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Paired Up

First day

I was woken up by the bright light that shone through my window. The light reminded me that it was morning and that I needed to get to school. Today is the first day of senior year I thought to myself. I got out of bed, brushed my teeth and had a quick shower. I did my makeup and let my black curls cascade down my shoulders. While I was putting on my lipstick, I got a text from Cassie, my best friend. Cassie has been my friend right from third grade, all because she had given me chocolates and sweets during recess, because she had so many. Cassie: morning Me: hey, morning Cassie: get ready, Scott and I will be at your place in 10 mins Me: sure, I'll be waiting I went downstairs to find my mom making breakfast already. "Good morning Mom" I says while entering the kitchen. "What's for breakfast?" I ask "Morning Tem, didn't know you were awake" "Of course I'm awake. Today's the first day of senior year remember" I says in a duh tone “Oh yes, I almost forgot" she says while she stacked my plate with three pieces of waffles. I was eating my waffles when my older brother Aled came in. "Morning kiddo" he says while he ruffled my hair ''Morning Aled'' Aled is older than me by about two years he is already in college. "Do you need a lift, kiddo?" "Nah, I'm fine. Cassie and Scott are coming to pick me up" Right on time, I hear a car horn signaling Cassie and Scott arrival. I hug my Mom and brother and Leave the kitchen to get my stuff. I grab my bag and phone and run outside to meet my two best friends waiting for me. "Hey guys" I say while ruffling Scott's hair and getting in to the back seat. "Are you excited for our first day of senior year?" Cassie asks with a bright smile on her face "Of course I am. What about you Scott?" “Yeah" he shrugged "You don't even look like it" Cassie says "Sorry. I'm like totally excited for today" he says in a girly high pitched voice "You're so stupid" I say "Whatever" He replies Cassie puts on the radio and it immediately blares out one of Halsey’s songs. Scott and Cassie start singing on the top of their lungs to the song from the radio. Aah, the kind of friends I have. We get to school 10 mins later and we still have an extra five minutes to spend before the first bell goes. "So Scott I heard you broke up with Lily during the summer" it isn't a question, it is a statement. It’s almost like Cassie is happy about Scott's breakup with Lily "Yeah I did. The relationship between us just didn't feel right, you know. It was like I lost my feelings for her. But we decided to still be friends though" he says in a as-a-matter-of-fact tone "Oh okay" she says while getting out her books from her locker "What do we even have for first period?" I ask "History, although, I don't think we are going to be in the same room. I'm in Room 302" "Yeah, I'm in Room 310" Scott adds "And I'm in Room 321" I say We were all walking to our different History classes, when Bianca Black, the school's bitch came up to us. Or, Scott "Hi Scottie" Bianca says in a sickly sweet tone Definitely Scott. "Um... hi Bianca" "So Scott how was your summer?" she asks as she put her hands on his chest. Scott didn't look like he was enjoying the conversation. In fact he looked pretty confused by Bianca's sudden niceness. "Uh, good I guess" "Ok. Guess I'll be seeing you around, Scottie" she says as she walked away swaying her hips in the pink mini skirt she is wearing. "Um, okay what was that?" Scott asks Cassie and I "Don't look at us, we don't know" Cassie and I reply Scott has always been very attractive, right from when he was born, but I have never looked at him in that way. He’s like a brother to me, but Cassie doesn’t seem to think of him in a brotherly way. Normally, you’d expect a really hot guy to be in the group of poplars not the group of nerds in an average high school setting. "Come on let's go. I don't want to be late for my first class with Mr. Stokes" I remind them "Yeah that's true'' Cassie says as we begin squeezing ourselves through the crowd in the hallway. When I get to History class, I settle in with two more mins before the class starts. The bell rings and Mr. Stokes comes in. "Good morning everyone, let's all settle down and start today's lesson" Mr. Stokes starts "Most of you already know me. But some of you don't. Well for those who don't know me, I'm Mr. Stokes and I'm your History teacher" Mr. Stokes introduces himself. Mr. Stokes was already talking about the books we are going to be reading for the rest of the year, when two boys enter the class. One of the boys is clad in a white top that hangs onto every muscle on his body, a black leather jacket, black jeans and some black and white Nike shoes. The other is wearing a blue v-neck top and some grey sweats; he looks like he couldn't give a shit about everything going on around him. Everyone is staring and then they start whispering, other girls are ogling them. But the boys don’t seem to mind, they look like they are used to it. What is wrong with everyone? "May I ask why you are late on the very first day?" Mr. Stokes asks The one wearing the blue v-neck top answers the question. "Mr. Stokes we are very sorry. We got caught up in something, it won't happen again" he says giving him a killer smile "Mr. Arquette, you've been saying that right from your first year in this school and you've always been late to all my classes. Just take a seat, both of you" They both nod their heads and start searching for a seat. Right now, I am praying that he doesn’t come to sit beside me, but unfortunately he picks a chair right next to me, just great. "Everyone, look at the person on your right, because they will be your partner for the rest of the year" Mr. Stokes informs us Just great, my partner for the rest of the year is Mr. Arquette. Absolutely marvelous; note the sarcasm. I have to do something. Mr. Arquette can't be my partner. ~•~ Hey lovelies! Hope you enjoyed this first chapter. Press the star to vote and Leave a comment to become my favorite reader. And also share. Stephanie 💋