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Heroes and Villains


Emma De Rege, a petite yet fiery teenage girl, lives in a world were villains are heroes and heroes are villains until she meets Hunter Lightdale, an unusual blond haired sophomore from out of town, who changes everything Emma has ever known. 


The streets of New York were crowed with the buzz and anticipation of thousands of citizens who were celebrating the start of a new year. Clare grabbed tightly on to her belly and groaned as another contraction pierced through her body causing extreme pain; Clare was only a few minutes away from the hospital but she could already feel her legs caving in. Michael grabbed her right shoulder and pulled her towards him, Michael's scent reminded Clare of freshly mowed lawn, this helped with the pain she was experiencing.

"Come on honey! We're almost there; just another minute or so." Michael encouraged her

"You said that just a few minutes ago!" Clare screamed as she felt another contraction come through

"We need to hurry or we're having this baby on the sidewalk." Michael exclaimed quickening his pace

The bright words Maryland Hospital shone into Clare and Michael's view as they turned a corner. A silent sigh of relief escaped Clare's mouth as they approached the entrance.

Finally inside Clare was rushed into a delivery room and immediately surrounded by nurses in pink attire. She let out a loud cry of pain as another contraction flowed through her body.

"Get this thing out of me!" she demanded pulling the closets nurse to her.

"In just a minute, you're only 8 cm apart."

Clare glared at the nurse as she pulled herself away from Clare's firm grip and strode out of the room. Michael, who had been silent since they had arrived at the hospital, sat in the chair besides the bed and rubbed his head rapidly as he too begun experiencing extreme pain. Clare was about to ask him what was wrong when suddenly a pale white man came into the room.

"Happy New Year's Mr and Mrs –" ,the man stopped to look down at the clipboard he was holding in between his pale white hands, "Montgomery. I'm Doctor Hansol, the obstetrics of the hospital."

Michael looked up at the doctor and smiled, "Nice to meet you. When will my wife be giving birth?"

"Yes I'd love to know the answer to that question myself." Added Clare as she breathed heavily to ease the pain

Doctor Hansol opened his mouth to reveal a small but daring laugh, "I'll have the nurse come check on you in a minute then we'll have that baby out of you in no time." He turned and walked out of the room.

Clare whimpered as she felt another contraction.

"Just breathe honey." Michael whispered laying a hand on Clare's now bright red and swollen hands

A petit nurse came in a few seconds after, holding what appeared to be two syringes in her left hand. She slowly balanced on of them on the small table beside the chair Michael was sitting on before proceeding towards the bed.

"How are you feeling?" she asked patting Clare's legs

Clare rolled her eyes before gripping onto the sheets of the bed.

"Don't worry I brought something to ease the pain." She lifted up the syringe, filled with a bluish green liquid which sloshed around as the nurse lifted the syringe, and injected it into Clare.

Michael watched as he witnessed his wife return to her usual calm self in moments. The nurse placed the syringe back into her pocket and turned to look at Michael.

"And for you Mr Montgomery, what you need is a well-deserved rest, it'll be a while before anyone does any pushing."

The nurse gestured Michael towards the chair and placed a grey woolen blanket over his lap. Michael adjusted to the comfort of the chair pretty quickly and snuggled the blanket closer to his chin. He opened his mouth to thank the nurse but he felt a slight prick on his neck; his reaction was to rub his neck instantly, he lifted his arm to grab his neck but found that he could not, his arms suddenly felt too heavy; and in just seconds his whole body weighed a ton. He could only watch helplessly as the nurse's gingery hair become a blur.

"Is it done?" asked Doctor Hansol closing the door hurriedly behind him as he neared towards Clare, who was frozen solid, and touched her rosy cheek.

The nurse smirked as she twisted her long hair into a tight, neat bun.

"Let's get started then."


Clare felt a bolting pain as she slowly regained function of her body. She reached out to grip onto the source of the pain, her stomach, it felt wet and sticky. She lifted her hands to find them decorated with red streaks. Clare let out a loud and helpless scream; looking down to find her belly torn wide open.

Two nurses came rushing in with concerned looks upon their face, once they saw the state that Clare was in, they immediately took action into call more nurses and helping her. Clare desperately tried to ask them where her baby was but her voice was drowned out but the sound of commands being thrown around the room. Clare then remembered that Michael was with her at the hospital.

"Michael?" she cried

No response came.


One of the three blond nurses turned to face her, "Ma'am we need you to stay calm. You've lost a lot of blood."

"Where are my husband and my baby?"

"Your husband is asleep on the chair and I promise we'll find your baby."

Tears streamed down Clare's face, "where's Doctor Hansol?"

The nurse wore a look of confusion on her face, "No one by that name works here, ma'am."

Clare's stomach begun to hurt again and this time she was sure it wasn't from the cut.

How could this be?

She thought

Did someone just take her baby away from her?

She hadn't even gotten the chance to hold her or name her. More tears formed at Clare's eyes as she grasped that she was living her worst nightmare.