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Some dolls are not just pretty children's play things

A camping we would go



It was a gloomy afternoon and the gang was bored hanging out inside of Cookie’s bedroom.

Trying to figure out what they were going to do for the day


“Gee, I forgot how boring this town is when we’re not working on a case.

There’s nothing to do.”

 Daisy Penguin sighed before she popped another cheese ball into her mouth

“Hey, I know of something that we can do. Why don’t we ride our bikes over to Bank Rivers”

 School will be starting in less than two weeks, this would be our last chance to spend the afternoon fishing.”

Before the lake freezes over.” Tommy Cub suggested

“Um, I don’t think that’s such a great idea.

It’s about a mile ride to get there by the time we do. It’ll probably be to late to do any fishing anyways.”

 Sammy Turtle told them

“Oh, don’t be such a limo Sammy, we’ll just grab a few bags of chips, and some other goodies.

 And camp out we should be having fun instead of just sitting around here being bored all day.”

 Tommy shrugged

“I agree. I just hope that this trip won’t be as lame as the last time we all camped out.

 Not only did it rain but the only thing we caught was a fish no bigger than Cookie’s tail!”

Vicky Dragonfly laughed. Then after getting their parent’s permission and camp gear

Along with some other stuff they headed out towards the river


A few hours later they were setting up camp

“Hey Timmy, are you sure that it’s okay with your mom that you came out here with us?”

 Vicky asked him as she helped him put up his tent

“Yah, I’m sure.

She really doesn’t care much what I’m doing these days, she’s too busy working.”

 Their friend Timmy Bugs sighed

“I’m sure that’s not true.” Vicky smiled

“Isn’t she working with that weird guy Peter, something?”

 They’re supposed to be getting everything ready for the end of summer main street bash.”

 Tommy added

“Peter Fisher, he just brought the Haven place up in Main Street.

Ever since she went to work for him I hardly see her anymore.

 I understand that we need the money”

“Especially after my dad died but I figured that she’d just work a few hours a day, not every waking moment!”

 Timmy cried out

“Timmy, I’m sure that even though you may not understand it.

She has her reasons she may not act like she doesn’t care but she does more then you’ll ever know.”

 Cookie told him before giving him a big supportive hug

“Well, if you ask me that dude is beyond weird, he-“

Daisy interrupted Tommy by poking him in the ribs

“If we wanted to hear your great opinion we’d ask for it, until then zip it.” She frowned


They spent the rest of the afternoon goofing around and fishing later that night

They sat around a big campfire taking turns telling spooky stories

The next morning they got up early and while the girls cleaned up the boys went out to gather up more fire wood

They were on their way back to their campsite when Tommy whispered over to them

“Hey, look over there!” Isn’t that Fisher, what’s he doing out here?”

“I don’t know. But it’s strange that he’d come all the way out here just to throw away his garbage.”

 Sammy answered him back

 After they noticed that Peter was hiding some big bags behind some over grown brushes

“Maybe we should go over there and see what’s inside those bags.” Tommy suggested

“What are you crazy or something? I don’t think that he came all this way out here.

Cause he wanted a bunch of nosey kids, going through his garbage.” Sammy smirked

“Great point Sammy, that’s why we should go and see what’s inside them.” Tommy smiled at him.


A short while later they told the girls what they just finished seeing

“Oh wow!” and did you guys, see what was inside the bags?” Cookie asked them

“Nope, we came straight over here we wanted to make sure that he didn’t see us.”

Timmy answered her.

 Then after talking it over they decided that if they didn’t go and see what was inside those bags.

 It would drive them nuts


They quietly walked over to the spot in where the boys saw Fisher hiding the bags

“Okay, we all saw them now. Can we just go back, pick up our stuff and go back home.”

 Sammy asked. Daisy picked up one of the bags and looked inside of it then frowned

“There’s nothing in here but a bunch of creepy broken old dolls.”

“That’s so weird. Why would he come all the way out here just to throw them away?”

 Cookie asked also frowning

“Don’t know. But this one even has a big hole on top of its head.” Daisy added

“Can I see it?” Vicky asked



Vicky took the doll and shook it

“I think there’s something inside of it.” She told them.

 She flipped the doll over and a whole bunch of diamonds, and gold coins spilled onto the ground

“Whoa!” Is that what I think it is?” Tommy whistled.

Vicky picked up one of the coins from the ground and took a closer look at it

“Looks pretty real to me.” She shrugged

“Oh wow! Looks like we’re going to be rich!” Tommy yelled out happily

“Tommy, do us all a big favor. And don’t talk for the rest of the day okay?” Daisy smirked

“No wonder Fisher, hided these out here he probably thought it would be the perfect hiding spot.”

 Cookie added

“Yah, but why?” And where did he get them from?” Vicky asked

“Well, there’s one way to find out.

 We let the cops handle it, we can ask them to tell us all about it some other time.”

 Sammy smiled


A few hours they were back inside their clubhouse

“I can’t believe that we just left those dolls back there.” Tommy whined

“Well, since they don’t belong to us--.” Daisy began

“I’m sure that they don’t belong to Fisher either, he probably stole them from some place.” Timmy interrupted

“That’s why we should just let the police take care of it.” Sammy added shrugging


But before they could go over to the police they decided to sneak into Fisher’s store.

 And hoped that they would find some kind of proof that they could take over to the police station

Tommy tried opening the back door to his store, but of course it was locked.

They were about to give up when Tommy found an open window that he could crawl through 


“I don’t think this is such a great idea. What if he has a burglar alarm or worst what if we get caught?”

Sammy whispered over to them

“Great real Sammy, this is Rocky Shores, we don’t even lock our front door.

Now Timmy and I’ll climb in then we’ll let you guys, in okay?” Tommy answered him


Minutes later


“Exactly what are we looking for?” Sammy asked once they were all inside

“Anything that will help us prove that Fisher’s, a nothing but con phony no-good for nothing butt head.”

 Timmy snorted

“Oh, okay got it.” Sammy shrugged.

Daisy looked over at Sammy and laughed at his confusion

“What he means is, we should be looking for anything that we can show the police that Fisher’s the bad guy


“Hey, check this out these look like the dolls that we found out at Bank Rivers,” Daisy told them

“Yah, and I bet that they’re filled with gold coins just like the others.”

 Timmy added after he picked one up and shook it.

He was about to put it back when a loud voice interrupted


“I’m telling you Fisher, when I went out there to pick up the bags.

They were gone” Are you sure that’s the spot you hid them at?”

“Of course I am sure.” Fisher snorted

“Well, maybe you were followed or seen. Are you sure you were all alone out there?”

 The stranger frowned. Fisher thought for a moment then nodded his head

“Well, now that you mention it.

 I believe that I overheard my assistant telling her friend

 That her nosey son and his friends were camping out there.”


“So, it’s no secret that the kid hates me.

 I wouldn’t put it pass them that if they did see me”

They’d take the bags just to spite me.” Fisher growled 

“Then what are we waiting for?

 Let’s go over to her house and ask her kid, if he knows anything about our missing bag”

 And Fisher, for your sake I certainly hope that you’re telling me the truth.” The stranger smirked


A few minutes later the gang came out of their hiding spot

“Oh great, now what are we going to do?” Sammy cried out.

“Not only do we’ve to worry about Fisher, now we’ve his creepy friend after us too!”

“I hate to agree with Sammy, but I think that we should just go to the police.” Daisy added  

“But if we do, what if those two goons find out and they hurt my mom.” Timmy whined

“I’m sure she’s going to be fine.

 But we better get out of here though, I don’t want to be here if they decide to come back.”

Cookie smiled


The next day Cookie, Daisy, and Vicky were waiting for the boys inside the playground next to their school

“I wonder what’s taking them so long.” Daisy asked

“That’s what we were wondering about you guys,”

 A voice from behind her answered.


The girls turned around to see that Tommy and Sammy, were standing right behind them

“Where have you been?”

 We’ve been waiting for you guys, over an hour to get here, and where’s Timmy, I thought.

 He’d be with you guys?” Vicky asked them

“No, we thought he was with you, since we went to his house this morning and no-one answered.

 We got worried so we just went to the police station and told the chief in charge the whole story.”

 Tommy began to explain

“Yah, Tommy, here hid one of those dolls inside his pants last night.

 Lucky for us, they had already been keeping an eye out on Fisher, and his mysterious friend”

 But they never could prove that they were up to no good until now,

 So the chief wants us to go to his office and stay there until”

“They get back from Bank Rivers and check out the rest of our story.” Sammy added

“Oh, so what are we waiting for?” Let’s go.” Cookie told them


An hour or so later they were back at Bank Rivers looking around

“Umm, I’m pretty sure, that I explained how the chief wanted us to wait in his office.

Not out here.” Sammy protested

“Shh, look.” Vicky interrupted him as she pointed

A few feet in front of them was Timmy, his mom, along with Peter Fisher, and his friend


“Okay kid, I’m going to ask you again. Where’s my bags!” The strange cried out

“Now, now, there’s no need to yell at the kid. Timmy, I know that you’re scared, but it’s okay”

 Just tell us what we want to know and you and your mom will be free to go back home, okay?”

 Peter smiled

“Peter!” For god sakes!” just leave him alone and let him go.

 He already told you guys, that he doesn’t know what you’re talking about!”

 Timmy’s mom yelled

“Please relax Mary, there’s no need to get all upset.

 I just finished promising that no harm will come to Timmy nor you”

 We just need Timmy, to tell us what he did with our bags.” Peter smiled.

Timmy was about to answer him

When Peter’s friend suddenly pulled out a gun and pointed at them

“Whoa!” Are you crazy?” Put that thing away before you hurt someone!”

 Peter cried out. And before any of them could react a voice yelled out


“Hold it right there!”


Soon after wards Bank Rivers, was filled with police officers and scared parents


The next afternoon they were all gathered inside their clubhouse talking about their now close case

“I can’t thank you guys enough, I thought I was a goner for sure.

 When he pulled out that gun.” Timmy was telling them

“That was pretty scary.

 But there’s no need to thank us for anything, that’s what friends are for”

 So what’s going to happen with your mom?” Tommy answered

“Well, after she gave her statement to the police.

We had a long talk about everything

“She explained that at first he was really nice and acted like he wanted to help my mom.

But as soon as she found out that he and his creepy friend were selling stolen coins and diamonds

 Over the internet through those dolls”

“She threatened to turn him. But he told her if she did that he’d come after me.”

 Timmy explained

“Oh wow!” Cookie told him

“But the cool think was she told that after everything we did.

 That we were her heroes who saved her life, and is going to do her very best to make it up to us.”

 Timmy proudly added

“That’s awesome Timmy, so does she know what’s going to happen to Fisher, and his creepy friend?”

 Daisy asked

“Oh, they’re going to be going away for a very long time. But before the chief turned him to the feds”
“He placed a note inside Fisher’s pocket saying that if any crooks even dare to come to our town”

“They better think again because

 They don’t want the We Always Catch Our Crooks Club to go after them in any way!”

 Timmy laughed


Copyrights © belong to jack 2006