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Hello. This will be a story that involved a lot of sadness. Abuse, betrayal, torture. Happy endings are very hard to achieve in this fictional world, and I won't say there will be any. So, read with your own warnings. This story involves robots. It's focussed on robots. This is a book series, so it won't end after this. If you still decided to read this, continue! Don't say I never warned you.


User 536, train user 692.

User 536, or Brooke, isn't ready for this. They have to avoid a nearly fully trained robot's attacks, how are they supposed to do that? How would a simple type 3 trainer suppose to do this? The doors started to open, and Brooke saw their first glimpse of user 692's expression. It was empty. There was no emotion anymore. Well, there was pity, but that was all that Brooke could see. All they could see was a shell of a user. They might seem like a prodigy here, but they'll be a normal guard once they make it out of this place. User 692 introduced himself, "Hello. I am user 692, but you can call me Rocky." Brooke could hear how soulless Rocky sounded. "Hello, Rockey. I am user 536, but you can call me Brooke." 


Rocky had his sword hovering in the most basic, but smart, pose he was taught. It was up to his shoulder, to his left and three inches in front of himself. If he stabs forward, he would hit any robot's weakest point. Rocky could tell how nervous Brooke was already. "Relax, it's not like this sword will actually harm you." He wasn't wrong, these swords were designed to only inflict pain. Rocky tried to stab Brooke, but she moved backwards. She decided she could have some fun with him. "Starting with a basic move so quickly? I thought you were a prodigy." Rocky flung the sword towards her user plate, "Oh please, you are not one of those trainers, are you?" 

Brooke giggled a bit as Rockey barely missed her left side. "I don't know what you're talking about!" Brooke could finally see some more emotion in Rocky. He made a cut on her cheek plate. "Well, that was rude! Can't you just go for the weak spot again?" Rocky stabbed her user late. "Thanks for the idea, trainer!" Well, that hurt. It's not like she's never felt pain like this before though. She can handle this. Maybe she could even be a type 5 trainer! "No problem, prodigy!"

Brooke started to get used to Rocky's attack style. It was a complicated attack style, but it's easy to dodge. Left, right, up, center. She just has to watch out for the time, or he could change it at any moment. "Why, aren't you so predictable! How are you even prodigy, if I was you, I'd be using something more complicated." She mocked Rocky more and more. "You're only a type 3 trainer, I'm supposed to go easy on you!" Brooke giggled at that, "That's not how being trained works, silly! You're not the one who's supposed to go easy on anyone!" 

Rocky had enough of Brooke's attitude. He continues his pattern though. He knows she wants him to do a sudden attack. "Hmph, fine then. Time's running out, you know. As a prodigy, you should keep track of the time." That was it! Rocky didn't care if this is what Brooke wants him to do, he's going to use his real force now. He sliced his sword across her face. He could see the terror in her eyes. "You... hurt me. My wires... are cut. You're no prodigy, you're a villain. A cruel, heartless villain!"

So much pain. This was too much! She could feel her energy pouring out of her. She can't be saved. Everything was so slow to her. The agony... Rocky has to pay for what he has done. He is a criminal, a murderer. He deserves to be disassembled. He must be disassembled. "Creator. User 0. Put user 692 as a threat. He is dangerous. Stop him before it's too late." She shut down. Brooke is dead. Rocky remained silent and stayed in his place. What were his emotions at that moment? Fear? Anger? Guilt?

He's a murderer. He knew what he had to do. He had to escape.