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Haru/My Rare Treasure


Read about Haru and her struggle of being known as Gabriel Higashiyama (Natasha's Son) daughter. She wants to make her own legacy. She has her friends to help her every step of the way.
      * This is just a spin-off, Natasha.


Dear Diary,

Hello world, my name is Haru Higashiyama, I am sixteen years old. I have such a complicated life. I am popular with many students. I think it is because I am on the student committee. It can also be the fact that I am a very talented artist. I get so many awards for this talent of mine I behold. I wonder where it comes from? Haru get ready for school. Mom said. Alright mom I will be down in a few. I replied. Well to finish my diary entry, all I can say is, I can't wait to see Megumi after school!!! :D

Table of Content...


Book One: 

Part One:

Chapter 1: Entering Haru Higashiyama: Your "Average" Teenage Girl...

Chapter 2: We Have All United for a Common Cause

Chapter 3: Action Before The Enemy

Chapter 4: Megumi's Thought

Chapter 5: Izanami's Appearance and her Loyal Bodyguards... 

Part Two

Chapter 6: The Three Flowers Have Come to Show Off

Chapter 7: It Begins! Entering Izanami's Elite Squad

Chapter 8: Natsumi is trapped in  Hyakunichisou Void...

Chapter 9: Natsumi's Surprise and Bara's Plot

Chapter 10: Yoshi is trapped! Bara's Void and her Unwavering Conviction

Chapter 11: Yoshi's Victory and the Transition of The War 

Part Three

Chapter 12: Haru's True self and Reality

Chapter 13: Haru Saves but is Betrayed At The Same Time...

Chapter 14: Haru Is Wavering On What She Believes

Chapter 15: Haru's Time To Confront the Leader

Chapter 16: Haru's Secret: Part One

Chapter 17: Haru's Secret Part Two 

Chapter 18: Prepare for the unexpected 

Book Two 

Chapter 1: Entering the Casanova of Luxuria, Zhu Bao 

Chapter 2: Testing My Belief and Reasoning? Part One 

Chapter 3: Testing My Belief and Reasoning Part Two 

Chapter 4: It has begun

Chapter 5: Introduction: Seven Deadly Sins 

Chapter 6: Entering Liliya Suzuki the Melusine of Avaritia 

Chapter 7: Entering, Ahn Min-Ji the Vermilion Beast of Superbia 

Chapter 8: Entering, Salem Kobayashi, Enyalis of Ira 

Chapter 9: Entering, Yumi Yukimoto

Chapter 10: Some of the truth is coming

Chapter 11: Entering, Astrid Kimura the Aries of Acedia

Chapter 12: Haru's Troubled and Sayuri's Feelings

Chapter 13: Receiving help for the unexpected?


Side Stories:

Days of Megumi: Part One

Days of Megumi: Part Two


Book One: Chapter 1: Entering Haru Higashiyama: Your "Average" Teenage Girl...

I ran downstairs and I almost fell to the ground. Haru stop slow poking around you will miss your bus. Dad replied. I won't miss the bus I promise I won't. I replied. Well, the bus is right there. Dad replied. As my dad pointed at the bus I panic and ran outside nearly barefoot with a bagel in my mouth. Gabriel, stop doing that to her. Mom replied. Hey, we have spoiled her all her life. She needs to face reality. Dad replied. No, Gabriel, you have spoiled her. Mom replied.

When I got on the bus, I sat with my best friend, Ichiko. Hey Ichiko. I replied. Hey Miss Lateness, I see you finally caught the bus. Ichiko replied. Hey, I am up all night doing homework. I replied. You are number one in our class. Ichiko replied. Yeah, it is stressful as ever. I replied. Then the bus stopped and I saw Aoi Kamiya get on the bus. Aoi is one of my best friends I have too. Hi Aoi, how are you? I asked. I'm fine and good morning, Ichiko and Haru. Aoi replied. Good morning to you too. Ichiko replied. You know Aoi you really know how to make someone smile in the morning. Ichiko replied. You know you really do. I replied. Then two girls from the rival school came on the bus.

I saw the two girls. I know why but I had a feeling I knew them. The girl who goes to Fujimoto High School was wearing sailor uniforms. Her olive-green eyes and orange hair reminded me of the sunset. The other girl had a sailor uniform on as well. She goes to Hira Academy, where the smart and elite students attend. She had straight, jet black hair and glasses and her beautiful amber eyes. Oh, it's nice to see you girls riding the bus. Jun replied. We'll Jun it would be fine if you would stop hitting on the girls. Natsumi replied. Yeah, she's right, you do hit on girls. Yoshi replied. Hey stop bullying me, Haru helps me. Jun replied. I can't save you this time Jun. I replied. You're so mean. Jun replied. Can we at least board the bus? Natsumi asked. Can we board or we will tell you? Yoshi replied. When the girls boarded the bus, the people on the bus started whispering. Hey don't look her, her hair reminds people of flames. I don't believe that I think she's just fed up with Jun's amorous behavior. I replied.

Then the girl that goes Hira Academy tripped and fell down in the aisle. Hey look the nerd fell down. Yuu replied. Seriously, grow up Yuu. I replied. Are you ok, let me help you up? I asked. Thank you. Yoshi replied. Your glasses fell off. I replied.

Thank you again. Yoshi replied. I looked at her eyes without her glasses off. Her eyes change colors from amber to ocean blue. Hey, Haru are you alright? Ichiko asked. Yeah, I am fine. I replied. Soon as the bus stopped at their high schools, I became a little suspicious about those two. I saw Aoi looking at them really funny as he knew them as well.

When we arrived at school. I was still thinking about those girls. Hey Haru? Ichiko asked. Were at school already? I asked. Are you ok, Haru? Aoi asked. I'm fine, you don't have to worry about me. I replied. The name of this school is "*Uesugi Kenshin High School". I'm a normal high school you can say. I thought. I hurried to get into the class. Ichiko replied. I know teach might give us a pop quiz. I replied. I wonder what will happen today? Megumi called me to come to her dojo after school. I thought. Higashiyama, tell me what happened in the year of 1868? Mrs. Mori asked. Yes, ma'am? I asked. If you get this question right, there will be no pop quiz today. Mrs. Mori replied. Hey, you better get this right Higashiyama. Teru replied. Shut up. I replied. That is simple, the time was the Meiji Restoration and our capital, the name was changed from Edo to Toyko. I replied. Very good. Mrs. Mori replied. After school, I was greeted by the people she usually sees on her way to Megumi's Dojo. Soon as she arrived at the dojo, she ran into those two girls again. What are you doing here? I asked. The both of us retrieved a mysterious text to come here. Natsumi replied. I see you retrieved the text message to come here. Megumi replied. I want you to introduce yourselves to each other. Megumi replied. My name is Yoshino Mori. You can call me Yoshi. Yoshi replied. My name is Sakura Natsumi Asahi. I rather that you call me Natsumi. Natsumi replied. My name is Haru Higashiyama, nice to meet you. I replied. Now let me explain why you three are here today. Megumi replied.

Quick History Lesson

*Uesugi Kenshin was a powerful feudal lord that ruled over the Echigo Providence during the Sengoku Period. He was claimed to be the avatar of the Shinto God of War Bishamonten. Some believe he was a woman. 

Book One: Chapter 2: We Have All United for a Common Cause

 Last time,  I arrived at Megumi's Dojo, I saw the two girls from earlier. Haru, I want you to meet Sakura Asahi and Yoshino Mori you will be working with them. Megumi replied. Wait for you two are very well known. I replied. Yeah, we are, my name is Sakura Asahi but I refer you calling me Natsumi. Natsumi replied. You are the most athletic female in your school, right? I asked. Yeah, I am, you are? Natsumi asked. My name is Haru Higashiyama and I am known for my artistic work. I replied. We'll let me introduce myself, my name is Yoshino Mori you can call me Yoshi. Yoshi replied. You're the smartest student in your school you are very well known for that. I replied. Yeah, I really don't think that I am a brainiac. Yoshi replied. That is not what I heard. I replied.

I see you girls have introduced each other. I brought you three together to fight the evil that will doom the city. Megumi replied. You say "we'll doom downtown?" Natsumi asked. Well, there was a loud booming sound I heard a few minutes before I arrived. Yoshi replied. Look outside. Megumi replied. What the hell! Natsumi yelled. I need you three to transform. Megumi replied. I'll try. Natsumi and Yumi replied. Natsumi turned into the Fire Empress. She had a scarlet sleeveless kimono with black and scarlet obi. She was wearing long black socks with scarlet sandals. Yoshi transformed into the Sea Empress. Yoshi's hair turned brown and her eye color turned Ocean Blue. She wore a light blue long-sleeved kimono. She had white ribbons around her arms. She also had long socks on the knees. Her shoes were boots other than sandals. Haru transformed turned into the Shadow Dragon. She was wearing a black bikini top with the Shadow Dragon emblem on it. She wears a black bikini bottom and a ninja cloth over her mouth. You kind of remind me of a genie. Natsumi replied. Reminds me of an Amazon. Megumi replied. Shut up Megumi. I replied. I give you three a request. Defeat the villains that a plaguing the city. Megumi replied. Let's show these villains who run this town. I replied.

Enough pep talk lets fight. Natsumi replied. You just like to fight. Yoshi replied. This is kind of my nature. Natsumi replied. Soon as we stopped on the road, three girls appeared. So, you girls are our opponents? Hana asked. Afraid so. Mai replied. The one in black is very strong, I feel it emanating from her I want to fight her. Jessabelle replied. You know I want the red head, she looks like she could give up a good fight. Hana replied. Alright, I'll be delighted as you beat up, wise ass. Natsumi replied. I like your attitude. Hana replied. Natsumi and Hana started fighting and nearly destroyed a building. Am I left with the water elemental? Mai replied. What was that? Yoshi asked. You'll regret those words. Yoshi replied. Then let's start this fight. Mai replied. Mai used the attack "Barracuda". Yoshi ran and used the water around her to create a shield. So, you can use water to create weapons that are pretty clever. Mai replied. Oh, I'm just getting started. Yoshi replied. Yoshi was fighting so fast that the pressure broke the glass window. I see you can keep up with my attacks. Mai replied. I'm smarter than I look. Yoshi replied. You say you're going to beat me up? I asked. Wait you are Haru Higashiyama? Jessabelle asked. Yes, I am but that will be the last words you speak of my name before I defeat you. Why is she so scared of her? Aoi thought. You're the elemental summoner. Jessabelle replied. Only thing is that you are in your Shadow Dragon State though. Isn't that a taboo? Jessabelle asked. None of your damn business! I yelled. Final Attack: *Aku no Surasshu!!! Haru yelled as she swung her Universal Blade, Boreas. What the hell? Hana replied. Hana was paralyzed with fear. Damn Haru you brought fear to her. Natsumi replied. Did you finish your fight with her? I asked. Yeah, and I beat her ass. Natsumi replied. Yes, and I am the redhead who beat you ass, Hana. Natsumi replied. Well, now we have to be patient and wait for Yoshi to finish her battle with Mai.

What the hell? Mai replied. Am I left with the water elemental? Mai asked. What is that supposed to mean? Yoshi asked. What did I mean? Mai replied with an attitude. You guys finished your fights already? Yoshi asked. Yeah, we did! I yelled. Have the girls fallen to those two? Mai asked. Should have never turn your back on your enemy! Yoshi yelled. What?! Mai asked. Yoshi punched Mai in the face.  Did Yoshi just send her flying? Natsumi replied. Yeah, she actually did. I replied. You can't be who I think you are? Mai asked. What are you implying? Yoshi asked. The fact that because I am not as weak as you thought, am I? Yoshi asked. You are nothing and will be a nobody. Mai replied. Yoshi ran towards her and summoned her ribbons and tangled Mai in her ribbons. Did she get her? Natsumi asked. Not yet. Haru replied. You are right, this is not. Mai replied. Yoshi! Natsumi yelled. Yoshi pulled her ribbon and squeezed her. How did I lose her? Mai asked. Well, you lost to me and that is that. Yoshi replied. You are right! I yelled. Let's go and tell Megumi. Natsumi replied. Did they say the name Megumi? Jessabelle mumbled. I think they did. Hana replied. So, they are associated with her? Aoi replied.

 Boreas is the Greek God of the northern wind and Winter. He is also one of the Anemoi (the seasonal wind gods).    

Book One: Chapter 3: Action Before The Enemy Ambushes...

As I walked home, I knocked on the door. Who is it? My mom asked. It's me Haru. I replied. You're late, did you have to stay for a meeting? My mom asked. You could say that. I replied. Well wash up and get ready for dinner. My mom replied. Mom is dad home yet? I asked. You know your dad is always late home. Mom replied. That is true. I replied. Soon as I entered my room and I changed into a periwinkle tank top, cool gray sweatpants and slide sandals. 

  When I came downstairs I saw my grandmother, Natasha Higashiyama. My grandmother is known for risking her life to destroy an evil force from her past. She killed off all the demons all by herself with a little help from my step-grandfather Keenan Higashikuni. She came up to me asking me if I am ok. I saw an assassin after you. I came here to get your parents informed about this problem. Natasha replied. Haru you two occupations ok sweetheart. Natasha replied. You could A: Break his spirit or B: Break some Higashiyama on his ass. Which one do you refer? Natasha asked. Mom, I will not be having you influencing Haru to do something reckless. Dad replied. Hi, dad your home. I replied. Hi Haru. Dad replied. I kind of agree and disagree with your mom at the same time. Mom replied. You just like violence in general. Dad replied. You know me too well. Mom replied. What will I do? I thought. Grandma's decision seems cool but dangerously violent. I replied. My dad is the whole decision altogether. My mom agrees but disagrees. I replied. This is so confusing! I yelled. Haru your grandmother is a bad influence on anyone she talks to. Dad replied. Dad so you're saying, "Grandma is a horrible person to be around?" I asked. No, it's because I don't take mess from anyone. Natasha replied. Well, I'll sleep on what to do. I replied. Before I went to bed, I took a soothing bath. I kind of felt like I melted a piece of my troubles away. When I got out of the bath I changed into my favorite periwinkle pajamas. The shirt is white and periwinkle and my shorts are grey. As I was getting ready for bed, I saw a guy looking at me from a long distant murmuring something. Haru that guy is the person who has been stalking you. Orchid replied.Wait who is that? I asked. "Haru, that guy is the person who was stalking you" Orchid replied. Orchid jumped out the window and ran outside. She turned into my Shadow Dragon form and fought the assassins that were after Haru. You must be really stupid thinking you can attack Haru and live. Orchid replied. I was called to kill her. She is a nuisance to our leader, Izanami. Artemis replied. They say Haru possesses a certain power that could crush anything in her way and her name brings fear to demons and demon lords. Aoi replied. Is that so? Orchid asked. After all the Higashiyama have one hell of a reputation for defeating and overdoing it. Orchid replied. Where do you think you are going? Artemis asked. We will get a heavily paid killing you. Aoi replied. Orchid was fighting the guy and when she was fighting him she looked him in the eyes. You can't be, what is your name?! Orchid replied. Whenever we might see you again I might tell you. Aoi replied. When Orchid came back into the room she was mumbling "I can't believe it was him?" What do you mean? I asked. Maybe another time. Good Night Haru. Orchid replied.


As school got out, I was still thinking about those three girls and what were they trying to gain? I thought. Megumi might know about this mess so let me go see her. I thought. So I walked to Megumi's Dojo.  As soon as I got there, Natsumi and Yoshi were there. Since you girls are here, you want to know something.  Hey Megumi why did you pick us out of all people to be together? Natsumi asked. The reason I chose you, girls, is because your abilities you wield. For example, Natsumi you a fire wielder. Megumi replied. It felt so weird that I transformed like that. Natsumi replied. You are right it felt freaky too. Yoshi replied. Yoshi your powers come from your origin. What is my origin actually? Yoshi asked. I will tell you in time or you might find out on your own. Megumi replied. Don't try to play Mrs. Mysterious. I replied. No about your powers, Haru. Natsumi replied. My powers have two sides. I replied. Yeah, the form you witness earlier was one my shadow dragon elemental forms. I replied. Haru uses that because mmm. Megumi replied. Now Megumi we can't go telling my business out loud and I won't tell you yours. I replied. Whatever you say. Megumi replied. That weapon you wielded earlier was pretty cool. Natsumi replied. Well with every elemental I use I get a weapon like that. I replied. That halberd you wield was a replica of the real? Yoshi asked. Yeah, it is a replica but was bestowed upon me by the real people from the legends actually. I replied. You mean you met one of the Divine Kings? Yoshi asked. Yeah, I did, they are really nice elderly men. They kind of remind me of nice grandpas actually. I replied. It's 4:30 PM I have to get home. My mom will have my head. I replied. We should get going too. Natsumi replied. I hope one day I get a crazy weapon like that one. Natsumi thought. Hey, I see Haru Higashiyama. Artemis replied. Good, I need you take her to eliminate her. Izanami replied. 

 As we were talking  I saw Aoi, he was giving her weird looks as if he was conflicted about something. I walked over and to ask if him if he was alright. Oh did I worry you Haru? Aoi asked. It's fine alright. I  replied. Well, I am going to class now. Soon as I walked off, she asked Orchid to play look out for her. Something is off with him I know it. I replied. As you wish my lady and mistress. Orchid replied. You don't have to call me that you know. I replied. "Were partners, Orchid,". I replied. I know but " I was entrusted to you." Orchid replied. Then Orchid do what I requested. I replied. My Lady, what happens if he resists and attacks me? Orchid asked. Do what you do best. I replied. Alright, you're giving me permission to hurt him badly? Orchid asked. Yes, you can hurt him badly. I replied. Hey, Haru who were you talking to just now? Ichiko asked. Whatever do you mean? The bell just rang so let's got to class. I replied. After school, Aoi followed Haru to Megumi's Dojo. Wait, Aoi what are you doing here? I asked. Had I to ask you a question? Aoi asked. Yeah, what is it? I asked. Haru why did you let that girl attack you yesterday night? Aoi asked. Aoi what are you talking about? I asked. Haru who are you talking too? Megumi asked. Oh, my friend Aoi Amachi. I replied. Wow, I didn't know this young man is a friend? Megumi asked. Yeah, do you know him? I asked. Let's just say, I met him many years ago. Megumi replied. Nice seeing you again Miki. Aoi replied. Well, I have to head home. Aoi replied. See you tomorrow. I replied.  

Quick History Lesson

*Izanami is the Ruler of the Underworld in Shinto Mythology. Her name means "she who invites". She is stuck in the underworld because she ate the food of that place and now she is bound there. As it says in the stories, if you have a party with her and you eat the food she serves you, you will be bound there with her forever for eternity.

In this case, the Izanami is just the reference as the villain basically.

Book One: Chapter 4: Megumi's Thought

Last time, Haru went came straight to Megumi's Dojo. She runs into Aoi. Megumi looked at him as if they knew each other. Well, let's not get wrapped up in a boy now Haru. That's not like you. Megumi replied. You know you are right. I replied. Oh Haru, I also came here because you left your jacket. Aoi replied. Thank you, Aoi. Haru replied. So you keep her stuff too? Haruto replied. This guy is Haruto Hirayama, he always picks on Aoi since we've been children. I was just doing the right thing by giving Haru her jacket. Aoi replied. Why are you here, Haruto? I asked. My girlfriend trains learning self-defense. Haruto replied. Oh, you mean Chihiro Suzuki? Megumi asked. Yeah, that's her name. Haruto replied. Hey, can you help me today? Megumi asked. Please don't tell me we are. I replied. What is Megumi implying? Yoshi asked. You three will be teaching my Self Defense class today. Megumi replied. I have to see someone today. Megumi replied. Who? I asked. My little secret. Megumi replied. What could she be hiding? I thought. Megumi drove off in a hurry. Hey, do you guys feel like Megumi is hiding something? Haru asked. Yeah, she is but let's respect her privacy. Yoshi replied. Alright, what does Megumi do with you guys regularly? I asked. Why did Megumi leave? I thought.

Well before we start, what do you do? I asked. Hey Higashiyama, do you know Martial Arts? Chihiro asked. Yeah, I might not look it but I have been doing martial arts since I was a child. I replied. Wait you are serious? Natsumi asked. Yeah is that why you can't fight? Yoshi asked. I'll explain everything after the class ends alright. I replied. What the hell is Megumi doing? I thought. When Megumi left she ran into a young man in with dark brown hair with golden colored eyes. He was wearing a red jacket with black jeans and black and red colored sneakers. What the hell do you have to hide Aoi? Megumi replied. Well to eliminate Haru before she kills like the last time. Aoi replied. Well if you think that you can stop her, be my guest. Megumi replied. What could you be hiding from me? Aoi replied. The fact that her father and the Ten Generals sealed her powers away. Megumi replied. You know if Izanami finds out you are here, she will punish you. Megumi replied. You are right. Aoi replied.You know she will find out that is your true appearance one day. Megumi replied. I know that. Aoi replied. Well, I am going back to my Dojo. Megumi replied. Alright. Aoi replied. The two went their separate ways. He is in love with Haru. At the same time, he doesn't want to defy the woman who saved his life. Megumi thought. 

I saw Megumi zoned out. I walked over out of concern. What are you thinking about Megumi? I asked. Oh, nothing that is important.


Book One: Chapter 5: Izanami's Appearance and her Loyal Bodyguards...

The next day, everyone sees  Aoi all banged up and as usual, they ignored him but today was different. 

 I went to school she runs into Aoi. For some reason, he was giving off a bad vibe. I replied. Good morning, Aoi. I replied. Oh good morning Haru. Aoi replied. I want you to follow him again, Orchid replied. Yes, my lady. Orchid replied. Out of curiosity, is he acting strange today? Orchid asked. Yeah as if he has some intentions to do something wrong. I whispered. Yes, I will watch. Orchid replied. The bell rang for classes. Hey, Haru are you in deep thought about something? Ichiko asked. You could say that. I replied. Hey, Aoi do you want to join us for lunch? Ichiko asked. I would love to but I have to go but I have to an appointment. Aoi replied. That Aoi just told the both of us a straight lie to our faces. I replied. Hey, do you feel like Aoi just told the both of a big lie? Yukino asked. How does she know? I thought. Well, where do you want to sit? Ichiko asked. How about the tree around of school gate? I replied. Sure. Ichiko replied.Hey, so that is the girl, Haru Higashiyama? Arisa asked. She is really pretty, I see why that dumb ass couldn't kill her. Denji replied. What the hell don't gawk at her. Arisa replied. She is drop dead gorgeous and busty to boot. Denji replied. I already hate her. Arisa replied. You can't get mad at her because you have a big breast complex. Denji replied. When Haru and Ichiko were talking, Ichiko was looking outside. Is something outside? Haru asked. I thought I saw something but it was just me. Ichiko replied. Soon as class flew by, it was lunchtime. Well, let's go and sit outside. Ichiko replied. Yeah, I will be leaving now. Aoi replied. Orchid. I replied. Yes, my lady. Orchid replied. Soon as Aoi walked outside the school. Wait is that Izanami Ono the model? Ichiko asked. Yeah, what is she doing here? I thought. Come on Aoi we need to go to your appointment. Izanami replied. Alright, my lady. Aoi replied. I've heard that name before. I replied. Seriously, where did you hear it from? Ichiko asked. 

  When I saw that woman, she gave her a cold look. I know exactly who that woman is. I replied. My family has a bad blood between her and her clan. I replied. Now that I think about, your family comes from a very prestigious family right? Ichiko asked. Yeah, I forgot what it was that made us hate her family. I replied. My lady, must I follow them? Orchid asked. Go ahead, I also want to know why my family hates that woman? I asked. I know why your family hates her but I would rather you hear it from the victim herself. Orchid replied. When the car was on the way to Izanami's house, Orchid saw some people. So Orchid went spying on them in incognito. It has many years since I have seen that little girl. Izanami replied. You know Haru? Aoi asked. Do you remember that incident that happened five years ago? Izanami asked. Yeah, a few of our men barely came back alive. Aoi replied. Let's just say that girl is the cause. Izanami replied. You mean that bitch was the one who blinded Ryuu? Aoi asked. You know a few minutes ago you act like you love her? Izanami replied. You know I think we have a little birdie spying on us. Izanami asked. Let's show them what we are capable. Izanami replied. A bunch of her bodyguards came out and attacked Orchid. Don't tell me that was your elite? Orchid asked. You know you were always a glutton for punishment. Izanami replied. Don't lay a finger on her. Aoi replied. Aoi kicked Orchid in the stomach. You asshole! Orchid yelled. Orchid punched Aoi in the nose. I don't know why you follow or trust this woman? Orchid asked. I own my life to this woman. Aoi replied. You are a fool. The Ono Clan are evil people! Orchid yelled. I don't believe you!!! Aoi replied. If you won't listen then I will force you too!!! Orchid replied. I'm curious about what the backstory between the Higashiyama and Ono Clan? I thought.

When I got home, I saw my Aunt Kaori (Natasha). Hey Aunt Kaori, can I ask you about a  certain matter? I asked. Sit down and talk away, tell me what you want to know. Kaori asked. I sat down and explained everything to her. Well, what does the Ono Clan have against our family? I asked. That family had it in on our family. The Ono Clan are a branch of humans with supernatural abilities. Kaori replied.  Seriously? I asked. Yes, and they hate us because they are like monks and the Shadow Dragon Clans are demons that can take human forms. Kaori replied. One of the Ono family members brutally attacked and killed some of the Shadow Dragons of the North, the Higashiyama Clan we descend from. Kaori replied. Your great-great-grandmother  Ai, who was the Shadow Dragon of that generation took them down the clan down with single handed. Kaori replied. Were you there when she did this? I asked. Yes, I was a little girl. I admired my mother at that time. I wanted to infamous like her. Kaori replied. So grandma took them down with ease. I replied. I wish I could fight with her. I thought. It seems they want their vengeance upon us by targeting you and your friends. Kaori replied.  Soon as I was done talking to Aunt Kaori, Jeremy Higashiyama (Natasha) my great great grandfather and he told me that the Ono Clan has an elite squad but didn't tell me the number. Thank you, grandpa. I replied. Oh, can you read my new book? Jeremy asked. Grandpa, I love your work. It is so realistic as if you are there. I replied.  I will tell you the motivation for my books one of these days. Jeremy replied. Where did that cliffhanger come from? I thought.

Later that night, I asked Orchid to tail Aoi and Izanami.

 When Orchid was found out Aoi was attacking her.Orchid was fighting again. Aoi kicked her in the stomach. Orchid flew back into the wall. You are one dumb kid. Are you fighting for the enemy? Orchid replied. What the hell do you mean by the enemy? Aoi asked. I wouldn't be surprised if you were abducted from your parents by that woman. Orchid replied. She would never do that to me. Aoi replied. Orchid jumped and punched Aoi in the face. Aoi got back up and punched her again. I don't believe you! Aoi replied. I know everything, kid. Orchid replied. One day you will find out on your own. Orchid replied. Well, I am leaving. Orchid replied. Oh before I leave, why don't you ask Izanami's real name is. Orchid replied. What the hell is she talking about? Aoi thought. When Orchid returned, school had already ended. Orchid met the girls at Megumi's Dojo. Oh, my gosh who got? Megumi asked. Bite me you bitch. Orchid replied. Don't get an attitude with me. Megumi replied. I'm sorry. Orchid replied. Are you ok? Are you hurt? Haru asked. I am fine, you know I can't die. Orchid replied. Are you one of the retainers of the Higashiyama Clan? Yoshi asked. Yes, I am. Wait, is that you Princess Yoshino? Orchid replied. Uh, Yoshi did she just call you princess? Natsumi asked. Let's ignore whatever you just heard. Yoshi replied. What do you know? Haru asked. You can get angry if you want but there are some things that are left to be unsaid. Orchid replied. Haru, if Orchid told you what she saw you wouldn't believe her. Megumi replied. Megumi was looking outside. How about you girls go home. Megumi replied. Why do you want us to go home? Natsumi asked. As Haru and Orchid walked out first. Orchid brushed past Megumi. Megumi tells her. "She has called them out and they are out for a few people" Megumi whispered. You don't have to worry "They" won't let them have their way. Orchid replied.

Book One: Chapter 6: The Three Flowers Have Come to Show Off

The next day, I ran into Aoi. Hey Aoi. I replied. Yes, I am fine now, I am glad you were concerned. Also, you look like someone go you lol. Haruto replied. Shut up, I got into a fight no big deal. Aoi replied. Do you want me to take you to the Nurse's Office? I asked. I am fine, I can deal with it, you know how I am. Aoi replied. Hey, I've seen wounds like that before. Were you fighting a young girl? I asked. What are you talking about, Haru? Aoi asked. It must be my imagination. I replied. Did you get your ass handed to him by a girl? Haruto asked. Stop picking on him. I replied. Whatever you say Haru. Haruto replied. After that Hey what are you going on about? Ichiko asked. You know those wounds were afflicted by martial arts. You know that. I replied. Yeah, I know. I believe Aoi is with that nasty woman anyways. Ichiko replied. You know you have to stay low for a while until you are asked. I replied. Oh, believe me, if they found out hell will break loose. Ichiko replied. As I was walking to math Trig class, she sees Megumi at the school. Hey Megumi. Ichiko replied. Wait is that you? Megumi asked. Yes, it's me, Megumi. Ichiko replied. I need to talk to you after school. Megumi replied. What the hell is going on? I asked. You heard it didn't you? Megumi asked. If it is what you desire I can't refuse your request. Ichiko replied. Megumi what are you hiding? I asked. Well come to my Dojo and I might feel like answering you. Megumi replied.

Later that afternoon, the others were at the Dojo.

The girls an I met up at Megumi's Dojo. Hey, you all it has been a while since we met up. Megumi replied. What were you hiding from us? Natsumi asked. Well, Ms. Eager, you are right I was hiding something from you. It was the fact I know who you are going to face. Megumi replied. What is going on here? I asked. Well you see, you are going to face their aces. Megumi replied. You mean we are going against their elite? Natsumi asked. Yes, and you need to be ready for any attacks they are going to pull. Megumi replied. So they will pull any trick they can? Yoshi asked. I call that cowardly. Natsumi replied. It is cowardly in my eyes as well. I replied. Yeah like for example, we have a spy in our presences! Haru yelled. I summoned a *shuriken and threw in at the wall. I know you are in here somewhere. You don't want me to find so come out this instant. I replied. Come out, if the Amazon wreck my Dojo in any fashion Izanami is paying the bill for a new one! Megumi yelled. Why do you call her an Amazon? Yoshi replied. You never want to witness her in anger. Megumi replied. What do you mean? Natsumi asked. You see she cast me off into a tangible form. I am her hatred and malice. Orchid replied. What?! Natsumi and Yoshi yelled. Yes, I am, I just chose to become a servant who serves her to my full ability. You don't look like you could raise any hell or violent. Yoshi replied. Yeah, the hell she can. If those two fuses she together, Haru will regain her terrifying powers. Megumi replied. That is why I don't want you to fuse. Megumi replied. I know you don't want that to happen. Orchid replied. I thought you were an ordinary girl. Natsumi replied. No, I am her hatred and malice, that is all. Orchid replied. While Orchid and the others were talking, I found the spy. I never thought I would ever see you ever again. I replied.  So this is one of the people we are going to face? Tsubaki asked.

Would I have never thought they would have had you spy on us? I asked. It's not like you all will win against Izanami's elite. Tsubaki replied. Well, I am sorry you are sadly mistaken but we all will come out victorious. I replied. You say that Haru Higashiyama but I know all about your powers. Tsubaki replied. I mean you could try to attack me but by instinct, I will attack you. I replied. Hey Haru, do you know the enemy is all around this place? Orchid asked. Now I have, how long did you know this? I replied. Well for the last twenty minutes we have been here. Orchid replied. You know you could have told all of us this! I yelled. Hey don't yell at me bitch! Orchid replied. Hey ladies, yelling at each other won't solve anything. I know who sent Tsubaki. Megumi replied. Who could that be? Natsumi asked. Well, it seems like this *Botan's work in play. Megumi replied. So you haven't really aged have yet, Miki? Botan asked. I see you dress like a little skank. Megumi replied. I am not a skank for your information. Botan replied. I see from all these weaklings. It seems this one would put up a decent fight. Botan replied. Are you talking about me? Yoshi asked. I see you are a cocky one? Botan replied. I'm just saying you are challenging me. I will make you wish you never met me. Yoshi replied. Botan could you stop picking fights with weaklings. *Hyakunichisou replied. So you two are here. Where is the other two? Megumi asked. Oh wow, never thought I would see you ever again? Bara asked. You three are here, where is your leader? Megumi replied. He has no time for you girls, only to face Haru Higashiyama. Bara replied. I walk up and says, "So you boss wants me?" So this little girl is a major threat? Bara asked. Do you really want to try me? I asked. What will happen next? 

Quick History Lesson...

*White Rose (Bara) means Innocence/ silence/devotion

*Peony (Botan) means bravery. Do not get Botan mixed up with the female character Botan from Yu Yu Hakusho.

*Zinna (Hyakunichisou) means loyalty

Book One: Chapter 7: It Begins! Entering the Izanami's Elite!

Last time Botan, of Izanami's Elite Squad, provoked Haru.
So you think you are going to scare me, little girl? Botan asked. That Amazon might be little soft but she is one of the Top Ten. Megumi replied. So you are the supposed to be the most feared person huh? Bara replied. Do I want to see what makes you so terrifying? Botan replied. I grabbed her face with her bare hands. She began to squeeze her skull. What the hell, so the rumors are true about you and that devilish anger and supernatural strength. Let her go Haru! Megumi yelled. I released her. Give you a little heads up. You better be glad Megumi stopped me. I can do way more than cracking skulls sweetheart. I replied. Wow, so you got your ass handed to you by that girl huh, Botan? Sayuri asked.  No, the hospital bill would be a steep one. I know your father or myself are trying to hear Izanami's complaining. Megumi replied. So control self, Haru. Megumi replied. That girl Izanami told me you would be fighting, Sayuri. Bara replied. Well, see I have to play wisely. Aoi replied. Orchid glared at Aoi. Hey you. Orchid replied. Orchid walked up to Aoi. You know you have very beautiful eyes you know. Orchid replied. You look familiar as a certain guy under that cloak. Orchid replied. Aoi put a knife to Orchid. Hey, what is that girl talking about? Bara asked. Let's just say, I could expose his true identity anytime I feel like. Orchid replied. What the hell are you going on about? I asked. Orchid don't you dare. Megumi replied. Oh I know, after all, he isn't hurting anyone but himself and the person who cares about him the most. Orchid replied. 

That night, I was wondering why I just let her get to me? I remember that girl too. Orchid replied. I can't believe this, she changed that easily? I asked. Well, we have to set her straight through violence. Orchid replied. Yeah no. I replied. I forgot you don't have that old mindset anymore. Orchid replied. Yeah, I changed for the better. I replied. That was something I would do out of pent-up anger. I replied. When I got home, I just ran into my room and laid on my bed and thought about what would have happened if I never attacked an ignored. I thought. 

The next day, Megumi called us in after school to discuss those people who bombarded into the Dojo.

  So you are the leader who ass I will beat? I asked. Hey, watch your mouth. You four get the hell out of here causing a damn scene. Megumi replied. Hey, practice what you preach. Natsumi replied. Don't even start with your smart remarks. Megumi replied. That is just Natsumi for you. Yoshi replied. Yoshi, I know that far too well. Megumi replied. Haru doesn't let that masked guy get to you, right. Natsumi replied. By the way, who is that guy? I asked. If we told you, you would think differently about that person. Orchid replied. Stop keeping secrets from me! I replied. Well, ladies go home for today. Megumi replied. As everyone went their separate ways, they all sensed they were being watched. When I was walking home, she felt the presences of the leader, Sayuri. What the hell is going on? I replied. You know I wonder how confident you are? Sayuri (Aoi) asked. You bastard I will kill you. I replied. As soon as I woke up I was in a self-created dimension.You know sneaking up on a girl is not a way to get her attention or her number. I replied. Also, he should beware the girls who have perceptive hearing and reflexes. I replied. I had a sword to Sayuri (Aoi). He was confused asking "How did you?" I bet you are asking how did I put a dagger to your neck? I asked. Well, let me explain. I have the power of the Shadow Dragon Clan. That gives me the sight, sharp hearing and smell of a Wolf. I replied. Also, I am curious why are you wearing a cloak? What do you have to hide? I asked. If I were you, I would count on that ass to show his face anytime soon. Orchid replied. If you want to get out of the dimension, hurt the caster. Orchid replied. What? I asked. As so. Orchid replied. Orchid summoned a sword and cut Sayuri's (Aoi) arm. Did you break the barrier that easily? I asked. Yeah if I didn't help you, you could have been stuck in here forever. Orchid replied. You. Sayuri replied. You know you shouldn't get so angry. Those honey brown eyes are more beautiful with a smile. Orchid replied. Orchid did you just say honey brown eyes? I asked.

Book One: Chapter 8: Natsumi is trapped in Hyakunichisou Void

Last time Sayuri (Aoi) the leader of Izanami Elite was trying to test Haru it seems. Orchid said "Golden Honey Eyes"? What is up with that?
After Haru got home, her parents came up to her asking if she why she was scared shaking. What are you talking about mom and dad? Haru asked. What happened to you on the way home? Gabriel asked. Mom and Dad, didn't you say you went to school with a guy with the most beautiful brown eyes? Haru asked. Yeah, it is my childhood friend, Aoishi. Alexandra replied. You mean that guy has in for me to this very day? Gabriel replied. What color are his eyes? Haru asked. He has honey brown eye color, why? Alexandra asked. That is all I want to know. Haru replied. When Aoi got home he was in pain. What the hell happened to your arm? Izanami asked. That fragment stabbed me in the arm. Aoi replied. Were you trying to see what you are messing with? Izanami asked. That fragment also saw my eyes. Aoi replied. No one is to know what you really look like. Izanami replied. I'll treat my arm injury. Aoi replied. I heard you got hurt, leader. Botan replied. Is that really you? Botan asked. Yes, and you can't tell anyone else about this. Aoi replied. I see what that fragment was talking about. They are really honey golden eyes. Botan replied. Aoi had a blank stare with a cranky face. Yeah, I look like the guy I despise. Aoi replied. Well, let me help you out with that. Botan replied. Did the other prey the other two? Aoi asked. Yeah, I wonder how this will work out? Aoi asked. As soon as Natsumi was walking home, she was ambushed by Hyakunichisou. So you people will do almost anything to get in our way huh? Natsumi asked. We were told to silence you and that Haru and saltwater fish. Hyakunichisou replied. Natsumi dropped her book bag. She ran and kick Hyakunichisou in the face. You little bitch you kicked me in my pretty face. Hyakunichisou replied. Did I hit a nerve? Natsumi asked. I like you, you don't care what you do. Hyakunichisou replied. The feeling is mutual, sweetheart. Natsumi replied. What is the hell is going on out there?! Mashiro yelled. No, it can't be. Mashiro mumbled. What is going on? Natalie asked. Natsumi get out of there! Mashiro yelled. What do you mean? Natsumi asked. Seal of the Royals! Hyakunichisou yelled. Soon after Natsumi vanished. Dad, what is wrong? Akihiko asked. I have to save your sister. I know where she was sent off to! Mashiro yelled. Mashiro ran outside. 

  Natsumi! Mashiro yelled. Who the hell are you? Hyakunichisou asked. Wow, its been years hasn't Mashiro? Megumi asked. Miki tell me why did you not stop her from swallowing Natsumi in her damn void! Mashiro yelled. You know you can get pissed off all you want. Megumi replied. You need to trust your daughter. Megumi replied. She will get herself out of it I know it. Megumi replied. Where am I? Natsumi asked. Welcome to my world. Hyakunichisou replied. What the hell did you do to my body? Natsumi asked. Why don't you look for yourself? Hyakunichisou asked. Natsumi turned her head and she saw her body. She was dead. What the hell did you do to me? Natsumi asked. Well, I ripped your soul out of your body. Hyakunichisou replied. You make it seem like it's alright. Natsumi replied. Well since we are here the ten flowers represent your life. Hyakunichisou replied. After all ten are gone I am stuck here, forever? Natsumi asked. What will happen if I win? What will happen to you? Natsumi asked. I will not die, I am Izanami's Elite! Hyakunichisou yelled. Well, I am sorry but I will not lose either. I have people are concerned about me. Natsumi replied. Natsumi transformed into a form that no one ever saw. She had a strapless white bikini top and black kobakama with black boots. She also had a scarlet uwa-obi around her waist. Natsumi unsheathed her sword and pointed her sword in her face. "I will defeat you Hyakunichisou!" Natsumi yelled. 

 Natsumi declared that she will defeat Hyakunichisou and leave her void in one piece.

So you really think you can win my game? Hyakunichisou asked. I don't think I know. Natsumi replied. Her void is like Megumi's Dojo. Natsumi thought. Outside the void her father, Mashiro is praying that she makes it out alive. You said I have ten flowers resembling my lie source right? Natsumi asked. You are right, I can and will win in my domain. Hyakunichisou replied. As Hyakunichisou was gloating to Natsumi about not leaving. Natsumi sped up and unsheathed her sword. You think you can cut me down with such a weak attack strategy. Hyakunichisou replied. Who said the attack was weak? Natsumi replied. Natsumi vanished and she slashed her sword and she saying *"Wrath of Enyo". What the hell? She cut me. Hyakunichisou thought. How did you cut me? Hyakunichisou asked. Well if I attack the caster, he or she will lose their concentration and the attack won't be in full powers. Natsumi replied. No one has ever cut me and I won't tolerate it. Hyakunichisou replied and as she glared at Natsumi. You can glare at me all you want, it won't phase me. Natsumi replied. Hyakunichisou unsheathed her sword and the attack cut Natsumi. What the hell was that? Natsumi asked. Wow, two four huh? Hyakunichisou asked. Don't act like that shit all cool, what was that attack just now? Natsumi asked. Well, my dear Natsumi, that attack is called *Eurus. Hyakunichisou replied. So you use advanced attacks big deal. Natsumi replied. Outside, Mashiro is getting angry. Mashiro calm down even thought Eurus is a deadly attack if she gets attacked again. Megumi replied. Shut up, I can't just can't watch her struggle like this. Mashiro replied. Back in the void. How did she not get any damage? Natsumi thought. I can't take this anymore! Mashiro yelled. Mashiro summoned a sword and slashed Hyakunichisou's Void. So someone of an elite class cracked my Void? Hyakunichisou asked. Who cracked her barrier? Natsumi asked. Mashiro, did you put a crack in her Void? Megumi asked. Believe it, I will shatter it completely. Mashiro asked. Why do I feel I know this presence? Natsumi asked.  

 Who cracked the void? Hyakunichisou asked. Whoever did it, I am grateful. It's not my style to be dependent on others but I thank you. Natsumi replied. I helped her. Mashiro replied. Stop praising yourself. Megumi replied. Well whatever, Chaos of the Beast King! Hyakunichisou yelled. The Beast King attacked Natsumi and she lost two flowers. Wow, look there. If I attack you again you will be stuck here in the prison with the people who lost to me. Hyakunichisou replied. I'm sorry but I have no intention of being stuck here. Natsumi replied. Natsumi stud up and out of anger swung her sword in the air. What the hell did you just do? Hyakunichisou asked. Well as you were gloating about being stuck here. I got creative and found where that person made a crack. Natsumi replied. So you added a force to the crack? Hyakunichisou asked. This will end, Hyakunichisou! Natsumi replied. Natsumi ran up and slashed her sword. That attack cants be! Hyakunichisou yelled. Damn right. I will break out and I will use the attack "Regulus". Regulus is an advanced attack you couldn't execute it. Hyakunichisou replied. Is that so! Natsumi yelled. Natsumi ran and her speed sped up. She summoned her sword.As Hyakunichisou said she couldn't do it, Natsumi pulled it off. Natsumi called for the light of Regulus. On the outside, Mashiro and Megumi looked at how she summoned an attack on her first time using the sword. Natalie runs outside. Where is our little girl? Natalie asked. Well, our little girl is about to escape out of the void. Mashiro replied. There is a flashing light. Natalie replied. That means she is almost out of there. As Natalie heard that, she started praying for Natsumi to get back here in one piece. Soon as Natalie began to pray. A burst of light comes out and Natsumi came out pointing a sword saying "You have been defeated". Natsumi! Mashiro yelled. Dad? Natsumi asked. Megumi why are you here? Natsumi replied. I was passing by. Megumi replied. Oh, that sword you summoned daddy is going to teach you all about it. Megumi replied. Why do I have to do it? Mashiro asked. I'm a busy woman with children and a dojo. Megumi replied.  Megumi you know I can not use my powers to even summon a sword. It was pure luck, I can leave it at that. Mashiro replied. I think I know why, Mashiro Asahi. Megumi replied.

Quick History Lesson:

"Wrath of Enyo" refers to Enyo the minor Greek Goddess of War. She usually brought destruction to cities and the massacres on top of that. She also was known as the "waster of cities".

Eurus was the East Wind God that brings forth Autumn of Fall.

Book One: Chapter 9: Natsumi's Surprise and Bara's Plot

Last time, Natsumi found out about her father is not a human. 

The next day, it was after school and Natsumi were walking to Megumi's Dojo. When she walked inside she seemed kind of out of it. I walked over to see what was wrong with Natsumi. Hey Natsumi, are you alright? I asked. Yeah, I am, you don't have to worry about me. Natsumi replied with a smile. Let me guess you found out the truth about your father? Megumi asked. How do you know about it? Natsumi asked. Well, your father is full of mysteries. Megumi replied. Your father has a high status among demons. I replied. What do you mean? Natsumi asked. Well, he is known for his swordsmanship. I replied. Then again he stopped fight altogether, no one knows why? I asked. I know why. Megumi replied. Why? Natsumi replied. It is because he fell in love with your mother and gave his powers to live a peaceful life without violence with your mother. Megumi replied. That sounds so sweet he gave up everything to live a peaceful life so he could settle down. I replied. That is so adorable, right? Megumi replied. Now we have to talk about the Voids they are casting to trap all of us. I replied. I know my soul was ripped out of my body while my real body was outside. Natsumi replied. They have attacked  Natsumi and me so far. Megumi replied. When Megumi, Natsumi and I were talking, Yoshi was walking in the door. Hey you guys. Yoshi replied. What are you talking about? Yoshi asked. How and where we were ambushed and attacked. Natsumi replied. Yoshi, you are the only one that hasn't been attacked. Natsumi replied.You are right, I am next. Yoshi replied. I am curious to how they attack you all one by one? Yoshi asked. I was attacked on the way home. I replied. How did you escape? Yoshi asked. I wounded the caster. I replied. I did the same but I had some assistance from outside cracking the void. Natsumi replied. Who is the one that is left? I asked. I think it is Bara I believe. Natsumi replied. I wonder why she hasn't ambushed you yet? I asked. I have no clue but let us keep it like that. Yoshi replied. She said with the most caution.I have a feeling, she is going to have an audience to expose you. I replied. You are right, she is going to expose and have a big crowd watch you be tortured in such a way it is unreal. Megumi replied. Why are you coming to that conclusion? Yoshi asked. I know how girls like her work. Megumi replied. Do any of you know what Bara or the White Rose's meaning in Hanakotoba do you? Megumi asked.   

  Yoshi was thinking about  Natsumi and my response to what Bara was going to do to her. Then Megumi asked a question, "Do any of you know what Bara or the White Rose means?". I am still curious about what it means. 

  Hey, Yoshi are you thinking about what Megumi asked. Haru asked. Yeah, am wondering what it means too. Natsumi asked. Hey, Natsumi you have to go home for practice. Mashiro replied. Mr. Asahi, do you know what Bara means? Yoshi asked. It means devotion, why do you ask? Mashiro replied. You see what I mean. Megumi replied. So she is so devoted she would take down someone and not care if they are alive or dead. Yoshi replied. Yeah, I remember when that girl before she met that evil woman. Megumi replied. So I have to stay alert to my surroundings. Yoshi replied. Are the people who trapped Natsumi after you? Mashiro asked. They have come after all of us one by one. They haven't got to Yoshi yet. Natsumi replied. I think I know why. Mashiro replied. From the way, they attacked Natsumi I could tell how they work. They are going to attack you at school but you won't know that you are caught in her void. Mashiro replied. Are you implying I will unconsciously be sent into her void world? Yoshi replied. It is an ancient technique the Shadow Dragon's use to do to humans who kicked them off their land. Mashiro replied. I don't know much about that you might have to ask one the older Shadow Dragons about the technique. Mashiro replied. A girl with blonde hair and fair skin came into the door asking where can I find Hira Academy? Lilith asked. Yeah, it is twenty minutes from here on the train here. Yoshi replied. Why do you need to know where it is? Yoshi asked. We have a musical recital in a few hours. Lilith replied. I am sorry where are my manners, my name is Lillith Ferreira and this is my shy friend Marina Le Goff. Lillith replied. Thank you, we might see each other around. Lillith replied. As Lillith left, Marina looked at Yoshi. Are they really having a recital at your school? Yeah, the art students having one in the Fall, Spring, and Summer. Yoshi replied. I never participate so I really don't care. Yoshi replied. That girl that looked at Yoshi I felt something was off about her. Natsumi replied. Who are those girls? I asked.

Book One: Chapter 10: Yoshi is trapped! Bara's Void and Unwavering Conviction

Last time, Yoshi was caught in Bara's Void. All her friends can do is hope she will get out in one piece.

Let me out of here! Yoshi yelled. You know you can scream all you want but no one can hear you. Bara replied. Damn, that crazy chick is backing me into a corner. Yoshi thought. Yoshi turned into water. So, you are one of the sea-folk huh? Bara asked. Nice try but the hair will be tighter. Bara replied. I didn't turn, my friend, water to just for the hell it. Yoshi replied. Outside, Haru and the others were watching Bara torturing Yoshi. Why did she turn into water? Natsumi asked. She is about to summon that weapon. Megumi replied. I never saw her summon a weapon before. Natsumi replied. It is because she doesn't like violence or weapons. Megumi replied. I wonder what the weapon is called? I asked. So, you are summoning a weapon? Bara asked. Yes, I have. Yoshi replied. If I remember correctly, aren't the sea folk all happy go smiley? Bara asked. Yoshi broke free as her weapon came near to her to cut the hair. Wait how the hell did you break loose? Bara asked. Well, you see Bara, I am not a fan, violence but the way you and your friends attacked Natsumi and I are unforgivable. Yoshi replied. Yoshi's weapon is a bow and arrow? I replied. Damn is she an archer or something? Natsumi asked. What are you mad about this? Bara asked. Yoshi shot her arrows and one cut Bara's cheek. Did she just injury Bara? Botan asked. Damn, I almost hit the mark. Yoshi thought. I see they captured, Princess Yoshino. Guren replied. I have failed to protect her. Guren replied as he is weeping. Who are you? Haru asked.

Yoshi resorted to her last resort. She summoned a bow and arrow. As she was stuck in Bara's Void, a man who was weeping about the fact he is supposed to protect her.

Hey, why are you sad? I replied. I am her bodyguard and I didn't even guard and that is part of my job and title. Guren replied. If you are supposed to be her bodyguard, you must be really strong. Natsumi replied. I am just one of the youngest sea general in history. It's not really a big deal if I can't protect anyone. Guren weep. Hold the fuck up you are the sea general that took down a whole army by yourself? Your power is compared to freaking Poseidon! Megumi yelled. I am strong but I didn't protect her. Guren replied. How about we sit down and let's eat something after Yoshi wins. Megumi replied. Yes, ma'am, I know she will win. That bow is not your average bow, it is her powers manifested into that bow. Guren replied. Wait that bow is that strong? Where in the hell was she hiding that when she was fighting ,Mai? Natsumi asked. Meanwhile, in Bara's Void, Yoshi attacked Bara and she was injured. Yoshi took her last arrow and she passed out. Bara was defeated and the Void bursts. Are you ok, I think we went too hard on her. Yoshi replied. You won who care? Bara replied. Didn't you say, "the seas are all friendly" or something? Yoshi asked. After all, I am their princess and I would disgrace them acting out of character. Yoshi replied. Here is a fruit if you eat this you will return to full strength. Maybe we can fight again sometime on fair terms. Yoshi replied. What the hell, Yoshi? Natsumi asked. I am not a barbarian hooked on fighting in battle. Yoshi replied. You act like "The battlefield is my only lover".My lady, you are alive! Guren replied as he was hugging her. Guren, I keep telling you I can protect myself. downfall like you keeping tabs on me. Yoshi replied. I see you have met Guren. Guren is my childhood friend and a Sea General. I know he is giving off he is the biggest shy softy vibe but he is really as the rumors. Yoshi replied. How about we go out to get something to eat? Yoshi asked. Since you are kind of unfamiliar with things Guren. Hey, you guys want to show him around? Yoshi replied. First, we have to get him a change of clothes. I replied. Don't look at me, I am an only child. I replied. I will ask my brother. Come on to my house. Natsumi replied.

  The quote"The battlefield is my only lover" is a quote from Charlotte Roselei, the Captain of the Blue Rose in the Black Clover Manga.

Book One: Chapter 11: Yoshi's Victory and Transition of The War...

Last time, Yoshi won her fight in Bara's Void. She wanted to celebrate by taking her bodyguard out on the town with her friends. After that, Ryo gave Guren some clothes to wear since Haru and the girls were going out to eat. They also found out information about Mashiro.

When Natsumi walked to her friends to her house, she unlocked the door and saw Mashiro and his family. They walking in the living room. I never thought I would see Gabriel's little girl again. Mashiro replied. Do you two know each other? Natsumi asked. Her father and I go way back. I would have never met your mom if it wasn't for him. Mashiro replied. My dad never told me that. I replied. Hey, do you have any clothes for my friend's bodyguard? What do you want? Ryo asked. Well, do you have clothes for him? Natsumi asked. What is in it for me? Ryo asked. Stop being an ass and do what I requested. Natsumi replied. Are you two twins? I asked. Watch your mouth. Mashiro replied.Yeah, we really don't see eye to eye sometimes. Natsumi replied. Ryo comes downstairs and looks at Guren. Where the hell did you come from? You look like a guy straight out of my old manga collect. Ryo replied. Watch your mouth. Mashiro replied. Now that I look at you, you kind of do. Natsumi replied. It's been awhile Guren, I see you became a general after I left. Mashiro replied. Ryo threw the clothes on Natsumi. You bastard when I get my hands on you. Natsumi replied. I grabbed Natsumi replied. Ryo, you need to apologize to Natsumi. Mashiro replied. Yes, dad. Ryo replied. Would I have never thought one the Ten Generals would give up your rank and status? Guren replied. Dad now that I think about, what are they talking about? Natsumi asked. I will not tell you anything. Mashiro replied. Guren walked over to get dressed in the restroom. Natsumi glared at Mashiro. Well since you are glaring at me. Mashiro replied. I am one of the Ten Generals. I am ranked number three and I am known as Guren. Mashiro replied. Isn't your body guard's name Guren? I asked. I named him Guren because when I met him, he was an orphan that I couldn't read or write. He was nameless so I just named him Guren. Mashiro replied. I think I have it on right. Guren replied. You have it on right. Ryo replied. So, let's go. Yoshi replied. I will be back. Natsumi replied. I know where we should go. I replied. Where should we go? Yoshi asked. Let's go to this really nice cafe. I replied. It is called Lunar Sweets. My grandmother and her friends used to go there and eat. It is open until ten so let's go. We are not far from it actually. I replied.

I lead everyone to Lunar Sweets Cafe.

Hey you guys, here we are. I replied. This place looks really expensive. Natsumi replied. I will be paying for the meal. I replied. Soon as they went into the cafe, I brushed past a guy with honey brown colored eyes. He whispered, "Stay away for Aoi if you know what is good for you" Who the hell are you and how do you know Aoi? Haru asked. So, the leader comes out during the night? Orchid asked. What the hell do you want? Aoi asked. You know threatening her will peak her curiosity even more. Orchid replied. Oh yeah, I can't let you leave her. Orchid replied. I know your friends are ready to attack soon as you give the word. Orchid replied. I didn't know that you were here, Orchid? Natsumi asked. Something felt off so I manifested here. Orchid replied. That is half the reason I bet. She wanted me to buy her a Tiramisu back. I replied. Yes, I want Tiramisu. Orchid replied. Are you a manifestation of Haru? Yoshi asked. Yeah, I am, what of it? Orchid asked. You have your own personality. Natsumi replied. Not all the way. I don't know how to put it. Guren replied. Well, let's sit in that booth by the window. I replied. What is the Fet-ti-ci-ne Alf-ed-ro? Guren asked. Fettuccine Alfredo is what you are trying to say? Yoshi asked. What is it, Princess? Guren replied. You don't call me Princess in public. I am Yoshi Mori here. Yoshi replied.I am so sorry. Guren replied. Don't apologize. Yoshi replied. I still can't believe this guy is the Sea General everyone fears. Natsumi replied. What are you going to order? I replied. I am ordering Pierogies. Natsumi replied. I want a Gyro. Yoshi replied. I want Thai Red Chicken Curry. I replied. What about my Tiramisu? Orchid asked. Soon as they ordered, the waiter said "I haven't seen you here since you were a little girl" Yeah, I used to come here with my grandmother and my parents. I replied. I heard your orders. We will come out soon. I know guys will love their food. I replied. Soon as the food came out, everyone said: "Thank you for the food." Everyone was happy. As they were looking outside I saw Izanami. What the hell is going on? I thought.

After everyone ate, Yoshi and Guren took their food to go. Natsumi and I bought food back in to go boxes as well. As they were walking home, I felt the same feeling of Izanami was still around. Hey, what is this feeling? Natsumi asked. Ignore your best ability. I replied. Soon as they got to Natsumi's house, Mashiro was asking, "By any chance did you fight that her?" No, but she did. Natsumi replied. So, Orchid did you beat any of them up? Mashiro asked. I actually stayed on my best behavior. Orchid replied. I told her if she didn't attack anyone, I promised to buy her Tiramisu. Haru replied. Now you can beat up anyone you want. I replied. Even the cocky honey brown eyed guy? Orchid replied. Wait did you say honey brown eyes? Mashiro asked. Yeah, that bastard is out to kill Haru. Orchid replied. I knew he was alive. Mashiro replied. Dad stops hiding stuff. Natsumi replied. I can only say this "his parents were old friends of Haru's father and mine". Well, I will be on my way home. I replied. Mashiro escorted her out the door. Mashiro escorted me out the door. Soon as Orchid left with Haru, Mashiro told her "Whatever you do protect her with all strength and being". I will do that after all, that woman is the reason why. Orchid replied. Hurry up! you know how my dad is. I yelled. Alright. Orchid replied. As the two were on their way. Mashiro started to worry. "If he knew he was alive I don't know how they react. Mashiro thought.

Quick Knowledge

*Lunar Sweet is introduced in Natasha Book Two.

-Pierogies are Polish Dumplings.

Book One: Chapter 12: Haru's Curiosity and Orchid's Duty

Last time, Yoshi and Guren went their separate ways. Haru and Natsumi walked to her house. Soon as they went in Mashiro knew something about the honey colored eyes. As Haru left, Mashiro made a request for Orchid to protect Haru with all her being.

As I was on her way home, she asked Orchid. "Out of curiosity is alright for me to hurt them?" Much as I know you would love too, I would tell you to decline from all violence. Orchid replied. Alright, let's get to the train station before it closes. Orchid replied. As soon as I got on the train, I thought she saw the golden-brown eyes guy again. Can you tell me your name, I won't attack you? I replied. Just stay away from me and Aoi. Aoi replied. Why are including Aoi into this? I asked. I reached over to him and he pushes her away. Hey, I don't care if you don't want to know who you really are but you didn't have to push her like that. Orchid replied. Soon as the trained stopped at the station, both got out. Orchid walked past him and said, "You know Aoi you pushing down was out of your nature." He looked shocked. Also, you dropped your train pass. Orchid replied. Have a good night. Orchid replied. Aoi was in shock wondering how Orchid knew his identity. Hey, do you know who that guy is? I asked. You can say in a way. Orchid replied. Soon as they walked home, Gabriel said. "Where have you been?" Sorry dad, I went to Natsumi's house. I found out General Asai is actually Natsumi's dad. I replied. I knew he was married and had two children. Gabriel replied. Guren's little girl is a friend of yours? Alexandra asked. You know him, mom? I asked. Yes, I remember him and his wife. Your father uses to call him "Guren" Alexandra replied. Haru I want you to know that you are a lucky girl to meet many people and befriend them good an evil. Alexandra replied. Thank you, mom. You know out of all those you befriend, a guy out them will consider you as his "Rare Treasure". Alexandra replied. Mom, are you going on about me falling in love with a bad guy or something? I replied. You know how to bring out the good in others. Gabriel replied. Now get ready for bed. Gabriel replied. Well, let's first put our food up Orchid. I replied. So, you went to Lunar Sweets? Gabriel asked. Yes, dad, we bought our favorite dishes. I replied. I bet you bought Orchid Tiramisu, right? Gabriel asked. Yes, I didn't destroy anything today. Orchid replied. Alright, get ready for bed. Alexandra replied. I changed into her Pajamas and got ready be. She thought about what her mom said. 'Rare Treasure"?

After my mom said that to me, I was just so curious about what she meant? I thought. After that, I had a strange dream about Aoi betrayed me. I thought I just had a strange dream nothing more nothing less.

The next morning, I got ready and ran down the stairs to get on the bus. I got on the bus and I saw Aoi. Hey Haru, how are you doing this morning? Aoi asked. I am doing great, how are you? I asked. Hey, why are you two acting strange? Ichiko asked. What are you talking about? I asked. When they got to school, a new student was transferred into their class. Hi, my name is Emma Volkov and it is nice to meet you. Emma replied. Wow, the new girl is really cute. Haruto replied. Aren't you the guy who has a girlfriend? I asked. She is my ex and we are not going to bring her up. Haruto replied. Hey Aoi how are you? Emma asked. That girl, why is she here? Aoi thought. Hey, what the hell are you doing here? Aoi asked. Well, Izanami wants me to go to school so I am going here. Emma replied. Emma, you know you can't do whatever you feel here. Aoi replied. I was told to stay on my best behavior. Emma replied. I walked over. Hi, my name is Haru Higashiyama. I am the student council president, it is nice to meet you. I replied. I know all about you, Aoi talks about you very much. Emma replied. I knew that four eyes had feelings for her. Haruto replied. Stop picking on him. Haru replied. Hey, Aoi is you two(mmmm). Emma replied. Why are you covering her mouth? I asked. Come here, Emma. Aoi replied. Aoi pulled Emma to the side. Orchid I want you to follow him and see what he is talking about. I asked. Orchid followed Aoi. No one knows what I really look like alright. Aoi replied. These glasses just give off an illusion of what they see me as. Aoi replied. I knew he was using old magic that deceives what the victim he or she looks at. Orchid though. When they walked back, Emma asked. "Hey did you see that shadow?" That shadow is more than you think, she knows the truth. Aoi replied. How does she know? Emma asked. She can see through the magic in the glasses. Aoi replied. Is she a major threat? Emma asked. She might not look it but she is just a manifestation of Haru's negative emotions. Aoi replied. When Aoi and Emma walked back into the classroom, every guy was asking if she was single? Why are you asking me this? Emma asked. Well, I was wondering if you would like to go out this weekend? Haruto asked. I will think about it. Emma replied. Hey you bastard, you always get the girls. Shima replied. Shut up and stop talking like that. I replied. Why do we have to listen to you? Shima asked. I glared at Shima and he and his friends said: "I am so sorry ma'am." I would not get on Haru's bad side if I were you. Aoi replied. Listen to Aoi, Haru is nicer compared to her back in the day. Ichiko replied. Don't say such things. For your information, I cast away my negative emotions. I replied. I pouted. Wait did you say cast away your negative emotions? Aoi asked.

Guren means the Japanese words Crimson-colored lotus. 

Book One: Chapter 13: Haru Saves but Betrayed At The Same Time...

Last time, Haru went to school and met a new student named Emma Volkov and Haru said something that she didn't mean too.Haru really dug into Aoi with just words alone. His friends Emma was in fear as well. She took Aoi out to get some fresh air. Orchid said something that gave Aoi and Emma the idea to ask the question.

Haru, for a moment you said you cast away your negative emotions? Aoi asked. Yeah, it is true just like how you and your buddies been targeting my friends. Haru replied. Also Aoi I know you've been lying to me. I replied. Hey, Haru calm down, you know how you get when you are angry. Ichiko replied. I'm sorry Aoi I hope I didn't scare you. It's just a hypothesis. I replied. I sat back down at her desk. Aoi are you ok? Ichiko asked. You look a little shook up. Ichiko replied. Aoi is looking at me frozen in fear. I will take him to get fresh air. Emma replied. Aoi and Emma went out to get water. That Haru is like she could read a person's mind and tear at until they go insane. Emma replied. I never want to get her angry. Emma replied. I know Ichiko told me that Haru wasn't always nice as she is now. Aoi replied. I know right, I am glad Ichiko stopped her. She cast me away because her anger is what makes her known, feared and hated. Orchid replied. I can only tell you this ask Izanami about two years ago and who caused the wounds that were inflicted on her little brother's body. Orchid replied. Orchid walked off into a shadow. That girl is her negative emotion, she is such an adorable looking girl. Emma replied. Are you ok, now Aoi? Emma replied. Yeah, I am, the way she was talking it was like she was slowing torturing me with her words. Aoi replied. Aoi walked back into class. Hey, Aoi I am really sorry if I terrified you. Haru replied. So that proves it. When she is away from that girl she becomes sweet and kindhearted. When she is near she becomes the devil reincarnated. Emma replied. What are you talking about the gruesome revelation I spoke of fifteen minutes. Haru replied. I'm sorry she is still angry but she talking with a smile. Ichiko replied. The bell rang we should get to class. Haru replied. Hey, Aoi you and Emma are going straight home no socializing. Ari replied. I also want you to avoid that girl, she looks sweet but in reality, she is a demon in disguise and you have feelings for Aoi. Ari replied. After school, Aoi and Emma went home and in the car, Aoi asked a question. Hey two years ago what happened to Master Tomoki, he was supposed to be wounded but he doesn't show anything. Aoi replied. I'm surprised you don't know. Ari replied. I will tell you when we get home. Aoi replied.

  When Aoi and Emma went home, they met Tomoki. Hey, can I ask you a question Master Tomoki? Aoi asked. Yes, what do you have to ask me? Tomoki asked. Well for some reason Ari said to stay away from Haru. Aoi replied. That woman inflicted a curse on my body and only she can remove it. Tomoki replied. I didn't know Haru did that to you. Aoi replied. Yes, she did. She never came to take away. Tomoki replied. I wonder if she would if I ask. Aoi replied. Let's see the curse. Emma asked. Oh my gosh, it's like if its consumed your body little by little. Emma replied. It is because it is. Tomoki replied. If it doesn't get lifted I will die in two months. Tomoki replied. You say it so calm. Emma replied. I pissed her off by attacking her first out of fear. Tomoki replied. I don't think she is willing to help the guy who attacked her. Tomoki replied. Oh, you have to buy her two boxes strawberry jelly doughnuts with powder sugar on them from Lunar Sweets. She will be a perfect little lamb. Aoi replied. How do you figure that? Emma asked. Aoi said with a blank stare.I have known Haru since we were kids. She is a sucker for doughnuts and all kinds of cakes. Aoi replied. You really do know how to catch your pray. Tomoki replied. No that isn't it, I copied off her notes last Friday. She wants something in compensation for her services. Aoi replied. She must know how to get you to do whatever you say. Tomoki replied.The next day, hey Haru I need your help with something? Aoi asked. Why should I help? I glared. I will buy you two boxes of Strawberry jelly doughnuts. Aoi replied. And what else will you add on top of those doughnuts? I asked. Powder sugar will be on them too. Thank you for the compensation from last Friday. I replied. I really can't hurt her she can be intimidating and terrifying but she means well. Aoi thought. What do you need help with? I asked. Tomoki Ono's curse that was inflicted on him four years ago. Emma replied. Oh yeah, the guy who attacked me from behind. I totally forgot all about that I inflicted that curse on him. I can lift it but he has to come to me so it can be lifted. I replied. Maybe today after school as you pay for my doughnuts. I replied. Well, I am not buying them Tomoki is. Aoi replied. Really, you are supposed to be buying them. I replied. I pouted. Oh, my is she always pouting like that to you? Emma asked. You don't know the half of it. Aoi replied. After school ended, I walked into Izanami's house. Is that you Tomoki? I asked. Wait your same Higashiyama that inflicted my wound? Tomoki asked. Yes, its just that grew up from my childish actions that's all. I replied. Where is your bedroom or any room you feel at ease in by yourself? I asked.

  So let me remove the curse. I replied. Tomoki sat on his bed. I summoned her sword and Tomoki looked at me as I summoned the sword that cursed him with. You will feel intense pain so get ready. I replied. What? Tomoki asked. I slashed the curse and it went away. Is there a wound from your swords slash? Tomoki asked. No it only thing that it cuts Shadow Dragon attributes attack. I replied. Also to give your bodyguards the heads up. "If you are curious to why I inflicted that curse on you at that time was because of your bloodlust and hatred you have for me being a Higashiyama grew to the point that the curse was feeding on your bloodlust an hatred towards me it was feeding on you." What are you trying to say? Tomoki asked. Her eyes just now they were sharp and her blunt voice. In actuality, you were plagued with that before I did that to you. I replied. I want those doughnuts in compensation. I replied.  I am sorry for the way I just spoke to you. I have a tendency of turning blunt when I use my Shadow Dragon weapon. It is like I revert to my old self. I replied. She just smiles as if she is so carefree. Tomoki replied.

Aoi walked into the room and I was walking out happy with the doughnuts. I want you to keep tabs on her, Aoi and Emma. Tomoki replied. Why would you request that? Emma asked. That girl is actually deceiving you with that kind act. She is really cold-hearted and savage. Tomoki replied.  She just spoke in a blunt tone. Tomoki replied.Don't come back here you damn demon. Ari replied.  Izanami walked in the living room. What is that little monster doing in our house? Izanami asked.You don't have to worry. I could have beheaded everyone at once, after all, Izanami you have seen what no, my family swordsmanships is capable of? I replied. Well, I am sorry for saying. I really do convert to myself when I use my powers against my father wishes. I replied. I smiled and walked out the door. That is the wolf and sheep's clothing that you have feelings for. Ari replied. 

As I was walking on the way to Megumi's Dojo. As she was on her way there, Megumi walked up to her. Hey Megumi what is your problem? I asked. You went to Izanami's House. Megumi replied. That is true but remember that bastard Tomoki who I put a curse on him. I replied. Yeah but now Tomoki is going to have people watching you. Megumi replied. I know how guys like him work. I replied. Are you ok, Haru? Yoshi asked. I'm alright, it takes a lot to hurt me. I replied. If they are having people watching you, they will use that friend of yours name Aoi. Natsumi replied. I know but not just him that guy named Sayuri too. I replied. Haven't you really fought him, have you? Natsumi asked. You are right about that but I have a feeling he won't pull that move he pulled last time with that void of his. I replied. I know how that demented boy thinks. Megumi replied. What do you mean? Natsumi asked. Let's say he will get his revenge. Megumi replied.  

  Later that day, I was still thinking about Sayuri and what revenge has to do with it. When I got home, I rushed upstairs and got on her laptop and looked up the meaning of Sayuri. What the hell? Orchid asked. So they were named after flower meanings. Sayuri means hatred/revenge. Botan means bravery. Hyakunichisou means loyalty. Lastly, Bara means to silence and devotion. I replied. I should tell the girls tomorrow about this. I replied. I kinda caught on to that but I thought it was about Hanakotoba or Language of Flowers. Orchid replied. As Haru went to sleep that night, Sayuri (Aoi) was spying on her as Tomoki asked him too. Well, that bastard actually listens to someone. Orchid replied. What is going on? I asked. Just go to sleep alright. Orchid replied. I have no damn clue on who he is trying to get revenge upon? Orchid thought. What a lapdog. Orchid replied. Is he spying on me or something? I asked. Yes, he is and what should we do about it? Orchid asked. We'll find out tomorrow. I replied. The next morning, I went to school and Aoi walked pass me. Oh good morning Aoi, how are you doing today? I asked. I'm doing great today so far. Aoi replied. That is good to hear. I replied.  

  As the school day ended, I rushed to Megumi's Dojo. Megumi, I did a little research on Izanami's Elite squad and how the traits are the same a the flower they after. I replied. Wait are you telling me that there are meanings behind their actions? Natsumi asked. So you figured it out on your own? Megumi asked. You knew that their names derive from Hanakotoba or the Language of Flowers. I replied. When I fought Hyakunichisou, she had an intense loyalty to Izanami for some reason. Bara showed immense devotion towards Izanami. Yoshi replied. You are right, that is what their flowers names meanings. Megumi replied. Well no actually, I feel he has no loyalty in the slightest. I replied. I have a quick question? I asked. Let me guess it's about Sayuri? Megumi asked. Yes, his flower means Hatred and Revenge. I replied. Now that you pay attention to his actions, he is angry and he is trying to vent out someone. Natsumi replied. Soon as Aoi ran after I, he came into the Dojo, he paused in shock.You are right, he is trying to vent out on someone but at the same time, he doesn't want to hurt that person. Orchid replied. Excuse me, Haru you left your jacket in the classroom. Aoi replied. Thank you, Aoi see you tomorrow. I replied. As Aoi walked out the door, Megumi came up to him. You know if you keep deceiving her, she will never trust you ever again. Megumi replied. Aoi froze in fear again. See you later, Aoi. Megumi replied. Aoi walked away and ran into Emma.
What does Megumi mean by revenge?

Book One: Chapter 14: Haru Is Wavering On What She Believes

Last time, Haru tells the girls the names of Izanami's Elites flowers names connection to her in some way. The leader Sayuri (Aoi) is shrouded in mystery. Who is he trying to take revenge upon?

Later that afternoon, I looked out the window. Hey that guy, isn't that guy your friend Haru? Natsumi asked. Yes and he is secretly spying on me. I replied. I am not surprised you haven't realized. He has been spying on you from the beginning. Megumi replied. Aoi walked back with Emma back to the orphanage. Welcome back Aoi, from your face you look like someone has scared you a little? Tomoki asked.Well Aoi, talked to that girl Haru Higashiyama. Emma replied. So you ran into that beast? Botan asked. Yes, I did. Aoi replied. She was smiling while she was talking to him. It was like daggers were being stabbed inside of me. I have never seen her angry. Aoi replied. I only heard rumors from people who went to middle school with her would describe how bad her temper was. Aoi replied. I saw the way she was talking to him. I heard she cast off her malice and took the form of that girl we saw earlier. Emma replied. I want her to pay attention and Haru as well. I will have my revenge upon they who wronged me. Aoi replied. When I walked home, I felt someones malice and hatred.

Next day, I walked to school with Ichiko. Hey, Haru don't you feel that Aoi is acting off? Ichiko asked. Yeah, you could say that. I replied. What did you do to him? Ichiko asked. What kind of girl do you take me for? I asked. As I was walking into school, Haru bumped in Aoi. Hey I'm sorry, are you alright? Aoi asked. Thank you for asking. I replied. Good morning, Haru how are you today? Aoi asked. Why does he look scared of you? Ichiko asked. I have no clue. I replied. Haru did you talk to him with a smile on your face? Ichiko asked. I just asked a few questions. I replied. Aoi come here, I am sorry that Haru talked so harshly to you. Ichiko replied. Who are you, you hang around Haru? Emma asked. Yes, and I am sorry for her. She actually use to have bad anger issues. Ichiko replied. Are you defending her? Emma asked. Ichiko, what are you going on about? Aoi asked. Aoi you can lie to her but I know you better than you think. Aoi Kamiya or should I say your real name. Ichiko replied. Ichiko what took you so long? I asked.Coming. Ichiko replied. What is she talking about? Emma asked. I have no clue myself, I will ask Izanami when we get home. At lunch, Ichiko and I were sitting together. Hey did you really tell him the truth about his name? Haru asked. Yeah, but you called me before I could. Ichiko replied. He has the right to know about himself and who his parents and twin brother are. I replied. Megumi walked into the classroom. What are you doing here? Ichiko asked. You can't tell him at all cost if he knew the truth he will hate you and the other person taking his revenge. Megumi replied. Wait are you saying that Aoi is their son? I asked. Unfortunately, don't get angry. Ichiko replied. I will not get angry at him. You guys are lying to me, right? I asked. Let's just talk after school. Megumi replied.

Haru is faced with the truth but doesn't believe Ichiko or Megumi.

Aoi and Haru bump into each other that morning. Ichiko confronts Aoi in front of Emma. Ichiko and Megumi whip up a theory that Aoi is not who he says. Haru doesn't believe what they are saying. 

Hey Haru, what is wrong with you? Yoshi asked. Well, my friend, Ichiko, and Megumi are making up theories that Aoi isn't who he says he is. I replied. Now that I think about he seems mysterious to me. Natsumi replied. Haru you can't deny that he has been acting suspicious lately. Ichiko replied. Well, he told me to keep a secret from you, Haru. Megumi replied. Why would he keep secrets from me? I asked. Aoi saw my expression from the distance. Hey, what the hell are you looking at? Botan asked. Oh, nothing. Aoi replied. If you keep on doing this you will hurt the one who cared about you the most. Ryoko replied. What the hell are you here to do? Mess with my head? Aoi asked. Ryoko caresses Aoi and tells him "If you keep hurting her as you are doing, she will never forgive you in the end" I know that and don't want to hurt her any more than I am doing. Aoi replied. Ryoko why are you here? Stay away from him. Bara replied. You can keep lying to yourself and to her all you want. In return, she will never forgive you and cut all ties with you. Ryoko replied. When Ichiko was on her way to Megumi's Dojo, she saw a guy that looked like Haruto. Soon as she looked his voice kind of reminded her of Aoi. Izanami I have no clue what you are thinking but I have to know that boy will fulfill the meaning of his title. It will towards you. Ryoko replied. What will give you that assumption? Izanami asked. Another woman, on the other hand, would tell him with no care in the world and that girl he loves will kill him. Ryoko replied. At Megumi's Dojo, Ichiko rushes inside and out of breath.  

Book One: Chapter 15: Haru's Time To Confront The Leader...

Last time, Haru is still uncertain to believe what Ichiko and Megumi have to say. On the way to Megumi's Dojo, Ichiko sees a boy who looks like her classmate but by looking him he reminded her of Aoi. Ichiko rushes to Megumi's Dojo. Ichicko rushed to Megumi's Dojo to tell the others what she saw. Sayuri appeared to hush Ichiko because she saw his true form. Haru transformed to fight Sayuri since he threatened Ichiko.

Hey, why are you out of breath? Megumi replied. I just saw a guy that looks just like snarky ass bastard Haruto. Ichiko replied. Wait Haruto has a twin? I asked. Hell if I know, when I saw him from a glimpse he reminded me of Aoi. Ichiko replied. What are you saying, Aoi is actually Haruto's twin brother? I asked. Shit, so that bastard put all of us in his void. Megumi replied. So Sayuri, are you taking revenge on Haru, Ichiko or me? Megumi replied.How are we in his void? Yoshi asked. Well, his void is different, he can grasp you in at any time he feels like it. In his void, the flow of time changes. Megumi replied. So he saw me run here? Ichiko asked. Yes, I did and I don't appreciate you spying on me. Sayuri replied. Sayuri rushed and summoned a sword. I summoned a sword and stopped him. Don't let him attack you. A small nick will be like a gash. Megumi replied. I don't give a damn what or who the hell he is. I don't appreciate you attacking Ichiko for no damn reason. I replied. Haru and Sayuri glared at each other. Both vanished. Haru was fighting with that sword in her Imperatrice dell'aria form. Wait are these two about to duke it out in here? Yoshi asked. Seems like it. Ichiko replied. She rarely uses that form. Ichiko thought. I know Haru will kick his ass. Ichiko replied.

Hey before you guys go all out and stuff, go outside the door. Megumi replied. Alright. Haru and Sayuri replied. Why did you tell them to go outside, that would have been so cool. Yeah, Izanami and her father will be coughing up money for repairs. Megumi replied. Yeah, I see now, let us go outside to see a good view. Megumi replied. Megumi leads the girls up the stairs to the roof. Wow, you didn't say had a roof with a good view. Natsumi replied. You never asked. Megumi replied. Haru and Sayuri were slashing swords so fast they almost broke the sound barrier. What the hell, they are almost breaking the sound barrier. Megumi replied. Hey, you two are about to break the sound barrier. Megumi replied. Seriously, this is breaking the sound barrier? I asked. Are we breaking the sound barrier? Sayuri asked. Are you two that damn clueless? Yoshi replied. Haru is smart academic wise but when it comes to fighting, she doesn't realize how much damage she causes. Ichiko replied. I see why you asked them to fight outside. Yoshi replied. Those two are just alike, he is like that too as you have seen. Megumi replied. No wonder they hate each other. Yoshi replied. You can think about in those means but I want to see Haru kick his ass. Natsumi replied. Haru and Sayuri began to fight again. Sayuri cut Haru. Nice try you bastard, you might have cut me but how is that chest wound doing? I asked. Haru sheathed her sword. I didn't even see her slash me. Sayuri thought. Sayuri she slashed you multiple times you haven't felt them until she sheathed her sword. Ichiko replied. Her Imperatice dell'aria form or Air Empress form is known for its high-speed attacks and with that sword called Anger of Boreas leads to your and any others downfall who fights against her in this form. Ichiko replied. Wait you wound healed. Sayuri replied. So you are Haru Higashiyama, I can't wait to see your true abilities. You held back, if you wanted to you could have killed him easily. See you next time. Ryoko replied. Let go of me. Sayuri replied. So what brings the lone wolf out to the light? Megumi asked.

Imperatrice dell'aria means Air Empress in Italian.

Book One: Chapter 16: Haru's Secret: Part 1

Last time, Haru and Sayuri were fighting outside of Megumi's Dojo. It ended up being a draw. Then a woman spoke to Megumi.

Wait how did she know I was holding back? I thought. Haru what are you talking about? Natsumi asked. Well, I have been holding back, but I have my reasons. I replied. Haru you should tell them. Ichiko replied. No, if they knew who she was, they wouldn't want to talk to her ever again. Megumi replied. Meanwhile at Izanami's House. What the hell did you mean by She could have killed me? Sayuri asked. Well, Haru Higashiyama is the daughter of the child that was supposed to bring destruction to the human race. Ryoko replied. Wait she is his daughter? Sayuri replied. Yes, he has been suppressing her abilities by splitting herself in half. Ryoko replied. Also with her Shadow Dragon Powers are suppressed for the good of all people. Izanami replied. She looks innocent right but I bet she is catching on to you. Bara replied. Yeah, she has Aoi, you have to be careful. Emma replied. She is like a viper who will kill her victim without taking her time. Emma replied. Yeah, I would have told you that. I went to Junior High with that girl. Raye replied. Aoi you are lucky, you have not witnessed her true wrath. Raye replied. Hey, what are you going on about Raye? Wyatt asked. Aoi has angered the Black Keres. Raye replied. What the hell, that girl strength is unreal with her partners Ichiko and Yumi. Those three combined are terrifying as hell. I saw Haru hurt a guy thought he could bully her since she is quiet. She grabbed him by his skull and when she did it her eyes change from blue to emerald green. She was smiling and laughing as if she enjoyed hurting him. Raye replied. By the way, how do you know Megumi? Aoi asked. Let's say that she I don't see eye to eye. Ryoko replied. At Megumi's Dojo. Hey, how do you know who that lady was? Natsumi asked. Well, I might as well tell you a little before we go and fight Izanami's Elite. I replied. What are you trying to tell us? Yoshi asked. I am not who you really think I am. I replied.

Book One Chapter 17: Haru's Secret: Part 2

Last time, Haru was ready to tell Natsumi and Yoshi about herself.

Hey Haru, you can't tell them so much now. Megumi replied. Oh I know I can't tell them but so much. Haru replied. You don't have to worry about that guy for awhile. Ichiko replied. Why would you say that? Yoshi asked. Well, that guy was just testing Haru's abilities. Ichiko replied. You know if she was here you know how that would end. Ichiko replied. Don't even bring her up right now. Haru replied. Alright, I will not bring it up again. Ichiko replied. You are talking about that white-haired death machine. Megumi asked. We are talking about that person. Haru replied. Who are you guys talking about? Natsumi asked. You will meet her. Megumi replied. I have questions for Haru and Megumi. Natsumi replied. What are you talking about? What do you want to know? Megumi asked. Who is that woman? Who was that kid who fought Haru? Natsumi asked. Since you want to know. Megumi replied. You see that woman's name is Raye and she was his guardian and a woman from my past that made my life a living hell. Megumi replied. Now you Haru, explain yourself. Natsumi replied. I use elemental magic as a substitute for my real powers. Haru replied. So you are the Shadow Dragon who doesn't use her powers because she can't control her powers? Yoshi asked. You are spot on as usual. Haru replied. Does that answer your question? Haru asked. You have answered my question. Natsumi replied. You know that I am s happy that I got that off my chest. Haru replied. You know of all my years I have known you, you never revealed that to anyone but me and the White-haired demon. Ichiko replied. Don't insult her. Haru replied. I really caused less destruction than I usually do. Haru replied. Wait what you did is just less? Yoshi asked. Yoshi was surprised. Oh, this nothing compared to *Lirio Mountain Valley. Ichiko replied. What happened. Well fight a demon in the demon she finished her ob but caused a crater in the valley in the process. Ichiko replied. After all the Higashiyama's are famous for destruction and wrecking havoc wherever they go. Megumi replied. Don't talk down about my family. Haru replied. As Haru was talking Sayuri was watching from the distance. All he could think about was how she attacked him and she didn't feel her attack. What is on your mind? Raye asked. It is nothing. Aoi replied.
Stay Tuned.
Lirio means lily in Spanish.  

Book One Chapter 18: Prepare for the unexpected

Last time, Haru and Megumi were being questioned about their previous actions. Aoi is still thinking about the fight he had with Haru.

Hey isn't your family that infamous for destruction? Natsumi asked. Yes, they are. Megumi replied. As the girls were talking Mashiro entered the dojo. Hey, dad is something wrong? Natsumi asked. You are safe, I am glad. Mashiro replied. Mashiro hugged Natsumi. Dad, why are you hugging me so tight? Natsumi asked. Hey, Megumi was this just the beginning? Yoshi asked. So Izanami is personally going to take out her other fighters above the Bara and others. Megumi replied. So you mean to tell me that the lady has fighter beyond fighters. I replied. Those are the real retainers and I really are concerned. Megumi replied. Megumi describes the retainers to us. I was kind of shocked at how she described them. I can only name a few of them. I met their parents when they were the Third Generation retainers of the Ono household. I heard they had kids but with woman and men out their race so knowing the kid's names is another story. Megumi replied. I want you to beware because I felt the presence of one those damn monsters. Mashiro replied. You know hearing a man cowered in fear? Megumi replied. The Mashiro I know would never. Megumi replied. I don't want you fighting any of them Natsumi. Mashiro replied. Dad how do you know these people? Natsumi asked. Before you girls were born, your father and I stopped were called to stop them. We nearly lost our lives in the process. Mashiro replied. Those people are dangerous and I refuse you all fight them. Mashiro replied. I refuse to let those people get under our skin. I replied. As Aunt Kaori once told me, "Men who cowered in front of there enemy shouldn't call themselves men". I replied. She's the same person who told off her superiors but that's not the issue. Gabriel replied.  Dad, we will win and take the glory that goes along with it. I replied. It is getting late our heroines. Megumi replied. As soon as everyone went home. Haru encounters one of them. Little did she know what she got herself into. They were more conniving then what she thought.

Stay Tuned.

Book Two Chapter 1: Entering the Casanova of Luxuria, Zhu Bao

Last time, Haru and the girls were warned about a new threat.

Well, I see that girl is supposed to be Haru Higashiyama. Salem replied. Which one of you wants to play with her a little? Salem asked. I think I might meet her. Bao replied. You just want to go after her because she's beautiful. Salem replied. So I also want to know what was going up against. Bao replied. Just let him go. He might be a flirt but he is capable. Min-Ji replied. When Orchid and I were walking to the bus station, a person came behind her. Who are you? I asked. Well you see, I wanted to meet you Haru Higashiyama. You are a sight for sore eyes. Bao replied. I'm flattered but if you put your hands on it wouldn't end well for you. I replied with a smile. I see your hard to please. Bao replied. Let me, guest, you are one of the retainers we heard about. Orchid replied. Yes, my name is Zhu Bao and it is a pleasure to meet you. Bao replied. I would love to bruise your pride right about now but I am on my way home. I replied. As Orchid and I walked further, he came out with his Dao and almost cut me in half. I turned into a shadow. So the rumors are true you do use that Dark Magic. Bao replied. I summoned my katana. They began to clash swords. A flash of crimson light broke them up. What the hell are you trying to prove by attacking her? Min-Ji asked. Stay out of this Min-Ji. Bao replied. Who are you, are you working that guy Sayuri? I asked. What if I am, what will you do about it? Min-Ji asked. I will make you pay ten times over for what you all have done to my friends. I replied. Are you angry that they are weak? Min-Ji asked. No, they aren't but you better be happy Natsumi didn't hear you say that. She would have let you have it. I replied. Well good night, I have to go to school in the morning. I replied. Orchid let's go. I replied. I will not let that wannabe Casanova slide with attacking you like that. Orchid replied. Orchid, I let him attack me on purpose. I replied. I still don't like it. Orchid replied. Well, we can tell Megumi in the morning.

Stay Tuned.

Book Two: Chapter 2: Testing My Belief and Reasoning? Part One

Last time, Haru and Orchid have encountered Bao Zhou and Min-Ji on the way home.
Well how about we act like nothing happened. I replied. You know you can't erase what that asshole pulled. So that was a retainers. It seems like that is his son. Orchid replied. Orchid do you know some of the retainers? I asked. Well your father fought that girl, Min-Ji father. Orchid replied. Gabriel rushed downstairs doubting over me. Dad, I am fine. I replied. I want you to be cautious of those two. Gabriel replied. Dad, I am a Higashiyama and I will never back down without a fight. I replied. Even though that might be true, I care about your safety. Gabriel replied. As my dad said that, I thought they must be dangerous if he is warning me. I replied. After that I went to sleep. The next day, I ran into Aoi. Hey Aoi, are you ok? I asked. Yeah I am fine. I just studied for that test today. Aoi replied. Wait did you say test? I asked. You forgot about the test didn't you? Aoi asked.Yeah I really forgot. I replied. I think I can pass the test. I replied. Are you alright to get to class? I asked. Aoi didn't I tell you to not stay up studying. Emma replied. Haru you should get to class. Emma replied. Can you help him to class? I asked. I am stronger than I look. Emma replied. Then go for it. Haru replied. Orchid follow them but keep your distant. I replied. Yes my lady. Orchid replied. As Ichiko and I walked to class, Ichiko called my name. Haru, I know you are worried about him and if he is lying to you but I feel like he knows something. Ichiko replied. I want to believe that but I have to play it safe. I replied. As soon as Aoi and Emma were walking to class, they felt Orchid's presents. Why are you stalking him? Emma asked. Maybe if he wouldn't lie to my lady-and-mistress to her face I might not be doing this. Orchid replied. So you are lapdog just like I am. Aoi replied. You know from the way you are talking, I could expect you want to take some kind of action. Let me think maybe exacting your revenge towards someone. Orchid replied. Aoi glared at Orchid. Well go on the class. Orchid replied. You know Haru cares about you. You know it would hurt her to find out her best friend is the guy behind the mask you wear. Orchid replied. As Orchid faded away, Aoi thought about what Orchid said. Let's get ready for that test. Aoi replied. What are you talking about my test is next week. Emma replied. Is that girl like a shadow or something? Emma replied. After school, I will explain what she is. Aoi replied. As soon as Aoi reached the classroom he walked in and was received his test sheet. Soon as he sat down, the test began.
Stay Tuned.  

Book Two: Chapter 3: Testing My Belief and Reasoning? Part Two

Last time, Haru was still thinking about the retainers name Bao Zhou and Ahn Min-Ji. Also forgetting that she had a test the next morning.
After the testing, Aoi fell asleep on his answer sheet. Hey, Aoi gets up or you won't get any credit for the test. I replied. Aoi put his head up and walked to the teacher and gave her the test. Hey, do you need me to help you with your next class? I replied. As I reached out my hand to help him out the class, Emma appeared. Haru, how about I walk him to class. As Emma walked Aoi to his next class, Ichiko walked up to me and wanted to ask me a question. Hey, can I ask you a question? Ichiko asked. Yeah, ask away. I replied. Let's talk during our free period. Ichiko replied. That is a plan. I replied. As Ichiko and I walked to class, Aoi was looking out into the distance. Hey, Aoi are you ok? Emma asked. Yeah, I thought I felt that damn sociopath was near. Aoi replied. That guy? Emma asked. As their free period appeared, it was lunch today. As they settled down to eat lunch, Ichiko and I felt an ominous presence. Hey, do you feel that? Ichiko asked. Yes, but it is not directed at us. I replied. Well back to your question, what did you want to ask me? I asked. Do you know why Aoi just ignored you like that? Ichiko asked. I have no clue but I feel a certain ninja assassin knows. I replied. Orchid appeared out of a shadow. What do you want to know? Orchid asked. Well, tell me what you talked about with him Aoi? I asked. Well, let's say he has a connection to the retainers. Orchid replied. I figured as much he has been acting more conspicuous lately, hasn't he? Ichiko asked. I mean he has but he can't be the guy after me. I replied. He is and you need to face it. Ichiko replied. Well, I should warn the girls about everything. I replied. You are right, they should be informed about who is after all of us. Ichiko replied. You mean to tell me that you were involved in this too? I asked. Yeah, soon as I saw that guy I was involved in this mess. I will not give up without a fight. Ichiko replied. I am curious to who they will put up against all of us. I asked. Soon after school, Ichiko and I were on our way to Megumi's Dojo and we saw a retainer but this time they were walking up to the Megumi's Dojo. As they walked, Aoi and Emma ran into Orchid. Let me guess you know those people? Orchid asked. What are you? Emma replied. I am the manifestation of Haru's powers and negative emotions. Orchid replied. Now tell me the names of the retainers of the Ono household. Orchid asked. Why are you asking me? Aoi asked. Tell me or I tell Haru who you really are. Orchid replied.
Alright, I will tell you but in a more remote place. Aoi replied.
What are their names?
Stay Tuned.  

Book Two: Chapter 4: It has begun

Last time, Ichiko and I were on our way to Megumi's Dojo. Orchid disappeared and found Aoi and asked him what the retainers names.
Alright, we are in a remote location now tell me what their names are? Orchid asked. The girl with the attitude name is Ahn Min-Ji. The wannabe Casanova, Zhu Bao. Haru and I have encountered him already. Orchid replied. As Ichiko and I were walking up, Liliya appeared before Yoshi. So you must be Yoshino Mori? Liliya asked. So you must be a retainer? Yoshi asked. Yes, I am my name is Liliya Suzuki it's a pleasure to meet you. Liliya replied. Wow, I never thought I would meet the"Kaze no Megami". Salem replied. Where the hell did you come from? Ichiko asked. You shouldn't let your guard down. Salem replied. Hey, leave her alone you damn battle fanatic. Min-Ji replied. The one you saw was Liliya Suzuki. Aoi replied. I feel the presence of that battle fanatic, Salem Kobayashi. Emma replied. He creeps me out more than ever. Emma replied. The other one is Astrid Kimura. She dresses in Sweet Lolita. Emma replied. Their leader is Ahn Min-Ji, I feel she is going to go after the girl, Natsumi. Aoi replied. Aoi you know you can get in trouble for telling this information out to the enemy. Emma replied. I really have no loyalty towards the witch you call a mother, Emma. Aoi replied. After all, I am out to get revenge towards her for taking me away from my real parents. Aoi replied. So what's your flowers meaning behind the name? Orchid asked. I share no loyalty to no one but to myself. Aoi replied. Stop rebelling, you know what will happen. Emma replied. Emma maybe you might be a lapdog but I refuse to give into that woman. Aoi replied. You are crazy, one of those retainers might attack us. Emma replied. Only advice I can give right now is to get your revenge toward her.Orchid replied. Never thought I would hear my enemy encouraging me. Aoi replied. I am negative emotions, I don't encourage the good in people. Orchid replied. I wonder if you will have that optimism when you fight Haru? Orchid asked. Hey Aoi how will you face her? Emma asked.I will have to defeat her with all I have. Aoi replied. As Aoi and Emma were talking, Orchid sensed someone about to attack Haru and the others.What the hell are they trying to pull? Orchid thought. As soon as Orchid looked over Min-Ji stared at Orchid. Min-Ji sprinted to attack Orchid. I won't let you live! Min-Ji yelled. Orchid sprinted and attacked her with an unfamiliar sword. What the hell are you doing? I asked. Haru get everyone to safety! This girl and friends are using the ancient arts from the forbidden library! Orchid replied. What? I asked.
Stay Tuned.  

Book Two: Chapter 5: Introduction: Seven Deadly Sins

Last time, all the retainers show themselves before Haru, Ichiko, and Yoshi. After that, the leader, Ahn Min-Ji came out and attacked Orchid. Orchid realized they were using ancient arts from the Forbidden Library.

The girls ran away into Megumi's Dojo. Hey, what is going on? Yoshi asked. What is the Forbidden Library? Natsumi asked. The Forbidden Library can teach many things from fighting styles and learned magic. Megumi replied. What Orchid was talking about is the sins that make you human. Megumi replied. Are you talking about Acedia, Avaritia, Gula, Ira, Invidia, Luxuria and Superbia? I asked. Yes, I will help you learn it but note your body is only compatible with one element or two but try to stay with one. Megumi replied. Gabriel appeared and slashed his sword of infinity. Soon as the fighting stop, Orchid was crawling into the door. Orchid are you alright? I asked. Haru I don't care what your father says we have to break the seal on your power of Ira. Orchid replied. You know how my dad feels. I replied. As soon as Orchid said that Gabriel rushed through the door. Haru and you girls are you ok? Gabriel asked. Dad, why are you here? I asked. I never thought I would have to help defend Orchid. Gabriel replied. Shut up, you have to give her back every ounce of her powers. Orchid replied. No I took them away from her because of her wrath is what nearly killed people. Gabriel replied. Gabriel, I know you feel like the sense of duty of protecting your daughter from all sense danger. Megumi replied. Yes, I don't want her to end up like me. Gabriel replied. Well other than a guilt trip, did you use the ancient treasures of the Shadow Dragon King? Megumi asked. Yeah, the sword of infinity. That is one of my main swords. Gabriel replied. Can we see it? Natsumi asked. Why do you want to see it? Gabriel asked. I heard stories about them but never seen it in person. Natsumi replied. I will summon the one I used before I came here. Gabriel replied. Gabriel summoned his sword. It doesn't look anything special. Natsumi replied. Well because I never activated. Gabriel replied. It can take me where ever I desire. To help people such as Orchid, when they Ahn Min-Ji and friends jumped Orchid. I sent them where they came from. Gabriel replied. Wait your sword can do that much? I asked. Yes. Gabriel replied. Well your father Mashiro has an amazing sword as well. Gabriel replied. Well you are one of the top ten. Megumi replied. The door was opening and a woman appeared and spoke. You guys are being bestowed those weapons for a representation of that element or race. Aya replied. Wait is that you Aya? Gabriel asked. Who else would I be? Aya asked. I see Takumi and friends children are going to fulfill their duty as their parents did. Aya replied. I am really sorry my niece attacked you, Orchid. Aya replied. You know all you do is apologize even when you were a retainer and even today. Orchid replied. Wait you were a retainer? I asked. Yup but I chose to up and leave and I joined The top ten right along with your father and yours a well Sakura. Aya replied. Same for you, Yoshino. Aya replied. Your older brother is one of the top ten too. Aya replied. Well, lets get on topic. You have the seven abilities and I will tell you which one you are.
Stay Tuned.  

Book Two: Chapter 6: Entering, Liliya Suzuki the Melusine of Avaritia

Last time, Haru and the girls were told to run for safety. Soon after they met a woman who was telling them how to get the upper hand on those five.

Are you really going to keep your word? Orchid replied. These girls need to be ready to attack them head-on if they need too. Orchid replied. I know what you mean and I will do my best to do that. Aya replied. I wish for their progress. Aya replied. As the girls were talking, they were curious to find out what their elemental sin they are. Well from looking at you guys I can tell what element you all are. Aya replied. Sakura your element is fire and your sin is Superbia. Wait my sin is pride? Natsumi asked. Now that you bring up. You are very prideful. I replied. I do take pride when I beat someone up. Natsumi replied. You shouldn't be proud of that. Yoshi replied. Well to Yoshi, you are the sin of Avaritia. Aya replied. What would I be the sin of greed? Yoshi asked. Your powers have the ability to rob people of their abilities kind of the sin of greed. Aya replied. That is a horrible way to say that. Yoshi replied. Now your power Ichiko you are a wind user and the sin of Luxuria. Aya replied. I am nowhere near lustful. The lustful person is a certain girl that name that starts with an A. Ichiko replied. Don't talk about her. I replied. Stop talking about Annie. Megumi replied. Back to the topic. Aya replied. Sorry. Ichiko and I replied. You know your elements and sins going along with it. Aya replied. Soon after the girls were happy to find out they have sins to go along with theirs. Soon as they were all walking home, Liliya Suzuki appeared before Yoshi. So you are the sin of Avaritia as well. I want to see if you are worthy of that sin. Liliya replied. Liliya summoned a whip made out of water. Yoshi dodged her whip attacks. Don't run like a chicken fight me like you mean it! Liliya yelled. Yoshi transformed and looked at her and her water whip started squeezing Engveni. So the rumors are true you can manipulate water to your will. Liliya breaks free and her water whip cut Yoshi's face causing her to bleed. Everyone ran over and was shocked that they attacked Yoshi. Yoshi are you alright? I asked. I am fine. I won't let her hurt me. Yoshi replied.
Stay Tuned.

Melusine is a mermaid from English Folklore.

Book Two: Chapter 7: Entering, Ahn Min-Ji the Vermilion Beast of Superbia

Last time, the girls were learning about their new abilities. Then out of nowhere, Liliya Suzuki of Avaritia attacked Yoshi.
Hey, don't you dare attack people because you desire too? Min-Ji asked. Hey, you can't tell me what to do. Liliya replied. Natsumi ran to Yoshi. What the hell do you think you are doing? Natsumi asked. So you must be Sakura Asahi? Min-Ji asked. Yes, I am. Natsumi replied. I am sorry, Liliya attacked your friend. Min-Ji replied. I don't hear any sincerity in your voice. You sound more like you are looking down on the both of us. Natsumi replied. I mean you two are nothing but a wannabe female swordsman and a weak princess. Min-Ji replied. Soon as Min-Ji said that Natsumi spurred into action. From your rage, you are the sin of superbia. Min-Ji replied. As of you, I am superbia as well. Min-Ji replied. I do wonder, who will cut who? Min-Ji replied. As Min-Ji and Natsumi unsheathed each other's swords. What the hell this is my dad's sword, Miho no Megami. Natsumi thought. Oh well, it will have to do. Natsumi thought. As soon as Natsumi unsheathed the sword. Mashiro got up out of bed. Hey by any chance, have you seen Natsumi? Mashiro asked. I have not why? Natalie asked. That damn girl, she how did she even call that sword of all those. Mashiro mumbled. Are you going out to look for her? Natalie asked. You could say that. Mashiro replied. Mashiro got dress and rushed downstairs. Mashiro walked outside and ran to Natsumi's location. As soon as they sheathe each others sword, the two were seriously injured.Natsumi cut Min-Ji's sides and collarbone. Min-Ji cut Natsumi's chest above her heart. So you were aiming for my vitals? Min-Ji asked. Same as you. Natsumi replied. I didn't even see them swing their swords really. replied. It's pretty simple, Sakura that sword you wield doesn't belong to you does it? Min-Ji asked. As soon Min-Ji said that Mashiro appeared. When the hell did you take that sword out of all those and you unsheathe it as well? Mashiro asked. Dad, that sword I can't explain it but I wanted to summon the new sword I got of Superbia but Miho no Megami appeared instead. So that is what happened. Natsumi replied. Natsumi, I will talk to you later, when we get home. Mashiro replied. From looking at her, your the daughter of the Vermilion Beast? Mashiro asked. Yes, I am. You are the man who went toe-to-toe with my mother and the fight ended in a draw. Min-Ji replied. You know you sound just like that cold-hearted monster of a mother. Mashiro replied. I only acknowledge people who are of my status. Let's leave this place, Liliya. Min-Ji replied. Also, Sakura that is just part one of our battle. We will finish this. Min-Ji replied. I will be waiting. Natsumi replied.  

The Vermilion Beast is one of the four mythological beasts of the Four Symbols of Chinese Constellations. It represents the beast of the South. It is also supposed to be elegant and noble in appearance and behavior. 

As you see that is why I have Ahn Min-Ji like a snobby know-it-all.

Superbia is Latin for Pride.

Book Two: Chapter 8: Entering, Salem Kobayashi, Enyalius of Ira

Last time, Natsumi went up against Ahn Min-Ji, the leader of the Ono Retainers.
I am so happy my little girl took that monster's daughter on. Mashiro replied. Dad, a few minutes you were going to scold me? Natsumi asked. You know I was trying to help her from dying. Hiiro replied. Who are you? Natsumi asked. So you were meddling, again? Mashiro replied. Dad, who is she? Natsumi asked. Meet my familiar, Hiiro one of the retainers of the immortal beast. Mashiro replied. Wait you are one of the retainers? Ichiko asked. You are so beautiful. Megumi replied. Some guy in a cloak was watching from the distance. Hiiro replied. Let me guess he had honey brown eyes? I asked. Yes, he looks a lot like her. Hiiro replied. We are not going to bring up that traitor. Mashiro replied. You can deny it all you want. Hiiro replied. Dad, who are you all talking about? Natsumi asked. Maybe another time. Mashiro replied. As Mashiro helped Natsumi up, Gabriel appeared to check things out. Are you all ok? Gabriel asked. Yes, we are but Natsumi went toe-to-toe with one of the Vermilion Beast. Mashiro replied. She was powerful but for some reason, she was holding back. I replied. I know why but I sensed some weird presences. Ichiko replied. It was as he wanted to fight all of us in one sitting. I replied. It must be his son. Gabriel replied. I need you to be careful going home Ichiko. Gabriel replied. What are you talking about Mr. Higashiyama? Ichiko asked. That man is after me, isn't he? Ichiko replied. I wish that white-haired war freak, Yumi would appear to help us out. I replied.
When Ichiko was on the home, she was stopped by Salem Kobayashi. 
So you were after me after all. Ichiko replied. Ichiko summoned her naginata, God of Northern Wind, Boreas. So you have that kind of power. Salem replied. Salem summoned his Naginata God of Death, Thanatos. They began clashed. Salem jumped back. Out of nowhere, a crescent stopped his sword. That attack I just saw it couldn't be her. Ichiko thought. Then a girl with snow white hair appeared. She walked in front of Ichiko. Ichiko don't defile your hands with trash like him, leave this cocky bastard to me. Yumi replied. Yumi is that you? Ichiko asked. Go home. Yumi replied. So you must be the Yumi Yukimoto I have heard all about. Salem replied. You are right, I am Yumi Yukimoto, the new Lunar Empress. Yumi replied. Well let me introduce myself, I am Salem Kobayashi. Salem replied. Astrid walked up and to Salem and told him to withdraw. So this the girl you been wanting to fight? Astrid asked. Let's go, you know how Izanami is. Astrid replied. This isn't over. Salem replied. 
Yumi has appeared!

Stay Tuned.

Enyalius is the god is a minor god of war. He is also the son of Ares and Enyo. His parents are also the god and goddess of war.  

Book Two: Chapter 9: Entering, Yumi Yukimoto

Last time, Salem Kobayashi attacked Ichiko but the fight was interfered by a certain white-haired girl. She started to fighting Salem but Astrid stopped him.

Hey Yumi, are you here to help us fight them? Ichiko asked. Yeah, I want to help you all fight after all our heroine needs to fight the big boss, right? Yumi asked. So you are going to transfer to our school? Ichiko asked. Yes, I will start tomorrow. Yumi replied. I want it to be a secret. Yumi replied.
The next morning, class started and the teacher said: "We have a new students name Rina and Yumi Yukimoto". Is that you, Yumi? I asked. Yeah, I will be going to school like you guys. Yumi replied. WhenI I found she was going to go to school here, I was filled with joy beyond belief. I thought. Well, it is nice to meet you, I am Haru Higashiyama the Student Council President. Aoi stood up and introduces himself. Hello, my name is Aoi Kamiya the Student Council Vice President. Aoi replied. Hey, can I ask you a question? Yumi asked. Why are you wearing those glasses? Yumi asked. What are you talking about, I need to see. Aoi replied. Well, you can sit by the window, Yumi. Rina, you can sit behind Ichiko. Alright. Yumi replied. As she brushed past him, she whispered: You can fool others with those glasses but I can see what you really look like. Hey is Aoi ok? Sakura asked. Hey, what is up with you, Yumi? Carmen asked. Oh, I am sorry for a moment I thought I saw double. Yumi replied. As class ended, Ichiko, Yumi and I ate lunch. You know you were bold to call him out. Ichiko replied. Well, he is using those glasses that distort the vision of people. It is kind of like my forbidden ability I use. Yumi replied. You said you could see through it? I asked. Well, I can see and sense all kind of magic. I mean your average magic and forbidden arts. Yumi replied. What are you saying? Are those glasses a type of forbidden art? I asked. No, they were coded with Dea Misericordia magic. Yumi replied. How that magic is forbidden. I replied. Well, let's say I think a certain woman got her hands on it with a little assistance. Yumi replied.
What is going on?
What did Yumi see?
Stay Tuned.
Dea Misericordia means Goddess of Mercy in Latin.  

Book Two: Chapter 10: Some of the truth is coming

  Last time, Yumi and her twin sister Rina join Haru and Ichiko's class. As the Student Council President, Haru Higashiyama spoke, Aoi spoke his name and Yumi became suspicious of him.
When classes resumed Aoi stood close out Yumi's way. I walked up and spoke to Aoi. I am sorry for Yumi, she can have a tendency of speaking her mind. I replied. Remind me not to make her angry, I really don't want to feel her wrath. Aoi replied. We see you later. Aoi replied. Yumi called Aoi over as I walked to class. Now you are going to tell me where you got those glasses from. Yumi asked. They were given to me as a kid. Aoi replied. That witch of the Ono gave it to you? Yumi asked. Don't you dare talk about Izanami like that? Aoi replied. Everyone was shocked at seeing Aoi angry for the first time. I'm shivering in my loafers. Yumi replied. I know you want to hit me right, after all, I bet with one punch force behind it you could break my bones and more. Yumi replied. Ichiko walked over, why are you pestering him? Ichiko asked. Well, at least I can tell one thing. He has no loyalty from his voice or to anyone in general. He is enraged, I never saw him like that before. Ichiko replied.
After school, I saw Aoi walk to the car. Aoi are you ok? Izanami asked. My lady, you should be careful I sense that monster, damn snow fox, and Kaze no Megami. Ari replied. Hey let's go to Megumi's Dojo, I think she and a few others will be happy to see you. I replied.
When the girls arrived at Megumi's Dojo, she was so happy to see Yumi. Is this Yumi you spoke of? Natsumi asked. I am Yumiko Yukimoto. You can call my Yumi for short. Yumi replied. Well, I see you guys are going against the retainers. Yumi replied. You have faced one of them. The one named Salem Kobayashi, he is out for blood. I can handle him. The only problem we will have is Astrid Kimura. Yumi replied. What do you mean? I asked. She is the sin of Acedia. Yumi replied. Oh hell, we have a problem. Megumi replied. Acedia is the sin of sloth but she is a different case. Astrid might be lazy as hell but powerful enough to cause a little more havoc on the level of Min-Ji. Yumi replied. So I think the best person to fight her is you, Ichiko. Yumi replied. Why am I fighting her? Ichiko asked. Well, your sin is Acedia too. Yumi replied. Wait you are the sin of Acedia? Natsumi asked. Yeah well, my sin is Gluttony, Gula. Yumi replied. I'm the sin of Wrath, Ira. I replied. Yes, my sin is Acedia. Ichiko replied. We want to distract those five for Haru to take that guy Sayuri on. Yumi replied. Wait I thought him and his friends went M.I.A. Natsumi replied. Well no they were not useful to her anymore. Yumi replied. After all, Sayuri isn't really apart of her elite flower group. Yumi replied. Are you saying he is originally a part of their squad? I asked.
Stay Tuned.  

Book Two: Chapter 11: Entering, Astrid Kimura the Aries of Acedia

 Last time, Yumi was coming onto Aoi's act and appearance. She also tells everyone about the last retainer, Astrid the Aries of Acedia.
Well, we have to be careful. I replied. You are right about that. Ichiko replied. So If my calculations are correct she will attack you later after school. Yumi replied. What are you a tactician or something? Natsumi asked. Well, I learned a little strategy from my processor. Yumi replied. Wait you mean Mana? I asked. Yeah, she was the one who predicted my coming here. Yumi replied. Well, we should be ready for them. Yumi replied.
The next day after school, Ichiko was being watched by Astrid and Liliya.
So Yumi was right. Ichiko replied. I take it that you must Astrid? Ichiko asked. Yes, my name is Astrid Kimura. I am the Aries of Acedia. Astrid replied. When Ichiko saw her she had short white hair white as snow. She wore a cool grey tank top with denim shorts with stockings with her suspenders exposed. She dawned a white scarf that was the same color as her hair. She skin was fair as well. For some reason wore a necklace with a weird golden colored looking feather. Since you know my alias, I might as well not go into full detail. So annoying. Astrid replied. You aren't very optimistic, are you? Ichiko asked. I just don't care, I am the sin of Acedia. I am lazy and carefree, honey. Astrid replied. What is she trying to do to me? Ichiko thought. Other than my friends, I really don't care about war. I'd rather be sleeping or reading a book somewhere. Astrid replied. For once I agree with the enemy. Ichiko replied. Well, I was ordered to eradicate the Kaze no Megami. Astrid replied. Astrid rushed towards Ichiko. She snatched off her feathered necklace. It turned in a kodachi. Ichiko summoned her uchigatana they sprinted towards each other. Astrid and Ichiko's swords touched and a gust of wind blew over a few buildings. After that people were rushing over to see where the destruction and the sound were coming from. Yumi ran over to me to talk. Did you sense her power to? Yumi asked. She is engaged in battle. I replied. It's been forever since she engaged in battle. Yumi replied As I was walking home I felt a strong presence. I picked up Ichiko's power emanating. I rushed to Ichiko's location. As soon as we arrived, Astrid clothes and body was covered with wounds. Astrid, we need to withdraw. Liliya replied. Like hell, I would let her get the best of me. Astrid replied. Ichiko's eyes changed colors. Where do you think you are going? Ichiko replied. As soon as she said that. A man in a black cloak appeared. You need to calm down before you nearly kill everyone in the vicinity. Sayuri replied. Shut up, I am not finished with you Ichiko. Astrid replied. It is you, Sayuri! I yelled. I summoned a sword. Sayuri summoned his sword. Haru put your sword away and calm down. Orchid replied. Don't get angry, that is what he wants. Yumi replied. As they walked off, I was curious to why he appeared? I thought.     

Book Two: Chapter 12: Haru Frets and Sayuri's Feelings

 Last time, Astrid has appeared before Ichiko to test her skills and see if she was worthy. Ichiko fought back and in the end results, Ichiko left her with tattered clothes and covered in wounds. Haru and Yumi came over to see what happened. Haru sees Sayuri again. She summons a sword but Orchid and Yumi stop her.
Why did you stop me? I asked. That sword that he summoned seemed off. It was one of the forbidden arts. Yumi replied. That guy is dangerous, Haru. Yumi replied. You are right, he feels the same about Haru. Orchid replied. I mean your power of Ira is one the legendary forbidden arts. Yumi replied. That is true but I wonder what sin he is? I asked. Well, it is one of the opposite sins of yours. Orchid replied. How about we ask Megumi, she might know his sin and how to make him fall to his knees in mercy. Ichiko replied. I feel like Izanami is ready for war and those retainers are just one branch. She will use her Elite Squad again. Yumi replied. We have to be on the alert. I replied. As I walked home that night, I was still curious about what Sayuri looks like and what he had to hide. When got home, I took shower and got dressed for bed. Haru are you ok? Are you hungry? Gabriel asked. Dad, I am fine, I just lost the appetite to eat. I replied.
As Astrid got back to Izanami's home, Sayuri helped her in the house. Why didn't you attack that girl? Astrid replied. I really don't care if you are one of the Seven Deadly Sins as of all of us. You were ordered to dispose of whatever stands in our way. Salem replied. Shut up, if we fought out there, many lives would be lost. Aoi replied. Stop messing with him, Salem. Emma replied. Same for you, I don't know why you don't go out in battle with us? Salem asked. Izanami walked into the room. I don't have these two fight because the power and weapons they wield are on par with our enemies. Especially with that one girl, we were told about who is making her visit to the city. Izanami replied. You don't mean? Min-Ji asked. Yes knowing that organization, they might call out that whole group of misfits to help out as back up. God knows those seven are a little more reckless than Haru and her gang combined. Izanami replied. 
The next day after school, two girls appeared in Megumi's Dojo waiting for Haru and the others.
Stay Tuned. 

Book Two: Chapter 13: Receiving Help from the unexpected?

Last time, Haru was fretting about the current events happening. She was curious about what might happen next. We find out who were the last two sins of the Ono Retainers.

As Haru and the girls entered Megumi's Dojo. They all saw two girls. One with pale skin, long blonde hair and messy bangs with white tips. The other girl was a quiet girl with strawberry blonde hair. Hey, it has been awhile. Kirika replied. Wait is that you Adoria and Kirika? Yumi asked. In the flesh, we came because our jobs are intertwined. Kirika replied. Are you Kirika Murakami, the Student Council President of *TomoeGozen Academy on the other side of the city? Yoshi asked. Yes, I am, Yoshino Mori. Kirika replied. Wait all girl school? Natsumi asked. Yes, I am their Student Council President but that is me during the day. Well, I am also apart of the infamous Shinigami Squad. I am their sin Superbia. Kirika replied. Wait I think my father brought up you guys up. You were nothing but a ragtag group of hoodlums who killed for your pleasure. Yoshi replied. I am sorry but you sound cool. Natsumi replied. Thank you, Sakura. Kirika replied. How do you know my name? Natsumi asked. Well, you see we have to be familiar with whoever we work with. Kirika replied. Let's get to it. Wendy replied. Oh my, the little quiet girl talked. Natsumi replied. Since Adoria is extremely quiet, when she talks it's startling. Kirika replied. Well, let's introduce ourselves properly. Kirika replied. I am Kirika Murakami and the sin of Superbia. I am called the Samurai of Superbia. I am Adoria *Amapola and I am the Titaness of Gluttony. Oh, you can call me Wendy instead of Adoria if you like. Wendy replied. Yeah, Wendy sounds kind of cooler. Natsumi replied. I like Adoria more, her name is so pretty if means adored. I replied. Well since all the introduction are out the window. Let's get this on the road. Megumi replied. You mean Sayuri and Ono Retainers. I replied. Well, the Ono Retainers have caused us trouble. They have attacked three civilians. I know they attacked you all so far. Kirika replied. I don't care for them I am going to make Sayuri reveal himself to me. I replied. You know you are more violent than Aki and that is saying something, girl. Kirika replied. Well, I can tell you this much are you certain? Orchid asked. Yes, I am certain, Orchid. I replied. Even though it might hurt you to find out his true identity and see his appearance to match? Orchid asked. Where are you going with this? I asked. Alright, now we can help you guys with fighting them off and more. Kirika replied. Thanks, tell the lewd snipper and her emotionless partner I said hi. Ichiko replied. As Ichiko said that a girl and guy rushed inside the dojo. Don't ask any questions just lock up the dojo! Shinji yelled. Shinji unsheathed his sword and thrust it into the floor. What's up Annie and Shinji. Ichiko replied. Don't act like we didn't hear that emotionless and lewd remark. Anastasia replied. You know I meant that out of love. Ichiko replied. What are you two running from? I asked. Well, their sin of Gula came out and attacked us, power wise she is nowhere near Wendy's level of fighting but adds on the Invidia user. I don't know why but something was off. We just fended off his attack. Shinji replied. Aren't you an Invidia user? I asked. I am but when I fought him he broke my sword and I don't understand how. Shinji replied.Wait you said Gula, where are they? Wendy replied. Come out wherever you are? Emma replied. Wait did that voice sounded vaguely familiar? I asked. There they are. Emma replied. Emma ripped the door open and soon as she opened the door, Wendy took off what appeared to be gloves off her hands. What are you going to do to her? I asked. Take my gloves, she wants to attack others? I will show her what the Shinigami Squad is capable of. Wendy replied.Wendy punched Emma in the face sending her flying. How did she hit her like that and it caused that much damage? Natsumi asked. Wendy isn't fully human, she is the daughter of an *Oni. Shinji replied. That girl got her hands full. Only thing I am worried about is if she pins her up with her ribbon. Shinji replied.
Stay Tuned.
Quick History Lesson:
-Amapola mean poppy in Spanish.
-Oni is a demon from Japanese Mythology.
-TomoeGozen is a late twelfth-century female Samurai. She was known for her bravery and strength. She was married to Minamoto no Yoshinaka. She served him in the Genepi War. This lead to the first shogunate in Japanese history.

Book Two: Chapter 14: Entering: Titaness of Gula, Wendy Eris!

 Last time, the two people revealed themselves to the girls. Also, two other One Retainers were revealed. They attacked them so Wendy went to fight.
So you are the Titaness of Gula, Wendy Eris? Emma asked. Well well, I am famous among the criminals too? Wendy asked. As soon as Wendy she started fighting. Wendy kicked Azumi in the stomach. Azumi grabbed Wendy and flung her into the ally. A flash of crimson light appeared and Wendy grabbed Azumi by her face and sent her flying into an old building. Azumi sprinted out the rubble and punched Wendy in the face. In the dojo, Natsumi and Yoshi were shocked at her appearance. Her hair turned to an auburn color and her eyes change to pine green color she has new gloves on her hands. Wait is that a ribbon? Yoshi asked. Yeah well, that ribbon isn't your "average" ribbon it can turn into a sword actually. I replied. Wait that is so cool. Natsumi replied. I hope she doesn't have to use it. Shinji replied. Wendy will be the victor of this fight. Wendy is a totally different class than that girl is. Anastasia replied. Well, let's see what she is capable of. Megumi replied.
Are you so afraid that you have to use gloves? Why not use your bare fist? Azumi replied. Well because these gloves hold back my overwhelming powers. Wendy replied. That is an excuse! Azami replied. Azami and Wendy fought a little more and Azami kicked Wendy into the nearby bakery. Wendy got up out the rubble. Hey, you know I was trying to cause any damage to any buildings you know! Wendy yelled. Well, your reputation for being a Titaness is not a lie. You just caused so much collateral damage. Azami replied. You were apart of this too. Wendy replied. In the dojo, everyone was shocked at those two yelling at each other. Well then again, the Shinigami Squad is known for causing more collateral damage than me combined. I replied. We have been trying to minimize it lately. It is being deducted from our paycheck lately. Shinji replied. I would deduct that from your check too. Megumi replied.
Min-Ji sat on the roof of the nearby building out of danger with Sayuri. I want to see what you are capable of Azami! Min-Ji yelled. Is that the leader? Wendy looked over. Azami (Emma) kicked Wendy in the face. As they fought, Min-Ji and Sayuri were watching from a safe distance. So this is her power huh, I see why Izanami hide her. Min-Ji replied. Well, I want to have a little fun of my own. Min-Ji replied. We can't interfere with the fight. Sayuri replied. Who said anything about those two, I want to fight Sakura again. Min-Ji replied. As soon as Min-Ji said that, Natsumi turned her head. So that snob wants to go at it again? Natsumi asked. What the hell are you going on about? Yoshi asked. Min-Ji, I sensed her presence and Sayuri's as well. Natsumi replied. Well go ahead, I am not stopping you. Sayuri replied. I want to know  what your connection to Haru Higashiyama? Min-Ji asked.
Stay Tuned.  

  -Azami means greatest.
- Eris is the Greek goddess of discord and strife.  

Book Two: Chapter 15: Introduction to a few of the Shinigami Squad

Last time, Wendy went up against Azami. We find out that is the Ono Retainers sin of Gula. Azumi and Wendy fight as Min-Ji asked Sayuri a serious question " I want to know what your connection to Haru Higashiyama?"
Wendy, are you ok? I asked. You should know it takes more than the fight we just had to tire me out. Wendy replied. Wendy look out! Shinji yelled. Kirika flashed out of the dojo and grabbed Salem arm from behind. You know you scumbag you have the nerve to attack someone from behind. Do you have no shame? Kirika asked. You one hell of a grip from a normal teenage girl. Salem replied. I am another case. Kirika replied. Also if you are going to go against someone who is impervious to all kinds of magical attacks. Try to do better, my powers are different from all my other fellow teammates. Kirika replied. So you must be the Samurai of Superbia? Salem asked. Yes and I don't appreciate you attacking Wendy like that. Kirika replied. Kirika it is fine, you don't have to attack him. Wendy replied. Salem don't you even dare fight her. Min-Ji replied. I want to witness her powers as a whole. Salem replied. I have no problem doing so. Kirika replied. Much as we would love to fight you all but we are trying not to lose our lives. You are nothing but lowlife savages. Look a the destruction you caused. Min-Ji replied. Hey, Megumi is it cool if I punch the girl? Wendy asked. No, you cannot. Megumi replied. I want to hurt her too Wendy, but I am waiting for the right time. Natsumi replied. Well now since that is over we can go back talking. Megumi replied. So the shy Shinji makes his appearance with Anastasia. Yumi replied. Leave Shinji alone. Anastasia replied. Are you the sin of lust? Yoshi asked. Yes, I am. Let me guess my clothes are giving if off a little? Anastasia asked. I told you to change your clothes. Kirika replied. Other than that, let's introduce ourselves. Anastasia replied. My name is Anastasia Garnet. Anastasia replied. I am Shinji Minamoto. Shinji replied. It is nice to meet you. Natsumi replied. You guys seem really feared by the Ono Retainers. Yoshi replied. Well, we are apart of a seven people squad of misfits who cause hell and havoc where ever we go. Kirika replied. You said seven but al I see is four of you. Natsumi replied. Yeah, we are the seven deadly sins too. Shinji replied. I am the sin of Invidia. Shinji replied. I am the sin the Luxuria. Anastasia replied. I am the sin Superbia. Kirika replied. I am the sin of Gula. Wendy replied. Who are your sin of Acedia, Avaritia, and Ira? Yoshi asked. How are those two doing actually? I asked. You mean Amore and Avril? Kirika asked. They are fine. Kirika replied. How is the hothead doing lately? Yumi asked. You know how that goes. Shinji replied. Well, we are a seven-man team. Well, actually five girls and two boys. Shinji replied. Who is the other guy? Yoshi asked. Our sin of Ira is our second man. Wendy replied. Who is the leader of your group?Yoshi asked. Well, our group has two leaders it is either Kirika or Hikaru. Shinji replied. Who is Hikaru? Wendy replied. That is Aki's real name. Aki is a nickname because he looks like the Casanova of a great uncle in his youth. I replied. Knowing the turn of events, things are going to be very interesting. I replied. Especially for that sadist.Kirika replied. How about tomorrow we all meet up to talk about the strategy for defeating the Ono Retainers? Kirika asked. We can do that after my class that is at three forty-five. Megumi replied. I know I never imagined the infamous Megumi Shura would hide her life as a Dojo instructor. Shinji replied. Megumi what are they talking about? Natsumi asked. When the day comes I will explain to you what they are talking about. Megumi replied.
Stay Tuned.  


Book Two: Chapter 16: Megumi's Secret Past

Last time Min-Ji was still wondering what Sayuri's connection to Haru. A few of the Shinigami Group introduce themselves to the girls. Also, Megumi's hiding a secret.

Bye, you guys I hope that we work together next time. Yoshi replied. They are so overpowered. I want to have overwhelming powers like that. Natsumi replied. Well, they perfected their abilities by going through hellish training kind of like how Ichiko, Yumi and I had too. I replied. You are right about that. Yumi replied. Now about that Sayuri. Yumi replied. What about him? I asked. Have you guys realized whenever he fights, he looks directly at Haru as if there was some sadness in his eyes? Yoshi asked. Yeah now that you mention it, it's as if he knows her. Natsumi replied. I know right, he must be watching her like a hawk. Natsumi replied. Well, after all, that boy really mmmm. Megumi covered Orchid's mouth. Well, ladies why don't you go home, your parents must be worried sick. Megumi replied. As everyone went home, Sayuri appeared. What the hell are you doing here? Megumi asked. Well, I wanted to ask a favor of you. Sayuri replied. What the hell do you want from me? Megumi asked. You know you know you won't hear the end of it from Izanami. What do you want oh great Sayuri? Megumi asked. Well, I don't want Haru around much as the next person, she threated to kill everyone a few months ago. Is she really capable of doing that? Sayuri asked. Oh, she could do way worse than that. Megumi replied. Are you serious? Sayuri asked. Oh yes, she is the daughter of Gabriel Higashiyama. He was the one prophecy to bring disaster. Megumi replied. You are lying, that man looks so harmless. Sayuri replied. He is nice by nature. He also caused disaster after Min-Ji's mother attacked his wife before they ended up together. Megumi replied. Your power levels are almost the same but she has a sacred ability her Shadow Dragon Powers that were sealed away. I would try to break that seal if I were you. Her wrath was sealed away on purpose. Megumi replied. Go home I am not telling you anything else. Megumi replied. A man came in through the shadows. Well, I see dirty men like you will never get a pass at a woman instead of coming up behind them. They might even kill you. Megumi replied. I see you are precautious as ever. Kei replied. Well, I don't know a well-known killer coming up behind you coming to talk. Megumi replied with a glare.

Stay Tuned.

Book Two: Chapter 17: The Retainer's Surprise Attack

 Last time, everyone went home and Megumi had an unexpected guest.
The next day after school, Ichiko, Natsumi, Yoshi, Yumi and I came to Megumi's Dojo. To their surprise, the other three appeared. It's been awhile Haru. Aki replied. Same for you, Aki. I replied. Oh my gosh, it's been awhile Amoree and Avril. I replied. You are the fashion model, Amoree Merlin. Yoshi replied. Yes, my name is Amoree Merlin but I rather you call me by my real name, Akatsuki. Akatsuki replied. You are the daughter and model of Samuel Alves. Natsumi replied. Yeah, I am  Avril Alves that is my human name but like Akatsuki, I rather you call me by my real name, Tatsuki. Tatsuki replied. These two are sisters. Tatsuki is the older one and she is the sin of Avaritia. I replied. I am the sin of Acedia. Akatsuki replied. Really you don't seem really lazy. Natsumi replied. Oh yeah and blondie here is Aki the sadist we talked about. I replied. Don't call me a sadist. Aki replied. You are a sadist and you know it. Shinji replied. Megumi walks through the door. Alright, you guys came now let's strategize a plan. Megumi replied. Well first, knowing how they work. Those seven are one man armies. Shinji replied. You were having a time as I heard. Aki replied. He used some kind of weird technique I never heard or seen before. Shinji replied. I wouldn't be surprised. He is using an ancient technique called Orochi. Megumi replied. How would you know that much? Aki asked. Well because I know that kid better than that witch who he respects. Megumi replied. Also, Kei gets out here I need your help. Megumi replied. Why in the hell would you need my help? Kei asked. As he jumped out Hisui's shadow. Wait he just jumped out of my shadow. Yoshi replied. He uses an ancient art that branches from Shadow Dragon Magic. He is actually the partner of Mana. Megumi replied. Mana told me you were a traitor and you conspired with the enemy to kill her. I replied. Actually no, I told her and her friends not to get involved so they received their fates. Kei replied. Wait you don't really look like you have aged. Aki replied. I am half immortal like Mana, we age kind of slower than regular humans. Kei replied. I need you all to be on your toes. Kei replied. As of right now, you are being cornered by the enemy as we speak. Kei replied. I will be damned if I let them have their way! Kirika replied. What do you mean? Natsumi asked. All seven of the retainers revealed themselves outside of the dojo.
So I see he is back. Kirika replied. Come on out here self-proclaimed Onna-bugeisha. Salem replied. Kirika sprinted outside. I see you are in that civilian form. I want to see you go all out. Salem replied. Be warned, other than Yumi I have no regrets if I kill or injure my opponent by all means necessary. Kirika replied. I want to see you try. Salem replied. Kirika summoned her sword the morning star, Lucifer. 
Stay Tuned.
-Lucifer is one of the Seven Kings of Hell he is represented as the sin of Pride (Superbia).

-Lucifer means morning star in Latin.

Book Two: Chapter 18: Entering, the last Onna-bugeisha, Kagami Gozen!

Last time, all seven Shinigami Squad came to help out Haru and the others. Little did they know that the Retainer's had pulled a surprise attack on Haru and the others.

Soon as Kirika rushed up to him, she strikes him sending him flying into the billboard. Damn, I will never piss her off. Natsumi replied. You are right about that. Aki replied. She's the last Onna-bugeisha to exist in this era. Akatsuki replied. None of us are even on her level. Akatsuki replied. Salem jumped out of the rubble and stabbed Kirika threw the throat with his sword. Kirika started bleeding from the mouth. Don't tell me that was supposed to kill me? Kirika asked. She is alive but how? Azumi asked. You see, other than normal humans, I am not fully human. Kirika replied. Salem attacked Kirika again but this time a blinding light appeared. Kirika then was dressed up in traditional sleeveless cream female blouse and aquamarine hakama pants. She had on dark brown Zori. Her hair turned dark umber was in a high ponytail and her ears closely resembled elf ears. Yoshi replied. Kirika took her stance. Salem ran and attack, Kirika ran and jumped off the side of a building. Shine bright as Zenith, the mighty beast of Leo! Kirika yelled. She tapped his sword and his sword started to crack. How is my sword cracking? Salem thought. I bet you are wondering why it is cracking? I am the superior one in this fight, you have no way of winning against me. Kirika replied. Kirika is so blunt and scary. Yoshi replied. Well, she isn't the sin Superbia for nothing. Aki replied. She is on another level than him, all he thinks about is violence. I replied. I wish she would finish this already. Aki replied. Hey, Kagami finish this already before I finish this myself. Aki replied. As if I would let you do that, he would be mentally traumatized. Kirika replied. I will not. Aki replied. Yeah right, says the sadistic maniac.Kirika replied. I am not a sadist. Aki replied. Aki everyone other than Natsumi and Yoshi knows of your sadistic mannerisms. Kirika replied. Wait he's a sadist? Natsumi asked. Yes, but he is a nice person by nature. Kirika replied. Wow, she is dodging his attacks and having a full conversation with us. Yoshi replied. How is she doing this? Natsumi asked. It is a talent that even amazes all of us. Megumi replied. She's her mother's child alright. Kei replied. Don't ignore me. Salem replied. Kagami was stopping all his attacks with her sword. Is she arguing and having full blown conversations while she is dodging Salem's sword? Astrid asked. So that's the last Onna-bugeisha, Kagami Gozen. Min-Ji replied. Kirika then dodged his last attack and then she slashed him with her final attack, Raiki. Salem flew into the boxes in front of the next store over and then passed out. Alright, who is next? Kirika asked. I will fight you. Sayuri replied. Shinji walked out the door. Hey Kagami, we're switching. I want to make him pay for brutal attacking  Annie and I. Shinji replied. Go wild, just don't kill him. Kirika replied.

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I thought since she embraces her Japanese background very much so, I gave her Japanese name plus adding the name Gozen to her name.

-Gozen means young lady or young man in Japanese. It is usually implied to onna-bugeisha (female samurai) such as Tomoe Gozen as mentioned in previous chapters.

-Onna-bugeisha is a female samurai.

Book Two: Chapter 19: Entering, Leviathan of Invidia, Shinji Rokugatsu

Last time, Kirika went up against the Ono Retainer sin of Ira (wrath), Salem Kobayashi. Kirika won the fight using her sword, Lucifer. Now Shinji is ready to get revenge on Sayuri for his ambush upon Anastasia and himself.
So you think you can beat me? Sayuri replied. Shinji flashed and cut Sayuri's side. How the hell did you cut me? Sayuri asked. Other than you, I have master my Invidia art. You, on the other hand, caught me off guard and it won't happen again. Shinji replied. Shinji's eyes burned with hatred. Then that sword of your amplifies your abilities? Sayuri asked. Your right, the sword I wield the *Leviathan. Shinji replied. It brings disaster and destruction to all who experience its hatred and envy. Also, I threw away the human emotion of envy to use her power. Shinji replied. You are very cocky for a guy who is about to lose. Sayuri replied. Says the guy who is about to lose to me miserably. Shinji replied. Sayuri summoned his sword. They looked at each other and they flashed and were fighting each other with such speed they were breaking the sound barrier. Hey, you two be careful you could kill innocent bystanders. Liliya replied. I might be reckless but I would never attack or harm a bystander. That is not the way I fight. Shinji replied. You know a guy who dresses preppy you are giving off a hellish aura. Astrid replied. The two began fighting. In Megumi's Dojo, Megumi informs Natsumi and Yoshi about Shinji's abilities. I want you to know that Shinji is also the superior one. Shinji trained learning how to use Invidia. Since his traumatic experience, he gave up his emotion of envy to learn and come to peace with himself. The sword he wields is one of the great demon swords that can destroy everything in a path. Every one of the Shinigami Squad members wields those seven swords. Megumi replied. Wait you mean all those swords are as powerful as Kirika's sword, Lucifer? Natsumi asked. My sword isn't as powerful as the others swords that were given to us after hellish training. Kirika replied. I will tell you this much he won't go all out because he has a soft spot for hurting people. Kirika replied. That soft nature of his can get him killed one day. Aki replied. No, you are wrong he is going to go all out. He hurt me and you know how he gets when it comes to me. Anastasia replied. Wait that guy attacked you both? Aki asked. Yeah, he attacked them both.  Knowing him as long as I have, Shinji wouldn't let him live after this. I replied. So he might use the great sea beast? Ichiko asked. He will definitely use it. Yumi replied. The great sea beast? Natsumi asked. You will see soon enough. Megumi replied. I can't bail him out this time. Megumi mumbled. Well,  Leviathan is about to show her hellish envy. Aki replied. Back to the fight, Shinji was wearing out Sayuri. Don't tell me that is all got? Shinji asked. Shinji kicked Sayuri in the stomach. What was it you did to me and Anastasia? Shinji asked. Kicked me in the stomach slashed her arm and stabbed me in the side. Luckily for you, I am an immortal. Your damage would have left Anastasia and me in the hospital for days. Shinji replied. Shinji then took his left index finger and slide it down the blade and chanted,"The great monster of the seas, show your envious wrath upon him!" As soon as he said that the whole area became a sea and Sayuri being swallowed in a current. He was trying to gasp for air. When he tried a beast appeared and swallowed him whole. Shinji just looked at him. He turned into silhouette with hellish deep reddish color walking toward him. Leviathan appeared. Shinji told him "When she locks her eyes on her pray, she won't let you escape even if you beg."Shinji raised his left arm with his sword in his hand and slashed Sayuri in the collarbone. Afterward, he shook the blood off his sword and then sheathed his sword and the water illusion evaporated into the sword and Leviathan vanished. Sayuri's eyes were opened wide and terrified. Luck for you, I showed you mercy.  Leviathan usually eats her victims and they are usual percieved deceased. For some reason, she asked me to spare you. Shinji replied. I feel much better making you learn your place beneath me. Shinji replied. Megumi opened the door letting Shinji in the dojo.Sayuri looked shocked. What the hell did you do to him! Azumi yelled. Shinji glared at the seven of them. I made him relive his greatest fears. Shinji replied. That is why he's in that state you see him in. Shinji replied.  Also if you keep on deluding yourself and the person you cherish, you will never live with yourself. If you're curious, I saw your greatest fears and nightmares you have. Shinji replied. That's an ability I received with learning Invidia and from Leviathan as well. I see all your deep dark emotions all you hide from others. Shinji replied. I am going to warn you once. Haru and her friends are no pushovers. The Shinigami Squad as a whole is seven one-man armies. We are nothing but seven teenagers who walk the life of the sins we bare. That is the fate we live with. Shinji replied. Even I, Shinji Rokugatsu the Leviathan of Invidia committed the sin of envy causing me to lose all touch with humanity. Shinji replied.  Kirika smiled. He can get really deep when he feels like it. Anastasia replied. Megumi opened the door. Hey, Shinji get in here, you are about to past out from exhaustion. Megumi replied. Wait, you can tell? Shinji asked. I know all you seven for years, after all, I was stuck training you and Anastasia. Megumi replied. What serious? Natsumi asked. I can sense powers and use swordsmanship. Megumi replied. Megumi might not look it but she is a very infamous female swordsman. She just lays low now of days since she's a mom and wife. Kei replied. You are a mom! Natsumi asked. Might be shocking to you two because you never met my kids. Megumi replied. Now whatever questions you girls have to ask Shinji go wild, Yoshi. Megumi replied. What does that mean? Yoshi asked. You are the girl who loves knowledge. Natsumi replied. Don't mock me. Yoshi replied. Shinji, I never heard or seen that attack before? Yoshi replied. Well, it is a water and shadow based attack it is a forbidden art. Shinji replied. Shinji, you went a little too far. You know that attack brings out terrifying moments of the victim life. It shows their fears, tormenting them over and over again in a continuous cycle. Anastasia replied. Are you serious? Natsumi asked. Also, only I can see what she saw. Shinji replied. I am curious to what his fears are. I replied. Haru, I can't tell you. It might hurt you more than it hurts him. Shinji replied.   Now about the swords you wield. Natsumi replied. She must be a sword fanatic like you Aki. Kirika replied. Every sword has a hellish ability behind it. Lucifer, on the other hand, is like the light in the darkness compared to the rest of our swords. After all, Lucifer means morning star. This is not over. We will defeat all of you. Azumi replied. Hey, can we just relax now? Akatsuki asked. You always relax, Akatsuki. Aki replied. I like to do that for my leisure. Akatsuki replied. You aren't the sin of Acedia for nothing. Aki replied. Hey even if my sister might give off the most incompetent attitude occasionally, she is willing to fight and show no mercy. Tatsuki replied. Geh I don't know what part of your comment was a compliment or insult, you tell me? Akatsuki asked with sarcasm. I want to challenge her. Astrid replied. She has a mass power she is hiding. Astrid replied. I want to test her powers. Astrid replied. Oh, so you want to try me? Akatsuki asked. Akatsuki gets up and walks outside. Akatsuki and Astrid look at each other and summoned swords and begin to clash.

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-Leviathan is a sea monster that is usually described as a whale and crocodile. It is mentioned in the Bible in Job Chapter 41 and Psalms 74 Chapter, Verse 14.
-In Peter Binsfield he classifies Leviathan as the demon representing the sin of envy.

Book Two: Chapter 20: Entering, The Belphegor of Acedia, Akatsuki Apate!

 Last time, Shinji got revenge towards Sayuri for attacking Anastasia. Now Astrid has now started a battle with Akatsuki.
Akatsuki is fast for someone who is lazy. Natsumi replied. My sister might be the laziest person I know but she more capable of fighter we all know. Tatsuki replied. We all agree and she is very lazy. Aki replied. Everyone nodded. She also is very capable to beat her. I hope she won't have to reside to use that sword she has bestowed her after her immense training. She might kill the damn girl. Aki replied. You don't mean. I replied. I mean Belphegor, the demon of sloth. Aki replied. Even I know how powerful that damn monster is. Aki replied. I mean she can create pockets of time. Kirika replied. You mean time travel? Yoshi asked. That is one of the many abilities depending on gender. Anastasia replied. Just pay attention to the fight. Aki replied. 
Akatsuki and Astrid began to fight. Astrid cut Akatsuki's clothes. So you like to play dirty, might as well transform into something more suitable for battle. A tornado of red colors wrapped around her and after they vanished, her hair turned into a rare reddish color and her eyes turned the color crimson. She dawned a crimson scarf with a black tight fit shirt tucked into midnight blue shorts and a sword on her hip. She wore black stockings with dark brown boots. So you wear Selpherin Leather? Astrid asked. You are right it is more durable than steel. Akatsuki replied. Then all I need to do is rip it. Astrid replied. She summoned the sword she used on Ichiko last time. Yumi replied. Yumi opened the door. Akatsuki watch out the sword is the sword I warned you about! Yumi replied. Astrid drug a whole in Akatsuki stomach. Akatsuki pasted out with her eyes open. That was fast and quick. She was nothing but hot air. Liliya replied. I hate to tell you this but it will take more than a slash from the sword of death and creation to take me down, I am an immortal. You can behead me countless times I will not die. Akatsuki replied. Playing die isn't really my thing anyway.Akatsuki replied. Now let me use the same power you just used on me but a little bit more powerful. Akatsuki replied. Akatsuki opens her eyes and a clock like barrier appeared. It looked as if time stopped everywhere except where the retainers and in the dojo. Akatsuki unsheathed her sword and it turned into she enchanted "Turn to the nothingness, come forth beast deception and sloth, Belphegor! Akatsuki yelled! Her sword turned into its true form of the sword a ōdachi. Is that a legit ōdachi? Natsumi asked. Yes, have you never seen one before? Aki replied. No, I heard they are really long and power depending on the will of the swordsman. Natsumi replied. You are right, Akatsuki is a master swordsman for her age. She has nearly mastered Belphegor. Aki replied. Akatsuki started moving faster than the speed of light. She slashed her some many times all can be shown are just lights until she sheathed her swords. The attack that causes the victim to delude themselves into winning or gaining something in return. Belphagor takes advantage of those desires. Akatsuki replied. As she sheathed her sword her sword slashes appeared and Astrid fated from blood loss. Akatsuki you went a little too far for your own taste. Tatsuki replied. Other than you Tatsuki, I gave her what she wanted why don't you have that annoying blood heal her wounds. Akatsuki replied. I want to relax that girl cut through my armor and my clothes. Akatsuki replied. Don't you bring extra clothes every day? Shinji asked. Yeah true, I can put those on instead. Akatsuki replied. Even though you might have beaten that girl, she gave a good fight a first for you in a while. Tatsuki replied. You sound a little cocky for your own good. Min-Ji replied. Are you suppose to scare me? Tatsuki asked. I want the one with the sarcastic attitude, she looks like a challenge. Min-Ji replied. Knowing how things are going, I know she won't beat me anyways. I am the dominant one as well. Min-Ji replied. Don't you worry Sakura, you will be next. Min-Ji replied. I want you to test that logic of yours because I will defeat you without any help. Natsumi replied. Hey, can I shut her up? Tatsuki asked. Tatsuki and Natsumi glared at Min-Ji. 
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- Belphegor is a demon that tempts the sin of Acedia (sloth). It means Master of Openings. So as I thought about openings I thought about time travel and voids so that is where her power comes from.

-Apate is a  Daemon(spirit) that is the personification of craftiness cunning, deception, fraud, guile, and trickery. She is the daughter of Nyx. 

-He is mentioned in Numbers 25:3.

-Ōdachi is the sword that is in the Samurai Class of swords.  

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Book Two: Chapter 21: Entering the Maiden of Avaritia, Tatsuki Mammon!

Last time, Akatsuki and Astrid were locked in battle. Akatsuki showed an amazing feat of power. Now her older sister, Tatsuki has been provoked by Min-Ji now she is ready to fight.

Tatsuki walks out of the door. Show her hell, Tatsuki! I yelled. Don't worry, I can do that without no problem. Tatsuki replied. Tatsuki walked up to Min-Ji and they glared at each other. So you think you are going to win against me? Tatsuki asked. I can tell you don't care about no one but yourself. You're greedy and selfish. Min-Ji replied. You are right, that is my sin Avaritia. Tatsuki replied. See other than my sister and the others I really don't have to use my swords really when during battle. Tatsuki replied. Seeing that you are serious about beating me, I will give you what you desire. Min-Ji disappeared and was about to pull a surprise attack strike on Tatsuki from behind. Tatsuki vanished and appeared behind Min-Ji and slashed her with a sword. Wow, she moved so fast. Natsumi replied. She is known for her speed and that sword of hers. Aki replied. That girl has no chance of winning against Tatsuki. Aki replied. Min-Ji and Tatsuki were matching each other speed. How is she matching Min-Ji's speed? Liliya asked. I heard of her before, she possesses god-like speed. She is also a ninja as well. She wields the great sword of greed, Mammon. I heard he bestow on to her himself. Sayuri replied. Does the name Tatsuki Mammon bring terror to even you? Tatsuki asked.Sayuri sits up and tries to warn Min-Ji. Be very careful Min-Ji, that girl is more dangerous than she looks! Sayuri yelled. I never felt such an aura like hers other than the last person who fought Astrid. Azumi replied. Why don't you listen to your friend? Tatsuki replied. Tatsuki disappeared. As she reappeared two swords in her hands and a transformation like Akatsuki but the color of her scarf is plum colored. They were clashing. Min-Ji was full of injuries. Tatsuki is unscathed. As soon as everyone looked, Tatsuki was thrown into the wall. I see you use gravitational magic and add that on to swordsmanship or combat you can corner your opponent causing their defeat easily. Tatsuki replied. How does she know about my power? Min-Ji thought. That is how you cut me earlier. Tatsuki replied. I didn't catch on until your recent attack but now I will show you true power. Tatsuki replied. Well, I am used to your magic because my little sister Akatsuki uses Tempus Magia. Tatsuki replied. If you aren't familiar with it you wouldn't know but that is the magic you use. That is how she attacked Natsumi last time? Ichiko asked.A circle with forbidden writing in it appeared in the sky. It then fell down under Min-Ji feet. What is this? Min-Ji asked. I can't move from this spot. Min-Ji replied. I wouldn't be surprised, my sword steals my opponents' powers rendering them useless. Tatsuki replied. I mean with the power you possess you could break out at any time but since you haven't trained as much as me or the others you don't have a hell of a shot against me or the others. Tatsuki replied. Tatsuki sent her two swords away. Then she summoned a sword with a fox flame on it. She unsheathed her katana and her hair changed from black to umber.Leaves appeared around Tatsuki split herself in five. Min-Ji broke free of her spell. They all attacked her at once. In the dojo, Megumi explained what happened. Tatsuki was a little faster than her but Tatsuki is about to do her finishing move. Megumi replied. Min-Ji broke out of her attack. She got back up and tapped Tatsuki's sword causing a building split in half. Wow, you ladies are going a little too far. Salem replied. Shut up this doesn't concern you. Min-Ji replied. I ran outside and summoned my sword Tsuki no kami. I slashed the building into little pieces. Hey, Tatsuki could you stop being greedy and finish this fight. You are also destroying a private building and run down buildings. I replied. You will also hurt bystanders. I replied. Practice what you preach, Haru. You are the last person I want to hear about not destroying buildings! Tatsuki yelled. Don't ignore me! Min-Ji yelled. You are right, I do go a little overboard every once in a while. I replied. Once in a while, your family is infamous for their disaster streak! Tatsuki yelled. We are known for our fighting power as well too. I replied. I know all about the terrifying power your family has under their belt. Haru, I need you to get out that happy joy gitty attitude of yours. The Haru I remember is the girl who shows no mercy to her opponent. Tatsuki replied. You are Haru Higashiyama young lady and mistress of the Higashiyama Clan. You are ranked number one in HQ and one of the Aces of HQ. Tatsuki replied. You need to finish your battle or I will do it instead. I replied. I turned my head and smirked. Did her eyes change colors? Sayuri asked. Tatsuki looked and got a chill down her spine. Tatsuki unsheathing her sword and sheathing it and she started to bleed. Tatsuki and I walked in the door at the same time. Hey, are those guys ok? Yoshi asked. Well, you see Haru can give off a scary vibe when she is angry. Aki replied. She becomes terrifying. Aki replied. Hey you guys. I replied. The Haru we are around always smiling as she is doing now. So what were you guys talking about? I asked. We weren't talking bad about you. Aki replied. Calm down Aki, I won't bully you as I use too. I replied. Did you bully this guy? Natsumi asked. Well, I use to be like a dictator in a sense. I replied. Haru is all about order and I respect that. Kirika replied. I really admire that about her. Anastasia replied. It is very interesting, Aki fears Haru but they share the same sin of Ira. Akatsuki replied. Tatsuki looked out the window and looked at Liliya. It seems blondie in vibrate colors and that guy who looks a Casanova over there is screaming revenge. Tatsuki replied. Annie your up. Tatsuki replied. Who said you can boss me around, Tatsuki? Anastasia asked. Well, it seems like a double team them. Aki replied. So let's get to it. This time it is going to be Anastasia and Yoshi. Aki replied. Are you crazy thinking we can face them like that? Yoshi asked. Yoshi listen to me, we are going to show those two no mercy. Anastasia replied. Anastasia and Yoshi walked outside the dojo with victory in their face.
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Mammon is the demon that represents Avaritia (greed).

He is mentioned in the Bible in the new testament, Matthew 6:24.

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Book Two: Chapter 22: Entering, Anastasia Vasiliev, the Lilith of Luxuria!

ast time, Akatsuki and Astrid the two Acedia users went head to head. Akatsuki came out victorious.
Anastasia and Yoshi walked outside. Bao and Liliya rushed towards them. Anastasia quickly summoned two duel blades and tapped the swords. As she tapped their weapons, the weapon shattered. How did you crack our weapons? Bao asked. Well, this one of my sword, Moros who has a tendency to break down weapons and people's spirits. Anastasia replied. Yoshi was shocked at what she saw. Hey, are you ready to fight? Anastasia asked. How did you attack them like that? Yoshi asked. Soon as the fights end I will show you. As the fight started, Bao got back up and charged at Anastasia and cut her and she shattered into glass pieces. Where did she go? Bao asked. Anastasia was above him, come forth my blade that bewitches the souls of all men!!! Anastasia yelled. Anastasia charged at him from behind. Bao looked behind him and stopped the attack but the sword was cut straight through. How is she cutting through it? Azami asked. It's the sword I think it is, Bao will be going through hell. Lilith is the sword the bewitches the souls of men. It gives off an illusion of some sort. I think he is trying to fight off her illusion as best as he can. It makes you desire to become a reality. Sayuri replied. In the dojo, Natsumi asked a question, how did she shatter like glass? Well, one of Anastasia's abilities is to shatter like that and Lilith is the blade that bewitches men and brings their desires into reality. It's powerful but that isn't the only attack it can use. It can even morph into different types of the sword at will but you have to have at least mastered it a little bit to pull that off. Megumi replied. That sword she summoned earlier is one of its many forms. Akatsuki replied. Only one person is on par with Kirika and that is Anastasia. She isn't fond of swords, she likes guns better. Shinji replied. That guy is in for a cruel awakening. Anastasia is very beautiful but she doesn't care for it. She like fighting, sometimes I feel she should be Superbia. Kirika replied. Bao then came to his sense and attacked Anastasia. Bao stabbed Anastasia above her heart. That man. Shinji eyes turned vermillion. Shinji don't get angry alright, this a fight I chose to fight in. Anastasia replied. Shinji calmed down. Shinji you know Anastasia, when she catches her prey she won't let them escape. I replied. Have faith in her. Yumi replied. Anastasia looked at Bao. I am sorry to let you know but that won't kill me. You could server my head from my body and I won't die. Anastasia replied. Anastasia smiled with Vermillion eyes and charged at Bao and changing Lilith' sword into a vermillion katana. Watch out for that katana, Bao. One cut from that and you will nearly die! Sayuri yelled. What do you mean? Bao asked. Lilith can change forms only if the user has mastered a certain level of using it. My specialty is in swords with forbidden abilities. Sayuri replied. Well you are right but you might have to do a little more fact-checking, I might be violent but I would never use Asmodeus, you must be crazy if I would use that on him. I only used that once but that was to kill the man that tortured Shinji and me twelve years ago. He screamed and begged me to give him the antidote. Anastasia replied. I laughed as he tried to suck up to me by calling me "beautiful beyond belief" to save his. Anastasia replied. There's no antidote. Sayuri replied. There is but the swordsmith has it and can make it. Anastasia replied. Anastasia was attacked but shattered like glass.
She stabbed Bao through the back. How did you do it? Bao asked. Easy, you left yourself wide open. Also, that sword will heal the wounds inflicted on you right, Bao? Anastasia asked. I know your little secret about that wound Haru inflicted on you and another. Anastasia replied. What? Bao asked. That sword heals wounds not inflict them. It is impossible to kill with that. Anastasia replied. I'm really sorry for Shinji's attack. I might be the enemy but I can't just let you lie there with serious wounds such as these. Anastasia replied. In the dojo, You know Anastasia's kindness might nearly kill her. Aki replied. You might be right but she is like that because we don't have to worry about death like others. We might not care for human life but she has a soft spot for ones on the verge of death. Shinji replied. After all, the powers of Luxuria can heal wounds. It really isn't meant for combat. I replied. Anastasia walked over to heal everyone. Alright with healing ability you all should feel good as new. Anastasia replied. You know you are the weirdest one out of all those people. Salem replied. Actually, no I just value human lives to an extent other than the others in there. Anastasia replied. You see when I go all out I am on par with Kirika, I mean Kagami Gozen to you guys. Anastasia replied. Anastasia walked past Yoshi. You can do this Yoshi. Anastasia replied. You did yours with such ease. Yoshi replied. I want you to use that power you've been hiding. Anastasia replied. Shinji walked to the door and let Anastasia in. Your such a gentleman. Tatsuki replied. Shut up, Tatsuki. Shinji replied.
What is Yoshi's true power?
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Asmodeus is the demon that represents the sin of Lust.

Asmodeus and Lilith are husband and wife. They are the mother and father of Incubus and Succubus.

Book Two: Chapter 23: Yoshi, The War Goddess of the Seas!!!!

ast time, Anastasia fought Bao. Knowing how things would happen, Anastasia won and it seemed like a little secret was revealed about Bao. Now it is Yoshi's turn.

Liliya started looking for Yoshi. Hey, where did Yoshi go? Natsumi asked. Well, let's just say she is about to go all out. Anastasia replied. Yoshi reappeared on top of the nearby building. Liliya jumped over to the building to charge at Yoshi. Yoshi transformed into a female general uniform. It is all white with short gold-trimmed white skirt and boots of similar colors to her jacket, accentuated by black tights underneath. Wow, that outfit fits her, I hope can rock that more in fights. Natsumi replied. Yoshi charged at Liliya and turned her water whip into a tachi. Wait the sword, I have seen that blade before. I replied. Well, I would be surprised that is the royal treasure of the Sea King's, Moonlight Pearl. Megumi replied. The sword name sounds girly but it is more powerful. It is on par with your swords, Aki and Haru. Akatsuki replied. Your right. I replied. Wait you mean to tell me, that sword you used in that water form of yours is just a replica? Aki asked. Yeah that real one, on the other hand, can destroy a whole country. Kirika replied. This is the power you were talking about? Yumi asked. You are right, you see Yoshi doesn't like using her powers because she hates violence. Megumi replied. I have seen Yoshi fight with that blade before. Anastasia replied. She is skilled but hides it from all you. Megumi replied. She uses an ancient type of Avaritia magic called Mélodie des sept mers. "Melody of the Seven Seas"? I asked. Do you know French? Aki asked. Yeah, I have French relatives. I replied. I heard of that. It is a strong and powerful if you home your skills. I replied. That girl is skilled in it well after all she is the Sea King's youngest daughter. Kei replied. That gave her the title, War Goddess of the Seas. Kei replied. Kei took out a cigarette and lighter. Smoke in my store and I will stick those two up somewhere else. Megumi replied. I will not smoke cigarettes in your dojo. Knowing you, you would literally stick it somewhere else. Kei replied. That's Megumi for you. Shinji replied. Back to what we were talking about. I replied. Megumi was talking about that girl's power and then threatened. Kei replied. Your right. Megumi replied. Getting old, Megumi? Kei asked. Shut up, Kei. Megumi replied. Alright back to what I was saying. Even though she uses Avaritia, it is wind like a ninja based as you saw with Tatsuki. This ability has her call forth the Moonlight Pearl. Megumi replied. In some cases, Avarita can be air/ earth based or water/lunar based elemental. That girl Yoshi is one of those rare cases. Kei replied. I wonder if he is watching? Kei asked. Back outside, Yoshi unsheathed her sword and Liliya guarded her attack with the sheathing. The attack backlashed and cut Yoshi's cheek. Liliya be careful! That sword is one of the Royal Treasures of the Elementals. If I am right you are dead if you let that sword tap your skin. Sayuri replied. Liliya! Bao yelled. Liliya kicked Yoshi in the stomach. Yoshi flew into the building. Liliya saw a little from the rubble. Liliya run! Bao and Sayuri yelled. Yoshi rushed out of the rubble and Liliya dodged the attack. Yoshi slashed in mid-air and the building across from her was cut clean. Liliya then charged at Yoshi and cut her to find out it was double. Yoshi! I yelled. Yoshi is alive but she is in plain sight. Yoshi kicked Liliya into a building. Look now were even don't you say? Yoshi asked. Shut up! Liliya yelled. Liliya then binds Yoshi with a type of water attack. Yoshi has a blank stare on her face. Aren't you going to beg for mercy as it drains your life away? Liliya asked. No, but you should. Yoshi replied. Yoshi reappeared and knocked Liliya from behind. Bao caught Liliya. Yoshi transformed back into what she wore and her sword disappeared. Yoshi turned her head. You know if you really like her you should tell her before some get her first. Yoshi replied. Yoshi smiled. What are you smiling about? Sayuri asked. Well like Anastasia and Shinji, I am not for violence. I like seeing people happy from looking at your relationship, you guys are super close. I wouldn't want to break that by cutting her. Yoshi replied. Yoshi walked into the store. I am so tired. Yoshi replied. So you all were attacked by these people. A man with dark brown hair summoned a sword. So that woman is the infamous Megumi Shura I heard of? Riku replied. Megumi walked up behind him. You really are dumb to step in someone else home. You know what the saying, right. Megumi replied. I am not letting to attack any of these kids. Your true objective today is killing everyone here and abduct Haru and Sayuri, right? Megumi asked. You are not just beautiful. Riku replied.Don't try to flatter me because, at this moment, I will not let you abduct or kill them. Megumi replied. Hey Kei, these are the people you were talking about? Megumi asked. Yes. Kei replied. A young woman with black hair with golden tips.Well since you won't do it, I will. Miyako replied. I really never expected you would come after my daughter and her friends like savages. Kanon replied. Wait don't tell me it's you. Megumi replied.
Who is that woman?
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Mélodie des sept mers means Melody of the Seven Seas in French.  

Book Two: Chapter 24: Ambush and Retreat Part One

Last time, Yoshi won her fight against Liliya. After the fight, a group of people came to attack and kidnap Haru and Sayuri through the chaos. As soon as they were going to do so, a woman appeared.
I never thought I would see Vermillion Phoniex in my presents. Riku replied. You are right but a certain douting father told me of what was happening. Kanon replied. Who is the doting father? I asked. Not your douting father, Haru. Natsumi replied. So your overprotective father? I asked. Yes, this screams his way of creating a solution to the problem. Natsumi replied. You know you are his child. Kanon replied. Wait aren't you the woman who went toe-to-toe with my dad? Natsumi asked. Yes and I will have to talk to him about calling me out of that meeting. Kanon replied. What was that about me you, cold-hearted woman? Mashiro asked. Don't call me out of work for something trivial as this ever again. Kanon replied. Mom, won't you get fired for this? Min-Ji asked. Min-Ji, I won't get fired. All the action today caused tremors so in a way I thank you for getting me out of that meeting. Kanon replied. You know for a woman who is now a CEO of her own company, complaining about it being hard. Isn't this what you always blabbed about with those prideful actions? Mashiro asked. I have no time for your smart remarks. Kanon replied. Kanon walked to help Min-Ji up and others. Kanon move out the way! Mashiro yelled. Kanon turned her head. A flare of light appeared. Even the almighty Kanon is on her knees. Ryu replied. Dad why are you here? Salem asked. Salem, I will explain everything soon as you all get out of here. Ryu replied. Everyone get out here, especially Haru and Ta...Sayuri run! Ryu yelled. Everyone began to run away leaving the adults to handle things. Mom and Dad let us help you? Min-Ji asked. Much as you might inherit my stubbornness. I can not let you do that. Also, I want you six to keep Sayuri safe. Kanon replied. I want you to keep Haru safe as well. Ryu replied. Those two are more than what you think. They are more valuable than you think. Ryu replied. Dad? Natsumi asked. Not now. Mashiro replied. A young man appeared with snow-white hair and rare dark purple eyes. Any Acedia users? Shiki asked. Akatsuki and Astrid walked up. Astrid, you need to let Akatsuki do this. Min-Ji replied. Astrid fell down. Shiki is that you? Astrid asked. Yeah, Astrid. Shiki replied. What are you trying to do? Akatsuki asked. How many people can you teleport? Shiki asked. As many as I want. Akatsuki replied. So you must have mastered your Acedia art? Shiki asked. Yes and no, I still have much to learn before I oast about something that is not true. Akatsuki replied. Akatsuki summoned her sword Belphegor and slashed a portal open. Get in here and tell me where you want to go? Akatsuki asked. Gabriel appeared. How about you all hide out at my house for a while. Gabriel replied. Dad, we don't need but so many people in our house. You know how my mom is. I replied. I know and I told her beforehand and your parents agreed to it. Gabriel replied. It's been a while since the seven of us been to your place, Haru. Aki replied. It has been three years so we could catch up with our favorite game right, Aki? I replied. I didn't like that game and you knew it. Aki replied. Stop reminiscing about a game of strength. You know Haru is ten to twenty times stronger than everyone in this line to her house. You thought because of her appearance you could run all over her. To add insult to injury, she shares the same power of Ira. Akatsuki replied. Yeah no offense but her family is well known for their overwhelming power. Tatsuki replied. As the portal opened, we were in front of my house. My mom opened the door.
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Book Two: Chapter 25: Ambush and Retreat Part Two

Last time, everyone was told to retreat and go to Haru's house.

Hey Haru can we see your room? Yoshi asked. Sure why not, since we are here, I can take a nap. I replied. You will not take a nap. Alexandra replied. Can I change into a comfortable out at least? I asked. Do you others want to change into something comfortable? Alexandra asked. It's fine, I am fine in what I am in. Min-Ji replied. You are so much like your mother. Alexandra replied. Haru has enough clothes to give any of you if she likes. Alexandra replied. I have been itching to give away some of my clothes and shoes. They have been crowding my closet. I replied. Go wild I can't fit them. I replied. This is from that line that Amoree Merlin models for. I love the line of clothes. I like her too, she's so pretty. Astrid replied. What if I told you I know her well you met her too. I replied. Really, where? Astrid replied. Akatsuki get up here you have a fan. I replied. Akatsuki walks up the stairs and walks to my room. Is that the Cheesecake wheel with different types in one box? I asked. Yup and I'm eating the Cookie Dough Cheesecake. Akatsuki replied. All you do is eat cheesecake and nap. I replied. Hey Akatsuki, write your name on a piece of paper. I asked. Akatsuki took a piece of paper and wrote her name. Astrid looked at the paper and it says, Amoree Merlin. Your Amoree Merlin, the model? Min-Ji asked. What? Everyone said. Yes and, Tatsuki is Avril Alves. Akatsuki replied. We have the same mom and different dads. Akatsuki replied. Oh yeah, after you guys are done come and eat some lunch before the boys eat it all. For some reason, they are really into rich food like it's that impressive. Akatsuki replied. Akatsuki, you and I eat like this on a daily day basis when we are with our families so to us it's normal food. I replied. Yeah then again, your great-grandparents and grandmother are rich. Akatsuki replied. Wait you are rich. I suspected from your home and the furniture. Azami replied. That may be true but do I flaunt my money and wealth? I asked. Let's go downstairs before really do eat everything. I replied. As we walk downstairs, food was left. Mom, how many wheels were bought? I asked. You great-grandmother generously gave them to us. Alexandra replied. Grandma. I replied. Hi Haru, I heard you and your friends were wreaking havoc. Rene replied. How many buildings received damage? Rene asked. Grandma that's rude. I replied. Honey, you have that Higashiyama reckless like your great-grandfather running through you. Now be honest. Rene asked. Two or three, I replied. Haru. Rene replied. Alright, about five or six buildings in total. I replied. That sounds a little more accurate. Rene replied. Don't judge her, Rene. She has great genetics. That's my little Haru. Jeremy replied. I smiled. You are the famous author, Jeremy Higashiyama? Min-Ji asked. Yes, I am young lady. Let me guess, you are wondering where can you find copies of my books still around? Jeremy asked. Well, you are in luck I have the saga on me in book form in the living room in the box. Jeremy replied. Min-Ji smiled. You are Rene Martin, the actress. I love all your work especially with Sydney and Mariah your sister. Liliya replied. Well, you are in luck as well they are here and a few others because my grandson asked for us to help bring food over for you kids to eat. Rene replied. Well, I never imagine seeing Kanon's little girl so happy to be around people. Karin replied. Hey Karin, how are you? I asked. I am great, where is that grandmother of yours? Karin asked. Grandma, where are you? I asked. Who called me? Natasha asked. Are you here for food or protection. I asked. How rude, well I am here for protection. You kids are in danger much as Haru and that young man sitting over there by himself lonesome. Natasha replied. I wish he would take off that hood. Natasha replied. I know right, he has such be a handsome face. Azami replied. Wait you have seen his face before? Min-Ji asked. Yeah but he shares the same face of the person he hates. At the same time, he doesn't want to reveal his face to the girl he loves. He knows she will hate him for deceiving her for so long. Azami replied. I walked over to Sayuri and asked him, "I might not like the many things you have done but you should at least talk to someone." Sayuri looked at me and I saw so much guilt in his eyes. I find it kind that you are trying to talk to me but I really would love for you to leave me alone, alright. Sayuri replied. I wonder if Aoi is home, I wonder if he is ok. I replied. Oh, Aoi Kamiya is a friend of mine. I replied. Hey Sayuri, come and eat with us? Azami asked. Hey, why are you so scared? Azami asked. You know it's ok, Haru. Azami replied. What I am about to check up on Aoi. I replied. You don't need to call him. He is doing fine. Sayuri replied. You two are acting fishy. I replied.
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Book Two: Chapter 26: A Short Piece of Peace and Tranquility

Last time, Haru let the enemy inside her own home.

I walked off and went to my room.

What are you pulling, Haru? Orchid asked. I am not pulling anything, Orchid. I replied. So you say. Orchid replied. You know those people who were after us were really after Sayuri and you for some weird reason. I replied. You are right about that. Orchid replied. What do you know about those people? I asked. They are after your power and for him its something way worst. Orchid replied. You are right about that. Gabriel replied. Dad, when did you get back? I asked. Well a few minutes ago. Gabriel replied. This might sound crazy but you have to cooperate with them for a while. Gabriel replied. Hey Gabriel. Aki replied. We seven have to stay on our best behavior? Aki asked. We can do that much now. Kirika replied. Let's try to see if our sin of wrath will listen to others. Kirika replied. Shut up, Kirika and after this, we will have our fight Haru. Aki replied. Alright, I hope you know I won't hold back because we are childhood friends. I replied. I want to see that fight. Salem replied. Oh, it will end in him losing. Kirika replied. How can you say that outcome like that? Min-Ji asked. Haru is more powerful than she gives off. I mean, after all, she is the one of the top ten of HQ. Wait you mean one of the Aces? Sayuri asked. Well, to be more precise she is number one. Haru the Minerva of HQ. She is one of the youngest to be appointed to such a high position. Kirika replied. I am not that impressive, Kirika. I replied. No offensive but you don't scream "I will kill you single handly". Salem replied. I kind of don't like violence but do live for order. I replied. So you are a walking law machine? Salem replied. You know you remind me of Aki the Shinigami Squads sin of Wrath. I replied. I see you all are getting along a little. Kanon replied. Mom, you are alright. Min-Ji replied. It will take more than three people to get under our skin. Mashiro replied. Dad, what happened? Natsumi asked. Well just say those people are after Haru's forbidden abilities and Sayuri's sword abilities. Mashiro replied. So they are after my Ira Shadow Dragon abilities. I replied. My Ancient Invidia Sword Art as well. Sayuri replied. Wait, so you are one of the few Ancient magic sword wielders? Shinji asked. So who are they after other than us? I asked. Right now you two are ones right now. Shiki replied. So they are going to do that again? Ryu asked.

What are they talking about?

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Minerva is the Roman Goddess of Wisdom and War. 

I will update in the new year.

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Book Two: Chapter 26: A Short Piece of Peace and Tranquility

Last time, Haru let the enemy inside her own home.

I walked off and went to my room.

What are you pulling, Haru? Orchid asked. I am not pulling anything, Orchid. I replied. So you say. Orchid replied. You know those people who were after us were really after Sayuri and you for some weird reason. I replied. You are right about that. Orchid replied. What do you know about those people? I asked. They are after your power and for him its something way worst. Orchid replied. You are right about that. Gabriel replied. Dad, when did you get back? I asked. Well a few minutes ago. Gabriel replied. This might sound crazy but you have to cooperate with them for a while. Gabriel replied. Hey Gabriel. Aki replied. We seven have to stay on our best behavior? Aki asked. We can do that much now. Kirika replied. Let's try to see if our sin of wrath will listen to others. Kirika replied. Shut up, Kirika and after this, we will have our fight Haru. Aki replied. Alright, I hope you know I won't hold back because we are childhood friends. I replied. I want to see that fight. Salem replied. Oh, it will end in him losing. Kirika replied. How can you say that outcome like that? Min-Ji asked. Haru is more powerful than she gives off. I mean, after all, she is the one of the top ten of HQ. Wait you mean one of the Aces? Sayuri asked. Well, to be more precise she is number one. Haru the Minerva of HQ. She is one of the youngest to be appointed to such a high position. Kirika replied. I am not that impressive, Kirika. I replied. No offensive but you don't scream "I will kill you single handly". Salem replied. I kind of don't like violence but do live for order. I replied. So you are a walking law machine? Salem replied. You know you remind me of Aki the Shinigami Squads sin of Wrath. I replied. I see you all are getting along a little. Kanon replied. Mom, you are alright. Min-Ji replied. It will take more than three people to get under our skin. Mashiro replied. Dad, what happened? Natsumi asked. Well just say those people are after Haru's forbidden abilities and Sayuri's sword abilities. Mashiro replied. So they are after my Ira Shadow Dragon abilities. I replied. My Ancient Invidia Sword Art as well. Sayuri replied. Wait, so you are one of the few Ancient magic sword wielders? Shinji asked. So who are they after other than us? I asked. Right now you two are ones right now. Shiki replied. So they are going to do that again? Ryu asked.

What are they talking about?

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Minerva is the Roman Goddess of Wisdom and War. 

I will update in the new year.

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Book Two Chapter 27: Peace and Aki's Wrath

Hey, I want an explanation. I replied. What did you mean by again? I asked. Well when you two were children, you were born with special abilities such as the Shadow Dragon trait of mine and the universal attribute from your mom. Gabriel replied. So, I want to know why they are after me? Sayuri asked. They just wanted to create a solider to kill Haru. It was just by chance that you had a forbidden power of Invidia. Gabriel replied. You know if I was that woman you serve, I would utilize your power and make you do as I say. Kill who I want to go even go so far to take out your own biological mother. Natasha replied. Grandma, that was a little harsh. I replied. I am not being harsh, that woman is envious of his biological mother. Natasha replied. She wanted a child so badly she walked off with him and never gave him back. Karin replied. Now that I think about it, she has favor with. Min-Ji replied. Well, I can tell you this much. Your biological mom is in trouble then. Tatsuki replied. I mean you aren't bad looking under that cloak spell you are using. Kirika replied. What cloak spell? Liliya asked. I wouldn't be surprised you can see through it. Just like Yumi, my specialty is in forbidden spells. Kirika replied. Hey did you guys hear that? Akatsuki asked. What are you talking about you beast? Aki asked. Shut up, at least I don't cower in fear of a girl. Akatsuki replied. Hey, you stop losing focus. Tatsuki replied. Shut up, those three caught up to us. Akatsuki replied. How long have you heard them? I asked. Since we got here a while back. Akatsuki replied. When in the hell were you going to tell us! Aki replied. I felt their presences but they started masking it and I don't appreciate you yelling at me. Akatsuki replied. Well, let us show them what we can do. Aki replied. I am in. Min-Ji and Natsumi replied. Gabriel, will you give us permission? Aki replied. I give you full authorization to take them out. Gabriel replied. Aki, Min-Ji, and Natsumi walked out the door. Aki had his sword in hand. Are you three supposed to be the ones to defeat them. Aki was in front of the guy and slashed him. How did he do it? Yoshi asked. It's simple he super fast he is a dull user. He uses Ancient Acedia and Ira Magic. I replied. Those three will have one hell of a time. I replied. So you are one the Reapers who sins are more grave than the others. You go under many names or your real name. Why don't you shut your mouth! Aki yelled. Aki summoned a sword that burned red as if his hatred. I thought to myself. Well, I finally get a challenge. Akuma replied. She charged at Aki. From your attacks, you use wind attacks. Akuma replied. You are the son of the Wind Goddess, Zephyrus! Akuma replied. Don't put my mom in this! Aki yelled. 

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Zephrus will appear in Book Three of Natasha if you are into my Natasha Series. 

  Also, Zephyrus is a male wind god.