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I'm not going to beat around the bush because there aren't any bushes on the internet, so I am going to Frank. No, I am not changing my name to Frank, it's just a figure of speech.  This is my Author Biography! Where you get to know me a little better, and if you're reading this hey cutie. 

I was born into a family, who didn't read or enjoy books as much as I do now. Not that they didn't read, it just wasn't the top of their entertainment list. Instead, it was Football, sports in general really. I fell in love with reading at a young age, I transferred from regular books to chapter books quickly, and I was reading above my grade level. I found out I wanted to write when I was in 5th grade, a big inspiration for me at the time was James Patterson, who still is my favorite author and inspiration. He is the main reason I wanted to become an author. I started writing in notebooks, filling the pages with fictional worlds, and mostly crappy stories about girl and boy falling in love, I slowly became better and when I entered middle school people noted me as the girl who loved to write, and then I found the wonderful world of wattpad. This isn't my first Wattpad account, I made my first Wattpad account in 7th grade 2010. I deleted that one and made my second account in 2012 which I still have, I made this one because my first account is mainly fan fiction and I am more than that, so I made this one. Wattpad has been a big part of my life, and everyone one here is such a big inspiration, and every author and reader drive me to do better, and I just want to share my creativity with the world, and I love that I can do that in such an open happy place. 

That's my Author biography, hoped you liked it. Now here is a quote from my favorite author:

 There's no such thing as a kid who hates reading. There are kids who love reading, and kids who are reading the wrong books. > James  Patterson

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