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After the death of her father leaves her family shaken Andy is sick of everything; the pitiful looks,murmuring when she walks down the hall in school, and desperate sorrow filling her once joyful home. Determined that the only thing that will help her is to leave the tiny town of Oakdalle for a while Andy packs her bags and leaves in the cover of night. On her trip she encounters an array of strange and intriguing people, from a woman talking to an invisible person named Winnie, to a man who likes to dress his pet chicken up. Although along the way Andy encounters a mysterious boy named Caleb who is determined to keep her away despite their attraction, and what Andy thinks will be a normal getaway will soon have her questioning whether her fathers death was an accident after all...


A knock on the door...

A handful of empty words spoken...

A officer going over the tragic details...

A collective gasp followed by the sound of sobs...

A single thought registering...

My dad has been killed...


journal entry #1

Journal thingy,

It's been three weeks... three weeks since dad died... three weeks of the words 'I'm sorry'... three weeks of pitiful looks thrown my way... three weeks of murmurs as I walk down the hall of my school. I don't know how much longer I can take it. The house is just a ball of silence and sadness that chokes me with every second that ticks by, taunting me with its emptiness, reminding us of what we have lost. I can't sleep; at night I lie awake looking at the ceiling and remembering, remembering what he looked like, remembering how he walked and talked, and remembering how much he loved me. Its all I seem to be able to do at night is remember him, because the thought of not remembering scares the shit out of me. I just miss him... I miss my dad.


chapter one

Leave just leaveYou can do it. just leave. you know you need to so just leave already.

Don't go it would kill your mom.

Just go you fool.

The thoughts bounce around in my head taunting me. I can't focusIt doesn't help that I'm staring at a blank math test either. The seconds tick by  painfully slow, and I feel as though I'm about scream. ,I'm the only person still working on my test, well that is if not touching a pencil for the entireaty of the quiz so far can be called work. I hear the mutters of my of so wonderfully nosey classmates, the topic is (as it has been for three weeks now) my fathers death. The murmurs continue and glances are cast my way some of pity and some of disgust. All the attention makes me cringe and try to sink into my seat, Mr. Whitner of course notices my discomfort and does nothing to stop it. Every since I got lost and showed up late to class on the first day he's had it out for me. God hes such a cranky old bag.

I've always hated math  though as I sit here I almost wish the he would take away my test and give us something  new to do so the attention would be off  me, but alas I have no luck, we have a work period. A whole seventy five minuets of nothing. Yay me.

The bell rang signalling the end of class and the begining of a two week break, this thought  terrified yet excited me at the same time as I was going to leave  tonight. I didn't have a car so I had to walk home though I didn't mind  it gave a chance to gather my thoughts and go through my plan.

step one: pack. Plan for a few weeks and bring anything of value.

step two: sneak out, wait till mom and Claire are asleep and leave.

step three: Get a bus ticket


Step five: Arrive in New York and look for a place to stay

step five: Wing it.

I've been planning this for a while now since my father died I  couldn't stand being here with everyone knowing what happened, the look  of pity in everyone's eyes, how they use the term 'passed away'  making  it sound peaceful and painless when it was clearly not. Suddenly the  words the police officer said flashed through my mind...

'Mr. George  Winters was heading to a local shop when he was hit by a truck going  over 65 kilometers over the speed limit... unfortunately the car was  unable to be identified by anyone. When we got there he was  unconscious  from the injuries he sustained. As he had been flung against the  windshield then thrown in front of the car where they ran over him...  he died on the way  to the hospital form his injuries.

A shudder ran through me as though death had trailed and icy finger down my back. Just the thought of those horrible words make me want to cry, the unimaginable pain he must have been in before he... looking up I realized I was just a few houses away from my mine.

Upon arriving home it took everything I had to walk through the doors  and not keep walking past as though the house was just a faint memory  of a once happy place. Walking in I was greeted by mom and little sister  Claire.

"Hi Andy" Claire chirped in her adorable voice.

Like my mother Claire had thick strawberry blonde hair and forest  green eyes, I on the other hand looked like my dad with Long, thick, honey brown hair with Icy blue eyes.

My mother was busy bustling around the kitchen cleaning but stopped when she noticed me.

" Andy how was your day?" she asked a tired smile gracing her tired, aging features.

"It was fine mom, how was yours?" 

"Okay, I cleaned a lot, but I'm really tired I didn't sleep to well."

The familiar sensation of guilt settled in the pit of my stomach,guilt that I was going to leave her tonight for god knows how long. My mother was almost  always awake busing herself with tasks trying to keep her mind off of  dad, I don't blame her either ever since that fateful night I haven't  slept well either though I didn't sleep well to begin with.

"You should really take it easy for a while mom, give yourself  sometime to heal I know that's what I'll be doing." I suggested dropping  a hint that she'll hopefully remember when she finds me gone.


"Well I have some stuff to do so I'll be in my room if you need me." I said excusing my self from the conversation. Mom simpally nodded and went to cleaning.

Leaving the kitchen I posed the question I've asked myself thousands of times in the past weeks 'should I go really do this?'  My  thoughts remained the same I was going, and so with a firm decision planted in my  head I quickly dismissed the thought and dug out my luggage.

Not knowing how long I'll be gone I packed what clothes I thought to  be sufficient, then grabbed my laptop, chargers, toiletries, and money I  had saved up for a rainy day, who knew it would more like a rainy month. Finally I laid out the clothes I  would wear tonight, and decided to pack the last few item's tonight just  in case someone came in and saw they were gone.

"Andy dinner's ready."

"Coming" I replied as I tossed my suitcase under my bed.

Making my way downstairs the smell of barbecued chicken and baked  potatoes with corn filled my nose briefly reminding me of dinner on a  summers day. It's been a long time since that happened, the air has  turned colder and the leaves have changed color and fallen off the trees, soon winter would come bringing warms nights by the fire and reading while wrapped in blankets.

Seeing mom and Claire sitting at the dinner table made me realize that this will be the last meal we share for a while.

I took my place at the table and started to pick at the food, it was really delious but with my stomach doing acrobatic I wasn't sure it the meal would stay down. My mom watched me pick away while Claire babbled about anything that came to her mind.

"Andy are you alright?" mom asked 

"Yeah I'm fine just tired." Oh no she knows something up!

"Okay then... eat up hon."

"We learned how to spell the word hippo today!" Claire exclaimed happily with her mouth full of food.

"Claire honey don't talk with your mouth full." Mom scolded.

"Sorry mommy."

Being only in grade one Claire was easily excited and often forgot small things like not to speak with your mouth full or to say thank you  when someone holds the door open but she was learning.

All to soon the meal was over and the sun was setting, Claire yawned tiredly and started getting ready to go to bed.

"Good night Andy I love you." She rubbed her eyes and gave me a hug.

"Good night Claire I love you too."

I watched as her little framed retreated up the stairs until it was she had entered her room and was no longer visible. My heart clenched, but I could NOT second guess myself. Mom and I settled down in the living room and put a movie on, no one spoke though it wasn't uncomfortable; if anything it was welcomed. I didn't want to talk, just enjoy her presence for a while since I don't know the next time I would be able to.

The silence was quickly drowned out by the droning of the tv, I wasn't even sure what we were watching... though I think it had something to do with magic. When the program was finished mom got kissed me on the head and told me she was going to bed.

"Okay good night mom love you"

"Love you too honey"

I waited half and hour until mom's snores filled the almost silent house and drowned out the Harry Potter movie I was watching, to sneak up the stairs and finish packing. Once done I padded down the stairs and into the kitchen, reaching my hand into the suitcase I found the black leather bound book with the words journal thingy  scribbled across where the title should have been and placed it where I usually sit at the table. Grabbing a piece of paper and pen that was near by I carelessly wrote four words that would hopefully help them understand what I was doing.

This will explain everything

Leaving the note on the book I picked up my luggage and slipped out the door. The cool night air rushed across me as I stepped out finding every minuscule hole in my clothes and penetrating it, a shiver ran through me and I hugged my jacket closer glad to have packed a blanket and winter clothes.

I started walking, the streets were illuminated by the lights hanging over head, they were mostly empty other than the occasional car or pedestrian; both gave me looks as though I was insane though maybe I was I mean I had a perfectly good house and food on the table, amazing friends and family yet I chose to leave it behind...

The moon was just a sliver in the sky reminding me of the Cheshire Cat  grinning. The thought made me sad, it was something my dad would point out all the time, now its only up to me to notice.

Enjoying the cool night air I continued walking, past large houses, through the old and worn main street and to my destination the bus station. I spotted the ticket lady standing in her booth and sauntered over.

"Hello I was wondering what bus would I take to get to New York?"

The lady, Hilda, read her name tag,  looked like she was in her late 60s with fading brown hair streaked with grey sat atop her head, there were fine wrinkles resting upon her once youthful face, and her green eyes dimly sparkled. Though she looked exhausted Hilda gave me a warm smile much like a grandma would give her grandchild.

"Well honey its going to take a few transfers but I think we can get you there. So the first bus will be here in half an hour at 12:30am, board that and take it out of town to the other bus station in Riverdale, after that bored the long travel bus, that will take you to Franklinville. Call a taxi and have it take you to the local train station and ask for the train to New Jersey don't worry they run their trains 24/7 as do the buses in Riverdale, by the time you reach New Jersey the subways will be running, from there just take the subway all the way to New York good luck Kiddo." Hilda gave me another warm smile handed me my ticket and sent me on my way.

Seeing as I still has ten minutes to wait I walked over to an empty bench and started thinking. What if I get to New York and immediately regret it? What if I don't come back to Oakdale?  So many questions rushed around my head, draining me and leaving me confused; the only thing that is clear is that I'm about to leave. I watched as the bus pulled up to the stop, the colors faded and adds were scratched. Gathering my stuff I walked over and boarded throwing a final glance in Hilda's direction. I deposited the change into the meter and looked up at the driver; he had silver hair that was close cropped to his scalp and a long scraggly beard matching the color of his hair. A bored expression rested upon his face and his mouth was slightly turned down at the sight of a young girl standing in front of him,with her luggage.

"Do you need a transfer missy?" he asked in a gruff voice.

"No thanks."

The driver nodded and turned toward the peddles again stepping slightly on the gas. The jolt sent me forward somewhat and I quickly grabbed my stuff and found a seat at the back of the bus. Looking around I realized that I was the only one sitting in the plastic blue seats, matching blue pole lined the seats standing tall like soldiers,and  advertisements were scattered across the sides of the bus and a long yellow pull cord hangs across the windows. Fishing through my bag I found my blanket and wrapped it around me as another chill cut through my sweatshirt.

The bus passes several stops before someone finally boards its a lady that looks to be in her 70s with hair the color of freshly fallen snow, after she deposited the change she hobbles over the seats in front of me and I catch her mumbling the words come now Winnie. After sitting down she turns toward me.

"Hello dear I'm Mildred and this is Winnie." she said motioning toward the empty seat next to her.

I almost laughed in delight, I love the elderly they always have something to share and would talk your ear off if you let them.

"Hello I'm Andromeda but you can call me Andy."  Funny I haven't introduced my self like that in years; I usually just say' hey I'm Andy' or something like that.

After introductions Mildred turned around and started talking to Winnie or the empty seat that Winnie was supposed to be sitting in; I caught a small bit of their one sided conversation.

"What do you mean you have a barbecue sauce stain on your shirt you haven't eaten barbecue today Winnie."

"You have to do laundry so you put on what you thought was clean... well obviously it wasn't. My god I can't take you anywhere."

Mildred sounded exasperated and sarcastic at the same time, I couldn't help but giggle at their conversation. Checking my phone I saw it was 1:00 am and laid my head on the window as fatigue washed over me no sooner had my head made contact with the window I saw the sign that meant I was one step closer to New York...

Now leaving Oakdale


Hey guys thanks so much for reading! Hope you enjoy! I honestly hate authors notes so they probably won't be very long should you see one. Lol.

chapter two

The train station in Franklinville almost empty except a couple 
Cuddling in the corner, a few people loitering around waiting for the bus to arrive, and a single mother swaddling a wailing baby in a failing attempt to sooth it.

I, myself was seated in the corner of the room on and uncomfortable semi padded burgundy bench that was on the brink of falling apart (though I doubted the integrity of the bench I decided that if it broke it would be a funny story to tell later.) The smell of paint and a burger someone was eating permeated my nose at first but as the minuets tick by my anticipation grew. 

By the time the bus pulled up the baby had settled and was sleeping soundly, I was starting to feel sleep creep in behind my eyes but soon the excitement overpowered it. After an hour on the bus the sight of trees got tiring I took out my copy of 'The Perks Of Bring A Wallflower' (which to note was  my favorite novel) and started reading it for what was probably the hundredth time. Books always appealed to me more than movies as they had the depth of interpretation that could not be reached by watching movies, not to mention the way they smell and the feel of pages between my fingers could not be surpassed by anything.

The hours pass and I continue to power through the book, the excitement builds with every kilometer that passes. Finally my eyes can't take it anymore and I'm forced to put down my book, that's when I see it in all it's blue painted glory there stuck in the ground on the side of the highway was a blue sign with black lettering that says 'Welcome To Manhattan'. I'm overjoyed to the point where I think I'm going to burst. Taking out my phone I check the time it reads 6:02 am My mother should wake in an hour and discover me gone, a small ache develops in chest and my heart squeezes at the thought of the panic I will cause her, though my 18th birthday is tomorrow as I mentioned in the notebook that I am adult as I left on my own accord and am fully able to take care of myself.

It's about twenty  minuets before the bus stops at the station, my stomach is doing acrobatics in anticipation- okay Andy first things first get a taxi, go to the subway, arrive in New York then find a cheap place to stay. Okay you got this.

The bus pulled up in front of the station and a handful of us shuffled off. The smell of gasoline and rubber hit me as stepped off the bus, the station we were situated in front of was huge; although was in need of some repairs as the shingles were falling off and the paint was sun bleached in a few places none the less I was ecstatic to be here!

Behind the bus was a line of yellow taxi's and excited family members, after grabbing my luggage I shuffled over to an available taxi and climbed in. The driver a plump fellow with a sunken in face and salt and pepper hair piped up.

"Where you going there little missy?"

"Erm can you take me to the nearest subway station please."

"Of course."

The driver pulled out of station and on to the road, I craned my neck to get a good view of Manhattan. Wow! There are people bustling about EVERYWHERE! This is amazing, no one knows my story of the tiny town I'm from! About ten minutes later the cab stopped.

"Alright we're here."

"Thank you so much! How much do I owe you?"

"Its your first time here right?"


"Then its on the house." he chuckled at my expression, though I probably would to if I were him.

I grabbed my luggage I threw a final thank you over my shoulder and hurried off, I had made it just in time for the subway; by the time i had grabbed my ticket and figured out where to get off the train was almost on its way out. Glancing at the time I hurried down the stairs my luggage going everywhere and on to the train, letting out a sigh of relief I quickly realized there where no seats. Oh well looks like I'm going to have to stand

The subway took off and I stumbled into a pole, catching my balance I wrapped one hand around the pole and the other around my suitcase the minuets flew by and the subway was only two stops away from where I would disembark, I was to busy day dreaming to notice the train had taken an abrupt stop, before I knew it I was sailing backwards right onto the lap of a very handsome guy. The guy has forest green eyes and light brown hair that was in a quiff, he looked my age and had a sharp jawline and a surprised yet somehow bored expression that turned into a smirk as he saw me starring.

"Take a picture it'll last longer." God even his voice had a smirk in it.

"Um...erm... I..Um...I'm sorry." realizing it was my stop I scrambled off his lap collected my stuff and ran of the subway as fast as I could. Oh my gosh that was so embarrassing, well I am pretty clumsy so I shouldn't be surprised.

My face was burning as I scrambled to get out of the station, I'm sure I looked crazy to bystanders watching me rush out luggage in hand with what was most likely a rats nest in place of what was supposed to be a messy bun. 
Haha looks like a achieved the messy look! Oh my god I did not just say that, haha I can be such a weirdo sometimes.

Emerging  from the train station I took in my surroundings, people bustled around the sidewalk in every direction efficiently brushing past one another in an attempt to get to their destination, the buildings were lit up like a christmas tree. This is amazing! Now to find a cheap motel.

Hailing a taxi I asked them to take me to the cheapest motel they know, we pulled up in front of a run down building that looked in desperate need of new shingles. paying the driver I hesitantly climbed out of the taxi and walked up to the building, as I entered the dull, dimly lit lobby the smell of egg salad fill my nose. slightly cringing I walked up to the counter where a plump old woman sat in a rolly chair, her face was sunken in and wrinkles framed her eyes; giving me toothy grin she asked

"Need a room honey?"

"erm yes please" I answered not wanting to be rude and walk out besides how bad could this place be? Continuing I gave her the information she requested until one simple question stumped me.

"Now how long will you be staying here dear?"

"Erm I don't really... " My answer stumped her although she gave me a knowing grin.

"Okay well why don't we do a week to week payment until you figure it out?"

"Okay sounds good how much will the first week be?"

"Alright well the total for the week is $395.36"

"Sounds fair enough, here you go." I handed her the cash while she gave me the room key

"Well lovely to meet you and your room is 13, they are individual units so you have your own entrance from the out side in front of your room."

Giving her a finale hesitant smile I took the room key and walked out with my stuff, glancing along I found room 13 and hastily padded over to it. Inserting the key into the door it opened with a loud creak, the room was a fair size with a single double bed covered with a worn floral quilt sat in the middle of the room with a small night stand residing next to it; a TV sat across from bed on a wood stand. To the left of the bed was a maroon chair, to the right a small table and 3 wooden chairs. There was a tiny hallway the lead to the bathroom; at the end of the hall was a mini kitchen with a mini fridge, small stove, with a tiny counter and sink. All in all the room wasn't bad; it was perfect for what I needed.

The excitement of arriving had worn off and fatigue had set in demanding to be acknowledged, laying down and pulling the covers around me I surrendered to the darkness as sleep over took my body. 

A crack of lighting light up the dark sky waking me up. Looking outside I saw it was pouring rain, my stomach then decided to make a dying whale sound reminding the last time I ate was at dinner yesterday. Oh man I have to go out in this rain, why couldn't I have been smarter and eat something before coming here?

Grabbing my phone I googled where the nearest grocery store was. 252 mclearins drive. Wait that's like two blocks away from here... looks like I'll walk there.

Grabbing socks and a coat I shoved my shoes on, grabbed my wallet and key and started off to the store.

The rain pelted against the ground, and dark clouds hung over the sky as thunder rumbled in the distance, almost matching the sounds my stomach were making. God I'm starving right now! 

The sidewalks bustled about with people in a hurry trying to get where ever they had to be in a timely fashion, Umbrellas of all colors and designs being held in the air as the rain pelted down against them; and mu poor sopping wet feet with were treed on about a hundred times.

Note to self get steel toed rain boots.

By the time I reached the grocery store my hair and clothes were soaked and I was sure I looked like a drowned rat. The automatic doors opened and a welcomed blast of warm air hit me scaring away the rainy chill. Grabbing a small cart I maneuvered through the store picking up the necessities for a few days.

The line was long and the store music was generic but none the less the only thing on my mind at the time was food. Finally I was at the till paying and heading out with my goods.

I was heading out of the store with my bags when suddenly a rag with a weird smell was clamped over my mouth only a single word registered... chloroform.

journal entry #2

Journal thingy,

Grief is like... Well I can't really think of anything singular thing that it is... In some ways it's like drowning and knowing that will never die, the waves of sadness crash over you silencing the world and leaving you floundering trying to escape it, even though you get brief reprieves from the sadness it's always in the back of your mind never totally gone until another wave pushes you back under leaving you struggling once again, but in other ways it's different. It affects everyone differently grief can make one person shut down and another person become consumed in completing tasks to keep away the pain, some chose to get on with there lives accepting the loss and others like me chose to escape the chaos that is life and do something for them instead, to remind them that they're still alive. You see there's very few times when people are truly alive; the type of alive that's not just doing something you mildly enjoy or going on with every day life, but the type of alive that sends every fiber of your being into hyper drive or makes every nerve tingle in delight sparking every joyous feeling in existence, instantaneously making you smile. There are so few instances when people are truly alive they often confuse it for living, at least that's what I believe.


chapter three

When I woke up my head hurt and my body felt heavy looking around I saw I was in a red room, funny my room isn't red I thought. Suddenly the past twenty four hours came rushing back , the bus, winnie, the subway guy, my motel room, and the chloroform rag.

Panic set in as I start to remember the events of the previous night...

Going to the grocery store...

Checking out...


Having a chloroform rag placed over my face...

Then darkness...

Panicking I through off the covers to find I was in an over sized men's t shirt, checking underneath I was relieved to find my undergarments still on my body. Starting to look around I saw the room I was in was massive. The walls were painted a dark red and the furniture was all black. There was even a sitting area in here!

I had just started to wonder where my clothes where when I heard footsteps approaching, fearing who would walk through the door I grabbed a lamp that was next to me and yanked it out off the wall yielding it like a weapon.

God I feel stupid, I'm holding a freaking lamp like it's the holy grail.

The knob giggled and turned, without looking to see who entered, I closed my eyes and lobbed  the lamp at the door hopping it hit the intruder. Great strategy I know

"ow what the hell?"

Opening my eyes I was shocked to the guy from the subway standing there holding side of his handsome face.

"Oh my gondalaw you're the guy from the subway..."

"I'm sorry you have to speak louder I can't hear anything over the sound of the blood rushing to my head because I WAS JUST HIT WITH A FREAKING LAMP!"

" Yeah well maybe next you go to enter a room you'll knock, then you won't get hit with a FREAKING LAMP." I sassed.

"Or maybe next time I won't save the girl." He muttered.

There was a moment of silence after he said that, I was shocked.

" y... you saved me?"

"Oh don't sound so shocked. You see a unconscious girl being dragged into an alley by some men and you get suspicious. So naturally I followed them and punched their lights outs... "

"Oh. Okay. Can I at least get your name then?"


Short. Simple. To the point. No hand shake or anything friendly.

I had a feeling that since I threw the lamp at him I had overstayed my welcome.

"Okay well then I'm Andromeda, it's nice to meet you." I said sticking my hand out.

I was met with a blank stare, then laughter.

" who the hell names there daughter Andromeda? I mean... I mean that's just the weirdest name ever."

"My dad named me and I quite like my name thank you very much"

Angered by his comment I brushed past him and into the hall way. 

"Just where the hell do you think you're going prey tell?"

"Away from you!"

"Ha I bet you don't even know where you are right now."

In a flash I turned on my heel and stormed over to him.

"I know exactly where I am thank you very much!"

"Mmmhmm so then where are we?"

"New York"

"Nice try smart ass I meant what park of New York" he chuckled.

To be perfectly honest I had no clue where we are and he knew, but there was no way in hell I was going to let him have that satisfaction.

"We're in the upper west side."

He looked shocked.

"wait.. you got that right... how?"

"That's for me to know and for you to not. Now take me home!"

"Wow you're very demanding for someone I just saved, which by the way you're welcome for. But fine I'll take you home where do u live then?" he huffed.

"I have a room in the Red Maple motel."

"A motel? You've got to be joking right? Those places are so dingy its repulsive!"

"Well I'm sorry we can't all afford to pay for an apartment with bathrooms the size of Texas. Now can you just take me home please!"

I'm starting to get really sick of his entitled attitude.

"Yeah whatever. Lets go then."

He turned around started walking away, his strides were double the size of mine and by the time I caught up with him I was practically running. This act continued until he suddenly stopped. I smacked into his back and received a glare in return. Unlocking a beautiful and very expensive car he opened the door and mumbled a get it.

Following his orders I got into the car feeling very out of place in two day old rumpled clothes and messy hair. Determined to keep my from the beautiful stranger beside me I scooted as close to the door as possible without falling out. Caleb must if noticed since he stated laughing, even his laugh was attractive oh my god. 

"I'm not going to bite you know that right?" 

Wow the pretty boy has a sense of humor. Shocking.

"you might not but I do"

This made him chuckle, it was contagious as I soon felt myself begin to relax and even chuckle with him.

"well now I know two things about you."

"Whats that?" I mused, playing along in the banter.

"Well you bite and throw lamps when provoked."

journal entry #3

Journal Thingy,

I'm having a really hard time coping with this and I'm not the only one. Mom has barely slept since and Claire practically has a meltdown anytime she sees a car. Jesus this is just so fucked up! The police still haven't found out who hit my dad, what kind of person could just hit and run like that and still live with themselves! The people at my school have really kept they're distance even from me, they whisper and glance away when I walk down the halls, it's horrible! I can't take this anymore! Even Blair my best friend has been walking on eggshells, I don't think she knows what to do with me anymore. Well that's it, bye for now


chapter four

The car speed past buildings and people, so many people, Oakdale never this many people ever. Caleb had stopped talking and the only noise was the radio softly playing jazz. 

My dad used to listen to jazz, he would always have it playing in the background. Whenever a peppy song would come on he would grab my mother and dance with her, Claire would always join dragging me along with her to dance with them. 

Tears welled in my eyes at the thought of my dad, I would give anything just to see him more time.

"Look... uh... Andromeda was it? I'm gonna need an address here okay. I don't know where the motel is." Caleb interrupted my thoughts shuddering after he said motel. 

God he is such an ass.

"I don't know" 

The car came to a stop at a red light. 

"What do you mean you don't know where the motel is?" He turned to look at me a slightly annoyed look on his face.

"I just told you I don't know where it is! God are you that thick that you can't understand english!"

Caleb pulled the car over to the side of the road. "Don't you ever talk to me like that again." His voice was dangerously low and dripping with venom, yet it was still smooth like melted chocolate. His gorgeous eyes now dark and shooting daggers at me.

He had my attention now. Anger radiated off of him, making me shrink back towards the door. I squeaked out a quiet apology and risked a glance up at him.

His features softened and he let out a sigh.

"I'm sorry too... for uh scaring you or whatever." 

I just nodded and turned back into my seat.

Wow he was not great at apologies.

"Anyways how exactly do you not where the place you're staying is?"

"Well I just arrived yesterday so I'm not sure where it is but if you drop me off at the grocery store where you found me I can get to the motel from there."

"You really think I'm going to drop you off at a place where I had to rescue your sorry ass." He rolled his eyes.

" well what's the alternative you drive me around until I find the motel where I live!"

"Wait did you just say you live at the motel... as in a dingy, cramped, shitty motel?"

"Well I'm sorry not all of us are rich, entitled snobs that can afford anything we want at the drop of a hat!"

" you know what you're right I don't have time to just drive you around today so get out!"

Flabbergasted I stuttered out "w-what do you mean get out?"

He rolled his eyes again looking infuriated with my question. "Are you daft? I said get out."

"No, I have no idea where I am! You can't just drop me off in the middle of a- "

"JUST SHUT UP ALREADY... god you've been talking non stop since you threw a fucking lamp at me, you know what fine I'll just drop you off the grocery store where I found you."

It was a silent ride afterwards, Caleb was quietly fuming the entire ride and I didn't want to make it worse so I sat quietly and tried not to move. Finally I had enough.

"you know I don't know what your problem is but get your head out of your ass already cause I've known you for less the n twenty four hours and I'm already sick of your fucking prissy rich brat attitude! I mean do you even work for your money or did you inherit from you precious daddy..."

"DO NOT BRING MY FATHER INTO THIS ANDROMEDA." He shouted cutting me off mid sentence. "He is not a person I want to discuss ever. Period. End of conversation. Got it? Good."

"Daddy issues, that's hot" I chuckled, Caleb didn't look amused. 

"would you just shut the fuck up for once in your life" he snapped.

"Well someone woke up on the wrong side of the warthog" I mumbled under my breath. Caleb looked shocked .

" Did you just quote the Lion King?" 

My cheeks started heating up, I didn't expect him to hear me, looking away shyly I mumbled a quick maybe. 

The car pulled into the grocery store parking lot, I went to get out but before I could Caleb called for me to stop.

"Whats going on?" 

Caleb didn't answer instead his eyes were focused on the a black sports car with two men leaning against it they looked very intimidating.  Both were tall well over six feet, one was buff looking with black hair that slicked back and the other had a potbelly yet somehow still looked quite muscular with brown hair that held a few silver streaks in it.  Both were dressed neatly in suits that looked very expensive, they had an aura of danger about them, one that me fear them immediately. 

"Caleb who are they?" 

Snapping out of it he shook his head "they're no one, on second thought I'm going to drive you to your motel, do you know how to get there from here?"

"yeah" I gave him the directions and he sped out of the parking lot, his eyes not quite leaving the men in suits until they were out of sight.

I'm sure he was bipolar and a little part of me hopped I would never have to see him again, yet a bigger part of me hopped I would. There was something about Caleb that made me hate his fucking guts yet at simultaneously want to know him, I'm just not sure what it is. There was one thing I was sure about though this man was hiding something, I had a feeling it was something quite dangerous and I hope it doesn't come to haunt me. 


chapter five

After a few wrong turns thanks to my horrible directions we finally found the motel, pulling into the parking lot Caleb surveyed the building in disgust.

"Ugh I can't believe you live in this dump."

Before I could snap at him the door of a room a few units down from me burst open a chicken started running around squeaking like mad and behind the chicken was a short, round man swearing in Italian at the chicken. I was shocked and from the looks of it Caleb was as well. The man was only wearing a wife beater tank and a pair of shorts, he had a bald patch on the top of his head surrounded by graying brown hair and a five o clock shadow gracing his face.

"What the actual fuck? Is he chasing a god damn chicken around? See this is why I hate motels."

"Honestly Caleb I'm not quite sure what's going on either."

As if the man heard us he turned around and waved at us.

"Oh hello there kids, don't mind me I'm just trying to catch my pet chicken, Nugget, he's being a bit of a pest! Oh I forgot to introduce myself I'm Vince!"

"Hi Vince I'm Andy and this is Caleb."

"Well it's nice to meet you and might I say you two make a lovely couple."

This caused me to turn tomato red, while Caleb started laughing.

" Oh that's a good one, I would never date someone like Andy... I couldn't even imagine it, me dating someone who lives in a freaking motel that's hilarious." Caleb was in stitches at the thought.

Vince on the other hand looked quite unimpressed.

"Yes... well... I can tell you're a real charmer, Andy I think it's safe to say you dodged a bullet by not dating that boy. Well I have to go and get nugget into his new sweater nice to meet you Andy. Caleb I can't say it's been a pleasure."

Vince grabbed the chicken and with a quick wave went back into his room.

Caleb shot me a disgusted look. 

"This is why I hate motels."

" whatever, its not as bad as you think."

"Yes because who doesn't want to live next a man who dresses his frigging chicken up in sweaters!" he exclaimed throwing his arms in the air.

" Okay Mr. snobby rich boy, whatever you say. Now do you want to come in or are you going leave?" Shifting my weight to my other leg I looked up at him, and gave him a questioning look. 

"First of all its Mr. snobby rich HANDSOME MAN to you" Caleb replied putting emphasis on handsome and man. " And second of all I'll come in, I've never been in a motel before."

I was shocked, first he has the audacity to call my motel room disgusting with out ever being in one before.

Grumbling I turned on my heal and headed for the door to my unit, shoving my hand in my pocket I felt around for the key to my unit. I couldn't find it, trying the other pocket I couldn't find it there either, slowly the realization dawned on me.

"Holy shit I lost my key" I wanted to cry, I'd only been in the city for a day and a half and I'd already been in an attempted kidnapping, rescued by a greek god whom I'd thrown a lamp at  and now I'd lost my keys. 

Maybe this was a huge mistake after all... no I can't go there, right now all I have to do is find my freaking keys.

"Just ask up at the front desk for a spare set." 

"yeah I guess." I grumbled while turning and marching toward the building that contained the front desk with Caleb trailing behind while chuckling.

The door opened easily, ringing the bell that hung on top of the frame alerting the clerk to my presence. 

"Nice to see you again hun, what can I do for you?" The clerk who's name tag read Tilda asked.

"Hi yeah, well you see I was kinda in a attempted kidnapping yesterday and it seems that during that I lost my key and was hoping you had a spare I could use?" Well that was awkward to explain.

Tilda looked shocked and the lines on forehead deepen as her eyebrows rose in astonishment.

Putting a hand on heart she breathed a sigh of relief " well thank goodness you got away! I don't want anything to happen to you dear, if you don't mind me asking how did you escape?"

"well you see um I couldn't because the kidnappers used a chloro foam cloth on me but thankfully Caleb here saw and came to rescue me."

"God bless you dear, thank you for saving her. Now I believe you need a key, yes?" she smirked holding up a key for me to take.

"yes thank you so much Tilda! I'll see you later!" I chirped a goodbye and headed out the door.

"Bye hun, take care and hope you enjoy that handsome rescuer of yours" Tilda called out as we left.

"you know what I like her, she thinks I'm handsome" Caleb quipped as we walked back.

"Interesting Tilda must be a mom then because you have a face only a mother could love." 

"Hey its only messed up because someone chose to throw a lamp at me." 

I scoffed while giggling " really we're back to the lamp thing really?"

"yes really."

We reached the door, I quickly put the key in and turned the knob, what was behind the door shocked me...

"Holy shit."


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chapter six

unknown POV

I approached the desk where he sat slightly nervous, upon hearing my arrival he swiveled around in his chair.

His deep voice was thunderous " Did you find her?"

"yes boss" I replied.

" Good now are you one hundred percent sure that it is Andromeda?"

"Yes sir we got some of her ID and we found out where shes staying this job should be a piece of cake."

The boss looked mad, slamming his fist down he boomed. "what do you mean 'this job should be a piece of cake?' I told you to do away with her, she's the last person I need poking around New York!"

wincing at his loudness I timidly answered knowing he wouldn't like what I had to say.

"well you see boss, we did have her and she was chloro foamed and we were about to leave but something happened..."

Pinching the bridge of his nose he sighed.

" What could of possibly happened you had one fucking job Lenny are you to stupid to catch a teenager?"

" no boss, um... someone kinda saw us dragging her away and kinda stopped us and took her back." I started slowly backing away from the desk fearing what would happen when he found out who took her

" well who took her?" He demanded slamming his palms against the desk while standing up.


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chapter seven

The place was trashed! My stuff was thrown everywhere, covering the floor, chairs, tables and the bed. The covers were thrown off, lamps smashed and chair legs were broken and thrown all over the place.

"Oh my god I can't believe this!" At this point the urge to cry was overwhelming but I held back the tears and moved further into the room assessing the damage.

Most of the damage was  broken furniture mixed with  my clothes, and the occasional shard of porcelain from a broken lamp. I looked at Caleb he looked confused and shocked at the scene before him. He almost looked out of place. A man so handsome and dressed head to toe in clothes I would never even dream of being able to afford standing among a mess of shattered furniture and clothes. Just then came a knock on the door.

"Only me love, can I come in?" 

"um, yeah Tilda come on in."

Tilda opened the door and let out a small screech. " What the hell happened?!"

"The place was ransacked probably the guys who tried to kidnap you Andy."  Caleb looked away and clenched his jaw.

"Dear me, I don't think its safe for you to stay here anymore dear, I'll go call the police and inform them of what happened. Let me know what you're doing dear okay?" And with that Tilda left.

I started searching through the rubble moving pieces of chair and righting the knocked over night stand. I was picking up some sleep shirts when a I felt a sharp pain in my finger.

"ouch shit."

I looked down to see a shard of broken porcelain stuck in my finger surrounded by a pool of dark red blood. Caleb came over.

"What happened are you okay?"

"yeah I'm fine, my fingers bleeding from a piece of broken lamp."

"What the hell's with you and lamps, come here I'll clean you up." He stated while heading toward the bathroom.

Reluctantly dropping the shirt I followed him to the bathroom. He lead me to the sink and took a look the cut.

"It doesn't look too deep so I don't think you'll need stitched but I have to get the shard out to this will hurt a bit okay?"

He was still looking at the cut so I took the chance to gaze up at him for a moment. His gorgeous green eyes danced in the low light of the bathroom, I noticed they had small golden flecks in them.  His mouth was drawn into a thin line but I still saw a soft pink peeking out from the uniform line. God he had nicer eyebrows than I did, they were a dark brown and so nicely shaped, thought at the moment they were drawn together in concentration. 

I was so busy studying his beautiful face I didn't even notice that the piece of porcelain had been pulled from my finger, briefly glancing down I noticed the shard was missing and in it place left a hole less than a centimeter deep.

Caleb took a small step closer and his sent invaded my nostrils, he smelt great like amber wood and musk . Glancing up I met his eyes which were already trained on my face.

"Did that hurt?" he muttered so softly I almost missed it.

"No I didn't feel a thing."

Caleb was staring into my eyes still, this time his eyes were darker, the gold flecks were dulled compared to the stormy green that seemed to become more  mesmerizing by the second. The air between us was electric yet still almost as if any sudden movement would shatter us.

Gently he grabbed my hand and guided it under running water from the sink and then washed the blood away. 

I was breathless at this point. He was being sweet, which was a first.

My hand was removed from the water and had toilet paper wrapped around my bleeding finger. 

"Okay you're good now."

Caleb dropped my hand at my side and walked out of the bathroom, as quickly as the moment started it was over. The only thing left  was my breathless form leaning against the sink trying to get my bearings again and a slight tingle in my had that I doubted was from the wound.

I exited the bath and saw Caleb with his back turned to me looking at something, as if he sensed my presence he turned around and and shoved whatever he was looking at in the pocket of his jacket. That's weird... did he just take something? 

Shaking the thought from my mind I started walking toward the bed and picked up where I left off with sifting through the rubble being careful not to stab myself again. Caleb did nothing, he just watched me pack,  his eyebrows knitted together in thought, he looked like he was raging a battle in his mind.

Turning back to the rubble I picked up my suitcase and started to fold the clothes I picked up to get them out of my way, I was halfway through folding my third shirt when Caleb finally spoke up.

"Tilda's right you know, it's not safe for you to stay here." There was no emotion in his voice in fact he didn't even look at when speaking, just kept staring at the broken bits on the ground in front of him; it was almost as if he was speaking to himself.

"I'm not sure what else I can do, this was the cheapest motel I could find and compared to the ones from home the price is through roof, there's not much more I can afford, so it's here or the street." I replied.

"Stay with me. then"

I almost chocked the man who only an hour or two earlier was kicking me out of his car for asking him to drop me off at a grocery store was now offering me a place to live... and with him! I had no other choice, except a motel where I might not be safe or the street where I definitely won't be safe, I guess living with the moody bipolar Adonis it is then.