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The Worlds Snake.


I wrote this for a competition at college, I hope you read it and comment what you think. The competition theme was Black History Month so my short story is based on that. I hope you enjoy it :)

The Worlds Snake.

I sat there listening to all the white people speak about black history month. They made it sound horrible, like black people didn’t deserve it, it made my palms sweat and my hands shake with anger. How can they say such things?

“Why should black people have their own month? They're not special or anything.” Stated one person, I think his name was Adam.

“I know it’s hardly fair. Its discrimination, we don’t have a white history month!” said another lad, john, I think.

I couldn’t take it much longer they were pretending I wasn’t even there. I shot up slamming my hands on the table; that got their attention.

“Geez, calm down.” Tutted Adam.

“No! I won’t calm down!” I shouted.

“How you would like it if we ‘black’ people kept you as slaves. What if we made you do all our work, made you work in our fields, make you build our building, whip and torture you just for our pleasure?  There is a black history month for a reason, it shows respect to black people and it shows that the ones that died at your hands are not forgotten. It shows how much things have changed in the years and it shows people like you what we had to go through. Just imagine if it was you in our shoes, how would you feel? Worthless, used, hurt? You wouldn’t like it.” I whispered near the end gasping for breath.

John and Adam looked shell shocked. Their mouths where hanging open and their eyes were wide. I smiled proudly, feeling accomplished, and I started walking out.

“We’re sorry. We didn’t know.” Adam and john said in sync. Just goes to show that people should listen to history and learn from it. It shows that racism and discrimination is the world’s snake. Deadly, poisonous and infects people. A snake crawls around looking for people to hurt, once it has hurt one person it hurts others and it makes people think that all snakes are harmful when in reality there not. Just like a snake discrimination has the same effect it hurts people and people that discriminate put views into other peoples mind and makes them think all ‘different’ people are bad.