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LaRue's Curse


~La Rue's Curse~

Life is never black and white there is always the grey area in my present day life I am a fun loving and hard working but as in life it is never that simple, if I told everyone my story they would believe I am crazy, stick me in a mental facility my only proof that the curse exists that I have not completely lost my mind is that my mother also has the same curse

Diary Entry to the beginning of a the La Rue Curse

Knights of the Templar have been a part of the family history for as long as I can remember, my grandmother and family history books let us know over and over again. It is the secret society on one hand they believe still works behind hidden walls, in shady corners of the local tavern or bars and in some instances in the highest levels of the government, it all comes down to what you believe in the end. They very well could be it would not surprise me, but in my family, we had brushes with them in our past the La Rue family ran with the royalty, aristocrats and the at times the downtrodden out France.


How do they tie into the Templars? Good question it is still one that we have been searching for but we may find the link one day in our time but like the many generations before mine, they were unable to find the link. All that we do know for sure is the effigies of the Knights Templars are somehow connected to direct descendant of the Le Rouse family line. Over time our name has changed and morphed but La Rue is a part of the Le Rouse line which still shows the connections to the Templars at the church of Imber in Wiltshire England.


We believe that is it is in our history somewhere that this was when our first born females of each generation have the ability to time travel. It is to some a curse to others a gift for me it has a bit of both. You see I am a history buff love it, read about it and research it in the free time that I have. When I speak to my mother she hates the experience but she has no recourse, she just does her best to survive each trip.


You see if you die in a time jump you die here on this plain also. The only way to describe it is a radical mix of Dr. Who meets Outlander. Only mine is happening in real life, it is not something that I can jump out of or stop. I never know where I will end up in which country, or century. Talk about a real mind fuck; one minute I am a small child in China during the time of the Yin Dynasty then seconds later I am standing in the same spot I was when I was pulled in to the past like no time has passed.


Eighteen is the magical number it is the age in which we have our first experience it is hard to describe mine was the old west in the late 1800’s my mothers was Russia in the era of the Russian Tsar Alexander II  in 1830’s it is who we are but this does not define us. Only four people including myself, my mother know of our special trick that is my little brother and my father. The only reason they know is that when we come back we are weak for a while. Limbs are like rubber and we are beyond tired. They help to take care of us. We all have been doing research in hopes to break the curse but we have not found much in a way of a remedy. The only way that I find conceivable is to never have children and to eliminate our family line with me. That is the plan doesn't mean it will work. Till then will just do the best I can to not get killed.


This is the reality I live in. One of intrigue, mystery, mayhem, and really tight uncomfortable clothes and even fewer baths or showers. Being a modern girl in some of the most unmodern times, that is the worst part of this and also the possibility of death.

Chapter One

Standing at the entrance of her bosses office Reverie been summoned but she was unsure why she loved her job she had been there for three years she worked at the University of British Columbia Museum. She ran the education programs for the kids. She did her undergraduate under Professor Veydan. He was also a close family friend he was the reason for her love of History.

“Reverie. Thank you for coming in today.” Reverie smiled wide she was here to talk about her Master's Degree thesis she had been working on it slowly, she worked full time while working on her masters one or two classes at a time. She had to speak to her Professor about her thesis she had pinpointed it down to three topics but she needed some objective feedback.

“Hello, how have you been. I brought by the three topics for my thesis was wondering if you would look them over tell me which one you think would be better for the final thesis.” she pointed to the small stack of papers she had left on his desk.

“Yes, of course, I will look them over. I called you to my office for another reason. I have had an interesting phone call from the New York Natural history museum. There is a Mr. Petrov coming to Vancouver to do a walk through of our Museum. I would like you to entertain him when he is here for the week. I will be out of town. Sidney and I are going to Bolivia for vacation.” he took a seat behind his desk he grabbed the small pile of topics she had done write-ups on.

“Of course I can. Is there anything specific that you need me to show him or just the general run down.” Reveries curiosity was piqued who would he be taking the place of but she didn't need to ask she wasn’t too worried about it.

“No, he is thinking of taking a post here so he is just doing the tour and checking out Vancouver. He was born in Calgary but his family moved to the United States when he was a small child but he is looking to move back to Canada. He is also checking out Drumheller Alberta and the Museum there. Just show him around Reverie. You know all the cool hideouts in Vancouver better than anyone. Show him all the beautiful places you love.” he smiled before he pulled out his desk drawer and pulled out a brown envelope and held it out for Reverie.

“This is all his information. The time he lands, the keys to the condo in Yale town for him to use for the week and also his all-access pass to the Museum.”

Reverie took the Envelope and nodded, “I will take good care of him. When you have time can you read the thesis Idea’s and can you leave them in my mailbox?" Reverie stood up and smiled.  "I hope you have a wonderful trip. Give Sidney my love.” Reverie smiled before she turned and left his office.

Reverie was also doing research on her family. She had found some new information but it meant she would have to go back to France. It had been two months since her last travel but something had changed she had seen the same man in her last two travels, she couldn’t figure it out why or who he was but she was curious why he was all the sudden there. Maybe he had been there before but Rev hadn't noticed him.

Walking quickly down the hallways she looked at her watch picking up her pace, she had a date with her family to go over what she and her mother had on the last trip. She and her father had talked about going back to France and look through more of the LaRouse family history. Possibly going in search of more information on the Templars it was just a matter of time that Reverie wasn't sure she had the time.

Running into her office she quickly opened her bag pushing the envelope into her messenger bag, she needed to get to her parental units house. Mr. Petrov arrived early in the morning and she was already thinking of ways to show him her favorite parts of the city she had come to love, she was also curious if he was married with children, she would have to make a list of some of the best schools also. Taking one last look at her small office she grabbed her bag messenger bag and headed for home.