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Marked By You


Soraya didn’t know Werewolves existed. She didn’t believe in the existence of any Supernatural beings. That was until the day she had ran away from home to attend a party, only to be kidnapped by a Werewolf. An Alpha Werewolf, called Dane. He claimed that they were Mates. This was all very overwhelming for her.

Then there was Sebastian – a rival of Dane’s. From the first moment he saw her he knew that there was something different about her, she wasn’t just an ordinary human girl ... she was his Mate. He vowed to protect her and eventually, make her his.

Two Rival Alphas battle in the name of their love for Soraya.

However, she is in completely in love with someone else and doesn't want to be anyone's Mate. What will she do when he takes matters into his own hands? And will he do when she doesn't end up falling for him, but for someone he hates?

Disclaimer: some intense sexual scenes, physical abuse and swearing. You have been warned. Also will be making (editing) changes to many of chapters once the story is complete.

Chapter 01 - Forced Kiss.

How can this be? Soraya thought. Slightly out of sorts she started looking around in disbelief and confusion. The room swam around her as if she was going to faint and she steadied herself just in time. The sun cast bright columns of light through large windows all around the room. Despite the warm weather, she started to feel cold in her skinny jeans and sleeveless blue top that ran just below her hips. Simple dark grey, sockless pumps ended her attire.

“Are you listening?” he asked self-importantly.

She scowled at the handsome man before her. One of his dark and thick eye-brows was lifted in annoyance, his face tilted that only emphasised his angular jaw. As much as he was damningly beautiful on the outside he was just as menacing on the inside. He was a dangerous man. But … I’m his Mate. I’m his Mate? she thought. How dare he call me his? She didn’t even want him – even if he was the Alpha. She was already in love with someone else.

“You’re mine, Soraya,” Dane told her as if he was psychic. “We are Mates.” He was wearing dark jeans, a grey undershirt with the top few buttons open and a loosened black tie.

She turned away from the disapproving look from him, the Alpha, and squeezed her eyes closed. She wouldn’t cry – she would not shed a single tear in front of him. But when she opened them the tears gushed out, running down her cheeks and dripping onto the floor. “I will never be yours,” she whispered.

Dane’s eyes narrowed a bit. He ran a hand through his dirty blonde hair. “That’s where you’re wrong,” he said darkly. He advanced, his footsteps echoing in the large spacious room.

Her eyes widened as the fear she had kept locked at the pit of her stomach began to stir. She didn’t appreciate the lustful stares she was receiving. “Stay back,” Soraya whispered, and then cleared her throat and straightened her back. “I – I said, stay back!” she repeated in a stronger tone.

Dane smirked. The azure orbs in his skull glittered like a pair of poisonous jewels. He continued advancing towards her slowly, torturously, and felt power surge through him when she saw the repressed fear explode in her wide, tearful eyes. It was just the way he preferred it.

Soraya gave gasped loudly just when his face got uncomfortably closer and closer to hers. Closing her eyes she turned her eyes, mentally willing him to not get any closer. After a short paus she heard a rustle. Her heart pounded when she guessed correctly that he must have trapped her by putting his hands on the wall.

“Where’s my brave little Mate, now, huh?” he asked softly. “Open your eyes…” His voice was like a sheet of velvet coiling around her body but his eyes held no gentle feelings. He was challenging her now, mocking her.

Her heartbeat increased and she force them open. She couldn’t lie to herself that she was scared and butterflies fluttered in nervousness and fear. When her eyes connected with his she saw how evil he was; they held nothing but darkness and a strange feeling of hopelessness came over her. She felt her legs give way suddenly and she fell onto the floor as a wave of sadness came over her. What doesn’t he just understand and leave me alone? she thought and covered her mouth with her hands.

He knelt down onto his knees and hunched down to reach her eye level. “The nearer you are to me the lesser control you will have,” he said and grinned slowly. “You’ll get used to me, Soraya.”

“Never, Dane!” she groaned. Her voice now stronger than before and her eyes determined.

His smile only deepened, making his eyes sparkle and crease. He even got comfortable on the floor and crossed his legs. “Now that’s what I like to hear!” he said and patted her on the shoulder.

“E – Excuse me?” she asked confusingly, tucking a strand of dark red hair behind her left ear. The light grey orbs in her eyes blinked. “I’m leaving.” When she stood up she was immediately pulled back down in his lap. He wrapped his strong arms around her flailing limbs so restrain her while she cried for him to let her go, only to no avail.

A smirk slid onto Dane’s face like a snake. He leant in closer to rake over her eyes, nose, cheeks and finally her lips, and then her eyes again. “I like seeing you squirm,” he said huskily, in a dark voice.

“You-!” she gasped. “You’re such a c - creep, I swear –” Her comment only got him to laugh, as if she had said something silly and he was teasing her. “Please let me go?” Her body was in defense mode – if only she could escape! Every limb on her body was stiffened with the fear she felt all around her.

Dane’s eyes flickered towards her wrist that he was still holding onto and then looked back at her. “What if you run away from me?” he asked, feigning innocence for the shortest of moments before going back his usual self. His look was utterly domineering and tightened his hold on her, making her wince, but he neither care nor noticed. “I won’t let you go,” he said nuzzling her neck. “You smell like ... like Heaven.”

“You’re a pervert,” she muttered and tried pushing him away. And that’s when she finally forced herself to take action. She was not anyone’s play-thing, mate, or anything she was not comfortable doing. Like now, being under him like this. Urgh! she complained inwardly.

The grip around her wrists had efficiently slacked come what may, and an idea sprang into action and let him move her onto the floor. The cold surface reached her skin through the thin fabric she wore. He rained butterfly kisses down her neck that made her feel sickened to the stomach, but she held it in. She felt his hold on her forearms loosen more she got the chance to move a little more freely “Hey, you know how else I can make you feel?” she whispered, earning his unguarded interest. She brought her right knew from below him and kneed him in the privates. “Like Hell,” she said, and smirked when he grunted in agony and fell next to her.

He glared at her murderously. “You –!” he yelled, managing to get on his knees. Next he felt a hard kick to his face with the bottom of her shoes, cracking his nose that now gushed out blood. Cursing flew out of his twisted face and he clutched his nose with one hand. Suddenly he chuckled as if he thought of a private joke, gazing up at her. “You clever girl,” he chortled suddenly and spat out blood. Watching her intensely he stumbled to his feet. His bloody grin looked almost demonic as his eyes flashed playfully.

The blood ran from her face. Her former resilient manners dissolved. She began to stagger backwards simultaneously with his advancing feet until her back was against the wall again. She frowned. It was like nothing fazed him.

He licked the blood from around his lips and spat it back out to the side. “You’re making this so much more fun than I’d ever expected, sweetheart,” he said. He pulled her against him by her waste before crashing his lips on hers and ignored her pleas. when she squirmed. He chuckled through his unrelenting, bloody kisses. Remorseless.

Just when she thought she’d managed to get him to stop he pulled her in again by the nape of her neck by his hand. This time the kiss grew deeper as he licked the bottom lip of hers for entering, and when he didn’t get that he audibly growled. She glared at him when he finally let her go. Tears prickled the back of her eyeballs but she didn’t let herself cry this time. “You bastard!” she cried and slapped him hard.

Instead he seemed to like her fighting back and laughed mockingly. Rubbing his left side of the cheek his eyes grew mysterious and he turned his face slightly down, staring at her from his long lashes. Suddenly he grabbed her shoulders and pushed her down onto the leather sofa, watching her cry in alarm when he climbed on top of her. Before she could retort with anything else he bit her flesh.

“STOP!” she cried, her voice strained from the sheer agony he was causing her. Her flesh was burning and she could feel his teeth sinking deeper until she saw stars, the breath puffing out of her lips in shallow patterns. Subconsciously she tried pushing him away but he was too overpowering.
Meanwhile, Dane was too busy relishing the feeling the bite gave him; power. He could taste the warm, metallic blood oozing out. He could her silent plea for him to stop, but it was now late. And he was glad. He should have marked her as his Mate from the moment he laid eyes on her, and then maybe, she wouldn’t have defied him so many times. However, her personality was also what triggered his interest; she was the first woman who ever had the boldness to oppose him. And tame her he would.

Soraya began sobbing openly, not having a care in the world if he saw her tears and they racked her whole body. Her cries echoed in the vast room, making her feel … like she was nothing. “You’re hurting me...” she whispered, narrowing her eyes at the ceiling from the sharp pain – like a knife cutting through her flesh like a jagged shard of glass. Her unfocussed sight was blurred as she wept. Just when she thought he would move away he licked the spot that imprinted his teeth marks. A kind of pleasure ran through her body like magic and the injury healed on the spot.

She froze, her hiccups replacing her cries. What just happened? she thought in shock. She did not like him romantically in the least so why did she … feel pleasure? This part scared her but she didn’t voice it.

“There,” Dane sighed, and stared longingly into her eyes with a dark, lop-sided smile. “You’re mine now.”

She hadn’t caught what he had just said to her because her mind was still reeling from the feeling she was getting. Something was different within her … she just didn’t know just what. But she knew that she wanted to feel it again and her breathing quickened with guilt. And as if he knew what she was thinking, he licked his bite mark on her neck again; earning more shivers of what he knew was enjoyment. Her whole body became hotter, need shining in her eyes and she felt him kiss her again.
“See? I can’t be disobeyed. I always win.” He was laughing and taunting her.

Suddenly the spell shattered, like a light-bulb explodes, and pushed him away to look back into his eyes. “What ... d – did you ... do?” she asked, afraid and gingerly touched her left side of the neck.

“I made you MINE.”

“But I love someone else!”

“He’s dead!”

“W - What did you say?”

“He is dead.” He paused to see her reaction.

“You killed him?” she whispered.

Dane unmounted her and replied smugly, “With my bare hands.”

She sniffled back her oncoming tears and sat up wincing. “B – But – why?” she questioned, “What did he ever do to you?!”

“He doesn’t deserve have you but me,” he explained calmly, wound his fingers in the back of her head and tugged a little. She hissed in pain. “You’re MY Mate.”

“You killed him...” she whispered, loathingly. “You killed the man I love for revenge, you sicko!” She started to cry to herself and closed her eyes. “I hate you.”

“Don’t cry,” he said, irritated and moved away from her. “I liked it when you were energetic, lively and had the guts to resist me.”

“You’re evil,” she said numbly, feeling the life drain out of her.
"You're a bloody evil, sick, twisted man."

He laughed heartedly. “Honey that’s the best part about me.” The darkness from within his eyes softened notch. He sat down before her on his heels again and watched her quietly, studying her slumped form that used to be full of life. He was about to say something but quickly changed his mind and stood up to go.

“I will never be yours,” Soraya’s uncanny words echoed to some extent.

He glanced over his shoulder and smirked to himself. “Oh, but you already are,” he said, and turned around to face her fully. He reached down and lifted her face with his index finger gently. “And you always will be. You can’t escape me, my love.”

She jerked away from him at the mention of love. “And I will never love you,” she said with more resolve, and glared at him.

“We shall see about that,” he said and smiled coldly.