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Midnight Pleasures


Lady Elena has been preparing for the day that she will find a suitable husband for as long she can remember. Skilled in enchanting possible suitors. But nothing absolutely nothing prepared her for gaining the attentions of society's playboy.



Chapter One - The Beginning

My heart quickened as he caught my graze from across the room. This handsome stranger I knew only by name. Count Von Dragma a famous gent in these parts. Known for aiding women in discovering their most darkest desires. Though I can't imagine why I would interest him. A woman who had just come of age and been thrust upon society like a cannon ball plummeting towards an enemy ship. 

He must have been nearly three times my age although I must say he did not look it. Not as I see him now. A dark haired beauty with a handsome rugged smile. The kind that pierces the souls of even the most well behaved chaised woman. 

His eyes equipped to reach deep into one's soul with one look of longing desire. He was indeed the very kind of man my mother warned me about. I know to be with him is a place I should not venture. That I should look away from his rugged beauty. I know what his reputation could do to me. Yet I cannot turn away. I cannot stop the curiosity. 

Before I know it his mysterious past and looks that are easy on the eyes are drawing me in. I am now striding towards him unable to stop myself. Next thing I know I am standing before him speechless. My mouth open as if to say something but no sound comes out. No words seem to form in ways that would explain what I am doing standing here in front of him. 

He does not say a word either. His lips do not form a smile they remain in a relaxed position. Further up his face I notice one eye brow raised slightly as if to question my motives without words. Lower from his eye brows I see his eyes. Their smiling at me a cheesy grin. He likes seeing me floundering trying to pluck up the courage to say something, anything at this point in time. 

Dare I say it, he's actually enjoying watching this poor display on my behalf. The nerve of him I'd be angry ready to strike him if I wasn't so taken, taken by how handsome he looks right now looking at me in such a manner. I should be upset that he feels he can act this way but he knows full well what he's doing. He seems to relish in the attention. 

I'm most probably not the only one he's effected in this manner. That should make me jealous, upset, angry but strangely it doesn't. I know I should walk away without a word hopefully the whole torrid affair will be forgotten. But here I stay unable to convince myself to pry myself from the spot I find myself currently residing in. 

Lost in thought trying to work out how best to solve the problem I have created. I don't even notice he's taken my hand. Before I know it he's led me out onto the dance floor. I wonder if I should tell him dancing isn't my strong suit. Well he will know soon enough either way. Mother always said I had two left feet. 

Amongst all these thoughts I had barely noticed that dancing had indeed been going surprisingly well. I hadn't had an accident yet so that was an improvement. Everything is going super fast, I see everyone else whizzing passed getting on with their own business. 

As the dance draws to an end he leans in close, so close I can hear him breathing next to my ear. He whispers that he'd like me to join him in his chambers. My heart skips a beat hearing the words. But I knew I must keep my composure and not let the room know he'd asked me something so scandalous. 

I slowly pull away from him. I allow him to bow and kiss my hand before leaving the room. I wait a decent amount of time before following him to his chambers so I don't arouse suspicion. I swiftly knock the door loud enough for only him to hear. 

Before I even had time to think about what I was doing or to question it. The door was pulled open to reveal him in all his manly glory. The rather large male part of his body standing to attention right before my eyes which had widened. I had only ever seen a man toppless never fully naked. 

My heart raced at a million miles per hour, my hands became sweaty and before I knew it my eyes rolled back into my head it was dark. My legs came from under me as I collapsed. He caught me before I hit the floor and swiftly carried me into his room. 

Moments later I woke to him shuffling about his room in his robe. Upon seeing me awake he swiftly came to my side with a cup of water. He apologised for startling me. Explained that my confidence made him think that I had been with men before or at least wasn't nervous at the prospect of doing anything with a man. 

I blushed as I sat up and took a sip of my water. The cool wet liquid gushed down my throat. What started out as a sip ending with me finishing the glass. When I'm finish he takes it from me and puts it on his beside table. When his hand returns he puts it on my hand. 

He looks at me straight in the eyes and asks if I would prefer it if we didn't do anything tonight. His eyes have me lost in them. Their like mesmerising pools of glistening water. That just calls to your very soul beckoning you to dive into them. The sound drowns out as I watch his lips forming around each word like they were the softest of cakes. 

Milliseconds later the sound returns and its as though my mind makes each word last longer than they should. My nether regions begin to tingle hanging on to the sound of each word that leaves his lips. I begin wonder how his lips would taste. 

Would they be soft as velvet or more rugged like his appearance. My heart's pace seemed to pick up again the more I thought about it. Then all at the same time I began to notice the strange effect his touch was having on me. Without a second thought I lunged towards him and began kissing him passionately. But also hungrily, he had made me feel things I had never felt before now. 

My body wanted him, screamed for him and I could not explain why. I just had to have him, all of him. Every inch of his mouth watering manly body. He kissed me back of course the longer he did, it seemed he was close to revealing just how bad he wanted me. But that he would silence that urge rather quickly. 

We'd been kissing for a few minutes now and his hands began to move to areas that had not sensed a man's touch before. Rather abruptly he broke the kiss and stood up began pacing then stopped looking straight at me as he said "Are you sure?. Don't lie be 100% certain. Do you wish to lie with me properly this night?.". 

As he stands before me, my eyes wonder from his and drift to his own nether regions. His rather large male part was standing to attention once more. Poking out slightly through his robe calling to me. My female parts tingled once more. I could feel him studying me waiting for an answer. 

Saying nothing I stood up and slowly very seductively removed my clothes. I looked him straight in the eyes as made my slow decent to my knees. I became face to face with this large exquisite example of the male body. I separated his robe to better see it. I swiftly took it in my hand and examined it. 

No one had ever spoke of what to do with it. I was briefly told at school and by my mother how it is used to make children. But I had never seen one before not even a picture. Nor have ever had to use one before. 

As I studied it in my hand my private parts tingled more and it came moist, wet almost as some sort of fluid seemed to leak out. Without even thinking too much about it I slightly tightened my grip on his penis and slowly began to move it. Towards me then back to him as it remained inside my grip. 

He moaned slightly in pleasure. His reaction suggested what I was doing was causing it so I did it some more. This time alittle faster building up a rhythm. His moaning became more frequent. He was loving this very much I could tell especially when his legs seemed as though they could no longer support him. 

While I kept doing what I was doing he moved to a seated position on his bed. He moaned much louder. My private parts became drenched in the fluid that had escaped before. It seemed to increase the more I did this to him. I had no clue if this was what I was meant to be doing but it seemed to be working. 

After awhile I slowed down. Without thinking I moved in closer and swiftly put my mouth around his penis. It was like my body told me what to do as I began to suck on it fast. This sent him into a frenzy of passionate moans as his grips the bed. I do this faster and faster for quite a while. Before he stands, removes his robe and swiftly picks me up. 

We kiss passionately as he holds me in his embrace, levitated above the ground. My heart races again as in a blink of an eye he moves me onto the bed as we kiss. He hovers on top of me kissing me like I have never been kissed before. 

His penis poking into my body teasing it. He pulls away from the kiss, looks me deep in the eye with those seductive eyes and asks "Are you ready? My love". I find myself nodding as I seductively bite my lip, before I even had time to think about it. He straightens up slightly. He guides my legs apart. He runs his finger slowly down my body from my chest to my vagina. 

He teases a rather sensitive area just above the opening to my vagina. He holds me steady with his spare hand as my body naturally responds to his teasing. I experience the need to close my legs slightly and to moan even scream loudly. I deliberately force myself not to make a noise. 

His face looks as though it needs more as it sees me behave in this manner. He tells me it's alright for me to express how this is making me feel with sound. Seconds after he says that I moan super loud with pleasure. This makes him smile and before I have time to recover from how he made me feel his fingers enter my vagina. 

He pushes in two, three, four and finally a whole fist and starts moving it in, out as if he was needing dough for bread. I found this strange but milliseconds later I'm gripping onto the bed. Head thrown backwards screaming in pleasure as I experience that intense pleasure down below and the need to slightly close my legs again. 

Moments later he stops and tells me to brace myself that the next thing to enter my vagina may hurt alittle. In a fit of passion I tell him it's alright that he should get on with it because I want him and only him. To which he responded with one swift movement. He positioned his penis then lunged forward and thrusted his penis inserting it quickly into my vagina. 

I screamed in a mix of pain and pleasure as he did so. Moments later he started moving it around inside me. In, out, in, out. I gripped the bed moaning in a mix of pleasure and pain once more. He lowered himself till he was resting on top of me as he continued the movements. He moaned too and sat up alittle caressing my face as he watching my reaction to him bedding me. 

He sped up as he leaned into kiss me passionately and I let out muffled moans as he did. I kept gripping the bed fearing I might fall off as his pace increased. His thrusting went deeper and harder. I found myself gasping between screams of pleasure. 

He moved his hand to hold me from behind my head. Sitting up slightly keeping this new pace. He looks at me with hungry eyes as he holds my head. I feel his penis inside me hitting the walls of my vagina again and again almost as if it was a battering ram trying to gain entry to a castle. Just faster and more intense. 

My moans increase to wild screams of passion and pleasure as I feel my vagina doing something I never thought it could do. It's contracting, a sort of pulsing feeling around his penis as he pounds into my vagina like a carpenter hammering in a nail. My reaction at this moment sends him into a frenzy once more and he increases his depth, speed, force too. 

I can't help myself with how wild and loud my screams get. Unknown to me I am closing in on my first proper orgasm. But he knows it, he holds my waist allowing him to thrust harder, deeper and faster. 

When he feels I have peaked he pulls out fast. As he does I scream extremely loud and an enormous amount of fluid explodes from my vagina. Soaking myself, the bed and him. He doesn't seem to care as after the explosion of over two minutes finishes he re-enters my vagina with his still rock solid penis. 

His speed, depth and force returns to what it was before he pulled out. It increases to the maximum his stamina can allow with me holding onto the bed for dear life. This lasts for ages it seems as I cry out in pain and pleasure. 

His thrusts slow down but become even deeper and with more force. As he grunts and moans in pleasure before screaming my lady at the top of his lungs as he climaxes. I scream in immense pleasure at the top of my lungs at that exact moment. I feel the rather warm fluid flow out of his penis into my vagina. He pushes in further which seems almost like an instinct. 

I feel it hit the walls of my vagina spilling into me like the rapids of a river gone wild. I thought it wouldn't take long before he was finished. Oh how I was wrong. My eyes widen as he pushes in even further again. His face straining from doing so and it just keeps coming. 

I don't know if we got so lost in that moment that time seemed to resume at a much slower pace for us in this moment or if he did indeed spend what seemed like forever releasing his warm fluid inside me. But either way it was euphoric. Truly amazing. He thrusted deeply, hard and fast one last time before the fluid stopped releasing. As he did I found my eyes rolling back into my head and everything going black once more. I had passed out again. 

I woke unsure of the time that had gone by to find him no longer on top of me. Nor was he beside me or anywhere else in the room. Only a handful of strangers at the end of the room near the entrance. I find a note on the pillow beside me. 

"Stay as long as you like my love. But stay. Don't move not just yet. My servents will change the bedding and give you a clean night gown once you wake. I've instructed them to bring you food once the physician has been to see you. Please eat. I shall return at midnight tomorrow evening. If I find you are still in my chambers when I return I will know you will want more of what you have experienced here with me this night". 

Chapter Two - The Dance

All his life he's been told he must wed. That it must be a woman of great importance in society. A matter of great importance to secure himself a line of succession. Children, preferably boys to carry on his name. That's all his father wanted for him since he started this dance. The dance of courtship.

But since his father's passing and his mother no longer showing the same goals as his father. He brought it upon himself to choose his own path. He'd never known the love of woman before and to be frank never wanted to. He was quite happy going to bed knowing fine women laid beside him. As each night was a new adventure.

Women of all backgrounds and nationalities would find themselves drawn to him, a moth to a flame. He of course did nothing to stop them or to correct their course. He relished in being the only gentleman of high status in society who could pleasure a woman the way he could.

Call it what you will, a gift, a blessing or even the devils own curse. Either way the women he bedded came to him happy, sad. But went back into society or sometimes to their husbands unable to walk. Their time together forever implanted into their heads. Some would return for more time and time again. Others would just dream of their time together.

He never used to care for their reputation. What would happen to them if anyone found out they had bedded him. He never felt it his responsibility to check in on them. He never made promises he couldn't keep and talk of marriage was always far from his lips.

He'd always in force a sort of test. If the woman he bedding was serious about him they'd have a choice. Let his physician and servants tend to them as they waited for him to return at midnight the next day.

Often he didn't even go back to find out. As he was even unsure what it meant if they were still there or if they had gone. He thought perhaps it best not to ever find out what any of those scenarios meant to him. He'd been doing this for many years and had thought his heart just a solid rock of ice. Letting in brief amounts of feeling lasting the duration of his time with the woman. Nothing more.

But this was strange the feeling he felt as he left this young dark hair beauty passed out on his bed. What was so different about her?. It can't have been that she was a virgin when he bedded her because he'd had virgins before. Many times in fact. He rather enjoyed the faces they'd pull and noises they'd make when caught up in the passion of love making for the first ever time.

He couldn't put his finger on it but there was something about her. It puzzled him all day as he left to attend the boring meetings his mother kept arranging for him. Meetings about the business his father once owned and his mother hoped he would take over.

When he should have been concentrating on talks of money and employees his mind wondered to her. He didn't even ask her name he recalled as he remembers the events of the evening before. He had only attended that dance because his mother requested it. But now knowing what events took place that evening he did not regret going.

Which was strange because usually at parties such as that one. He'd only bed some of the women there out of boredom. Hoping to perhaps spark some rivalry between him and a few husbands. Fuel for the rumours about his reputation. Rumours that spread as fast as wildfire when given the right fuel to get it going.

He did not care about how those rumours made him feel. In fact rather than hurt him they made him feel powerful, wanted, needed. Of much purpose than being just some broad's husband. The danger of being discovered made him feel alive. Made him want to bed those women with such passion and no sense of honour many times in one night.

Alas though the rule he put into place without really thinking about it stopped him from doing that. He had to bed them once in a flit of euphoric bliss. Leave them as they sleep, say he's going to return at midnight but instead he moves on to a different place. A new party new women to sample and leave all over again.

Why would he do that?. He didn't even have the answer himself. This had always baffled him. He rarely thought of the women after. Just small snippets of how truly amazing their time actually was. He never felt bad about leaving them. Nor did he wonder if they stayed or if they left he didn't care.

His meetings had been going all day. Required lots of talk from boring men and lots of signatures. He did all of that of course but instead of being even slightest bit interested in talk of business he was thinking about her. The lady from the night before. He found himself calling on memories of what it was like with her. The soft touch of her skin as his hand slowly moved over he body at various different occasions.

How her hair felt as though it was made from silk. He recalled the way that sensation made him feel. His penis twitched and felt as though it was a puzzle piece that fitted in nicely with a much bigger picture. What was she doing to him?. His penis began to rise as he thought about her.

He very nearly shouted "Thank God for that" when his last meeting of the day drew to a close. He swiftly and very briefly shook the hands of the men who attended the meetings. Then rushed out of the room before they could notice an unofficial attendee. Striding down the corridor faster than he ever had in his entire life. He quickly found a quiet area away from prying eyes.

He started to think about less attractive things. For example his grandmother's apple pie freshly baked and served to the family on a Sunday. She'd often refuse to let any of the servants cook it. Even when her age neared the age of ninety. But nothing was working.

His penis was standing to attention as though it was a mental candle stick permanently attached to his body. He frantically tried to think about what to do. A loud sound fills his ears as it shoots through the building. It couldn't be he thought.... Midnight.

Before he had time to think about it his feet were whizzing him off in the direction of his rooms here. The doors flew open as he quite swiftly walked into the room. He scanned the room, where was she?. He felt his rock hard pencil go limp almost as though it was dough.

A maid emerged from the over side of the bed and made her way over to him. "I'm afraid the Lady Elena is gone your grace. She stayed till the physician saw her, had some food, then the bedding was changed and we gave her a clean night gown as you requested. But she left shortly after. She didn't explain why. Just left.".

The maid's words echoed in his ears again and again has he fell to the floor. Lots of distortion occurred as the sound wasn't normal and his vision blurred. The maid was frantically running about calling for the physician. She left the room to bring him and the physician came to check him over.

His hearing came back to normal as did his vision. He stared at a blank spot on the wall as the physician examined him. He wondered why it bothered him so that she was gone. He never cared before. He was always in another country, another city far away and never even was curious about if they were still in his room or not.

The physician, a long time friend deemed him perfectly healthy. The only diagnosis he gave was that Count Von Dragma was finally beginning to feel. That Lady Elena could be the one.

Chapter Three - The Heart

It is strange to be back with my family after knowing what I know, feeling what I felt with him. Remembering each moment of pleasure we bestowed upon each other. But I needed to leave, needed to return to what my life was. As I would be a fool to think anything could come of our time together.

He was handsome yes, excellent in bed yes, but nothing I knew of him allowed me to see him any other way than put simply a male slut. I was just another in a long line of women to please him in that manner. Surely I can never be anything more than that.

I doubt he ever planned to return to me that following evening. I'd be a love sick fool to think otherwise. I wish I could stop feeling guilty about leaving that night. If he didn't return I rather doubt he'd feel any remorse about it.

I needed to snap myself out of it. I needed to forget the entire time with him. But sadly that would be difficult to do as the man left such an impression on me. It was as if he'd implanted it into my brain and was extremely hard to erase.

I'm positive my mother senses something different about me. Though she has not confronted me about it. What in hell's name was I thinking laying with a man who I have no hope of being with. From what I could tell he'd never promised the other women marriage. So what in gods name was I thinking. Was I that naive to think I'd be the only one out of huge line of women that he'd offer marriage to.

Why would I be any different?. I nothing really to gain from an encounter with him. Only an immense amount of pleasure and every to loose just like those women. I live in a world that does not favour women. If we are not whoring our bodies to the next available man with heavy pockets. Then we are expected to be loyal, bare children and serve only our husbands. Our lord and master as some like to be called. 

Surely he must know of that or he simply does not care. Yes I could have refused, yes I could have stayed where I was that night. It was as much my fault as it was his. The fact remains I am no longer a virgin and who on earth was I going to keep my future husband from knowing that. 

How will I get around the fact that on my wedding night their won't be blood. The blood that comes when a woman is bedded for the first time. My future husband would want an explanation but how can I give him one?. I needed to come up with a solution at fast. If only I could concentrate on the task at hand.

Images from my time with him flood my mind. They take over my dreams and I am left unable to focus. Even as I stand across from yet another suitor my mother as thrown at me, the images won't leave. My mind drifts to the man who deflowered me and took my virtue.

I recall how his soft, gentle hands explored my naked body. I still feel how truly magnificent his penis felt so rock solid moving in and out of my vagina. Pounding the very centre of my womanhood. I feel the same sensation between my legs that night right now. The images allowing me to relive that marvellous time once more as if it was yesterday.

I cross my legs slightly to hide the feeling I'm getting. I try my best to ignore how glorious and sensual this tingling feeling is between my legs. My legs inches away from turning to jelly and my eyes ready to roll back into my head. I bite my lip as I try to force back the moans and screams of pleasure that so badly want to to escape.

My suitor can't not be allowed to witness this. If he did he'd know of the time I shared in the arms of another man. He'd know I'm not a virgin. Secrets on men's lips do not stay secrets for long. Thankfully the count did not know my name but if this suited did I would be ruined.

I argued with myself to snap out of it. Firmly told myself there were much bigger things at stake than just my need to be pleasured. I must act the part of a virgin. But how on earth do I do that. I must have done so practically effortlessly before as I don't even recall what passed as behaving like a virgin.

Oh lord I can feel his eyes studying me. Is he looking for signs of weakness?. Or is he simply wondering why I am so quiet?. I must say something, anything. Compliment his outfit, something..... Now!.

I was inches away from opening my mouth but a voice stopped me. It was not my own, it was my suitor's voice. "I'll do it. She seems although she's the perfect wife. I'll do it I'll marry the lady Elena" he said sounding far too enthusiastic. My head quickly turned to my mother standing behind me. Did keeping quiet really just land me a proposal?. He'd only just met me he can't be serious. 

My mother steps forward, my father swiftly moves in front of her stopping in front of my suitor. "Excellent Sir, would you follow me to my office and we'll go over the details" my father announced proudly. The suitor nods and before I even have chance to speak their gone. I stand there baffled as my mother moves beside me faster than I can blink. "Well done child he thinks your shy, well behaved or mute. When you and I both know that is far from the truth. Your never usually this quiet. Something isn't right."

I opened my mouth to respond but before I could my suitor and father emerged from my father's office. The laughed and joked with each other before father bid him farewell. My father saw him to the door and then marched towards me as if he was going to strike me. 

I straightened up held my breath and closed my eyes. I waited to feel and hear the thundering crash of his hand meeting my skin. But it did not come instead I felt myself be swooped up and swung around playfully before being put down again. 

I looked at my mother confused and she looked surprised too. My father never expressed emotion like this. If ever I did something right I usually got a nod, a quick smile or an awkward tap of the back. This was so unlike him I did not know how to respond. I straightened my dress slightly and when I looked back up at him, he had the biggest smile I had ever seen on his face. It was lovely to see yes but still was so strange not even my mother was used to seeing him this happy. 

"Her wedding is in a week. Prepare her, will you dear" he announced looked at my mother then back to me. "Good work Elena" he had a hint of excitement in his voice but was mostly over run with awkwardness. He kissed my mother's forehead, looked at me briefly with a slight smile before disappearing to his office. Mother and I looked at each other in shock before she whisked me off to her chambers. 

My ears were filled with her barking orders at servants and giving me huge amounts of information. Though most of what I was hearing was distorted. I was baffled, still in shock. My wedding was in a week....a week!. She paraded dresses in front of me and clapped in my face to gain my attention when wanting to me to make decisions. 

Our home was buzzing with life. Servants rushing back and forth with decorations, tables, chairs, clothes for my mother, clothes for my father, clothes for my siblings, for me. I feel as though I am half asleep as I watch all this chaos unfold in front of my eyes. I see my father waving his arms about, shouting at servants to stop following him for measurements. 

I see mother acting like a general dishing out orders, pointing and getting annoyed. Somehow I finally make it to my chambers and close the door behind me cancelling out a big amount if the noise. I fall backwards onto my bed. My heart races once more as it did that night with the count. 

I'm... getting.....married. The realisation sets in as I lay on my bed playing with my hair staring at my ceiling. I remembered the detail of the planning I had put into my wedding day since I was six with my mother. The excitement I had felt but I didn't feel any excitement right now. None at all. 

The heart is a funny thing. A vital organ that has so much responsibility. It's capable of giving much unmeasurable love and receiving it. For something so well hidden and some what protected it can be easily broken. Why am I feeling as though my heart is a glass mirror someone has taken a brick to. Smashing it into a million tiny pieces. No impossible it can't be. 

But it's the only explanation. I am in love with a man I cannot have and engaged to marry....marry someone I don't even know the name of!. Lord have mercy on my soul. 

Chapter Four - The Embers

It had been ages since that night when he made a fool of himself. The night he rushed back to his rooms penis standing to attention to find she was no longer there. Some part of him dared to hope that she was still there. A part of him he had come to hate.

He needed to forget this pain that plagued him so. That plagued a man who many thought had a heart of stone or ice. Someone who did not care. He needed to be that man again. The man that others whispered about because he bedded many women.

It was this reason that had led him to the house of Madame Mitchell. His first lover the woman who had made him a man. If anyone could get his mind off Lady Elena it was her. Under the cover of night he made it to her door. He had often wondered if she had the gifts of a seer. Because he could name rather a few occasions where it seemed as though she knew he was coming. This was one of those occasions.

He hadn't even had chance to knock the door before it swung open. He felt his penis twitch as the gorgeous red haired woman stood before him in only her underwear. "Well if it isn't my very own Count paying me a visit this late at night. How can I help you this time?" she said as she looked him up and down. Undressing him with her mind.

He bit his lip as he felt his penis rise and tried to poke through his trousers. Voices filled the streets and he knew he must get this fine beauty inside before anyone saw them. So he swooped her up without a word. Wrapping her legs around his waist. He quickly closed the door, locked it and carried her upstairs to her bed.

He laid her down and asked "Is he due home?" she shook her head as she undressed the both of them. Then once they both looked upon each other's naked bodies she pulled him on top of her. He leaned in to kiss her passionately as she guided his penis to her vagina.

Once inside he trusted in deep and she threw her head backwards moaning with pleasure. He lifted her legs and pulled her closer to him as he installed a steady rhythm to riding her. She held her breasts playing with her nipples as the pace increased. Her moaning turned to screams of pleasure as the pace became so fast you could hear his skin thrashing against hers.

She held onto the bed, as she had multiple orgasms screaming his name as each one came. He mumbled a name as his pace quickened again. Just before he was ready to climax he turned her around so he could take her vagina from behind. He started off slow and steady before taking her at a pace that was the fastest, hardest his body would allow.

She gripped onto to bed tighter experiencing more orgasms as she knew he was close. He wrapped his left arm around her stomach holding it there as he lifted her up slightly keeping the pace. With his right hand he held her neck slightly.

Her eyes rolled back into her head and juices gushed from her vagina as she screamed in pleasure. He let the juices fall out slightly before pushing his penis back inside fully. He tightened the hold on her neck slightly as he picked up the pace again. Moaning and grunting with her as she screamed in pleasure.

He held her as trusted deep inside her. "ELENAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" He yelled as his warm salty cum exploded from his penis into her vagina. He held her there until his entire load had filled her vagina. Afterwards he collapsed beside her staring up at the ceiling as his penis goes limp.

She washes herself and then him before laying next to him still naked. She gently and slowly runs her index finger across his chest. "Sooo will you tell me about her my darling?" she asked. He sighed and rolled over so he would face away from her. "I don't want to talk about her I want to forget about her" he said trying to hide the pain in his voice.

Madame Mitchell continues to quiz him about the mysterious name he called out while bedding her. Eventually he spills all the erotic details about his evening with the incredibly gorgeous and adventurous lady Elena. As she listens her eyes widen. Clearly this woman has a huge effect on him. Much like the one she used to have.

"She sounds as though she isn't just any woman my darling. It sounds as though you've fallen for her. Quite deeply I might add. Perhaps she's the one your meant to marry. Best snap her up before another man marries her and notices she's not a virgin." she advised as she begins to get dressed.

"I hear rumours she's to be wed in a week. She's all but lost to me I don't stand a chance" he announces with a hint of pain in his voice. He grabs Madame Mitchell's waist before she can get fully dressed and before she can notice how pained he sounded.

He slowly kisses her neck as he undresses her. She moans slightly and giggles allowing herself to be pulled backwards onto her bed. "Well my darling what you must do is clear. Have your way with me till you've had your fill. Then you need to fight for her. Don't allow her to fall into the arms of another. You haven't got alot of time" she says between giggles.

He continues kissing her neck his right hand holding her head as her left hand ventures to her vagina. He plays to play with it. First teasing her clit then putting one finger inside, then two. He moves his fingers in and out creating a good pace. She moans wildly as he does.

He continues to finger her as he gently lays her on the bed. He kisses her from neck to vagina. His tongue teases her clit as he manages to get his full fist inside her vagina. He sets a pace as he continues to tease her clit with his tongue.

Her moans turn to screams of pain and pleasure rolled into one. Her body shakes uncontrollably underneath him as she has multiple orgasms. Quite lengthy ones too. Her eyes roll back into her head as she screams wildly, gripping onto the bed for dear life.

He penis twitches and rises as he watches her reactions and feels her shake underneath him. In on swift movement he removes his hand and thrusts his penis inside her. She let's out a huge yell of passion, pleasure and pain as he does. He holds on leg as he starts riding her.

A couple of thrusts deep into her vagina has her thrashing about screaming wildly with pleasure. Having many lengthy orgasms. He picks her up and holds her waist. Too tired to hold herself up the top half of her just hangs there. Unable to move dangling over her bed. Her back slightly arched. He holds her slim waist in his manly hands as he thrusts into her deep and hard. 

"ELENAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" He screams as he pumps hot salty cum into Madame Mitchell's vagina. She yells his name as she has a long final orgasm. He collapses on top of her as his penis continues to empty his load into her. She kisses him passionately before pushing him off her and cleaning them both up.

He looks at her flabbergasted. "That's twice I've yelled out her name and not yours. Yet you don't seem bothered." he says as he watches her collect her clothes and gets dressed. "No it does not bother me. I was never yours and you were never mine. Something we've both understood. My darling you've provided me with immense pleasure and I've provided you with a vagina to bed where there is no judgement. Now get dressed" she says as she throws him his clothes. "You've got some fighting to do. You've got to win her heart and commit yourself to her. Don't look at me like that I mean it. Give up this life of bedding anything with a vagina that walks and settle down. She's captured your heart now capture hers" she says as she's ushering him out the door and he puts on his final items of clothing.

"Dearest Kate, wise as always how can I ever repay you" he says as he steals a kiss while almost out the door. She bites his lip slightly and kisses him back "Just promise me you'll love, cherish and bed her like my husband should be doing for me but you have had to do for me for many years. Don't cheat on her not even with me. Don't allow anyone to steal her away from you. Find the right balance between provider and doting husband. Oh and heavens sake give her a child" she says as she steals one last kiss and pushes him out the door, locking it once it's shut.

His penis twitched and his heart jumped slightly as he thought of her. Lady Elena with the raven black hair, skin pale but not too pale and eyes blue as the deep blue ocean. Madame Mitchell was right he had to fight for her. He can't allow another to take her from him.

The embers that ignite these fires that burn shall find their one true desire. As I venture into the fire to find one such as thee and you shall be the one to set me free. 

Chapter Five - The Fight

Determined to form a plan to have Lady Elena he marched into his chambers after arriving home. He paced the room his mind reeling from the millions of ideas for plans to win her racing around his head faster then the speed of light. There was no chance of him being able to sleep tonight. Whether he liked it or not. How could he sleep?. When the moment he closed his eyes for even a second there she was. This elegant yet wild raven haired beauty that had won his heart. 

He couldn't help but smile slightly with that seductive smile of his. Especially when the images of her that flooded his mind were so vivid you could almost swear she was in the room with him. Or that he actually had a portrait of her to gaze upon and find himself lost in her beauty. He just had to have her. There was something between them an invisible spark unseen by the naked eye. 

She felt it as did he. Not just in their night of pure raw exquisite passion but in every moment since. He found him liking this new side of himself slightly. The side able to love when no others have interested him in that way. But his bad boy side was stubborn and fought to bury his romantic side as soon as possible. He was at war with himself over a woman. But as most men in society would argue that's how it goes majority of the time. Somehow it always seems to come down to a woman.

Something about their captivating personalities as well as beauty was their siren call. Drawing men in causing some playboy's of society to question their very existence. What was it about women that made them such ruthless seductresses. Many weren't even aware they had this ability, this power over men but they quickly learned how to master it. He was getting lost in his own mind. He needed a plan and he needed it fast. He needed to find her and get to know her. He needed to make her Countess Von Dragma.

In one swift moment he slammed his fist down on his bedside table and let out an almighty frustrated roar. Less than a few seconds later his butler came flying in all in a panic "My god sir! Are you alright?". The Count turned to face this short cowardly man quivering before him who'd been his loyal butler for many years. He nodded swiftly before saying "Mr Jacobs I am fine. But please get me Sanderson there is much I need to discuss with him". 

Mr Jacobs looked confused and took a moment to be able to say " But sir it is rather late he'll be asleep and well you know he doesn't to be disturbed. Are you sure you don't need a cup of tea instead perhaps?". Sanderson wasn't a man that many in this day and age liked to associate with. Many feared him, he was what some might call a detective, a private eye and also the Count's second cousin. Many feared him because he was hired to find people sometimes people who did not want to be found. He was exactly who the Count needed right now as he had absolutely no idea where to find Lady Elena. He needed to know everything there was to know about her. Was she married etc that sort of thing as her being married would pose an issue as he wanted her. Almost instantly the Count's face turned red with anger "Dont presume what I need Mr Jacobs. If I tell you I need Sanderson then you shall get me Sanderson understood?" He said in a deep roaring voice one he had not had to use in awhile. Mr Jacobs knew just how long he had not used that tone of voice for. Rather than anger his master anymore he quickly nodded and swiftly left the Count's presence. 

He returned roughly about half an hour or so later Sanderson not far behind him, his face booming looking as though he might explode with how angry he was. "What is the meaning of this cousin it is the middle of the night and you have this quivering leech rouse me from my slumber I hope there is a good reason for this" Sanderson bellowed as he swiftly crossed his arms over his chest his face still booming with anger. The Count turned to face him. He could not hide the despair on his face. His eyes looked as if he'd witnessed a lot of suffering within such a short timescale. "I need your help cousin" he finally managed to say as he looked at Sanderson who still had his arms folded across his chest and a look of thunder upon his face. "Oh you need my help do you? well what pray tell couldn't wait till morning" Sanderson snapped back his arms remained where they were and his face unchanged. "I've fallen in love and I need you to help me find the woman I wish to give my heart to" replied the Count his face remained sullen confirming his seriousness. 

Sanderson lowered his arms and his face softened slightly. "Please tell me cousin that you are joking did you really wake me for a woman?" He replied trying to refrain from smirking. "Indeed I did. Will you help me?" The Count said almost begging at this point in time he feared he just might be willing to get down on his knees and kiss his cousin's feet if it meant his cousin would grant him the help he needed. Well it seemed he wouldn't have to do that as Sanderson agreed to help him. In order to find Lady Elena he would first need her name and everything that the Count knew about her which was very little. He told the Count as such that having so little information might make their investigation a little more difficult not impossible but not as easy as others. He then went on his way to speak to the contacts and informants he so greatly relied on for alot of his detective work. The Count on the other hand was left to pace his chambers waiting anxiously for news. His cousin was one of the best in the business but even someone as great as he would need more than an hour to do his job. 

After many cups of tea, many trips of wearing down the floorboards and two days later Sanderson returned to his cousins home envelope in hand. When he was approaching the front door the servants were removing some items to be replaced. Rather than follow the normal formalities of informing Mr Jacobs of his arrival so that he could be announced to his cousin. He swiftly whizzed passed Mr Jacobs and the other servants into the house. He rarely stuck to formalities when he was working anyways. He stormed through the house with Mr Jacobs following behind him rambling on about how he should wait to be announced etc to his cousin's study. He stopped at the doors where he very nearly told Mr Jacobs what he should do with his formalities before he decided not to. Instead he took a breath and barged into his cousin's study. "Cousin you've returned what is it?" The Count responded almost startled by his cousin's entrance. Without speaking Sanderson marched across the room to his cousin who was standing behind his desk leaning slightly on his chair. In one swift movement he presented him with the envelope by placing it onto his desk and telling him to look inside.

Cautiously the Count picked up the envelope, opened it and began reading it. With each new word that his eyes scanned over a change in his face could be seen. Then in one swift movement the envelope and its contents were thrown across the room. Sanderson didn't flinch as it narrowly missed him by inches. Mr Jacobs on the other hand found himself having to duck as though his life depended on it. He squealed slightly as he did. After missing the item that was flung in his direction Mr Jacobs slowly rose and awkwardly adjusted his suit trying to project the impression that he wasn't affected by the incident. The Count put one hand to slightly cover his mouth before quickly removing it and quietly saying "She's getting married in a week?". He didn't want to answer but Sanderson nodded anyways. "Get me a meeting with her father immediately" he said firmly as he stared down his cousin showing signs of being very close to loosing his temper. "Cousin, Lady Elena's father is very aware of you reputation there is no way he'd agree to an audience with you" Sanderson replied trying not to sound as though he wanted to rub salt in the wound. 

Silence fell over this room then Mr Jacobs ran from the room slamming the door behind him. Sanderson gulped as he knew exactly what that meant. Within seconds his cousin had swiftly made his way from behind his desk to right beside him. "I cannot allow that wedding to go ahead do you understand?. Do whatever it takes to get me that meeting with her father!" Roared the Count as he slammed his hand down onto the desk. Sanderson nodded anxiously he'd seen his cousin angry before but never like this. He must really love this woman he said to himself as he swiftly left the study wondering how the hell he was going to accomplish such a task. From what he had found out about Lady Elena's father there was no way that getting him to meet with the infamous Count Von Dragma let alone get him to allow the Count to marry his daughter was going to be easy. He expected one hell of a fight on his hands. 

Sanderson set about his business to earn an audience with the Count and Lady Elena's father. It took what seemed like forever but eventually Lord Julian came to Count Von Dragma's home to refuse his request to talk in person following many letters that had been sent. Never revealing why he wanted to talk but always stating that he did. The scene in the Count's study with Lord Julian refusing the offer of a chair could only be described as a gloomy one at best. The tension between the two males was unnerving. Sanderson could barely stand it what didn't help was the silence that followed the Count asking for Lord Julian's cooperation in ending the previous agreement for Lady Elena to marry another and for her to marry Count Von Dragma instead. The two clearly dominate males who were used to getting what they wanted were not backing down. The silence was accompanied by hard cold stares. Faces like thunder that suggested these two were oh so ready to come to blows with one another. 

Then as quickly as it came Lord Julian broke the silence with his deep harsh voice "Do you honestly expect me to break off my daughter's engagement to perfectly good man with an impeccable reputation for you? The man who doesn't even understand the sacredness of marriage. The man who takes what is not his. A man no father should let anywhere near their daughters. The only way that engagement is being broken off is if you have a suitable replacement who is not yourself". Having said his piece Lord Julian turned to leave but found his path blocked by Sanderson. He demanded that Sanderson let him pass when Sanderson refused he turned to find the Count behind him. "You will not be leaving my home until you agree to break off that engagement and for me to marry your daughter instead. I understand you are facing some debts which is why there is a rush to marry off your daughter. But not just to anyone by the size of your debts not just any man will do you need a wealthy man. Well your in luck I happen to be a very weathly man and I will pay just about anything to marry the woman I love." Said the Count with that wicked and cunning smile of his. 

Lord Julian shook his head before replying "Woman you love? You've never even met my daughter and I'm afraid you are misinformed I owe nothing to anyone. My answer is final good day sir". He turned to leave again and once more his path was blocked by Sanderson. "Well if you don't want to keep your misadventures private for your own sake then perhaps you will for your wife and daughter. I wonder what they would have to say about everything you owe and that you sir are practically selling your daughter as if she was a fair exchange for a camel in the middle east as there is not a penny available for her dowry. You don't even have enough to pay your staff at the end of the month. Now sir will you spare yourself the embarrassment of this information going public?".

Lord Julian's face became pale and he turned once more to leave this time Sanderson didn't stop him he was told not to in one swift look from the Count. Sanderson watched in amazement as Lord Julian fled the house. 

The fight that fuels my wild desire will soon lead me back to you. A fire burns in my soul which gives me what I need to fight for what is mine and for a future that is bright. 

Chapter Six - The Wedding

The union I dreaded was fast approaching oh Lord how I wished it wasn't so. Father has barely spoken a word to me since he arranged my engagement with my intended. He's been mostly confined to his study ever since only letting his most trusted servant, Nathaniel be in counsel with him. Mother has also had trouble getting anything out of him. I do wonder what's wrong he's been distant before yes as is his nature but never like this. If he's not in his study then he and Nathaniel are away on mysterious business. I did try to get Nathaniel to spill the beans but to no avail and now I am sure father knows I am suspicious. Mother of course says to leave him be as that's best. I was hoping that the engagement would fall through that my intended might have second thoughts but that is not the case. Instead here I am once more here with mother harping on about wedding details and the like. I have no idea why she is telling me all this or getting me involved its not like I have a say in the matter. All final decisions are hers would be my father's too but he is showing little interest these days. But alas I can't complain I knew this day would come. Women in this day and age do not have a life. We are burdens to our families until such a time when we marry and start being useful in the sense of bearing children. Making a home for our families, dealing with house keeping duties that our husband's wouldn't dare to undertake as they are the bread winners and the men of the family. Their main two jobs are to provide and procreate. It is strange that the very gender that means they have their heirs to carry on their names are treated as less when they are worth far more. But as is the way the norm of our society. The only way I can ensure not being treated badly is if I provide my husband with sons and plenty of them. As unfortunately having daughters will not serve me well. As one day I will have to go through all this with them. The prearranged match making choreographed by their father's. Matches that I will have to hope and pray will treat my babies well. If I provide sons I have to hope that they follow me and not their father's or the men of society that they treat their women with respect, kindness. Oh how I wish my child bearing days are a long way away but not so far that my husband will question if I am capable of having children. As that's another thing women in this day and age have to fear the dreaded event of infertility because that opens even more doors for mistresses to steal a husband from under their noses. For their husband's to treat them even more horribly. No man can stand being saddled with a barren wife. Oh how I find myself praying that I am not cursed with infertility. I became lost in my thoughts and did not notice my mother frantically trying to get my attention and calling my name. "Elena! Come on now child pay attention. You have two days left till your wedding you need to decide on a dress. A wedding dress and a reception dress hurry now". She was snapping her fingers in my face as though she hoped a miracle would happen and some how she'd produce magic. Eventually she caught my attention I apologized and proceeded to make my choice. For my wedding dress I chose what my mother and also the dress designer said was the dress of the season apparently. This year's most ideal fashion trend. For me though it was a dress made from pearl white satin, on the front the most eye grabbing sequins a person ever did see. They made me feel like a fairy-tale princess. My mother wanted a straight down figure hugging dress but as I do every chance I get I chose something different to show her that I am capable of choosing things myself. So my dress was puffy a proper princess style dress. If there was anything I was going to have a say on it was the dress no doubt about it. Naturally mother wasn't too impressed and complained to father the first chance she got as per usual. But instead of telling me to listen to my mother this time around he said absolutely nothing. My reception dress was simple, elegant and in the shade of light blue. Something else my mother didn't like, for her ladies should wear only feminine colours which meant pinks, reds, some blacks basically bright colours that one would associate being a feminine colour. I would be lying if I said I didn't take pleasure in seeing her be so flustered and out of control. Of course with my father not weighing in it was bound to not take her long to back down and to agree for me to keep my choices. At this point in time she was leaving my chambers, the dress designer following close behind and was sulking like a child who's just been told no. I couldn't care less to be honest as it's the least she could do for me. I mean everything else was all her. From my guests, right down to what silverware was being used. It was my wedding and the decision for the dresses should be mine. It was one thing that wasn't up for negotiating. I know she's my mother but this is something she'd just have deal with. Crazier things have happened than a daughter getting a say over such a small contribution to the wedding. As the day drew nearer I was becoming more and more anxious. I didn't even know the man I was marrying. I didn't know his favourite colour, nor what was his favourite meal nothing about him at all. I mean what was I supposed to say to him on our wedding day " Hello thank you for choosing me to be your bride kind sir". I'd come across as insane maybe keeping quiet was best and wait for him to spark up conversation follow his lead. My brain was feeling rather distracted, I was feeling rather sick a lot lately and had no clue what it was. Mother kept eyeing me up and down like I was some sort of foreign object. Absolutely no idea what she was doing perhaps she'd tell me soon. After hanging up my dresses I unfortunately needed to run to the privy. The feeling of nausea was getting worse. I hoped that I wasn't coming down with anything as that would be just my luck wedding approaching and I get ill. I cleaned myself off and decided not to dwell on it after all I had more important things to think about. The rest of the day was filled with boring late minute wedding preparations I honestly don't know why my mother even bothered asking my opinion. After all she knew full well she didn't actually want it. Father was a no show at supper again tonight. Something was off I just knew it but I dare not ask him what was wrong I do not fancy his short temper tonight. So after finishing my food and bidding mother a good night I headed to my chambers where I welcomed my bed. I think anyone would find today a particularly long day too especially if they also had to deal with my mother. I swear that woman doesn't know when to be quiet. I am grateful of course for her help in planning my wedding but the way she was planning it one could swear it was a second one for herself. My bed felt like a warm embrace that I so very much needed. The servants had already been in while I was having supper and lit the fire for me so my room was ever so warm. Not suffocatingly hot no it was just right. Didn't take long before I was fast asleep. Once more my dreams were over run by replays of that night of raw passion I experienced with the infamous Count Von Dragma. It was so vivid as if it was happening all over again. Every touch, sensation and smell felt so real. Elena found herself lost in her dream world as she slept through the night and most of the next day. Her mother was not impressed when she had come down for what she thought was breakfast but was actually lunch. She sat down at the table just as her father finished his food and left to go to his study. It was plain obvious he was avoiding her now though she had no clue why. Once he was out of sight her mother came and sat next to her. She studied Elena before saying "What on earth is going on with you child? it isn't like you to sleep this late into the day. Your as pale as a ghost and your very quiet". Her mother paused for a response but she wouldn't get one as Elena darted off to the privy. Her mother followed her and hammered on the door demanding an explanation. When Elena emerged she simple said "Sorry mother I have an upset stomach I think I am coming down with something". Before returning to the table her mother following close behind. Her mother wasn't convinced something was up but she just couldn't put her finger on it. Finally Elena managed to eat her food before she followed her mother to go over some more final plans for the wedding and her mother insisted that she practice her walk down the isle. She even roped Elena's father into practicing with Elena. He was not at all happy with it and once they were done he couldn't get away quick enough. Even Elena's mother thought something was seriously wrong with her husband after all she'd have expected him to be looking forward to walking his daughter down the isle and dancing with her. But it didn't seem like he wanted to do it all. Eventually she put it down to he must be feeling down because his little girl is all grown up and getting married. What else could it be? neither her or Elena could think of anything it could be instead. Elena hoped to confront him about it at supper but alas he wasn't there. Her mother said he left a message with the butler for him to let them know that he and his most trusted servant had been called away on urgent business. He was sorry but he wouldn't be back in time for supper and would see them both tomorrow on Elena's big day. When Elena had finished her food she said good night to her mother and retreated to her chambers faster than lightening. She was dreading tomorrow and wondering if she'd ever get to sleep as her brain was too awake. But soon enough she went to sleep as she was exhausted. The day of the wedding came and well she felt horrific. A mix of nerves, nausea and exhaustion it wasn't a very good combination. That morning she found herself jokingly asking her mother if they could cancel. Her mother's face in response to that was positively fantastic. It was worth a try she told herself as she rushed back and forth to the privy trying not to be seen by her mother. Who of course saw but didn't make it obvious that she had. Eating her breakfast was a struggle and her mother noticed though she tried to brush it off acting as if nothing was wrong. After some more trips to the privy it was show time and she was being ushered to her chambers to get ready. Her mother ended up doing an amazing job getting her to look half decent despite the fact she felt as though the exhaustion and the nausea might kill her. Once she was ready the entire bridal party made their way downstairs. They waited by the front door for her father while the carriage was being brought around. It wasn't like him to be late he was usually so punctual. Half and hour passed eventually he came downstairs, suit at the ready. He took his daughter's hand and helped her into the carriage. Then he helped his wife into the carriage. Everyone else went in the carriage that came behind after Elena's carriage had left. After taking a detour they eventually got to the church. Fashionably late but still got there. Just outside the church her mother was fussing over her adjusting her veil, everything. Elena prayed she would stop soon and thankfully she did. Moments before the doors opened Elena saw her father begin to cry in the corner of her eye she couldn't help but smile from under her veil. Before she could say something her bridal march began. This was it no going back now. Her stomach was in knots and she wanted to be sick. But there was no chance of her turning around and running to the privy because before she knew it her father had linked arms with her, and was already guiding her down the isle. She wanted to stop her legs from moving but her command for them to stop wasn't working. Under her veil she could see a silhouette of a man edging closer and closer to her as she grew closer to him. She wanted to scream, shout anything to stop this madness but literally no sound would leave her mouth. Then finally she had run out of isle and there she was at the end of the isle with her soon to be husband. Her stomach felt like the knots it was in could cause her to explode. Her own heart beat was now drowning out the sound of the priest beginning to talk. She had no idea what he was saying but when he gestured for her to turn to face the man beside her she did before she could even stop herself. She closed her eyes as the man began to lift her veil. Once the veil was up and over her head she thought for a moment if she just kept her eyes closed then maybe everyone would just leave no wedding problem sorted. But sadly no such luck she heard the priest tell her to open her eyes and before she could stop herself she did . What she saw next she couldn't believe her eyes and found herself barely saying "YOU!" before she passed out. Big strong arms of the man in front of her caught her stopping her from hitting the floor, Count Von Dragma.

Chapter Seven- The wedding continues

Everyone crowded us as I caught Elena and I had soon picked her up in my arms. I looked for the priest in this  crowded chaos when I found him I asked "Is there a private room I can take her so she can recover". The priest nodded as he guided me to a small door way. He opened it and I stepped through with Elena in my arms I noticed in the corner of my eye two people following me. One being Elena's father whom I already knew the other who must have been her mother. Whom I hadn't had the pleasure of meeting yet. They closed the door as I laid Elena on the first table I could find. Then I approached her mother who's face was a mix of angry like thunder and concern for her daughter. I extended my hand before saying "Good morning Ma'am. Count Von Dragma I am to be your son in law.". She looked at me with a cold hard stare before saying "I know who you are" as she smacked me full pelt across the face nearly knocking me to the floor in the process. After I regained my balance I did what everyone does after being hit in the face I nursed my cheek as if it was my wounded pride that I could nurse. "We don't have time for this" she practically shouted at me before going to her daughter's side. As she stroked her cheek Elena started to come to. "Where....where am I? Mother what's going on" she barely said as she rose up to a sitting position holding her head. "I honestly don't know child speak to your father if you want answers I'm guessing this is his doing" her mother boomed as she straightened up and pointed to Elena's father who was standing behind me. Elena turned to face the direction where her mother was pointing. When she saw me her face became angry and she came flying at me almost as though she was a wild banshee. "YOU! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? YOU LEFT ME. I THOUGHT I'D NEVER SEE YOU AGAIN. SO WHY ARE YOU HERE NOW ANSWER ME!" She screamed at me with such a rage am I even a man if I didn't find her attractive, extremely attractive while she's angry. I didn't even respond with words I just caressed her face gently before pulling her in for a long passionate kiss one that she was obviously more than happy to receive as she kissed me back just as passionately maybe even more so. But then she stopped abruptly and slapped my face full pelt. She then glared at me before walking closer to her father. "If he won't tell me why he's here then you better had. What happened to the other guy I was supposed to be marrying" she said in such a way that even seemed to frighten her father. "I....I....I found the count a much better match for you darling" He managed to say. Elena looked surprised as she eyed up her father and myself. "But why would you do that father?" She replied in much softer voice. But before she could finish her father demanded to know how we knew each other. I think now it was out that he had made the switch that he felt he could now be alot more angry. Well granted he had every right to be after all I did bed his daughter and took her virginity unbeknown to him. I wrestled with telling him for a moment but when Elena replied with "We met at a ball" I found myself unable to stop myself as I said "We shared a night of raw exquisite passion now I'm in love with her" at the exact same time as she said her explanation. Elena's face began to soften as she looked at me with those mesmerising eyes. Her breathing increased as I'm pretty sure her heart was pounding and her palms of her hands were most probably sweating too. Being lost in her eyes had me beginning to walk towards her as though I was in a trance. One where I couldn't see her father coming towards me in the corner of my eye. I didn't know he was there till just before I got to Elena he punched me straight in face. It all happened so fast a blink of an eye really as I fell to the floor he kept coming at me. Fists flying trying to make contact as I dodged them. Both women screaming wildly for him to stop. Their screaming was deafening. Then Elena tried getting in between us. Begging her father to stop. He didn't notice she was there and almost hit her in the stomach. Just as the priest and some other men burst into the room to find out what the commotion was. Her mother soon stopped him from hitting Elena and stopping the men in their tracks by screaming "STOP THIS NONSENSE YOU'LL HURT THE BABY!!". Everyone paused and looked at her in utter shock. The two men who were with the priest quickly closed and locked the door behind them. They came up to me and helped me up before saying "Right Count you need to marry our niece before she starts to show. If you don't you'll have us to deal with and I promise you we'll make you hurt more than our brother can". They each shook my hand as I look at them with a blank shocked expression. Elena was just as shocked as she turned to ask her mother what on earth she was talking about. Before she answered her mother approached Elena and gently held her at arms length with her hands on Elena's shoulders. "Darling your with child that's the only explanation I can give for how much you've been physically sick, pale and exhausted. I've sensed you've lost your virginity for awhile now and the count has confirmed it today.". Elena shook her head before backing a way from her mother. She glanced in my direction with tears in her eyes as I stared at her blankly still in shock before she threw a chair shattered the window behind me, she climbed out the window and ran. I narrowly missed being hit by the chair but I didn't even noticed. I was in my own world staring into space. Contemplating the fact I was going to be a father. Before I was even married and even after it hadn't happened with all the other women I had bedded as I took precautions. None of the women went on to have children after I'd bedded them so there wasn't even the chance of a child of mine being mistaken for their husband's child. I was extremely distracted at this point so much so that I didn't hear them go to the window shouting for Elena and then trying to get my attention. It took her mother slapping my face again to get me to snap out of it. "WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR GO AFTER HER SHE COULD HURT HERSELF AND THE BABY" Elena's mother practically screamed in my face. I took a moment to register what she was saying then I looked out the window and saw Elena disappearing into the distance. In a blink of an eye I was climbing out the window and running after her. "ELENA! ELENA STOP! ELENA PLEASE! STOP NOW! ELENA!" I found myself screaming at the top of my lungs as I ran after her my god she was fast for such a short barely pregnant, pregnant lady. But I knew I had to keep her out of danger.  My heart almost stopped as I saw her weaving in and out of traffic ahead of me nearly getting trampled by three horses in the process as I did the same to catch up to her. I could hear him screaming after me as I dodged carriages and horses running as though my life depended on it. But I didn't want to stop I just wanted to run. I wanted to run, I wanted to hide, I just didn't want to be here. I prayed he'd go away and stop chasing me but he didn't. When I began getting out of breath and slowed down causing myself to almost get ran over by a horse he grabbed me, moved me out of the way. Not enough to hurt me or the baby but enough to save me. I felt safe in his arms for a brief moment before I remembered, I remembered that he helped get me into this. He helped in getting me pregnant. I sprung out of his embrace and turn around as fast as lightening. "Get your hands off me! That's what got us into this mess. How could you be here today in the church of all places come to marry me. Did you know you'd get me pregnant is this some sort of conspiracy. How could I marry you!. I don't even trust you let alone feel safe with you. I'm not some timid little flower that you can control either. So what is it you want why me?. Out of the women you've had why me?." I shouted people staring at us as they walked passed none said anything though. He studied me as I continued ranting grinning with that awfully annoying cheeky attractive grin of his. What on earth was he doing. He must be insane I'm in genuine panic and he finds time to stand there grinning at me. Once she had stopped he grinned once more before saying " Your very attractive when your angry do you know that?". She went to reply but before anything could come out of her mouth he held his index finger over her lips before proceeding to slowly and seductively move around where she was standing in a sort of loop repeating it when he got back to where he started. Elena watched him like a hawk as he did not taking her eyes off him for one second. "I didn't know I'd actually get you pregnant. But there was always the risk even with precautions. I didn't plan on any of this. I expected to end that night in epic perpetual bliss with someone but I did not know it would be you. I didn't expect to want to come back that night either out of more than curiosity as well. I didn't expect to be shattered at the fact you weren't there when I got back. I didn't expect to need more than sexual release from you. Hardly anything unexpected happens in my life but yet it has. I didn't expect not to be able to move on from you. I didn't expect to want you the way I do. I didn't expect to blackmail your father into letting me marry you and I certainly didn't expect to feel bad for it. I've blackmailed many people before but with your father it was different. I knew it would make you detest me possibly hate me and that made me feel scared, it wasn't a nice feeling at all. But I also knew I couldn't let you go. I couldn't let you be anything more than a friend to anyone else who wasn't me. I didn't expect to love you! So yes please enlighten me why you?. Why are you so different? Out of so many why only you?." He said as he panted towards the end due to getting out of breath. When he had finished talking it coincided with him stopping at the exact place he started, right in front of her. They stood looking at each other for awhile. The count was still panting because he was out of breath from all that he had to say. Elena was shocked absorbing everything he'd said to her. She really didn't know how to respond. How would one respond to that especially if you didn't know they were telling the truth. After awhile he slowly came closer. He looked deep in her eyes for a few moments before diverting his attention to her stomach. He lightly caressed her growing belly. "Elena, I don't know what kind of man I am outside of being the man I have been. I know nothing about being a father. Or a husband for that matter. But I want to be one for you and them." He said softly as his head moved up to look at her once more. He kept his hand on her growing belly and used his other one to caress her cheek. Slowly wiping away a tear that had escape from her eye. "I want to be your husband and their father. Will you do me the honor of being my wife lady Elena?" He asked softly still caressing her check and growing belly as he did they were locked in an epic moment just getting lost in each other's eyes. My heart melted hearing these words. He loves me he really loves me. Can I really marry him though. I don't even know if I am ready for this but he makes me feel like I am. He makes me want to take his hand so we can jump off the edge of the world together. I take a deep breath as begin to say "Ye.." before we're so rudely interrupted and the count is tackled to the floor by a police man. "What are you doing get off him!. Do you realise who he is" I yell at them as I try to approach but two police men pull me away. "Yes that's him officer I'd recognise him anywhere." A man approaching from behind me was saying. The officer who was holding the count called for another one to help him get the count to stand up and to help contain him on the spot. "Count Von Dragma you are accused of forcing yourself upon this man's wife how do you plead. Bare in mind we can find out the truth and it is a hangable offence" remarked the officer in a deep world shattering voice. "Its not true!" The count began before looking in my direction shock all over my face "Elena I promise you it's not true I swear to you it's not let me go this is a misunderstanding" pleaded the count. The man standing beside me pushed passed the officers detaining me and began saying "LIAR! My wife told me all about it your days are numbered. You know what you did you know you took her against her will!". I couldn't keep my mouth shut and found myself saying "Oh yes because it's completely impossible for her to cheat on you of her own accord is it sir!". The man looked at me with such hatred he looked like he was about to hit me for being impertinent. He raised his hand and was about to speak when a hand came out of no where moving the man away from me. My father finally someone who will see sense. "THAT'S ENOUGH! DON'T YOU DARE RAISE YOUR HAND TO MY DAUGHTER AGAIN SIR!" My father yelled at the top of his lungs in a deep terrifying boom I had never heard him shout like that. The man began to shake and stepped back from my father before saying "But that man is a monster surely you wouldn't interrupt the justice being carried out?" He said through him stuttering and struggling to get out what he wanted to say. My father smiled before saying "Of course not that man has caused a huge amount of trouble for us as a family too. I want to press charges for blackmail and the fact he forced himself on my daughter getting her pregnant. Which we didn't know about till my wife clicked on at the wedding he blackmailed me into arranging for him to marry my daughter. He probably got the poor girl pregnant deliberately so he could marry her. Get a doctor to examine her go on. Then I want that vile human being behind bars awaiting the noose.". I stared at him in disbelief how could my father say that. I struggled to get away from the police men who were holding me. "FATHER! What are you doing!. I gave myself to him willingly. He never forced me." I yelled while looking at my father hoping he would look at me but he wouldn't so I turned to the police men holding the count "Let him go he's innocent. He never forced me to do anything whatsoever. RELEASE HIM AT ONCE!!" I pleaded and shouted before I was told to shut up but the police men. The count was trying to free himself from their grip too. The police men holding him struggled to keep holding him as they said "Count Von Dragma your under arrest" they began to lead him away one of them turned back to look at the ones holding me "Bring her too". The count struggled even more "GET YOUR HANDS OFF HER! ITS A LIE I'D NEVER HARM HER BUT I WILL RIP YOUR THROAT OUT IF YOU HARM EVEN ONE HAIR ON HER HEAD. DO YOU HEAR ME??" The count yelled as he was being carted away. "ELENA! ELENA I LOVE YOU THAT WILL NEVER CHANGE. I'M GOING TO GET OUT OF THIS I PROMISE. IT'S NOT THE END DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?. ELENA! ELENAAAAAAA!" he yelled at the top of his lungs as they separated us. My father tried to stop them from taking me but it was no use. They put us in two separate carriages and to the same local police station but the last I saw of him he was being thrown literally thrown into a jail cell. I was taken to a separate room and told to wait. I waited anxiously about half an hour later a doctor came to examine me. Sure enough he found I was pregnant which of course I already knew. I knew long before my mother announced it. If one was to think about it logically it made sense. It explained the way I had been feeling. After confirming what I already knew and telling the police men that too I was free to go. My parents came to pick me up. As they led me away from the building I tried to go back inside. I couldn't leave him. Of course they tried to stop me. My mother questioned why he was in there in the first place and well she didn't like the answer when my father explained. She slapped him across the face and told me we were going home to figure out what to do next that my father wouldn't be joining us. But what were we going to do next?. This morning I was getting married, I found out what I knew deep down that I was pregnant and now all this. How on earth could this possible be fixed?. The father of my child and possibly the love of my life I didn't know had been accused of something horrific now he faced the hangman's noose. Whatever was going to fix it needed to be found and soon!.