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Being the best friend of a super heroine isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Who would’ve thought that being friends with one Tabitha Lyght would cause the villains to attack my family to get to her? My husband having enough of the attacks, took our triplets and moved to Alabama, while I decided to tough it out and make a stand. Good thing Tabs is a part of the Justice League: with her pull, I became the recipient of superhero bodyguards.

Super babysitters, what I liked to dub them. My thoughts changed when one night, J’onn J’onzz reported for bodyguard duty. What should have been the beginning of a deepened friendship turned into the start of an intense affair. How do I tell my best friend that I’m sleeping with her Martian boyfriend?

{A DC/Martian Manhunter Fanfic}


This is a work of fiction. All DC/Marvel characters and/or settings belong to their respective companies. I am not affiliated with any name brand company mentioned in the writing of this story. All other characters belong to me and are based on characters used in my Lyght fanfiction series. It is not necessary to read that series to get into this story. 

Trigger warnings/tags will appear before chapters that need them.

The Start of It All

I used to not care much for fairytales. After finding out that the ones you read to kids were watered down, I wasn’t a fan. There was no such thing as a knight in shining armor or Prince Charming. You had to settle for whatever was presented to you.

It was what I thought for years until I met my Prince Charming. Before, I always assumed that I would be someone’s baby momma and not someone’s wife. But it happened and with our careers on the go, I was truly happy. The news of my pregnancy overwhelmed me and soon, we were a complete family, triplets and all!

Things started to go downhill a few years after meeting Tabitha Lyght. I found her in an alleyway in Memphis and took her in, regardless of the risk she posed. Years later, she was a prominent member of the Justice League… and my best friend.

There were tons of perks being the best friend of a super heroine, one was meeting the others, including the founding seven. After time, I proved to be a valuable asset and was given a communicator of my own. I could teleport to Watchtower or Metro Tower as often as I wanted, particularly when Tabitha was named Monitor of Metro Tower. What I didn’t know was that there was bad to go along with the good.

If a super villain wanted something, they would go through great lengths to get it. That often included terrorizing a superhero’s family if they knew said superhero’s alias. Even if they didn’t, most could put two and two together every now and then: the villains portrayed on television were nothing compared to the real-life ones.

As much as I loved Tabs’ actual family, it amazed me that they were never targets. It was my family who were. Even from the very beginning, we were targeted: her former friend came all the way to Memphis and ended up killing my colleague and attacking me to get to her. Throughout the years, my children were kidnapped, my husband beaten several times and let’s not start on just the regular threats! It was after the last kidnapping of the children (this time for a ridiculous ransom) that my husband had enough and decided it was time to leave.

I would’ve went with them, I should’ve. But I saw no good in that. Tabs hadn’t lived with us in a long time but yet the villains knew how to track us down. Moving wouldn’t resolve any of that. I came to the conclusion that it really wasn’t them they wanted but me. My family wasn’t safe so long as they were around me… and I had ties to my best friend.

It wasn’t supposed to feel like a true separation. It was a temporary setback in our normal lives. After the villainy died down, things would get back to normal and my family would return. The problem was that I still stayed connected with Tabs. I mean, why would I cut ties with her? She was my best friend and the closest thing to a sister that I ever wanted. To be honest, we were always saved by someone from the Justice League, if not Tabitha herself.

I know: it didn’t make it right. And, as I thought, the villains targeted me to the point where the League decided that I needed bodyguards every now and then. And by the League decided, I really meant Tabs talked them into it. She didn’t have to argue much. Backing her was Martian Manhunter, one of the League’s founding members, Monitor of Watchtower and her steady boyfriend. If anyone was in disagreement, they were reluctant to say it aloud!

What bothered me was that this was done without little say so from myself. Tabs meant well, I was certain. It was just the idea of having superhero babysitters made me feel like a fool. And the schedule was weird. The relief came in the middle of the day, basically after I got home from school. In the morning, they were there to make sure I got to school safely and stayed out of sight. My only relief was possibly on my drive back home but then I would have enough time to kick my shoes off until that knock happened, signaling the “changing of the guards”.

I got somewhat acquainted with a few but nothing to where I considered any of them a true friend. Most of the time at night, they would keep watch outside the house, leaving me to my thoughts alone. I took that time to beat myself up with my thoughts, regretting my decision to stay. I missed my family. I missed normalcy. They would call every now and then and I could tell the separation was killing them, especially my husband. We were growing apart and I hated it.

I trained myself to go through the emotions after a while. The days started to blend into one another, with the exception of the weekends. I stopped inviting whoever my bodyguard was inside and just let them do their job. It hadn’t dawned on me that whoever the relief would be was late until the knock on my door scared me. Whoever it was, was lucky: I made my way downstairs only to find a snack for movie-watching.

I expected anyone else but who looked down at me with a small smile on his face: Martian Manhunter.

“J-J’onn! What are you doing here?” I asked but it only made him tilt his head at me.

“Reporting for duty?” although he still smiled, he had a curious look on him. I smirked and let out a small laugh. I had no idea how long he been on Earth but one thing was for sure: we rubbed off on him.

“Seriously? You?”

“If you have a problem with me, I can assign someone else–”

“O-Oh. No. I don’t have a problem with you. It’s just… isn’t this beneath you?”

“You are Tabitha’s best friend, which makes you a dear friend of mine. Your safety is our number one priority so guarding you is definitely not beneath me.”

“I guess I imagined that none of the founding seven would do this.”

“The only reason would be because we are the ones mainly on missions.”

“Oh…” I trailed off and was stuck by the door frame. The Martian was massive: as he stood there, I couldn’t see past him to the street! His blue cape wavered slightly in the wind and my train of thought returned to me. “Do you want to… come in?”

“I wouldn’t mind, thank you.” He nodded and I moved out the way to let him inside. I watched as he made his way down the short hallway and lingered at the coat closet, removing his cape.

I didn’t know why but my mind told me to stay put. My eyes widened as the cape left his shoulders: he was an anatomy student’s dream come true. No, I lied. While his muscles were very defined, he was actually a single horny woman’s dream come true: tall, muscular and downright sexy! There he stood in the middle of my hallway, wearing nothing but those red straps, blue briefs and boots. Gah, he did that on purpose: there was no need for him to remove that cape! I thought about what he said earlier and the horny teenage boy in me appeared. This job may not be beneath you but damn… can I be…?

I shook those thoughts out my head and approached him, grabbing the cape out of his hands. No, bad Jamila: that’s Tabs’ boyfriend. J’onn gave me a warm smile.

“Thank you.” He nodded and I gave him a shrug as I made an attempt to fold the damn thing.

“No problem.” I mumbled, not looking at him. What the hell does he do with this thing when he ain’t wearing it? “Um, J’onn… why the hell is this cape so huge?”

“I am a large Martian…” he answered, almost in a question. I willed myself not to glance straight at his crotch, where my pervy mind immediately thought of as soon as the words left his mouth. Instead, I looked up at him and narrowed my eyes as his red ones gleamed.

“That you are…” I smirked, realizing that he was being a smart ass. He hung around that girl way too much; that would be something Tabs would say. I decided to just hang the cape in the closet after fumbling to fold it.

“I’m sorry. I sensed that you’re nervous around me and was trying to lighten the mood.” He said, his deep and sultry voice thundering through the tiny hallway. Nervous? Not really. Turned on by his voice alone? Fuck, yeah. If anyone had dry panties around him, it was a miracle!

“I’m not nervous. Just not used to… entertaining you without Tabs here. Speaking of, where is she?”

“She’s on a mission.” He said and I widened my eyes at him.

“You let her go on a mission?” I was honestly shocked but J’onn narrowed his eyes at me.

“Hmm. The one thing the two of you have in common: that sardonic mouth…” he gave me a sly smile and my cheeks ached. Was it my imagination or was he actually eyeing my mouth…? I rolled my eyes and laughed.

“You’re on a roll tonight, being a smart ass! You don’t let her out of your sight and you know it. How long has she been a League member, now?” I gave him a look and he nodded.

“I am slowly trying not to be so protective of her,” He said in an apologetic tone and it warmed me. Looks were deceiving, especially if you were a Martian. J’onn wasn’t menacing at all, in fact, he was really attractive. But, some people didn’t know any better. He was still perceived as menacing and hateful even though he was the total opposite. J’onn J’onzz was the most loving and caring person I knew, and that was saying a lot since I didn’t know him all that much. “If it would make you feel better, we could go about as if she was here.”

“Not gonna be the same. You do realize this is the most you’ve spoken to me, right?” I smiled and the look on his face told me he didn’t realize it until that moment. “Oh, wait. You’re on duty, so–”

“I would much rather act normal around you than play the role of bodyguard. I feel that would put you more at ease.”

“I’d actually… appreciate that. Thanks. You know, I always thought that you guys were superheroes twenty-four seven. It never dawned on me that you would enjoy… normal things.”

“Yes, we all do. But, I do get that a lot, being a Martian. It makes me wonder what humans believe we did on Mars.”

“Unfortunately, there wasn’t much for us to imagine until someone like you came along.”


“Yeah. Someone who can tell us all about life on Mars.”

“Perhaps one day, I will enlighten you.”

“I’d like that.” I gave him a warm smile and he returned it.

“For right now, maybe I can join you in whatever you were doing?”

“Oh. Yeah, I was about to watch a movie upstairs. Came down here for a snack.”

“I enjoy watching movies. Being with your friend, it seems to be a given to do so.”

“Yeah, she’s a movie buff!”

“That she is. Do you mind if I snacked with you?”

“Oh, not at all. In fact, I insist!”

“Do you have any Oreos?”

“Oreos?” I gave him a look. Not that Oreos in themselves were odd but it was an odd request from a Martian.


“Um, I think I have some in the pantry…” before I could make a step towards the kitchen, he was already in there, rummaging through my pantry. “Yes, while you’re in there, grab some chips?” I asked sarcastically.

“You only have one package…”

“Of chips?”

“No, of Oreos. I suppose they will have to do. What did you want to snack on?”

“Whoa, wait. You’re gonna eat the whole damn package of cookies?” my eyes widened as I went into the kitchen. J’onn had the package in one hand, a glass of milk in the other and a cookie halfway in his mouth. I didn’t know why but it made my heart melt. The look on his face was like a child with their favorite thing in the world.

“You need more milk as well…”


{Accidental Voyeurism, Masturbation, Wet Dreams-Implied}


Me and the Martian stayed up almost all night, watching random movies and actually bonding with one another. He didn’t bring up the reason for the super babysitters and I was thankful. For one night, J’onn let me forget my worries and I was able to laugh fully for the first time in over a year. The other professors noticed the change when I walked in the next day, and it was settled: I was going to hang around J’onn more often.

The thing was, I didn’t expect to see him again in the “lineup” of superhero bodyguards but I was proven wrong. He started to fill in at least once a week and that began a ritual of watching movies and eating Oreos. Which… I was going to have a talk with Tabs about his eating habits: the Martian ate a whole package of the damn cookies in one sitting! Imagine my surprise when he told me he usually eats three packs a day! Damn, I thought I was an Oreo fiend: only reason I had them in the house was for myself. No one else liked them, including the children (those weirdos preferred Chips Ahoy).

Something else started to happen the more he came over. Well, I didn’t know whether to connect it to J’onn but I knew it didn’t start until after he began showing up more often. On occasional mornings, I would wake up extremely wet and horny. Anyone else would’ve chalked it up to me being lonely and going through my sexual peak. But it felt far different than that. Almost like a wet dream… without the dreams. At least, I didn’t remember them. All I knew was that I would wake up with an urge to continue what I didn’t finish in my sleep. The craziest thing was that it only happened the nights J’onn was on duty. He had done something to me…

Of course, I couldn’t say or ask anything. What if it was just me being horny and the sexy Martian just so happened to be there every time it happened? I would feel like an idiot if it was purely coincidental. So, I said nothing and guiltily relished in the afterglow of extreme wet dreams.

Friday evening saw me aboard Watchtower. I learned at the last minute that Tabs was yet again on another mission so I found myself idly roaming around. It felt weird that hardly anyone was there and I figured that it must’ve been a major mission. The little superheroes that were there basically ignored me.

My walk ended in one of the hallways where many of the superheroes bunked. Watchtower was massive and capable of housing at least a thousand people, full amenities and all. It was no wonder most, including Tabs, called it home. So many things you would learn by being the best friend of a super heroine. One was even though Bruce Wayne had his own manor, he, like the other founding members, had his own room aboard the space station. And through logical deduction, I knew their codes to get in their rooms (scary simple, especially when I stumbled on the fact that Superman’s was 001 and Bruce’s was 002…).

Even though the doors looked the same, I knew whose room was whose. It helped that they weren’t grouped together, almost as though each founding member had control over a different part of Watchtower. J’onn’s room was in the west wing, where there was no panoramic view of space, and his door was the middle one (a pain in the ass to count, believe me). I never made it a habit of going in their rooms, more likely because nine times out of ten, they were present. But curiosity got the best of me as I entered his code to go inside.

I didn’t know what to expect to see when I went in. His room was as moderate as Tabs’ but he had picture frames hanging over his dresser. Most were newspaper clippings of the good deeds the Justice League done and a few dated back well into the 80s. Before I could examine anything more, the large window drew my attention. I could see parts of the lower half of Watchtower and then nothing but literal space. There were small specks in the distance but I had to squint to even notice them. One in particular blinked reddish-orange and I immediately knew what that was: Mars. No wonder he selected this room. The idea delighted and saddened me all the same. J’onn told me what happened to his race and if I was in his shoes, I wouldn’t know how to react with the reminder of home. I didn’t blame him but it made me wonder why all the same.

The beep of the door made my eyes widen and I panicked. Fuck, it didn’t dawn on me that he would be back anytime soon. I looked around the room and saw two other doors. I picked the one with the slatted blinds, knowing that it would be a closet and I was glad I was right. It was oddly empty but I didn’t complain: that meant there were slim chances he would go to it. No sooner had I closed the door, J’onn walked in with Bruce.

“Are you sure you weren’t affected?”

“I’m positive. If I experience any delayed effects, you will definitely see me in the labs.”

“Fine. I still say take the serum, anyway.”

“You mean well, my friend. But I’m fine. Go run tests on the others.” J’onn nodded. Bruce had his mask removed so I could see him smirk and shrug as he left. J’onn closed the door and let out a sigh, resting his head on the door. This was a rare sight, to see how he responded when no one was around. But to say that I was a bit disappointed was an understatement. He just stood there for a while and it made me wish I had his power of telepathy, just to see what he was thinking. The whole talk about serums and delayed effects weighed heavy and I wondered what exactly happened on their mission. I expected for Tabs to knock on his door soon but that knock never came.

Instead, his cape suddenly fell away from his shoulders, gracing me with that muscular back. Oh… he was going to get naked. I blushed furiously and was about to look away until he turned around. Another sigh escaped his lips but it was more sensual. It was then I realized that the Martian had his hand down his briefs.

My eyes widened and my mouth gaped as he massaged his quickly growing bulge. It made me contemplate how he hid his size in those briefs. Shapeshifter, I reminded myself as he continued to please himself. J’onn quickly moved to his dresser, his hand still stuffed in his shorts, and grabbed something out of it. I stopped breathing as he lowered those blue shorts, and his massive cock sprung out. Oh… my… Jesus, it was like staring at the ultimate sex toy! Even from where I stood, I could see the thick ridges that pulsed lightly over that green monster. He was as thick as he was long and I wondered how the hell Tabs took all of that. He was probably all up in her stomach… an impossible feat, I knew but this was Martian Manhunter we were talking about.

For some reason, that idea and the sight in front of me made my entire body tingle. His pronounced slit glistened as he took whatever he grabbed from the dresser and rubbed it against it. What was that? A cloth? No… they were… panties? My cheeks burned: he had a panty kink. As he wrapped the material around his throbbing length, I shamefully let my own hand travel into my pants. My mind couldn’t think straight no matter how much I tried. It was wrong for me to watch but I couldn’t close my eyes or turn around. Instead, I matched his slow and steady rhythm, merely rubbing at my aching but now hardened button. The one thing that reverberated in my mind: those panties looked awfully familiar…

J’onn unfolded them more and I honestly stopped breathing. For a split second, I knew for sure they were Tabitha’s. But… they were a tad bit too large to be hers… and I had a pair just like the ones he was making love to. Those black with purple dots and hearts boy shorts… were mine. And here, I thought my washing machine ate them. No, the Martian had them all this time.

It didn’t matter because I was too into watching him enjoy himself with my panties. I found it amusing that we both shared that kink: watching a man stroke himself with a pair of soft panties was a huge turn-on for me. J’onn moved over to the bed, giving me a better side view of the show and I licked my lips in anticipation. Did he know I was there? No, this wasn’t for me. The way he started to feverishly pump, it was as though it was a growing desire. He needed that release and he needed it right then and there.

J’onn tilted his head back in ecstasy and I spread my legs a bit, spreading my wetness even more. I had no idea how long I was there, watching him but I knew it wouldn’t be long for either of us. He let out a sharp grunt and an insanely thick rope shot out across the length of the bed, leaving me in complete awe. The rest were just as powerful but he caught most of it on my panties. It was the most impressive cumshot I ever seen in my life and I gasped as it continued, damn near covering the boy shorts. Shit…

I quickly covered my mouth, hoping that he was too into spilling his Martian sperm all over the place to hear it. No such luck. He jerked his head towards the closet door and stared intently. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck… whatever god is responsible, please give me the power of invisibility! Of course, it didn’t happen that way: before I could blink, the door swung open and I was caught red-handed. J’onn gave me a shocked look.

“J-Jamila!” and the shame immediately washed over me. At first, I couldn’t move, let alone breathe. Then, the embarrassment turned into fear and the only thing I wanted to do was get the hell out of there. And that’s what I did. My eyes watered as I shot past him. “W-What, wai–” was all I heard before bolting out of the room. I prayed that he wouldn’t try to come after me and instead of going to the teleportation pads, I did an emergency teleport via the communicator back to my house. I damn near threw up from the head rush of it all but eventually my stomach calmed down enough for me to curl into a ball in my bed and contemplate how the hell I was going to explain to my best friend that I watched her boyfriend jack off.

The Proposition

{Fingering, Masturbation-Implied}


I wanted to crawl underneath a rock and die. The feeling lingered over the weekend but the good thing was that there would be no super bodyguards until Monday. My hope was that neither J’onn or Tabs would volunteer for at least a week. That would give me ample time to think about whether to tell her what happened. I mean, she should’ve known that I still had those lustful thoughts about him, right? Because, how many times did she have a canary about them and J’onn may or may not be comfortable with said thoughts?

That only made me think about the situation even more. He was comfortable with my sleazy thoughts, comfortable enough to steal my panties and stroke himself with them! If Tabs and I were the same size, then I could argue that perhaps he thought they were hers. But, no. She was lean and tall, my guess was a size seven, max. I was a fruit loop, pissed that my favorite size eighteen jeans didn’t fit any more.

Tabitha gave me a quick call the following Tuesday, filling me in on the latest mission she went on, before apologizing for her upcoming busy schedule. She was responsible for the electrical upgrades on both stations and the mission gave her a serious backlog. She didn’t even give me time to tell her what happened, let alone speak more than three words! It was for the best, I suppose. I told myself that I would never sit there like a perv and watch him ever again.

The shame only disappeared for a day, as I got the familiar knock and went to answer it. My mouth dropped as I looked up at J’onn and although he was a beautiful medium green, I could tell that he was flustered all the same.

“Jamila. We need to talk.”

“N-No. There’s nothing to talk about.” I rushed and he gawked for a moment before closing his mouth and nodding.

“Very well. Can I still come in?” he asked and it was my turn to be surprised. Any other man would’ve badgered me into talking about what happened. It seemed that the Martian was willing to let this go and pretend that it didn’t happen. I nodded and moved to let him inside the house.

It was awkward, I won’t lie. I didn’t want to be around him but it didn’t matter because all I could think about was how sexy he looked making a mess all over his bed and my panties. After trying to drown myself in my work and not succeeding, I caved in and sat on the couch beside him.

“So… what’s on?”

“Are you done with your work?”

“Yeah.” I lied. He probably knew it but said nothing as he nodded.

“There is a marathon of this one show but I’m afraid you won’t understand it. About a time-traveling doctor? It’s quite interesting to me and some of the worlds he’s gone to with his companions are very familiar.” He tried and I smirked. I knew what he was talking about and had to admit that I wasn’t a diehard fan like my husband and a few professors. But, I knew some things about the show.

“Okay. We can watch that.” I agreed and we settled in to watch the marathon.

You ever get the feeling that you fell asleep but don’t remember when? The marathon wasn’t boring at all, especially with J’onn pointing out familiarities with a few of the worlds and making quick notes about them (he was suspicious of the creators for even getting the worlds somewhat correct). It was just that I was finally tired and being next to him made me really cozy. I hoped that I didn’t doze as he was talking!

I felt my head fall on the pillow and debated on simply going back into dreamland. What stopped that was the feeling of my pants being taken off. I didn’t know where the strength came from but my eyes popped open and I sat up. My pants were indeed gone and the Martian stared at me in surprise.

“J-J-J’onn, what the hell are you doing?”

“It isn’t what you think. I was simply undressing you–”

“You were undressing me? Then, it’s exactly what I thought!”

“–for bed. That’s it. I didn’t think you’d want to sleep in your jeans.” He finished. My heart tried its damnedest to settle down as I realized what he said. And it would’ve… had I not felt his hand on my hip. Why was his hand on my hip… and why was it turning me on? It wasn’t there to hold me in place but I definitely was frozen in my spot. The slow caress didn’t go unnoticed either and a blush spread throughout my entire body. I widened my eyes at him.

“M-Maybe we do need to talk.” I stuttered out and he could only nod.

“Why were you in my room?” he asked quietly and I bit my lip. It was for a split second but he stared at my lips before his focus went to my eyes. I knew that look: attraction. Or lust. Whatever, something was there!

“I was… curious. Wanted to see what it looked like, that’s all.”

“How… did Tabitha give you my code…?”

“N-No. I figured it out on my own.”

“You can’t ever do that again, Jamila.” His tone wasn’t demeaning. It was more like… disappointment and my eyes immediately watered.

“I’m sorry, I won’t,” I nearly choked out. J’onn gave out a small sigh and wiped at my eyes with his free hand. It was loving and it soothed me. I was nearly lost in his gaze until the images replayed in my head. “C-Can we talk about what we really need to talk about?”

“Yes. I wanted to apologize for… what you witnessed.”

“N-No. I mean, you thought you were alone s-so… I should be apologizing.”

“I should have taken Bruce’s advice. We were on a mission and were… gassed. I thought nothing of it because I am immune to most poisons.”

“It wasn’t poison…” I gasped, finally able to make sense of why Bruce thought it was so important for J’onn to take the serum.

“Not in the regular sense, no. It did affect me. After you left, I took the serum. I am fine, now.”

“Are you? Then… why is your hand still on my hip?” since it was a burning question… and he could read minds, I blurted it out.

“The same reason why your underwear is hidden in my dresser,” I wasn’t expecting that answer! “Your pheromones are… highly intoxicating and… your lewd thoughts don’t help matters.”

“W-What? Pheromones? Humans don’t ha–”

“Yes, humans do, contrary to belief. It’s how I knew that Tabitha was attracted to me before she realized it. Yours practically sing out to me. Which is why I’ve tried to avoid you for this long… but also the reason why I have a pair of your panties to begin with.”

“Oh, my God…” I still couldn’t move. Who would’ve thought that my random thoughts of me clawing his back while he was buried deep in me was something he could physically sense? Oh… damn…

A smile played on his lips, confirming that he was in my head and I blushed furiously.

“Is…that what you really want?” he breathed out and now both hands were on my hips. Again, it wasn’t strong enough to hold me down but with the lust that suddenly filled the air, it felt like I couldn’t move.

I opened my mouth to tell him no but he and I both knew it was a lie. It was what I wanted ever since laying eyes on him. Didn’t mean that I wanted to go through with it, though.

“I can’t. We can’t. You don’t need to be unfaithful to Tabs.”

“That has already happened… so to speak.”

“Wait, what?” I widened my eyes at him. No way. This kind and gentle soul… who had his hands lovingly on my hips… and just confessed that my pheromones sent him in a frenzy (not in so many words but the fact that he hadn’t moved away from me spoke volumes). “W-Who…” before I could think, that came out of my mouth. What made me think I would know the twit?

“It’s… you, Jamila.” He gave me a curious look and for the life of me, I couldn’t comprehend anything. Me…? I was pretty sure this was the first time we were so close to each oth–

I took in a sharp gasp and tried to speak but couldn’t for a moment.

“Y-You… you did do something to me…” I finally realized. It wasn’t a coincidence that I woke up all hot and bothered every time he was on duty. Guilt formed on his face and he looked away for a second.

“It’s another reason why I said we needed to talk. Jamila, I’m so–”

“What did you do to me?” fear and anger mixed as I glared at him.

“Well… I would wait until you were asleep and–”

“Show me.” I demanded and J’onn gave me a blank stare.

“Show you?”

“Yes. Show me how you mind raped me into–”

“Why do you and Tabitha insist on calling it that? I hardly used any abilities on you.”


“I can show you… but you will feel indifferent towards me.”

“More than I am right now?”

“Yes.” He answered silently. I don’t know why I was willing to go through with it but I nodded. “You’ll want to relax. That will make it much easier.” He warned and my heart thumped so hard, I was certain he could hear it.

I laid back on the bed and another shudder forced its way out as his hands moved up my sides. I expected to feel some sort of pull or eeriness because I was still convinced he manipulated my mind somehow. But I only felt his hands gently roaming over my body, not even in a lewd way. It was… nice, actually. My body warmed as he cupped my face and we looked at each other. He had no pupils but his eyes still carried his emotions: it seemed that he was admiring me.

The thought made me blush hard; no one ever admired me like that before. I gasped as his fingers left my face and trailed through my dreadlocks before coming back to my cheeks. I felt at ease, enough to close my eyes and relish in the feeling of being, well, basically massaged.

“Am I… under a trance…?” I breathed out as his fingers danced down my arms and to my hands.

“If you are, it’s because of your own doing. When I do this, I merely put you in a slightly deeper sleep. Which is why I told you I hardly use an ability: you are a heavy sleeper. Almost frightening heavy…” he added and I smirked.

“Yeah… I’ve slept through a fire, once. It was in the apartment over but yeah, the whole sirens and all that? I had no clu–ahh…” my body stiffened and tingled all the same as a finger caressed my now swollen clit through my panties. It truly was a shame that it didn’t take much stimulation.

My eyes flew open and I wanted to say something to him but he replaced that finger with his thumb, making slow, light circles. My toes curled as I trembled and automatically moved with his slow movements. There was something wrong with me. Any normal person would’ve stopped him, especially realizing that he did this to someone while they were asleep. Not me. It turned me on even more that J’onn tapped into my perverted fantasies not once but twice!

J’onn continued to caress me until my breath came in pants. It was no wonder I woke up with soaked panties; he would work me until I was nearly spent! When he stopped, I drew a shaky breath, wondering if I would have to kick him out the room so I could finish myself.

What if he wants to watch that, a voice in the back of my head suggested and I blushed even more. I sat up to see what was next and saw the massive tent he made in his briefs. Good gods, he was huge. That day in the closet failed in comparison to what I was staring at a couple of feet away from me!

J’onn moved his hands to my hips once more but started to take my panties off. My eyes widened as my heart raced: we were gonna have sex. I should stop this.

What? Stop it? No, what you should do is lift up so he can take your panties off easier!

The hell? No, subconscious! This is wrong. This is Tabs’ boyfriend…

And if she was doing her job, he wouldn’t be molesting you in your sleep. Shut up and spread your legs… more for him!

J’onn took his attention away from in between my legs and looked at me but before he could say a word, I did what my subconscious told me to do: I lifted slightly so he could slide my panties off with ease. I didn’t know how I felt that he didn’t hesitate to remove them but I was already headed down that path.

Stop being so over-fucking-dramatic. We want this. Look at him. You’re really going to tell him to stop?

I continued to look at him and his own breathing was as ragged as mine. Instead of stripping those briefs off, he pulled them down to free his throbbing cock. How the hell did Tabs take that monster? As much of a mess he caused me to make in my panties, I still felt I wasn’t wet enough to take on that challenge.

The Martian pushed me back gently into the bed and it felt like I was about to have a heart attack, I was anticipating so much. Imagine my surprise when I only felt his hand travel from my neck to between my legs. I pulsed and squirmed as his fingers rubbed at my clit, letting more wetness escape. He easily slipped a finger inside and my body reacted. I clinched at that digit as it slowly worked me, he was as delicate as when he stroked me through my panties.

Another slender finger slipped inside of me and I arched my back, urging him to pick up the pace. J’onn obeyed and I savored being worked by his fingers alone. No one ever brought me to my end by fingering but I was in heaven as I teetered on the edge. I caved in and let my moans escape, mixed with his name and incoherent babble. To be fair, I only wanted to let him know that I was close but my brain had a slight malfunction as the orgasm jumped out. I fisted the sheets as my body went through the violent spasms that indicated a large orgasm. I almost missed the grunts he gave out, I was so into my undoing.

It took a moment for my body to relax fully but by then, embarrassment and shame flushed over me. What had we done? I sat up so that we could discuss how bad this was… until I took in the sight before me. J’onn was in the beginning stages of calming down but it wasn’t his heaving chest that made me feel like a deer in headlights. It was the remnants of his Martian cum oozing out onto my panties… which was covered. I tingled all over at the sight and throbbed, which caused him to look at me, seeing that he still had his fingers buried deep inside me.

His expression was a mix of satisfaction and mortification but he was slow to remove his fingers. I immediately got up and went into the bathroom for towels to clean us up.

“Jamila–” he stopped himself when he saw the towel. “Oh. Thank you.” He nodded as he cleaned himself up. I threw on a pair of shorts, and simply stared at him.

“Is… is that what you do to me? In my sleep?”

“Not exactly. I don’t remove your panties… and I don’t pleasure myself. This was a first… and I shamefully enjoyed it.” He admitted and my cheeks ached yet again. I did too.

You should tell him that so we can be on our backs, again…

S-S-Shut up!

J’onn looked at me and I wondered if he overheard me going crazy by having an argument with my subconscious. “Perhaps… we can do this more often?”


“It’s obvious that we arouse one another–”

“No, yeah. I definitely get that. Just… what about Tabs?”

“She doesn’t do this…” he answered quietly and I was so confused. What did he mean, she didn’t do that? Him fingering me until I exploded felt wonderful, how could she not like that?

“Wait. You two… don’t have sex…?”

“No. Not the penetrating kind, at least.” This Martian was full of surprises. I was about to ask why the fuck not until I glanced down at his semi-soft cock. It was a bit of a monster even soft! Okay, I could kind of see why she wouldn’t have sex with him.

No… that mountain needs climbing! Or riding. Whatever.

Okay… yeah, we can agree on one thing! His chuckle took me out of my trance and I blushed for the umpteenth time as I put my attention back to his eyes.

“So… you two only do oral. W-Why? I mean, might as well…” I couldn’t help glancing at it once more. If she can take that in her mouth… I was at a loss. J’onn finally pulled his briefs back up and I could feel that subconscious of mine pouting.

“She’s… pure.” He looked at me. I felt like a jackass because of how long it took me to get what he meant. How in the fucking shit was she still a virgin with J’onn J’onzz as a boyfriend?!

“No fucking way…”

“I’ve tried to understand human ways for as long as I’ve been here. So, I understand she is definitely an anomaly when it comes to that. I told her I would have no problem waiting until she’s ready. But… that was before I realized there would be no way to avoid you. Your essence is much too potent for me to ignore.” J’onn explained. This was so wrong… but why did I want to agree to it?

Something about essence… orgasms… Martian pheromones…

Were you even listening?

Not really… c’mon, look at him. That look clearly says: I’m gonna pin you to the bed and fuck you all night. We deserve some of that, you know…

How and why?!

Don’t go into that ‘Tabs boyfriend’ shit, again. Just as I thought: she ain’t doing her job. It’s up to us, now. Besides: if you deny him, what makes you think he won’t grope you in your sleep… again?

That was an excellent point… one that made me tingle all over yet again. I cleared my throat and made my decision.

“We can’t tell her about this.”

“Of course not.”

“A-And… maybe you need this until she’s ready. That’s when it’ll stop.” A part of me felt like shit for agreeing with this deal but giving it a limit made it better, if only a bit. As long as there was no penetration, we were fine… right?

“Agreed.” He sealed it. I gave him a look and of course, I couldn’t help myself. Looking down only made me realize something as I eyed my panties.

“You stole my panties.”

“That I did.”


“The first night of my duty detail. It was not planned.” He answered as I opened my mouth to ask and I smirked.

“Can I have them back?”

“Would it make me selfish if I said no?”

“Uh… y-yeah, it would…”

“Then, I’ll just have to be selfish on this.”

Oooh: selfish Martian is sexy Martian!

You’re not helping…