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The Nail Man


 This story follows a boy named Simon who has just graduated from highschool, but is in for a grim surprise that will leave him...scarred...



The Nail Man

High School was finally over. The senior class had just graduated, myself included. I was a member of the football team at the time, played as tight end. Our captain, William, got the team together to talk about a party to celebrate. It would take place at his house in the richer side of town. He explained that he had a large house, a pool, a minibar, pool room, and multiple bedrooms for He told everyone to invite girls, if possible, one for each member of the team. The party would be tomorrow night and I was excited.


Once I got home, my parents hugged me and congratulated me on making it through High School. My father gave me money and my mother had bought me a gamestop giftcard with a shit ton of money on it. I was happy and ran straight up to my room. As usual, I sat down and went onto my facebook account. I posted “Party at William’s house tomorrow night, 9pm. Bring plenty of booze and girls.” I laughed at my status as I pressed enter. Not long after I posted the status, I got a message from Jessica. I was surprised, I didn’t think she even knew I existed. I immediately looked at her message and read “Hey Simon, heard about the party! See you there (;.” Why would she add a smiley face? Does she like me? I just laughed at the thought and logged off.


I went outside and got in my dad’s car. I drove down to the nearby liquor store that was around the corner where I knew the owner. When I went inside, all I heard was “Ay Simon! Heard ya’ graduated man!” Rusty, the store owner, was behind the counter. “Yeah I did!” I replied. “That’s great man, what can I get you?” he asked. “Well, my friends and I are having a party tomorrow night and we need some beer.” Rusty stared at me for a while before laughing. “No problem man” he said. “You can take a few cases, think of it as a graduation present.” I smiled wide and scurried off to get the beer. I grabbed a couple of cases of Corona and Bud light and walked back to the front of the store. When I brought the cases back, Rusty was staring at the small TV attached to the wall. “Not too long ago, a call was made to 911 about a forced entry. When the police arrived at the scene, they found a young female pinned to the wall.” Further into the report, they explained the girl had nails through her eye sockets as well as multiple lacerations all over her body. “The police swept for fingerprints but were unable to find anything. Neighbors reported screaming when asked about what happened. No one saw anyone enter or exit the house.” “Jesus christ…” said Rusty in a disgusted voice. “World’s going to shit, huh?” I said, still looking at the TV screen. “Yeah...You be safe out there man, don’t stay out too late, the sick bastard could still be out there.” he warned. “Thanks Rust, I’ll talk to you later” I said as I walked out of the store. The drive to the house wasn’t long, but sneaking the beer into my room took a while. I had to climb through my window with the boxes one by one so that my parents wouldn’t see me. It was 11 when i was finished with everything that had to be done. I decided to go to sleep since there was nothing else to do.


I awoke the next morning to an eerie phone call. “Hello?” I said sleepily. There was no response. “Hello?” I asked again, not being interested in any kind of prank call. “…” I was confused by the response. “What?” I responded. “You’re…next…”. I heard a low, dark laugh before the person on the other side of the phone hung up. I shrugged off the call, thinking it’s just someone pulling a stupid joke.


Around 7, I heard someone lightly tossing pebbles against my window. Opening the window, I peered out, seeing William and the others. I carefully dropped the cases of beer out the window so that I didn’t have to walk by my parents with them. After that, I quickly changed into my clothes and ran downstairs. “I’m going out!” I yelled as I left. The guys already loaded the boxes into Chuck’s pickup truck, one of our brute guards. The 5 of us piled into the car with Roger, Jason and me in the back, and we drove off to William’s. “Got the whole damn place to myself tonight boys!” he said happily.


We arrived at Williams house not long after leaving from mine. It was a large house, white house. It seemed new, being decorated with bushes carved into animals, a crest on his door, and rows of flowers on one side of the lawn. There were two floors and a path leading to the door and around back. We got out of the truck and carried the beer into his house. The inside looked amazing. A large living room and kitchen with marble counters, a pool room, stairs leading up to the second floor, two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a doorway that leads into the basement. We left the beer on the kitchen table and sat around it.


“I’m not sure a lot of people are going to come” said William. “I know the team is coming, but probably not a lot of others.” “Doesn’t matter, we’ll just hangout and get drunk” said Chuck. Everyone laughed and got up from their seats. “Jessica might be coming” I said. “So she actually noticed you Simon?” said Roger jokingly. I laughed a little bit at what he said. “Well” said William. “Lets start setting everything up.” We spent a few hours preparing for the party. We put plastic cups next to the cases of beer, food on the counter, set up a table in the kitchen for beer pong, set up the surround sound, and made sure the place was clean.


Not long after we finished, another pickup truck pulled into William’s driveway. The back of the truck was covered by a blue tarp that was strapped down. “Celt’s here” said Chuck, who was by the window. Celt was a large man and had a thick Irish accent. We always called him “The Celt” because of his voice. His real name was Cyrus, but he seemed to like Celt. He got out of his truck and walked to the back. He unstrapped the tarp  and took it off. There were two, large metal kegs in the back. He picked them up by the handles and hauled them off. He grunted a little as he carried them to the doorway. He spoke out with his deep accent. “Open the door ye’ bastards!” Chuck opened the door and Celt walked in. He looked over at William and nodded. “Where do you want these damn things?” William pointed to the kitchen and said “Over there.” Celt walked into the kitchen and put the kegs down beside the table. “This is all I could get” he said. “Should I get more?” “Nah, it’s fine Celt.” replied William. “Anyone know if the coach is going to come?” asked Roger. “Not sure, don’t think so.” I said. “Doesn’t matter if he comes, it won’t change anything.”


By the time we had finished storing the beer in coolers, more people started to come. Everyone on the team, some people we knew, and finally, the girls. Celt, Chuck, and the other linemen were having a contest to see who could down the most liquor, Roger and a few others were trying to pick up girls, William was no where to be seen, I was sitting on the couch with Ryan and Jason. I was too busy talking to them to realize Jessica walking over to me. I looked up at her and instantly froze. I didn’t know what to do or say. Jason patted me on the back as he got up. Ryan laughed as he followed Jason. Jessica sat next to me and smiled. “Hi Simon” she said. “Uh, hi Jessica.” I replied awkwardly. I turned to face her. “You enjoying the party?” I asked. “Yeah, you guys did a good job” she said in a cheerful voice. “Thanks, we had to…..” my voice trailed off. I was looking out the window. I could have sworn I saw something outside. It was too dark out, but I knew I saw someone looking in through the window. “Is everything alright?” Jessica asked. I shook my head a little then looks up at her. “Yeah, I guess I’m just seeing things” I said. “Well...maybe I can help you take your mind off some things…” She brought her head closer to mine and kissed me. She didn’t pull away, so I went with it. She crawled onto my lap and continued to kiss me. Could this really be happening? Am I really making out with Jessica?


 We were there for a few minutes before I saw Celt out of the corner of my eye. Some guy shoved him into the cabinets and laughed. “Ah shit” I said as I got Jessica off my lap. By the time I was in the kitchen, Celt was all over the guy. He mounted ontop of him and was throwing a flurry of punches at him. I could see blood pouring out of his nose as Celt continued his assault. Another guy tackled Celt off of him. When I tried to separate them, I felt someone grab me. I turned around and saw some kid I didn’t even know. He grappled up with me and started pushing me back. I hooked my arms under his armpits and lifted him up. He was either really light or I was just really strong. He flew into the cabinets and shattered the glass casings. I looked back and saw an all-out brawl broke loose. The entire football team was fighting off other kids from the school. Celt and Chuck were in the middle of it all, thrashing away at anyone that came near them. Someone had Roger in a headlock and I ran over to him. When I tried to swing, he pushed Roger at me. I stumbled back and Roger held his neck. I moved around him and charged at the kid. He was faster than me though. When I swung at him, he dodged it and got me in the stomach. It knocked the wind out of me and I started coughing. I turned around and was met with a right hook. I fell to the ground and looked up at him. “You piece of shit” he said as he reached down for me. That’s when Celt came running through. All I saw was his body crash through the backdoor. Chuck helped me up and we walked to the busted doorway. Celt had knocked him out and was standing over him.


  That’s when we heard the sirens. Someone inside the house yelled out “The cops are here!” They talked to us about what had happened. We explained it was self defence and they let us go. A few people got arrested, some of the guys that started the fight and some people who had drugs on them. Celt, Chuck and I walked to the pickups. “I’ll just leave this here, I can’t drive after drinking..” said Celt. “Can we stay at your place for the night Simon? Don’t want to go home and explain what happened.” Ask Chuck. “Yeah, no problem. I’ll drive your truck Chuck.” We got into the pickup and backed out of the driveway. We looked back at the house and watched as people stumbled out of the house. I started driving back to my house as we talked. “So Simon...I saw you and Jessica on the couch” said Celt laughing a little. “Yeah.” I replied. “But  because of you, I had to stop.”

“Ye’ didn’t have to, we had things under control.” Said Celt. “Whatever, at least I know that she likes me” I said. Celt patted my shoulder and Chuck laughed. I turned on the radio as we drove. A song came on and we started singing along to it. Celt didn’t know the words so he was mumbling most of the time or saying random words. We laughed as we got closer to my house.

 We got to the house in about 15 minutes. I pulled into the driveway and looked out the window. “What the hell?” I said in a low voice. The door to my house was wide open. “Ah crap” I said as I got out of the car. Celt and Chuck got out of the car and look at the house. We started to make our way  towards the house. We walked into my house and looked around. “Mom? Dad?” I called out. There was no answer. The door at the end of the hallway was slightly open. A light was shining through the crack of the door. “My parents room” I said as I started walking down the hallway. Celt and Chuck followed behind me, waiting for me to open the door. It smelt horrible. It was like something rotten was in the room. “Mom….Dad?...” I called out before I walked into the room.

  When we walked in…I didn’t know what to do. I saw my parents, but not the way I wanted to see them.  Their bodies were…pinned to the wall. They had nails in their eyes and cuts all over their body. Head, throat, arms, legs, you name it. They’re jaws were severely broken and were dangling from their mouths, their arms were bent back so that bones stuck out from the elbows, their feet were twisted inhumanely, and their stomachs were ripped open. The floor was littered with their organs and blood. I almost threw up when I saw them. There was blood all over the room. Chuck and Celt walked in and froze. I started crying and fell to my knees. “We gotta get out of here” said Chuck. That’s when we heard it. A voice calling out behind us, at the end of the hallway where we came from. “No….” it said. I stopped crying and was instantly filled with a burst of anger. We all looked down the hallway, but my anger was soon replaced with fear. A….some….thing. It wore a black shirt and black pants, boots. It was too dark to see his face until he got closer. The light from the room shined on it. It was disgusting. Nails were sticking out of his arms. His clothes were ripped and he had pale, white skin. He started laughing, which showed a row of sharp, jagged teeth. Small nails were stuck through his eyebrows and others skewered through his skin. He waved at us, showing that he also had nails through his fingers which made it look like he had claws. “You’re not going anywhere…” he said as he smiled at us. “What the hell…” said Celt.  “Get the fuck out of our way” I growled. “Not until I have my fun…” he said as he started walking towards us. The nails in his forearms were all facing out  in the same direction. “Then I’ll make you move!” yelled Celt as he charged at the freak. It moved out of the way and brought his arm out. The nails ripped across Celt’s throat. Blood gushed out and Celt collapsed onto the ground. He laid on the ground, motionless as a puddle of blood started forming around him. It looked at him for a little bit before turning back at us. He held out his arms and smiled. “Who’s next?” it said. I stared at Celt’s body and so did Chuck. “You piece of shit..” said Chuck. “Simon rush!” He yelled back to me as he started running towards the man. I ran with Chuck down the hall and saw it smiling at us. Chuck dropped low and picked him off the ground. He slammed him into the wall and broke a hole through it. He started throwing punches at him but was getting stabbed by the nails on his face. Chuck grabbed his shirt and threw him onto the ground. “We have to go, now!” he yelled. We ran out of the house and got to the pickup truck.


The tires we slashed and deflated. “Fuck!” yelled out Chuck. We ran across the street and started pounding on the door. Someone answered and we barged in. “Excuse me?!” he said as he looked at us. “Lock the door!” I yelled at him. He did so and then turned to us. “What happened to you?” he asked, pointing at Chuck’s hand which was bleeding. “We have to call the police!” I yelled, talking fast. “What happened?” he asked once again. “My parents and my friend are dead! I live across the street and someone is trying to kill us now!” I yelled as I looked around the house. “Oh shit, wait here I’ll go call” he said as he ran into the next room. We could hear him asking for the police to come and that there was a murder. We looked through one of the windows and saw that the door to the house was now closed. I started breaking down in tears as I stared at the house. Chuck wrapped his arm around me and patted me on the back. “It’s alright bud…” he said, trying not to cry himself. “The police are on there way” said the man as he came out of the room. He was holding a pistol in his hand when he came out. He walked to the window and look out with us. “Don’t worry, things will be okay” he said. We could hear multiple sirens in the distance, quickly getting closer.


  It’s been three months and the police still haven’t been able to find any traces. They didn’t know who or what killed my parents or Celt, or even that woman from the same night. They dismissed our descriptions of the killer and thought it as hallucinations due to fear. The whole team attended Celt’s and my parent’s funerals. I lived in my house after they cleaned it up and couldn’t bare to see the inside of my parent’s old room. I usually stayed in my room on the second floor and only left if I needed food. Ryan and William came by occasionally to see how I was and made sure I was alright. One day, they came as normal, but seemed a lot more concerned. They told me that Chuck had gone missing the night before. They didn’t know and the police found no signs of forced entry. That was a month ago, and Chuck is still no where to be found


   I’ve started having nightmares. Everytime I close my eyes or try to sleep, all I see are gruesome images of what happened three months ago. I see my parents hanging from the wall, Celt sprawled out on the floor, and worst of all….that freak. His bloodied clothes, the nails stuck through his body in almost perfect alignment, his evil’s all i ever saw. I’ve refused to leave my house and am even more paranoid that he’ll come back for me. I’m laying in bed, tightly gripping my pocket knife. I’m exhausted from the nights of not sleeping and I can feel myself start to drift off. There’s someone coming up my stairs and coming towards my room. There’s a dragging noise, almost like nails on a chalkboard. I’m sure it’s just William and Ryan coming to check on me again. They’d want to make sure I’m asleep, thats all….