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Cruel Encounters


Hes new to my lifestyle. I will start off easy and gentle but it wont stay like that. Hes going to learn and hes going to obey.

Domination is a bitch.

(Dom P.O.V)
As we sat on the bed talking i got onto my knees and straddled him, pulling him down the bed as i did. I grabbed the handcuffs from the bed side table and cuffed his hands to the bed. As i sat there straddling him i said "Do you want me to take your clothes off?"

He replied "Yes", I lifted my hand and slapped him around his face, it stung as it connected.

"Yes what, Bitch" I said calmly

"Yes Mistress" He said out of breath. I could feel him getting hard underneath me. I slid down his legs until i was sat on his toes, I slipped my hand around his waist and pulled down his jeans. He watched me with wide eyes as he became more and more out of breath. As i looked at him i ran my hand across the top of his boxers, Watching his cock flinch at my slight touch. I ran my fingers up and down him until he became as hard as stone. I could tell he was on the verge of begging me to touch him properly but this was his first time been dominated, he didn't know what he was doing. I stopped running my fingers up and down and i moved my fingers to the hem of his boxers. I ran my fingers along the top before slipping my hand inside, he gasped, he didn't know what you had let yourself into.

I gripped my hand around him and moved my hand up, down and then stopped. He looked at me, pleading with his innocent eyes, as I took my hand out of his boxers and moved upwards so I was sat around his waist.

"You want me to carry on, don't you?" I stated. He whimpered but didn't say anything. I knew his answer but I wanted to hear him say it. I tapped his cheek with my finger.

"Do I need to say my rules again." I warned. All me did was shake his head. Wrong thing to do. I lifted my hand and slapped his cheek. His cheek went red and I could see it  stung.

He opened his mouth to speak. " No mam. I know the rules." He said breathless. I felt his cock tense underneath me.

"What do you want me to do." I stated waiting for his response. 

"Touch me." He mumbled.  I brought my hand to his face he gasped at the impact but his cock flinched in excitement. 

"What, Bitch! Explain!" I shouted. His cocked flinched again under me.

"I want you to touch me,  I want you to lick me and I want you to fuck me." He stated breathlessly.  I bent down and kissed his sore cheek. "Good boy." I whispered in his ear.

I sat back up and slid back to his toes.  I put my hands on the hem of his boxers,  I watched his face, his breathing sped up and his cock tensed. I slowly slid them down to where I was sat. His cock sprung out showing me just how big he truly is. I put my hands on his big length and moved them slowly up and down, with each movement I leaned in closer to his cock.

After five strokes my face was right next to his cock. I stuck my tongue out and licked his tip. He whimpered and jerked his hips forward. I sat back up and slapped his other cheek. "Stay still bitch!" I stated to him.

"Yes, mistress. " He whimpered. 

I lent back down to his cock. I licked his tip a couple more times,  with each lick his cock tensed and seemed to grow more, I then put his cock in my mouth and gave him a light suck. He pulled in a sharp breath and I could see him biting his lip, trying not to move, holding in his moans.  I moved my head up and down while twirling my tounge around his length. I could see his eyes begin to roll back into his head. I pulled him out of my mouth and sat up straight. He looked at me wide eyed and disappointed.

"Shall I fuck you now?" I asked him.

"Yes please,  Mistress." He begged.

I slowly slid up towards his cock. I raised my self up then slid onto his cock. He flinched and tensed and gasped all at the same time. He tired to move his hips but I gave him a stern look and raised my hand which made him lay still.

I began to move up and down while moving my hips backwards and forwards.  He looked as if he was in heaven."Shall I get faster?" I asked. All he did was moan. I lifted my hand and slapped his cheek. He let out a great moan.

"Please mistress.  Go faster!" He begged.  Hearing him begged pushed all my buttons.  I sped up and watched his face as he moaned screaming my name. I wrapped my hands around his neck and applied light pressure.  He looked shocked but aroused.  I then went faster snd put more pressure on his neck. I could see he was getting close to climaxing so I took one hand off his neck, slapped him and shouted "Cum now, Bitch!"

With them words he climaxed screaming out profanities.  I slowed down then got off him and the bed. I unlocked the hand cuffs and chucked his clothes at him. He laid there rubbing his wrists looking confused. I pulled on my silk robe and walked towards the door. I opened it, began walking out but stopped and turned to face him.

"You can get dressed and leave. Im done with you. I'll call you when I need you. You know the rules. You can't call me." I stated at him. He sat up stunned and confused. I watched his cock flinch and then I walked out shutting the door behind me. Leaving him helpless.


(Sub P.O.V)

I sat on the bed confused. Was I supposed to just get up and leave or do I go and find her? These questions span around my head multiple times before I decided I should just leave.

I gathered my clothes, got dressed and walked to the bedroom door. I opened the door just enough to fit my head through. I looked up and down the corridor making sure no one was there. I stepped out the bedroom and shut the door gently so it didn't make a noise. I looked along the corridor one last time before turning right and heading towards the front door, my exit.

It took about ten steps to get to the front door. Once at the front door I stopped and looked around at the house I was in. Opposite the front door was the kitchen, to the left was the living room and dining area then to the right was the bedroom I had just come from and another room. I turned my gaze back to the kitchen to see a women stood glaring at me with her hands on her hips. Sexy but sturn.

"What are you still doing here?" She stated stepping closer to me.

"I, I, I." I stuttered. She stepped closer again so she was stood arms length away from me.

"Get your words out, Bitch!" She slightly shouted. As she said bitch she brought her hand up and slapped me around my face. It hurt but slightly aroused me at the same time. I looked her in the eyes while I spoke.

"I was just leaving." I stated.

"Good, I'll call you when I need you." she stated turning and walking away. I stood there gaping at her retreating figure, confused yet again. She stopped half way to the kitchen and span aroud.

"Leave then, unless you want punishing?" She questioned while pointing to the front door. I felt my cock flinch at her threat. She noticed and began walking towards. I wasn't prepared for anymore pain so i held my hands up in surrender. She nodded in understandment so I turned and left.

Once outside her apartment I took a deep breath and began walking the short distance home. All the way I couldn't help but think about what I've let my self into. I knew next to nothing about her "Lifestyle" but I guess I was going to find out, the hard way.

Once I got home I sat on the sofa lost in my thoughts. I must off sat there for a good hour just thinking. My thoughts scared me but aroused me, is there something wrong with me? I had read about this lifestyle, it was my fantasy, but now its real. My phone ringing jerked me back to reality. The caller I.D read "Mistress" my thumb hovered over the reject buttton but I clicked answer and put the phone to my ear. She couldn't want me again already, could she? My cock flinched in excitement of the unknown.

Back again.

(Dom P.O.V)

"Leave then, unless you want punishing!" I threatened him. I looked him up and down as I spoke. I saw his cock flinch in his trousers, he liked the thought of been punished, I strode towards him. He put his hands up, surrendering, I nodded understanding he wasn't ready. He look relieved as he turned and left. I smiled to my self at his innocence.

I walked to my kitchen to prepare a cup of coffee. Once my coffee was made I sat at the table planning my next encounter with my slave. As I sipped my coffee I came up with new ideas. I went easy on him last time, my mind was full of ideas but all were to advance for a beginner. After about an hour i had thought of something i could do, I picked up my phone and rang my slave.

The phone rang a couple of times before he answered. He didn't speak so I began talking.

"I expect you to answer straight away if I ring, Where you contemplating rejecting my call?" I questioned knowing the answer. I heard him gulp but he didn't speak. "Don't lie to me or you shall be punished." I stated while looking at my empty coffee cup.

"Yes I was, Mistress." He said fear lacing his voice.

"See was that so hard?" I taunted. "Be at my house in half an hour, Be late and you will be punished." I stated then hung up leaving him without a choice. I put my cup in the sink then made my way to my room to prepare.

Once my room was prepared I made my way to the living room to wait for my slave. I sat on the couch awaiting the knock on my door. I looked at my watch, I had called him about twenty minutes ago, I put my hand back in my lap and continued to wait. About two minutes later i heard a soft knock at my door. I stood up off the couch, straightened my leather dress, then made my way to the door.

I opened my door to see him with his hand behind his back and his head facing down. I put my finger under his chin, pushed his face up to look at me, then stated for him to follow me. I saw his eyes look over my body. I was wearing a tight black leather dress that showed of a lot of cleavage and stopped just bellow my arse cheeks. I saw the lust grow in his eyes and in all honesty who wouldn't want me?

I turned my back on him and made my way upstiars to my room. I heard the door shut then footsteps following me. I walked through my bedroom door holding it open for him to walk through. I shut the door behind him then began to speak.

"Strip then get on the bed." I stated. I watched him as he bent down, took his shoes and socks off, then took his jeans, boxers and tshirt off. He walked over to the bed then laid down. I followed him to the bed the strapped his hands and feet to the handcuffs at each corner of the bed. I opened the top draw on my bedside cabinet and took out my riding crop. It was a long plastic stick with a plastic heart on the top.

I turned back around to face him. I slapped the crop against my hand making a slapping sound. I saw him tense and flinch. I put the heart on his cheek and slowly ran it down his neck then down his chest. He tired to wiggle away but the handcuffs restrained him. I ran the crop just above his cock, he flinched and raised his hips, I then ran the crop back up his chest and rested the heart on his cheek.

"Do you want me to use my hand?" I questioned him. He looked at me wide eyed and nodded. I pulled the crop away from his face then whipped his face with it. The connection made him gasp and it left a red mark. I looked down at his cock and saw him tense. 'He likes pain' I thought to my self as I turned my head back to look at him.

"Talk when asked a question don't just nod. Do you understand?" I asked him.

"Yes, mistress." he replied. I smiled and put the riding crop away. I put my hand on his cheek, turned his head to face me and gave him a light kiss on his lips. I then ran my hand across his naked chest stroking his six pack as I went lower. I stopped just before his cock, I looked at his face, his eyes where wide with anticipation. I ran my hand further down. I lightly stroked him, teasing him, I watched as his cock began to grow hard. I wrapped my fingers around his growing length. I started moving my hand up and down, I heard him sigh in pleasure, I kept moving my hand then I began leaning in closer to his cock.

Once my face was next to his cock I started slowly licking up and down, teasing him, I heard him gasp then he moved his hips upwards urging me to suck him.

"Now, now, stay still. Unless you want punishing?" I asked.

"No mistress." he replied.

I smiled to my self then carried on teasing him. After about three minutes of teasing him I took him into my mouth and started sucking. He moaned as I did this. After I sucked him for a little while I lifted my head and turned to face him.

"Do you want me to fuck you?" I asked.

"Yes, please, mistress." he replied. I nodded my head then stripped out of my leather suite. I straddled him and slowly guided his dick into me. I titled my head back as he filled me. I put my hands in his bare chest as I started to slowly ride him getting faster with each thrust. I slid one of my hands around his neck, he just looked at me wide eyed, I put my hand around his neck and started lightly choking him. His eyes rolled back in his head. I started choking him harder as I leaned towards his ear.

"Cum, now." I whispered in his ear. As I said that I thrust faster and I felt his cock tense and then he moaned as he came inside me. I continued thrusting until he stopped moaning. I then lightly tapped his chest and got off him. He laid there looking satisfied as I got of the bed and got dressed. I untied him and told him to get dressed then to meet me in the kitchen. We had something to discuss.


I sat at the kitchen counter waiting for him to come in and sit down. I had a offer for him. I had the contract by my side incase he took up my offer. After a few minutes I heard footsteps, he came into the kitchen looked at me then sat down opposite me. He kept his head down, avoiding eye contact, I cleared my throat.

" I have an offer for you." I stated. He looked up to meet my eyes. He looked shocked.

"What's the offer, mistress?" He questioned.

"I want you to be my live in pet. That means you will always be at my service." I answered. He took a sharp breath the nodded in understanding.

"Would you like that?" I questioned. He nodded so I took the contract from my side and handed it to him.

"Go home, Read this then come back. If you still want to be my live in pet once you've read it sign it then bring it back with you." I said handing him the contract. "If there is anything you disagree with or are not comfortable with highlight it and we will discuss it when you come back." He nodded then stood up and left. I knew he would be back soon.

I decided to take a shower and wait for his return. Once I had finished in the showed I decided to put on my sexiest baby doll and wait in my living room for him. I looked at my watch, he had been gone for just over an hour, he should be back soon. I tapped my fingers agaisnt the chair impatiently. A few seconds later I heard a gentle knock on my door. I stood up, straighten my baby doll and answered the door.

His eyes gazed at me then traveled the length of my body. I saw the lust in his eyes. I moved away from the door and went to sit in the kitchen. He followed suite and closed the door behind him. He sat opposite me, put the contract on the table then pushed it towards me. I took it in many hands and began to read through it.

The first few pages were just explaining what a live in pet was he never circled anything so I assumed he understood. The next pages were his roles and expectations they were listed as:

*As a live in pet I agree to; always obey my master\mistress, keep my head bowed, only make eye contact when asked to, wear the collar provided, only speak when spoken to and when left alone in the house to stay in the permitted areas.*

He hadn't circled anything in the contract so I closed it. I looked on the back where it had the spaces for our signatures,he had already signed it, "Are you sure you want this?" I asked him, I had to be sure. He looked up at me and nodded. I nodded back then continued to sign my name.

"I will show you to your room now, you can go pack your things later." I stated. I got up and walked away, I heard him quickly get up and follow me.

I stood in the doorway waiting for him to enter the room. He walked in and started looking around. There was a double bed, desk and computure. It wasn't much but it was his new home.

"Its cosy, miss." He stated. I nodded even though his back was to me.

"You will sleep in here until you have earned the privalige to sleep in my room. Your training starts as soon as you bring your belongings here and get settles. You may go pack now and come back." I said then left the room. He followed me down the stairs then into the kitchen. I turned to him and gave him a stren look.

"Are you off to get your stuff?" I questioned. He nodded then dashed for the front door. I smiled then sat at my table and began reading, waiting for his return. After about an hour he returned. I opened the door and let him in. I told him to go unpack his things then meet me in the kitchen.  I sat in the kitchen waiting; He came in about ten minuites later and sat oppisite me. 

"Your training will begin now." I stated and he nodded lowering his head. I smiled; I love been in control. I grabbed the black collar from the kitchen side and put it round his neck.

"You are to never take this off unless i command you to, Do you understand?" I questioned. 

"Yes, mistress." He replied keeping his head bowed. I patted him on his shoulder. I looked up at the clock it was 8pm. 

"You may go up to your room and get comfortable. I don't need you for the rest of the night, I'll come wake you up in the morning." I said then walked away to my room. 

First Day.

I woke up to the sunlight streaming in through my half open curtains. I threw my blankets of me and swung my legs out of bed. I stretched out my arms and legs then walked to my bathroom to shower. While I was in the shower I planned what I was going to do with my new pet.

Once I was out of the shower I went back to my room to get dressed. I decided on a red strapless dress that hugged my curves and matching red high heels. I looked in my mirror as I walked out of my room, I smiled at my appearance, I looked sexy. I walked to my pets room to wake him up.

Once I walked into his room I saw that he was already awake. The bed was made and he was kneeling at the foot of the bed, with only his collar on, with his head down. Even though he heard me enter he never moved. I walked to where he knelt then walked around him so I was stood behind him. He never once looked up. I put my hand on his shoulder as I spoke, "You may stand now, good work so far, I'm proud." I took my hand of his shoulder as he began to stand, he kept his head bowed and never turned to face me. I nodded to my self then made my way to the living room. He followed me in silence.

I sat down on the sofa and my pet knelt in front of the sofa. After watching TV for a bit I decided I wanted to test my pet. "You may sit on the sofa." I stated. He slowly stood up and took a seat next to me, he kept his head bowed which made me smile.

I reached over and put my hand on his bare thigh. I moved it slowly upwards. I felt him tense but other then that he never moved. I cupped his balls and slowly massaged them, moving them around my fingers and squeezing lightly, I watched as his cock began to tense and get hard. He never lifted his head or made a noise. I moved my hand to his cock, lightly gripped it then moved my hand slowly up and down, teasing him. He still never moved.

"Lie down." I commanded. I stood up making room for him. He lifted his legs up onto the sofa, his hands down his sides, he looked up at the ceiling because he couldn't have his head bowed.

I took his cock back in my hand continuing stroking him. After a few strokes I took him in my mouth. He let out a little gasp which I expected. I continued sucking him, stroking him then just sucking his tip, until I could taste pre-cum. I took him out of my mouth then stood up straight. He looked at me with a look that said "why'd you stop?" I shook my head.

"I told you not to look at me. I think you need punishing." I stated. I walked back to my bed room to get my whip.