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The Little Star

Our Friendship Just Committed Suicide

You chained me down with your friendship....
You fed me with your love.....
When the sun was engulfed by the velvet night,
You gave me light with your hope....

I was happy to be your prisoner...

But then,
my illusion was shattered by reality...

You chained me to your lies
You drowned me in my own depression
You took away the only light that I had
You turned me into a savage beast

Years have passed, you finally gave me the key

I unchained myself from your madness
I ran away and I don't plan on ever coming back
I will no longer hold on to the memories that we had together

Little do you know, you are also a prisoner of your illusion

I will not destroy your wonderland
I will no longer interfere
I would just like to thank you

because setting me free was the kindest thing you had ever done to me
Thank you

I wish you the best