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Can LOVE happen Twice ?


To Be Honest With You, I Don't Have The Words To Make You Feel Better,

But I Do Have The Arms To Give You A Hug,

Ears To Listen To Whatever You Want To Talk About,

And I Have A Heart ;

A Heart Thats Aching To See You Smile Again. - Cole To Victoria.





He Is Here - Chapter 1

Its another typical friday in our school and there was this usual rush towards the canteen. I was feeling too lazy to even get up so i gave a puppy dog look to my best friend anna to get me my food. Let me tell you something, she can never say no to me and I love her too much for this. Reluctantly she got up and cussed me before leaving. I was left with Beth. We both were very tired after the long gym class. We were waiting for all our friends to come so that we could finally have our small lunch break party that we have everyday.We started grumbling about the assignment which had to be submitted on monday And then she started speaking about most famous guy and her one and only boyfriend sam. They have been dating for almost a year and half and I don't know what she liked or wait as she says loves in him....

He was my friend as well on facebook. I zoned out when she started talking about what they were going to do for the weekend but then something caught my attention...


I had heard that many girls were behind him begging for his attention but he never dated anyone. Hard to believe but it was true thoughhe had many 'flings' People say he was waiting for his princess...Almost everyone In my school knew him...well except for me because I was never the one to be intrested in guys and my reason to not know the infamous Cole was that I had never seen him....

After laughing like maniacs with my entire group and having our small break party the break was over.

After five more boring lectures it was finally time to go felt like eternity for the last lecture to end and thanks heavens it did in five minutes because I would have smashed the teachers head if she spoke even a sentence more about stupid chemical reactions

It was Friday so as usual girls were pretty excited because it was like some kind of tradition that all the boys would gather near our school and the girls from my school well they behaved like they have never seen guyz before....true that because our school was just a girls as I was saying all the girls were busy getting ready...even my friends. jeez ! Give me a break. We all were finally out and then Beth started blushing like a fool and all of a sudden her mouth was left hanging open. Me being the curious person slapped her and asked her what happened to which she replied....

"He is here"....

I was confused...

She said "Tori...Cole is here"


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The First Chat - Chapter 2

Love Has No Age, No Limit; And No Death...!! ❤

There he was

Red And Black T-Shirt and blue faded jeans. Red Cap..oh my my freaking god... Brown eyes, dark hair and tanned skin.

He was cute Mann and I knew why was there is so much buzz about him... He is the freaking epitome of perfection.

You might have heard people saying They fell in love at first no for me it was not love at first sight but like at first sight instead.... If that even makes sense....

I reached home finally with Mia. The entire way my mind was only on one thing or rather one person... Cole...

Mia was my best friend, Cousin, and even my neighbor. So we basically go home together and boy the whole way did she pester me with questions and disturbed my day dreams...

"Mom I'm Home" I shouted and thew my bag on the couch.

"How was school baby doll?" she asked with a smile.

"Boring and annoying as hell." And I saw your future son-in-law. I dare say that. Instead I said "I'm hungry mom give me food"

"No first go freshen up till then I'll warm your lunch"
I pouted but agreed.
My mom was a very loving and smart woman with dark black hair and black eyes with a beautiful fair complexion. She is medium heighted. She is a house-wife. She loves me and my annoying younger sister a lot. But she also strict. We have many rules in our house. And we have to follow it if we don't want to be grounded.

After lunch I switched on my laptop and logged on my facebook account.

The first thing I did was....yes your right... I messaged Cole....

Oh my oh my he was onlineee

Me: hie

"Oh god will he replyyy please replyyyy oh god what if he does not reply....what if he thinks I'm some desperate girl....oh god

Double toast cheese sandwich....he is typing.....

Freakkk he is typing...."

"Shutup already" that is my annoying sister. I rolled my eyes but ignored her.

He: hey :)

Oh my goodness Did he just send me a smiley ohh my freaking god....

Relax tori relax. Just calm down. Breathe in. Breathe out. In. Out...good

Me: how are you?

He: good and u ?

Did he just ask me how I was...?? Jeezzzz he likes me he sooo likes me

"you wish" my inner me replied

I frowned

And then we started chatting about random things like fav food, fav colour etc etc

This is how I first started chatting with Him...

This is how I became friends with COLE....


The Group Hug - Chapter 3

One Day Someone Will Walk Into Your Life And Make You See Why It Never Worked Out With Anyone Else...!! ❤

So now we have exams this week...and then it's my birthday. well there is still time for that but you know I'm always a little too excited for my birthdays. I've always loved my birthdays alott. Infact as soon as my birthday gets over I start waiting for my next birthday....crazy eh ?

So Now I'm busy studying, which actually means I'm chatting with my friends getting all hypered that I haven't studied anything and we all keep on asking each other how much each one of us has studied This is how our group chat looks like.

Me : who ol hav finished studying ?

Megan : I think I'm gonna fail

Beth : finally my classes are over bt I still feel unprepared

Anna : Beth you lier :@

Me : mia hayley Sarah n Nicole r studyg....n here I cnt undrstnd n e thing

Mia : so sit and study stop chatting

Me : god ur so annoying huh -_- bye

*Cole messaged you on facebook*

Double toast cheese sandwich he messaged me. *happy dance*

Did i mention I suck at dancing... Yeah whatever...

And then I started chatting with Cole and don't even ask about my studying after that because that just went down the drain.

Him: Can I get ur numbr ?

Jeeeezzzz he is asking for my number

Act normal tori....normal...breathe in and out....

Me: yep sure

As soon as I gave him my number I got a call....

I started panicking

It was an unknown number...was it him...oh godddd... I know it is him but am I ready to talk to him. What if I faint ?
Shutup and pick the call....

I picked the call with shaky hands


"hey"  A husky voice came from the other side

Freakkkk he had an awesome voice.

"Hi... Cole ?"
"Your Tori ?" He asked confused.
"Yes... Why ?" Is he seriously asking that it's my phone ofcourse it's me. But I dint say that I don't think I would be able to tell an entire sentence out loud....
You won't believe what he told me after that...

"Your voice sounds like a 6 year old"

Whattt ???

"You said that in your head dumb woman" my inner me told me


"Don't's the best voice I've ever heard"

Gosshh I'm so going to faint now. Call the ambulance someone.

And this is how we ended up talking for 5hrs straight. I was giggling like a stupid love struck teenage girl... Well I am a stupid teenage girl.

Both of us were reluctant to keep the phone and then the worst thing happened my battery got dead..seriously is this some sick joke.. but thankgod he already knew I had low battery and had told me

"After your battery dies. Don't bother charging it. Just go to sleep. You have exams tomorrow"

Awww how sweet.....

That night I dreamt about a tall lean guy with jet black hair and brown eyes.

*The bell Rang*

I said good bye and best of luck to all my friends and walked in my class with Mia and Anna

The long torturous paper ended after 3hours and we were free to go...


"Guys I think we should hang out for sometime before going home". Nicole said eagerly
"Yay yess.... Party all all night..." I sang giggling.
"No... We have to go home." Mia said frowning.
"Oh god not again...Mia you know if you don't come my mom won't allow me to go." I gave her my infamous puppy eyes and ofcourse she agreed.

So this is how we ended up at the beach.

Guyzz I don't think I'm coming in the water with you'll. I said

They all were giving me death glares... Urghh ofcourse you'll will give me glares after all you'll are not the ones to be scared of the sea water.

I had fear of deep waters and all...but they pulled me with them..and this is how we all got soaked in water. We splashed water at each other, played truth and dare, took photos and enjoyed ourselves to the fullest. This will be the most memorable day in my life. I'm going to miss these people alot. Then finally before going home we did a group hug. Everyone was trying not to cry and to be strong. We were all together since kindergarten but I am the most emotional person alive so I had to cry and this is how we all ended up crying.

And after 2months we were going to go to different colleges. It was indeed very sad. Maybe this is the last time we were all together. Maybe this is our last group hug....


The First Meeting - Chapter 4

"Ive Never Wanted More Until I Met You" - Christian Grey...!!

"Tori, get up" My annoying sister Natasha groaned for the 100th time.

"Getlost please nats"

"If you don't get up then I'll have to do something extreme" I could hear the smirk in her voice.

Bloody grasshole. But I still couldn't care less so I just ignored her. She wouldn't dare I thought to myself.

"Don't tell me I dint warn you Re" She giggled.

And then in a matter of seconds I landed on the floor with a loud thud.

"Oh no you so did not do that" I shouted. I've never felt this angry before.

"I so did" she chuckled.

There was a glass of water on my bed side table I picked it up slyly and splashed the water on her face...okay okay my aim is not that good but her dress did get wet.

"Mom tori has gone mad. I'm gonna kill her" now it was her turn to be angry while I laughed like a maniac.

That was my cue to run into the washroom. After doing the morning routine I came out of the washroom and went straight to the kitchen. I am so hungry. Well I'm always hungry so that's not a big deal. I'm not like those girl who will eat salads and starve themselves to remain in shape. Like how do you even do that ? It's impossible for me
"Good morning Momma" I chirped.

"You dint have a bath again. Your disgusting" Nats said making a face.

Yes you got it right I do not like to have bath. It was boring. I mean that is the reason we have perfumes. Isn't it ?

"Shutup. It's boring and is waste of precious water" I retorted.

*you have a new message from hayley*

Hayley : Get ur lazy ass up and meet us near the park in 30mins Cole is also coming.

What the I'll have to have a bath.Fishhh... Urgh but I do not want Cole to think I'm a dirty pig....

Me : okay I'll be there.

After having bath I dressed up in black skinny jeans and a red tank top with black jacket.

Then I applied some eyeliner which gave more definition to my big brown eyes. And then I dabbled a pink gloss on my lips. And tied my long dark brown hair in a high ponytail. Thank goodness I had straight hair. I was looking good. I hope I did not over-do it.

Good as in not like other girls. I dint look hot or sexy. I dint even feel beautiful. But I was like a normal plain girl and I was okay with it.

"Shoot I'm late."

Beth calling....

"Hello where the fuck are you?"

"I'm in the cab"

'God Tori such a lier you are' my inner me tried to make me feel guilty

'Oh shutup if I won't lie they are gonna have me for lunch' I retorted.

"Hello are you there" Beth's voice snapped me back to reality.

"Yep yep I'll be there in 5...bye."
Oh god please let this be a good day. I was too excited to meet Cole for the first time.

"What the hell was taking you so much time" Hayley asked as soon as I reached the park.

"Sorry" I gave her my puppy dog eyes and she glarred at me.

"It's okay Tori" Beth piped in "cmon lets go they are waiting for us"

My heart started beating loudly. I'm sure I'm gonna get a heart attack. There were butterflies in my stomach. I wiped my clammy hands on my jeans and moved to where the boys were waiting for us.

Did I mention hayley and Beth were here to meet their boyfriends Travis and Sam respectively.

Sam was Cole's cousin and Travis, Sam and Cole were best friends. So that's how even Cole was going to be here.

"Hello Tori back to earth" hayley chuckled.

Oh god I spaced out again.?

"We are here" Hayley said

I spotted the three guys. There he was deep black hair. Big light brown eyes. He always had a cap on. White cap. He came and stopped right in front of me and then he smiled. My world stopped.

That was it...My heartbeat became irregular. First there were butterflies in my stomach and now it was the entire jungle.

This is it. I'm finally meeting the one and only Cole...


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There Is An Entire Zoo - Chapter 5

"You Love Me" I Whisper. "Yes" He Whispers "I Do" ❤ Fifty Shades Of Grey...!!


"Hi" he said.

Oh my god. He's talking to me. Calm down Tori calm down. You don't want to come out as a desperate girl.

I don't know why I am having these stupid feelings. I've never felt like this before...

I think I have finally damaged all my brain cells and now my brain is dead. Or am I possessed by some spirit who wants me to fall for a guy who can't be mine because he is way out of my league.

"Hie" I breathlessly replied.

What the hell was that Tori ? Seriously can't you keep your voice normal. That sounded desperate even to my own ears.

He stared at me with amusement and then chuckled.

"What ?" I asked feeling self conscious.

"Relax Tori, I don't bite" he smirked and oh boy that smirk was wow.... How could someone look so good ?

"Tori we are going ahead, you be with Cole" Beth said.

Hayley winked at me and mouthed'Enjoy'

Huh ? What seriously you'll don't care about me at all. What if I get cardiac arrest because of the way he is staring at me ? Who will take me to the hospital ?

I rolled my eyes they are leaving me alone with Cole. Such great friends I have. (Note the sarcasm)

"Back to earth Tori" Cole snapped his finger in front of my face.

"Oh I'm sorry...I" I stammered.

Great now he will think you don't even know to speak

He smirked "Cmon lets sit"

Does that smirk ever leave your face ? I thought

He sat down on the grass and patted the space next to him. "And about the smirk... It never leaves my face"

I blinked at him confused. "You said that out loud." He confirmed my doubts.

I was just standing and staring like the idiot that I am. Too embarrassed to even react He caught my hand and pulled me down next to him and the butterflies returned.

Oh my my....double toast cheese sandwichessss he caught my hand. I think I'm dying but I'll die a happy death because Cole just caught my hand.

Seriously Tori ?? From when did you become a love struck teenager. And then we started talking to about our friends family.... He told me that Sam and Travis are his only Best friends while the others just follow him for fame or girls. You smell that ?? Yeah that's my jealousy. He then told me about his parents and college life and the. Eat thing is we are going to be in the same college but he is a senior. We chatted and laughed at stupid weird things. I told him about myself, my friends and family and all too soon my friends came back. I dint want to go but it was getting late. There were so many things left to talk but I had to leave. We said goodbye's to each other and I was about to go but he called my name...


I turned "Yep ?"

He came close to me. My heart started hammering inside my chest.

Oh my god is he going to kiss me ???? Noo please no. Yea..I do like him. But I've never been kissed before. Oh god no I'm not ready for it.

And then he whispered in my ears " I had a great time Tori "

I could feel his breath fan on my cheeks and then he kissed me on my cheeks and turned and went away.I was too shocked to react.

I Victoria was just kissed by cole....

The butterflies.... No hold on there is an entire zoo in my stomach....


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More Than Friends - Chapter 6

I Am Not Waiting For A Prince.... I Am Waiting For A Guy Who Thinks I Am His Princess...!! ❤


Everytime I see him I get butterflies in my stomach. I think I'm falling in love with him. But knowing him he will never fall for me. I know he likes me. He has even told me he likes me. But I don't know if he likes me as a friend or more than that. He always confuses me like he did today.


You have a new message...

He : You know ur very cute. I like you cutiepie.

And with this there are hundreds of elephants and dinosaurs jumping in my tummy.

Yay They are having a tea party. I am feeling dizzy. I am having a gut feeling this conversation is going to be good....I hope so...

Me : u like me ? Really ??

Please say yes please...Dear Lord

Him : Yep ur cute. N all ur friends like you.. :)

Huh ? There it goes like always. Can't he just like me more than a friend ??? Or does he like to tease me ?

Me : okay thnx bye gotta go.

With that my good mood went down the drain. Why does he always do this ? Now I know how all the girls feel. Am I just like all the other girls to him ?? Do i not mean anything more ?? Am I expecting too much ?? But he sure as hell giving me mixed signals. What am I supposed to do ? Urghh I'm annoyed.

I was just scrolling on facebook and then I realized that its valentines day next week. Oh so that's the reason my stupid friends are all lovestruck and have gone shopping leaving me all alone.

I think I'll be Forever Alone...

Huh the bad point of being single. You feel all alone on Valentine's day because all your friends are busy with their boyfriends...
Ashton commented on your photo with Cole.

It was a photo of a couple holding hands.Like mad in love kind of. I had tagged him. We used to tag each other in all types of romantic posts and even comment kisses, hugs and smileys.

But for us we were still 'just friends'

Pretty weird.... I know.

All my friends told me to just man up and go and tell him that I love him but being the romantic sappy person that I am I wanted him to confess his undying love for me.

I don't know if that will ever happen.

So I decided that it was enough I'm gonna tell him that I love him.

All my friends used to ask me why do I love him and I simply say the thing I've heard a million "You can never explain why you Love a person....You just do."

And they think I'm Crazy. Yes I am crazy and I'm proud of ??

The rest of the week flew by fast enough with me sleeping and eating around the whole day, chatting,calls, sleeping and then repeating...

And then it was the day before Valentine's day.

You have a new message from Cole.

He : hey..wassup ?

This is's now or never . Cmon Tori you can do it. You are a brave girl.

Me : Hey I wanna tell you something...I've been thinking about it a lot....

He : Yep sae..wots it ??

Me : Um...see don't get me's just that..

He : Hmmm ??

He encouraged to go on...

Me : Cole I think I love you.

There goes nothing. I finally said it. Oh god what if he won't talk to me now what if he will hate me...what if he thinks im like the other girls who are behind him.... Yes he will think I'm desperate but what can I do. These feelings that I'm getting are not ready to stop. It's weird and I'm confused. I don't know what it is....

He : You love me as a friend right ? I love you too tori :)

What the actual fudge..... Such a mad man. Where is my gun. I'm going to murder him.

Me : No Cole...No I love you more than a friend... Be my boyfriend..?

Great just great this is so stupid a girl proposing to a guy and telling him to be his boyfriend...

'Your name should go down in history tori' my inner me mocked me.

I snapped out of my day dreaming by the buzzing of my phone

Cole calling....

Oh my why is he calling end our laugh at me. Or to tell me I'm a fool to even think about all this. Oh my poor heart just hold on. Don't drown in self pity just yet....

'Pick the phone you idiot' My inner me reminded me.

He....hel...hello ..?? I said.

"Hey" my knees went weak from hearing his husky voice.

This is not good. Be strong Tori.

Ye...y...yess ??

"What were you telling tori ?" He questioned.

I cannot decipher whether he is angry or not ?

"I..I.. " I stammered.

"Yes Tori, go on I'm listening.." he said

I closed my eyes took a deep breathe and said.

"I love you Cole and I love you more than a friend

I waited for his reply....I started feeling disappointed... Maybe he is rolling his eyes and wanting to laugh at me for being so stupid and asking him to be my boyfriend but then I heard the most awesome four words of my life...

"I love you too Tori....more than a friend."


Suicide Threats - Chapter 7

My Heart Is And Always Will Be Yours...!! ❤
Did I hear him right..?? He said he likes me... Is it a dream... can only be a dream. Now any moment someone will wake me up but I don't want to get up. Please don't let this be a dream.

'You did it mahn'

Someone's voice bought me back to reality. It means I'm definitely not dreaming but Who was that ?

"Hello Cole who was that ?" I asked curiously and why did he say 'you did it.?'

"Um...I..he was my friend" he replied.

"What was he telling about you doing what?" I asked

"Nothing cutiepie he was just talking about me beating his high score in flappy birds"

Whenever he calls me stomach does a double flip and my heart races. He is not good for my health. He is like a drug I cannot resist him.

"Okay then you play your games with your friends I'll talk to you later"
I wanted to hang up and think about what the hell actually happened.? I still can't process anything.
"Okay babe.. bye" and he hung up.

Double toast cheese sandwichess did all this really happen...

I'm on the 9th cloud .... No wait...I'm on the 90000 cloud... If that's even possible.

*You have one new notification*

Cole has sent you relationship request go on your profile to accept it.

Ohh myy myyy freaking god.....

As soon I accepted his relationship request there were all my friends commenting 'congrats' , 'it took both of you such a long time' , 'I'm happy for you' , 'may you both be together forever'

I'm the happiest girl on the face of the earth...
I am Cole's girlfriend...
*you have a new message*

Diana : Hey

Now my unknown facebook friends are also messaging me ahaha

Me : Hey

Diana : So ur dating Cole ?

Me : Yep I'm soo happy...

Diana : I'm happy for both of you...finally that idiot made a girlfriend... I never got the one whom I love so much.

Me : Don't worry you will get the one you love soon.
I'm feeling so bad for this poor girl. I really wish she gets the guy she loves.

Diana : You don't know what you are saying.

Me : I do know what I'm saying...
Is this girl mad ? Ofcourse I know what I'm saying.
Diana : I love him....

Me : Him ??? Who ???
She is surely mad.

Diana : Cole.

Whattt ??? And I just told her not to worry and she will get whom she loves... How ironic... God...

Me : oh...
Was all I said. What else could I say. She told me she loves my 5minutes ago boyfriend. I don't even know her. I don't know how to react.

Diana : Leave him please Victoria... I love him alottt...
Woah this girl is crazy. She loves him but how can I help her.? I can't leave Cole for this girl. I mean I don't even know her.
Me : I'm sorry but I also love him alottt I can't leave him.
She should understand that there will be another guy for her. Who will love her and she will love him. But for Cole....he is only mine and I am not leaving him for anyone.

Diana : If you won't leave him....I'll commit suicide... And I'm not joking Victoria... Bye... Whatever happens to me is all your fault....

And with that she went offline...

What the fudge.... Was she serious....?? I don't even know her and she wants to commit suicide.? She got to be kidding me but what of she was not kidding ? What of she is serious what am I supposed to do now....I'm in deep shit...



Doubts And Introduction - Chapter 8

I Am Beautifully Broken, Perfectly Imperfect, Beautiful In My Flaws. All Together I Am A Beautiful Disaster...!!! ❤

Who was that girl. How did she know him ? Cole has never told me about her before. Was she his ex girlfriend who was still in love with him but he said he never had a girlfriend. Did he have any kind of sexual relationship with her.

'Oh god Tori...what the hell are you thinking ? Where did these thought come from. You should trust him '

Can I really trust him ??
'Ofcourse I trust him' I replied to my inner me.

I think I should call Anna and tell her about it.

"Hello Anna"

"Hey tori wassup"

"Umm..I...she...actually Anna..." I stammered

"Cmon Tori is something wrong" she asked worried

"Yes I need to pee." Wow real classy Tori...Real Classy.

"What ?" She asked confused.

"Umm you know when your bladder is full an you need to relieve it." Oh god will you stop it Tori ? What the hell are you even saying.

"Shutup Lord. Go and Pee if you want to. But laters now tell me what happened ?

She was smart. I had to give that to her.

"Yes..Anna...Cole...Diana..." I did not know what I was blabbering.

I had officially lost it.

"Oh god Tori. I cannot understand a word. Whose Diana and what about Cole ?? Okay wait don't worry just relax I'll come over to your house in 10 I'll get Bella also with me."

Bella was my cousin and Anna, Bella and I..we were very close almost like sisters...

"Okay Anna" with that I hung up.

You all are probably confused about my friends. Okay so now let me give you all a small introduction about all of them.

MEGAN : She is a simple, sweet , very bleautiful shy girl with dark black fluffy hair, short height, and has an awesome skin tone .She is healthy like a little fat. She is quiet rich and likes to wear branded clothes. She is very close to me. Whenever I need help she is always there for me and vice versa. She is happily committed to Christopher.

BETH : She is simple sassy and sweet with long hair which end just above her bum. She has quiet a height. She's thin and dresses simple. Whenever I need a friend she's always there. She is happily committed to Sam.

SOPHIA : I think the figure of speech hyperbole describes her the best. She's cute, sweet, talkative with medium light brown curly hair and big eyes. Whenever I feel alone she's always by my side. She can make me happy whenever my mood is bad. She takes care of me like a mother. Her relationship status...ummm well it's complicated.

HAYLEY : she is my good friend. But is always busy with her boyfriend Travis. She is medium heighted with black hair. She has a good figure. And well we both always try to help each other. She's happily committed with Travis.

MIA : she was my cousin sister. We are always together.Always there to console one another. To shout, fight joke at one another. She is short heighted with golden brown hair. Pouted lips and small dark brown eyes. In short she was very beautiful. She looked sweet but let me warn you she knows when to be bitchy.

NICOLE : Well she was every boys dream. Smart sexy beautiful with jet black hair that most of the girls envy. She has a curvy body. She understands everyone and is always ready to help her friends. In short sweet to her friends and a real bitch to others.

BELLA : She is my intelligent beautiful hyper cousin. Always hypered about everything. She has a height to envy. Big dark brown eyes. Thin lips and long wavy hair. She is very emotional and a drama queen just like me. We get along very well. She's always there when I want to share something and she understands me. We are basically the gossip queens. Ahaha

Anna : My bestfriends or even better she's like my sister. We love each other alot. We know when the other one is not happy or is in a bad mood. In short we know everything about each other. Each and every dark secret. Even if there's only two of us we can have the most fun. She's a badass and bitchy to her enemies. She has short brown hair and small eyes nose and lips. Infact she her self looks small. Don't go on her height coz she is really dangerous..

And last but not the least there 'ME'

TORI : I love all my friends. I'm Crazy, romantic nut, emotional drama queen, sarcastic, bitchy with people who are mean to me but stupid enough to feel guilty after that. I am tall, slim, big brown eyes, dark brown straight slightly wavy hair, pouty pink lips. And yep I love my lips. And I have quiet good cheek bones. And well I'm a lefty. So I have a slight problem of left and right. Mostly Anna feels I should be more bitchy because I always end up helping everyone sometimes even my enemies. I get hurt very easily and I hate to be alone.

Okay I guess that's enough of an introduction for everyone.

Ting - tong , Ting- tong.

Anna and Bella are here I guess...

"Hey come in" I ushered them inside.

"Hey what's wrong ?" Anna asked looking worried.

She was always worried about me.
Yeah because she knows you are stupid.

"Actually nothing, I was just over reacting maybe" I replied sheepishly.

Actually now that I think of it I did over react. Well it's me we are talking about and I always do over react.

"Cmon Tori now tell us what happened we came all the way here" Bella said.

I think it is better to tell them everything. Might as well get done with it.

"Actually there is this girl Diana on facebook. And she messaged me"

"What did she tell you" both of them asked at the same time.

I told them the entire story. They were silent the entire time. And then Bella broke the silence and said "Maybe Tori you are over reacting or may be all your doubts are true."
That's what even I thought.

"And there is only way to find it out" Anna said.

"How?" I asked.

"Simple. Just ask cole."

"Yes your right. I'll ask Cole..."
Why didn't I think of this before....


Horror Movie - Chapter 9

Love means giving someone the chance to hurt you, but trusting them not to...!! ❤


Its been a week since we started dating. Everything felt like a dream come true. I don't know how or when I fell in love with him. May be it was because he cared for me more than anyone else or may be because he understood me like no one else did. He made me feel beautiful, special. He made me happy. There was this special bond. We could understand each other without having to speak. As cliche as it sounds. He always knew when there was something wrong with me without me having to say it and vice versa.

I still have to ask him about that girl...Diana.

I haven't heard anything about Diana since that day she did not message me. But everyday she would post some sad stuff.

Mother of god...atleast she was alive.

'As in she would really die' my inner me told me.

Yea.. she was right. No one will suicide for such a petty thing.

I think it's too late to think about all this I should sleep.

And then I don't know when I lost consciousness and fell asleep.

I got up to the sound of my phone vibrating under my pillow.

Oh god...I groaned.

I picked up the call without seeing who was calling me.

"Hello" I said sleepily.

"Hey cutiepie" he chuckled

it was Cole.

"Why did you wake me up. I'm so sleepy." I whinned.

"Baby it's already noon. Cmon get out of your bed and get ready we all are going for a movie."

"Who all ?? and what time ?"

"Travis - Hayley , Sam - Beth, You and I... In 30 mins meet at Beth's house"

Oh god how that 'You and I ' made butterflies dance in my tummy.

"Okay Bye" and I hung up.

After that I rushed to the bathroom and took a nice hot water bath and then dressed into light blue jeans and red baggy top. I just tied my hair into a high ponytail. I actually dint know what to do with my hair so I kept it simple. After applying thin liner and lipgloss and went down to have breakfast. During breakfast I told my mom that I'm going for a movie with friends. After a lot of reluctance she finally allowed me to go.

"Hey everyone sorry I'm late"

"No problem Cutiepie". Cole replied kissing my cheeks which made me blush deep red.

It's still very new to me... This whole PDA

"Ahem if you'll are done can we just buy the tickets and go inside" Beth said.

"Which movie are we going" I asked hoping they dint select a horror movie. Because seriously horror movies are just not my thing.

I would stab myself in the eye rather than watch a horror movie.

"Conjuring" Travis and Sam replied.

You've got to be kidding me I groaned internally.

"Wait wh..what..?? Its a horror movie right ?? I'm so not coming " I shrieked.

"Ohh wait is cute little Tori scarred" Sam chuckled.

"Cmon Tori don't be a chicken" Hayley and Beth gave me puppy dog eyes.

"Okay fine" I huffed.

I just cannot resist these puppy eyes and they know it so well.

Great now my first So much for not wanting to go for a horror movie.



Craziest Friends - Chapter 10

Whether It's Friendship Or A Relationship, All Bonds Are Built On Trust. Without It, You Have Nothing...!!!❤

"Leave me alone... I do not want to talk to anyone" I snapped.

"Cmon Tori it was just a joke" Sam chuckled.

"Just shut up I dont want to see your face

You son Of the Devil." I spat.

"Hey it was just a joke Tori. We didn't know you would be so scared and angry."

Hayley and Beth were trying to calm me down. But I was beyond irritated.

Confused ???

Let me me rewind half and hour back.

*Lights off*

We are now in the theatre. Two seat behind us are Sam - Beth , Travis and Hayley. I don't know why they are sitting behind us nor do I have time to think about it. It's dark and sitting besides Cole is giving me all types of different feelings. 

"Are you scared? " He asked me.

Now I do not want him to think im a coward. Or he may start thinking about different ways to break up with me..


"N..No..No I'm not at all sc...scared. why will I be scared. It's nothing to be scared about. Cmon every one watches such movies. What's there to be scared. It's not real. It's just a movie. Nothing like this happens in real life."

After I finished my speech there is amusement all over Cole's face and then he smiles and my heart goes all crazy. But that's not it. He does and says the most sweetest thing. He catches my hand and my breath hitches and he says "You look very cute when you ramble."

Breathe Tori breathe.

No one has told me I'm cute with so much sincerity. He touches my face and says "Breathe Tori"
Didn't I just say the same thing to myself. Way to be stupid and desperate Tori.
I leave the breath I was holding. My face turns red with embarrassment. Thank god it's dark and he won't be able to notice that I look like a tomato.

Now let me tell you something. I am pretty sure they are going to throw me out of here because I'm the only one who is screaming like a mad person without even looking at the screen. My hand is on my eye and I just want to get out of here. All of a sudden Cole puts his arms around my shoulder and I scream again.

"Hey relax it's me"

"Oh" my voice is barely a whisper.

I'm shit scared.

He puts his arms around me again and I hide my face in his chest. Right now I can't even think about how close we are because of this shit horror movie. So basically im only listening to what's going on and when someone in a movie screams I scream along. Yeah foolish I know.

Cole must be thinking im such a creep. Gosh cmon Tori man up. You do not want your boyfriend to think you are no fun.

I sit straight but I'm still not looking at the screen and holding Cole's hand for dear life.

Hayley comes next to me and says cmon Tori look at the screen.

Finally when I look at the screen Someone comes behind me and my hair is removed from my hair holder and I dont even know how. I start panicking. Oh my god. This is it. I'm going to die. Please god I still have many things to do in my life. Im to young too die. I still have to marry Cole and have babies with him ?
What ? Where did that come from ?
And then someone taps my shoulder I turn and to my utter horror there is a ghost... I scream and run for my life. When I come out Im out of breath. And then behind me is my group laughing their butts out.

For a second I'm confused and then Sam appears with a ghost mask and wig.

Anger rushes through me and I feel like strangling him to death. But I cannot see my friend Beth crying over that piece of shit.

Okay okay that was exaggeration. He is very tall and well built so I cannot do anything to him.

I feel so angry that I see red. I start walking away from them and then they realize how angry I am.

So we are back to the present and they are trying to apologize but instead they are pointing out how I should not be a spoilt sports and it was only a prank blah blah.

To say the truth I've already forgiven them. But it's actually very funny and entertaining seeing all of them apologizing.

"Okay we all are going to catch our ears and say sorry. Will that be okay?" Cole asks me and I do not reply.

"Tori" they all call me at once.

And when I looked up. You won't believe how hilarious it was. All of them were catching their ears and giving me puppy dog eyes. I burst into laughter and the expression on their faces were so comical that I could not stop laughing.

"Ahaha you guys are so stupid. I had already forgiven you'll but you all were looking too cute while apologizing"

Now it was their turn to become angry and they all looked at each other. That was my cue to start running and they all started running after me. This is how we ended running after each other on the roads. They were cussing at me and well you can only imagine the horror on the faces of the people walking on the roads.

Well now I can say I have the most craziest friends...



Home Alone - Chapter 11

Love Is When The Other Person's Happiness Is More Important Than Your Own...!!! ❤

"Bye honey take Care of yourself we will be back in a few days" my Mom told me before leaving for my grandparents house.

"Bye baby girl. I love you"

" I love you too Dad now go or you'll will be late for your flight."

Huging me one last time both of them left. So now it was only me and my sister. Woo hoo... It's fun time.

I ran inside my house and called Cole.

"Hey" I smiled like some love sick teenager.

"Hie" Oh My My....His voice it should be illegal to have such an awesome voice.

"So your parents left ?" He asked.

"Yepp" I said popping the sound of the letter 'P'

"Hmm You sound very happy huh ?" I could actually see him smirking.

"Yess I'm definitely very happy. Full freedom to do whatever I want till they return." I giggled.
Hey it's not that I don't love my parents. I love them alottt. But who does not want the entire house to themselves for sometime.

"So can I come over in like one hour?"

Double toast cheese sandwich he wants to come over to my house.

"Ofcourse. I'll even ask my friends"
Wow way to Go Tori.... He might me wanting to spend time alone with you but no you and your big mouth.

"Yep I'll bring Travis and Sam also with me if that's okay ?"

"Oh cmon silly ofcourse it's okay" I chuckled.

"Silly huh ? I'll see you in One hour then bye Cutiepie"

He hung up with that. Leaving butterflies in my tummy.

After that I texted Beth and Hayley because their boyfriends were also going to come and then I texted Anna and Sophia also to come over.

Anna Sophia and I had applied in the same college and luckily we three got accepted well for my other friends they all were in different colleges.

College was going to start in two weeks. Thankgod I atleast had Anna and Sophia with me because let me tell you I'm the queen of the socially awkward people. I'm a little to shy. So it would have been really bad if I were to go to college alone.

After they all confirmed they were coming over I took a quick shower and dressed in dark washed jeans and a long sleeved t-shirt. I blow dried my hair and tied it in a ponytail. After that I quickly went out to the local store to get some coke and chips.

Hush I'm Soo tired... I landed on the sofa with a loud thud.
Ting - tong...

Great I just sat down. Why is this world so cruel towards me.?
'Drama queen' my inner me mocked me. Great now just great.

"Hello babyy" after that she hugged me in a bone crushing hug.

"Ugh...Anna...umm..can't breathe" I choked

"Ops..sorry." she laughed.

"It's okay now common come in all of you'll."

"We bought pizzas and French fries and your favorite donuts" Sophia informs me.

"Oh my god...Sophia you are the best" I launch my self at her to hug her and unfortunately she misses her balance and we both fall on the ground.
Jeez talk about embarrassment.

One by one everyone greats me with hie and hello's.

"Can I talk to my girlfriend ? If you all have finished" Cole asks.
'Girlfriend.... His girlfriend' I sigh internally with happiness.

"Hey baby"
Baby... Oh my my...

"Hi" I shyly reply.

"You never told me you love donuts so much"

"Umm you never asked"

"Cmon love birds. Come here and help us select a movie" Anna says.

"Coming" we both say together.

He catches my hand and leads me towards the living room.
Butterflies everywhere....
Can I ever behave normal in front of him. Oh boy whenever he touches me even slightly my heart goes all crazy. I think I may just die out of heart attack.

"Twilight , paranormal activity or friends with benefits? " Sophia asks everyone

Sam and Travis and Hayley say paranormal activity.

Beth and Anna wants to watch twilight whereas Sophia wants to watch friends with benefits.

"What about you Tori ?" Anna asks me.

"Umm twilight"

"Okay so now it's three for paranormal activity and three for Twilight" Beth says

"Cmon man now it's upto you" Sam says to Cole.

He looks at me and smiles my heart goes haywire but still I try to tell him to say twilight.

"Twilight" he finally says.

"Yess" Beth Anna and I exclaim together.

"Man you're so whipped" Travis chuckles.

"Can't say no to her" Cole replies and it makes my heart do crazy movements.

"Okay now lets start the movie. Switch off the lights someone" Hayley orders.

So now Sam and Beth are on the love seat while Hayley and Travis on the other. Anna and Sophia are sitting on the ground while Cole and I are on the sofa.

As soon as the lights are switched off Cole scooted closer to me. My heart rate picks up.

"Hi" he looks at me with so much adoration.

"Hi" I smile goofily.

"Hi" he smiles his cute smile that melts my inside and scootes even closer.

"Hi" I reply breathlessly.

"Just shutup already guys. If you'll say hi once again I'm going to behead both of you" Sophia says while drooling over Robert Pattinson.

He laughs. The sound of his laugh makes my heart do backflips. And then I scoot closer to him and keep my head on his shoulder and relax with a smile plastered on my face.

When I look up he's looking down at me and just like me a smile is plastered on his face and then he kisses my forehead.

The place where his lips touched feels like its on fire.

"I wanted to ask you something but I'll ask after the movie" he tells me.

"What is it?"

"Laters baby"

And then I let it go and continue watching the movie.

Freak what the hell is this. S*x scene... How could we forget.

All the girls are embarrassed and looking anywhere but the screen. While Travis and Sam are gawking at the screen.

While I'm the colour of the tomato and Cole is looking at me and smirking.

"I...I...I'll get some popcorns" with that I leave the living room and enter the kitchen.

Behind me Anna enters.

After looking at each other we burst out laughing.

"Oh my god....what the actual fudge was that" she says

We keep on laughing and then make some popcorns and wait for another five minutes being cautious. We do not want to embarrass ourselves even more.

When we enter the living room. Thankgod the scene is over.

After the movie is over all of them leave well except for Cole.

After closing the door We enter the living room once again. He tells me to sit. I can tell that whatever he is planning to say is making him nervous. But why is he nervous. He sits next to me and holds my hand.

"Hey you okay ? What's wrong? " I ask with concern in my voice.

"Um.. actually I have been planning to say this from a very long time...Amm...but I..I..dunno how to say's just that...umm don't get upset...I.."

I cut him mid sentence "Do you want to leave me" I ask panicking.

" you mad Cutiepie"

"Then what is it?"

"It's just that we started dating all of a sudden and we dint do the basic things which mostly all couples I was thinkng about something"

"What were you thinking about.?"

He looks in my eyes and says "Tori Will you go on a date with me ?"

I'm so shocked to hear that. Of all the things that I was expecting I dint know he would ask me to go on a date with him.

"If you don't want to go with me on a date it's okay. I totally understand. I know you might be busy and there are other things you have to do. You have to take care of your sister and this house while your parents are out. I'm so sorry I even asked I'm just so stupid..."

He looks so cute while rambling that I wish he could go on and on but I have to remove him out of his misery.

"Hey...ssshh...I'll go on a date with you."

"Huh...really ???"

I nod "Yes Yes Cole I will."