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Payback Tour


Jared Donovan is the typical American male. Henpecked at home, friendless and, to top things off - terrorized at work. When the chance to exact some revenge, as well as sate his lust, arrives - he springs into action with an unexpected result.

Friday Morning

Jared was out of breath as he reached the top of the stair, "Just one more reason to piss her off", he thought as he straightened his suit jacket and tried to get his breathing under control. He'd intended to arrive to the presentation just in time, the better to avoid any unneeded time alone with Sarah, but his plan had been squashed by his chatty receptionist down on the 12th floor. Tiffany was a wonderful help, and certainly pleasant to speak with - but she could have the worst timing sometimes. Now her insipid questions had lead to his late arrival, and he was sure he'd be made to pay for it.

As he fast walked down the hallway, his mind ran to some of the maddening stunts she'd pulled on him in the year since she came on-board at the firm. Patience was not her thing, and she'd quickly identified him as her new plaything - and she went to work on him from the jump. Inappropriate images and not so subtle messages about him and what she'd do to him were bad enough, but as she got bolder - the tricks she'd pulled became more despicable. Sure she was pretty, and any man would be interested, but Jared was married and quite happy when she arrived - which just fueled her fire. Since she was the CEO's daughter, Jared had been forced to step lightly else he be punished for his unprofessional behavior.

It only took about two months, much to his dismay, to realize that her interest in him was not about sex. Her goal was power and she was ruthless in her torments - texting him explicit pictures and messages when he was out with his family. Sending sexy gifts to his office, many of which were routed to Tiffany for delivery, adding to his discomfort. To his credit, he had tried once - to put an end to it once and for all. She mocked his cowardice and detailed the exact steps she'd take to discredit him and ruin his life, and he was crushed. That was when the teasing escalated, and to his everlasting horror - Jared loved it all. He could fathom nothing in the world he wanted more than that woman.

"Sorry.." he muttered as he entered what should have been a crowded conference room.

"Oh daddy he's finally here, I have to let you go - sorry again for the waste of your time." she said before slamming the button to hang up the phone. "You have some nerve Jared, what the fuck is wrong with you? We've worked months on this pitch and you're late?" Jared looked around the room, and then at his watch. Sure he was late, but only by five minutes - it shouldn't have been such an issue. "I sent them away, I knew you would fuck this up for me. So now I have to punish you, again, and this is getting very tiring for me." She spun her chair away from the table and grabbed her bag, "come here and take it out - and I warn you it better not be hard."

Jared was moving before she was done speaking, a fact that always bothered him, he seemed powerless to stop this abuse. The fact that he held out some hope that one day he'd get his desire and have her was a lie he repeated to himself over and over throughout the course of each day. Sarah didn't seem to mind this delusion at all, and as she only wanted the power - it pleased her to let him hope. As he stopped in front of her, he pulled his flaccid cock through the zipper of his pants. He'd long ago learned the creative penalties she'd employ if he was to get hard without being told to, so much so that it had become an issue when his wife wanted sex. Without a threat or an order, he physically couldn't seem to will his cock to grow hard.

Sarah was soaked, she feared that if he got any closer, he would smell her arousal and that simply couldn't be allowed to happen. After waiting a moment for him to present his limp dick, she dropped to her knees and grabbed the small metal cage she'd purchased just for this occasion. The fact that he was late had made it easier, but the fact was she would have used this particular toy one way or the other. The idea of him trying to hide it from his wife all weekend was the ultimate turn on for her, and she chuckled as she locked it into place. "OK Jared, I would strongly advise you to think non-sexy thoughts for the next few days - as any type of swelling down here will cause you a great deal of pain." Without any further words, she leaned down and licked his swollen balls one time - just enough to get the ball rolling. "Now put that away and get back to work, the permits department is in an uproar over your design changes. I want the new design on my desk before you leave for the weekend."

Jared was in distress in many ways as he headed back downstairs to his office. On one hand, he was turned on as hell, she'd never touched him intimately like that and the effects were worrisome while being incredibly encouraging. His lust for her was gonna hurt him badly, he knew. The other problem, how to deal with this unexpected turn of events at home this weekend, was also pressing  and needed to be addressed quickly. Tiffany mentioned a call from the permit department as he hurried by, grunting a response without really thinking about it. Inside, he sat down and his hands went to the metal device in his pants, given the full wall of windows between him and Tiffany - there was no really good way to get a look at it just yet. Settling for a minor adjustment to make it easier to sit - he launched into his work.

Friday Afternoon

Despite the fact that his cock was crammed into a torture device, Jared was almost done for the day. He'd managed to isolate the issues that were flummoxing the permit folks, and it turned out to be installation errors all up and down the pipeline - not something he could be blamed for after all! Just as he put the finishing touches on his memo - he saw Sarah outside his door speaking to Tiffany. Hurriedly hitting send, he was about to rise as he watched her maneuver his receptionist around the desk and off down the hall, undoubtedly off on some needless errand for Sarah. Without waiting for the girl to make it five feet away she spun her back to him and raised her skirt, revealing her pantiless ass and pressing it into the glass between them. As he watched, she bent forward and her wet pussy squelched against the glass, leaving a trail as she rose her ass to him.

As his cock began to swell, he grimaced in pain - which is apparently what she'd been after. She rose and lowered her skirt back into position before wiping the trail of her juices from the window. Entering the office, she snickered at him "How are you feeling big boy? Got me an answer yet?" As she spoke she tossed him the rag she'd used outside, which turned out to be a pair of very wet underwear - the scent of her was new, and he groaned as the metal began to dig into his skin. She was about to let him have it when his phone rang, before he could reach for it the light went out and it dawned on him that Tiffany must be back. "Big Boss on line one Jared." she sang out over the intercom, and when he turned he saw her standing there slack-mouthed. "Fuck, she saw that" he thought as he picked up his phone. "Yes sir?"

"Jared, Bill here - you sir have just potentially saved our ass! I knew it couldn't have been your design, but I need you son, can you show these pipe jockeys the right way to reinstall? We need this fixed correctly in a few days or we will bleed out in fines." As Jared listened, he realized this was his chance... Not only could he advance here, but the potential to exact his revenge was being offered up to him, if only he had the balls to take it. "Well Bill, I wrote a very detailed guide, not sure how they managed to foul it up so completely to tell you the truth. The only way I can be positive is to go there and do it myself, it's the only safe bet."

At this point, Sarah is listening intently - unable to get her father's side of the conversation was frustrating. Rather than guess, she reached for the speaker button, fuck Jared - she wanted to hear. "I like that idea Jared, the sooner the fucking fines go away the sooner this company gets back into the black, but that's a lot of ground to cover and the pipeline guys are notoriously resistant to us suit types." Jared grinned at Sarah and unleashed his hastily hatched plan, "You are correct Bill, that'w why I was thinking taking an executive along would grease the wheels for me to move fast and get on to the next site. Honestly, I think Sarah could keep the locals in line pretty effectively - don't you?"

Sarah watched as this cretin hooked her into a trip to Alaska, she was beyond furious but powerless to speak up in her own defense. Even scarier was the wet spot that was slowly forming on the front of Jared's pants. How was he managing that, given the torment he must be under in that cage, she worried. As her father told Jared to find her and get to the airport ASAP, she knew this was a bad idea. "Take my jet, it'll be faster than commercial flights, and let me know if you need anything at all son." Suddenly the line was dead and she watched as he hung up the receiver and gazed at her in a new way that she didn't care for at all.

Jared was filled with a new found sense of control, and he wasted no time in trying to exercise it. "Get this fucking thing off of me so we can go get ready to leave Sarah." He walked around the desk and reached towards her, "Give me the key and go get your bag packed - dress warmly cause it's not exactly a tropical paradise up there." His mind was filled with ways to get some revenge on this woman - the object of many of his most erotic, and to be fair, sadistic fantasies. His confidence was shaken as she immediately rose to her feet and exited his office. Stopping momentarily to speak to Tiffany before handing her something and moving her way down the hall. Jared's palms began to sweat, the idea that she'd just given Tiffany the key made him want to vomit - how was he going to deal with this he wondered, as she entered the office. His nerves settled as she handed him a card, imprinted with her name and title, and embossed on the back with gold leaf were the words "FUCK YOU".

Knowing he couldn't go home like this, Jared had no options but to try to remove the cage himself. He made his way to the men's room and gave it a good once over - there was very little to the locking mechanism, a simple keyhole was the only exposed part of the locking mechanism. He was sunk, and had no idea what he'd do as he marched back to his office, asking Tiffany to have his car brought around for him. Thinking that maybe he'd get lucky and his wife would be out running errands or something - he gave her a call. Not only was she home, but his mother-in-law was there as well, and he almost cried as he explained he'd be coming home to pack and leave. She understood the importance of the trip and volunteered to get some things together for his trip, indicating perhaps there'd be time for a quickie before he left.

Torn by his need to move and his fear of being exposed, he sat motionless until Tiffany came in, "Jared, I don't know how to present this, so I am just going to blurt it out." She held out a small gold key. "I was told to make you wait an hour before I came in to help you with this. I don't know what kind of game the two of you are playing but with the toys and the lewd comments, I don't really need to be dragged into it." Jared was so happy to see the answer to his problem that he began to weep, and with those sobs of relief he revealed his dilemma to her. Tiffany sat and listened, and then promptly lowered the blinds and told him to stand up. Jared did as ordered, again, and as she took down his pants - he realized how exposed he was now. Literally and figuratively his receptionist had him by the balls should she choose to side with Sarah. His fears were allayed when she unlocked the cage ans set it aside. She rubbed his cock, not sexually but as one might a sore elbow or knee, and looked up at him. "Make that bitch pay."