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Angelique is an enigma, complicated and distant there's nothing Eric wants more than to figure her out.
Their meeting was a cosmic coincidence but will the universe be in favor of their relationship? When life throws everything at them will they be able to find each other? 


There she was, the girl of his dreams. And the cause of all his nightmares. She crossed her legs in that devilish way she always did and smiled the way that made her illuminate. She was beautiful, so God-dammed beautiful, and always would be, or so he thought. Her eyes were the color of melted chocolate and had a way of glimmering the most subtle red when the sun was in the right place at the right time. Her eyelashes made him think of those exotic flowers that could devour an insect and seem completely lifeless the next second. I guess that's the thing about nature, even the most bland, calm and lifeless looking organisms have a life, have a future, have an end. Her hair was wild, untamed and left to be as natural as it was mutated to be, yet it was hard to tell she was ginger at all, most passers by would assume her hair was an extremely warm shade of brown, but just like him those who looked closer would see her for what she was, a fair faced, auburn brunette. Technically ginger. She had a nose that made her look foreign yet when she spoke she had a clear, non-accented voice which only added to the mystery that was Angelique Emma Cherry.
Clueless of all that would happen, and all that would be the result of this very moment, he changed his path and abruptly found himself sitting in front of her.
Now, don't be alarmed boys and girls, this is not a story about two people falling in love,exploring all traits of each others personalities until they get bored, or meet their real soul mates and decide to go under the popular route of 'conscious uncoupling'. It is however a story of love.
Blissfully in awe, the boy; Eric Hudson, drew in one more breath and made his move.
'Things as beautiful as yourself, should never spend a second without being admired'.
Mid though, while she awaited to be served, sitting outside her favorite restaurant in the isolated, yet heavily alive part of the city center she was disturbed by a boy, who had that arrogant expression which, along with his subtle good looks, made him seem over confident and cocky because only recently people have started to find him captivating, meaning that unlike the typical handsome guy, he had yet to learn how to receive compliments and carry himself.
About that she was not wrong, Eric never experienced much attention from girls when he was younger yet as of late the people around him, and himself, have realized he is in fact handsome. This resulted is a sudden burst of 'badly handled' confidence radiating off of him.
She thought he looked like the typical hot guy in the most uncommon way. He was not muscular, yet bulky enough not to be considered lanky, he had that irritating hair color that sparked discussion over deciding whether it was blonde or brown, definitely blonde she thought. She was however mesmerized by his eyes, they were her favorite shade, pale blue when exposed to light, and soft green when in the shade. Unexpectedly, she found his opening line matched the impression he made on her, it was on the whole distasteful. She looked around taking in her surroundings and only when she met his eye, she responded to his cheap pick up line.
'Direct admiration spoils beauty, beauty is much more delightful when remembered'.
Once again Angelique was right, as only when he looked back on that moment did Eric realize the true extent of his attraction towards her. With that she gathered her belongings, turned her back and walked away from the stranger she did not know the name of. In utter shock of her careless departure, Eric stared at her leaving even after she turned a corner and was no longer in his view. His gawking was only interrupted when the waiter arrived to take her, or now his, order and Eric found himself pleasantly surprised with the quality of the food, he ordered Risotto and a glass of white wine deciding to stay here a while longer, despite his plans. The rude stranger never off his mind.


Unaware of the boys penetrating stare the girl walks away, not angry, not annoyed, not even flattered. Only delighted with the breeze that playfully tossed the fabric of her skirt, which only added to the spring in her step. Angelique decided: today is a good day. 
The tranquil buzz of the June evening made her oblivious to everything but the road in front of her. She was waiting at the restaurant to meet Carmen, yet with every step she took she drifted further and further away, from the memory of the 5:45 reservation. Only when she felt a tug on her left wrist did she stop her saunter. 
'Angel, what are you doing?'
Angelique, also known as Angel and possibly Angie to her friends, found herself staring into a pair of blue eyes that seemed to be scanning her face, looking for any peculiar detail that would decipher the the meaning behind Angels actions. Carmen soon let go of Angel's wrist, as Carmen was no stranger to the unique habits of Angelique. 
The girl Carmen was just like Angelique in the way that they both were individuals like none other. They have not known each other long, or even spent enough time with each other to be classed as best friends to me and you, yet this does not mean they were not, because they were, regardless of what one may assume, best friends. Two peas in a pod as some might have said. Carmen was a year younger than Angel, and 2 years younger than Eric, but so far Eric was still a stranger to both the girl's, thus neither of them were aware of the fact at that point in time. Most people, including Angel, found that if Carmen was a flower she would be a rose; beautiful to rest your eyes upon, yet dangerous to the touch. The two girls had the pleasure of being acquainted through their matched interest in art. Carmen, the edgy, creative, punk rocker found it only natural that after she was expelled from her college she should find  security, and maybe a salary in art. But for Angelique the story was the polar opposite, she grew up surrounded by art, eating from plates which were created by independent artists and sleeping on blankets bought from the annual Arts, Crafts and Identity festival. However, growing up she did not once imagine herself as an artist. But thanks to the twists and turns life makes us take, she found herself going to art classes every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nonetheless. We often forget, imagination is not reality. Angel tilted her head slightly to the right and flashed a small smile: 
"Dorothy made spaghetti and you know how I feel about spaghetti." 
Carmen simply nodded and joined Angel in her resumed stroll towards the metro. Soon enough the tranquil buzz, turned into an excited chatter as Carmen explained her experience at the art class Angelique missed.
"We came in and he was already there, but he still had a robe on, right. So, I get my supplies all ready and then Madame Julie comes in and starts talking. I looked at him before he de-robed and I'll have you know he's quite the handsome fellow. I expected him to be a professional model or something but he just looked like your genuine guy, nothing too special, but then he took the robe off so we could start painting and let me tell you Angel.."
The 'he' or rather 'it' she was talking about was precisely the reason why Angelique missed art class. 
"he had the biggest dick I've ever seen, and I've seen a lot of dick."
Now don't get me wrong, Angelique was not one to be called a prude, or even be one to turn down the opportunity to gain expertise at expressing the symbolism of male genitalia on a canvas. Her current lover on the other hand, had different opinions of who's penis she should be admiring. But, this did not stop Angelique laughing at the pink rising to her friends cheek. 
"Do you likeee him?"
She teased the way she would as a child. 
Carmen tucked a short strand of bleached hair behind her ear , which was a nervous habit she developed in the last few months, though if anyone asked about it, or gave her a queer look when she tucked the same strand one too many times, she would dismiss it as the split ends tickling her cheeks. Split ends were not the reason which caused her to develop this routine. She brushed the embarrassment off with a cocky smile and a playful nod of the head. 
"Well, if you must know I did get David's number."
"Ha! Of course it would be you who got dick boys number!" 
Exclaimed Angelique and bumped Carmen with her shoulder, she loved days like these. 
"Excuse me, do not objectify David! But speaking of dicks, please tell me you and Dan broke up already." 
This topic what the never ending cycle among the friends, to Angelique it seemed that everybody hated Dan, and to Carmen it was crystal clear that nobody approved of their relationship. 
Dan and Angel have been finding comfort in each other, on and off for the past four years and it was true that everybody who knew them were constantly anticipating the end to their fooling around. Dan was older than the girls, as he would turn 24 this very September. Their relationship turned very destructive and it appeared that the hurricane of emotion, and on the most part confusion of what they should be like instead of what they were, affected the feelings of Angel more than anything else. She couldn't help it, as bad as they were together Angel was a typical victim of not knowing what right was.
Now, do not misunderstand. When the couple first met they were the ideal picture of happiness,  only a canvas away from being glorified, with flowers and kisses and dates and quiet weekends away they were the example to Katy Perry's teenage dream. But we all know from fairy tales, good things never last. When Dan was 20 he enrolled for the army and when he turned 21 he was sent away for his first mission in Afghanistan. When he came back he was not the same, you can guess what he was like but I will mention; he never worked for the army again. Both Angel and Dan were broken at that time, but despite it all they loved one another too much, or maybe too little to let each other go. 
Angel rolled her eyes on impulse and sighed at the endless interrogation, she had grown too used to it to be agitated and now the topic was nothing but tiring. 
"We're going away next week and we haven't fought for the last two weeks." 
Carmen was a persistent type of girl, or simply put stubborn. Angelique loved her very much but even she had to admit she was blind to certain things. To Carmen Angel's relationship seemed dumb and masochistic but about that she was wrong, their situation was so much more complex and she failed to see how much Dan and Angel needed one another. And to me it seem's that their relationship was not at all masochistic but sadistic. They liked to hurt each other because each of them was already hurt by other things. 
Carmen steadily but slowly decided to drop the subject. 
"It seems like you two have been going away next week for the past 2 months, we'll see what Dorothy has to say about you leaving her for a whole weekend. I might just have to save the day and move in, in your place." 
Angelique laughed a little bit too loud.
"I'm sorry to tell you this but her giving you her special, home-made ale and apple crumble was simply a one time thing, even I don't get it that often."
"I guess we'll just have to wait and see!" 
Their conversation then wondered away from the initial topic and went towards Carmen's new colleague. When they reached their stop on the metro and started walking towards Angelique's and Dorothy's apartment Angel couldn't help but think about the boy at the restaurant. Subconsciously she compared him to Dan yet could find no resemblance. The girls opened the front door and childishly ran up the stairs to apartment 58b, when Angel turned the lock and pushed open the door the girls were hit with the aroma of fresh tomato's, summer warmth and cigarette's laced with marijuana. It was safe to say Dorothy was stuck in the 70's.
"Grandma! We came for your splendid spaghetti. "
Angel exclaimed excited by seeing her grandma again. There was no one she loved more than her grandma.
Carmen followed by Angel walked into the small stuffy kitchen, as they walked though the beads hung from the door frame made the most nostalgic sound, which made Dorothy turn to face them. She was a short woman who was dressed in over sized pants and a bright orange kimono. Her hair was held up in a sort of ponytail by a pen. The girls watched her briefly as she stirred and pot, and struggled to keep a cigarette between her lips without ruining the food. She turned of the stove, took the cigarette out of her mouth and exhaled smoke that was too thick to be pure tobacco.
"Angie honey, I told you not to call me grandma, it makes me feel old."
She pretended to be stern, but too soon to be convincing, she smiled and embraced the girls in a warm hug. 
"Set the table darlings, dinner is waiting." 
As Angel took out the plates from the cabinet, Carmen propped herself up and adjusted herself on the counter. She pointed to the joint Dorothy was smoking.
"Got any for me?"
Dorothy spoke over her shoulder as she boiled the pasta.
"I'm afraid not sweet-heart but you can have a drag of this one."
She said with a warming smile on her lips, Carmen took the joint and smoked it, already happier. She offered some to Angel but she decided to resist.
Don't be too quick to judge, its all plain to see that Dorothy is a stuck-in-the-seventies hippie, and even though she supplied 'drugs' (Dorothy was one of those people who was convinced that marijuana was harmless) both of the girls were old enough to smoke cigarette's and she was right in believing that they were both safer doing it under her watch than with someone threatening. When she was not 'puff, puff, passing' Dorothy always supported her grandchild and gave wisdom, love and kindness whenever Angel needed it. Angelique and those around her all agreed, Dorothy was a wonderful grandmother.
After they ate dinner the 3 women parted ways. Carmen had further appointments to which she had to attend and Dorothy decided to curl up with a book. This left Angel to grab her mail, a bottle of water and the fan before she retreated to he room. She skimmed past all her letters, and picked out the one she was looking for. She opened it and read it out loud.
"We are most thankful for your application but we are sorry to have to decline.. "
At this point rejection was no longer a surprise to Angelique, she nonchalantly threw the letter away and picked up a paint brush. She decided to paint the pavement she walked on when leaving the restaurant.   
8 turned into 2 and she was startled by a buzzing coming from behind her. 
It was a text message from Carmen, that read:
I'm throwing a party tomorrow and you have to come if you want to meet David, tell Dan he's aloud to come too if he plans to be decent.
Angelique texted Dan and decided to rest before tomorrow, unaware that 2 metro stops away Eric was looking for a shirt. 


After Eric finished dining he felt the need for company to shear what he just experienced. He stood up leaving the small table under the umbrella with a tip and found himself retracing the footsteps of the girl. Eric was a simple creature with limited companions, which made it even easier to pick someone to be the unfortunate receiver of Eric's babbling about the encounter with the girl, he did not know as Angelique. I say unfortunate because lets face it, nobody likes a babbler and somebody who knew that best was David. When David stepped out of the commotion of the arts studio he was delighted to feel a buzz in his pocket so suddenly after stepping out of the door, he unlocked his phone only to be downcast by the name Eric popping up in bold. 
Now why would David be disappointed by receiving a message from his best friend you ask? Well because he was hopeful to begin a correspondence with a fierce bleach blonde artist, not a semi-handsome work buddy (Eric just wasn't his type). Both the guy's worked together at a call centre but where Eric had a wealthy family to support him in time of need, David needed to rely on nude modelling to secure him if he were to struggle to pay rent. Aside from an extra salary modelling turned out to be a great place to find females who could look past his flaws and right at his qualities. 
David forced down his disappointment and read the message :
Meet me at the station, I just met someone extraordinary.
You're not the only one, David thought to himself and began the hasty journey towards the metro, he had 10 minutes till the train arrived. Meanwhile, already waiting, Eric was thinking about Angelique. Where most people would be discouraged by a cold response and an offensive sudden departure, Eric's infatuation was only fuelled by them. She was different from the girls he knew. He remembered her face and the way the evening sunlight made her glow, he couldn't stop himself from putting a name to the face yet nothing seemed right. 
Not Sarah
Not Danny
Not Elizabeth
No name Eric could think of was majestic enough to suit the girl at the restaurant, which made Eric even more curious. Who was this perfect stranger and will we ever meet again, he kept on asking himself. Well, that's for me to know and for you to find out so lets leave it at that. While Eric was playing his prefect moment over and over and over again in his head David acquired what he was hoping for. He repeated the motion of unlocking his phone once more and was overjoyed that this time in the place of Eric the name was Carmen. 
Carmen 5:47
David 5:47
Carmen was one of the students David was modelling for and while all the ladies, even the ones who weren't painting, were giving David equal amounts of attention, Carmen stood out. While everyone watched him he watched her, he noticed the way her lip quivered when she concentrated, the smirk she gave him when she measured him against her paint brush and the way she kept on tucking her hair behind her ear. Just like Angel intrigued Eric to the point of restlessness, Carmen sparked something new inside David. After the girls finished painting, David headed back to get dressed and on his way out, uncoincidentally, bumped into Carmen. She began the conversation by complimenting his modelling skills and congratulated him on his genetic combination. No one could deny that nude modelling was an ego booster, but even after a whole hour of being admired, Carmen made David feel shy and insecure, while David made Carmen feel composed and calm. After that their conversation time was limited, they where forced to go their separate ways once they stepped out of the studio yet they both sacrificed time to exchange numbers, and I'm pleased to tell you their correspondence continued. 
The more time passed between the meeting the more Eric lost interest, I think we can all imagine how quickly Eric would grow bored of toys as a child, so by the time David pulled him into a greeting hug, Eric felt the need to tell David about the stranger at the restaurant die down, so he decided to open with a different line. 
"I just found the best restaurant in town"
While the boys went through the small talk, it became more and more clear how absurd being reunited with the stranger would be, so in order to begin the process of letting go Eric decided not to mention Angelique. The boys sat side by side as the metro took them across town and David confided what happened at the studio to his best friend. 
Thirty minutes down the route the boys were on the topic of how to correctly boil pasta when Eric's stop was announced and he was forced to leave his friend behind. When he walked out of the tunnel he was hit by a fresh evening breeze that tugged at his shirt, making his walk home that little bit more pleasant. Every 100 meters the pavement was spruced up with lavishly green trees, not tall enough to provide shade yet pretty enough to please and uplift the pedestrians. As he walked along side the pretty, light coloured buildings he could not ignore the Friday vibe in the air. Every bar and restaurant he passed was filled with citizens enjoying an alcoholic beverage to celebrate the start of their leisure time, the people were talking and laughing while Eric couldn't help but scan every face in search of the auburn brunette from earlier. Eric was letting go but his grip was still firm. 
As three women began their meal of spaghetti, Eric walked into his mothers bistro. Since the initial opening his mothers restaurant has become increasingly popular yet the family felt too attached to the homely sound of La Bistro to change the name. Eric has been lucky in the way that when he became bored with his toys he had a family who never struggled to replace them. 
La Bistro was located on a street corner and followed the black, gold, red and mahogany colour scheme on the exterior as well as the interior. Both the walls facing the street were dominated by large windows which were lined by small lights, above the main entrance was a bright neon sign that displayed the name of the family establishment and the patio had many tables dotted around hidden under the shade of large red umbrellas which, like the windows, were also lined with fairy lights. The place was packed. Eric pushed past the small crowd of customers, nodded his greetings to the working staff and made his way back, past the vintage, cowboy style bar, through the stainless steal kitchen and into his mothers office. He knocked thrice and stepped inside.
'Come in and take a seat honey, I'll be with you in just a moment."
The petite woman behind the huge desk seemed to be buried by paperwork and various styles of menus, she had a short bob that was the colour of the table tops in the bistro and she had a fringe that stopped just before her eyebrows. She did not look like a woman who was about to be awarded a Michelin Star. She wore a green blouse and a light coloured silk scarf. The small office smelled like basil, garlic and roses and to Eric that was the smell of home. The smell of his mother. She finished writing a document and with a mothers smile turned to her son. 
"Dad's just gone to pick up Dillon from the airport, they should be back in a few hours."
The Hudson household was welcoming back a familiar face for the summer. Eric and his mother caught up with family chit chat and when she could no longer postpone her  work, Eric offered to help at the bar.
Eric's father has been a successful lawyer for most of his life meaning that his family could afford to live in a two story apartment above the restaurant and retreat to what is officially know as their family home two hours away in the country, when it was convenient for them to make the journey.  Eric went upstairs to his smaller yet preferable bedroom in the city, set his bag down near his bed, changed out of his white cotton shirt and into a black t shirt, following the employee dress code but, because he was the owners son, decided to stay in his jeans. He garbed his phone, run down the stairs and quickly settled into passing beers and making mojitos. As soon as he handed over the first drink he searched the crowds, still hopeful that she might be near. After two and a half hours a familiar face finally walked in through the door but it was not the face he really wanted to see. It was now ten pm and the customers have settled down and the crowd diluted, David took the stool nearest to Eric. 
"So, hows Carmen doing?"
Eric said passing David a freshly opened bottle of Budweiser, he took a moment to wipe down the black granite work surface mostly as an excuse to speak to his friend.
"She's good, we just spent the evening together"
David felt lighter, almost as if he was floating. He has had girlfriends and night time companions before but none of them ever made him feel like Carmen did, he was always the calm and collected one, the one to make someone happy instead of feeling happy but for the first time in his life that all changed. After Carmen left Angel's house she met up with her friend Don, who supplied her with the illegal good's Dorothy had ran out of and moments later met up with David. They spent the evening at David's apartment, high, hungry and talking. 
"She sound's nice, are you meeting her again?"
Eric felt glad for his friend, he was hardly ever this happy. 
"Yeah, she's having a party and you have to come with me because you need to meet her. "
David looked more than hopeful, he even tried out his version of the puppy eyes but you can imagine they don't have the same effect coming from a 22 year old man. Eric turned around to go back to making drinks and spoke over his shoulders.
"No. You can invite her over or whatever, but I'm not going to a party."
And there was the thing about Eric Hudson, from the age of 16 he has never been to a party, by choice of course, the last gathering he went to has left a taste so bitter on him he has never gone back. Bad things happen at parties, he knew that best.
"Yeah, I don't know what I was hoping for. Another time I guess."
David chugged his beer in defeat, left a hello to be passed over to Dillon, said goodbye to his friend and decided to call it a night.
Soon after David left the bar Eric judged that the place was empty enough so that Alex (the other bar tender), could manage it alone and went upstairs to prepare for his sisters arrival. 
When he reached to his room he got changed for the third time that day, or technically the first time of the new day, into sweatpants with a loose t shirt and started looking for the 'welcome home' present he got for his sister. A few weeks back he was walking the streets and stumbled upon a perfect gift for his little sister. He looked in the closet, under the bed and on the bed and finally found it in his underwear drawer. He read out the print out loud
"Snape. Snape. Severus Snape.DUMBLEDORE!" 
A potter head like Dillon could never resist such a treasure.


A little after 2 am Eric's father finally drove into the car park and the welcome committee descended down the stairs, at the head of the party was Eric's mother, followed by Eric and then two long therm employees that have watched both Eric and Dillon grow up. Dad took the role of baggage handling while Dillon stepped out of the car and walked over to begin greeting everyone, first in line was their mother. When the two embraced there was no way of telling one apart from the other, where Eric inherited his fathers once sandy hair, Dillon got the same shade as her mothers and as Eric admired the sight of his mother and his sister he had trouble defining one mahogany mop from the other. 
"We missed you so much sweetheart."
Their mother said as she kissed her daughter hello. Dillon gave her mother one last squeeze and turned to her brother, his hair was scruffy and in the typical Eric fashion he was too careless to put on shoes and was now standing on the gravel road in nothing but white socks that were no longer white but Gray. Eric and Dillon where almost identical, they both had the  pointy nose, a very defined jawline and big almond eyes and unlike most cases this managed to look attractive on both on them. When Dillon was standing only a forearms length away from her brother his expression broke out a small smirk.
"Hey there Bambi."
Eric teased as he hugged his little sister.
"Its been too long Ariel."
Now now, I'm sure you're dying to know the story behind the nicknames the siblings developed for each other and I wont be one to deny you the simple pleasure of life. When Dillon was a baby all her relatives started calling her Bambi as a reference to her large brown eyes (one of the few differences between her and Eric). Unsurprisingly, when Dillon reached the age of about eight she began to absolutely despise the name which compelled Eric to start using it on a daily basis. Now the story behind Ariel is much more amusing and self inflicted, it came about as a result of a decision fifteen year old Eric decided to make. You see when Eric was fourteen is was very much in fashion to be "Emo", and as a result of desperation to be liked and "cool" Eric though it would be a grand idea to dye his hair a bright bright bright bright bright red, which turned out to be a perfect opportunity for Dillon to take her revenge  on her brother since the hair color was extremely similar to the little mermaid and as a coincidence Eric just so happened to be her husbands name, Ariel was the perfect name to give to a fourteen year old, red haired Eric. And now, eight years later the names stuck and are no longer insults but loving pet names. 
"We need to catch up, I have so many awkward story's from New York. "
Dillon let her brother go only to be interrupted by Gonzales. Gonzales is the Spanish, almost uncle figure, who has been the restaurants head chef (after Eric's mother of course) who has been around since the restaurant opened ten years ago.
"Come here and say hello dumpling. "
He chuckled and squeezed Dillon so tight it look like she might have been struggling for breath. He let her go as suddenly as he embraced her in the first place. After Dillon said hello to the rest of the staff like Liz and Sam, Gonzalez put his arm around Dillon and lead her towards the kitchen, followed by the small greeting party.
"Are you hungry hunny?"
Asked her mum sounding almost worried.
"Of course she's hungry! When has she not been hungry."
"Eric, don't be mean to your sister she had a long flight. Take this bag and help me carry it to her room."
Scowled the dad and handed Eric a heavy dark green bag. Even though Eric looked to be on the muscly side, he was in fact a weakling. Eric struggled to carry the bag up the two flights of stairs as Dillon sat down in front of a steaming dish of lasagne.
"Eat, eat, I made your favorite."
Dillon enjoyed a luxurious lasagne, Eric  heaved at the top of the stairs, Carmen was watching Cops with her dad, David was dreaming he was in a fight and Angel couldn't fall asleep. 
Angel made plans to meet Carmen as 6 PM, two hours before the party. Even though Carmen was the official host Angel and Dorothy agreed to let Carmen use their apartment as a venue to save Carmen's father the stress of maintaining drunk people under his control, as you can imagine Dorothy was much more willing to do so. 
Angel did the maths in her head and decided that she had five/six hours before she HAD to go to sleep and instead of tossing and turning while waiting for the mercy of sleep she decided she might as well use the time productively. She pulled on her jeans, put on her bra and changed into a fresh tank top, twisted her hair into a top knot and splashed cold water on her face to freshen up. She felt her left pocket vibrate and read the message.
I'm downstairs waiting
Angel peaked into Dorothy's room only to find her wheezing softly, she crept in turned off the lamp and planted a kiss on her grandmother's forehead and left the building taking the steps two at a time. 
Dan was leaning against the side of his car smoking. His bright blonde hair was brushed into place, his blue eyes shining as they reflected the glow of the tip of his cigarette. His face looked calm as the result of his semi defined, semi-undefined features and he stood 6 ft tall. He ware a pair of slacks and a button down shirt, when he heard the door creak he tossed his bud and smiled automatically.
He called out and opened  his arms ready for  Angelique to crash into them, she replied saying "Hi" a cute timid way and went in to be embraced. She stayed there for a moment enjoying the warmth then shortly extended herself to kiss her boyfriend hello. Being together as long as they were a quick kiss was satisfying enough and they felt no need to display PDA* on such a common occasion. They stepped into the car and as Dan put the keys in the ignition Angel turned on the CD player and whatever was on started whispering in the background. 
"Where to?"
Dan demanded with his hands resting on the steering wheel. 
"Hmm.. take me somewhere fun." 
15 minutes later the couple pulled up in fort of the nearest nightclub called Amores, not exactly what Angel had in mind when she said fun but she was in no mood to argue. Within minutes the were inside and dancing, not too explicitly but if you looked at them dancing in the way they did you would automatically know how well they know each other. After 15 sweaty minutes they decided to rest and managed to find some friends and a table at the packed club. Jerome, his friends , Dan and Angel settled into a shouting conversation trying to get their words across the table, over the loud thumping of bass. They were unfortunate enough to find friends who picked the worst table; the one by the speakers. When the conversation died down and most people returned to the dance floor, Angel shivered at Dan's breath on her neck. 
"I'm going to get a drink, do you want anything?"
Angel shook her head no and watched Dan walk cautiously away. She tried to start up another conversation with Jerome but the bass was giving her a headache so she decided to find Dan instead.The bar was positioned away from most of the speakers so you could actually hear voices instead of lip reading. Angel noticed Dan sitting at a stool talking with a stranger. Earlier, when Dan said he was getting a drink Angel assumed he mean a non-alcoholic drink, therefore you can imagine her rage when she noticed the beer bottle in his hand. She picked up her pace and pushed past entranced bodies. He was smiling when she confronted him. 
"What the fuck are you doing? " 
"Oh sorry babe, I got carried away talking to this guy" he said pointing at the guy Angel was too mad to notice "did you know he's a nude model?!"
Angel dismissed any chance at starting a conversion 
"You live sixty kilometers away, how the fuck are you expecting to get home?" 
Dan rubbed Angels arm trying to soothe her, yet an angry AND tired Angel was no kitten to be eased back to calmness with a rub. 
"I though you were staying at mine tonight, I figured you could drive. If not then I've only had this one, I'm all fit for driving."
"You know how I feel about driving, especially you driving drunk" she reached into his right pocked and fished out his car keys "but you know what, I don't care any more. Have fun walking home." 
She said as she turned around on the balls of her feet and strutted away pushing past the dancing crowd and out the door. A few seconds after Angel heard the door shutting behind her she heard it reopened again followed by Dan's agitated voice. 
"Angelique calm  the fuck down, you know I didn't mean it." 
Angel did not turn around, she only started walking faster.
"Angel please, I'm sorry!"
At that she stopped but did not turn around. She heard Dan's footsteps getting closer and closer. When he came up in front of her she let herself be hugged even though she still felt angry. 
"I'll leave the car here and stay with you okay?"
Angel looked up into Dan's eyes, they were brighter than usual and his whites were red, he was definitely drunk, but there was nothing she could do so she kissed him. When Angel wanted to pull away Dan kept her there for a moment longer, when he finally let her go he took her hand and started leading her away from the club, away from the car, away from the argument. 
"Where are we going?"
"Somewhere that's actually fun." 
After that they were silent, walking down the pavement side by side holding hands. 30 minutes later, they reached the only twenty-four hour milkshake shop in town. They sat down, ordered two Oreo milkshakes and talked about everything and nothing at the same time. Two hours later, at seven in the morning they finally returned to Angels room and went to sleep, no sex, no cuddles just sleep. 
* Public display of affection.