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Love Changes You


Ruby hasn't always been like this. She wants to get help but doesn't know who to turn to. Her mum knows what she is capable of doing but doesn't know how to help.  They say love concurs all, but can ruby find her true love? Can her true love change her ways? Ruby wants to change but doesn't have the motivation could someone give her it?

Chapter 1.

"Help! Someone come quickly" Squealed Emma from where I was laying in the kitchen.

I could only just make out what she shouted. Everything was a blur, the ringing in my ears was getting louder and the darkness was fading in faster. I could smell the metallic of my blood; it was probably staining the white tiles by now. I must of fell to the freezing, hard stained floor as the cold stung the bare of my back just under my vest top.

"What the hell happened?" Shirked Leanne

"I don't know I just came in and she was lying like this" As Emma said this her voice broke and tears ran down her face.

"Well don't just stand there, ring the ambulance!!" Demanded Leanne.

Emma rushed off to go ring the ambulance. Still I could hardly see your hear anything. My mum was above me shaking me but I couldn't respond. All I could do was lay there. I was soon going to pass out. I could only just make out my mums shape all it was a fading blur. The voices were now silent and the darkness was drawing in. My leg had become numb, well for a matter of fact I couldn't feel anything. I knew the ambulance would be here soon. But I was scared it would be too late. Oh I wasn't scared that could die, I was scared for my mum and sister, I don't know how they would cope.

I woke up to see a blue and white striped curtain around me, the floor looked wood but soft, the bed I was laid in wasn't that comfy. I heard people talking behind the curtain I wasn't sure who they were though...

"How is she?" ...That voice I recognised.

"Her stats are looking up. You should be able to go see her now"

"Thanks nurse Sarah" Ah nurse! I'm in hospital.

Slowly the curtain opened and I was face to face with my mum. I wasn't sure what to say, what to do to be honest I wasn't sure whether to smile or not. My mum looked happy to see me but I knew there was something she wanted to ask so badly. Everyone will be asking the same question and I will be giving the same answer.

"How you feeling Hun?"

"I'm fine mum thanks. How are you feeling?"

"I'm fine just been worried sick about you."

"I know mum. I'm sorry."

"What you sorry for?"

"Doesn't matter"

"Yeah it does tell me. I'm your mother you can tell me."

"I did it to myself OKAY!! Don't ask why. Don't ask anything else okay."


"Don't. I said no more questions."


My mum and I chatted for a bit after that. I had been in here for a month now and would probably be out next week if things go okay. The nurse said I had hit a main artery and that I’m lucky to be alive. I hope I am lucky to be alive.

I'm looking forward to getting out of here. The food is terrible, the other kids are complaining all the time, the nurses are always gossiping and if you try to talk to them they just ignore you. The place smells like it hasn't been cleaned in a while and I haven't seen any cleaners either. This hospital must be the worst rated.

I had been in hospital for about 2 months. I'm finally leaving.

It’s my first day back at school after about 2 and half months. My mum hasn't stopped asking me if I’m alright since I came home. Now it’s time for me to suck it up and go back to school. I have been putting this day of for ages. School is the main reason why I did what I did. I'm not popular but sometimes I wish I was just so they wouldn't say out. My best friend Naomi knows how hard it is for me at school. All the nasty and unfair comments of the popular people. I'm sure they love making my life hell.

*Ding Dong* I ran towards the door. I opened it and flung myself at Naomi. It’s been so long since I have seen her. We are going to have a mega check up on the way to school. She was looking like she normally did. Perfect. Her long blond hair shaped her face perfectly, her size 6 skinny jeans and her pink and white tank top made her look like a goddess. I wish I looked like instead of my size 10 skinny jeans. My Brown hair was straight as it normally was, it didn't look shinny just looked plain old dull.

"So how’s school been without me?"

"Boring. People have been saying stuff about you."

"Oh, what they been saying? The normal stuff?"

"No not really. Liz spreaded round that you decided to commit suicide because you couldn't deal with it anymore. People changed the story though and said that you did it because you were scared of telling people you're a lesbian." Naomi laughed at the last bit.

"Oh. Okay."

"You okay Ruby?"

"Yeah I'm fine don’t worry about it."

We were walking up the school drive now. Nothing seems to have changed. The trees next to the road were still there, the road still had holes in. The car exhaust's spat out the fumes as they went past making me and Naomi cough. We were nearly at school and I wasn't looking forward to the comments. I wondered what everyone would be like when they saw me walk in with Naomi.

As we walked in our form room I could hear people whispering about me, things like "What’s she doing here?" "Isn't she meant to be dead?" some people were even sad enough to throw stuff at me. How childish. Naomi lost her cool when something hit her by accident she screamed how childish they were and can’t they just get over themselves. She does make me laugh sometimes.

Chapter 2.

We had maths first, my most hated lesson. All the popular people were in our class and unfortunately I had to sit next to the most snobby girl in our year. She's called Liz; she has really bleached blond hair (it literally looks like she poured a bottle of bleach over her head). She thinks she rules the school, she is always telling me and Naomi how we should be acting and spreading things about us and calling us names ALL the time! No one could be more mean then her.

Naomi and I walked in our maths room. The bright blue walls stood out to me once more, the body odour of mr.hinde stung the inside of our noses. I took my usual seat next to the door and waited for Liz to start the torment.

"Hey Ruby." Liz stated.

"Hey..." I wonder where this is going this time.

"What you doing at lunch?"

"Hanging with Naomi. Why?"

"Oh just wondered if you two wanted to hang around with me today?" Liz replied confident

"Err don’t know if we can, we have a lot to catch up on." What is she getting at? She isn’t normally like this?

"I see. Okay no worries"

I just nodded at that. Something was up with her; she must be planning some bit torture season. She is never this nice. She normally comments on my hair saying how tatty it looks, or how I should wear make-up to cover all my flaws. She thinks she is all perfect. Every guy is throwing themselves at her feet, where ever you walk there will always be a guy trying to get her attention.

I really needed to talk to Naomi now and it was only half way through the lesson. God maths drags so much. Didn't help that the people sat in front of us kept turning round and asking stupid questions like "What happened to you?" "Did you fail at suicide?" "Was it painful" really started to annoy me and what totally blew my mind was when Liz turned round and told them to shut up otherwise they would have the football team to deal with. She actually stuck up for me? Something was defiantly up with her. Maybe she felt sorry for me?

After a very long maths lesson it was finally break time. Me and Naomi walked out the disgusting maths room into the fresh air. The younger children were running round screaming there friends names, playing tag and other games. *sigh* I remember being that age. Didn't have so much to deal with.

"What was Liz saying to you in maths?" Questioned a very concerned Naomi. She was always concerned about me. I don't really blame her.

"Nothing really. She was actually being nice. She asked me what we are doing at lunch; she invited us to hang out with her."

"WHAT!! She invited US to hang with HER?!?!?"

"Yeah, she even stuck up for me when the boys in front of us were saying things."

"Wow. Something is up with her. I don’t trust her one bit"

"Neither do I, Don’t worry."

I and Naomi had a really long talk after that. Both of us didn't understand what had gotten in to her. We started to make up stories like she had been up ducted by aliens and they changed her brain so she would be nice. We had a good giggle at break. It was soon time for our next lesson, English. I didn't mind English that much at least I got to sit next to my wonderful Naomi.

As we walked into our English room, late as always, the heads turned round and the whispers started once again. I sighed and slid into my chair in the corner of the dark green room. It was the most hideous colour ever. Miss Hood is a nice teacher though and doesn't have a horrible stink like mr.hinde.

The comments started just minutes after I sat down. People were shouting "What are you doing here?" "You should be dead!!" "Emo!" "Depress-head!" It made me laugh at how childish these people were. Miss Hood kept shouting telling them to be quite but that didn't help. After one really nasty comment I flipped.

"Who the hell do you think you are to say that? You’re not the boss of me! I have had enough of all this crap off all of you every single day since I started here! Why can’t you just leave me alone and got on with your own live! You lot are the reason I did it in the first place!!" With them words I ran out of the door crying.

"I hope your happy now!!" Naomi screamed and chased after me.

She found me sitting under the old willow tree with a pair of scissors in my hand. She knew exactly what I was doing with them. She told me I should stop but I just can’t. The pain of school is too much this is my only way to let go of all the pain.

"Hey." Naomi whispered.

Chapter 3.


"You alright?"

"What do you think? Why are they all like this?"

"They have nothing better to do."

"Well they should find something better. I can’t take it much longer, it will be there fault."

“I know they should. Anyways how many times have I told you not to do that?”

“Do what?” I answered sneakily while hiding the scissors behind my back.

“You know what I’m on about.” Naomi sniggered.

“I can’t stop. You know that.”

I and Naomi talked under the old willow tree for about an hour. The birds were singing, the sun was shining, and you could hear people laughing in the classrooms. The smell of the delightful poppies filled our noses, everything looked perfect. The freshly cut grass was soft underneath us.

We talked until Mr.Himer came to escort us back into school. A place I really didn’t want to be! There all just going to start again, I really don’t know how much more I can take before I actually do give up. My mum told me that if I try to do anything like that again she is sending me to the nearest mental institute. I’d rather be there then at this place.

It was finally the end of school. I and Naomi where walking out of school when Ronnie, a tall boy with long-is black hair, ran up to us. He wasn’t popular but he sure looked like he should be. I didn’t know what he wanted he hardly ever spoke to me; He just normally looked at me and smiled.

“Hey Ruby, Hey Naomi. Can I just borrow Ruby of you a minute?” Ronnie questioned.

I and Naomi gave each other a questioning look, I shrugged and Naomi nodded her head. Ronnie pulled me aside.

“Hey I just wondered if you wanted to hang out sometime.”

“Err is this a joke?” I wasn’t sure what to say.

“No. I wouldn’t do that to you!” He said with a cheesy grin.

“Err sure I would love to.”

“Cool. Here’s my number give me a call?” He said sounding delighted.

“Thanks, here is mine.”

“Bye speak to you later.”

“Bye.” My cheeks flushed bright red.

I ran back over to Naomi. We talked about what he said and we were both shocked that he had asked me to hang out with him sometime. I got to admit he is good looking and I did like him a while ago but I figured why would he want to go out with someone like me?


sorry its really short couldnt think of out else to put in this chapter:)

Chapter 4.

It's finally Friday; this school week has dragged so badly. People have stopped calling me names and chucking stuff at me but I know it won’t last long. This school week wasn't as terrible, but it could have been a hell of a lot better.

I'm going out with Ronnie tonight. He's planned that we go watch a movie and then we are off to this fancy dinner down town. I really can't wait, no boy has ever asked me out but I really don't blame them.

I couldn't decide what to wear. My whole closet was on the floor, it was like my closet exploded. I had tried on about 5 different outfits. The first one was a tight black mini skirt with a bow at the top the top was a black long sleeved jumper with a skull and cross bones on the front. I didn’t like the first one or any of the ones after that.

I slumped down on my bed and put my head in my hands. I was having no luck picking out some clothes. Just then as I looked out I noticed my favourite jeans and top right at the back of my closet. Right then I knew exactly what I was going to wear.

I was finally ready; I had done my hair and make-up. My hair was nicely curled around my face, it brought out my eyes, my make-up wasn’t much but it made me look a hell of a lot prettier and older. My jeans had stars on at the top and tightly fitted my legs; my top was a pink low cut t-shirt with flowers on the top. I’m not found of the colour pink but this top means a lot to me.

Suddenly I heard a knock on my bed room door. My dad peered his head though.

"There’s a boy at the door. He says he’s your date?" my dad asked curiously.

"Oh that must be Ronnie; yeah he's taking me out tonight.

"Okay. We’ll have fun"

I ran down the stairs and towards the door. I stopped at the door to see Ronnie’s black mustang Shelby gt500 1967parked in my drive. I gapped at the car. I had never seen such a car, normally I’m not a big fan of cars but this car was something. It must have cost him a lot.

"You ready?" Ronnie said snapping his fingers in front of my face.

"Err yeah sorry, nice car." I said being snapped out of my thoughts.

"Yeah it cost my mum and dad£4,195. It was a birthday present." he gave a smile.


Ronnie held my hand and leaded me round to the passenger’s side. He opened the door for me to get in. I climbed in still amazed by the car. Once again I was snapped out of my thoughts when I heard the driver’s side door shut. Right as I was going to turn around Ronnie went and gave me a kiss on the cheek. My face flamed red; I turned my head towards the window to hide it. Ronnie let out a slight giggle.

Ronnie started the engine and then turned to face me.

"So what movie do you want to go and see?" He questioned.

"I'm not really bothered you pick." I stated.

"Err is transformers okay? I’ve wanted to see it for a while?"

"Yeah that’s fine, I wanted to see that actually." I smiled.

The drive to the cinema was quite. Both of us didn’t know what to say so we just stayed quite. I watched as the houses flew past. It was a calm night, it wasn't cold but it wasn't hot either it was just right.

We left the cinema just as the night was drawing in. There were stars in the clear sky and the moon had a grey glow around it. It had gotten a little chilly now.

"Are you cold?" Ronnie questioned.

"Just a little, why?" I Answered.

Right then Ronnie pulled me into a hug to keep me warm. I felt so safe and happy in his arms. He was quite muscular. I have never felt this way before; I think I’m falling in love.

When Ronnie let me out of his grasp he took my hand and we walked off to his car. It felt so right and natural holding his hand. It felt almost... Perfect.

Once again he walked me round to the passenger’s side and opened the door for me. He is such a gentleman. Just as I sat down and went to close the door he grabbed my hand and kissed it. My cheeks went bright red again. All he did was smile.

He started to drive to the restraint that we were eating at. We pulled up outside and it looked really expensive.

"Ronnie we can’t eat here? It looks too expensive." I questioned.

"Its fine Hun, I’m paying." He stated.

We walked up to the glass doors with gold handles. As we walked in the gold painted ceiling, a red carpet floor took me by surprise. It looked like it was built for royalty. The tables had a single red rose in the middle and two candles on either side. It was really romantic.

We sat down at a table and ordered our food. We spent about 10 minutes just talking about anything. I was actually having a lot of fun. When our food came we were quite for the first time tonight. After we finished we continued to talk what Ronnie said after took me by surprise.

"Will you be my girlfriend?" Ronnie said looking a little embarrassed.

My thoughts suddenly speed up in my head. What should I say I mean I really like him now and he is just so sweet and perfect? But we have only just started talking properly.

"Yes, course I will." I said happily.

We left the restaurant and walked towards his car. I was so happy I’m so glad I said yes. It was starting to get late so Ronnie was going to drive me home.

I watched as the houses flew past. The darkness was surrounding us the only thing that was lighting our way was the street lights and the full moon. Honestly this night couldn’t have been more perfect. For once I was properly happy. I smiled the whole way home.

We pulled up to my house, by the looks of it everyone was either out or in bed. Ronnie got out of the car and ran round to the passengers and opened it while taking my hand. He led me up to my front door. I just stood there and looked into his lovely blue eyes.

He let go of my hand and put it on my cheek, he drew circles with his thumb. Right then he put his other hand on my back and pulled me closer and kissed me. At first I was so shocked I didn't move but after a second I responded and put my hands around his neck and kissed him back. This night had turned out perfect.

"I’ll see you tomorrow babe. I’ll pick you up for school at around 8 okay?" Ronnie asked.

"Sure I’ll see you then. Bye." I stated.

"Love you." Ronnie said hopeful.

"Love you two Ronnie". I happily said back.

Ronnie smiled and then turned and walked to his car. I let out a sigh and leaned against my door. For about 5 minutes I was just stood there enjoying the peace. When I finally turned and opened my door all I could think about was going to bed, I was suddenly really tired.

Chapter 5.


I rolled over to turn off my alarm when I realized what time it was. 7:15am, shoot I don’t have long to get ready Ronnie is going to be here in 45 minutes.

I jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom, getting undressed and jumping in the shower as quick as I could. The hot water poured down on me, relaxing me in an instant, I had the quickest shower possibly. When I jumped out I was shocked to realize I had forgotten my towel. I slapped my fore head and peaked my head around the door, coast was clear; I made a quick dash for my room. 

I decided to wear my sexiest skinny jeans; a low cut t-shirt with a red rose on the front. I wore my favourite black boots that matched my outfit perfectly. I was sure Ronnie would like my outfit. I turned around to look at myself in the mirror when the alarm clock caught my eye, 7:45! Oh my god I don’t even have time for my normal breakfast, which was bacon, eggs and French toast. I ran down stairs nearly sending my dad flying.

“Hey, what’s the rush?” my dad questioned.

“Ronnie is going to be here any minute.” I rushed out.

“Ok, there is some toast on the side for and your bag is near the doorway.” Dad said and smiled.

“Thanks dad.” I peeked him on the cheek and ran to the kitchen.

I picked up my toast and ate it as fast as I possibly could without choking. I jumped out of my skin when I heard Ronnie’s car horn outside. I ran out the door nearly forgetting to pick up my ‘no fear’ bag from by the door.

I opened the passenger’s side door and climbed in letting out a sigh while sliding my bag next to my feet.

“You look beautiful.” Ronnie stated with a huge smile on his face.

“Thank you.” I said turning away to hide my blush. I could sense that Ronnie was still staring at me.

I playfully hit his arm. “Don’t you think we should be getting to school?” I questioned laughing.

“Uh oh yeah sorry.” He said looking like he had just been caught doing something bad.

Ronnie started the car, we could hear the engine purring, he pulled out of my drive way and started cursing towards school. It was a ten minute drive to school from my house, there was no rush really but I didn’t like to get caught up in all the people shouting things at me.

I watched the house’s blur past as Ronnie sped up. I felt Ronnie’s hand on my leg, his thumb was going to circles, and it was quite relaxing I could have fallen asleep.

We suddenly came to a stop and when I flung my head up I realized we were at school already! I wonder if today will be as bad as the other days or will Ronnie make it better for me. Ronnie got out of the driver’s door and walked round to let me out. As I stepped out he reached for my bag and held my hand. I could see everybody staring at us; opened mouthed and whispering things to each other. I couldn’t hear what they were saying but I knew it would be things like “what is SHE doing with HIM” or “what the hell” or “has he lost his mind”.

We walked up the front school steps hand in hand everybody was still staring at us; it was making me feel really uncomfortable.

“It’s okay. Today is going to be fine. Don’t let them get to you.” Ronnie reassured me.

“Thanks I’ll try.” I stated nervously.


sorry that is short again im going though it and editing it and writing more. please tell me what you think :)

Chapter 6.

Its lunch time now. This morning has been total hell. Everyone kept saying things to me and getting on my nerves I could seriously knock them out; shame Ronnie held me back. Ronnie has the tendency to stick up for me, I can’t really handle it on my own so it’s nice to have someone other than Naomi telling people to back off.  If you’re wondering why I can’t handle it it’s because all I do is take it until I can’t take it anymore and I run of. I always run away from problems; it’s my way of dealing with things I guess.

“Oi freak what you doing with him!”  I knew that voice anywhere, I span around letting go of Ronnie’s hand to see a bubbly Naomi running towards me. If she hasn’t heard about me and Ronnie yet she must ignore the whole school; everybody has been talking about it.

“Hey Naomi haven’t you heard? Everyone is talking about it.” I let out a frustrated sigh. “Ronnie and I go out now.” I expected her to freak out and go mental on me for not telling her sooner but what she did shocked me.

She pulled us into a group hug and screamed “I’m so happy for the both of you. Oh My God! I knew you would find somebody. Oh maybe now you have found somebody you might stop-“she let go of us and clamped her hand over her mouth with wide eyes. “Err sorry I got to go I’ll speak to you later ruby.” She gave me a hug and whispered sorry in my ear. How could she have nearly said that, Ronnie is going to ask what she was going to say now I’ll have to tell him I can’t lie to him? I hope he will still feel the same after.

Ronnie and I wandered of slowly towards the old willow tree where I would normally sit. It was quite awkward now; I could tell he was thinking about something but I didn’t want to ask. We both sat next to each other, our shoulders touching. I was looking down at my fingers when I heard Ronnie let out a sigh, he put his fingers underneath my chin and tilted my head so I was looking at him.

“What was Naomi on about? What might you stop doing? Can you-“I cut him off by kissing him I figured he would want to know so I just wanted one last kiss. I let out a sigh before I started talking; this isn’t going to be easy.

“Look if I tell you promise me you won’t change how you look at me.” I studied his face while I asked him. His face was full of concern and a bit of relief.

“I promise babe nothing could change that.” He said with a smile. I hope he means that.

I let sighed again and pulled my selves up. I waited for him to get mad and shout at me and tell me he didn’t want to be with me or ever see my face again. I expected him to be shocked and tell me I was stupid and tell me he didn’t want someone that was messed up but he didn’t, he pulled me into a tight hug and stroked my hair with his free hand.

“It’s going to be okay ruby. Just promise me one thing don’t do it anymore. For me, I don’t want to see you hurt I know it will be hard for you but I’m here to help please don’t do it anymore for me?” Ronnie said worriedly.

“I promise. You still love me don’t you?” I can’t believe he actually cares I really didn’t expect him to be like this.

“Course I do.” Then he kissed me passionately.

We sat there for the rest of the afternoon just talking about it: how it started, who made me feel this way. Ronnie kept saying how mad he was at the whole school for picking on me and he said he wouldn’t let anybody hurt me again; which I believed because this stuck up cow came up to us and said something and Ronnie told her to mind her business and get lost before he hurts her. He would never hit a girl but it made her go away at least.


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Chapter 7.

Ronnie’s P.O.V

I have liked her for so long now, I have always seen her around school and in lessons; I can never take my eyes of her she is so beautiful. I have noticed that she always looked so sad I have always wanted to wipe that frown of her face, just to see the rare breath taking smile that she gives me every time she sees me. I would have asked her out sooner but I was so scared that she would reject me; so doesn’t let anyone other than Naomi close to her so I was so shocked when she said yes. I finally got up the courage to ask her out when I had just about had enough of keeping away from her and I just couldn’t stand to see her upset; I needed to do something about it. I was over the moon when she said yes; I could tell she was happy by the way her face lit up when I asked her out.

We have been together for three months now, it’s going great, she’s actually really happy and I’m so glad that she is smiling more. I hate seeing her upset it feels like someone is stabbing my heart when she’s upset. It’s her birthday in three weeks and I’m planning on doing something really special seem so it’s her 16th.  Hopefully she will enjoy it I want it to be really special for her.

I’m taking her out tonight to this cottage restaurant not too far away from town. It’s in the middle of the country side: surrounded by trees with golden leaves, little animals running about it even has a little stream running next to it. You can either eat inside or outside; most people sit outside as the view is amazing. Ruby should like the restaurant it’s fancy but not over the top fancy.

I pulled up slowly into Ruby’s drive and killing the engine. I walked slowly up to her door debating with myself weather to knock or just wait in the car. I finally reached the door and knocked as soft as I could, in about a minute Ruby opened the door. My mouth hung open; she looked amazing in her outfit my heart stopped beating she looked literally breath taking. She was wearing a pink long sleeved top with butterflies on that clung perfectly to her body, blue-is skinny jeans and hug boots. Her outfit looked perfect. She giggled, snapping me back to reality, even her giggle was perfect. She did a little twirl “guess I look good then eh?”

“You bet” I winked, God she looks way better than just ‘good’.

I quickly walked in front of her and opened the passenger’s door for her; she smiled angelically at me as she climbed in. I walked round to the driver’s side sliding my finger across the bonnet of my car. I can’t believe how lucky I am. I started up the engine it gave a little roar making Ruby jump, I laughed a little bit covered it up with a cough; hopefully she didn’t notice. We pulled out of her drive and started driving up the road in a comfortable silence.

After a couple of minutes I notice that she is still starring out the window, she has been sat like that for about five minutes. She is just staring out the window not particularly looking at anything just starring blankly. He face showed no emotion.

“Ruby?” I put my hand on her leg as she looked over at me. “You alright?” I asked carefully.

“Yeah I’m fine” she said smiling. I love it when she smiles. “Where are we going? You’re not kidnapping me are you?” she laughed at the end and I knew she was okay.

“No I’m not kidnapping you, you will have to wait and see.” I said happily. The rest of the drive was quite, the only sound was the radio and our breathing.

We finally arrived at the restaurant. I saw Ruby’s eyes widen. I got out of the car a and ran round to her side and opened the door for her, taking her hand as she got out. She glanced around us and gasped. I guess she likes it then.

 “This is so amazing Ronnie.” She jumped into my arms squeezing the life out of me. I’m glad she likes it, we walked towards the restaurant I know tonight is going to be good.


sorry it short just wrote this x 

Chapter 8.

We walked into the old cottage restaurant I expected it to look old fashioned but it wasn’t; it was decorated in red and gold wallpaper all over the walls, white crystal chandeliers were hanging from the ceiling, the wallpaper hand gold leaves on. It wasn’t like a cottage inside at all it was actually really fancy. The waiters were dressed in black trousers, white t-shirts, black bow tie and a black waist coat; they looked really smart.

Ronnie and I sat in the back corner away from everybody; we had the most privacy in the whole restaurant. This was just perfect Ronnie is so thoughtful and so sweet and romantic. I would never have thought he would do this I expected him just to take me to the movies and then back to mine; this is a nice surprise.

After I had had enough of looking at the restaurant I decided to turn my attention to Ronnie. We started talking about school and family and how life was; it’s so easy to talk to him. I could tell something was bothering him though, he looked a bit distracted the whole time we were talking, like he was in his own world just thinking. I started to get worried that he was thinking about dumping me so I took a deep breath, sighed and just asked.

“Ronnie what’s wrong?” you could hear the worry in my voice.

“Nothing can I ask you something?” my heart sped up, what was he going to ask? Is he going to ask what I feel about taking a break? I quickly composed myself and replied.

“Sure shot.” I said trying to sound clam.

Ronnie sighed “have you… you know self-harmed recently?” I was taken aback by this question it wasn’t what I expected but I was relived he wasn’t going to break up with me.

I smiled “no, not since I have been with you. You’ve changed me Ronnie, you’ve made me so happy I never want to lose you your my world” I put my head down as I said that, I felt stupid for saying that.

He looked relived; he put his fingers underneath my chin and titled my head up. He lent in and kissed me slowly but passionately. He pulled away to soon and looked deep into my eyes “your my world to and I never want to lose you either.” Then he kissed me again.

We spent the rest of the evening just laughing, joking and making small talk. It’s so fun to be around him everything just seems perfect when I’m with him. I’m so lucky that I found him, I would probably still be a mess if it wasn’t for him he has changed me.

We finally finished our meals; I had chips and a burger while Ronnie had lobster and salad. Ewe! He paid for out meal as he refused to let me pay, he’s such a gentle man but I feel bad for making him pay for all the food; it was an expensive restaurant.

We drove back to my house in a comfortable silence with the radio playing in the background. I was leaning with my head on the window just gazing at the trees and houses passing by. Ronnie had one hand on the steering wheel and the other was on my knee drawing little circles with his thumb; it was very relaxing. I must have got to relaxed and dozed off because in no we were parked outside my house.

I undid my seatbelt but stayed were I was, I didn’t want to leave yet I enjoy his company so much. I wish he could stay over the night but my dad wouldn’t allow that as I’m not old enough yet. Ronnie turned in his seat to face me. “What’s up?” I was a bit concerned about him now.

“I don’t want you to leave.” He said pouting at me. It made me giggle a bit.

“I don’t want to go either but I have to my dad won’t let you stay other and he will moan if I get in late.” I pouted to making him laugh, I playfully slapped his arm. Just at that moment my dad appeared at the door.

I turned around to wave at my dad saying I was only going to be a minute. I turned back to Ronnie and took his hands in mine. “I love you so much Ronnie” I said smiling.

“I love you so much to ruby.” He said happily. He lent in and kissed me slowly not wanting to pull away.  When we reluctantly pulled apart I slowly opened the car door, stepped out and made my way to my house. I turned around when I got to my door and waved bye to Ronnie as he drove away.

“So how was the date?” my dad asked looking happy for me.

“Great thanks dad.” I spent ten minutes talking to my dad telling him all about the little cottage restaurant we went to and what it was like. My dad agreed with me that he is sweet and romantic. After I had told him everything I said good night and walked upstairs to my room.

I changed into my pyjama’s; they were soft and had sheep on them. I flopped down on my bed and put my phone on my bed side table, just as I did that it beeped. I groaned and read the message. *Goodnight Babe I’ll pick you up for school love you X* I quickly sent him a reply *Thanks babe see you soon love you two X* after the message had sent I put my phone back on my bedside table, got comfy under the covers and in no time I was asleep.

Chapter 9.

I woke up to my loud annoying alarm clock buzzing right next to my ear. It’s already Monday, where did the weekend go? I’m so not looking forward to school today. I groaned and climbed out of my comfy and warm bed; I walked over to my window pulled open the lime green curtains and gazed outside.

It’s such a beautiful day; You could see the birds in the trees talking to one another, the trees dancing in the wind, people out with their children laughing and joking, the morning dew on the grass glistening in the sun, the very few cars plodding down the street. It was a perfect morning.

I walked to the bathroom that was just opposite my room. I turned on the shower and turned up the temperature; I slide off my clothes and got into the shower. “ah.” I sighed as the hot water ran down my body relaxing all my muscles and preparing me for my day ahead. I quickly washed my body and hair; Ronnie would be here soon.

I got out of the shower, wrapped the towel round me and ran to my room making sure nobody saw me. I slipped on my clothes that I was wearing today; a light blue top with gold flowers running up the belly, dark blue jeans that were tight at the top and flared out towards the bottom they had jewels underneath the pocket and I was wearing my gold and black high tops. Just as I slipped on my last high top my dad shouted up the stairs that Ronnie was here to pick me up. “I’ll be down in a second!” I shouted back.

I walked down the stairs slowly; I could see Ronnie leaning against the old wooden frame look handsome. He was wearing; a light grey t-shirt with three buttons at the top, dark grey skinny jeans and white and red trainers. He looked stunning as always.

I walked up to him and kissed him lightly on the cheek making him go red. I turned back around and hugged my dad and said goodbye. Ronnie and I both turned round hand in hand and walked towards his car. Once again he opened the door for me letting me climb in; he’s such a gentle man. He walked round to his side of the car smiling as usual. He climbed in and kissed my cheek; I guess it was his turn to make me blush.

Ronnie started his car making the engine come to life. We pulled out of my drive and started driving slowly to school. I was leaning my head against the window again just looking out thinking about what the day was going to bring. “Today’s going to be fine.” Ronnie said smiling; he must have known what I was thinking. I sighed and hoped that he was right

After a very silent ten minute drive we finally arrived in school. We pulled up into our usual parking space I wonder what people would say today. After three months you would have thought people would be over the fact that me and Ronnie go out now; but there not they are still saying stuff about us it’s really irritating. It doesn’t seem to bother Ronnie but I think he deserves to be with someone a lot better than me; I don’t know how much more I can take I might have to let Ronnie go he should have better then me and I should let him have that. I haven’t told him about this though I think it will just upset him, I’ll give it a couple more weeks and maybe he might change his mind as well.

Ronnie got out of the car and ran round to my side to open the door for me. He took my hand and helped me out as normal. I can see everybody starring at us with wide eyes, seriously what’s the big deal about us two dating? Ronnie looks at me and can tell I’m getting annoyed by everybody starring.

“Will you people quit starring at us it isn’t anything special!!?” Ronnie shouted at everyone. As soon as he had finished saying that everybody looked away, carried on walking and talking towards school.

“You didn’t have to say that to them you know? It wasn’t bothering me that much.” I said trying to sound certain.

“They shouldn’t have been starring at us in the first place and I can tell it bothers you.” He said still sounding quite angry; it made me back away a little. He noticed me take a step back.

“Sorry I didn’t mean to sound mad at you I swear I’m not mad anymore sorry.” He kissed me slowly then pulled away smiling.

“Thank you.” I kissed him again and then we started to walk towards tutor. My tutor was in the main building on the second floor; Ronnie’s tutor was at the other side of the school. He always walks to me the bottom of the stairs that my tutor is on.

Just sat we got to the bottom of the stairs I could see Naomi walking towards us with a huge grin on her face. I wonder what she is so proud of now. Ronnie and I gave each other a quick glance and laughed a little, he was thinking the same.

“Hey Ronnie, hey ruby.” She says still with the same huge grin on her face.

“Hey Naomi. Why are you so happy today?” I question with a smile.

“I’ll tell you in tutor. Hurry up and say bye to your lover boy the bell will be going any second.” She said waving her hands.

Just as she said that the bell went. I sighed and turned to Ronnie giving him a quick hug and kiss. “I’ll see you at break?” I asked smiling.

“Sure see you then.” He said with the same smile, he walked off towards tutor laughing at Naomi’s enormous grin.

Naomi linked my arm and we started walking up the stairs towards tutor. All the way up we were talking about our weekend, what we did and how fun it was. Naomi seemed to have done a lot; wild parties, swimming; hanging out with boys etc. that girl sure can live up the weekend.

We walked in to tutor and sat in our normal seats right at the back next to the window. I always sit near the window as it gives me something to look at while I’m daydreaming. As soon as we sat down I turned round to Naomi.

“So tell me what you’re so happy about?” I questioned while trying to hold in a laugh. She had the biggest grin ever plastered on her face, it looked like she was about to blow up from excitement. I waited for her to start to tell me, it took her five minutes before she finally opened her mouth. 

Chapter 10.

“Jason asked me out!” Naomi gushed with the huge grin still on her face.

“Wow that’s good he’s like the hottest guy in school.” I tried to sound happy for her but I just had over things on my mind and couldn’t speak properly.

“You’re not even bothered are you?” she said sounding angry, this isn’t going to end well, before I could open my mouth to say that I do care she banged her fists down on the table and stood up. The whole room was now looking at us.

“You’re not bothered this one time I actually come to you to talk about something! How many times have I listened to you whine on about your problems? Loads yeah! What a best friend you are!” she shouted at the top of her voice she was beyond annoyed now.

“but-“I tried to tell her I was bothered but she wouldn’t let me get a word in all she did was just cut me off.

“No buts you suck at being a best friend don’t expect me to talk to you anytime soon. I’m not coming back this time!” Naomi screamed storming out of the room. Everyone watched her leave and then all eyes were back on me. I turned my head to look out the window and to try to avoid the glares I was getting of everyone; luckily none of them said a word to me.

The remaining fifteen minutes of tutor dragged, when the bell finally went for lesson I practically ran out of the classroom before anyone could stop me. That was the worst tutor I have had in a long time I guess people will concentrate on that now instead of me and Ronnie being together.

Naomi was a really good friend though I didn’t want to lose her, I was happy for her I just had a hard time showing it I have a few other things on my mind right now. She has always been there for me when I needed her and this one time I couldn’t even focus on her, I’m such an idiot I just lost the best friend I could ask for.

The first two lessons flew by; it’s now break time and I’m on my way to meet Ronnie under the willow tree. I need to tell him about what happened with Naomi, he probably already knows he has friends that are in my tutor. I hope he doesn’t get mad at me I didn’t mean to sound like that; he shouldn’t be mad he’ll understand. The first two lessons I got weird looks of most people but nobody said anything, thankfully.

I was stood underneath the willow tree waiting for Ronnie to come out of science I had my phone in my hand, I occasionally glanced at it checking the time but didn’t look for long as I was concentrating on looking out for Ronnie. I could see people coming out of the science block so he would be here in a minute. I took one last look at my phone then slipped it back in my pocket, just in time to see Ronnie walking over to me. I smiled and waved at him, he did the same.

Once he was in front of me he hugged me and we sat down on the soft freshly cut grass. We talked for a few minutes about our lessons we have had and how we were. After about five minutes Ronnie turned to face me he looked concerned, I wasn’t worried I knew he was going to ask about Naomi anyway.

“What happened between you and Naomi? I heard you fell out, is that true?” he asked still looking concerned. I sighed.

“Well in tutor she told me Jason asked her out. I was happy for her just I couldn’t think of what to say and I sounded pretty dull so it didn’t sound like I was happy for her. So she had a full shout at me for not being bothered about her. She wouldn’t even let me get a word in.” I watched his face the whole time I spoke, his expression never changed so he wasn’t angry at me.

“What exactly did she say?”

We sat underneath the willow tree for the next ten minutes just talking about what happened in tutor. I told him exactly what Naomi said and how I felt about losing such a good friend like her. He told me she would come to her senses sooner or later and that he is still here for me, he’s so nice I’m lucky to have him around. Just as we were running out of things to say the bell went signalling the end of break and the start of next lesson. We both stood up at the same time, we hugged and kissed and arranged where we were meeting at lunch at after school. Ronnie is coming back to mine after school so we had to meet somewhere, we decided I would wait at his car for him to come out. We kissed one last time and walked our separate ways to our lessons.

The rest of the day dragged, Naomi was in all my lessons she completely ignored me and sat well away from me. She would sometimes turn round just to glare at me but that was all she did she must be really mad to act this way. I don’t blame her if she doesn’t make back up with me; I’ve been a horrible friend.

I was stood next to Ronnie’s car waiting for him to come out of school. We have planned to stay at mine and just watch some movies till he has to go home. I took a quick glance around the school parking lot before I fixed my eyes back on the main school building. I spotted Ronnie jogging out of the school building and towards me.

He soon got to me as he was quite fast. He pulled me into a hug and kissed me before he opened my door and let me climb in. I gave him a quick peck on the cheek before I climbed in; he blushed and closed my door for me. He ran round to his side of the car, opened the door and jumped in. he gave me a quick smirk before he started the engine and pulled out of the school driving lot.

The drive back to my house was quite short and quiet. We pulled up into my drive slowly so that we wouldn’t make a noise; my dad would probably be taking a nap and wouldn’t be very pleased if we woke him. Ronnie killed the engine and we both climbed out at the same time. We walked up to my house hand in hand; I opened the front door as slowly as I could to stop it making that awful creaking noise. As soon as we were in the house we made our way up the wooden stairs and toward my bedroom, my dad trusted us to be in there alone.

We spent the next few hours just watching movies and talking about random things. We took it in turns to pick a film that we were going to watch. Ronnie’s first choice was harry potter and mine was 50 first dates; Ronnie groaned when he saw what I picked he isn’t a big fan of comedy’s. In no time it was time for him to go home: it’s true what they say time does fly when you’re having fun.

We both got of my bed at the same time and made our way down stairs to be greeted by my dad; he looked like he had just woken up.

“You two had a good night then?” my dad asked making polite conversation.

“Yeah we did, we watched loads of movies.” I replied cheerfully.

“That’s good then. Do you two want any food?”   

“No thanks dad Ronnie has to go now so I’m just showing him out.” I said smiling.

“Okay, see you later Ronnie.” My dad said waving.

“Bye sir.” Ronnie replied waving back.

I walked with Ronnie to the door. We said goodbye and kissed for a minute. It wouldn’t be long till I saw him again; he is picking me up for school again. We kissed one last time before Ronnie said the final goodbye and walked to his car. I waved as I watched him drive away.

I was pretty tired now after such a long day I walked back in the house and said goodnight to my dad. I made my way up to my bedroom and changed into my fluffy sheep pyjama’s. I laid on my bed and texted Ronnie. * Night see you tomorrow, Love you X* I got a message back almost instantly. *Night Babe see you soon, Love you 2 X* I smiled as I read it he really does mean the world to me. I put my phone on my bedside table and laid down to go to sleep. One thought remained on my mind as I drifted off to sleep, would Naomi and I make up? 

Chapter 11.

3 weeks later

Its finally my birthday, Ronnie says he has planned something special for me so I’m exited to find out what he has planned; he said I will like it and I trust him that I will. He said he would be here to pick me up at five and it’s already two so I don’t have long to get ready.

I walked to my shower, unchanged and slipped into the hot running water letting it relax me slowly. I love hot showers they always make me relax and just let me think in peace. My dad has already given me my birthday presents he got me an iPod and an x-box 360.  I wash my body, hair and then just stood there thinking what Ronnie could have planned he hasn’t given of any hints or anything so I don’t know what to expect. I got out of the shower and wrapped my fluffy white towel around me and walked back to my room.

Luckily I had already picked out my outfit so I didn’t have to spend ages picking one. I was going to wear my favourite dress; it was red with jewels at the top and it came out at the bottom like a princess cost me £50 but it was worth it.

It was now 4:30pm; I have just finished my hair and make-up so I was all set for my mystery date. Knowing Ronnie it is going to be something romantic. I gathered all my stuff together, put them in my hand bag and walked down stairs to go sit with my dad until Ronnie got here.

“Hey honey, you look lovely.” My dad said to me smiling.

“Thanks dad.” I replied blushing and giving him a hug.

My dad and I sat talking about random things such as; school, work, the weather and other random stuff like that until I hear a gentle knock on my door. I walked towards the door knowing exactly who it was going to be-well the only person I was expecting-I opened the door with a smile that stretched from ear to ear. Ronnie pulled me into a tight hug and whispered “you look beautiful” in my ear, he kissed my cheek as he pulled away; we said good bye to my dad and started walking to his car.

Ronnie’s P.O.V

I opened the car door for ruby and watched her climb in my car; she looked stunning in her princess red dress. I closed the door behind her and walked round to the driver’s side. I hope tonight goes well and goes to plan. It took me a couple of weeks to plan this so it should go perfect and she should love it.

I climbed into my car and turned to look at her. She smiled that heart-warming smile that lit up her whole face, I love that smile it made my heart skip a beat. She never used to smile a lot so I’m glad that she is smiling more now and I’m also glad that I know it’s me that cause’s that smile. I can’t believe I’m actually going to do this, I’m so nervous this could all go horribly wrong.

“Happy birthday ruby I love you.” I kissed her cheek when I had finished speaking her face lit up as she told me she loves me to. It’s so great to her them words come out of her mouth it’s like hearing you have won the lottery.

I started the car and slowly pulled out of her drive, the beach wasn’t that far away from so it shouldn’t take long to get there. She gets really impatient when waiting for surprises; she gets so excited as well.

She was leaning her head on the window like she usually does just gazing at the passing house’s and trees. She doesn’t know what I have planned, I told her I was doing something special for her birthday but wouldn’t tell her what it was; luckily she only asked once otherwise I would have probably told her. She looked relaxed and content, I had my hand on her knee stroking little circles with my thumb I had a habit of doing this now while I was driving.

We pulled up at the beach parking lot; I got out of the car and ran round to open her door for her. I took her hand and helped her out only letting go when I had to lock the car. I took her hand again in mine, there was a little hill in front of us, at the top of that is where the surprise begins. Once we get to the top the night can start properly. I was really nervous and excited at the same time, tonight is the biggest night of our lives’, maybe.

Ruby’s P.O.V

I’m not quite sure why Ronnie has brought me up here but it still means a lot to me after all it’s the thought that counts. We started to walk up the hill that was in front of us, hand in hand the whole time, making small talk as we climbed.

When we got to the top I noticed a red and white checker blanket laid on the grass with a picnic basket on it. We both sat on the blanket just looking at the amazing view; you could see the beach, the sea and the horizon. We just sat there and talked while watching the sunset, this is the most beautiful night ever.

After we had ate and finished watching the sunset I went to stand up but Ronnie grabbed my hand and pulled me into his lap. I gave him a confused look.

“There’s more, we aren’t leaving yet.” Ronnie said with a nervous smile on his lips. I was curious now what else could he have planned it was already dark, you could see the stars in the velvet sky and the moon light glistening on the sea.

After about ten minutes of just talking, enjoying each other’s company and the view I felt Ronnie move his hand to get something out of his pocket. He pulled out a little velvet box he kept it in his hand but his hand was on my lap. I turned to him with a confused look on my face; he must have got me some earrings or something but I didn’t understand why I couldn’t see them yet.

“Just look in the sky ruby.” He told me nervously. Why is he nervous? I turned my head just in time to see the sky light up with multi-coloured fireworks about twenty fireworks went off and I thought they were finished when this big pink one went off in the sky it left words in the sky, the words read… *Ruby will you marry me?*

Chapter 12.

I looked down at my lap and Ronnie had opened the little velvet box inside it was a red ruby ring. I stood up dragging Ronnie with me; I looked him in the eyes for a moment worry crossed his face. This guy is just too sweet; I pulled him into a tight hug.

“Can I take that as a yes then?” he said worriedly.

“Yes, yes, yes I love you.” I screamed.

We stood there just hugging for a while I can’t believe he proposed to me! I’m so happy he said I would like the surprise but I never expected this. I’m the luckiest girl ever.

We walked back to his car slowly I didn’t want this night to end yet but I wanted to go back to my house and tell my dad about what just happened. We got in his car and just sat there for a while enjoying each other company.

“You want to go back to yours?” Ronnie asked me slowly.

“Sure I want to tell my dad about this. I love you so much.” I replied happily to him, I couldn’t stop smiling this night is fair better than perfect.

Ronnie started the car and we drove back to mine as slow as we could. The plan was that we would go in and tell my dad and then Ronnie would stay for a little while. I didn’t want him to leave just yet.

We pulled up into my drive and Ronnie killed the engine making the night air silent. He came round to my side and opened the door helping me out. We walked up to my house slowly when we reached the door I put my hand on the handle and turned it slowly just in case my dad was taking a nap. We both walked into my house hand in hand to see my dad sitting on the sofa watching friends on TV. I went over to him and sat next to him he turned round to me and smiled.

“Guess what happened dad?” I smiled back.

“Erm, a star fell out of the sky?” my dad replied laughing.

“No dad. Ronnie proposed to me!” I gushed. “Look!” I held my hand out to him so he could see the red ruby ring on my finger.

“Oh congratulations honey. The rings beautiful.” My dad said smiling just as wide as me.

For the rest of the night we just sat and talked about my birthday, how Ronnie proposed, if I wanted anything else for my birthday and what I had planned for tomorrow. The rest of the night flew by and it was soon time for Ronnie to leave. I sighed and walked with him to the door so we could say goodbye in private.

“Bye see you soon fiancé love you.” I said still smiling like a Cheshire Cat. I liked calling him that.

“Bye fiancé love you two.” We kissed goodbye and I waved as he drove away. I walked back into my house, said goodbye to my dad and then made my way to my room.

As soon as I got in my room I slipped off my princess dress and pulled on my white fluffy sheep pyjama’s. I texted Ronnie saying goodnight and then put my phone on my bedside table. As soon as I laid my head on my pillow I was out cold, I didn’t even have chance to reply to the reply I got of Ronnie.