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Warfighter: Operation Shatterfall


By the year of 2621 A.D, humanity has already constructed thousands of planetary colonies in unoccupied systems throughout the Milky Way. With the help of extraterrestrial allies, mankind has settled itself comfortably in a safe spot within the predominantly peaceful community of the Galactic Council. Although most of human controlled territories enjoy the luxury of peace, the never ending conflict between the United Colonial Government of Earth's Counter Aggression Treaty Organisation (C.A.T.O) and the brutal armies of the xenophobic People's Republic's Federation have raged on for another two bloody years. With war plaguing the human space, Earth's military alliance must find a way to keep every other warring human factions at bay without the help of her extraterrestrial allies. On the other side, hell bent on eradicating the authority of Earth and it's people, the People's Republic's Federation will do whatever it takes to win the war, even if it needs to commit war crimes. Faced with the largest PRF invasion force ever seen and the death of millions innocent lives, the government of Earth has no choice but to employ military force.

And so it begins, the most brutal and bloodiest battle between the two human galactic superpowers. As a new recruit in the C.A.T.O's armed forces,Private Kevin Frost and his allies will lead the counter offensive against the PRF. Being the best of the best, Raptor Company will conduct multiple strategic and tactical strikes against the enemy. But one thing is certain, Frost will not let Euphoria and it's people fall into the hands of an oppressive and murderous military government. Through his eyes, he'll show you war and vengeance.


"One good act of vengeance deserves another."

Jon Jefferson

Chapter 1: Prologue

USICS Excalibur-class destroyer codename: DDG-95 Stormbringer.
Orbit of Exaltation, Exalted System.
January 15th, 2621 AD
0430 hours, Galactic Standard Time.

It's Monday, Janurary 15th; another cold, bright day in the Stormbringer. Up here, almost 100,000 feet above the urban surface of Exaltation, the combat hulls of the Raven Carrier Stike Group prepared themselves. With the combined strength of hundreds of Martian built ships, each packed with overwhelming firepower, the Strike Group will jump to the Frontline fifteen times faster than the speed of light. Which also meant that I might see combat for the first time. They shipped an entire batch of recruits into the 15th Brigade Combat Team's 25th Infantry Battalion of the Ist Infantry Division just for the sake of the Euphorian Campaign. Fortunately, I was honored to be part of the freshmeats of the battalion.

I have been waiting for this day to come. It's only been six months since the my completion in Basic Combat Training. Today, I'm officially deployed and assigned to a unit part of one of the largest military force under the Counter Aggression Treaty Organisation's huge network of militaries, called the United Systems Interplanetary Corps or USIC, for short. The USIC was responsible for Earth's security and defense during the early stages of the Second Space Age around 500 years ago. As it's name suggests, it represented the military force for countless unified star systems, hence the name 'United Systems'. But ever since humans were granted more and more planets, Earth's defenses were spread thin, and so, C.A.T.O was born.

C.A.T.O consisted up to thirty militaries, with each falling under the direct command of Earth's authority. These military forces often represented different regions in human space. Like the USIC, for example, who are in charge of the Core Systems' defense, or the Intercolonial Defense Adminisration, who are guarding the fragile shipyards of the Woodside Cluster. They often earned the nickname, Acronym Armies, due to the extensive use of acronym names.

However, despite the combined efforts of the alliance in the Atlas System, we lost a fundamental element in the defense line against the enemy as the defeat at Atlas Prime, was a major setback for CATO. Now, the armies of the xenophobic and oppressive People's Republic Federation began flooding through the 'breach', or as the military would like to call, the Gap. Euphoria was the first to be struck by the toxic grasp of the People's Republic Federation. It was one of the sixty-plus colonies located near the Frontline and is a strategic foothold for the CATO. The planet's administration has ran countless supply runs for the alliance. Many battles were won because of its endless logistical and military support.

But enlisting was kinda like a death wish. Life expectancy drops tremendously in the Frontline, especially when you're a grunt facing the enemy up close and personal. 

But I have made a promise. A promise to my dead kin. A promise to avenge the dead and protect those who couldn't defend themselves against the PRF. To defy the Earth government is treason but to fight an all out war and commit genocide against its citizens is a war against freedom, justice and truth. This so-called People's Republic Federation has been a torn on our side ever since the Secession War almost a century ago. They have swallowed up nearly one hundred and twenty colonies in less than 50 years while ammasing an army three times the size of Earth's combined military force. After countless proxy tactics, provocations and open conflicts, war was declared almost five years ago.

They claimed they were fighting for the old, dead Communist ideology, but analysts suggest otherwise. They were no different from the nationalistic fanatics and murderers of the small, yet dangerous Nazi Federation located at the very far reaches of human space. They were simply using Communism to mask their fascist ideals. 

"Jump In: Two. Minutes, " the destroyer's A.I. announced.

I found myself again standing before the Stormbringer's massive reinforced windows, dressed in the standard issue combat uniform. My eyes focused on the gleaming white, ice crystals that have found themselves on the windows' surface and clouding up the field of view. As usual, the vacuum of space is eerily silent and mostly static. Beyond the glass was a crowd of civilians standing at the Rail's departure platform. Many of them were waving at the 800m destroyer as began its first jump procedure. Banners and posters of wishes of 'good luck' and many other messages were held up high above their heads. I looked to my left and right, only to see soldiers waving back at the crowd waving one last time before the ship disappears 15 times faster than the speed of light, perhaps one last time, knowing that the chances of them returning home may drop to less than 1%.

The destroyer slowly emerged from the terminal. At that moment, the undeniable beauty of the urban colony illuminated the infinitely starless void around her.

Billions of clustered bright white city lights lit up under the wrath of the grey gargantuan rainstorms that blanketed the darker side of the urban planet. The sky cracked as a flash of brilliant orange streaked across the clouds of Exaltation's predictable daily storms. From here, the lightnings represented nothing but only the sheer volume of hurricanes and storms that would cloud entire continents for weeks or even months.

Flickers of azure blue from civilian and military ships breaking out of jump demanded my attention. Arrays of orbital defensive platforms hung in unison as they defended Exaltation, each containing enough firepower and precision to destroy battleships with a single salvo. Hundreds of galactic-based communication satellites orbited the planet, following an orbital cycle behind the planet's defensive net. Exaltation was important, just like every other Earth colony. Although there were no extraterrestrial forces craving for Exaltation's wealth, we still had the PRF and a few other warring human factions to worry about.

"Jump in: One. Minute."

Now, a loud hum sounded around the walls of the vessel as the hyperdrive charged.

I looked around again, and wondered where my best friends are.

Midnight could be in the armory talking to the new girl. James? I won't be sure.

And here am I, alone, staring blindly into the void.

I continued cherishing the stunning view for the last time. My eyes soared through the city and it's vibrant lights, until a sudden hard slap landed right on my back.

Before I could reply, a voice spoke out.

The AI announced once again, "Jumping in thirty seconds."

"Briefing hall, two minutes."

I glanced over my shoulder, only to see one of the company's NCO, and nodded in reply.

I guess this is how it begins.

 I took a last sight at the distant Exaltation, before turning away as the ship began its final jump protocol.

Chapter 2: Before the Storm

Jumping to Euphoria
Breifing room 08
USICS Excalibur-class destroyer codename: Stormbringer
January 15th, 2621 AD
0431 Galactic Standard Time.

After walking through the labyrinth of smooth and wide hallways, I've finally reached the briefing hall that my company was assigned to. The room was enclosed with four black walls with sleek white sphere bulbs integrated into its surface. A large holographic map of the Human Space stretched across the room. Thousands of tiny, colorful dots filled the artificial air, with blue ones representing star systems under Earth control and red and yellow representing the PRF and other rogue human states. Fortunately, most of these dots are in blue.

I walked up the flight of stairs in hopes of finding a vacant seat at the back corner. With ease, I settled myself down, and watched the large entrance doors.

About a minute later, the hall was swarmed with soldiers from the Raptor Rifle Company. The vacant seats were quickly filled up by the one-hundred and fifty men unit, but my friends were no where in sight. Maybe they were along the crowd.

"Alright... alright, settle down people." First Lieutenant Echo shouted from the front of the projector. The tall, well-built man stood firm. He gave an impression you would expect from a first-lieutenant leading an entire company. His dark, craggy, clean shaven face showed his extensive involvement in the war. Though he looked old for his age, he put forth the energy and determination of men half his age. He stood among the group of lieutenants in the front.

The first lieutenant stepped forward, and scanned through the hall of soldiers briefly.

"By now, everyone of you should know that we are heading towards Euphoria as we speak-"he paused,"Lipton. The projector." One of the lieutenants pressed something on the projector and almost immediately, the Milky Way shrinked and changed , displaying an image of a planet instead. Based on its small oceans, huge urban landmass, fourteen Solar Amplifiers and two moons, one did not need to learn Astro-geography to know that the hologram is Euphoria.

"4 days ago, the Rukhovian People's Army led a major occupation campaign on the planet along with the support of multiple PRF. They have established at least 500 bases in Euphoria and the local military is unable to hold up against the 200 million strong PRF attack force. By far, this is the largest PRF invasion force we ever faced since the last five years. "

He paced back and forth, hesitant, "Now, I'm pretty damn sure you all know all of this already. However, I have been receiving rumors about you all wanting to know about the numbers. Fortunately, I do have statistics. Unfortunately, the numbers do not bode well."

Shit. It must be worse compared to Atlas.

He sighed. "The numbers suggests that the Euphorian citizens were in fact, as reported, under direct fire from the Rukhovians. At least 14 million Euphorian citizens perished in the first day and another 5 billion are now either trapped in their assigned war shelters or seeking refuge in friendly bases."

Only a few men and women of Raptor Company gasped after he finished. But most of the company seemed as if they were not surprised.

So the news were true. It was all true.

"As the USIC is the most powerful military force in CATO-"

Of course we were the strongest. The USIC alone numbered between one hundred and fifty to two-hundred billion personnel. But the combined strength of CATO is around 730 billion, and that's enough to stand against the combined strength of those that wish to see the Earth burn.

"-we're assigned to lead a major counter-offensive against the Rukhovians. Admiral Serin Jensen has confirmed final Congress approval to execute this offensive. Operation Shatterfall is officially, a go.

"Our mission: To completely eradicate the PRF threat from the system. Any questions?"

Someone in the front row raised his right hand.

"Yes, sergeant?"

"What about strategic support from the other guys, sir?"

"Currently, the Intercolonial Defense Administration's 104th Army and the Arcadian Strategic Space Command's 46th Marines are on their way. However, reports from the Naval Intelligence Agency indicates that they have met moderate resistance from the PRF's Chinzou army in the Yava System and are currently cleaning them up. The reinforcements from the rest of CATO is expected to arrive soon."

"What about the Intergalactic Council, sir," someone else asked, "I mean, what they're commiting here is mass genocide. Shouldn't the Centurian or perhaps the Tau States take action against them?

"You know the answer to that already private. But, we can expect a few of our Centaurian and Pleadian allies participating in humanitarian efforts."

The Galactic Council was the Milky Way's joint governing body and the sole reason of why most of the galaxy is living peaceful and prosperous lives. According to the history codices, the Council has prevented interracial conflicts and eradicated racism since the Great Galactic War twenty thousand years ago. At least 1 million species, including us, are members of the Council. It was the bridge between our species and the rest of the known galaxy. It allowed the trade of technology and culture to take place. Although the Council has a peacekeeping force, it's laws states that no peacekeeping force and other extraterrestrial militaries are allowed to intervene with another races' conflict. In short, we are on our own fighting against the PRF.

The image suddenly magnified zoomed in on one of Euphoria's vast continents. It was Euphoria's capital, Revolt City. Details of the artifical terrain and skyscrapers were crystal clear.

"Multiple divisions will execute the operation at the same time. Intel suggests that the Rukhovians have amassed 75% of their invasion force in Revolt, so the entire III Corps will be tasked to retake Revolt City.

At least 14 armies of infantry and armored units have been assembled to the north and east of the city."

The map zoomed out, and three yellow circles formed around one part of the city. Trails of red, indicating drop paths of drop pods drew upon them.

"Your job is as simple as getting down there and kick some asses. We will begin with Stage 1, which will be initiated by orbital insertion through the fleet battle and directly into Revolt, the Navy will keep you intact. All pods will be inserted at Drop Zone Alpha or Bravo, both landing zones will be covered by divisions from the 22nd Army."

Everyone was squirming in their seats, whisper of doubts were exchanged throughout the hall; everyone knew how dangerous an orbital drop deployment through a fleet battle was, especially when your next destination is a city filled with hordes of psychopathic murderers. Not to mention the extremely capable  long range SAM batteries the PRF had at their disposal. 

"I know it sounds insane, but these are orders from Colonel.T himself. We will have the fleet and the air force guys to back us up in this one. For now, PRF ground batteries and air force in the region have been weakened.  But be advised, there will be heavy resistance from the enemy at this time. Expect multiple detachments of the PRF attack force amassing outside the base. If you and your squad failed to land at any of DZ, you must proceed to the RV point or you may face the risk of capture. However, if you are being captured, your transponders will activate. Do not remove your transponders, or else we cannot get to you. Its better that you shoot yourself rather than to be captured."

Being captured by the PRF is a soldier's nightmare: You'll be tortured,  paraded, mocked and finally  executed on live broadcast as propaganda. To them, losing hundreds of men is worth the capture of a lone enemy soldier.

"The entire PRF's Eastern Theater Command is bearing down on this colony. Remember, if we don't stop them at the Gap right now, we will lose more colonies, and we will lose way more lives than we can ever imagine. I know this will sound cheesy as hell, but the fate of humanity rests on your hands." He paused.

"You will know about Phase 2 after the completion of Phase 1, good luck."

"Alright everyone, gear up, get ready by 6am. Dismissed," one of the lieutenants yelled.

Everyone stood up and started leaving the hall, but I sat at my seat, not moving as I waited for the rest to push their way out of the small automatic doors that simply couldn't fit the crowd with a size of an entire company trying to get out at the same time. It was an old habit. Since when I was a child, I've always hated crowds. The idea of shoving oneself into a sea of individuals was almost suffocating to me. It took several minutes before I was willing to walk through those doors. 


Middle of hyperspace jump
Raptor Company Quarters
USICS Excalibur-class cruiser codename: Stormbringer
January 15th, 2621 AD
0436 hours ,Galactic Standard Time.

The white LED lamps glared down on every single soldier in the company's quarters. Familiar strangers nodded at me as I walked past their bunks. I hadn't had the chance to personally meet them, yet, they seem know who the new bloods were.

I found myself sitting on a black carbon-fiber weapon crate next to my bunk. The rest of the chairs were either at the bottom of the asses of the other guys, all the Navy lads just took them away as they lacked chairs. Funny, they can produce enough ships to fill up the entire III Corps, yet they can't produce enough chairs for an entire destroyer.

I sat down, and started cleaning my already disassembled standard-issue M-24A4 assault rifle. I searched the pouches of the cleaning kit, and dug up the photon cleaner. The rifle's lower and upper receiver was already seperated for cleaning. I was reassembling the charging handle and bolt carrier group before I got, well, sidetracked. Now, all I had to do was clean the chamber, no problem. I shoved the sleek white rod down the chamber and through the barrel. With two quick beeps, the cleaner hummed softly. The decomosite cleaners replaced traditonal brushes almost two hundred years ago. It emmits a wave of decomosite, a gas subtance that decomposes debree and dust in the weapon whlist using it's vacuum pores to absorb the remnants. It's like a mini-version of a vacuum cleaner. After several seconds, I removed the cleaner, and placed it back into the pouch. 

This sleek, elegant two kilogram 30-round rifle was heavily based of the 20th Century's AR-15 platform, and has been significantly improved by the Fenyr Ballistics Corporation for the past four centuries. The weapon is made of titanium alloy and poylmer and features several rails fitted on the top of the receiver and the heat-shielded barrel. This allowed several military grade attachments to be fitted on the rifle such as close range optics, IR lasers and grips. Unlike it's carbine cousin, the M-12A1, the M-24A4 had a fixed buttstock with built in shock absorbers to counter the recoil when fired. With an effective range of 900 meters, the rifle can hit targets almost a kilometer away; and it fires the trusty and deadly 5.56X45mm round at a muzzle velocity of 1200m/s, which is able to inflict massive ballistic damage to armored and unarmored targets. Alongside the carbine variant, it has been the standard issue weapon for all USIC Army branches.

I dry-fired the rifle against the locked trigger. When it came to actually firing the firearm itself, I would always put the biggest threat down first. It's either the guy who raised his weapon first, or the guy with the RPG standing at an elevated position. So, a centre-mass into the chest would kill them in one or two rounds. Tap-tap, splat. 

Suddenly, I felt a smack to the back of my head.

I turned, "Motherfuc-" it was my childhood friend, Midnight.

His presence was often enjoyable by many. Like me, he's currently 21 years old. Although we were the same age, he looked slightly older, and a inch taller too. He was the closest I could ever have to a brother. We were brothers in arms.

He had no family name, he hasn't talked or even mentioned about it since we met 15 years ago. I guess it's his way of coping with loss.

He settled himself down on one of the crates in front of me in full gear with his rifle by his side.

"You're way too early, " I told him, not looking up from my rifle.


"Y'know, gearing up," I told him.

"I know, just wanted to be ready," he said.

I laid my rifle down and picked up my scope before looking through it. A blue delta shaped reticule formed as my eye grew closer.

"Private...uhh...Midnight?" Someone called out, "Private Midnight?"

Midnight turned to the voice, "Who's asking?"

A young courier walked towards our bunk,"Finally, been looking for your sorry ass for the past ten minutes."

"What have you got for me?" Midnight asked.

"Messages, as usual, it's for.. uh.. " the courier raised a tablet up to his face, ".. Private Midnight, Private Kevin Frost and-"

"It's alright, I got it," Midnight said, "thanks."

The courier handed him several pieces of paper and walked away. Midnight

"What is it?" I asked.

"It appears, the ladies at home left a mail for each of us," Midnight said, studying the letters.

"They did?" I asked, raising one eyebrow, but my eyes still fixed on the optics, watching the red reticle appearing and disappearing as I alinged my eyes with the sensor.

"Yeah, here's yours, " he tossed the folded sheet at me.

I caught it in mid air without looking. "Thanks," I said before unfolding it

The text read:

Hey Kev,

Remember what we told you, you better come back with all four limbs. If you don't, we'll kill you.

We, hope the three of you are doing well and having fun in the Army. We are proud of you, James and Middy. You all are willing to do what people won't do: fight for the safety of humanity and it's allies. Heading towards Euphoria, yes? We saw it on the news. What those S.O.Bs have done is barbaric.

You heard bout Ezekiel? He seems pretty happy with his job. But he hasn't called us in a week.

And also, you heard about her, you know, HER. Apparently, she's alive after all this while. We thought she was either dead or chilling in another star system, or both. Guess we thought wrong. 

Well, thats all we can write for now. Y'know, military regulations. So, good luck and go kick some asses.

Grace and Max.


So, she is still alive. I thought. When she disappeared that night, we thought she moved to another star system or murdered, but it was unlikely as crime rates on Earth were too damn low. Besides, she was liked by everyone, no one would want to kill her. And she liked New York, too. She told me it reminded her of her old home in Long Beach. She wouldn't leave even if she had to, unless someone forced her to.

"You think this insane plan is gonna work? " he asked, suddenly, still reading, " I mean, the chances of us getting shot out of the sky is pretty damn high." He folded the paper and slipped it into his cargo pocket.

I couldn't blame him though, it was our first operation. Our first combat experience. He was nervous as hell. Back in hight school, getting into tricky situations where he did not had the upper hand often terrified him. Such as getting bullied by that big, piece of shit, Dan Powers. But this time, it's different, it's no longer whether he'll be locked in the freshers for the entire day or not, it's life and death.

"I hope," I replied.

"I doubt this will work."

"Have faith. Plus, we were trained to jump into sewers and work out how to clean them up," I told him.

"But we're jumping into a sewer filled with carnivorous rats. It's not like we are invited down there to have a cup of coffee with the Rukhovians. They're the fucking enemy, they want to kill us, and we want to kill them. We'll be dead before we even make it to suborbit."

"It won't be easy retaking this one. But like Eze use to say: look at-"

"-the positive side of things," he continued and sighed. He sunk his head.

"But hey, at least we get to avoid another Atlas," I assured him.

"That's what we're here for, right?"


I caught Midnight looking over my shoulder before glancing away. I knew who was sneaking behind me. Pvt. James Westbrook He bared an innocent yet serious expression of a new recruit. He's also 21, something the three of us have in common.  I have known him for 14 years, and in that 14 years, he never took things seriously, especially during his time in high school. Humour was his weapon, though, training in the Army has killed some of it.

He tried to sit on the crate my weapon was being assembled. But after realising that my rifle was laying alongside a few magazines of 5.56mm rounds, he decided that it was much wiser to stand.

"James, didn't notice you," I said.

"You two have so much enthusiasm for war, huh?" James folded his arms.

Midnight did his best to hide his nervousness. He removed his helmet, "Nah-" he scratched his short-haired scalp, " it's just that I'm fast."

I gestured to my rifle, "What, I can't enjoy cleaning my guns?"

Unlike Midnight, he was surprisingly enthusiastic. From joint exercises to the real shit, he was ready.

"What about you? You look surprisingly happy," I asked.

"I'm ready for the worst," he said.

"Ew.." James picked up the standard issue M-5 pistol laying idly on the crate, "You're still keeping this?"

"As long as it kills, I don't mind," I said.

He stared at the M-5's black polymer surface with disgust, "I hate this.. this 'thing'. Would rather carry more rounds than this piece of junk. I swapped it out for an SMG."

"Well, it's as light as a feather, worth the weight," I said.

"But it doesn't reach as far as my trusty M12A1," he said, his lips grew wider "or the SMG over here," he tapped the compact, white firearm on his holster.

"But it doesn't mean it can't kill," I said.

"But only fifteen rounds. The SMG has twenty. "

"Still, it's no longer standard issue to officers only, it's now standard issue for everyone, inculding you."

"I can't believe you're defending this piece of shit."

The M-5 Individual Modular Combat Sidearm was a standard issue, fifteen-round, combat pistol with an effective range of 150m. The main module of the M-5 is an internal titanium-alloy frame fire control unit, which consists of the integrated fire control group, ambidextrous slide release located at each side of the weapon, ejector and four slide rails. The fire-control group allows the soldier to interchange between differently sized and chambered variants of the M-5, such as the M-5B, which fires a 50 caliber round, or the up-sized M-5X that fires a high explosive 45 caliber round. The standard variant fires the 9mm SABOT pistol round designed to penetrate standard PRF body armor with relative ease. 

Midnight took out another piece of electronic paper and said,"Hey."

James turned to Midnight as he tossed the perfectly folded object at him, "What's this?" James caught it in mid-air.

"A letter," I helped him reply.

"Oh," he said as he unfolded the paper.

I picked up the last round and inserted it into one of the magazines laying next to my rifle.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, ni- wait, where's the last magazine?

I bent my body hastily, and found that my magazine was laying idle behind the crate. I grabbed it and placed it beside my rifle.

"What? Whatcha' looking at huh?" Midnight suddenly said.

I continued inserting the remaining bullets into the last magazine. "What? A girl caught James' attention again," I said without looking up.

"Indeed she has," Midnight replied.

"Who?" I turned around.

Turns out, it was the new girl in our squad. Well, we are all new to the squad. She walked towards us, in full gear like Midnight.

Midnight turned his attention back to James, "Private Amber Flaire, assigned to 1st Platoon, 1st Squad."

James' face was filled with excitement, "Our squad? Niiice."

"Since when you had a taste for human females?"

"Since when I came out from my mother's womb. Being able to pick up chicks while serving Earth? Heh, I bet my family would be proud... "he paused,"... if they were still alive, that is."

That was the reason why we became childhood friends. I lost my family in the 2605 Attack on Earth, Midnight lost his in the PRF's invasion of Haven in 2603, and James lost his in the 2605 Attack as well.

We had nobody but each other. We were the worst of the worst of all victims. If we hadn't had Principal Raymond's permission to live in school dormitories, we would have never knew each other. I wish I had the chance to thank him personally for all the care he has provided. But that chance is gone because he died from a tragic orbital accident 2 years earlier.

It sucks everytime I realised that I was the only one surviving and carrying my ancestors' genes. Everyone in my family tree was dead.

Every. Single. One.

"Really? I always thought you digged Centurian chicks," Midnight said.

"Sure, those female aliens are hot, but there are some humans that are better."

She walked closer to us and her systematic footsteps were now audible.

"Now, don't blow this one up for me, guys," Midnight whispered/

"Blow this up for you? What you talkin' about?" I asked.

"You left your flag," Amber's voice spoke out as her arms stretched out with a III Corps badge in her palm. The III Corps was one of the major formations in the USIC Army. Like the rest of the USIC force, its organization and structure was heavily based on the 21st Century U.S. Army.

Midnight stood up. "R-Right, thanks, a-appreciate it," Midnight said as their hands contacted.

Oh, that's what he meant.

"You're welcome," she paused. "Are these the two you were talking about?"

So, they were talking. And he's been pretending that he wasn't eyeballing her since we got here.

"Yeah," Midnight replied.

"Nice to meet you both," she held her hand out to me.

I stood up I shook it, "Kevin Frost." I looked into her eyes. They were  green, almost like the colour of leaf. The colour of her hair was made up of shades of warm fiery orange, almost as vibrant as fire.

"Amber Flaire," she replied.

"Nice name," I said. I studied her the best I could. Her name does match her hair.

"Thank you."

She did the same to James, who shook her hand while grinning like a 5 year old boy, "Westbrook, James."

"I guess I'll see you guys at planetfall, then," she winked at Midnight before walking away.

"Alright, see ya later," I said casually.

"Bye," James said with excitement.

After she went out of audible range, I turned to Midnight, "So, uh..,"

"Dont start it," Midnight interrupted.

"So you were talking with her in the armory," James said

"You said she was unapproachable." I added

"I was only talking. It improves unit cohesion-"

"Unit cohesion?" James interrupted.


"Wait, you smell that?"

There was only the smell of  gunpowder, cigarettes and.... mint?

"What?" I asked.

"It smells like a load of bullshit." James told Midnight, grinning like a damn child again.

"Whatever, man. Anyways, you both should be suiting up, you have exactly 5 hours and 20 minutes," Midnight said without looking at his watch as he tried to divert the topic away.

I looked at my watch as I slipped my M-5 IMCS  into my holster. The bright luminescent blue display showed '04:40:00', exactly 5 hours and 20 minutes. I stood up and grabbed my M24 and the rifle's magazines.

"See you in the armory, then," I said to James.

"Sure," he replied.

I turned to Midnight, "And I'll see you at the deployment bay."

"A'ight, got cha."

I headed out, and proceeded to the armory.


Armory Room, 2 minutes later.

"Right here. Station five, private," the weapons officer called out from behind his desk and gestured at the weapons terminal with a bright yellow '5' above.

"Yes sir," I replied.

I walked towards one of many terminals that was attached to the bulkhead. There were a few soldiers were there fiddling with their equipment.

Once I arrived, I placed all my weapon parts on the table that stretched in front of me. The display in front of me flared up as I announced my name and serial number to one of the ship's A.I.s

"Welcome back Frosty," the A.I. said.

"Yo," I greeted him- I mean, it.

"The usual?"


A small weapons rack mechanically appeared in front of me. Within each slot, was a few ammunition magazines. The squarish slots on the other hand, housed various grenade types.

"Your weapon set is ready." his blue cubed avatar returned, "Should I list the ammuniton you are to carry?"

I picked up one of the M-6 fragmentation grenades and rolled it in my palm. "Go on," I said.

"Ten mags of five five six. Three mags of 9mm. One smoke grenade-

I grabbed my body armour and inspected it. Although the front and sides are visually thin, the standard Modular Scalable Tactical Vest comprises of a few layers. The first few layers, known as the Protective Outer Layer, is made up of four ballistic plates. The second layer, known as the Critical Ballistic Layer, which consisted of a layer of liquid armor that slows down most modern projectiles' kinetic penetration by 50%. Despite of the amout of layers used, the vest was still compact, tactical and comfortable.

"Three frags, one trauma pack-" I checked the sides of the vest for the trauma pack, "and that's all from me."

"Thanks," I said as I inserted the rifle magazines into the slots and pockets of the armor.

"No worries, icy frost," he said before vanishing.

I placed the rifle on the table, and scattered the magazines like a deck of cards on a gambling table.

The A.I. reappeared, "Oh, before I forget. Based on my calculations, the range of your sidearm's 9mm SABOTs and five five six has been increased by fifty metres."

"For real?" I asked, not looking up.

"Yes. The gravitational pull of the planet is slightly lower than Earth's, so expect your bullets to fly further. And please, do not lose your pistol. It's standard-issue, so.."

"Got it," I said.

"Take care of yourself, private," I was told.

"Don't you worry about me, Circuits," I replied, "take good care of the ship will ya? I don't want my taxes going into a ship that ends up in a debree field."

The A.I. chuckled, it actually chuckled. "Good luck, private." It said before evaporating into thin air.

I threw the body armour over my shoulders and almost instantaneously, the mechanical straps automatically tightened over my torso. Next, I placed my index finger onto the hidden button located to the side of my belt. With a smooth soft ping, the built-in exoskeleton attached to my lower torso activated. Every combat pants in the Army came standard with them. It was powered either by a rotary dynamo that used the infantry's kinetic energy to provide enhanced cardiovascular performance and it allowed a fully geared soldier to run at 12 km/h to 15 km/h. Did I also mention that you could also shatter someone's ribs with a well placed powered kick to their chest? If we only had the same tech for our upper torso.

Mags. Check. Frags. Check. Rifle. Check. And last but not least, the sidearm.

I spun the M-5 with my trigger finger before sliding it into the knee holster smoothly. Years of spinning the wooden toy revolver I got for my 3rd birthday paid off.

Thanks. Dad. For the gun.

I'll admit, it looked cool and it sure felt hella badass.


Chapter 3: Planetfall (new)

Euphoria, Phi System Colony Sector 2190, Core Rim January 15th, 2621 AD 0900 hours, Galactic Standard Time With the light of hundreds of bright azure flashes, the Tempest broke out of jump before the PRF secondary battle fleet, weapons ready. The enemy was well within the effective ranges of the Martian-built weapons the USIC Navy fielded and they surpassed almost all of the PRF naval weaponry. This, by default made the USIC Navy the top of the naval food chain in human space. Captain Johnson stood at the bridge's reinforced windows and observed the unstoppable hull of the Stormbringer maneuver itself towards the titanic cluster of the PRF fleet. Between the Tempest and the enemy was a vast debree field, mostly remnants from the planetary defense fleet that was overran two days ago. The Tempest Carrier Stike Group was no ordinary escort fleet. It consisted up to one hundred and fifty Excalibur-class destroyers, twenty five Wolf-class destroyers , thirty Adeptus-class dreadnoughts, twenty Wraith-class battleships, four Talon-class carriers and one Titan-class supercarrier. It was perfect for an orbital assault op. Although these numbers seem timid compared to a typical PRF fleet, the USIC has more powerful ships compared to her foes, not to mention the presence of supercarriers, which the Rukhovians hardly possessed. As ordered, the destroyers and dreadnoughts spearheaded the assault, while the Wraith-class battleships and Talon carriers began their long range salvos with their mass drivers and railguns. Johnson kept his eyes on the viewscreen as bluish-white bolts of the battleships' railguns darted towards the line of enemy ships. Alongside her sister ships, the Stormbringer closed in on the enemy. At a whopping price tag of 18 billion galactic credits, the destroyer possessed an impressive arsenal of two-hundred rapid firing ballistic cannons with an addition of a M-4 Vertical Launch System containing 96 missile cells and a devastatingly immense Mark 42 High Velocity Destroyer-class Railgun concealed within its titanium skin. "Sir, three Kunloy destroyers are coming in hot on our vector, 1 light second away," Operator Jenkins said from the helm control behind him. Jenkins was the latest addition to the bridge crew. He was recently transferred to this ship almost a month ago. He was meant to replace Sarah on the helm. Johnson hoped Jenkins could live up to the skill and versatility Sarah possessed. "Tag em'," he ordered. On the surface of the transparent glass windows, three perfect red triangles appeared within the line of enemy ships with their class, speed and numbers indicating their distance. He could see the glare of the sun laying against what seemed to be three enemy Kunloy-class destroyers. Also known as the Type 962, they were the most commonly fielded destroyer in the PRF Navy, often fitted with weaponry suited for close range engagements. "Power the shields and countermeasures," He said, still staring at the enemy fleet. "Aye, Captain, arming shields," the operator replied. "First officer," Johnson called. "Awaiting orders, sir," the deep voice of First Officer Richard Murphy replied. Through the reflection of the windshield, Johnson could see the First Officer's tall, muscular build standing cold and ready. "Focus ballistic fire on the centre destroyer. Lock missiles on the remaining two. I want the missiles to fire once we reach effective range," Johnson continued, "2 for each." "Yes sir." And at the top of his lungs, he yelled, "Weapons check!" "All weapons locked and ready to engage, We're good to go, sir," Operator Jameson called out from the ballistics section below the bridge's walkway. Jameson on the other hand, was swift and accurate like his ballistic crew under his command. Most of the time, he would prefer firing one of the 120mm guns himself. However, Richard prefer the A.I.'s precise firing solutions rather than Jameson's excellent combat skill. Though, he could still be a pain in the ass with his daily pranks on the bridge crew and his cheeky attitude. Richard asked, "Hit probability?" "Ninety-nine percent, "Jameson replied. "Captain, we're good to go," the weapons officer said from behind. "Engage once we reach effective range," Johnson commanded. "Aye Captain." The bridge was located almost to the rear of the destroyer and it towered slightly above the large 1200mm guns, giving a clear view of the battlefield and the two-thirds of the entire length of the hull. From there, he watched the nearest 120mm's triangular-shaped barrel rotate effortlessly towards the enemy's direction before observing the PRF's fleet formation. Like their infantry tactics, they were forming up into rows of three spaced out uniformly in a straight line line. Kunloy-class destroyers and the Karak-class battlecrusiers formed the vanguard, while Ardun-class carriers and Medved-class battleships formed the rear echelons. He quickly scanned through the formation, and counted at least five-hundred ships. The PRF outnumbered the Tempest two to one. "Vector zero-zero-zero, fire at will, fire at will," Jameson said. A blinding orange light from the cannon's barrel brought Johnson back to the battle. At 10000km away, small trails of orange slammed the Kunloy-class destroyer's shields. A yellow sphere of energy ignited before dissipating into vacuum. He shifted his view to the 105mm cannons that fired tungsten SABOT rounds that were specially designed to puncture enemy hulls with ease. If the round's high energy impact wasn't enough to kill the crew, the vacuum of space would do the rest of the job by sucking out its contents, suffocating crew and crushing robotics alike. Then he eyed the 1200mm coilguns that boomed out large volleys of pure explosive power five times greater than the standard 120mm guns. Along the lengths of the Stormbringer , he could see the 25mm point-defense gatling guns blasting short bursts of bullets into the distance. The enemy shields grew dimmer and dimmer. Until it extinguished forever. "First salvo?" Richard asked. "One hundred and fifty hits confirmed and rising, second salvo on the way," Jameson said. The Kunloy's portside and bow erupted with flames as hundreds of explosions peppered its hull. Large portions of the destroyer exploded outward, as hundreds of secondary explosions were triggered. It's two large quad-barrel 1000mm cannons on its broadside platforms erupted as it was struck by the Stormbringer's guns. The chaotic barrages of ballistic fire from the other Tempest warships slammed the enemy lines. Hundreds of sporadic detonations flashed among the PRF fleet as their vanguard vessels rapidly disintegrated. "Missiles away," one of the fire control staff announced as four Hammer missiles shot up from the M-4 VLS. The missiles glowed as their hydrogen engines pulsed and fired up. They arched and converged on the other two enemy destroyers. The MS-63 Hammer missiles were no joke. They were designed to take out anything, ranging from fighters to combat ships and even missiles. Unlike projectiles, they were capable of bypassing most modern energy shields. Even at standard configuration, they were able to deliver a warhead that surpassed two bursts of ballistic salvos. The Hammers' glow grew distant, until it was out of sight. Tracers and rocket fire could be seen flowing out from the two enemy ships as they tried to take out the missiles, but it was all in vain. With a great flash, the two destroyers immediately detonated into great glowing fireballs as the missiles smashed into them. However, almost instantaneously, the flames died out, and the view of the destroyed ships was clear. The destruction was of a scale that beggared comprehension. "Adjusting counter-recoil," Jenkins said. A slight push on Johnson's back told him that the protocol was executed perfectly. With the PRF destroyers and battlecrusiers either in flames or in utter disarray, fighters and bombers from the carriers began swarming the remaining enemy ships like wasps. Hundreds of Navy and Air Force fighters in their matte grey paint scheme streaked pass the bridge as they headed towards their foes. "Captains," the icy, calculated voice of the one and only Admiral Serin Jensen rang in his earpiece, "orbital deployment is a go, I repeat, orbital deployment is a go." Admiral Serin Jensen was one of the big shots in the USIC Command. She was the one that has managed to pull the Congress' heads out from their asses and forced them to approve the operation. Some may call this an act of treason against the Constitution, but she was right. The PRF was growing more bolder by the day, and if no one stopped them, we would have ended up like the Grey Aliens, whose government was in a constant state of war and anarchy. Johnson stepped back and turned away from the glass, "Everyone, Stage 1 of Operation Shatterfall is a go!" Johnson yelled to his crew. "Jameson, I want the underbelly guns to cover the 60th Battalion's orbital approach,"Johnson gestured at his station. "On it, cap," Jameson replied. "Rebecca, tell the Army guys to prepare for drop." Johnson heard Richard giving orders already. "There are thirteen- no fourteen enemy corvettes within the drop path, the 84th Fleet is below too," Jenkins announced. "Copy that-" he said and turned to his crew, "open fire on the corvettes," he wrapped his palms around the manual fire controls joystick. But Johnson knew he couldn't stop him from doing what he loved. "Hit probability?" Richard asked. "One hundred percent...because I'm manning them myself," Jameson replied. "I don't want any of those pods appearing on the friendly fire statistics," Richard warned. "They won't. " ----- Deployment bay, Level 5. "Get the ammunition to the weapon's bay, now!" someone yelled among the sea of noise. I was standing on one of the descending cargo elevators at the deployment bay when the offensive began, surrounded by hundreds of fully armed USIC soldiers. Our uniforms were identical to one another. Using the old, yet effective 'Multicam' grants the soldier an excellent mix of an operational, multi-terrain camouflage and a cool, modern look that matches the standard issue coyote brown boots. The Stormbringer loud alert alarms suddenly erupted, assaulting my ears with 150 decibels of blaring wails. Echo, who was standing on one the stacked weapons crate began shouting at the top of his lungs."Kit check!" With muscle memory, I counted my magazines for the firearms, then I counted the grenades. Then I checked all the armor plates attached to my body and made sure there were no gaps between each piece. Although standard PRF rifle rounds had 40% chance of penetrating them, I would take every chance of survival. "This is not a drill, this is not a drill, general quarters, general quarters. All hands man battle stations!" The PA announced. "Shit's bout to get real, boys," someone said. "Shut the hell up and stay focused, Fred," a reply came. From one second I was chatting with Midnight and James about that college hottie Stephanie they both tried to hit on, to battle alarms and platoon lieutenants yelling for us to get into formation. Everything was happening so fast. "Alright boys and girls, listen up, we have our orders. Your primary objective is to get down to LZ Alpha and Bravo, then regroup at Sword. Be advised, we may encounter heavy resistance, so keep your eyes peeled, ears opened and guns loaded." The Stormbringer shook again as the lift reached the pod bay. The PA system sounded with the female voice. "All ground personnel prepare for deployment." "The time has come, everybody ready?!" Echo yelled at the same time. "HOORAH!" A voice of 168 soldiers shouted in unison, a voice powerful enough to shatter moons. "Lets move! Double time!" Everyone jogged off into the pod deployment bay in a surprisingly orderly manner as they seek for their respective pods. Ignoring the ear deafening alarms and the red lights that flashed above the highly motivated company, I proceeded to my squad's drop pod. It took almost 45 seconds to find pod 14, which was located almost all the way at the end of the pod bay. There was supposedly nine men in an average USIC Army rifle squad. However, we currently have ten. My squad, Raptor 1-1 consisted four rookies fresh from Basic; which includes myself, Midnight, James and Amber. The other six of them already had combat experience. I guess the extra man was the commander of the entire company himself. I stepped into the pod and quickly strapped myself in beside Midnight. "For a second we thought you were dead," one of the squadmates told me. His name's Dart or something, Private Jackson Dart, I think. His dry, shaven, porous cheeks had scars of a gunshot wound and a poor, improper re-atomisation treatment. His round brown face widened as he smirked. "But I'm here," I replied, "better late than never." I then fastened the harness against my chest. I looked from left to right, as I studied the men-and women I was to fight alongside as long as I'm alive-or if they're alive. Next to Jackson was that young Korean kid. His name is William Lee if I recalled correctly. His face was hidden beneath the dome of his helmet and he was slouching against his seat, as if he was sleeping. To be honest, he looked more like a 16 year old boy rather than an 18 year old man, but he insisted that he was at legal age. Right next to him was the squad leader, Sergeant Wilson Jackal. He faced was almost like a square. His jawline was sharp and strong, flanked by the whiteness of his short facial hair. He had his helmet placed on his right knee with a cigarette clipped between his lips. His M-12A1 carbine stood barrel up between his legs. Next to the sergeant sat a female soldier. She had her face hidden behind her combat mask and her hair concealing her hair. Only her evenly spaced, ash-gray eyes illuminated under the dim pod lights. Her elegant eyelashes fluttered as she blinked. They said she was a hybrid, a Human-Centurian mix. Her name's Kelsey Caxe, I think. Echo stepped into the pod, "Sergeant, what did I say about cigs on the pod?" "Sorry, boss," Jackal threw the cigarette down to the floor, "not joining the lads at company headquarters, sir?" "I'm only here for the orbital drop, sergeant," he said. Another private stepped in behind the Echo. Like Caxe, his face was fully protected and covered by the helmet and the ballistic mask. The name-tag on his plate carrier read 'McCord'. He carried an M-12A1 carbine with several white markings present on its lower receiver. One of the markings tool the shape of a sledgehammer, with a Roman numerical '3' overlapping it. This illustrates the III Corps' badass nickname: 'Earth's Hammer'. On his left sleeve was a sheath that housed his standard combat knife. Hastily, he took a seat next to Amber, who was trying to squeeze an entire half of a ration bar into her mouth. In my ear, the tiny communication/ear protection earbuds made two quick successive beeps, indicating there was a Level 2 important message coming through the comms. "All squads, this is Command, commencing drop in 30 seconds." In a split second Echo responded. "This is Raptor 1-1, on standby." He briefly scanned his eyes over everyone in the drop pod. "Alright everyone, sync your HUD with the pod and prepare for drop." I activated my combat HUD and synced it with the pod. Immediately, the pod's white opaque floor suddenly became transparent, displaying the dark closed doors of the deployment bay. "Just like in training, right?" James asked. Midnight shut his eyes,"Maybe." "Yeah, I hope," I replied and took two deep breaths. Orbital deployment these days were not as tedious as previous generations. We can reach the surface of a planet within minutes without any issues, unless the pod takes a direct hit in the hull by a missile, but the pods were fast enough to evade most ships' ballistic batteries and missile defense systems. After 30 seconds, it was time, the pod's emergency lights illuminated with luminous green as my earpiece sounded again with the commander's voice. "All callsigns prepare for deployment in 3, 2, 1..." The bay doors opened, unveiling a soundless and chaotic onslaught of fire right before my eyes. This is it. "...deploy, deploy deploy!" The gravity suddenly disappeared into thin air as the clamps released their grip of the pod. Before I knew it, the sound was gone too. All that I could hear now my heart pounding against my chest rapidly, as if it were to burst out any moment. I could hear my rapid breathing behind my ballistic mask and I could feel the reserve oxygen flowing in and out of my lungs. The eerie ringing silence vibrated in my ears.  I stared, wide-eyed at the target planet we were plunging into. The urban surface of Euphoria was scorched with patches of inferno as the fleet battles filled the space high above it. Multiple ships on both sides exploded simultaneously while trails of energy and ballistic battery rounds traced across the Euphorian space. Giant bright streaks of cyan blue from the Excalibur-class destroyers' massive railguns sliced through parts of the PRF fleet below. The enemy ships at the receiving end of their muzzles exploded into a grey cloud of debree. I looked to the Northern Pole, where one of the four Exodus rails assigned to the planet was set ablaze by a missile barrage fired from two PRF destroyers. Tiny specks of orange tracked and detonated the Rail's control tower with a massive explosions. Scattered parts of its destroyed hull blew out into in the weightlessness of space as the enemy ships finished off the solar rail with ballistic fire. "That's alot of 'priffies' down there," Jackson said. "Too many," Jackal replied, his voice was mixed with shock and awe, "they really want this planet." The horrible image of hundreds of PRF soldiers overrunning isolated CATO positions formed in my head. I watched many combat footages from the Secession War as part of my History research, where literally tens of thousands of PRF soldiers would charge into defensive positions despite under tremendous fire. Most of the time, these human wave charges would fail, but when they do, the consequences were brutal and barbaric. Suddenly, a flash of yellow erupted within the PRF fleet; an explosion of light that had the size of moons, one that was so bright that the entire pod's dark interior lit up like a light bulb. I turned away from the blinding nuclear fireball. I glanced at Midnight and his eyes were wide opened, fixed on the explosion, like an insect attracted to the light. His eyes said everything. He was afraid. Everything was awfully quiet. No sound, no chatter, not even a single word was relayed. Everyone stared down with shock at the planet they were going to land in. Now, blasts from the hostile thermo-railguns and defensive missiles began swarming the descending pods. Explosions from ballistic flaks and missiles zeroed on our vector as the pods dashed past the enemy corvettes. A few of the enemy 40mm rounds managed to find their marks on our pods, but they did too little damage to penetrate the reinforced hulls. I kept my eyes on our drop path, until suddenly, a small distant fighter squadron appeared from a cluster of debree, behind them, a small PRF corvette stood between the pods and their target. The distant fighter squadron drew closer and closer. "Are those fighters friendl-" Suddenly, the other pod in front of ours exploded into a silent ball of fire. "Shit!" Lee exclaimed. "We lost them.." As the flames were extinguished by the vacuum of space, the view of the nearing fighter squadron became clearer. They were PRF standard SJ-7 multi-role fighters. And we were sitting ducks. The pod's hostile lock alarm began blaring before the louder threat alarm screamed. I observed the incoming fighters. Two rods ejected from one of the fighters' swept wings before breaking into a few more miniature sized rods. They drifted several meters before their backs ignited. Their delta tailed fins glowed orange as they twist and turn and fired their machine guns. "Missiles inbound," Jackal said. "Countermeasures," Echo said. "Copy that, dumping flares." he punched a few buttons on the datapad he was monitoring. Flares ejected out from the pod's frontal circular dispersion tubes. The missiles contacted the flares before soundlessly detonating into brillant orange. The rounds of the 30mm machine guns peppered the pod, knocking out one of the cameras. One part of the view turned black as the signal was lost. Although the drop pods were built to withstand anti-air fire and high caliber cannons, sustain fire may send our pods into an explosive end. Echo immediately reached out for his radio, "Command, this is Raptor 1-1 actual, I have visual on enemy fighters and a hostile corvette in the way of our drop path, requesting immediate fire support, over." "Roger that, fire support inbound. Hang in there Raptor one one." the commander replied almost immediately. Within mere seconds, the sleek matte grey hulls of the F-85 Raven fighters streaked past us. The blue ignition from their single vector engines illuminated the vaccum as they accelerated into attack formation. In an instant, the Ravens unleashed a blizzard of 20mm rounds and missiles at the incoming SJ-7 fighters, turning them into fireballs and scrap metal. They flew through the remains of the destroyed fighters and proceeded to make several holes into the enemy corvette's hulls with two, devastating missiles. Our pods ripped through the crippled corvette and into the planet's orbit. "Entering atmosphere..." the same guy spoke out as he monitored one of the screens in the pod. Fire gathered around the pod as it stepped through the Euphorian atmosphere. The atmospheric thrusters fired up and sent us plunging into Euphoria at Mach 2. The pod plunged through the thick blanket of white clouds, the silver, grey and black of the urban earth filled our vision. The rising sun suffused a large swath of the world with orange and light. Lines from bullet tracers and high velocity batteries flew across the city air while missiles and rocket fire slammed parts of the planet's surface. The ground battles have already begun, and we were late for the party. Echo cocked his M12, "Alright ladies, check your weapons and ammo, we ar-" Suddenly, a thermo-railgun's shell from one of the skyscrapers slammed into one of the pod's thrusters. A force of a thousand horses kicked against the pod. The red lights flared, and the alarm blared. "Sir, we are heading off course! " Jackal yelled. "Everyone, brace for impact, " Echo said. I gave my weapon a last check before gripping my harness tighter than before. I couldn't bother looking around, or telling Midnight that he won't die today because I was just as afraid as he is at this very moment. "EVERYONE, BRACE!!!" A loud slam is all I hear before my world went black.