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Haru/My Rare Treasure


Read about Haru and her struggle of being known as Gabriel Higashiyama (Natasha's Son) daughter. She wants to make her own legacy. She has her friends to help her every step of the way.
      * This is just a spin-off, Natasha.


Dear Diary,

Hello world, my name is Haru Higashiyama, I am sixteen years old. I have such a complicated life. I am popular with many students. I think it is because I am on the student committee. It can also be the fact that I am a very talented artist. I get so many awards for this talent of mine I behold. I wonder where it comes from? Haru get ready for school. Mom said. Alright mom I will be down in a few. I replied. Well to finish my diary entry, all I can say is, I can't wait to see Megumi after school!!! :D

Table of Content...


Book One: 

Part One:

Chapter 1: Entering Haru Higashiyama: Your "Average" Teenage Girl...

Chapter 2: We Have All United for a Common Cause

Chapter 3: Action Before The Enemy

Chapter 4: Megumi's Thought

Chapter 5: Izanami's Appearance and her Loyal Bodyguards... 

Part Two

Chapter 6: The Three Flowers Have Come to Show Off

Chapter 7: It Begins! Entering Izanami's Elite Squad

Chapter 8: Natsumi is trapped in  Hyakunichisou Void...

Chapter 9: Natsumi's Surprise and Bara's Plot

Chapter 10: Yoshi is trapped! Bara's Void and her Unwavering Conviction

Chapter 11: Yoshi's Victory and the Transition of The War 

Part Three

Chapter 12: Haru's True self and Reality

Chapter 13: Haru Saves but is Betrayed At The Same Time...

Chapter 14: Haru Is Wavering On What She Believes

Chapter 15: Haru's Time To Confront the Leader

Chapter 16: Haru's Secret: Part One

Chapter 17: Haru's Secret Part Two 

Chapter 18: Prepare for the unexpected 

Book Two 

Chapter 1: Entering the Casanova of Luxuria, Zhu Bao 

Chapter 2: Testing My Belief and Reasoning? Part One 

Chapter 3: Testing My Belief and Reasoning Part Two 

Chapter 4: It has begun

Chapter 5: Introduction: Seven Deadly Sins 

Chapter 6: Entering Liliya Suzuki the Melusine of Avaritia 

Chapter 7: Entering, Ahn Min-Ji the Vermilion Beast of Superbia 

Chapter 8: Entering, Salem Kobayashi, Enyalis of Ira 

Chapter 9: Entering, Yumi Yukimoto

Chapter 10: Some of the truth is coming

Chapter 11: Entering, Astrid Kimura the Aries of Acedia

Chapter 12: Haru's Troubled and Sayuri's Feelings

Chapter 13: Receiving help for the unexpected?


Side Stories:

Days of Megumi: Part One

Days of Megumi: Part Two


Book One: Chapter 1: Entering Haru Higashiyama: Your "Average" Teenage Girl...

I ran downstairs and I almost fell to the ground. Haru stop slow poking around you will miss your bus. Dad replied. I won't miss the bus I promise I won't. I replied. Well, the bus is right there. Dad replied. As my dad pointed at the bus I panic and ran outside nearly barefoot with a bagel in my mouth. Gabriel, stop doing that to her. Mom replied. Hey, we have spoiled her all her life. She needs to face reality. Dad replied. No, Gabriel, you have spoiled her. Mom replied.

When I got on the bus, I sat with my best friend, Ichiko. Hey Ichiko. I replied. Hey Miss Lateness, I see you finally caught the bus. Ichiko replied. Hey, I am up all night doing homework. I replied. You are number one in our class. Ichiko replied. Yeah, it is stressful as ever. I replied. Then the bus stopped and I saw Aoi Kamiya get on the bus. Aoi is one of my best friends I have too. Hi Aoi, how are you? I asked. I'm fine and good morning, Ichiko and Haru. Aoi replied. Good morning to you too. Ichiko replied. You know Aoi you really know how to make someone smile in the morning. Ichiko replied. You know you really do. I replied. Then two girls from the rival school came on the bus.

I saw the two girls. I know why but I had a feeling I knew them. The girl who goes to Fujimoto High School was wearing sailor uniforms. Her olive-green eyes and orange hair reminded me of the sunset. The other girl had a sailor uniform on as well. She goes to Hira Academy, where the smart and elite students attend. She had straight, jet black hair and glasses and her beautiful amber eyes. Oh, it's nice to see you girls riding the bus. Jun replied. We'll Jun it would be fine if you would stop hitting on the girls. Natsumi replied. Yeah, she's right, you do hit on girls. Yoshi replied. Hey stop bullying me, Haru helps me. Jun replied. I can't save you this time Jun. I replied. You're so mean. Jun replied. Can we at least board the bus? Natsumi asked. Can we board or we will tell you? Yoshi replied. When the girls boarded the bus, the people on the bus started whispering. Hey don't look her, her hair reminds people of flames. I don't believe that I think she's just fed up with Jun's amorous behavior. I replied.

Then the girl that goes Hira Academy tripped and fell down in the aisle. Hey look the nerd fell down. Yuu replied. Seriously, grow up Yuu. I replied. Are you ok, let me help you up? I asked. Thank you. Yoshi replied. Your glasses fell off. I replied.

Thank you again. Yoshi replied. I looked at her eyes without her glasses off. Her eyes change colors from amber to ocean blue. Hey, Haru are you alright? Ichiko asked. Yeah, I am fine. I replied. Soon as the bus stopped at their high schools, I became a little suspicious about those two. I saw Aoi looking at them really funny as he knew them as well.

When we arrived at school. I was still thinking about those girls. Hey Haru? Ichiko asked. Were at school already? I asked. Are you ok, Haru? Aoi asked. I'm fine, you don't have to worry about me. I replied. The name of this school is "*Uesugi Kenshin High School". I'm a normal high school you can say. I thought. I hurried to get into the class. Ichiko replied. I know teach might give us a pop quiz. I replied. I wonder what will happen today? Megumi called me to come to her dojo after school. I thought. Higashiyama, tell me what happened in the year of 1868? Mrs. Mori asked. Yes, ma'am? I asked. If you get this question right, there will be no pop quiz today. Mrs. Mori replied. Hey, you better get this right Higashiyama. Teru replied. Shut up. I replied. That is simple, the time was the Meiji Restoration and our capital, the name was changed from Edo to Toyko. I replied. Very good. Mrs. Mori replied. After school, I was greeted by the people she usually sees on her way to Megumi's Dojo. Soon as she arrived at the dojo, she ran into those two girls again. What are you doing here? I asked. The both of us retrieved a mysterious text to come here. Natsumi replied. I see you retrieved the text message to come here. Megumi replied. I want you to introduce yourselves to each other. Megumi replied. My name is Yoshino Mori. You can call me Yoshi. Yoshi replied. My name is Sakura Natsumi Asahi. I rather that you call me Natsumi. Natsumi replied. My name is Haru Higashiyama, nice to meet you. I replied. Now let me explain why you three are here today. Megumi replied.

Quick History Lesson

*Uesugi Kenshin was a powerful feudal lord that ruled over the Echigo Providence during the Sengoku Period. He was claimed to be the avatar of the Shinto God of War Bishamonten. Some believe he was a woman. 

Book One: Chapter 2: We Have All United for a Common Cause

 Last time,  I arrived at Megumi's Dojo, I saw the two girls from earlier. Haru, I want you to meet Sakura Asahi and Yoshino Mori you will be working with them. Megumi replied. Wait for you two are very well known. I replied. Yeah, we are, my name is Sakura Asahi but I refer you calling me Natsumi. Natsumi replied. You are the most athletic female in your school, right? I asked. Yeah, I am, you are? Natsumi asked. My name is Haru Higashiyama and I am known for my artistic work. I replied. We'll let me introduce myself, my name is Yoshino Mori you can call me Yoshi. Yoshi replied. You're the smartest student in your school you are very well known for that. I replied. Yeah, I really don't think that I am a brainiac. Yoshi replied. That is not what I heard. I replied.

I see you girls have introduced each other. I brought you three together to fight the evil that will doom the city. Megumi replied. You say "we'll doom downtown?" Natsumi asked. Well, there was a loud booming sound I heard a few minutes before I arrived. Yoshi replied. Look outside. Megumi replied. What the hell! Natsumi yelled. I need you three to transform. Megumi replied. I'll try. Natsumi and Yumi replied. Natsumi turned into the Fire Empress. She had a scarlet sleeveless kimono with black and scarlet obi. She was wearing long black socks with scarlet sandals. Yoshi transformed into the Sea Empress. Yoshi's hair turned brown and her eye color turned Ocean Blue. She wore a light blue long-sleeved kimono. She had white ribbons around her arms. She also had long socks on the knees. Her shoes were boots other than sandals. Haru transformed turned into the Shadow Dragon. She was wearing a black bikini top with the Shadow Dragon emblem on it. She wears a black bikini bottom and a ninja cloth over her mouth. You kind of remind me of a genie. Natsumi replied. Reminds me of an Amazon. Megumi replied. Shut up Megumi. I replied. I give you three a request. Defeat the villains that a plaguing the city. Megumi replied. Let's show these villains who run this town. I replied.

Enough pep talk lets fight. Natsumi replied. You just like to fight. Yoshi replied. This is kind of my nature. Natsumi replied. Soon as we stopped on the road, three girls appeared. So, you girls are our opponents? Hana asked. Afraid so. Mai replied. The one in black is very strong, I feel it emanating from her I want to fight her. Jessabelle replied. You know I want the red head, she looks like she could give up a good fight. Hana replied. Alright, I'll be delighted as you beat up, wise ass. Natsumi replied. I like your attitude. Hana replied. Natsumi and Hana started fighting and nearly destroyed a building. Am I left with the water elemental? Mai replied. What was that? Yoshi asked. You'll regret those words. Yoshi replied. Then let's start this fight. Mai replied. Mai used the attack "Barracuda". Yoshi ran and used the water around her to create a shield. So, you can use water to create weapons that are pretty clever. Mai replied. Oh, I'm just getting started. Yoshi replied. Yoshi was fighting so fast that the pressure broke the glass window. I see you can keep up with my attacks. Mai replied. I'm smarter than I look. Yoshi replied. You say you're going to beat me up? I asked. Wait you are Haru Higashiyama? Jessabelle asked. Yes, I am but that will be the last words you speak of my name before I defeat you. Why is she so scared of her? Aoi thought. You're the elemental summoner. Jessabelle replied. Only thing is that you are in your Shadow Dragon State though. Isn't that a taboo? Jessabelle asked. None of your damn business! I yelled. Final Attack: *Aku no Surasshu!!! Haru yelled as she swung her Universal Blade, Boreas. What the hell? Hana replied. Hana was paralyzed with fear. Damn Haru you brought fear to her. Natsumi replied. Did you finish your fight with her? I asked. Yeah, and I beat her ass. Natsumi replied. Yes, and I am the redhead who beat you ass, Hana. Natsumi replied. Well, now we have to be patient and wait for Yoshi to finish her battle with Mai.

What the hell? Mai replied. Am I left with the water elemental? Mai asked. What is that supposed to mean? Yoshi asked. What did I mean? Mai replied with an attitude. You guys finished your fights already? Yoshi asked. Yeah, we did! I yelled. Have the girls fallen to those two? Mai asked. Should have never turn your back on your enemy! Yoshi yelled. What?! Mai asked. Yoshi punched Mai in the face.  Did Yoshi just send her flying? Natsumi replied. Yeah, she actually did. I replied. You can't be who I think you are? Mai asked. What are you implying? Yoshi asked. The fact that because I am not as weak as you thought, am I? Yoshi asked. You are nothing and will be a nobody. Mai replied. Yoshi ran towards her and summoned her ribbons and tangled Mai in her ribbons. Did she get her? Natsumi asked. Not yet. Haru replied. You are right, this is not. Mai replied. Yoshi! Natsumi yelled. Yoshi pulled her ribbon and squeezed her. How did I lose her? Mai asked. Well, you lost to me and that is that. Yoshi replied. You are right! I yelled. Let's go and tell Megumi. Natsumi replied. Did they say the name Megumi? Jessabelle mumbled. I think they did. Hana replied. So, they are associated with her? Aoi replied.

 Boreas is the Greek God of the northern wind and Winter. He is also one of the Anemoi (the seasonal wind gods).    

Book One: Chapter 3: Action Before The Enemy Ambushes...

As I walked home, I knocked on the door. Who is it? My mom asked. It's me Haru. I replied. You're late, did you have to stay for a meeting? My mom asked. You could say that. I replied. Well wash up and get ready for dinner. My mom replied. Mom is dad home yet? I asked. You know your dad is always late home. Mom replied. That is true. I replied. Soon as I entered my room and I changed into a periwinkle tank top, cool gray sweatpants and slide sandals. 

  When I came downstairs I saw my grandmother, Natasha Higashiyama. My grandmother is known for risking her life to destroy an evil force from her past. She killed off all the demons all by herself with a little help from my step-grandfather Keenan Higashikuni. She came up to me asking me if I am ok. I saw an assassin after you. I came here to get your parents informed about this problem. Natasha replied. Haru you two occupations ok sweetheart. Natasha replied. You could A: Break his spirit or B: Break some Higashiyama on his ass. Which one do you refer? Natasha asked. Mom, I will not be having you influencing Haru to do something reckless. Dad replied. Hi, dad your home. I replied. Hi Haru. Dad replied. I kind of agree and disagree with your mom at the same time. Mom replied. You just like violence in general. Dad replied. You know me too well. Mom replied. What will I do? I thought. Grandma's decision seems cool but dangerously violent. I replied. My dad is the whole decision altogether. My mom agrees but disagrees. I replied. This is so confusing! I yelled. Haru your grandmother is a bad influence on anyone she talks to. Dad replied. Dad so you're saying, "Grandma is a horrible person to be around?" I asked. No, it's because I don't take mess from anyone. Natasha replied. Well, I'll sleep on what to do. I replied. Before I went to bed, I took a soothing bath. I kind of felt like I melted a piece of my troubles away. When I got out of the bath I changed into my favorite periwinkle pajamas. The shirt is white and periwinkle and my shorts are grey. As I was getting ready for bed, I saw a guy looking at me from a long distant murmuring something. Haru that guy is the person who has been stalking you. Orchid replied.Wait who is that? I asked. "Haru, that guy is the person who was stalking you" Orchid replied. Orchid jumped out the window and ran outside. She turned into my Shadow Dragon form and fought the assassins that were after Haru. You must be really stupid thinking you can attack Haru and live. Orchid replied. I was called to kill her. She is a nuisance to our leader, Izanami. Artemis replied. They say Haru possesses a certain power that could crush anything in her way and her name brings fear to demons and demon lords. Aoi replied. Is that so? Orchid asked. After all the Higashiyama have one hell of a reputation for defeating and overdoing it. Orchid replied. Where do you think you are going? Artemis asked. We will get a heavily paid killing you. Aoi replied. Orchid was fighting the guy and when she was fighting him she looked him in the eyes. You can't be, what is your name?! Orchid replied. Whenever we might see you again I might tell you. Aoi replied. When Orchid came back into the room she was mumbling "I can't believe it was him?" What do you mean? I asked. Maybe another time. Good Night Haru. Orchid replied.


As school got out, I was still thinking about those three girls and what were they trying to gain? I thought. Megumi might know about this mess so let me go see her. I thought. So I walked to Megumi's Dojo.  As soon as I got there, Natsumi and Yoshi were there. Since you girls are here, you want to know something.  Hey Megumi why did you pick us out of all people to be together? Natsumi asked. The reason I chose you, girls, is because your abilities you wield. For example, Natsumi you a fire wielder. Megumi replied. It felt so weird that I transformed like that. Natsumi replied. You are right it felt freaky too. Yoshi replied. Yoshi your powers come from your origin. What is my origin actually? Yoshi asked. I will tell you in time or you might find out on your own. Megumi replied. Don't try to play Mrs. Mysterious. I replied. No about your powers, Haru. Natsumi replied. My powers have two sides. I replied. Yeah, the form you witness earlier was one my shadow dragon elemental forms. I replied. Haru uses that because mmm. Megumi replied. Now Megumi we can't go telling my business out loud and I won't tell you yours. I replied. Whatever you say. Megumi replied. That weapon you wielded earlier was pretty cool. Natsumi replied. Well with every elemental I use I get a weapon like that. I replied. That halberd you wield was a replica of the real? Yoshi asked. Yeah, it is a replica but was bestowed upon me by the real people from the legends actually. I replied. You mean you met one of the Divine Kings? Yoshi asked. Yeah, I did, they are really nice elderly men. They kind of remind me of nice grandpas actually. I replied. It's 4:30 PM I have to get home. My mom will have my head. I replied. We should get going too. Natsumi replied. I hope one day I get a crazy weapon like that one. Natsumi thought. Hey, I see Haru Higashiyama. Artemis replied. Good, I need you take her to eliminate her. Izanami replied. 

 As we were talking  I saw Aoi, he was giving her weird looks as if he was conflicted about something. I walked over and to ask if him if he was alright. Oh did I worry you Haru? Aoi asked. It's fine alright. I  replied. Well, I am going to class now. Soon as I walked off, she asked Orchid to play look out for her. Something is off with him I know it. I replied. As you wish my lady and mistress. Orchid replied. You don't have to call me that you know. I replied. "Were partners, Orchid,". I replied. I know but " I was entrusted to you." Orchid replied. Then Orchid do what I requested. I replied. My Lady, what happens if he resists and attacks me? Orchid asked. Do what you do best. I replied. Alright, you're giving me permission to hurt him badly? Orchid asked. Yes, you can hurt him badly. I replied. Hey, Haru who were you talking to just now? Ichiko asked. Whatever do you mean? The bell just rang so let's got to class. I replied. After school, Aoi followed Haru to Megumi's Dojo. Wait, Aoi what are you doing here? I asked. Had I to ask you a question? Aoi asked. Yeah, what is it? I asked. Haru why did you let that girl attack you yesterday night? Aoi asked. Aoi what are you talking about? I asked. Haru who are you talking too? Megumi asked. Oh, my friend Aoi Amachi. I replied. Wow, I didn't know this young man is a friend? Megumi asked. Yeah, do you know him? I asked. Let's just say, I met him many years ago. Megumi replied. Nice seeing you again Miki. Aoi replied. Well, I have to head home. Aoi replied. See you tomorrow. I replied.  

Quick History Lesson

*Izanami is the Ruler of the Underworld in Shinto Mythology. Her name means "she who invites". She is stuck in the underworld because she ate the food of that place and now she is bound there. As it says in the stories, if you have a party with her and you eat the food she serves you, you will be bound there with her forever for eternity.

In this case, the Izanami is just the reference as the villain basically.

Book One: Chapter 4: Megumi's Thought

Last time, Haru went came straight to Megumi's Dojo. She runs into Aoi. Megumi looked at him as if they knew each other. Well, let's not get wrapped up in a boy now Haru. That's not like you. Megumi replied. You know you are right. I replied. Oh Haru, I also came here because you left your jacket. Aoi replied. Thank you, Aoi. Haru replied. So you keep her stuff too? Haruto replied. This guy is Haruto Hirayama, he always picks on Aoi since we've been children. I was just doing the right thing by giving Haru her jacket. Aoi replied. Why are you here, Haruto? I asked. My girlfriend trains learning self-defense. Haruto replied. Oh, you mean Chihiro Suzuki? Megumi asked. Yeah, that's her name. Haruto replied. Hey, can you help me today? Megumi asked. Please don't tell me we are. I replied. What is Megumi implying? Yoshi asked. You three will be teaching my Self Defense class today. Megumi replied. I have to see someone today. Megumi replied. Who? I asked. My little secret. Megumi replied. What could she be hiding? I thought. Megumi drove off in a hurry. Hey, do you guys feel like Megumi is hiding something? Haru asked. Yeah, she is but let's respect her privacy. Yoshi replied. Alright, what does Megumi do with you guys regularly? I asked. Why did Megumi leave? I thought.

Well before we start, what do you do? I asked. Hey Higashiyama, do you know Martial Arts? Chihiro asked. Yeah, I might not look it but I have been doing martial arts since I was a child. I replied. Wait you are serious? Natsumi asked. Yeah is that why you can't fight? Yoshi asked. I'll explain everything after the class ends alright. I replied. What the hell is Megumi doing? I thought. When Megumi left she ran into a young man in with dark brown hair with golden colored eyes. He was wearing a red jacket with black jeans and black and red colored sneakers. What the hell do you have to hide Aoi? Megumi replied. Well to eliminate Haru before she kills like the last time. Aoi replied. Well if you think that you can stop her, be my guest. Megumi replied. What could you be hiding from me? Aoi replied. The fact that her father and the Ten Generals sealed her powers away. Megumi replied. You know if Izanami finds out you are here, she will punish you. Megumi replied. You are right. Aoi replied.You know she will find out that is your true appearance one day. Megumi replied. I know that. Aoi replied. Well, I am going back to my Dojo. Megumi replied. Alright. Aoi replied. The two went their separate ways. He is in love with Haru. At the same time, he doesn't want to defy the woman who saved his life. Megumi thought. 

I saw Megumi zoned out. I walked over out of concern. What are you thinking about Megumi? I asked. Oh, nothing that is important.


Book One: Chapter 5: Izanami's Appearance and her Loyal Bodyguards...

The next day, everyone sees  Aoi all banged up and as usual, they ignored him but today was different. 

 I went to school she runs into Aoi. For some reason, he was giving off a bad vibe. I replied. Good morning, Aoi. I replied. Oh good morning Haru. Aoi replied. I want you to follow him again, Orchid replied. Yes, my lady. Orchid replied. Out of curiosity, is he acting strange today? Orchid asked. Yeah as if he has some intentions to do something wrong. I whispered. Yes, I will watch. Orchid replied. The bell rang for classes. Hey, Haru are you in deep thought about something? Ichiko asked. You could say that. I replied. Hey, Aoi do you want to join us for lunch? Ichiko asked. I would love to but I have to go but I have to an appointment. Aoi replied. That Aoi just told the both of us a straight lie to our faces. I replied. Hey, do you feel like Aoi just told the both of a big lie? Yukino asked. How does she know? I thought. Well, where do you want to sit? Ichiko asked. How about the tree around of school gate? I replied. Sure. Ichiko replied.Hey, so that is the girl, Haru Higashiyama? Arisa asked. She is really pretty, I see why that dumb ass couldn't kill her. Denji replied. What the hell don't gawk at her. Arisa replied. She is drop dead gorgeous and busty to boot. Denji replied. I already hate her. Arisa replied. You can't get mad at her because you have a big breast complex. Denji replied. When Haru and Ichiko were talking, Ichiko was looking outside. Is something outside? Haru asked. I thought I saw something but it was just me. Ichiko replied. Soon as class flew by, it was lunchtime. Well, let's go and sit outside. Ichiko replied. Yeah, I will be leaving now. Aoi replied. Orchid. I replied. Yes, my lady. Orchid replied. Soon as Aoi walked outside the school. Wait is that Izanami Ono the model? Ichiko asked. Yeah, what is she doing here? I thought. Come on Aoi we need to go to your appointment. Izanami replied. Alright, my lady. Aoi replied. I've heard that name before. I replied. Seriously, where did you hear it from? Ichiko asked. 

  When I saw that woman, she gave her a cold look. I know exactly who that woman is. I replied. My family has a bad blood between her and her clan. I replied. Now that I think about, your family comes from a very prestigious family right? Ichiko asked. Yeah, I forgot what it was that made us hate her family. I replied. My lady, must I follow them? Orchid asked. Go ahead, I also want to know why my family hates that woman? I asked. I know why your family hates her but I would rather you hear it from the victim herself. Orchid replied. When the car was on the way to Izanami's house, Orchid saw some people. So Orchid went spying on them in incognito. It has many years since I have seen that little girl. Izanami replied. You know Haru? Aoi asked. Do you remember that incident that happened five years ago? Izanami asked. Yeah, a few of our men barely came back alive. Aoi replied. Let's just say that girl is the cause. Izanami replied. You mean that bitch was the one who blinded Ryuu? Aoi asked. You know a few minutes ago you act like you love her? Izanami replied. You know I think we have a little birdie spying on us. Izanami asked. Let's show them what we are capable. Izanami replied. A bunch of her bodyguards came out and attacked Orchid. Don't tell me that was your elite? Orchid asked. You know you were always a glutton for punishment. Izanami replied. Don't lay a finger on her. Aoi replied. Aoi kicked Orchid in the stomach. You asshole! Orchid yelled. Orchid punched Aoi in the nose. I don't know why you follow or trust this woman? Orchid asked. I own my life to this woman. Aoi replied. You are a fool. The Ono Clan are evil people! Orchid yelled. I don't believe you!!! Aoi replied. If you won't listen then I will force you too!!! Orchid replied. I'm curious about what the backstory between the Higashiyama and Ono Clan? I thought.

When I got home, I saw my Aunt Kaori (Natasha). Hey Aunt Kaori, can I ask you about a  certain matter? I asked. Sit down and talk away, tell me what you want to know. Kaori asked. I sat down and explained everything to her. Well, what does the Ono Clan have against our family? I asked. That family had it in on our family. The Ono Clan are a branch of humans with supernatural abilities. Kaori replied.  Seriously? I asked. Yes, and they hate us because they are like monks and the Shadow Dragon Clans are demons that can take human forms. Kaori replied. One of the Ono family members brutally attacked and killed some of the Shadow Dragons of the North, the Higashiyama Clan we descend from. Kaori replied. Your great-great-grandmother  Ai, who was the Shadow Dragon of that generation took them down the clan down with single handed. Kaori replied. Were you there when she did this? I asked. Yes, I was a little girl. I admired my mother at that time. I wanted to infamous like her. Kaori replied. So grandma took them down with ease. I replied. I wish I could fight with her. I thought. It seems they want their vengeance upon us by targeting you and your friends. Kaori replied.  Soon as I was done talking to Aunt Kaori, Jeremy Higashiyama (Natasha) my great great grandfather and he told me that the Ono Clan has an elite squad but didn't tell me the number. Thank you, grandpa. I replied. Oh, can you read my new book? Jeremy asked. Grandpa, I love your work. It is so realistic as if you are there. I replied.  I will tell you the motivation for my books one of these days. Jeremy replied. Where did that cliffhanger come from? I thought.

Later that night, I asked Orchid to tail Aoi and Izanami.

 When Orchid was found out Aoi was attacking her.Orchid was fighting again. Aoi kicked her in the stomach. Orchid flew back into the wall. You are one dumb kid. Are you fighting for the enemy? Orchid replied. What the hell do you mean by the enemy? Aoi asked. I wouldn't be surprised if you were abducted from your parents by that woman. Orchid replied. She would never do that to me. Aoi replied. Orchid jumped and punched Aoi in the face. Aoi got back up and punched her again. I don't believe you! Aoi replied. I know everything, kid. Orchid replied. One day you will find out on your own. Orchid replied. Well, I am leaving. Orchid replied. Oh before I leave, why don't you ask Izanami's real name is. Orchid replied. What the hell is she talking about? Aoi thought. When Orchid returned, school had already ended. Orchid met the girls at Megumi's Dojo. Oh, my gosh who got? Megumi asked. Bite me you bitch. Orchid replied. Don't get an attitude with me. Megumi replied. I'm sorry. Orchid replied. Are you ok? Are you hurt? Haru asked. I am fine, you know I can't die. Orchid replied. Are you one of the retainers of the Higashiyama Clan? Yoshi asked. Yes, I am. Wait, is that you Princess Yoshino? Orchid replied. Uh, Yoshi did she just call you princess? Natsumi asked. Let's ignore whatever you just heard. Yoshi replied. What do you know? Haru asked. You can get angry if you want but there are some things that are left to be unsaid. Orchid replied. Haru, if Orchid told you what she saw you wouldn't believe her. Megumi replied. Megumi was looking outside. How about you girls go home. Megumi replied. Why do you want us to go home? Natsumi asked. As Haru and Orchid walked out first. Orchid brushed past Megumi. Megumi tells her. "She has called them out and they are out for a few people" Megumi whispered. You don't have to worry "They" won't let them have their way. Orchid replied.

Book One: Chapter 6: The Three Flowers Have Come to Show Off

The next day, I ran into Aoi. Hey Aoi. I replied. Yes, I am fine now, I am glad you were concerned. Also, you look like someone go you lol. Haruto replied. Shut up, I got into a fight no big deal. Aoi replied. Do you want me to take you to the Nurse's Office? I asked. I am fine, I can deal with it, you know how I am. Aoi replied. Hey, I've seen wounds like that before. Were you fighting a young girl? I asked. What are you talking about, Haru? Aoi asked. It must be my imagination. I replied. Did you get your ass handed to him by a girl? Haruto asked. Stop picking on him. I replied. Whatever you say Haru. Haruto replied. After that Hey what are you going on about? Ichiko asked. You know those wounds were afflicted by martial arts. You know that. I replied. Yeah, I know. I believe Aoi is with that nasty woman anyways. Ichiko replied. You know you have to stay low for a while until you are asked. I replied. Oh, believe me, if they found out hell will break loose. Ichiko replied. As I was walking to math Trig class, she sees Megumi at the school. Hey Megumi. Ichiko replied. Wait is that you? Megumi asked. Yes, it's me, Megumi. Ichiko replied. I need to talk to you after school. Megumi replied. What the hell is going on? I asked. You heard it didn't you? Megumi asked. If it is what you desire I can't refuse your request. Ichiko replied. Megumi what are you hiding? I asked. Well come to my Dojo and I might feel like answering you. Megumi replied.

Later that afternoon, the others were at the Dojo.

The girls an I met up at Megumi's Dojo. Hey, you all it has been a while since we met up. Megumi replied. What were you hiding from us? Natsumi asked. Well, Ms. Eager, you are right I was hiding something from you. It was the fact I know who you are going to face. Megumi replied. What is going on here? I asked. Well you see, you are going to face their aces. Megumi replied. You mean we are going against their elite? Natsumi asked. Yes, and you need to be ready for any attacks they are going to pull. Megumi replied. So they will pull any trick they can? Yoshi asked. I call that cowardly. Natsumi replied. It is cowardly in my eyes as well. I replied. Yeah like for example, we have a spy in our presences! Haru yelled. I summoned a *shuriken and threw in at the wall. I know you are in here somewhere. You don't want me to find so come out this instant. I replied. Come out, if the Amazon wreck my Dojo in any fashion Izanami is paying the bill for a new one! Megumi yelled. Why do you call her an Amazon? Yoshi replied. You never want to witness her in anger. Megumi replied. What do you mean? Natsumi asked. You see she cast me off into a tangible form. I am her hatred and malice. Orchid replied. What?! Natsumi and Yoshi yelled. Yes, I am, I just chose to become a servant who serves her to my full ability. You don't look like you could raise any hell or violent. Yoshi replied. Yeah, the hell she can. If those two fuses she together, Haru will regain her terrifying powers. Megumi replied. That is why I don't want you to fuse. Megumi replied. I know you don't want that to happen. Orchid replied. I thought you were an ordinary girl. Natsumi replied. No, I am her hatred and malice, that is all. Orchid replied. While Orchid and the others were talking, I found the spy. I never thought I would ever see you ever again. I replied.  So this is one of the people we are going to face? Tsubaki asked.

Would I have never thought they would have had you spy on us? I asked. It's not like you all will win against Izanami's elite. Tsubaki replied. Well, I am sorry you are sadly mistaken but we all will come out victorious. I replied. You say that Haru Higashiyama but I know all about your powers. Tsubaki replied. I mean you could try to attack me but by instinct, I will attack you. I replied. Hey Haru, do you know the enemy is all around this place? Orchid asked. Now I have, how long did you know this? I replied. Well for the last twenty minutes we have been here. Orchid replied. You know you could have told all of us this! I yelled. Hey don't yell at me bitch! Orchid replied. Hey ladies, yelling at each other won't solve anything. I know who sent Tsubaki. Megumi replied. Who could that be? Natsumi asked. Well, it seems like this *Botan's work in play. Megumi replied. So you haven't really aged have yet, Miki? Botan asked. I see you dress like a little skank. Megumi replied. I am not a skank for your information. Botan replied. I see from all these weaklings. It seems this one would put up a decent fight. Botan replied. Are you talking about me? Yoshi asked. I see you are a cocky one? Botan replied. I'm just saying you are challenging me. I will make you wish you never met me. Yoshi replied. Botan could you stop picking fights with weaklings. *Hyakunichisou replied. So you two are here. Where is the other two? Megumi asked. Oh wow, never thought I would see you ever again? Bara asked. You three are here, where is your leader? Megumi replied. He has no time for you girls, only to face Haru Higashiyama. Bara replied. I walk up and says, "So you boss wants me?" So this little girl is a major threat? Bara asked. Do you really want to try me? I asked. What will happen next? 

Quick History Lesson...

*White Rose (Bara) means Innocence/ silence/devotion

*Peony (Botan) means bravery. Do not get Botan mixed up with the female character Botan from Yu Yu Hakusho.

*Zinna (Hyakunichisou) means loyalty