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Kidnapped Love


a girl moves to a new town to live with her family were she joins a music group but everything goes wrong when the head girl is making threats. Will she survive before the music showdown and get the boy. 
or will she be too scared to show who she is really.

Chapter one: All Alone

New town, a new house, an old me, my mum has been asking me how am i, since we left New York,i just looked at her everything. 12 hours on the road and I feel like i have being trapped in a cage with several lions. My world has been turned upside-down now i am tired of everything. Next to me is my baby sister Lisa she is a football player,she is mad. When she was four she ate a leg of a chair,and then there is James my twin brother, he is just like me but with a difference we both like music ,singing,football,dance, acting and hanging in our rooms. I'm Alice i am 17, just turned last month had a mixed party with my brother the theme was,the walking dead it was so cool."The new house is going to be amazing" my mam said and that we will have all separate rooms, my dad said we are only a few minutes away from the new house. I asked my self why do I have to move,I was in the top class in maths and science, even religion! I was in the drama class it was cool, me and Tom acted out Romeo and Juliet not the old boring one when they both kissed, our one ended when Juliet drink the bottle and then romeo comes in and drink it too, I know I know that people like the old version but it's good to get out of the old.I am going to miss my friends, special Tom, he was the best. Me and James went to the same school, we mostly did everything together, even picking out clothes to wear. Back when I was little I was in a car accident,I was in the hospital for 6 months and I felt depressed, I felt like I wasn't able to do anything, I wasn't allowed outside because I couldn't walk, but I told them I could use a wheelchair but they said "no". I got the help to walk again but even then I didn't know what to do, but I found what I have been looking for, it started a few years ago when I went in to see my baby cousin in the hospital and she was scared to get the operation but I told her that.I was was scared too, but it's the way your body is getting the help and it will tell the doctors and nurse's how to help you and how to make you better. I told her that I be here when she gets out and I would do anything to make her feel better. It was about 3.00 when she came to it, I had a surprise for her. I was standing in front of her bed and I told her to close her eye's I walked outside and came in with a guitar there was two guys with me with guitars' too. I played her favorite song heart by heart by demi lovato, she and the others were smiling and I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to help people.

New Home

We arrived at the house it was big and kinda old, everyone got out and got their stuff,i stayed in the car until the renewal van came, it was about 15 minutes until it came. I got out of the car went up the van got my stuff,they went after 30 minutes all our stuff was in the living room,everyone got there stuff and started putting it in their rooms. Mum started in the kitchen with the plates and other cutlery, dad was in the greenhouse shed, Lisa and James were in their rooms putting their posters up i went into help Lisa, i am very glad Lisa is my sister she does what she likes and that every time someone or the tv say's anything about one direction she pretends that she is getting sick and then James is really into baseball and he is hopping that there is a team here.I went up to the attic it was dusty and very cold i closed the door, i knew everyone was still packing so i went down stairs got my case and I left. I didn't know where to go but I knew I had to leave, I saw a few houses on the way and they looked nice. I remembered the ways of New York. But now I have to find new ways for California.

My Voice

I walked about 2 miles away from the house with my case, i came to a field it was beautiful i sat down and opened my case got my book of songs and guitar out. I looked at the scenery and i knew want song to play, i tuned my guitar and played the house that built me by Miranda Lambert. It was about seven a clock when i looked at my watch, the sky was like heaven in a painting the beautiful sky,i wanted to go back to new York, i know now that i have to be here. The shining sunset has so many colour's so peaceful, i walked home with my big case,cars passed me on the way, i was a few minutes from the house when i turned and saw a car with it big lights on. It blinded me so i just kept walking, it ran right pass me there was people hanging out the windows. I walked in the door and everyone was a sleep i went up stairs to see Lisa she was fast asleep and James was snoring like a pig, mam and dad was sleeping and the dog was awake she came down stairs with me and i got a blanket from my box and i sat down on the couch and fell asleep with Amy right beside me.


I got near the school only to find no one outside i went inside and i didn't know what room to go to, i walked around until one of the teachers saw me he asked what am i doing, this is want you would get in shit for not being in class,i told him that i am new and that i was only looking for the principle office. I went into the principle office and i felt dizzy, she gave me a timetable and my lock number, she didn't mind that i had no books but she said I had to have them in by the end of the week. I went around finding my locker the number was APR6890, there was a thing on the wall that had the locker numbers it said mine was on the second level so i went.I found my locker after 20 minutes i put my lock on it and the bell went and i looked at my watch and i went to sphe class.

First Impression

I walked into class,everyone was looking at me i went to sit down and everyone was talking, some was stilling looking at me then the teacher came in,everyone went quiet and the teacher went to it, he wrote some words on the board what is the meaning of life?.He looked at me, but i just kept me head down then he asked me the question,i said that the meaning of life is to make it last and to live the present and future.