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Are you brave enough to ride


It was a sunny afternoon and the gang was hanging out inside their favorite pizza shop.  
Sharing an extra cheese pizza 
“Okay, what do you guys, want to do after we’re done eating?” 
 Cookie asked them 
“Hey, why don’t we ride our bikes over towards the new fair grounds? 
 And check out the place.” 
 Tommy Cub answered her 
“Umm, I don’t think that’s such a great idea. Besides I’m sure that it’s all gated off” 
 Until the grand opening this weekend.” Sammy Turtle added 
“Oh, don’t be such a big limo Sammy, we’ll just take a quick ride over. 
 And if it’s close we’ll just turn around and come right back.” Tommy scowled him 
“Well, it’s better than sitting around all day trying to figure out what to do.” Daisy Penguin agreed.  
“I just hope it’s not as lame as it was last year” 
“Remember that rocket blaster ride? The most fun you’ll ever have out in space. 
 Which only turned out to be a stupid train that just went round in a circle really fast.” She added   
Less than half hour later they parked their bikes, by the entrance of the Rocky Shores Park 
Then walked over towards the gated area in where the fair was going to be held.  
Vicky Dragonfly giggled the fence but it was locked 
“Well, I guess we’ll just have to wait until it opens this weekend.” She shrugged 
“Oh great. So now what are we going to do?” Tommy whined before he walked off 
“Hey, let’s just go home and start getting ourselves ready for my online sleep over party.” 
 Their friend Ant Pinky told them 
“Huh?” isn’t it a bit early to have a sleep over it’s still light out.” Sammy frowned 
“I know, but not for much longer. I’m sure that by the time we ride our bikes back it’ll be darker.” 
 I can’t wait. Since my birthday falls on the same weekend as the fair opening.  
I decided to have my sleep-over tonight” 
“And celebrate my birthday at the fair. It’ll be double the fun.” Ant explained 
“Sounds great Ant, but exactly what’s an online slumber party?” Cookie asked her  
“It’s just like a real one. We all be connected to our sharp account, so we can see each other. 
 Just like if we were in the same room together” 
“Plus Tommy and Sammy, won’t have to worry about what time they’ve to leave. 
 They can stay up with us all night.” Ant answered her 
“And speaking of the boys, I wonder where they disappear to?” 
 Daisy asked looking around  
And before any of the other girls would answer her Sammy cried out to them 
“Hey, you guys!” Tommy, found a way in!”   
They walked back to where Tommy was pointing to a hole in the fence smiling  
“Okay, who’s ready to go exploring?” 
Minutes later they were slowly walking round the abounded fair grounds 
“Oh wow!” Check out that cool looking roller coaster, it’s pretty rad how it dips down.  
To have look like it’s about to crash down into the river bank.” Tommy told them 
“Yah, can you imagine sitting in the front seat now that would be freaky.” Cookie laughed 
“It says here it’s called the Water Crasher—“Daisy began 
“Oh hey, I heard about this ride before.  
Half way through the ride it supposed to make the rider feel like something’s wrong with it” 
“And they’re about to plunge into the river bank.” Vicky explained 
“Way cool!” Tommy cried out 
“But the most interesting thing that I read about this ride. Is.  
That this ride is rumored to be haunted.” She added 
“Haunted?” Both Daisy and Sammy frowned 
“That’s right. It’s rumored that every night when everyone goes home. 
 Old Joe’s ghost comes out to try and stop the tragic accident that happened around twenty years ago.” 
 Vicky answered them 
“Who’s old Joe? And what happened twenty years ago?” Cookie asked her 
“Old Joe, was the ride operator the night that the Water Crasher, really crashed into the river bank.  
Ten kids, died that night and supposal Joe, never stop blaming himself.” Vicky answered her 
“Oh, please, so he what?” Comes back to stop the ride from crashing?” Tommy frowned 
“I guess. They say that sometimes kids, go on this ride and just disappear into thin air.” Vicky shrugged 
“Well, there’s one way to find out. 
 Since we’re already here tonight would be the perfect night to find out if the rumors are true or not.”  
Ant suggested smiling. Tommy was about to answer her when a voice yelled out   
“Author!” Did you check if the back gate was locked?” 
“Umm, I think so.” Author yelled back 
“Dude, how many times do I’ve to tell you to make sure that gate is locked?” 
 We don’t want any kids, sneaking in here until the grand opening.”  
The guard sighed.” Come on.” 
“Quick hide.” Tommy whispered over to them   
They quickly ducked through an opening in the wooden fence and ran up the ramp onto the Water Crasher’s platform 
“That was weird. I could’ve sworn that they were looking right through us.” 
 Ant told them 
“Yah, it was.”  
Cookie agreed as they followed the platform to the front entrance of the ride 
“But also kina of cool, I’m sure we’re the only kids, who have seen this ride as we’re right now.” 
 Cookie added. 
 Then walked over to one of the cars and climbed inside of it 
“Umm, what are you doing? Don’t you think we should go before those guards come back and find us?”  
Sammy asked her 
“Well, if we’re going to see if this ghost really does exist. We might as well be comfortable.” 
 Cookie answered him    
And before any of them could answer her back. A bright light covered them 
“Quick!” everyone take a seat and hang on!” Cookie yelled through the light 
“I think we’re about to go for a ride!” She added   
Moments later the gang was screaming their heads off as the roller coaster car. 
 Went roaring through the foggy dark tracks at top speed 
Minutes later it came to a complete stop and they slowly climbed out their cars seats 
“Oh wow!” That was really—“ 
“Awesome!” Tommy finished for Sammy 
“I was going to say creepy.
 I mean were did that fog come from? And who started the ride.” 
 Sammy frowned 
“Hey, listen do you guys, hear that?” Cookie asked 
“Yah, it sounded like the kind of music that they play at a fair.” 
 Vicky answered her. “I wonder where it’s coming from.” 
“Well, there’s only one way to find out.” Ant shrugged.    
They made their way off the platform and as they got near  
The exit sign not only did the music grow louder but also the sound of kids laughing  
“Whoa!” Did we just step into a time wrap or something?” Tommy whistled in disbelief.  
Noticing that not only did the whole fair grounds changed. From night to day.   
But it was now full of grinning kids running around from ride to ride   
“More like the freaky zone, where are we? And why is everyone wearing such weird clothing?” 
 Daisy added looking around in complete confusion 
“Yah, aren’t they hot walking round in those jackets?”  
And how can those kids, be comfortable walking round in those heavy looking boots?” 
 Ant added also frowning 
“Umm, this is going to sound completely crazy, but I think when we were on the ride.  
That we went through some sort of time wrap or something like it”  
And now we’re back at the fair before we were probably born.” Vicky stated 
“Yah, not only does that sound crazy. But it is also-“Tommy began 
“Possible.” Cookie interrupted.” 
 Now the question is how do we get back to our time period?” 
“Well, I don’t think standing around here is going to help us any. 
 Besides I’m starting to get a bit creep out by the way they’re staring at us as they walk by.”  
Daisy told them 
They decided to get something to drink to clear their heads.
 So they can figure a way how to get back home.  
Cookie was about to stand in one of the water bowl lines.  
When she bumped into a small boxer 
“Oh sorry.” 
“That’s okay, say are you and your friends part of the clown act?” The boxer asked her 
“No, why?” Cookie frowned 
“Oh, I just figured. Then if you guys, aren’t part of the show.  
Why are you all wearing such funny looking clothing?” He added 
“Umm, we’re not from around here.” Daisy answered 
“Why, didn’t you just say so?” Hi, my name is Bo, how are you all liking our county fair so far?” 
 Bo asked them smiling 
“So far so good. But I was wondering where we could get the best hot dog?” Vicky answered 
“Sure. But I don’t have any money I spent it all on ride tickets.” Bo mumbled 
“That’s okay, it’ll be our treat.” Vicky smiled  
“So Bo, is the fair running all weekend?” Ant asked him 
“I wish it’d go for longer but yes, and trust me this year has been the best year so far” 
 They’ve all these new rad rides and better tasting food!” Bo laughed  
“I’m sure it is. Umm, Bo, you haven’t heard about a ride called the Water Crusher have you?” 
 Cookie asked him 
 That’s one of the new rides and one of the best rides ever. I’ve been on it at least five times already!” 
 Bo told them 
“Oh, Bo, this might sound weird for me to ask but exactly what year is it?” 
 Vicky asked him. Bo gave the gang an odd look before answering her back  
“Why it’s Sunday, August 6, 1995. Why?” What year did you guys, think it was?”  
Tommy was going to answer him when Vicky suddenly cut him off  
“Oh no!” that’s the day when it happened!” 
 Today’s the day when the water crusher plunges into the river bank. 
 I don’t remember all the details but I remember reading that the papers called it a freak of nature” 
 A bolt of lightning hit one of the cars causing it to crash into another then falling off the rail tracks and into the water” 
 We’ve to warn those kids before they get on that ride and it’s to late!” 
“Oh, come on you guys, are trying to pull a fast one on me.  
There’s not even a cloud in the sky!” Bo frowned 
“I wish we were, I know this is hard to believe. But you’ve to believe us. 
 We came from the future to warn you kids, from not getting on that ride!” Daisy cried out.  
 Bo just looked at them then busted out laughing 
“Oh great, you just had to tell him that we’re from the—“Tommy began  
“Bo, I know what we’ve told you is hard to believe, but it’s the truth in our time period.  
The year’s 2006, we snuck into the fairgrounds, which weren’t even open yet” 
 When we heard the guards we were scared that we’d get busted. 
 So we hid inside the Water Crasher ride” And the next thing we knew we were here.” 
 Vicky started to explained   
For a few seconds none of them spoke, only just stared at one another 
“So you guys, are really not trying to pull a fast one over me?” 
 Bo asked them. They just nodded their heads no  
“Well, I guess I’m going nuts too. Cause I don’t know why, but I believe you.  
Even though I’m sure I’ll be the only one who will” 
 I don’t know how you’re going to get a way back home or find anyone else who will believe you.” 
 Bo told them 
“Maybe, but hopefully we’ll find old Joe, and he’ll able to help us.” Ant suggested 
“Who?” Bo asked 
“Old Joe, that’s the ride operator who was working on the ride, when it crashed. 
 Afterwards according to the papers he blamed himself for not being able to save those kids” 
 That rumors are that he still haunts the ride trying to make what happened right” 
“And for whatever the reason it never worked out until now.” 
 Ant answered him back 
“That’s it!” Vicky suddenly cried out 
“Huh?” What’s it?” Both Bo and Sammy frowned 
“If we can somehow find old Joe, and help him make peace with what happened. 
 Hopefully he’ll help us and everything will go back to normal.” Vicky explained 
“Oh, is that all?” Sammy smirked.  
“How are we going to do that? We don’t even know if he works here or who he is?”  
“Do you guys, know what his last name was?” Bo asked 
“I think the paper said it was Bluer or Gluer?” Vicky shrugged 
“Joe Gluer?” That’s my Uncle Joe’s name!” 
 Now that I think about it I remember that he was all excited. 
 That his boss was giving him a new ride to operate this afternoon.” 
 Bo cried. And before the gang could reply the sound of a faraway thunder crashed through the sky  
“Was that thunder?” Daisy asked them  
“Yes, which means we really need to hurry and find your uncle. I don’t think we’ve much time left.” 
 Cookie added   
Minutes later they finally found where the Water Crasher ride was located at 
“Bo, do you see your uncle?” Cookie asked him 
 We need to hurry it looks like he’s about to open the gates and let those kids on the ride!” 
 Bo yelled.  
Before he and the others ran towards Bo’s uncle waving and yelling for him not to open the gate 
“Uncle Joe!” No, stop!” Bo yelled 
“Bo?” What’s the meaning of this?” 
 Joe asked frowning once he saw Bo and the gang running towards him yelling for him to shut down the ride. 
 Vicky was the last one to dash over the gate and pass Bo’s uncle 
“Sorry, But Bo, will explain everything to you later” 
 But right now we really need to go on this ride without any other kid on it” 
 And just remember whatever happens you did all you could to stop it so don’t blame yourself.” 
 Vicky told him.  
 And before she caught up to the rest of the gang who were already fastening their seat belts  
She quickly kissed Bo on the check  
“Thank you, for everything I’ll never forget you or your uncle.”  
A giant strike of lightening lite up the sky and just like before a foggy bright light began to fill up the ride 
“Here we go again!” Hang on tight!” Cookie once again yelled out   
Seconds later they were sailing through the light then it stopped 
The gang slowly got out of their cars with scared and confused faces. 
 Cookie was about to whisper something over to the gang  
When a voice yelled out from behind them 
“What are you kids, doing in here?”   
Then after taking them inside the security office the gang told him the whole story.  
The security guard frowned then told them to stay put. 
 While he went to the next room to phone their parents’  
“Well, that went great!  
He didn’t believe a word we said and I’m going to be ground for beyond forever.  
Thanks a lot Tommy,” Sammy smirked   
“Me?” I didn’t put a gun to your head dude, so don’t put this on me?” Tommy smirked 
“Okay, okay, guys, we’re in enough trouble without fighting with each other.” Vicky told them  
Tommy was going to answer her back when Cookie cut him off 
“Hey!” Check it out!”  
They walked over to where she was pointing towards 
It was a framed picture hanging on the far wall that showed the mayor of the city giving Joe a metal 
Below the picture it read:  
Joe Gluer was giving the metal of bravery after he saved a dozen kids from what could’ve been a fetal accident 
 After the water crasher ride plunged into the river banks below  
After it was hit with a sudden bolt of lightening 
And standing next to Joe was Bo with the proudest smile on his face  
Copyrights © belong to Jack 2006