wasn't for him, someone else would be changing the balance of life and death and you know what I am proud to call him my uncle. I didn't know that want he did until a few years later when he came to my house after my mam died. Zoey friends walked around until they notice that Zoey wasn't there, they went back to find her ..... when they came to a corner they saw Zoey lying on the ground beside a little pond, she had bruises everywhere on her body it loKoked like she has been in a fight, but I didn't understand why? Why would anyone fight a four year old girl for. The kids ran to the school, told the teacher what happen and said Zoe was hurt and she wasn't moving.(back at the grounds) Zoe is still not moving until something happen,the bruises on her body had disappeared and the colour in her face came back, after a few minutes Zoe's eye's open and she didn't understand what just happened. After that day,she knew who she was and the reason why she had to be a secret. She would be killed by the only thing she loved.
Her sister.


16 years of hell

I turned 16 just late week, I stayed at home looking after Charlie or Charles. She just turned six months last Tuesday. I still live in the same house, but now there is three girls, me,Charlie and mum but no dad, how pointless is that. He's there for my birthday's and he was there for my making and Charles.
( Zoe changes her emotion). It's not like I care for him anyways. 

All of my friends have left me except prim,she understands me and she knows want I am. I don't know what to call myself, there's the archangels and demons and leviathans (spelling).Just last week I had to save prim sister because some stupid boys tossed her into the river, she's ok, no bruises. We were like wet rats when we got out. 

I really hate the water,but I don't know why!.

I went to the next day, I wish I didn't, the year head come into my class and took me outside, everyone was looking at me as I was walking out. They told me news that I didn't want it to be true. 
(zoey is crying). They told me that something happen at my house before they could say anything more, I ran straight out the door I bumped into people on the way out , I ran out the school door and I ran home where I saw my whole world burning.
Everything I had was gone and everyone, I couldn't move, I just stared at the burning house. 

After a few seconds I saw two men coming out with a body, before I knew want was going on,I ran up to them screaming. I was a few inches away from them when someone or something grabbed me by the waist and put me down on the grass. 

(zoey is screaming to let go), the person was holding her waist, before she finally got free the abundance was gone. She fell to her knees crying.

Zoey is yelling.

Date with death

It's Been two weeks since ..... ( zoey puts her head into her hands,so she can hide the tears). She hasn't been home since that day, the day that the earth silenced.

Zoey speaking (with anger and sadness in her voice, she is back at the house shouting at the man): 
"It has been 12 years since I saw you,where the hell have you been, 12 years I have seen you last and or what". "A life I had to be a bloody secret and for what".

(The man replied back and it made Zoey really angry, you could see the darkness in her eyes) 
Zoey replied back "Really you came to 4 party's that's all, I thought you didn't love me and what about Charlie, I mean she will never know who's her mother is , you were there 9 months to have Charlie".
"But no,we had to be a bloody secret"."That's what happens if a person marries a person like you, a cold harder killer". Zoey wasn't really angry,she didn't really mean anything she said,she is just glad she has him. "I have been kept a secret for sixteen years and now, I wish I have never been born".

I moved in with my dad he got me a bed and some wardrobes. It's the same here, no one like's me and it's not because I have powers.

It's because I fell in love with a hunter.

Hello Dean!

This isn't a story about me, well yes!, but there is a few good other people I want to tell you about and here is the first one. You may know him because of his charming looks and badass personality,he's a man of great interest and a man who really loves pie!

The first time I met him he was all covered in sweat and blood, he looked cute for a hairless ape!.He didn't notice me at first,but when he did,he has never stopped looking at the girl who he fell in love with. He knows everything about me and the way he had to find out my secrets is so unbearable that it makes me wonder why?. Why do I have to live in a world, where people kill each other for money,power and the one I have to fight, good vs evil.

I helped Dean,when a vampire was turning teenagers into vampires, but it was abit awkward at the start, like how relationships start with a hello or hi, our one started with a nife, guns, being throw around the room. 

He true me against the wall and put a nife to my stomach, he asked me " why are you here". I told him that there has been a few teenagers going missing and I needed his help.
Before he could do anything more I kicked him in his private and pushed him on the bed, I jumped on top of him and told him to stop getting so angry, I need your help trying to find the missing teen's.

I knew he didn't trust me but I needed him,