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Information gathering and usage

When you register for Writersky we ask for information such as your name, screen name and email address. Writersky collects these data to improve our services.

Sending Emails

Writersky sends emails related to your account or the Writersky system. You may receive emails from Writersky regarding system notification emails and announcement emails. System notification emails include "Forgot my password" emails, invitation emails, confirmation emails. Announcement emails are emails with important information that Writersky wants the users to know, these include critical system upgrades, critical system changes, critical security updates, critical bug fixes, infrastructure changes.


A cookie is a small file containing characters that helps to record your current session information. You are required to use cookies at Writersky.

Data storage and Security

Writersky takes security very seriously. We use third party hosting to provide hardwares and bandwidth. Sensitive user data such as passwords are stored and encrypted in hashes in our database. Although Writersky owns the databases, and the Writersky application, you retain all rights to your data.

Sharing data

The information we collect is used to improve our content and user experiences on Writersky. Writersky does not share with or sold to other organizations for commercial purposes; except to provide service you have requested, with your permission.