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 The hustle and bustle of the local cafeteria, the smell of freshly brewed coffee beans, the busy buisness men stressing over their computers. Some people you recognised, the buisnessman with the red suit, the group of university students bent over their computers. This scene was calming, the perfect opportunity to work on your sketches in your usual spot, the corner of the cafe. Looming over the picturesque, light brown colored cafe was a large hotel. This made it so that in the early morning the building was covered in shade, making it look very appealing. It looked like something from a cartoon.After a second cup of capuccino you decided to leave for home. It was about to be noon after all, but just before standing up you feel a hand on your shoulder. This sudden action scared you out of your seat, now half on the floor you look up. Before you was a large man, his face covered by a straw hat. 
He was wearing a red lumberjack shirt, it fell a bit small making it outline his broad chest. The top button was open, showing a glimpse of his torso. 
Reaching his hand out he tiltes his head back slightly, putting out a warm smile. His mouth was surrounded by a thin layer of stubble. "Hi, sorry about that. I didn't mean to scare you." He said while grabbing your hand with his right hand and pulling you up. The voice speaking to you was strangely deep, and soothing.Upon closer inspection his left hand was made out of metal, shining under the dimmed lights of the obscure lamps hanging above them. 
You stutter while trying to stand up "eh-h well.. ehm.. thanks.". Your face turns bright red while getting pulled up. "I'm Jessie". You utter your name quietly. "Mind if I sit here", without waiting for an answer he sat down on the chair across from you. "I'm new here, I live 2 blocks away from here. So I thought I'd meet some locals. Pleasure to make your acquaintance." He sticks his hand out, waiting for a response. You grab his hand, your hand almost dissapearing in his, and his grip grabbing your and tightly.