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Twice in the mirror


There is something that our brains will let use see and  other times it is too afaird to let the creature to be seenThere is something that our brains will let use see and  other times it is too afaird to let the creature to be seen


One day, a little girl called Mary, went to the supermarket with her mum, she walked all around the shop looking for something.When she came upon it, her face went up with a smile, but the little girl didn't know that smile would change her life forever.

She took a pictureof her self with this object, but something in her mind was telling her, don't look, it was like something bad was about to happen.
When she did , she saw an other person there with her, but it didn't look like a person in a way. 

It was like a second image of her self, with in a haunting way. After ten minutes her mom came to find her, but the only thing she found was her little girl's camera with a picture of a haunting girl and a smiling girl with'in each other. 

Starring at you.

The police came

It was about half three when the police came to the store. They were confused on what just happened, you could see the look in their eyes like the knew want happened but they didn't want to scare her anymore. They asked her if she had anyone to stay with, she answered "why?". 

Before she could go on,a man in a straight big coat stopped her, he didn't say anything for a few minutes he just stared at her. "I am sorry ma'am, but i have no other way telling you this, your little girl has been gone for nearly two hours now, i don't think she be alive.
(The woman fall's straight down on her knees crying onto the floor, the people didn't know want to do).
But there was still hidden secrets to be solved.


I could see the sadness in her eyes, like she have giving up hope. The man in the big black coat has hurted her feelings, i wanted to help her but i couldn't not yet anyways. The police went true everything and i mean everything, even the toilet paper?! But i didn't stay that long in the living room, i saw the man in the black coat go into Mary's room, i followed him in, he was looking everywhere like he knew want he was looking for.

After a few minutes he came back onto his feet, i hid beside the door so he couldn't see me. When i looked back i saw something in his hand but i only saw parts of it. He holds it up to the light,i saw it, i knew want it was and why Mary was taking with the others, she was the one.

My story

You wonder why i am telling you this story and what do i have do with it. It start a few years ago on my birthday, i was in class when i heard someone saying my name and it got louder and LOUDER ever time i heard it. 

I shouted to stop calling me, I could see my class turning into a jungle and the teacher and students turned into animals, one of them starts to run at me before it could jump me,I screamed to the top of my lungs and I was back in class were I got in trouble by my teacher and she said i wasn't doing any of my work, but i told her i have just finished my work but I didn't read picking up the pen. 

She came over and looked at my copy there was nothing on the copy just pictures of dead people i saw everyone staring at me like i was something non-human. 

At lunch time i felt like i was falling asleep and when i woke up i saw the most horrible thing, everything was gone with just body's of children on the ground i screamed so loud that i came to it. 

There was a abundance in the school ground and two of the men was beside me,they were doing something, i was scared. I asked myself "how can i be here and there"

I saw the other children crying the ones that i saw dead.
But the truth was, that i was the one dead.

Mary and I

I know that i told you my story and you maybe crying right now but to let you know,it was good. You may be wondering how did a person like me end up following a girl like Mary,well i will tell you. 

It started just a few weeks ago i was hanging in the school library because i am a ghost and I liked scaring the other children, it was boring and quiet. I AM SO BORED! I walked around the library like a million times when i stopped and looked at one of the sections i saw a little girl sitting on the floor reading a book .

Then she turned and i hid behind the book shelf, she got up and asked "if someone was there"?. I didn't say anything, even if i did she wouldn't hear me. I walked away to the front door on the left when i heard her " don't go, please stay". 
I turned and wondered if she was talking to me, but i always try and talk to the people in the library but no one answers me, so i just walked on when i heard her say something again." please stay i want to talk to you, want is your name". I didn't turn around so quickly, so i can play my cool, when i finally did i saw her staring at with a lovely smile. I went over to her, she wasn't scared of me. We sat down and we talked and read books.

Two Weeks later

It has been nearly two weeks since me and mary talked in the library, i am worried that something might have happened. It was two minutes to closing time, everything went dark after that. I could go to sleep if i could but that's the bad part about being ..... (mary comes in true the silver doors whispering the name of her friend) "i thought you didn't like" said the girl. 
Mary speaking " I do it just that I'm a kid and i had school". 
And because I told my teacher that she looked like a rhinoceros and I got detention.

The girl talking in her head "I was happy and sad that she was here, so i can have a friend to hang with, but i am sad that in the next few days, something bad is about to happen. We talked until dawn, i love the way the sun come's in through the window's.

(a loud noise made the dead girl turn).She was back in the house but the man was gone, she went into the sitting room where she saw .... Where everyone was dead and it is all my fault.( she falls into the corner crying).


Mary was still missing and her best friend didn't know want to do. She didn't really understand what was happening, she just wanted to find her friend, when she stoped crying she saw a bright light with her friend standing in between. She looked at her with a happy smile, but she knew it was her time to go,her time here was no more. 

She touched the wall to get up, Mary put's her hand out for her friend. She and Mary smiled at each other and they both walked into the light together. 

It was like a soft cloud on my feet, i felt like i was walking for miles. 
I could see the end, it was beautiful. 
The colour's were like a swaying painting coming to life. I didn't understand anything until Mary turned and told me.

I'm home

What i have learned about what happened and why did everyone go missing,it wasn't because the people weren't evil or mean it was that they were my new family and i missed them. Mary and I walked a few more miles so we can get to the valley, she said "We are the chosen one's and we have been picked for a great mission.

We saw the city it was so beautiful, the diamonds shined in the burning sun, it was like heaven. We came into the city where,there was the other missing kids,adults and one of the adults was in a long red dress with a necklace on her head(weird!). 

She was smiling to see me she came over to use, she asked me if i was alright, i answered with a nod. After a few minutes talking about what's going on. She told me who i was and why i was here. This is my new home and i am Grace and this is my were my family and friends are.

My name is Tara Grace and i am the first daughter of the sun and it's time for WAR. 

Thousands of years has passed and it seems that my people don't need me anymore. The trarans have gone, the very last is the queen of Grace and the universe. She has two kid's James and Alex Grace, a son of winter and a daughter of the sun. 
Alex was sent to earth at the of five when your planet was gone. She found a new home and mom. She lost her mind and her big brother James. And soon she will be with them, that want she thinks?

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To be continued ......