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1 Be creative, but you need to follow the settings and plot. Don't ruin a story.

2 This is a community, be nice to your fellow writers and readers.

3 Share with your friends and let them continue!

4 Have fun and enjoy!


Here is a reminder of what the plot and settings were:

Story name

Everyone (Us) is planning a surprise birthday for Caitlyn! The story begins with Emma, trying to deliver some decorations to Caitlyn's house. She's spotted by Caitlyn! Emma lies to her and makes it safely. Then comes Caryn with the cake, and Elizabeth with her birthday present.

Caitlyn does not catch them, but it is always a close call.

SURPRISE! Caitlyn laughs because now she knows why everyone had what they had!


Emma is back from the dollar store with decorations and balloons and banners! She hurries to Caitlyn's house.

Here comes Caryn from the supermarket, with a big box with the birthday cake! She makes it to Caitlyn's home.

There goes Elizabeth with her present! The ribbons are flying as she run to Caitlyn's.

Finally, Caitlyn goes home. SURPRISE!

In the previous chapter...

"Caryn! What're you doing here?" Caryn had that deer in the headlights look. Caitlyn couldn't help but wonder what was going on.

"Uh, your mom, she asked me to pick this up for her. She said it was for a friend or something," Caryn sputtered.

"Uh, okay. Well, she's not here right now. I guess you could leave it on the kitchen counter," Caitlyn offered.

"Right," Caryn pushed passed Caitlyn toward the kitchen and breathed a sign of relief. She yelled back over her should, "Hey, I gotta go. I'll see you later, okay?"

"Okay." Caitlyn could not imagine any kind of scenario where her mom would ask Caryn to do an errand for her. This was all looking highly suspicious.

"Later," Caryn pushed passed Caitlyn again and disappeared down the block.

"Uh, later," Caitlyn muttered. She was seriously considering the possiblity that all her friends had lost their minds in some kind of zombie invasion. Or was it just a poorly planned ruse?

Either way, Caitlyn was starting to get annoyed. If this was a surprise party, her friends weren't really trying very hard. She imagined herself taking off for the movies. That would serve them right. She looked up what was playing on her phone. That one she was dying to see was starting in ten minutes. 

Perfect! She bought an online ticket with the credit she got for Christmas. She jumped on her bike and headed for downtown.


How would you like the story to continue?