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Each day is a gift and not a given right. I often say that to myself, to be thankful for every day and count my blessings. I never expected to be where I am at this very moment in my life. All I can be is thankful. I didn't expect to run into him after what happened, but he saved my life on more than one account we were bound to cross paths again. I don't think I have everything figured out yet ,and I still don't think I am worthy to have him in my life. In my own opinion he has everything going for him and I'm just starting out.

Chapter One Alexis

Chapter 1 Each day is a gift and not a given right. I often say that to myself, to be thankful for every day and count my blessings. I never expected to be where I am at this very moment in my life. All I can be is thankful. I didn't expect to run into him after what happened, but he saved my life on more than one account we were bound to cross paths again. I don't think I have everything figured out yet and I still don't think I am worthy to have him in my life. In my own opinion he has everything going for him and I'm just starting out. If we end up together, we will be facing a long list of problems. I live in a country that is still healing from the past. It was taboo too cross the color line. Things have changed and it's not taboo anymore. Truth be told it all comes down to fear and more specifically the fear of letting go. You cannot help who your heart falls for .Falling in love is inevitable its life. However I found that ;the most potent kind of love happens when you both fall in love with each other at the same time ,unexpectedly under magical circumstances. I used to believe that dreams that come true were not for girls like me, and looking back at my past failed relationships; I really knew how to pick crazy and disturbed men, who knew nothing about loving a strong willed independent woman. Don't get me wrong there is a fine line between crazy and freaky. All my two exes didn't get me... this guy however has me thinking about hearts and flowers. We have an undeniable connection. I've ignored most of his calls, and texts because what he makes me feel is powerful. I really like him and ,we connect on all levels; Spiritually, mentally , and physically. In my defense I blame it on my lack of self control and curiosity. Why did we get delayed on that day? I guess I should start from the beginning. Two weeks ago I was booked on a flight to Cape Town. There was a Sports and fitness expo and conference. The whole event lasted for five days... well make it seven considering the horrible weather. All I wanted to do was attend the event and participate in the activities that were organized by the company that hosted everyone. The sports conference was a breath of fresh air; compared to the job I do , which keeps me busy enough .On top everything the person I was assisting , insisted that I take the trip because I work too damn hard. I had fun and I made friends. There was a specific group that was untouchable as if I cared about them. They can exclude themselves from the rest of us .Funny enough one of the guys couldn't stop looking at me when we had club night with the groups we were split into. I pretended not to see or notice anything .He was also at the gym , restaurant ,and a food market the group I was with decided to go to. I didn't think much of it at that time and I all I wanted to do on day five was go home with my new gadgets and a new list of friends. There was an awesome watch that you could link to your phone. It was new technology so only the people who attended the conference would have it. It tracked your fitness progress, routes, mapped out new trails and gyms. Your eating plan was also programmed on the watch. My favorite feature was the safety feature .It was the safety button and mechanism. I have the best of luck when it comes to getting injured out of the blue. I have the scars to prove it. So if at any point during my workout I fall or injure myself accidentally. It will alert the nearest person within the same area. Maybe I will fall; and the hottie who looks like a Greek god , has glowing skin and obsidian light brown eyes and a healthy mane of curly hair will save me ... Like that would ever happen. By the time we all said our last goodbyes; I had packed my suitcase and booked my flight ahead of time so that I could get the window seat in first class, since all the business class seats were taken. Maybe it was a sign to stay one more day but I needed to go home. I was home sick for some sort of odd reason. I love my own space and food. I also needed time to ease back into work mode, because Cape Town is a resort city and as much as I love mixing work with play ,I really needed to get my head back in the game. I made it to the airport on time and I boarded the plane back home. I fell asleep after I buckled up. The flight was a two hour flight and I made sure I fueled up with the right amount of proteins , carbohydrates and fluids. I didn't feel the plane take off however; I was woken up by turbulence which scared the living daylights out of me. At first I thought I was dreaming, but then something in me told me to wake up. When my eyes shot wide open everything was shaking. As fate would have it I was sitting next to a guy Who; looked like a Greek god , in a navy blue blazer and crisp white dress shirt . He had brown eyes eyes and dark brown hair. I thought I was dreaming but I wasn't , it couldn't be him no way ... He reached out and held my hand gently but firmly as if to say I've got you and I will not let anything happen to you. When I blinked again his eyes looked almost dark brown in color. There was something calming about his eyes and I couldn't bring myself to stop looking. The last thing I remembered was bumping my head and losing consciousness. When I eventually came around I woke up only to locked eyes again, with the guy I was sitting next to me on the plane . I was on his lap facing up and there were flashing lights everywhere red and blue lights to be exact. There were people crying; kids crying , screaming ,and shouting. My head hurt just a little bit from the impact of whatever the hell it hit on the plane. I closed my eyes for couple of seconds, and I started crying cause I was feeling a bit overwhelmed , and he spoke; "Please don't cry .You are alive and that's all that matters." I lifted my head , wiped my tears and looked at him again. He was that guy who was everywhere I was during the Fitness expo conference . He was the same dude who I saw at the club and the market ... Needing clarity I asked an apt question; "Who are you ?" "I was the guy you were sitting next to. I'm glad you came around. My name is Aaron Brooks." I locked eyes with Aaron and he was looking at me with blood shot red eyes and he couldn't stop staring. I stretched out my hand and he pulled me in for a hug. At first I thought I was in between dreaming and being awake ,but then I realized I wasn't because ; Aaron smelled clean and minty fresh with hints of citrusy nodes. ..Weirdly enough him holding me made me feel somewhat safe and cared for. I pulled back and locked eyes with him again. His eyes held pain and worry. Being the person I was I couldn't hold back what I thought, for fear of not helping someone in need. "Please don't worry I am fine Aaron Brooks." He shook his head and smiled at me. " No one has ever called me by my full name before . How do you know I'm worried?" " Your eyes gave you away . You're looking at me but your eyes tell me a different story. My guess is that you've been through hell and you're still in hell. I'm sorry for your loss. "How can you tell so much just by looking ?" I half smiled at Aaron who couldn't stop looking at me. Did I have a mark on my face, or worse did my make up smudge all over my face and do I have a clown face? Oh hell I must look hideous. I tied my hair back into a pony tail and I had comfy clothing on so I didn't look like I just walked out the house in weekend gear which would be joggers a t-shirt or a hoody depending on the weather. " What's wrong with me?" "Nothing .You just look like the black version of someone I loved... Well almost." "What happened to her ?" "She was tragically taken away from me and that's it." " I am so sorry. That's it." " it's okay . Nothing's wrong with your face . You are perfect. " " Thank you... you're perfect too." When Aaron shook his head and his eyes went glossy , I had the inSi feeling to kiss him and make whatever pain he felt go away. What the hell is wrong with me? My heart has never felt this connected to a total stranger and stalker no doubt but I have to maintain all self control. I tried to stand up but I felt a sharp pain on the side of my head sending me back into the cute mans arms and lap. " Take it easy they just patched you up . while you were out of it our language was brought to us and they booked us into the nearest hotel ." I saw two officials headed our way with a lady who looked panicked and had what looked like my smart phone with her . I could tell by the blue and pink back cover and she had my hand bag with her. How did she know where to find me ? " Oh okay .Looks like I won't be your responsibility for long . The officials are headed this way and my guess is that my phone has been blowing up since news of the emergency crash landing . I might have hurt my head just a little bit but I just spotted a news crew setting up near the fire truck." I moved from Aaron's lap to the vacant seat next to him and sat down only to look up to a man who still wouldn't let my hand go. I didn't want people to assume that I was his girlfriend so when I tried to pull my hand back he only held it firmer prompting me to look at him with panic. " Alexis I am not leaving you alone. As much as you say my eyes give me away; your eyes do the same." I closed my eyes; took a deep breath, and opened my eyes again. " You're not dreaming I am still here. " "Hmm I can see that Aaron." "See Lexi there is only so much I can do. I dug into whatever is left of my self control reserves and I'm running on empty. " First of all we aren't anything to each other . Why are you calling me Lexi ? Secondly I ..." Without any warning Aaron kissed me and I acted on impulse; kissed him back ,and threaded my fingers through his long gorgeous silky soft strands of hair...Okay I am not dreaming and oh my word why the hell am I feeling giddy like a little girl who just had their first kiss underneath an oak tree feeling all lovey dovey. There is no denying that there is electricity between us and a very strong connection. This guy is trouble. The official came to where we were and cleared her throat. I pulled away but; Aaron leaned down, and kissed again only this time breathless ... in between catching my breath and gaining some sort of sanity, he sorted out the logistics and we both ended up in the same hotel room. When I walked in the room I collapsed on the bed and drifted into much needed sleep. I already had my bag and phone which was okay but; whatever I had to sort out in the morning. All Rights Reserved © #KCMmuoe

Chapter Two -Alexis Waking up

Chapter 2 There are days when you know you wake up in a bed that you know is yours .Waking up in a room that you're unfamiliar with can be somewhat a shock to the system . My body was starting to switch on from being in sleep mode , something felt odd, and by that I mean I was feeling way to warm for an autumn morning. I tried to stretch but it felt as if I hit what felt like hard slabs of muscle. I started feeling around and I think I touched something I shouldn't have ; because the source of heat that I was sleeping next to started moving . The first question that popped into my dazed mind was what happened last night and how the hell did I end up in bed with this guy, and why aren't I safe and sound in the comfort of my own home ... When my eyes fluttered open ; I saw an angelic face in lala land , his lips were slightly parted and oh my word he looked so adorable. Focus Alexis we need to devise an escape plan. I know where I am because the décor looked familiar and the view was still breathtakingly beautiful. I was in my grey joggers and white top. I was dressed... oh my word thank goodness I am dressed no walk of shame or , come back to bed why do you always have to go stay? I looked over my shoulder and Aaron was fast asleep ,after I slipped into my sneakers and located my stuff I made sure I looked okay popped three mints into my mouth and made my way downstairs to get my own hotel room. I didn't care if I had to pay more I just didn't want to be near Aaron Brooks . He makes me feel all mooshy and my self control jumps right outside the window when he's around me ... chances are he is taken and I don't want to be that chick... You know that chick who falls in love with a perfect stranger and then down the line you find out he's taken and you are part of a love triangle you didn't know existed. There's no way in hell that I'm going to let that happen. I managed to leave undetected and without waking a replica of Orion sleeping. I definitely wasn't dreaming last night. He actually did kiss me and oh did he taste so good. On a serious note though ; I saw it in his eyes last night he is going through pain . His loss still haunts him, I want to help him but I just don't know how to when I'm dealing with my own. At some point I have to face what happened and avoiding the pain isn't something I like doing but I seem to be doing it well to the point where I find other things to do in order not to face it . Exhibit A ; throwing myself into my work and avoiding my ex. When I made it downstairs and I was booked into my own room ,I connected my phone to the charging system they had and went to go get cleaned up .As soon as I was done I changed into a pair of black skinny jeans ,a sky blue long sleeve v neck top and a pair of white canvas sneakers . When I sat down to figure out if I wanted room service or felt like going out ; I switched on my phone only to get bombarded with missed calls and messages . As soon as I was done replying to every text and call I decided to go out and have breakfast downstairs at the restaurant . My headache had subsided and last night's events started to sink in. I received a text from the airline telling me that I was given an open ticket and a free trip back home. Bryan had given me time off work a week to be exact, and I had more time to explore the city without any disturbance. I was lucky enough to get the corner table in the restaurant with a view of the beach and people going about their own day. I ordered some muesli , berries , yoghurt and some mango juice . Given what happened last night I could have asked for something heavier , but I had to watch my weight . My ex called last night I saw his message . He still wants me back after leaving me when I needed him the most. I was a mess when he said I had too many issues and that he didn't have the emotional real-estate to deal with me and what was going on. Part of me will always love him , however the love I have has pain loss and hurt attached to it . I cannot let him do what he did to me ever again. In fact I will never allow any guy to do that to me ever again. The titanium wall around my heart will stay put. Well it was solid until Aaron happened. The waiter put my food on the table and I said; thank you. I mixed my cereal with yoghurt and just as I was about to dig in my phone rang and I picked it up. " Alexis speaking how may I help you?" " Where on earth are you? " " Oh good morning sexy . How are you?" My heart stopped and did a summersault. Oh what is it about this guy, not only does he look like Orion, he sounds like white chocolate ganache being glazed on a dark chocolate cup cake. " Answer my question first ." I took a sip of my mango juice and a deep breath. " I didn't recognize it yesterday but you have an adorable English South African accent ." " Alexis ." Oh I'm having fun , for the first time in a while he's annoyed alright, he just called me Alexis. " What happened to you calling me Lexi ?" I could hear Aaron breathing rapidly on the other side of the line . " We can do this the hard way or easy way . I will find you and when I do ..." " You're going to do what? , kiss me senseless and pin me down on a flat surface and have your way with me ... ha ha please ." " That's an idea I plan on following through with... just not now because I need to find you and pick up where we left off. " " Well if you must know Aaron Brooks; I'm having breakfast in a restaurant at coastal area . I just had a sip of my delicious mango juice and I was about to eat my breakfast before you bothered me ." I hope he gets that I am kidding and on the other hand I hope he leaves me alone so I can eat in peace and forget I exist. " I am so sorry I bothered you . I was just concerned and for some sort of reason I felt like I should call you and find out if your are okay and if you remember anything about last night?." I heard a door being slammed and a lift door opening . The ding sound and the bell sound gave it away. " Besides waking up next to you this morning ... absolutely nothing . I must have bumped my head so hard that I cannot recall last night." " Do you perhaps need a reminder Miss Mamepe?" I almost choked on my juice but I recovered quickly. How the hell does this guy know my surname? I might have bitten off more than I can chew. "Aaron." " I'm thinking of the many ways I can have you . You do look lovely in that blue top and I wonder what wonder is under there . I started looking around for a white man who was tall dark and dangerous ... not Really because he is quiet the looker and broody as fudge. " How do you know that I have a wonder ?" " Oh Lexi darling wouldn't you want to know ... I don't just follow anyone you know and need I remind you I know how flexible you are... I went through your file before the conference. " My heart started beating fast and I was trying to catch my breath. I wanted to run far away anywhere but my body was in freeze mode . I couldn't move ,I sat still on my chair. " " Where are you Brooks ?" Someone sat in front of me and I knew who it was before I looked up. He smelt of strong citrus nodes and he looked like he just walked off a fitness magazine shoot. It was a tad bit cold outside but he was in a black t-shirt and blue ripped jeans looking relaxed, not like the man I just spoke to. He grabbed my berries and popped a goose berry in his mouth and looked at me . "hmm yummy ." I was too distracted to do anything but give him a blank stare. He's eyes still held worry and a hint of sadness. I couldn't help but feel guilty. " I'm sorry ." "For what babe ?" Wait did he just call me babe... how much does he know about me ? " You stuck with me last night after the emergency landing , made sure I was okay ,and sorted out my stuff. It would have taken me the whole night but you helped me . Instead of thanking you ; I ran out on you and booked myself into another hotel room and gave you the run around. That's what I'm sorry for. " I looked at Aaron and he smirked . I thought I was going to get a lecture as soon I finished telling him why I was sorry ,but he smiled at me again. "Apology accepted sexy Lexi" " Why do I feel like its conditional?" "That's because it is ." I took another sip of my delicious mango juice and darted my eyes from side to side. As soon as I put my glass down he took my hand in his and kissed the back of my palm. I didn't attempt to take my hand back but I found the courage to tell him what was on my mind. "You've followed me around for the past five days. You didn't make a move ,but you were everywhere I was . What was stopping you then that's not stopping you now ?" " You and the fact that I wanted to talk to you but you always had someone. If it wasn't that Tommy dude it was someone else. I was also grouped with the elite guys. If I broke away it would have looked like I was playing around and not here for business . " I took my hand back and tried to find some sort of self control and sanity because my mind was running wild . " That's an excuse and I think we are even ." Aaron looked at me confused and continued to eat my breakfast, and I continued to talk. " You are eating my breakfast and you just told me indirectly told me that you didn't want your so called "elite" friends to know that you liked me . You just indirectly excluded me." Aaron stopped and frowned. He started drumming his index finger on the table. " You are running." "I am not running Aaron. " I all of the sudden was feeling angry . He wasn't this persistent when his friends were around and now he wanted me . I also look like someone he loved , which wasn't a good. I can't be competing with someone who I don't know and who isn't here . My phone started blowing up again and it was Nathan. " You can't deny the connection we have . I felt it when I kissed you and you kissed me back. I don't care who he is; he's got competition. " I declined the call , picked my bag up, stood up with my phone in hand and walked out the restaurant without a word to Aaron. I could feel him watching me walk and he let me go. As soon as I was outside, I called Simonback . " What do you want ?" "Hey Ali did I catch you at a bad time?" " No." " I wanted to ask you ; when are you going to the cemetery ?" " What's it to you ?" " I realized it's the third anniversary and I want to make up for the pain I caused . I never meant to hurt or leave you when you needed me the most . " I started walking along the side walk feeling all sorts of angry. Why now ... "Too little too late. I want nothing to do with you." I was getting annoyed by the second. " Ali are you wearing a blue top , black skinny jeans and white canvas sneakers ?" What is it about today arrg and why the hell did Simondescribe my exact outfit . I have to really get out of this city and just go home. " Yes . Are you also having me followed ?" " No and who wouldn't ? You still look as gorgeous as the first day I met you and you've lost weight." " Simonyou are still superficial . We are nothing to each other." I stopped walking and waited by the peer . Looking out into the ocean I took a deep breath and wiped tears from my face with the back of my hand . The wind helped in fanning my face .Why did he have to be here , why now. It's bad enough that the guy who just admitted to liking me ,classed me and was too ashamed to be seen with me . Now my ex is in the same city as me and he just happen to see me pass by and talk about a morning from heaven and hell. Heaven in the sense that it felt alright waking up next to Aaron before he just said what he said , hell as in I don't want to deal with Simonnot today. " Thank goodness you've stopped ." " where the hell are you?" I looked side to side but the peer was empty . " Turn around Ali." I turned around and I saw him... had changed so much physically. He had a beard and a beer belly... he still had his gorgeous green eyes and brown hair. "Don't come near me or I swear I will scream." Simonstopped and looked at me all remorseful My head started to hurt and I was feeling dizzy I saw double and I knew that wasn't a good sign. I almost lost my footing but regained my balance . " Are you okay Ali ." " No say what you want and leave me alone." " I understand. Now that I have one of my own ... I understand. " " you're rubbing salt into an open wound. " " I am so sorry for what I did ." "No you're not . It took me a whole year to come to terms with what happened and another year to finally find myself and let you go completely and now you want to be friends Simon... you don't get to have me back ." Simonmoved closer and I moved back dangerously close to the railing of the wooden dock . The waves were choppy and the wind was getting stronger by the minute " Yes Ali . Please stop moving back that railing isn't stable . " I stopped abruptly but lost my footing and fell over the railing . Mid fall I realized I missed the sign that said caution railing not safe and the wind must have blown the red and white tape "Ali no !" "Lexi no!" I faintly heard Nathan's voice and Aaron... Aaron followed me . My body made contact with the water it felt as if I was been stabbed by mini cold knives all over my body in a never ending pool of deep water. Water was coming in from all sides in my ears in my nostrils and mouth. I couldn't breathe . My eyes were still closed and I couldn't feel anything except being numb. I saw white light and flashed back to the time I almost drowned at school. I wasn't a strong swimmer. I miss judged the depth of the deep end because; when I went swimming at a friend's pool the previous weekend ,I could stand in the deep end with my head above the water . I tried to do the same at a different pool and almost drowned. I don't want to die . I have so much I still want to do and an unfinished life. Yes I've been through what I needed to go through ; but I seriously cannot go not now. I don't know how or when but I was in a moving car which I suspected was the ambulance. I felt so cold and in pain at the same time. I tried to move but I couldn't but all I could feel was a warm hand . It had a wedding band on it. I had seen it before and I was trying to make sense of why he was with me . I had an oxygen mask on my face and I was feeling sleepy again. As much as I tried to stay awake ; I was fighting a losing battle , before I knew it I was drifting away. My body needed to recover from what it went through and it couldn't do that with me fighting it so I gave in and surrendered to sleep . All Rights Reserved © 2018 #KCMmuoe

Chapter Three Aaron

Chapter 3 Aaron It happened so fast . It happened so fast that I didn't even have time to process what had happened and deal with the heavy blow that I have been dealt with. I'm strong enough to withstand any pain and I would do almost anything to protect my family. On the night I lost Laura my whole world came crashing down around me. It felt like my reason for being happy had been taken away from me... We were on our way back from a family day picnic; both my son and wife were singing along to One Republic's I lived. I was driving us back home and it was raining . Laura was busy on her phone and David was buckled up safely in the car seat. He had my eyes but his mother's face . I had canceled all my meetings for that weekend . This was the third weekend I had spent with them without any interruptions . I realized I had missed out on a lot with my wife and son because my son had asked me; if there are going to be more weekends like the ones we just had . I promised him we would and my wife smiled at me. We had been fighting because I spent more time at work than I did at home . We were two hours from home and I needed to take a break .Laura was busy texting and smiling at her phone . When I asked her who she was talking to and she replied ; Nathan, I was a bit pissed off ... She had admitted to cheating and we went to therapy . This week she dropped a bomb on me ... she confessed that she was pregnant with Nathan's baby not mine . When I asked her if she was in love with him she denied it at first but came clean before we drove out . I was happy that Dave was happy but worried as to how I was going to explain me leaving his mother because she is in love with someone else . I loved Laura enough to let her go and I understood why she was leaving me. All that mattered was Dave and I wanted him to grow up in a stable home feeling loved . I pulled up the nearest petrol station parked the car and told explained to my soon to be ex wife that I was going to get a snack . David had hit lights out and I gave him a kiss before I stepped out of the car . Laura looked guilty and I didn't care . I walked into the store and bought what I needed . It was fairly quiet until I heard two loud banging sounds. The first one sounded like a car crashing and the second one sounded like something blowing up. I left whatever I was doing to run outside and check on the safety of my family... I only walked out to flames and glass . I had parked in front of the store and my car was in flames . I ran to the car to try and save both Laura and David . Laura wasn't moving but Dave was wide awake and he was screaming with his hands stretched out . I managed to open the back seat to yank my boy out once he was safe, I tried to save Laura but the car blew up. I woke up a week later with scarred and in pain both physically and emotionally. Laura's family had never approved of my relationship with her because they thought Simondeserved her but she chose me . When Dave was born they didn't come to the hospital and every mile stone he had , we celebrated without her family . When I was fully healed I was told by my sister that; Laura's funeral had come and gone and I wasn't given a chance to say goodbye properly. She also told me that Dave wasn't legally going to stay with me. I was only allowed visitation with supervision , as if that wasn't enough he was moved to another province. Luckily I had the chance to see him before the conference and spend quality time with my now eight year old who still loves me unconditionally . I talked to him last night and this morning. He wanted to know how I saved Alexis and when is he going to meet her. In other words he didn't believe me and he wanted both sides of the story .When Alexis walked out on me I waited a bit before I followed her and when I walked out I saw Simonfollowing her . She was headed towards the dock which was under repair and dangerous. When I saw Alexis fall over the railing I ran and dove in after her and pulled her out. Simonjust stood there and froze. When I pulled her out she wasn't breathing it didn't take the EMT'S long to get to the sight and take Lexi to the hospital. I had her bag and phone with me and I was sitting on a chair beside her bed dressed in scrubs. My clothing also got soaked but I was okay. Simonstayed away ; he knew not to come near me after sleeping with my wife .They had a baby girl, who I thought was mine but wasn't and she was raised by her grandparents who still hate my guts to this day. I'm drawn to Alexis and being with her wouldn't be about revenge; but being with someone I like. As reserved as she pretends to be she has quiet the wild streak. Tommy has been calling her and texting her. Her phone had not stopped ringing all morning . It was message after message and call after call and I ended up switching it off. The doctor came through and told me she was lucky enough to have survived. Her head concussion wasn't that serious but they needed to keep her overnight she almost drowned but she was okay .Lexi was slowly coming around. Her eyes were moving rapidly and her breath wasn't as relaxed as before .When she opened her eyes ; I smiled at her and kissed the back of her cold hand. She smiled back and spoke; " Hmm you have soft and warm hands ." " Next time you decide to run away from me please make sure you don't get hurt... I've had enough chest pains to last me a long time." " Yes MR Brooks . I'm sorry I had you all worried. You're such a big baby. " I kissed her forehead "Maybe one day I could be your baby." "Charming." "I'm sorry." "For what Aaron?" " You had every right to walk out on me during breakfast . I indirectly , directly treated you unfairly. " "You were right I was running I'm sorry too. " I didn't let go of her hand. I was about to kiss her when the doctor came in. She started speaking and checking Alexis to see if everything was okay . " Good evening Alexis . How are you feeling?" "sore but okay ." " You are so lucky to have Brooks. He didn't want to leave until he knew you were out of the woods." " I'm sure he does this with all of the ladies. It must be my lucky day." I chuckled at Lexi's comment. Given my track record with women ... I've never been able to keep one or want a stable one until now. I've fallen hard for Alexis and it happened when I saw her on the day I walked in Bryan's company to pay him a visit and he said he would rather send his assistant who was out for lunch to the conference. Given his history too I was surprised that his assistant had lasted longer than three months. I had seen Alexis at her desk when I walked out of Bryan's office . She had glasses on and greeted me and then Bryan. I had dyed my hair blond . She only started noticing me when I went back to my natural color which was dark brown. When I was around I'd only see her when I was leaving. Bryan didn't want me near her to be honest and he had valid reasons. Two days ago as fate would have it she was sitting next to me on the plane. She got injured during the emergency landing and I was there for her . I didn't know how to approach her during the conference. My best friend who happened to be her boss, would have caught wind of it and told me to stay away. I had also grown a beard so my appearance was altered. " No it was an honor and a privilege. Still is . Amy ; how is my girlfriend doing?" " She is okay and cleared to go home after you sign the release papers." " I don't live here ... and I'm staying at the hotel." I kissed Alexis and she kissed me back . "well I have a beach house and Bryan gave you the week off so you can stay with me ." She nodded and didn't protest. As soon as we were done with the paper work Amy gave Alexis the all clear and told her that she had to rest . The ride to the beach house was both exciting and nerve wrecking. Before we went to the beach house we stopped by the hotel to get our luggage . Alexis was quiet and she had her earphones in her ear. I didn't switch on the radio. As soon as we arrived at my beach house the lights were on ; which was strange because the only people who had the keys were Mary and David . I gave the extra key I had to David in case he needed time to himself . Laura's parents were strict with him and rarely allowed him to be a kid. There were rules and he wasn't afraid to sleep by himself .My sister was his guardian so she had to be at the house with him. I turned off the engine and looked at Lexi . She was out like a light. I gently removed her ear phones from her ears and I couldn't help but kiss her cheek . She didn't wake up , her body was in recovery mode , Amy told me to keep an eye on her . I intended to do that and other things. Bryan was going to have to deal with the fact that I made a move on one of his employees. He was my best friend as far as I knew he had no feelings for Alexis but had grown fond of her . I carried Lexi out of the car and used the back door to get to my bedroom . The house smelt of a dish my mother always made on stormy days and I wanted to go to the kitchen and eat a proper meal but Lexi had to be comfortable. I made it to my bedroom and put Alexis down . I removed her , shoes ,socks and tucked her in the bed . I proceeded to making my way down to the kitchen. Dave and Mary were setting up for dinner .As soon as Dave saw me he stopped what he was doing and ran to give me a hug .The infestation of joy that fills my soul when he smiles , ,runs to give me a hug is a blessing, and a reminder that I am human and home . " Hello my boy . Daddy missed you so much." When David let go of me I locked eyes with his Hazel orbs that were just like his mothers eyes. " I missed you too dad . Aunty Mary said you were in the hospital with your new girlfriend." I broke the embrace and kissed the top of his head. He had cut his hair and he didn't seem like himself. "Well you did make the news on social media. There was a photo of you two kissing circulating but your team handled it. " I shot Mary a look of betrayal because Alexis was off limits in many ways. She just smiled and went to the oven to take out some cottage pie. "She is my friend buggy. I will introduce you to her as soon as she wakes up." "She's here? " Yes." "Aren't you moving a bit too fast Ron you just met her a couple of days ago. You always do this to Dave..." Mary was being way too over protective. She was my younger sister but a bit older than Alexis by two years . I on the other hand was six years older than her. "Mary not now. Can we discuss this later . We sat down at the table and joined hands to say grace and started eating . By the time I put David to bed and made sure everyone was safe , Mary had already locked the guest room to avoid me on purpose. I knocked and she ignored me. I have had a history with women but I really liked Alexis very much. She didn't care about my stance and called me out on my sneaky ways . She was still sleeping when I fell asleep next to her. I hadn't realized it after the emergency landing but now I do; I can fall asleep peacefully next to her and be at peace . If only Mary could understand that my intentions are good. All Rights Reserved © 2018 #KCMmuoe

Chapter Four Alexis - Hospital Blues

Chapter 4 Alexis I don't know what it is about hospitals that wear me out to the point of hitting lights out. It's not the horrible food that they give me or the sometimes friendly staff the med's are a given , however my energy takes a dip when I come back home from the hospital. Maybe I didn't protect myself properly energy shielding wise or perhaps I'm too sensitive and with the ocean nearby and a full moon that has already risen I'm twice as sensitive as before. I was just happy to be out of the hospital. Bryan had texted me asking; if I was fine and if I needed more time off to recover from the fall , I told him I was fine and that I wanted to come back to work. He replied with a smiley face and a heart emoji saying; I should get well soon and he can't wait to see me . The office was not the same without me. My body started switching on and I felt better than I did the day before . Aaron's beach house was humungous ,the bed I was sleeping in was huge . I all of the sudden felt like a princess waiting for my servants to appear at any moment offering me breakfast in bed . I stopped daydreaming when I looked across and saw Aaron fast asleep next to me and the digital clock on the wall reminding me that it was five in the morning . My bags were at the far end of the room and the bathroom was a safe distance away . As soon as I got cleaned up and changed into a pair of dark blue jeans and grey hoody, I grabbed my phone and made my way downstairs to what I assumed was the kitchen. I was really hungry so I made breakfast there were no ingredients for a proper English breakfast , so I made a South African breakfast minus the bacon and oh blue berry pancakes and syrup on the side with strawberries . If this PA gig doesn't work , I think I'll take up being a chef . I've known how to cook since I was a kid why not use my skills . As soon as I was done cleaning up while I was eating I felt my phone vibrated and picked it up . " Bryan?" " Hey Ali where on earth are you? I went to the hotel to surprise you but they said you checked out ." " I am at a beach house Mr Brooks offered to take care of me while I recover . I was in the hospital. " "I'm on my way to the beach house Ali. Aaron didn't touch you inappropriately did he?" I flashed back to the week and couple of days and the two maybe three times Aaron kissed me . Just thinking about him made me week at the knees if not uncomfortably soaked or suffering from a minor case of blue bean. I like Aaron ... I am in trouble. " No Bryan he has been the perfect gentleman . " I could hear a bit of rattling on the other end and I knew he was in his car on the way . " You sound tired," " I am okay Bryan." " It hasn't been the same without you. I lost it at the temp because she messed up my appointments ." " Bryan I was a temp before you decided to hire me. I messed up more than once but you gave me a shot. " "She tried to make moves on me as in give me head in the office. I don't know who the heck told her that she needs to stoop so low to get ahead. I reported what happened to Human Resources on the same day." " Wow that's hectic . What happened to Mia ? " " Well she likes Aaron but he broke up with her after she was mean to her son. It wasn't the only incident . " " I can imagine what David went through, Mia wasn't nice to me either when you were dating . She went as far as racially abusing me and insulting my intelligence. " " I'm sorry about that . You are my favorite girl." " You are the best boss ever." " Ha ha flattery." " It works all the time with you." I all of the sudden had a feeling that I wasn't alone . I was a guest after all so I was expecting anything. I had made breakfast and it was already seven in the morning . I knew who was watching me because he always had an energy about him. I turned around only to lay eyes on a beautiful beast . I hadn't seen it before but now I did .He was; tall , dark ,deliciously handsome , muscular and easy on the eye .I think I was actually right he was a replica of Orion the Greek god . I snapped out of my moment of awe and admiration when Bryan continued to talk. My throat was already dry and I was already suffering from a mild case of blue bean. I was sitting on one of the kitchen bar chairs , and without hesitation I crossed my legs and looked outside the window at the ocean. " You're lucky Aaron was around ." "I'm thankful. I have to go ." " See you in a bit." "cool beans." As soon as I hung up another call came through and it was the last person I needed a call from. I looked up and Aaron was helping himself to the breakfast I made , with a cup of coffee in one hand. I still felt like he was hovering but I answered the call. My throat was dry and my voce went all raspy . " Hey Tommy." " Hey Ali are you good ?" " I'm okay thanks T." "You sound tired did I catch you at a bad time?" I was about to answer when I heard something bang on the table and Aaron charging towards me from the kitchen Island . " Yes can I call you back ?" " okay angel ." By the time II put my phone down Aaron was sitting on the chair next to me . He proceeded to turn my chair around to face him and I looked at him impassively . I didn't know what to say but he was looking at me clearly angry. " Good morning Aaron ." "It was good until I woke up and found you talking to Tommy. " I took a deep breath and locked eyes with him. " I made all three of you breakfast to say ; thank you..." I still had my legs crossed and my tummy started to rumble. " Much appreciated. Who were you talking with before Tom?" " Bryan. He is on his way . why aren't you wearing any shirt ?" Oh no why did I ask such a stupid question he probably thinks I'm weird. Aaron placed his hand on my cheek and it felt damp. Indicating either a panic attack or anxiety . " I woke up and you weren't there . I panicked. I looked for you and when I found you ... I .... I " I locked eyes with Aaron again and they reflected sadness . He stood up and I stood up and looked at him. Without hesitation I gave him a hug . He felt slick with what I suspected was his own sweat. I leaned into his neck and he smelt musky. He leaned into me and hugged me tighter. " I'm sorry Aaron. I am so sorry." He leaned back to look at me as if he was dreaming. I now remembered who Aaron was... he has gone through hell and waking up without me when he went to sleep with me must have triggered something , he hasn't opened up to me. " Lexi ... I like you a lot and I don't know what Si did but he should have never let you go. Please reconsider just being in a relationship with me. " I placed my hands on his wrists and shook my head. I was analyzing everything that had happened. I wanted to take the leap but I couldn't. " I don't want anything to do with you if you are going to compare me to someone who's gone . I like you too yes but; you need to heal and let go of Laura properly. " I stood on my toes and gave him a kiss on his cheek . I took my phone and ran back upstairs into Aarons bedroom ; I was headed to the bathroom when I was stopped by Aarons frame stalking towards me . I walked into the vanity room and closed the door hoping he will get the hint that he wasn't going to feature in my future but on the other hand I wanted him so bad. It felt as if something was drawing me to him and I couldn't repel against the pull . I sat on the bench taking deep breaths to calm down because ; I was turned on and afraid at the same time . A moment later I heard the door close and lock. I looked up and I saw Aaron. " Lexi ." "Aaron ." I looked down on the carpet not wanting to meet his eyes because they would make me weak at the knees . I saw him for who he was not what he was. He was a broken man in pain. Pain I somehow understood and remedy. Why did he pick me? " Alexis look at me ..." "No." "fine." Aaron continued to walk towards me until he made it to the bench . He sat next to me and lifted my chin up to look at him. His eyes gave him away and I knew in my heart that I was in way too deep. Before I could open my mouth to protest he kissed me gently and I kissed him back . I didn't want to stop and I gave him back as much as he took . Before I knew it my clothes were on the floor and I had my legs wrapped around his waist. I could feel his hard on . He was as turned on as I was. When I pulled back for air Aaron kissed me harder with more hunger and intent to finish what he started . I wanted him as badly as he wanted me but it was too soon . My body was doing the opposite of what my head was saying . " Aaron no we can't ." Aaron pinned me against the wall held on my thighs and reluctantly pulled away. " We can baby. I know you feel what I feel and it scares you. I chose you regardless. I was crazy enough to stalk you . I know Bryan would flip because you're like his baby sister but once I claim you ; you are mine for keeps. Will you be my girl?" Before I could answer we both heard a knock on the door . " Daddy; open up . We need to talk ." I took a deep breath and went all quiet. Aaron nuzzled my neck and slowly placed me down . " Dave just give me a couple of minutes buddy. Breakfast is ready . Alexis made all of us breakfast..." " where is she ?" " She's lost somewhere in the house as soon as I find her we'll come join you okay bud." " cool." As soon as I heard the main bedroom door close I started getting dressed .My hair was messy and I felt bad for what almost happened . As soon as my head peaked out my hoody ; Aaron kissed me again and looked at me with affection and love in his eyes. " That was too close. " " This conversation isn't over ." " Why stalk me when you could have come to me and asked me." " I love to hover. It's much more fun " " Hmm. I will wait for you outside, go take a shower ." " I took one last night ." "Go ... " I pointed to the raindrop shower. " Bossy ... I like that ." "I'll keep that in mind ." " I messed up your hair ." " I know I'll fix it. Now get your sexy ass in the shower ." " Pity you can't join me." I walked to the door and unlocked it . I smiled at Aaron and he smiled back. The difference about his smile and many other smiles I received before was that his smile reached his eyes. I walked out and closed the door. My ballerina bun was messed up so I redid my hair only this time I did a coiled bun. I remembered the reason I wanted to go home earlier. I wanted to change my weave and go natural . My hair was chocolate brown. By the time I was finished Aaron was done and he was wearing his white long sleeve polo cotton golf shirt with dark blue jeans. His hair was unruly and wild and his floppy curls framed his face perfectly. We both took a moment to drink each other in and acknowledge what had happened. I was about to speak when Dave opened the door looking worried. " Dad you're really acting weird . If I didn't know better I'd say; you are making up Alexis . Uncle Bryan is downstairs with Aunty Mary. When she shows up I will tell her about the goofy smile that spreads on your face when you talk about her." Aaron laughed and David gave him a confused look . "Buggy say Hi to Lexi ." I looked at a mini replica of Aaron and smiled .I waved at him and he smiled and waved back at me. " Good morning Alexis ." I walked to where he was and stretched out my hand . " Morning David it's a pleasure to meet you. " Instead of getting a handshake I unexpectedly got a hug. I looked at Aaron all confused and he cracked a smile. " I remember you . You helped me the other day." When David pulled back he smiled at me and then his father and spoke; " Breakfast time Dave lets go now before it gets too cold ." " Yes dad." I followed both of them downstairs and when we made it downstairs I was met by a worried Bryan who stopped his conversation with a female version of Aaron to come give me a hug . I hugged him back and he kissed my forehead and he looked at me . " Ali you scared me." "Ryan I'm okay..." We were interrupted by Aaron when he cleared his throat. " Breakfast is getting cold." All Rights Reserved © 2018 #KCMmuoe

Chapter Five Aaron- Falling

Chapter 5 Aaron When Bryan told me that he had a new assistant; I laughed at him and asked him if he was planning on keeping her ,and he said yes . when I met Alexis the first time she was too busy to notice me . I had the feeling that she was avoiding me but I was wrong. This morning when I woke up I thought she ran away. Truth be told I don't want to lose her. I want her to feature in my future and I will do whatever it takes to make sure that happens. She is shy . I ran after her after we had a dispute; we ended up kissing and I almost took her right then and there in my vanity room but I was stopped .When we made it downstairs Mary and Bryan were waiting for us and once we took our seats I made sure I sat next to Alexis . Bryan was way too touchy feely , with good reason we almost lost a girl we both care about Mary was still giving off iffy vibes which unsettled me. " Mary meet Lexi ." Alexis waved and Mary just cut her eyes at her and gave her a snarky look. Dave saw the exchange and I was embarrassed not only for Mary but for me too. "Aunty Mary ... Alexis isn't like Mia. She helped me when Mia was verbally attacking me. " " In what way ?" " She told her to Back off and stop bullying me. I found the courage to tell you and dad what was going on." I slid my hand underneath the table to hold Alexis's hand gently. She looked at me again and I whispered in her ear "Thank you." She locked eyes with me nodded and smiled . Mary was still moody for some sort of odd reason and I wasn't having it. " Mary what has Lexi ever done to you?" Mary looked at me with attitude and Bryan shook his head." " Nothing . I just don't like her . You've gone and pulled a fast one on all of us." "Meaning?" " She's black . Since when do you date outside your race? Bryan has always loved chocolate but you never did . She is also not of our class. Alexis is Bryan's assistant... " Bryan interjected calmly " Mary what has gotten into you? " "Nothing Bryan I am just stating the facts." "You are being prejudice that's what." "How?" " Ali has been through hell and back." " So have we. In case you have forgotten Aaron and I have been through hell. What makes her an exception." I looked at Alexis who had an impassive look again on her face but her eyes were on fire . Bryan continued talking; " Mary do you remember Si?" "yes he had a baby girl with Laura and almost landed Ron in jail." "Si had a fiancé..." " Oh I remember what happened . He should have never left her alone that night. What happened was brutal." " Ali was the woman he was engaged to. I found out a couple of weeks ago and she's been working for me for three years now ." I visibly saw the wall Mary had put up crumble and her face turn from hard to soft Alexis looked at Bryan who mouthed sorry and she nodded twice. I was missing something and my sister clearly knew what was going on and I was in the dark. David was busy watching something on his tablet with his wireless earphones on so ; he was having breakfast with us but he was focused on whatever he was catching up on . I looked at Bryan and My sister . " Guys am I missing something?" Mary gave me a look I knew too well; the now isn't the time to talk about it look just back off for a while. She was looking apologetic . " Ali I am so sorry for saying what I said earlier. I didn't mean to be so cruel. Ron has a really bad record when it comes to women . He has a type and you are different . I thought he was just using you . Aaron means well and I know you will tell him about what happened with Si when you're ready . I am so sorry ..." Alexis took a deep breath and spoke. " It's okay .Please excuse me ." I let go of her hand and she ran upstairs . " Bryan I am so sorry for my behavior earlier. I apologize for being antagonistic towards Alexis . I feel like crap now. " I was confused ... Mary wasn't going to tell me and Bryan clearly had his reasons for being protective over Alexis. " Guys can you tell me what's going on?" Bryan was busy eating and he shook his head ... so did Mary. " I can't tell you bro and I have some apologizing to do . " I finished what was on my plate and ran upstairs .When I opened the door Alexis was nowhere in sight. I kept quiet until I heard sniffles coming from the vanity room. I tried to open the door but it was locked. She was doing it again cutting me out .What the hell did Si do to Alexis that she wanted to keep her distance. I hate feeling helpless it triggers feelings that I don't want to feel and it takes me back to a time I was helpless. When I had to man up and do whatever it took to make sure Mary was well taken care of .What happened was out of my control and I made a promise to myself that if ever I had the power I will make sure the people I care about are cared for . I knew Bryan had Alexis under his payroll and working for him . I hadn't noticed her until six months ago. She was very quiet to come think of it shy and she didn't know I was eying her . Every time I asked Bryan he steered the conversation away from her. Her dark features reminded me of Laura although she had blue eyes. The same eye color David has ... However Lexi had her own thing going on. She wasn't as bold but she was direct in her way. She even helped Dave when Mia was attacking him which in my books is really good . I've studied her behavior .I stalked her a month before she unexpectedly came to the conference . I knocked on the door again and the sniffles stopped . " Lexi talk to me?" " Go away Aaron ." " I can't it's my house." " Then I will leave." "No." Alexis sounded upset and going out of the beach house would be harder for her . Unless she wanted to swim somewhere which was highly unlikely ; she almost drowned . " Yes." " Either you're coming out or I am coming in ." " I locked the door " " Lexi it's my house ." "okay." " Okay you'll open the door or okay you'll tell me what happened." I stood by the door hoping she will open it or I'd have to go in using the bathroom entrance. "None of the above Brooks." I walked to the bathroom and opened the door from the other side. When I walked in the vanity room she was sitting at the far end in fetal position. My phone buzzed and it was message from Mary; " Ron we are going out to the market with Dave . We will be back later on and please tell Ali I am so sorry about the racist remarks. I was being overprotective but it doesn't excuse my behavior and animosity towards her . We'll be back with dinner . Love you lots bro. I looked up again and Ali was walking out . " Alexis please stop . Don't walk out . I will do anything to make you feel better . I don't know what you went through but if there is any way I can make the pain go away ; tell me what to do and I'll do it ." " Mary was right . We won't work out. " " She is wrong . I believe in us and what is developing between us." " This isn't some experiment." Alexis sat o on the corner of the bed lotus position " It isn't . You know as much as I do what I feel for you is real. Tell me you don't feel the same and I will respect that , and let you go." I knelt down in front of her and she looked at me . I saw it in her eyes before she could say it. " I feel the same way ." " I will open up to you. You don't have to tell me everything yet. " ©2018 #KCMmuoe All Rights Reserved

Chapter Six -Alexis - Head over heels

Chapter 6 Alexis I seriously don't know what it is about Aaron; even when I push him away he keeps on coming back I have ran away from him , shut him out , almost made love with him , pushed him back and shut him out again , only for him to come back to me .He really wants to be with me regardless of my stance. Maybe I have nurtured my fear of getting hurt for far too long. I uncrossed my legs and knelt down so that I was facing him. "I guess I don't know you that well but; my heart somehow knows you and my gut is telling me to give you a fair shot. " " Thank you Lexi." "For what Aaron?" " Giving me a shot..." " I will try and open up too it's only fair." " Fair enough ." I sat on the couch and Aaron followed but I could see he was uncomfortable " bed?" "I like the way you think. " " Hmm . Not what you are thinking . You look uncomfortable . " I am. " I climbed on the bed and sat in the middle with my legs folded again in lotus position and he tried but could not cross both legs " I don't bite." " I can do the tree position very well ." Aaron sat down and looked at me. " When I was seventeen my world was turned on its head ." "What happened?" " My mother died right in front of my eyes . She was driving me back from a business school entry exam . I knew I wanted to be in business and make money , not only to help my family but help others around me too. " I pushed one of his floppy curls back. " You have a big heart..." "Some say I have a big ego. I don't . I might be a bull but I am patient . I want the best for the ones I care about ." " Why weren't you driving?" " I was tired from the night before because I had only slept for three hours." "Hmm." " We were driving home and before we made it to the house she wanted to stop and get milk and other things for the house at the corner store. I didn't feel like going inside because the boy whose father owned the store bullied me . " " I'm sorry." Aaron held my hand gently and kissed it . " It's not your fault . I was fast asleep when she went into the store. I was woken up with three loud bangs and screams. I got outside the car; ran inside the store only to find that Luke junior shot his dad and my mother was caught in the cross fire. When he realized what he did he turned the gun on himself and succeeded in killing himself. I had heard a loud thud on the floor with what I later realized was my mother. I ran to her direction and tried to get her to wake up . When she woke up, I thanked all my lucky stars... She smiled at me and asked me if I am okay . I nodded and she said; good. My grey school pants were feeling wet and warm . I didn't look down . I thought it was coffee that had spilt. My mother was looking pale and her breathing was labored. She took a deep breath and winced in pain . I kept quiet and listened to what she had to say." A tear escaped Aarons eye and he shut his eyes heard. It was as if he was reliving the event. He was starting to shake and all I could do was give him a hug and he held me close. ' You don't have to tell me ." "I want to . " " I was holding her hand and I had taken my blazer off to support her head and I was holding her hand. She said; I should tell my dad and my sister that she loved them with everything in her and that she will watch over hem . She then smiled and said she was proud of me and will be proud of the man I will become because I have worked hard. Her last words were that she's sorry and that I should forgive her for leaving so soon .After that she was gone . I spent the next hour asking her to please open her eyes that she cannot go. The cops came an hour later and called my dad who was sick too." I pulled back and he held me steady so that I could look at him .Aaron had blood shot red eyes . " what was wrong with your dad ?" " Prostrate cancer . He had palliative care . I was so broken on that day that I thought it was a bad dream. It wasn't a bad dream . Three months later my dad died and I don't know what clicked; but I went into survival mode . I had to give up going to business school even though I passed top of my class, and take care of my sister. I got a part time job at the golf club and did everything . The money my parents left behind I used to get Mary through school. Bryan was my friend from the country club. We met when I was twenty years . Ten years later and we are still friends ... add a couple more years . I started my gym tech company from the bottom up when Mary got a bursary to study down here in Cape Town. "' I looked at Aaron and I couldn't help but cry for him. " I don't know what to say to you." " You are here that's all that matters... When the money started rolling in I invested in stable assets. This beach house was one of them. " " How did you meet Laura." Aaron put his head on my lap and stared at the ceiling " I met her at a party my sister invited me to. At that point it was all about work and no play. She was my sisters friend, and when we clicked one thing led to another .We lost our first child and that's when her parents tried to veto her towards Simon. We tried again and David came. We were happy until she started cheating on me with Simon " " How old was Dave ." " Five. Simon had a pregnant fiancé at home. She knew nothing about what was going on... until I caught him with Laura and tried to contact his girl to let her know what kind of a scum he was. That week was hectic . It was the same week the explosion happened. Laura was six months pregnant with their second child .I had recently found out about David's older sister and I knew it was over .I got injured trying to save Laura and ended up losing Dave to her parents. I started hanging out with the wrong crowd . A different girl every week and Mia was just a toy I took out for fun. We broke it off three months back after my son told me what she did and how mean she was. I also saw it with my own eyes." " wow." "I had my weekly meeting with Bryan . He made sure I never saw his assistant. I think she was going on leave when she skipped lunch and worked right through the day. I locked eyes with her once and I knew she had to be mine . I saw her during the weekend helping out an old lady who couldn't cross alone ." " Mrs Taylor is afraid of cars. I couldn't leave her alone. She rewarded me with a hug and a lemon bar we both shared with a cup of tea, once she made it to her bakery." " You're not selfish with your kindness . " " Maybe that's why it was easy for Simon to take advantage of me. " " He didn't deserve you." " Even if he had a child with Laura on the way; I wasn't going to deny him access to his child." Aaron propped up and gently kissed me I kissed him back and giggled putting my head on his shoulder. " I'm falling for you hard and fast." "Dido babe." " I love it when you call me babe . " I really like Aaron he had a calming effect on me and he was easy to talk to .It goes without saying that he trusts me and I trust him enough to tell him what happened. If I don't it would look like I don't trust him and if I do I'm afraid he'll judge me ... then again he wants me to be his girl and if he is for real then I should tell him and see what happens... " I need to tell you something ." " You haven't answered my question." " I know Brooks ... but you need to know something about the night I lost my baby." " you don't have to ." "I want to ." "Lexi..." " Simonhad gotten into some sort of financial trouble. I knew that because he had lost funding for a business he wanted to start. He told me not to go out without a friend or someone he was going out. I knew he was going to Laura .Mrs Taylor was short staffed and needed my help. She is like my grandmother and she was really supportive when Si was verbally abusive or treated me like crap. There were weeks when I would sleep over at her house .Si made it seem like it was my fault that he was sleeping with Laura .He blamed me for many things until the night Mrs Taylor needed help and I went out when he told me to stay put She was really stranded . Once I walked her home I felt unsafe so I called Nathan." " Oh my word you poor thing ." " When he picked up he said he was busy making love to Laura and I shouldn't disturb him. I told him what was going on and he hung up . I called a couple of times and it went straight to voicemail. Impulsively I decided to go home . " Tears started streaming down my face and they didn't stop . I covered my face because I was ashamed to cry in front Aaron and embarrassed. I stood up from the bed and tried to run to the bathroom, but Aaron sopped me and gave me a hug and a his shoulder to cry on. He cradled my head with his one hand and rubbed gentle circles on my back . " Alexis don't you ever feel like you have to run away from me ; embarrassed or ashamed to cry in front of me . I want you . I want all of you scars and all." I nodded and wiped my tears. I looked at Aaron and took a deep breath. " I got attacked on my way back . I woke up five days later and I wished I had stayed asleep... Simonblamed me for our son's death when it was the people he owed money to who almost killed me. Something in me snapped the day before I was due to get discharged ; I called off our engagement and he retaliated with vengeance. He wanted nothing to do with me or our baby who had died." " What was going on in your head ?" " I thought it was just a bad dream... but reality sunk in when only my immediate family made it to the funeral service . I kept thinking I am too young to be going through such torment. I was going through fire and no one knew how to help me navigate the flames . When I got back home I found all my belongings packed by Nathan. All the baby clothing I had bought , toys and the crib. I donated the clothing to the charity store and I moved back in with my mother . A week later something felt off, I didn't feel okay ... I had lost weight drastically and my mental state was in a mess. I checked myself into an institution and a year later I was better in all areas of my well being. It didn't hurt anymore to see kids with their parents. I later found out that on the same week Simonand I lost our boy , he lost Laura". Aaron and I sat on the edge of the bed and faced each other he still didn't let go of my hand. "Do you want to know what the most coincidental thing was when I woke up after the explosion ?" "We both know that there is no such thing as coincidences. You were either meant to cross paths with someone or were bound to meet them at a later stage." " Do you remember anything from the week at the hospital?" Something about Aaron felt familiar . My heart somehow was drawn to him . It knew him but my brain wasn't piecing everything correctly. " Hmm it's a bit foggy but I remember talking to a guy for three of the five days I was there. His name evades me .All I remember was telling him not to take his own life. We had talked extensively about his son and I had somehow convinced him he had a lot to live for and suicide was a weak choice ." I closed my eyes trying to remember and everything that had happened came back to me. "Even when he overheard what Si was saying?" " After visiting hours and after talking to his sister; he came over and gave me a hug. After my crying session and a soothing session given by a perfect stranger we talked all night. He told me that ;we me that the perfect wrong time. He told me he liked me; he also said Simondidn't deserve me and if ever we meet again under different conditions and not the Hospital he will ask me to be his girlfriend and I said I would say yes." "Did you ever see him again." I opened my eyes and looked at him. " Nope. It turned out Abro was Laura's husband. He knew about Simon and tried call me and tell me what was going on . When I called him after I moved back home with the number he gave me a woman answered and told me never to call him ever again. My natural reaction was that; he wanted to use me to get back at Simonand he wasn't as honest as I thought he was. " " If you ever find Abro or if somehow your paths cross again; would you forgive him ." "I had already forgiven him on the same day, I just needed an explanation ." "You will get one when you finally track him down ." " He is not worth it. He needs to track me down if he really meant what he said. I just hope he is okay wherever he is ... I on the other hand have to focus on what I am thankful for ." Aaron gave me a bear hug and a peck on the cheek. " Thank you for trusting me. I know how hard it can be especially after being through something hectic like what you went through. " " I'm responsible for that wet patch on your golf shirt." "It's tears they will dry up my baby love ." I smiled at Aaron and he kissed my forehead and looked at me seriously. " Why do I feel like you want to tell me something important." " That's because I want to be honest with you from the get go." " Is there something you think I should know?" " Yes and I pray to God it doesn't influence the way you feel about me." "I will try and be understanding hun." "What if I told you we've met before ?" "I'd ask you when and where?" "At the hospital. The same week you lost your son and the explosion happened ." "I'd say fate." " Hmm ... I have met you before . " " ha ha and you answered my questions back to front ." " You saved my life..." " You saved my life more than once so I guess we are even." " No baby love." "Just come out with it ." " I am afraid of you walking out on me." " I won't just tell me ." " Abro didn't loved you with no hesitation and he still does. His sister answered the phone and he didn't know. When he eventually saw his call log he called the number and when you didn't pick up he tried to track you down. He had given up all hope until he saw you working for a friend and... " I hushed Aaron by placing my fingers on his lips " You're Abro?" He nodded and gently removed my hand and kissed my fingers gently. " Yes. I found out what Mary had done . You went missing in action for year and then I found out that Bryan hired you I was happy things were working out for you. It wasn't until Bryan said that you were coming to the conference instead of him that I felt like the gods finally heard my prayers... " Everything started making sense. I took a deep breath and stood up. Aaron followed suit . I went to where my bag was and I took out a pin Aaron gave me when I was in the hospital. I placed the angel his hand and pushed his fingers back. "It might have taken three years but you need it more than I do . Your mommy gave it to you and it wasn't mine to keep Abro . I also have an answer for you ... ©2018 #KCMmuoe All Rights Reserve

Chapter 7 Aaron - Tracking Lexi

Aaron Two weeks later This by far has been the longest two weeks ever . I don't know if it was something I did or I didn't do, or something I said or didn't say. I have tried to call Alexis after the weekend at the beach house but all she's done was ignore my calls and texts . I called her via whatsapp when she was online , but all she did was let it ring . I sent her a friend request on facebook ,and it turned out we had ten mutual friends . Bryan and Tommy were on the list. I stalked her on twitter and it turned out she had three accounts; all of which scream Alexis. The one where she doesn't have her picture is the one she is most active on. She comments on a radio show that always trends from nine in the morning till twelve in the afternoon. I love having a cup of tea while I listen to the show. My ears are picky and the show is versatile I am a guy so I especially love Wednesday 's ... replace the D with the T and you'll understand why if you listen to the show not just only on that day but for the past two weeks I've been learning a lot . I follow Alexis on all three accounts; she still hasn't followed me back and I really want to tweet at her and ask her what's up and if her feelings for me have somehow changed. I followed her on instagram and she followed me back. I needed to see her actually talk to her and ask her what I did wrong ... Flashback I had just had a really deep and hectic conversation with Alexis and Mary had returned earlier than expected. Alexis was about to give me an answer but Mary barged in my room all panicked . " Aaron we decided to come back earlier than expected. Simon had a run in with Dave." I took the angel Lexi gave me and put it in my pocket . I turned around and ran downstairs. Lexi and Mary followed me and immediately I saw Ben's blue eye and David all bloodied and bruised . The first question was what the hell happened and what the hell was going on, because Dave would never get into an altercation with anyone. Let alone Simon. " David what happened?!" " Uncle Simon wouldn't stop talking about how he loved mom. It was his fault mom died and you ended up in hospital. He even said I had a temper like yours no wonder mom didn't tell me about my older sister . " " So was beating him acceptable ?" " Yes . I don't want to stay with Grandma and Grandpa anymore. " My mind was running wild and as angry as I was feeling and murderous towards Simon ;who wasn't around. I needed to lead by example for my son . As fired up as I was feeling . Alexis being around was helping ; she had a calm energy about her, she didn't try and intervene or control the situation which was what my previous girlfriends tried to do. I walked over and started cleaning David's lip and Mary had taken two ice packs out of the freezer and gave one to Bryan and one to my son. "Bryan what happened ?" " Simon provoked him and he also mentioned that they were shipping him off to boarding school and that you didn't care about him. He went rogue." Mary was busy shooting flames at Alexis and I knew he must have said something about her . " He also said he is going to take Ali away from you. I like Alexis a lot. For some sort of reason aunty Mary doesn't. She thinks she is trouble and she isn't ." Alexis looked at Mary incredulously . " David she's the main reason you got involved in a fight with someone as old as your father ." Bryan quickly came to Ali's defense. "Mary it isn't her fault . Don't you dare blame Ali for something she had no control over. You are behaving strangely. You've done nothing but call Alexis things she isn't. Stop ." Mary gave Alexis a look I knew all too well .A look of pure dislike . " No .Ron what possessed you to date outside your race . I wouldn't mind Mia coming back as your girlfriend. Bryan you have feelings for her. " " Mary. That's why you're still single . Do you hate yourself so much that you would attack someone who has no fault." I tried to also come to Alexis's aid and Bryan cut in again; I was also almost done patching my boy up when I heard a siren blare outside my drive way . Mary opened the gate to let them in. Dave went to the kitchen Island and Mary walked to the door . I looked away for a second and Bryan was comforting Lexi . Mary came back into the kitchen with two police officers and that spawn of the devil I hate with all my being. "Officers ... How may we help you ?" The female officer answered with a serious tone . " Afternoon . I'm officer Lindsey and this is officer Smith. We are looking for David Brooks ." I took a deep breath trying to fight for calm... " In connection with what?" "Assault and harassment..." " He has a medical condition , I am his father why are you doing this ?" Simon replied with a condescending tone. " He attacked me and he injured his sister just a few days ago." " Simon you know why ... It wasn't intentional. " " Explain my blue eye and bruises ." Simon lifted his shirt and I sat down and looked at Dave . " Dave did you take your pills all this week ?" David looked at me with fear in his eyes the same fear I saw when I saved him from the accident when he was five years old. " No sir . If you're going to arrest me do it now. I deserve it ... as for my sister it was an accident. " Dave started crying ; and all I could do was comfort him . The room went quiet until officer Lindsey spoke. " Ali is that you ? " Alexis slid her hands out of her pockets and her face turned from impassive to kind spoke; " Hey Sarah. It's been three years." Sarah gave her gun to her partner and ran to give Alexis a hug. " Simon said he saw you and I told him he was fibbing. I thought I was going to get a chance to bump into you before the wedding , which is in two weeks ... wait what's wrong ?" Alexis broke the embrace and shook her head . " Nothing. I am flying home today. When you fly up to Joburg you can come stay with me ." " Si wanted to lay charges on David . He was losing it until he saw you. You still have a calming effect on him . He was torn a couple of days ago. He said you have a new man." " It's a long story. " " Okay." Wait how in the hell did she manage to book a flight back home so quickly. She turned to look at Simon and spoke calmly; " Simon just drop the charges against Dave. If Ben was alive he'd also think you are crazy for laying charges against his half brother." Simon calmed down and looked at Lexi with affection. He has no right to she is mine not his. " He would have been three in a couple of days . I am sorry for what I did ." " All was forgiven a long time ago. " David ran to hug Lexi crying... " Thank you Lexi . Dad loves you and aunty Mary is just scared of losing dad. I'm sorry for her being antagonistic towards you." Alexis pulled back and smiled at Dave making my heart do triple somersaults. I smiled and Mary remarked . "Wipe that stupid grin off your face Ron. " " Mary I have had it . You either stop being mean to my girlfriend or..." " Or what ?" " Just please leave the room . You've upset her called her names and now you are being mean." " Fine ." Mary turnead and ran upstairs in the wrong direction. I turned to Simon and he looked at me all calm which was a first, Lexi must still have a strong effect on him . Benjamin must have been the name they both picked out for their son. Sarah walked to where his brother was and said something to her partner . Bryan walked upstairs with Dave and I stood next to Lexi " Simon ; thank you for dropping the charges." " I did it for Ali not you ." I slid my hand around my girlfriend's waist and held her close . Lexi leaned into me and Sarah smiled. " Thank you . Please see yourselves out ." "Okay." Out of nowhere we heard a loud thud ; when we all ran to the source of the noise and behold my sister throwing out Lexi's Luggage. Luckily everything was intact . " Mary what the hell are you doing!." " I want Alexis out of the house . You always do this I'm not taking it anymore." " I told you to back off . " " I will when you leave that bitch." " Mary Hannah Brooks you watch your mouth .She isn't . I've known Alexis before this week . We were in the hospital together the week of the explosion. " Lexi kept quiet and picked her Bags up. Sarah helped her I was about to run upstairs but ; she slid her hand on my arm prompting me to look at her. She shook her head and looked at me with sad eyes . " I don't care ." " You should because she talked me out of taking my own life. " What surprised me was that Lexi didn't even respond to her name calling .She was being courteous .She could have lost it but she just kept quiet . I turned around to kiss her and give her a hug . " Thanks for everything Aaron ." " I will call you later on tonight I promise. I apologize on behalf of Mary. " " My plane leaves at four . I have to go .Bye Abro." End of flashback Lexi gave me a peck on the cheek and walked out with Simon, Sarah and officer Smitt .I called her later that evening but she never picked up. Even after I flew up with Dave; got him settled in and into a new school , she still ignored my calls . Bryan even opted to have our monthly lunch at my office instead of his . when I asked him ; How Lexi was , he said she was fine . He mentioned he gave her the rest of the week off for Tina's wedding . It was Wednesday and I knew the wedding was on Saturday, which meant that I could track Lexi down properly. I was also invited to the festivities and the couple was smart enough to have their bachelor and bachelorette in the same wedding venue . So everyone was leaving for the country estate on Thursday morning .., which meant that she was still in the city. David and I had to go tuxedo shopping and he claimed he already had enough suits . In my opinion I want to make up for lost time and besides he wouldn't be the only kid at the wedding . After lunch I went back to the office to tie up some loose ends and I went to go fetch Dave from school. I had received a call from the school earlier today that he wasn't being social and he had no friends which worried me. The anniversary of his mother's death was on the day of the wedding and I wanted to take the trip out of the city to spend some time with him and talk. He's been way too quiet and I needed to know what was wrong. ©2018 #KCMmuoe All Rights Reserved

Chapter 8 -Alexis Unexpected Friendship

Chapter 8 Alexis Ignoring Aaron; has been the best decision I have taken in a while. I have no drama on my love life , no Mary Hannah Brooks talking down on me , no name calling , or waking up in rooms that I don't know. I've been home for the past couple of days and the Complex I stay in has an indoor swimming pool which I haven't gone to since the fall . I was invited to a pool party but I declined because I was having nightmares about the day I fell into the ocean. Tina was getting married and Gavin her husband had planned everything except for what she was wearing on the day. Gavin was Aarons business partner and they both ran the Sports tech company .In fact he fell in love with Tina when Aaron was travelling . Tina and I were friends and she had mentioned in passing that Aaron couldn't stop talking about me. I didn't take her seriously at first but after Cape town happened I did. Tina had asked me to be her maid of honor, and I happily agreed. I knew Bryan was Gavin's best man because they have been best friend's since they were in their dippers .I had arrived at the estate late Thursday evening and after triple checking that everything was in order I hit lights out hard .Gavin gave me a check list and by the time I woke t up Friday morning , everything for the wedding ceremony and reception was set including the contingency plan because rain was predicted for later on that afternoon ... however the reception was in the glass room overlooking the mountains so we were covered. Both Gavin and Tina decided to have their bachelors and bachelorette party together. They both decided that they would rather celebrate their time together before they were together for life. So instead of parties they would just break bread with their close family and friends. Sarah was my next door roommate and she was Bryan's plus one . We talked about what had happened with Simon and I. She told me she suspected something was wrong when I went missing in action for a year . Simon was also around and we barely talked to each other which was okay with me because the last time we talked I ended up in hospital. I had time to kill before the party so I decided to take a walk in the forest before I come back to my room and get ready . I had picked out a red and black maxi dress since the theme for the night was red and black and tomorrow's scheme was silver and white . My dress was an A line backless silver dress with straps for proper support .The dress was sewn in beautifully . When we did our fittings the seamstress told me she didn't have any trouble cutting it to my body shape and type .Which was my main worry because I had broad shoulders and hips , she had picked up that I was a bit insecure but what she made blew me away .. and don't get me started on the wedding dress . Tina will is going to look like a goddess There was a lake by the far end of the forest and I wanted to sit on the edge of the dock and dip my toes in the water; for fun and also to get over my fear of any body of water . I didn't feel like climbing the tree but it was quiet enough when I slipped off hiking boots and dipped my feet in the water . I had my phone with me in case of any emergency . The moment I took a deep breath and took in the mountain view I heard sniffles . I looked around only to realize that they were coming from the tree. I spotted a pair of black superger's that had a white D on the left and a B on the right foot . I knew who it was question was why was he crying and what was wrong? I looked at him and saw his blood shot red eyes , he looked away and started sobbing again. " Hey buddy ." He looked at me and a ghost smile spread across his face. " Hey Ali ." " What's wrong sweet pea?" " I am too embarrassed to tell you." He sniffed and wiped his face with his palm. " I know we haven't spoken in two weeks but I consider you as my friend." " I consider you as a friend too." " when you hurt I hurt too and when you're happy I'm happy too ." " Did dad send you?" " No I don't even think he knows I am here . " DB jumped from the tree and as soon as he was stable he gave me a hug and I hugged him back I was still barefoot so I went back to where I was sitting and he sat next to me also dipping his feet in the lake . "Ali ; I am going through something that I can't even tell dad I'm going through." " I'm here and I pinkie swear it will stay between us ." I lifted my hand with my pinky out and he linked his pinky with mine and let go. " I don't feel like I belong anywhere. I am constantly teased at school because of my condition." " You haven't told me what it is bud.." " I'm scared you will run away like the others . " " I promise I won't." " So the other day at school I ran out class screaming." " why what happened ." " The bang sound scared me and I ran to the boys toilet. When I returned to class everyone laughed at me. I've been called names and taunted . " "why do I get the feeling that ; that's not all?" He started crying again and looked at me. " Someone found the video of the night my mother died . It was passed around school and the part where I am crying and screaming for my dad is been played on repeat. I don't want to go back . I want a new school . Aunty Mary has been unavailable and dad is hung up on you. " I leaned over to give Dave a shoulder to cry on and a hug I was soothing him when I felt and energy I knew . " I am so sorry angel. Is there anything I can do to help?" David pulled back and nodded; he pulled his sleeve up showing me bruises and my heart was breaking for him. "Please tell my dad I don't want to go back to school. I can't go back there. He listens to you ." " Dave how did you get those ?" "I was protecting myself when I was getting kicked around. The teacher came to my rescue. Dad has been busy with work and I didn't want to tell him. I am scared of him." " Why angel; what did he do?" " He has a scary temper when provoked . I was shocked he didn't beat Simon up two weeks ago. He is changing and it has to do with you." " I've been avoiding him." " He's trying to be the dad I knew. He was concerned about me on the way here, but I kept quiet when he asked me what was wrong. You are easy to talk to. I feel like I can talk to someone who gets me. Dad has feelings for you and I can see why..." " Where is your dad?" David looked up and froze . Fear set in his eyes and he gave off panicky vibes. ©2018 #KCMmuoe All Rights Reserved

Chapter 9 Alexis -Interrupted Play time

🚨smut content warning. Moderate 🚨 "Dad... please don't be mad." I looked up and I saw Aaron. He had grown a beard and his eyes reflected pain and hurt. An indication something was wrong. Dave stood up and looked at him pleadingly and he nodded "I'm not mad my boy. I need to talk to Lexi alone; Uncle Gavin and Aunty Tina are waiting for you at the restaurant ." David gave Aaron a hug and he hugged him back kissing the top of his head. "I love you dad." " I love you too Dave. We will talk later okay?" "Yes sir." When they broke their embrace; David smiled, waved goodbye to me and I waved back . My feet were still in the water reason being it was quiet hot and the cold water was helping. As soon as we were left alone I felt a tad bit scared with good reason, because Aaron sat next to me and said nothing for the first couple of minutes. He was uncomfortably silent and I knew I was going to get an ear full for not returning any of his calls and texts. I about to reach for my boots but Aaron reached for my hand and held it gently and kissed it. His beard was soft and ticklish ; I couldn't help but react to the sensation . My heart rate had already spiked up and I was feeling hot and bothered in a good way. " Lexi ." "Abro." Aaron moved closer and slid his hands around my waist pulling me closer to him. I was ankle deep inside the water and something felt strange but I brushed it off . Aaron still had his shoes on and he was wearing black shorts and a sky blue golf shirt. He still looked hot and his hair had grown a bit longer making him look even hotter . " please tell me what I did wrong so I can fix my mistake." I locked eyes with him he took a deep breath before I could speak; " Nothing ... you did nothing wrong my babe. I am just scared of jumping ... I also needed to sort out my feelings." " Have they changed ?" " No Abro they haven't . " " I am in love with you." "I am in love with you too Aaron and I am so scared..." Before I could complete my sentence he kissed me gently ; slow and sweet taking his time and not acting on impulse like the first time he kissed me . when he pulled back he left my lips tingling and wanting more. He kissed me like he meant it; and his brown eyes had gone a shade darker. I was on fire and speechless. I looked at him and he kissed my forehead and looked at me. " I love you . Will you be mine Lexi?" I pulled my feet out of the lake and Aaron looked at me calmly. I knew he wouldn't flip if I said no because he will not stop. He is not the type of guy you give a challenge to and expect him not to try and do whatever it takes to win. I picked up my boots and stood up Aaron followed suit I closed my eyes and looked at him again. "Yes." " You said yes..." "Hmm ." " Promise me not to do what you've been doing the past two weeks? " I dropped my boots and gave Aaron a hug he responded by hugging me back and holding me close. "I promise Abro." " I missed you so much." "I missed you too. I am sorry." I buried my head into his chest and he smelt of Aaron... only different this time. " No need to apologize my baby love. Please just talk to me next time .I don't bite ." I chuckled and leaned back to look at him; he slid his hands from my back to my waist to hold me steady; my body was already betraying me because from feeling all hot and bothered not to mention giddy I wanted Aaron so badly and it wasn't helping that I was wearing a knee high black linen t-shirt dress . "No you nibble and suck and I don't know what else you can do..." I looked down and saw Aarons shorts tenting up. Luckily there was no one around . I locked eyes with him and he pulled back rubbed the back of his head and took a deep breath. He looked a tad bit embarrassed. " I am so sorry . It has a habit of doing that when you're around. My body tends to go crazy at the thought of you imagine what's going on right now ." " I get kind of drenched too so you're not alone ." " I can clean you up." My feet were dry and I bent down right in front of Abro to slide both boots on and lace them up. He gave me his hand and I hoisted myself up and started walking back to where I was staying . " Well I need to get cleaned up and changed before dinner." " Alexis ..." "Aaron." " Dinner is in two hours ." "hmm and most of the guests are out sightseeing ." "Dave is with Tina and Gavin for a fitting. I used the golf cart to get here ." We walked to where he had parked and we both hopped in . I was quiet for most of the ride and as soon as Aaron parked the cart and we got out by the hotel in the estate . when we entered the lobby I was feeling a bit dizzy and thirsty I went to the table to go get water . Aaron couldn't keep his hands of me. "Aaron ?" "Sexy Lexi ." " I am not a fan of PDA.". "I know ; that's why I don't have my hand on your cute behind." " You mean my big behind." 'Beautiful behind ... besides you are much more thinner than the last time I saw you." We walked into the elevator and we made it to the floor we were staying in. I gave Aaron a kiss and he kissed me back, before we knew it we were on a kissing frenzy. I tried to control myself but I couldn't. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he held me steady with one hand and opened the door with the other one as soon as he closed my hotel room door he pinned me against the door and broke our kiss . Something felt off about my room it felt like we weren't alone . "Abro ." "Lexi ." " Wait." Aaron reluctantly pulled back and looked at me with concern etched on his face . He kissed me gently and I kissed him back still attached to him. I placed my hands on his broad shoulders and looked at him. . "Two weeks was long enough . What's wrong ?" " I don't think we are alone." "We I'll prove it." " Aaron ..." I was in between catching my breath and trying to make sense of what was going on when he started kissing my collar bone, my weak spot . I don't know why but it felt like he knew my blue bodies'q blue print. " Hush Lexi." "Hmm." I pulled back and kissed his neck moving lower towards the base I started biting him gently. " Lexi don't do that please don't ..." " why ?" " Just don't . I will tell you why later" I pulled back and did the same to the other side, biting him a bit harder. Aaron took in a sharp breath. "Hmm I want more ." " Take as much as you want I'm all yours Abro." " I'm going to take you ;on the couch, on the table, on the wall , on the bed and every inch of this hotel room." Aaron wanted me as much as I wanted him. He laid me on the couch and hovered over e me . I giggled when he kissed me again. He had both his hands underneath my dress playing with the hem of my black lace boy leg undies and tickling my thigh. "Stop teasing me . " "Only if you promise not to do what you did to me for the past two weeks ... I am serious." I held his head gently and locked eyes with him . " I won't ." He nodded his head and moved lower keeping eye contact with me ." "Okay I need an appetizer first before I feast." "Shirt off first." Aaron pulled his shirt over his head and smiled at me salaciously. "I see you haven't changed your bossy ways... I like that . I love you." " Love you too Abro." " Dress off ." I stretched my hands up and just before he could unzip my dress someone spoke. " What the hell !?" "Who the hell are you!?" I recognized the voice and my heart sank . what was he doing back home . He shouldn't be here he should be far away. Why now ? " You get off her ." The guy yanked Aaron away from me and all hell broke loose. He threw the first punch and Aaron retaliated by punching him back . A dist fight broke out and I went into total shock. " She is my girlfriend." " You landed her in hospital and left her when she needed you the most." " I am not Simon!" The guy started going in full force at Aaron pinning him down on the floor and man handling him. I couldn't let him hurt Aaron. I started crying and I couldn't stop. "Caleb stop , please stop!" I started feeling dizzy and getting sweaty palms . I couldn't control my breathing ; I couldn't catch my breath and I started reliving the night I got attacked . I t was like a trigger that just went off everything I went through the night I lost my baby,came back to me. I located my boots quickly slipped them on, grabbed my car keys left my phone, and ran out my hotel room . I didn't wait for the elevator ; I took the stairs straight down to the parking bay and on my way to the car I ran into someone by mistake . I should've watched where I was going but he caught me, before I could trip and fall flat on my bottom he gave me a hug. All I could do was cry. ©2018 #KCMmuoe All Rights Reserved

Chapter 10 Aaron-

Aaron I cannot believe what just happened . I seriously can't ... When I drove up with Dave this afternoon ; I tried to ask him what was wrong and if there was anything I could do ?. He shook his head and kept quiet. When we pulled up at the estate at three in the afternoon, he dropped his bags in the hotel room we were booked in and ran out . I knew he wouldn't be far but I had installed a tracker in his phone without his knowledge so when I located him I followed the trail to the lake on the other side of the estate . I thought he would be alone but he wasn't . He was talking with Lexi and she was listening . I wanted to ask him about his bruises but he shut me out . He showed his scars to Lexi because he trusts her . He didn't open up to anyone and he hasn't until I saw him crying and I made a few calls to the school... it turns out he was being bullied and taunted. A video of him when the explosion happened had gone viral at the school . Alexis was able to get him to speak . She did what I couldn't and everything aside ;I am still falling for her something just feels right when I am with her .I want to be a better man... she makes me want to be a better man. I was about to go down on Alexis and when I was about to unzip her dress ; some guy yanked me off her and started man handling me. We ended up in a fist fight resulting in Alexis screaming and telling the guy to stop . When I heard the hotel room door shut, I pushed the guy off me and when I got out Alexis was nowhere to be seen . I cannot lose Lexi I just found her . Who the hell was this guy who disturbed my sexy time and what's his problem . I walked back and the guy was cleaning up his mess. "who the hell are you and how do you know my girlfriend." The guy stopped what he was doing and sat down and looked at me apologetically. " I am Caleb and I reacted on impulse. I am sorry. Who are you and what are you doing with my sister ." Oh hell this guy looks like someone I knew from one the evening business classes. " Thato ?" "How do you know my middle name?" " I am Ron Brooks from business class. Remember you introduced me to Gavin before you left the country?" Caleb looked at me carefully and he looked at me again and face palmed himself. " You have a beard ... oh my word and you grew your hair .... Ron I am so sorry . I just went crazy." " Clearly and your sister ran out . " " I will call her .Dinner is in an hour and I came in to surprise her and I found you about to ... eew . I am sorry." Caleb dialed the number . Thank goodness my memory kicked in . One republic's I lived filled the hotel room and my heart sank. " It's okay. We just need to find her." Alexis phone rang and I saw it on the counter and I held it. "Oh my word I shouldn't have fought with you. She must have had a bad response to our fighting. I don't know the full story but Simon better stay away from her ." " We will find her CT. How?" " Gavin invited me and how did you end up with my sister." " It's a long story ." " Break her heart and I will do more than give you a jaw punch." My phone rang and it was Bryan calling . " Excuse me .Bryan what's going on?" " Are you fine ." " I am okay . I just need to find my girlfriend ." "She will be at the dinner just get ready. I will see you there." "Yes .Do you know where she is?" " I don't . All I know is that she will be at dinner . "okay. I will tell Caleb. " I hung up and looked at a calm Caleb. " Ron what's up?" " she'll be at dinner . Do you have tux for tonight? "No ." " I will give you mine . We are sitting at the same table . " Once we cleaned up ;I shared my room with Caleb because I had a spare room besides where my boy was. We were done in thirty minuets and I had decided to shave my beard off . We both headed downstairs and took our seats . I have been anxious and from the time both Caleb and I calmed down and I helped him out. Lexi must have went into shell shock . My heart knew she was here question was where because the starter was served and she wasn't around . I couldn't touch my food . I was too worried about her . I stepped out and went upstairs to her hotel room and there was light beaming from the room. I opened the door and closed it . Her phone wasn't where I left it. "Lexi ?" "Abro is that you?" "Yes my angel are you okay ?" Lexi came running from the bedroom straight into my arms. I held her gently and kissed her bare shoulder. "I am now that you're here . I'm so sorry about Caleb." "It's okay Thato reacted out of impulse ." She leaned back and shot me a confused look . "How do you know his middle name ?" "Where did you run off to honey?" "Nowhere. " "Who were you with?" "Someone." "Don't ..." I locked eyes with her and she was looking guilty . "Bryan..." I took a deep breath and hugged her ... "I'm sorry..." "It's okay . Im okay. " "Tell me; what goes through your head ?" Lexi's phone rang before she could answer me. ©2018 #KCMmuoe All Rights Reserved

Chapter 11- Alexis - Scars

Alexis Trauma has a way of coming back to haunt you when you're unaware. Post traumatic stress may be the cause; but getting over something that altered how you live,doesn't happen overnight. No amount amount of pills, alcohol, distractions or episodes of anger outbursts can be enough. The fruit of my trauma is; my inability to stay stable, trust anyone, go into shell shock, and above all the most viable evidence of my audeal is the post traumatic stress and scars . Any almighty  sound , scenes of violence, unexpected surprise greetings , sudden shocks, knocks you off kilter. For someone who doesn't understand ; they may think you are troubled , have issues , or my favorite term she's weird. Fact is that I am not weird. I have visible and invisible scars that are trying to heal. The most noticeable ones are the laceration stitches that are on my tummy . The scars serve as a reminder of what I've lost. I am still reeling even though I look like I have it together . Parts of my shell are regenerating ... in order for regeneration to happen something has to be broken. What's new makes way for relevant changes to take place. There is something that just feels right about being with Aaron. I wish we had time alone together, that can't be ; because Tina will wring my neck if I skip her last dinner as a bachelorette and I still need to give my brother an earful about not giving me fair warning . He disturbed my sexy time with Abro... Aaron and I walked in the dinning hall . He went to the far end of the room and I was seated far from him next to Bryan . As soon as Bryan saw me he stood up and pulled the chair out for me to sit . The main course was dudue to be served and I was not as off balance as before . While the meal was on its way my phone vibrated and it was a message from Abro it read; "You look really beautiful in blue." I texted back " You look like Orion with your hair like that " "You like my new look? 😊" "Sexy 💗 " "Skip desert?" "I can't ." "Dance with me then?" " Yes💋💋💋 its rude to talk so I will see you on the dance floor. " I switched the phone off and looked at everyone at the table. Bryan was looking at me. "Bryan are we okay?" "Ali we are. I just don't want you to get your heart broken by Ron. I've seen him pull women in and discard them once he is done... he's changed though..." "You're not a saint either. " "I know but you are my assistant and friend ;since Gavin will be going on honeymoon , Aaron will be working at the office with me. You do know we do their marketing and communications." Bryan placed his hand on my bare shoulder and we both locked eyes with each other. "Yes . I will keep things professional." Bryan bent down to give me a kiss on the forehead and smiled at me . "Okay. I care about you." "I care about you too." I smiled back and Tina cleared her throat. " Guys your food is getting cold. Bryan control yourself. " Gavin a chuckled and cut in. "Tina they are not a thing. " We started eating. "I know and I don't want a scene. Brooks is shooting daggers towards my direction. Ali since when did brooks and you become serious?" I giggled and looked at both Gav and Tina . " After the conference. He saved my life twice." I took a sip of my red wine . Tina spoke again " David respects you. He speaks about you like you're his friend. " "We are friends . He is easy to talk to." "He is smiling again. " I looked across the room and Caleb was have a conversation with Abro. I could sense the tension from where I was sitting and just when I was about to look away and finish what was on my plate he looked at me and his face registered sadness. My blood wasn't drowning in alcohol but I was pretty sure he was tipsy ... he was emotional and the empty bottle of red wine was a clear indication. Aaron isn't the type to show emotion he shows calmness ans surity. After desert David called it a night he hugged his father and walked to our table. I could see everything from where we were seated. Dave was the ring bearer. He gave me a hug goodnight; handed me a note and went upstairs. I opened it. It simply read ; "Please switch your phone on." When I switched it on it started to ring. Just when I answered it the lights went off and music started blaring from the speakers. Everyone made their way to the dance floor and started dancing. I gave everyone at the table a thumbs up and walked outside to the patio where it was quiet . I answered my phone and he spoke. " Hey Lexi where did you run off to?" "I'm outside I was in the patio but I decided to take a walk in the garden. Where are you Abro?" "I'm on my way stay put." I took a seat by the bench near the water fountain. I took a deep breath and just relaxed . My dress was the ready for tomorrow's wedding and all I had to do was get some rest. The bride and groom were in good hands. The wedding was at noon tomorrow . My eyes wer still closed when I felt someone hugging me from behind and kiss my neck. He smelt of rum and chocolate... mixed with his citrus cologne and musky scent . "Hmm you smell yummy ." "You smell incredible." He took off his jacket and draped it around my shoulders and pulled me towards him. "Sorry about Caleb." "No sweat. He likes me ." "He does?" " Yes . Why didn't you tell me about your dad? " "It's too traumatic . I can't go back without crying like a whale." "How do you keep it together?" " I do other things to cope. " "Like?" I stood up and took his hand. "Follow me ..." "Okay where are we going?" " you'll see ©2018 #KCMmuoe All Rights Reserved

Chapter 12 - Aaron - Short play time and serious issues

Aaron We all have walls that we put up. Some are so high that it takes forever to break down. Some walls are made of ; glass , metal bricks , or the hardest one of them all titanium. I fell for an amazing woman in a short space of time... over a period of time to come think of it, and I love her unconditionally. David also clicked with her which is a surprise because he never liked any woman I introduced to him; he was just always angry too when I was with Mia , and whe I caught her physically and verbally abusing him I called it a day on a year long relationship. My boy has been through a lot and I know he's keeping something from me. He opened up to Lexi and Caleb...I wonder what I'm doing wrong that they are both doing right. Caleb has told me about Lexi's dad and how he almost killed her unintentionally. I asked her yesterday what really happened and she told me that her dad came back home one day after a night out with his friends . He was too drunk to do anything and she answered the door. Out of the blue her dad started beating her up and blaming her for being born ... he said he wished she was never born because she always talked back and why wasn't she like her brother and sister . She had told her mother that she came home from school and found her dad with another woman and she paid dearly. She ended up in hospital with a head concussion a bruised and bloodied body. Her mother was working night shift and when she found put what had happened she took the necessary steps to ensure she was safe . It later emerged that her father threw her into a glass door and he was in an altered state of mind. Their mother moved them away to another neighborhood. Last night I ended up in bed with Lexi. We were watching a romance movie and she ended up sleeping on my shoulder unexpectedly. I slept with her on my chest. Seeing her in a fragile state and all guards down just made me appreciate what I found and I know I found something worth more than gold. I was slowly coming around from the most peaceful and restful sleep I've had ,the shutters were still down but the one we left open was letting the sun shine through. I stretch my hand out to feel around the bed, and something felt different. My arm was placed around a warm body . I took s deep breath and opened my eyes and started kissing her shoulder making my way up to her neck sucking and planting kissed until she turned around to look at me . "Morning ." I kissed her forehead and she kissed my neck and pulled back to get something out of her bag. "Morning babe . Did you sleep well?" "Hmm." She straddled me and started kissing me moving lower I could get used to waking up like this. She had her hair pinned up in a bun ... when did she do it. "Lexi what are you doing my angel ?" "Thanking you. " I held her face gently and she looked up at me all bright eyed. "Who are you and what did you do to Alexis?" She went all pouty and stopped. It wasn't helping that I was already getting turned on and my boxers weren't feeling comfortable anymore. I'm in trouble. How am I going to be in the same room with her without digging into my self-control reserves. "Well I'm your girlfriend and I am marking whats mine... unless you want hickeys all over your neck ... you have two that I'm proud of ." "Ha ha okay don't stop continue doing what you were about to do, and then I will return the favour. I really want to feel what its like to feel myself inside you." Lexi slid back up , got off me and snuggled beside me. I leaned over to give her a kiss and she kissed me back. She looked at me and smiled... " dido." " dido?" " Yes only from my point of view I can't wait to feel you inside me." "So we are in agreement?" "Yes silly it goes without saying that we both want the same thing. " "Ha ha yes we do . I really want to make us work." "It took you two years to finally make your move. I was well aware about your feelings for me. I just found it kinda freaky you stalked me for that long." I pulled Lexi closer to me and she giggled . I knew what she was laughing at. " I'm sorry for stopping you. Its also sorry and needs you." Lexi's phone rang ; I shook my head , looked at her and before I could reach for it she grabbed it and walked to the other side of the room and stuck her tounge out at me . She eas wearing a white tank top with matching lace undies. She looked at me and beckoned me with her index finger smiling . I crawled out of bed and followed her . She knew what I was thinking and she also had to go get ready with the bride... I followed her because I knew we were both pressed fot time. By the time we were finished I went to my hotel room to go check on Dave and Caleb. Both were not up. When I walked in Caleb sent me a text last night telling me to talk to Dave when I arrive back. I poured myself a cup of coffee and took a moment to digest last night and this morning. I am happy... and it doesn't feel wrong. I was mid day dreaming when I heard David screaming his lungs out . I ran down to his room and he was having a nightmare. Kicking and screaming. He was saying ; no , stop it grandpa , don't do it I will be good please dont ... I ran to him and woke him up. He started punching me but I was able to stop him. I saw a scar that I hadn't noticed on his arm. I started talking to him calmly and he started going lax in my arms. When he wok up he started crying. "Daddy. I'm sorry. " "Its okay my angel. Whats wrong?" David hugged me tighter and his clothes were drenched in his own sweat. My heart aches at the fact that I've missed lot and its breaking because he's been through something serious. He looked at me shook his head and started crying. All I could do was comfort him. ©2018 #KCMmuoe All Rights Reserved

Chapter 13 - Alexis- Weddings and Drama

Alexis Weddings are a blessing and a gift that keeps on giving when you plan your marriage. It is a union of two souls that are meant to be together. As a body you are one and when two become one; you not only bare witness to someone's life but you become a team. I had woken up early on Saturday morning but Abro was fast asleep. I had fallen asleep next to Aaron and it felt right . When he woke up he; kissed me good morning and I wanted to wake him up properly but he stopped me . Disappointed as I was he more than made up for stopping me in the shower this morning . He feels really good although we are due for a proper session he had to double up . Don't get me wrong the quality was good but we could never be too careful and protection is the rule of thumb when we have sex... We both agreed. I had to leave first with Sarah and then go downstairs to meet Tina . We helped her get ready and the glam squad Gavin organised helped us. My hair was tied back into a sleek ponytail with my hair coiled around the hair band holding it together. Sarah has her hair trimmed into a sleek bob and Tina looked regal with a classic braided up do. My phone was off all morning and kept I kept it off throughout the day. David had the rings with him and brought them out at the right time . His eyes looked puffy and I had caught a glimpse of Abro and he had a bruised jaw. It looked fresh... something must have happened . The weather had gone from clear to cloudy and it was pretty dark outside the chapel we were in for the mother of all storms thank goodness everything was in doors . There were cars outside to help transport everyone to the wedding reception area . Just as David was done giving both couples the rings lightning struck and the lights went off leaving only the candles on . Dave had froze and didn't know what to do. I stretched out my hand and he took it and came to sit next to me . He was shaking . I luckily had a bottle of sparkling water so I gave it to him and told him it was okay I wasnt going any where . He nodded and smiled . The generator kicked in and by the time the lights went on again the bride and groom were liplocking... I didnt have a plus one so Dave became my plus one . On our way to the reception his phone rang and he answered it . "Daddy I'm fine . I'm with Alexis . She's fine too ; you worry too much . I will . I will be sitting next to her and Sarah. Uncle Bryan too." I was sitting next to Bryan in the car he had his hands around my waist because the road was bumpy and I didnt put on my seat belt . I almost fell and he caught me and I got flung to the other side of the car when we started moving . Within five minutes we made it to the other side of the estate. The room was beautiful. The theme was Fairytale wedding. The color scheme was silver and blue . The organisers followed thr brief because everything screamed Gav and Tina . I gave my speech and decided to leave David with my brother . He was more than happy to be left with him. Caleb asked me if I was fine and I said; I was okay I was just feeling a bit under the weather. I hadn't seen Aaron throughout the festivities. It was packed with people and family members from both Tina and Gav's side's. I hugged Tina and Gavin congratulations and Said goodnight to everyone. I was on my way out when someone called me . "Alexis !?" I turned around and looked at a woman who looked like a model . She was skinny and she was wearing an olive green dress. She came a bit closer and I could see her face properly. Her hair was tied into s bun and she looked more beautiful than the other day. She really cleans up well. She had make up on and her hazel eyes complimented her red hair . She gave me a hug and I hugged her back. " Blake ... hi it's so good to see you. Are you good ?" "Yes I am. I couldn't tell you what happened when I left. I needed to get over the guy who broke my heart. " I really wasn't in the mood for anyone but I pushed my feeling of feeling queasy aside. " Did you make peace with him?" "Yes he has changed. He is here with his son. I kissed him and he pushed me back. " "Isn't he dating anyone?" "He used the word relationship. Which was rare . Who ever he is dating is a lucky woman. He is in love. From what I heard she's not his type . Mimi says; she doesn't like her ... " "...and what about you?" "I'm in love and pregs with Nathan's baby. " I smiled at her and gave her a hug. I had a gut feeling to ask her who Mimi's brother was? "Congrats. By the way who's Mimi's brother . " "Oh he is within eye shot . " She pointed at Aaron and a woman I just don't get along with. Mia. I then saw Mia kissing Aaron . "Gav's partner..." "Yup." Blake took out her phone and snapped a picture of Mia kissing Aaron. "Seems like Mary sending Mia in her place worked because he just kissed her back and shes headed to the other exit. " Blake was right and it looked like Bryan saw what I saw and he made his way outside. "Blake I really don't feel well so we'll keep in touch?" "Cool oh your boss is headed this way. Chat later?" "Okay." Blake went back inside and I started walking towards the car when Bryan caught up with me "Ali!" " I don't feel too good Ryan see you Monday morning. " "Take the day off okay and I'll check up on you." He opened the door and I slid inside with ease. I couldn't cry. I rummaged in my bag to take out my car keys and loft key. "Please do me a favour." "Anything friend." " Caleb came with a taxi . He can take my car ;give him my keys and tell him I will see him tomorrow. " "Ali..." " see you Monday . " I closed the door and told the driver to wait . I went to my hotel room and packed everything up. I walked out and the driver helped me with my bags . He asked where I was headed I told him and he drove out the estate. I switched my phone on and thirty minutes into the trip back home my phone indicated a whatsapp message. I opened it was a 15 minute video file from Mary? I pressed play because I was listening to music via my wireless earphones and what I saw broke my aching heart. ©2018 #KCMmuoe All Rights Reserved

Chapter 14 -Aaron - Gone

Aaron As a person you know when you have found something that is absolute. I thought Alexis was going to call me a freak for stalking her ; but she didn't, I thought she wasn't going to give me a shot but she did and I don't want to mess things up. For the first time in a long time Dave and I are on the same page. Before the main event he came clean about his abuse, both at school and when he was staying in CapeTown. He also asked me if he could change schools and I said yes. The wedding was amazing. I kind of went back to the day I said ; I do to Laura and the pain that came with saying; I will give you a divorce. I thought that was it for me that I was doomed to have failed relationships... until Lexi happened on a day I had given up all hope. The emergency landing was a blessing in disguise. I saw what she did for Dave and I will say it again I don't want to mess things up. I knew she had switched her phone off but I knew she was fine because I talked to her before the wedding reception. I thought Mary was going to be at the wedding but Mia came in her place. She kissed me by surprise; and I pushed her away without kissing her back . Blake also tried her luck too and I rebuffed her. I called Dave's phone and he picked up after the first ring. "Daddy ." "Buggy are you still with Ali?" "Nope she wasn't feeling well so she went back to the hotel. Dad I saw Mia kissing you." "I didn't kiss her back . " "I know we all saw her walk of disappointment." "I'm going to see Alexis . Will you be okay?" "Yes I'm with uncle Caleb and Bryan. I love you see you later." I hung up and made my way out. I got into one of the cars and I was driven to the hotel. I took the elevator to her room . I opened the door and walked in. "Lexi?" There was no answer and the hotel room was quiet which was worrying . I walked into the bedroom and all the cupboards were cleaned out. I started panicking because Alexis didn't have the key to my room and it was as clear as daylight that she had left ,what was as dark as night was the reason why. I changed my phone number from visible to concealed and called Lexi. It was already eleven in the evening... where could she have gone to this late? Before I could call her my phone buzzed with a message from my sister . I opened it and it was a fifteen minute video. I pressed play and saw a montage of me kissing all my exes and most recently footage of Mia kissing me. The end of the video had a message in bold red letters saying; stay away from Aaron you are not his type . Go be with your kind. Immediately I knew my sister was up to no good. Alexis did nothing to her. Part of me was scared that she had gone back to being troubled like before. She had mental breakdown at work the other day and she broke furniture and Windows because I told her she couldn't tell me who to be with and I didn't care if she didn't approve. This time I care . She had DPd and she was cleared.. I think its her fear of losing me that's what sparked her behavior the last time. I called my sister and she picked up . " Ron I showed your girlfriend or is she your ex now. " She was slurring I switched on the tracking app and it located her at my apartment. "Mary are you inebriated right now ?" " ooh you sound so prim and proper ." "Mary Hannah Brooks do not sass me. " "Oh yes sir. I won't. " "Get some rest and I will call you tomorrow. " "Fine. Love you bye ." She hung up and I looked around the room and everything made me miss Lexi. I saw something shiny by the bedside lamp and I picked it up only to find that it was Lexi's bracelet . It was a bracelet that had a golden angel and nothing else. She loves her bracelet and call it fate but there must be a reason why something always brings me back to her in a good way. The drive back was an hour away but I was tired... I heard the boys come back from the wedding reception. I grabbed the bracelet and walked out David hugged me goodnight and Caleb called it a night too except for Bryan. I reached for a bottle of water in the mini bar and we sat across each other. He was looking at me angrily. " Don't look at me that way. I didn't kiss Mia back." "I know but she doesn't. Have You called her?" "What if she doesn't want to talk to me ? I have already messed up and a I can't leave David. " "I know ... " I stood up and he followed suit but headed for the door. "By the way Ryan your fake angry face is convincing ." "Night see you Monday bud." "Yes ." "Don't screw this up she's special." Bryan left. I unlocked my phone and sent Lexi two songs and then I called her. She picked up after three rings. " Don't hang up. I love you and I'm sorry babe. I will deal with Mary. She is just scared of losing me and Dave... more than that I am scared of losing you. " Something felt off . It was still pouring outside and Lexi would have cut in during my apology . " Good evening sir. You are speaking to Doctor Perelli. Are you in anyway related to Alexis?" My heart started beating fast. I was calm but fearful. "Yes. She is my wife. We had a misunderstanding and she walked out on me without giving me a chance to explain. What's going on? " "There has been an accident. My brother saw the crash . He managed to save your wife but the driver died..." I started looking for my car keys "Which hospital is she in ?" "Saint Andrews she's in ICU ." I hung up and ran to Caleb's room and luckily the door wasnt locked . "Caleb ... Caleb wake up Lexi is in trouble. " Caleb got up looking confused " what's going on?" "Lexi was involved in an accident she's in ICU." ©2018 #KCMmuoe All Rights Reserved

Chapter 15 Alexis-Flashes

Alexis I try to remember a time when my life flashed before my eyes ... Its happened a couple of times; but I come out alive every time it happens. I do know that I am alive on purpose and that whatever the reason is I am so grateful. When faced with danger ; your you are programmed as a human being to either run , fight or freeze . I didn't see the crash coming ... therefore my response time was no response at all . I had just finished watching the video Mary sent and I didn't respond . What I did however was schedule a message to go out Sunday Morning to Aaron. In the long text I told him how I truly felt and that the morning we got frisky , I had my mind made up already . I also apologized for not keeping my promise. The promise I made him twice because he needed to be sure that I wasn't going to bail. The night before Tina's wedding I felt a rare feeling. The same feeling I had felt with Simon but it faded after I found out he was cheating on me and on top of that leaving me for a woman who he got pregnant while I was pregnant with Benjamin . I kept a baby diary that I still have . I wanted to keep the memory of my son alive. I to this day haven't found the courage to get over what happened . I don't think I ever can. It's a wound that cannot heal , but I pray over time that; the pain will be less severe. Have I forgiven Simon for not showing up? Yes and I forgave him for everything else ,because I needed to heal. I had mentioned at the beginning that; the most potent kind of love happens, when you both fall in love at the same time with each other under special circumstances. I take the last three words back because ; you don't need special circumstances to fall in love . It happens unexpectedly and with a person you least expect to fall in love with. I thought Aaron was creepy at first for following me around and stalking me ... it turned out he wanted to talk. Sometimes your heart knows more than your head. My heart knew Aaron the first time locked eyes with him ; my logic was stopping me . Even when he kissed me for the first time ,my body was on fire. The inferno that ignites in my body every time he touches me is strong enough to set any room we are in on fire. I am on fire when he is around; he sets my heart ablaze with the fire of love. I knew I was in trouble from day one. Half way on my way back home I wanted to turn back and run back to him. We were on our way back to the estate and when I called him ; I was sent directly to voicemail , and I told him what I saw and why I left . As soon as I hung up everything went black . All I remember was burning rubber , and the car I was in flipped upside-down... then there was nothing. Just silence ... Silence speaks when you listen . The trick is to listen to what your hart is saying and follow it with your intuition and logic. My brain zapped me back to Friday night . Aaron had organized an indoor candle lit picnic With light food ,because we were just from dinner. As soon as I was done cleaning up and changed into a grey jogger set with a white tee , he was ready and waiting in the dining area barefoot looking relaxed because he had taken off his dress shirt replaced it with a cyan blue cotton tee and he was wearing black tracksuit pants. As soon as he realized he had company he turned around and smiled at me and I smiled back. " You look much better than you were when we got back. I saw you standing from the corner of my eye." " I feel better thanks. The room looks different. " " I had a bit of help and we don't have all night, we still have a movie to watch ." He stretched out his hand and pulled me in for a hung . I leaned in and he held me close . " Thank you ." Aaron leaned back and stole a kiss. He kissed my jaw line and whispered in my ear; " Thank you for loving me back. Do you want to dance?" " I did say yes . " " I made us a playlist for us. " " when did you find the time." " I will always make time for you... regardless of how busy I get. How many times did you ignore my calls; texts and voice notes?" "Point taken ,you are lucky I've known you for a while now. " " Or what?" " I would have pulled a Houdini." " I would move heaven; hell and earth to find you." " That's good to know ." The music started playing and we danced for an hour . I wanted it to last longer but Abro had a movie planned . He even had a portable projector for the movie. I fell asleep midway through the movie. I was tired. I wanted to make up for falling asleep the next morning and in between waking up and getting ready for the wedding I more than made up for it, but I wasn't that satisfied so;I promised Aaron a rematch before the accident. There was a song that he had on repeat that I loved it had lyrics that warmed my heart and made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. All I wanted was to be back in Aaron's arms listening to that song. I knew that couldn't happen because I wasn't awake. I want to wake up but I cannot. I feel all tired and in pain. My skull felt weird ... painful to be exact . It felt like it was being squashed . I opened my eyes and I knew I wasn't home because I was staring at bright florescent lights. They were blaring in my eyes making me close them again . I tried to breathe but a tube was in my mouth making me panic because it felt as if I was taken back to the time I lost my baby. I felt my heart beating fast and I felt like I couldn't move. The machines started beeping loudly and I started crying . It hurt more to cry because when the tears touched my face it burnt... Then I heard his voice ; " Dr Perelli get in here ! " Within seconds I heard foot steps . "Alexis its Doctor Perelli please calm down . you are safe . " I couldn't calm down . I don't know what I was given but darkness and silence consumed me again. ©2018 #KCMmuoe All Rights Reserved

Chapter 16 Aaron- Never going to leave your side

Aaron This by far has been the longest month and emotionally I am trying to cope but truth be told I can't. I pretend to be okay for David but as soon as the lights go off . I cry. I blame myself for Lexi bein in hospital . I can work from anywhere ; so for the past four weeks I've been working from the private room Alexis was in. Carlo Pirelli who happened to be involved in the accident too was also a regular visitor. He lost control of his car and the weather was also to blame. My routine has changed but as long as I can be here when Lexi wakes up. I wake up; get ready for work and make breakfast for David that's if Mary isn't up before me we eat together as a family, Mary leaves for work before I do, I drop Dave at his new school , and make my way to the hospital. Mary picks Dave up and I go home for dinner later. Carlo Pirelli who happened to be involved in the accident too was also a regular visitor. The weather was also to blame for the accident, he lost control of his truck . He came in during the night while I went home. He said he'd call me if she wakes up. Like clockwork at eight in the evening Carlo came through. As soon as I arrived home I got cleaned up; changed and went downstairs for dinner . It turned out that Brent ; Carlo and I stayed in the same Estate with the Massa family. I have always kept to myself. DR Pirelli has a really lovely family. Andrew and Andrea look like both of them although Andrew looks more like Brent except for the dark eyes , he inherited from his mother .He is the same age as Dave and they are friends at school and home. I didn't know until I saw them talking to each other . This was the first week that I wasn't going to the hospital to visit Alexis. I had to go to the office for the next week because Gavin and Tina were back from their honeymoon. If I had a choice I'd spend another week working from the hospital; but I can't. Carlo is as cool as Brent is. He promised to let me know if there was any change and Caleb too said he'd let me know. He was starting up a consultancy division in our company and was busy too but made time to see Lexi... what I'd give just to hold Lexi in my arms again , look into her eyes , kiss her or hear her voice... My thoughts were interrupted by a knock on my office door . "Who is it ?" "Tina ..." "Come in." Tina came in and gave me a cup of coffee . The travel mug had yellow and white daisies on it and the coffee smelt good. She placed the cup on my desk and I stood up to go get it. As soon as I took a sip Tina grimaced . "She will wake up." I shook my head . "I keep on thinking what if I Mia hadn't kissed me and Mary decided to come . " "Have you checked your phone for any messages from Alexis?" " I have . I just can't bring myself to read or listen ." "You miss her don't you?" I took another sip and grabbed my phone . Once I unlocked it I went directly to Alexis's thread and her three messages popped up . I looked up at an eager Tina "Tina its been a month I feel like I will miss her more if I open her messages. " Tina grabbed the phone out of my hand and pressed play. Lexi's voice filled the room and all I could do was listen. "Hey Abro. I tried to call you but your phone was off ... I messed up. I promised not to run ... but I did. I feel so bad about just leaving. I guess the reason I left was because I saw you kissing Mia . I know you didn't kiss her back . Please forgive me for not asking you what really happened... I acted on impulse. I flashed back to the night's when Simon was out with Laura. The video Mary sent me means gnothing . I just don't know why she hates me but she can't stop me from loving you . " I shook my head and felt helpless. "Oh look there is one more voice note." "Tina ..." I gave her a warning look but she just laughed it off " I'm pressing play." The voice note played again and the first thing I heard was the rain. " Aaron I'm on my way back to the venue . I'm in love with you , I am. I love you so much . I was running from my feelings for you ; because it scares me,I hate not being in control of how I feel , and more than that I am afraid of entrusting my feelings to someone else... Listen I will explain when I get there . I love.. " We both heard static; screeching noises and then silence. Tina slid my phone to me and I took it. She spoke again. "Aaron she loves you . " "I love her more ... " "I know. It's already five .Call it a day and go tell her how you feel." I had my phone on silent the whole week and I hadn't checked my texts . I looked at my threads and Carlo had left me messages telling me to come through to the hospital. It was already Wednesday . A week before that I went to visit Ali and to come think of it Mary was acting weird all week. I grabbed my keys and ran out without saying a thing to anyone and drove to the hospital. I made my way to Lexi's room and it was empty . I started fearing the worst. I calmly asked the nurse what happened to Lexi. She just shook her head . Call it luck but I saw Brent walking in and asked what was going on . He sat me down and gave me a serious look. Then spoke; " Aaron ; Alexis is gone. " My whole world started crumbling to pieces. My heart was under attack . "Where?" All Rights Reserved © 2018 #KCMmuoe

Chapter 17-Alexis - waking up alone

Alexis There is a moment between sleeping and waking up … the moment you take a deep breath ;come  out of your REM state of mind , and open your eyes . I call that moment ; the breath of life. It is a pivotal  moment  when you realize that, you’ve made it through the  night and you have lived to see another day… And then you breathe out.  I call that a moment of thankfulness.  Then there is a moment when all your switches jack up , and after being out of it for a while even if it was a couple of hours  you consider yourself  lucky . If you wake up next to someone  you love to Pluto and back; when you wake up knowing that you have someone out there who cares that you are  alive , or wake up knowing  you will overcome whatever  obstacles you face  because you believe that everything is working for you and not against you…  you are blessed. I have always had the fear of waking up and no one being there. I’ve lived alone  for a while now so you’d think  I was comfortable waking up alone. Truth be told I am comfortable waking up by my own; waking up after being through hell only to find no one there … hurts. It feels like r being soaked  in ice water  when you’re freezing cold , during the winter solstice.  I don’t ever want to feel like that. I woke up Wednesday morning feeling weak and groggy . I was pretty sure I was in a hospital. I thought I was going to wake up alone with no one in my room , but I woke up to a face that looked familiar. Part of me was thankful and the other part was confused . The last time saw this guy was in College. He was going out with one of my friends and they were  pregnant. The guy was friends with my brother and they were close ; so close that he named his son after him , called him when he was going through a dark period in his life.  He still looked very handsome  and when  I talked to him he explained what happened . I was kept  for observation  for one more day and Friday afternoon I was discharged. Tina came to see me on Thursday ,my brother  was at the hospital  for the whole day . He didn’t want me to be left alone. So if Carl wasn’t keeping me company  he would be around. Our mother was  down at the lake house  and she called every thirty minutes to  check up on me.  I was thankful, but I was missing someone badly. I wouldn’t be surprised if Aaron  decided to walk after promising him I wouldn’t leave I chose the latter. When I arrived home ; I ordered a new phone , and started adjusting to my normal routine . I wasn’t waking  up in unfamiliar territory. Fast forward to Tuesday afternoon when I decided to go out shopping for groceries because we were running low on a lot of stuff .  The shopping center was just three blocks away and I needed to stretch my legs. I was busy deciding on what Ice cream flavor I should get.  I was indecisive as to what flavor to go for so I took the chocolate and vanilla . A woman stood next to me and  spoke to me in a condescending  tone; “ Why don’t you just take the chocolate .” I  turned around to look at her and shook my head. “ Thank you for the suggestion but I like both.” “ I am just saying  stick to the kind you know.” “ Mary I am not doing this with you. “ “ You broke his heart.  He loved you.” I  looked at Mary and saw anger in her eyes. “ I didn’t break his heart. He broke mine. “ I put the ice-cream in  the trolley ; turned around and  made my way to the tills, after paying ,and walking out  Mary decided to follow me . I walked into the building and so did she. The guards didn’t give her a hard time . I thought nothing of it until I  she walked in the elevator with me  and pressed the top floor button . “ I am not going to ask you again. Let Aaron go he doesn’t love you he loves Mia.” The elevator made it to the floor and we both walked out. She fished out a set of keys that  had a letter D key ring on them. I had a gut feeling that I’ve been living next door to Aaron all this time and I didn’t even know it. “ Are you done Mary ?” “  Yes see you around.  Stay away from my brother.“ I walked to my door and turned to look at her . “ I will .” Like hell I would Aaron needs to explain himself. “ Good.” I opened the door  went in and closed it . As soon as I walked in the pent house . I got cleaned up and changed into black joggers and a t-shirt . I  was busy with making  dinner when  I got a tweet from  Carl asking me out for dinner .  I accepted his invitation and  ignored the feeling that   Mary was cooking something and she had bad intentions. At least tomorrow will be a week since I woke up and four days before I go to work. I  tried to call Aaron but he sent my call to voicemail .My number had changed so I wouldn’t be surprised. I really  want  to talk to Aaron . I  know that he has weekends  off. I will call David  and ask him  what they both have planned . He was happy that  I was  awake  but he hadn't  seen  his dad and he wasn't  picking  up... ©2018 #KCMmuoe All Rights Reserved

Chapter 18 Aaron

Aaron I miss her. I miss Lexi so much. I was told by Brent that ;she woke up the day I went back to the office. I tried to call her but her phone was disconnected. I hadn't been to my penthouse loft for the whole week . I wanted to stay at the estate because it was closer to work. I was going back to the loft this evening. It was our usual family dinner night. I wanted to go out for a change with both Mary and Dave, so I made a reservation for us at an Italian restaurant by the hill. When I arrived at the loft I touched base with Dave, got cleaned up and Mary drove us to the restaurant. Once we were seated we ordered our food, and started to talk . "So Dave how was your week?" " Dad it was fine. " "Okay. " "Aunty Mary tell dad what you did ... or I will." Something was up. Mary looked guilty. Something in me wondered what did she do. I looked at her "Mary what's up?" She looked away and took a gulp of her glass of water and looked at me again. "I saw Alexis yesterday and ..." "What?" " I told her to stay away from you. " David interjected. "She has been trying to get hold of you. When I talked to her yesterday ; she asked if we had anything planned this weekend ." "I will call her back. Mary what did you say or do?" " I told her you don't love her anymore ,and she should stay away from you. " " What did she ever do to you?" "Nothing. I just don't like her for you." "Since when do you have a say on any girl I love?" "Since she's not of our class ." "Aunty Mary thats mean ." I took a deep breath and looked around the restaurant. My eyes landed at a corner table. "Dad I sent you her number." "Thank you." "What are you looking at?" Our food was placed on the table and Mary said thank you. "Carlo and her date. " Mary looked at what I was looking at . "Oh my word she looks so beautiful. Who is she?" I looked away and started eating. I wasn't talking to Mary . I switched on my phone and viewed my Instagram feed. Alexis popped up on my screen with her hair longer and she had colored it chocolate brown. She looked different I looked at the table again and she was laughing and smiling. I liked her picture and commented; "You look beautiful. Enjoy your date. " She loved my comment and replied. "Its over. I'm headed home. Mary and Dave need your attention and time. Have a great evening and tell Mary I forgive her." I opened David's whatsapp message and saw Lexi's number. I added it to my contacts , sent Lexi a message and went back to dinner. Mary looked at me again and I looked at her . " I'm not going to pretend to like Alexis." "Too bad I like her a lot . She said she forgives you ." Dave kept quiet and he looked sad but his attention shifted to where my attention was a couple of minutes ago. Mary continued her elementary behavior. " She's already moved on look how cosy she looks with Carl and his son. " Dave spoke again; "Aunty Mary Cal is cool we are actually friends. Dad can you drop me off at the estate."a Mary remarked too " I will babysit you. " I saw his text about doing homework with Andrew . "Do you have all your books? " "Yes dad ." " okay my boy just call me before you go to sleep okay. " "Deal. " David moved from where he was and gave me a hug. I hugged him back and kissed the top of his head . " I love you buggy." "I love you too dad. " Mary slid across and also hugged Dave and I from the side and I stopped being mad at her and hugged her too with Dave in the middle . "I love you all so much. " Dave started wrigling around. "You're both squashing me ." I let him go and we all took our seats. " So I will see you tomorrow?" "Yes dad ." We finished eating dinner and desert. Alexis had already left , so as soon as my taxi arrived I went to my loft. It was already seven and all I could think about was Lexi. I took a shower and changed into my black boxers and a blue t-shirt. I called her and she picked up. " Hey Abro ." "Hey angel. I love you." "I love you too. Mary said I had broken your heart. " "You could never." "I heard you were at the hospital everyday. I can't thank you enough for being there. " "Where are you ?" " I just sent you my location. " "What are you wearing ?" "I will let your mind run wild ." I walked into the closet and grabbed my joggers. "I know where you are." "Yes you do I just sent you my location Aaron. " "Hmm ." I grabbed my keys and ran out and knocked at the apartment next door. "Give me a sec someone's knocking. " "I wonder who that could be?" " no fair you're supposed to be wondering not me. Hold on." When I heard the lock click and saw the handle turn I was met by my girlfriend in heart printed pj shorts and a tank top. I walked in and closed the door and without any delay I kissed Lexi passionately and she wrapped her legs around my waist and kissed me back. When we both broke the kiss to come up for air I held her close . "Please tell me this isn't a dream." " Its a dream and I'm not real. " ©2018 #KCMmuoe All Rights Reserved

Chapter 19 Alexis - Dreams turned into reality

Alexis #song Max -Lights low Chapter 20 Alexis Dreaming is good . What's even better is remembering what you dreamt during the night in the morning. .. However there comes a time when you need to wake up and stop dreaming. The question I always ask is; Why should we stop dreaming ? I have a tendency to answer my own questions while I talk and try and make sense of whatever the hell got me curious . You see dreams in a way are like reality .What you do consciously affects you at a subconscious level. As much as dreams are your brains way of escaping reality ...dreaming is your subconscious's way of making sense of your true nature ; about how you feel, what you really think of someone , and what scares you. You'd be surprised as to the levels you can ascend to when your mind is quiet. Dreaming in any form is important. It helps you unlock your imagination , and reconnect with the kid inside of you. The kid that believed that they were a princess ; had a castle ,forest full of fairies and magical creatures. When in actual fact you had a tree house at the back of the garden and flowers in bloom. However because as a kid uou believed that anything can happen and anything is possible ... the world you created was real . So I guess dreams and dreaming have a purpose. We need to trust the kid in us and never stop believing. Nowadays when we think of something ; or imagine something better than the situation we are in ; it is called the law of attraction . It is a powerful law that reminds me of the ebb and flow of the ocean. Never in the longest of times did I ever imagine being with a guy who just gets me. After being through hell and the darkest of times something beautiful came my way . I didn't expect what happened last night to happen .. but it did . One of my favorite feelings in the world is intimacy. Waking up wrapped up in skin; clean sheets, and the heart beat of the person you love, is a blessing . I fell asleep wrapped up in Aarons arms and to the sound of his heart beat last night. He couldn't believe that we have been living next door each other all this time and he didn't even know it. We made love last night; mad , passionate, illuminating , vibration raising , energy giving , soul connecting , hot ,and steamy love. Aaron Brooks is amazing in more ways than one. I still get goose bumps just thinking about last night. I was wide awake and Aaron was fast asleep , he needed his rest because we were up till three this morning . It was already six AM and it was raining outside. Part of me didn't feel like running again although it would do me the world of good I needed to pace myself. I gently untangled myself from Abro and went to the bathroom to go clean up , by the time I was done I went downstairs wearing skinny black jeans and a white v neck long sleeve top. Caleb was already busy making breakfast. He told me he would be in late yesterday when Carl took me out for dinner. I didn't hear him come in last night. I took a seat by one of the grey bar stools and looked at him. He would have already said good morning but he was moody. " Hey Cal . " He leaned over and kissed my forehead . " Good morning angel did you sleep well ?" " Aha I did .What about you?" He took out two bowls and poured some strawberry Pronutro and put a cup of warm milk by the side. I poured the milk on my cereal and the consistency went from powdery to porridge like . " I slept like a baby considering the sounds that were coming from your bedroom. Carl must have really made an impression on you ." " He did but not in the way you think." Caleb chuckled and gave me an all knowing look like I was busted making me feel guilty . " Then which vampire is responsible for the red marks on your collar bone and neck?" I took spoon of my cereal and smiled. " curiosity." " My business where my baby sister is concerned. I don't want another Simon ." I put my spoon down and started to make breakfast for my man. " You know him." "So it wasn't my best friend?" "Nope it's you know him and his son also likes you ." " What!?" "shhh keep it down he is sleeping . He looks like a Greek god ... Orion." "You and Aaron ?" " Yes." " I love you and as long as you are happy . Aaron has a habit of throwing the box away.' " He is clean we did the test before and he doubled up the last time we were together. " A lot of things started running through my head. " Okay Just be safe okay." I gave Caleb a hug and he hugged me back. I let go and poured a cup of coffee for Abro , espresso, black no sugar. I made him muesli; yoghurt, honey, fresh fruit s, and nuts. I turned to look at a worried Caleb. " I promise to be safe .He is nothing like Nate; I love him ... and you know I don't use that word lightly ." Caleb smiled at me . " I know; there is also no doubt in my mind that Brooks loves you. He was by your bedside for a month . He even worked from your room." I all of the sudden felt warm and fuzzy . " He told me how scared he was that I wasn't going to wake up . He thought he was dreaming last night." "I appreciate you." " Dido bro . I love you." " I know. See you later . Love you too." As soon as Caleb left I went upstairs. When I entered the main bedroom Aaron was still in lala land and time wasn't on his side. I put the tray by the table near the window and slid in under the covers . I needed to find a creative way to wake Abro up .I had just hope he will like it but then again I haven't done it in a while, and I am nervy . I took a deep breath and went down. ©2018 #KCMmuoe All Rights Reserved

Chapter 20 -Aaron - Heads up

#Song-   Miguel  ft Janelle  Monae  - Prime time * smut content  ahead.*🚨 Aaron Last night was the best night of my life. I love Lexi so much. At a point where I thought Mary had messed things up for me by telling her that I didn’t love her ; Alexis  told me she wanted me to explain myself and it was unlike me to just send someone to tell her how I felt. We had a really amazing make and catch up session, that lasted till this morning .I am a heavy sleeper and last night after  Dave called me to say ;goodnight , I forgot to switch my alarm on . I wasn’t going into work today in fact I was due back on Monday but I didn’t tell Lexi. I was slowly coming around and  my baby love wasn’t in my arms  but I could feel a  weird sensation which felt familiar down south. The last time I felt that was on my wedding night and none of the women I was with dared to go down, because I had a nasty  scar from the day I lost Laura. I used to miss her , but I don’t anymore. Alexis was right when she said I needed to get over her  properly and heal.  I did that with David and Mary  last weekend.  It was exactly  four years to ago when everything happened. Lexi started using her hands and her tongue started working magic.  She started taking me in deeper and I was fighting a losing battle . “ Lexi stop!” I didn’t want her to stop because it felt so good . Her mouth felt good. She was going slowly and it felt  more intense.  I took in a sharp breath and I couldn’t hold back anymore I came hard in her mouth and she swallowed  every drop .  I was caught in between being high, shaking, and recovering when I felt  Lexi slide up; she straddled me and kissed me slow ,and sweet. I could still taste myself; her minty fresh breath ,mixed  with a hint of strawberry.  She was already dressed and she smelled delicious.  She leaned back looked at me and I smiled. “ I haven’t woken up to Abro shake before , but judging by the smile on your face … I wouldn’t mind waking up to it . It tastes yummy .” “ I want to wake up to Lexi juice  but she is all covered up . “You had  lots of it  last night .” “ I want more  .” She kissed my neck and got off me “ Breakfast is by the table. You need to call Dave and wake him up . I will see you downstairs I need to sort out something.” I  slipped out of bed  trying to locate my boxers and  I found them neatly folded  by the chair . Lexi washed  my clothes from yesterday and they smelt like peaches .I walked into the bathroom and got cleaned up.  After thirty minutes I  walked out and got dressed . It was almost eight and Dave had school at eight thirty.  I opened the tracking app and he was on the way .  I called  him and he picked up; “ Daddy  is everything okay?” “Everything is fine buggy. Please put me on loud speaker..” “ Okay.” “ Hey Mary; how are you angel?” “ Okay who are you and where is my brother ; you know the one that’s always intense and gets straight to the point and phone calls don’t last more than a minuet . who are you?” David laughed ,Mary replied with an accusatory tone meaning she knew something was different. “ Your brother the one who raised you. Is everything alright with the both of you?” Dave replied; “ I am chilled . I took my pills like the doctor said and I am okay. I am  happy .Dad you have to meet Caleb. He came over with Carlo and aunty Mary went missing for a full hour with Caleb’s father . They came back and said they were just next door .” I felt my blood boiling because Mary had made bad choices when it came to men ; but Carl wasn’t the type to play around with someone . “ Mary ?” “We kept it secret. I knew you would freak out.” I was very calm but part of me didn’t want Mary to feel like ;I  didn’t want her to be happy… I wanted her to be happy and to stop being antagonistic towards Lexi. “I am not freaking out.” I started eating my breakfast and it tasted good.  I was hungry. “ Good. Ron  Lexi used to go out with Carlo’s boss hey. Long story short  he was the one who saved Alexis  when she was attacked. They are still in contact. More so now since he lost his baby girl and his wife is in a coma. He called Alexis a great friend . I was wrong about  her.” “ So you’ll lay off  being mean?” “  I will try . I can’t help being protective. Imagine me doing to Carlo what you are doing to Lexi. “ “ Okay … I get it . I invited Carl and Caleb for dinner. You can bring Lexi with.” “ I will ask her. Dave do you need me to sign anything or do you have any games I need to attend?” “Nope. It is exam  season . We don’t have school tomorrow and Monday. Caleb’s dad owns a gym and  he asked about a watch Alexis was wearing . He liked it but couldn’t find it anywhere  so I  borrowed him mine… ” “ As long as he returns it. It’s a gift .” “I know dad and I love it.  We just arrived at school .See you and Lexi  later. She just texted back  yes .” “ Okay buggy. Mary see you later. I love you guys.” Both Mary and Dave replied “We love you too.” The line went dead and I put my phone in my pocket and went downstairs with the tray Lexi brought with her . She was in the kitchen   barefoot and baking  and singing our song .She had ear phones plugged in her  ears. I named it our song because it reminded me of us and how much I love her.  She was  so peaceful and happy . She had her back to me so I placed the breakfast tray on the kitchen island and snuck up on her.  I put my hands around her waist and kissed her neck she turned around and kissed me and leaned back to look at me. “Morning  Abro.” “ Morning  my love … my sweet sexy lexi .” “ You’re right on time. ‘ “ you taste like chocolate hmm .” “Hmm. I packed brownies for you.” “I took the day off.” “ okay so I guess we have to talk about last night.” Alexis looked at me all serious and she was biting her bottom lip making me scared and turned on. “ We made love. I enjoyed you, you enjoyed  me …” “ yes I did very much . It felt different though.” “ We’ve known each other for a while now . It should  feel different because we only had shower sex.” “ I know we are both clean ; but I am not on the pill … or any form of contraception.” All Rights Reserved © 2018 #KCMmuoe

Chapter 21 -Alexis- Troubleshooting

#Song - Leela James  - fall for you Alexis Aaron looked at me  with a sad face and a flash of sadness passed through his eyes. He let go of me and ran upstairs “ Wow … I cannot believe you .” I run after him and he was looking for something  in his jacket. “ Aaron what are you looking for ?” “The box. “ “ which one.” “You only want me for sex . That’s it.” “You are over reacting and no I don’t. “ “ I want to make you mine but you don’t want us to have kids.” “ I didn’t say that . What’s gotten into you?” Aaron started breathing rapidly and it was a clear indication I triggered something. “ You are already planning on leaving me.  Everyone I’ve loved just walks out on me or gets taken away . I’m already losing you.” Aaron sat on the  bed  and started taking deep breaths. He  also covered his face . “ Aaron you didn’t let me finish downstairs. ” Aaron looked up at me with a tear stained face. What the hell just happened ? “ Alexis I love you … I love you so much and it scares me to death. If I have done anything wrong tell me how I can fix it. ” Aww my poor baby he is freaking out for nothing.  “ We were caught in the moment and you... we forgot to cover up. There is nothing wrong with what we did; except we have to go to confession at some point because we aren’t married. “ “Okay so  you aren’t  having regrets about last night ?” I took a deep breath and sat next to him. I held his hand and he  took  both my  hands and  kissed them. I started to get butterflies again. “Nah ah. What’s wrong ?” I locked eyes with him and wiped a tear that had escaped from  his  eye. “ I am afraid of losing what I already have … the past four  weeks have been hard on me.  I thought I was going to lose you. “ “ I came back .” “ I know and I am thankful .” We fell into comfortable silence for ten minutes holding  each other . “  Abro?” “ Yes Lexi my babe.” I  raised my head from his chest and he looked  at me. “ I love you . I don’t know what happened in your past relationships… I don’t care.  I am in love with the man I am looking at .... what I need you to know that I love all of you.” Aaron kissed me and I kissed him back, he pulled back and kissed my forehead. “ I love you too so much.  I have had a pretty dark past when it came to my relationships. “ “ We have a bit of time . I am willing to listen .” “That’s what I love about you. I haven’t been able to be myself with someone in a while. It has only been  with my family. David has grown fond of you and Mary is warming up slowly but surely.” “ I know its none of my business  but; does Mary have a personality disorder?” “Yes, She was diagnosed with it during university.  I tried everything I could to make sure she got the help she needed. “ “ and you?” “ what do you mean?” “ it must somehow have impacted you. “ “Hmm it has . I normally give the guys she gets involved with the third degree and do background checks on them. Mia was part of a group she wanted to join and when she  found out about our relationship ; she did all she could to keep her around and get her approval. “ “ At what cost?” “ Dave’s. I knew something was up but he wasn’t saying anything. Then you came into the picture and it felt as if I had the boy I loved back. He opens up to  you  in a way that I  can’t understand.” “ We have the same element  and sun sign. He loves you.” “ That and there is also something spiritual that I can’t quiet explain. All I am is thankful.” “ I am thankful for you; Dave, and to an extent Mary . “ “ Even though she has episodes.” “ Yes. You can teach me how to handle both her personalities… although Carl is smitten.” I covered my mouth because Carl confessed this morning that he made it official. "So will you be my plus one for dinner tonight at the Massa estate?” I smiled and nodded “ Dave  invited me and Mary also asked me to come too .” “ Pack an overnight bag .” “Why ?” I stood up and Abro pulled me back and laid me  on the bed. He started tickling me and I couldn’t help but laugh. When he stopped he started kissing me all over my neck and jaw. “ I want us to also make things official.” “ You’ve had me for the past couple of hours .” “ I can’t get enough of you and what you’ve got . Mine all mine.” “Yours all yours.” “ Best believe that . “ “Hmm.” “I love you .” “ I love you too Abro .” All Rights Reserved © 2018 #KCMmuoe