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Stay Away From My Daughter


A threat entering the life of a mother and her daughter brings a change between mother and daughter relationship. As a mother, she won't let anything or ANYONE come between her and her precious daughter.

Stay Away From My Daughter!

I’ve been worrying about my one and only daughter. As a single parent, it’s been rough especially when she entered high school. She became very distant. She would be angry when I try to ask her about things concerning about her. She’d say I was prying too much.

One time, hoping for a chance to bond I insisted on washing her hair while she was bathing. She got mad, stormed out of the bathroom and locked herself in her room.

She used to tell me everything and now something or someone is keeping her away from me.

I hope it’s not the latter.

Then a girl visits our home carrying with her huge bags. I noticed drastic changes from my child’s reactions. Drats. My little girl is in love.

“Why are you here?! Go home!”

“You have to listen—“

“I don’t have to! You made it clear didn’t you?!”

“But I did that to save us both from them—“

“Liar! You were never proud of our relationship from the start!”

The girl screamed.

“I already told my parents about what I am and about us!”

Oh bash. Here I am watching two teenagers quarrel by the door. But the revelation was too much to handle. My daughter went speechless. Oh crap. Don’t you dare tell me it’s true?

“They couldn’t take it so they kicked me out...”

Serves you right. Wait— why is this idiot daughter of mine giving in, hugging her just like that?!

My nerves wanted to burst. I broke their tight embrace and grabbed the girl by the hand bringing her into the house.

“Get her bags.”


Yes. Be afraid.

“You heard me.”

HA! Even you little girl should cower. You think running away from home will brand you brave?!

When my daughter brought in the bags I asked her to prepare tea.

“Now little girl, tell me your name.”

The girl swallowed. “I...I... M-Ma’am, I-I LOVE YOUR DAUGHTER...!”

Okay. Calm down. I smiled at her but I feel like I bared my teeth instead.

My daughter rushed towards us, feeling the tension.

“I think you misunderstood. That’s not what I asked, little girl. What. Is. Your. Name?”

“Uh, M-Mom... She’s...”

“Shhh...Let the girl speak. Are you finished with the tea?”

“...N-No...Not yet...”

I gestured for her to finish it.

“Now then little girl?”

“I-I...I’m Charlize Kamhat...”

“Alright Ms. Kamhat, how did you and my daughter meet?”

“W-We belong to the same section two years ago until now.”

“Hmm. So you had your eyes on her when you’ve met?”

“W-Well, not exactly since she’s the type of girl who doesn’t hang around groups. W-We became close when we had a play for our language arts subject just last year.”

“Uh-huh. In what instance?”

“Uhm... We were both chosen to be the main characters. We usually rehearse after class together. Then I got to know her more. We found out a lot of common things between us which made me so glad—“

Ha! This overconfident louse---! Don’t get too comfortable now.

“And so, you confessed and asked her out?”

“Well, actually... It was Gem... who...who...did.”

“Gem, dear. Is that true? And what’s taking the tea long...”

My daughter walked towards us hesitantly.

“M-Mom... I can explain...”

The girl stood up. “W-Wait a minute... You didn’t tell your Mom...? I thought you said you did and that she’s okay with it...!”

“C-Calm down Liz... I was going to. I just didn’t have a chance...”

“You liar!”

“I-I...I-I’m sorry...!”


Was my voice too calm? Glad the two followed.

“Okay. Where’s my tea?”

My daughter quickly served the tea. After a sip, I threw the cup. The two gasped.

“You soaked the bag too long, dear. Make a new one.”

The poor girl immediately followed. I eyed the trembling girl opposite me.

I took a sip again from the new tea. Dissatisfied, I threw it again. The girl muffled a cry while Gem shrieked. “Too much sugar and you forgot the milk. Make another one.”

The girl was deciding if she would leave or stay.

Another tea was served. Dismayed, I threw it but my stupid daughter saved the poor cup from breaking.


“How stupid. You got yourself wet.”

“M-Mom... I know you’re mad at us.... mad at me for not telling... but I love her so... and...and... I can’t go on without her... T-That’s why I am sorry for not saying anything about it.... I know you wouldn’t approve—“

“Ha! Silly girl! Of course I wouldn’t even if you beg! I would do everything to crush your relationship!”

The two girls were clutching each other, crying.

I took a deep breath. “You are just sixteen, too young to understand what happens after the raging emotions subside. Have you two thought about the future?”

The two remained silent so I continued. “Yes, you would dare say that you can do all things and take risks but are you even sure you really knew each other well? You’re making me worry all the more, Gem. Am I no longer important to you now that you have this girl?”


I held back the tears and held up a hand to stop her from saying anything more.

“You, little girl can stay in the guest room for the night. Sort out things. I’ll see what I can do with your parents tomorrow. Help her carry her things, Gem. I’m going to rest.”

I went to bed not expecting any response. I just laid myself on the bed, fighting the urge to cry out loud. After a moment, I felt someone hug me from behind.

“...Is it... okay...if...if I sleep here?”

I took her hand.

“Did I ever say no?”

She hugged me tighter and started crying silently.

“...I’m really sorry, Mom...”


I sighed. I don’t know if I can handle the things that will happen next. It is just too intense.


Morning came. Gem was panicking. The girl wasn’t around anymore. She just left a letter.

Good. She found out the answer on her own. “She made a choice, Gem. You should respect it.”

I coaxed her to join me for breakfast and prevent any sudden outburst. Bringing her to the table was easy but making her eat was the hard part.

“You have to eat. You still have class—“

She pounded the table with her fists. “I don’t want to go to school!”

Now that made my heart jump out of fright.

“You made her leave when I was asleep, didn’t you?!” she bitterly accused.

“Honey, you were hugging me tightly in your sleep. You didn’t give me the chance,” I answered calmly.

“Then you must’ve called her parents telling them she’s here! You’re just like them trying to turn everybody else to be their trained puppets!”

That’s it. My hand involuntarily hit her cheek making aloud smack that made me wince after the deed.

“I don’t even know her parents’ number. As much as I want her to be out of your life, I saw something off about that girl that shouldn’t be ignored. I decided to make her stay until she figures out what to do with her life.”

The glare softened leaving nothing put the pained look upon my daughter’s beautiful face. Not knowing what to do made her cry too much that I couldn’t take it.


“Okay. You are not going to school today and I’m not going to work. Let’s go and look for Charlize.”

Hopeful eyes stared at me. “…Really?”

I nodded. She leapt towards me and hugged me tightly. “Thanks Mom! I’m so sorry I said those things to you…”

“Let’s discuss that later. I’m still mad at you.”


 “You just have to promise me one thing.”



We searched for the girl in every place she’d probably go to. It didn’t take long. I have to say, my daughter can sniff her up well.


My daughter’s sudden joy went down the drain from the sight of two guys flirting with her girl. By the looks of it, the girl isn’t enjoying any of it.

“Get away from her, you jerks!” Gem snarled.

The guys just laughed it off, one mimicking what she just said.

“This is none of your business, Gem. Go away,” Charlize answered coldly.

I rolled my eyes. The girl doesn’t look like she could handle the ruffians.

“Please, baby… Come home with me?”


I quickly lunged at the nearest guy and kicked him hard on the nut then hit him on the face. “Gem!”

Getting the hint, Gem attacks the other one before he could hit me. I gave that one another kick to make sure he’s really knocked out.

Gaping, Charlize stood unmoving.

“Liz, baby… It’s alright…” Gem whispered wrapping the girl in her arms.

“Girls save that for later! We must leave before we attract their buddies’ attention!”

We helped Charlize with her bags and ran as far away as we can from that place. We just realized then that we’re on the doorstep of the house.

We laughed heartily amidst gasping for breath.

“I can’t believe you did that Mom. It was so freaking awesome!”

“Well, one lesson I learned from my trainer is best attack while your enemy has his guard down.”

“Now I know where you got your violent streak,” Charlize teased.

I raised a brow.

“I…I didn’t mean it as an insult, Ma’am,” she added apologetically.

Self-consciously smiling, I gave her a gentle pat on the head assuring her that it is fine. “Yeah. I noticed she has but she got her horrible temper from her grandpa.”

“Mom!” Gem protested.


Charlize laughed. But her laughter faltered turning into sobs. Seeing this girl like this makes my heart ache. I reached for her and embraced her.

“Oh darling, it’s okay…”

She tried to struggle free but my daughter reinforced my hold. “Shhh… It’s okay, Liz...”

“I-I’m so sorry… I just don’t know what to do anymore…”

“Then you may stay and we’ll try to figure something out together.”

She looked at me gauging my sincerity. “But we just met…Why are you being so nice to me?”

“Because you are important to my daughter.” I can’t believe I just said that. Well… What’s done is done.

She cried more and we just stood there for a moment making her get all the warmth she needs. We didn’t care about the curious glances we get from our neighbours.

It’s been a crazy day and maybe it might get crazier in the next days to come. I just hope keeping the enemy closer will make me know more about her and use it to my advantage. Haah… We’ll see. We’ll see.