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Behind the Walls


After a tragic car accident, Dave is left mentally scared. A twisted tale of sinister acts and dark revenge plots, will Dave ever learn the difference between right and wrong?

Chapter 1

Completely, Utterly, Entirely Alone.

Earphones went in as life disconnected to the sweet sounds of music. I listened as the engine ticked, interrupting the flowing sounds running through my mind.

"Oi Bailey" Jake called from the front, "looks like we got a bit of a storm ahead of us"
I ignored him, Jake tended to warn us about everything, luckily he is driving tonight. The rain came steady and the cold against the windshield and rattled on the roof of the car. Cecilia; Jake's newly wedded, sat across from him, twisting and turning her thumbs over each other, crossing and uncrossing her legs. She feared storms, couldn't stand the rattle of thunder or the flash from lightning. Every crash the sky made, Cecilia jumped a little in her seat. I could tell she wanted to get inside of some sort of stable building. Unfortunate for her, it's impossible, we were driving in the middle of no where, making an escape actually. Our old home is filled with lies, greed and tragedy, all three of us decided to make a move. 

The rain was getting heavier as the sky's turned grey. The roof of the car rattled as the rain smashed against it. This old rusty car would be lucky to survive the night. The headlights flickered on and off and the engine was stalling every now and then. Poor Cecilia, the small and frail adult was stuck in the front, shaking, I could hear her breathe from where I was sitting. Jake started to pick up the speed, although dangerous, Cecilia wouldn't survive another 30 minutes in this car. He raced and skidded around bends and up hills. Cecilia dropped the water bottle and it rolled directly under the breaks. Jake hadn't noticed at the time, he continued to drive but Cecilia, her eyes filled with terror, and every breath she breathed was heavier and heavier. 

"Stop the car" her voice stuttered when she spoke. Jake went to press down on the breaks, only to find it wouldn't move, the water bottle held it up. He turned a sharp corner which was too much for the car to bare. It's weight transferred to the left side and the car slowly turned over. At first it started out slow, but then it seemed to happen all at once.

My eyes flickered open to bright lights, stunning me. There were an array of different tubes connected all throughout my body. A neck brace wrapped around my neck and a large cast consolidating my leg. I sat there staring deeply into nothing. Where I was remained a mystery and why I was there, I had no clue. Part of me just wanted to scream to my lungs content but I was being held back, I couldn't. The subtle beeps each machine made was somewhat soothing. Only moments after awakening, a tall figure walked into the room. He wore a small blue hat, covering his hair, along with a top of the same blue colour and long pants. 
"You must be Bailey... Bailey Salmon, thats the one. I am Dr. Hyman, you suffered a very unfortunate car crash around a week ago."
"Car crash? you surely must be absurd" I muttered in disbelief.
"Cecilia Rose and Jake Rose, I presume you know these people."
"What about them?"

"I apologise in advance for the words I'm about to say, I'm sorry for you're losses"
"No stop, that can't be true, there must be a mistake, they can't be.."

"They are Bailey, Cecilia was thrown out of the car and found several feet away from the car, as for Jake, he suffered a terrible blow to the head."
The doctor watched me in sorrow as my lips began to quiver. My eyes welled with tears as the room felt to a deathly silence. The two people that I loved, gone.