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A story of Exodus.


                 ~*~ This work of fiction contains adult themes ~*~
A man in his mid twenties is plagued by visions of people's gruesome death's, either by some one else's hand or their own. The man who struggles to suppress these horrid painful visions, must find a way to stop them. Or atleast ease the pain. 
Author's note, I'm human, which means I am not perfect, neither is my writing. I will make various mistakes, I apologize. I would also love you to give me feed back!  as it is now, the story is all over the place and I want to make it more coherent but right now I want to set the lore outstraight. 

Interaction 1: Coming to terms in his dream of mirrors.

Where should we start? It's always some what of a hard topic for this story. Starting at the beginning would make sense. But where is the beginning of this story exactly. Some say it would start at birth. Or when he came to terms. "He" You may be asking is our...protagonist if you would like to call him that. And we start off just outside his wondrous apartment.

He was a man who was afflicted with a mental disorder. At least that's what the Doctors said. He thought he was insane or at least going crazy. Though he was a bit right. What led him to think he was insane? Well he constantly would hear voices. I suppose one of them was mine, but after all I've been there since an early state. He would hear screams-- not just voices. Screams of people's wretched ends, and on the unlucky nights he would see what happened in front of his young eyes. Though he is now much older and this is where our story would pick up.

He was walking home on this day, a cool winter day in the city of New Haven. It used to be New York, but it became a refugee Haven after New Pigshore, and most of Long Island where completely obliterated by a large terrorist organization back in 1973 that was about 30 years ago now.

He was walking home on the cold day, he was walking to his home from his job, he was as a construction worker, Jack hammers and drills don't bother him as much as the screams do, so it was a perfect fit. He carried his work gear in a plastic bag, he went through a lot of these due to the weight of his work attire. The black, steel toed boots, the large vest, the hard had, and those weird pants with the knee pads on them. I never liked those things, they look stupid and the colours clash horrendously.

The bag brushed against the end of his large coat, brushing against his jeans as well, making a rather weird noise like dull sandpaper on cloth. He was fond of black coloured cigarettes, no real reason, he liked the colour and they looked and tasted like smaller cigars I suppose. He had a very zoned out look on his face, his eyes where tired, his face was loose and he could have just kept walking for hours. Though he soon came to his apartment building. He took the black cigarette out of his mouth, holding it between his thumb and index finger as he pushed it against the layered brick wall just to the side of the door. The owner of the building was his old friend's father at one time, so he got to stay some what discounted. But after he died the mans daughter took over. She was a rather tall, pale, and had dark auburn hair. She had her nose buried in a book at the front desk, leaning over the counter reading the columns of words that where written by some author he had probably never heard of.

He pushed open the door his bag clipping the wall as he pushed through, the sound of a bell went off as the door pushed against it. As he ducked his head under the frame, it was built kind of small, then again he was tall. The door closed behind him as he walked past her. But not unnoticed. She looked over and gave him a childish devilish smirk. Giving a wave as she let loose her rather coy greeting

"Hey there big guy~."

He had a simple reply back to her "Hey.."

He said with a tired voice, it was nearly 8PM and he had been working a 12 hour day with little breaks in between, not because he was forced to work without breaks, He simply didn't take many. As he walked past his friend he realized her comment and smiled a bit to himself. She was around 5 feet 5 inches. Tall for some girls in the city, he was almost 6 feet though, and because of this she always called him "Big guy" when he came into the building as a joke since he almost hit his head on the door frame all the time. He walked to the third floor of the building, up the flight of stairs he heard various things, arguing neighbours and one girl singing in the shower. Soon he reached his apartment on the third floor. 301 B. He had various things on the outside of his door placed by his friend. She often liked to make things that where showy, when they where kids she would dress him up and put makeup on him just to make him standout.

There was a letter attached to his door though, taking it off with the piece of tape, he opened the door to his some what messy apartment, letting his bag drop to the ground next to his only other pair of shoes, he turned to close the door behind him continuing to walk right into his kitchen which was right in front of his door. He opened the letter, it wasn't anything of severe importance, just a pay check from his past work days.

He walked to his fridge throwing the check beside his sink on his way there. He opened the fridge before he was in-front of it, he couldn't squeeze past the fully open fridge door as it was too close to the counter, he reached over the top, grabbing out two bottles, holding the neck of the cold glass bottles between his fingers. Both where alcoholic beverages. One being black rum, and the other being a generic beer.

He picked up a small fold able chair and placed it next to a large comfy chair. It wasn't one that you could just sit and sink into it until the upholstery consumed you or anything. It was just a larg comfy chair that was positioned in front of his TV. As he sat down in his chair, he heard two quick knocks at his door before his friend entered. She promptly closed the door behind herself as she walked over to the chair, sitting down with a exhale that sounded like she made a lovely "Umpf" noise

She was a rather childish girl, making a very impatient grabby motion towards him. He looked over to her, and he smiled. In a bleak, grey and colourless town. To him-- She radiated different colours, ones that swirled together like a whirlpool of various bright colours autumn and umber reds. They never blended together but, each their own individual colour. It was hard to even call it colour. It was more of just an analogy to describe the blur of of well...colours. To put it easily, he was in love with her. Though it was hard to see for most people, but her father had known and seemingly was the only one to know, and he never talked about it.

He took the beer under his hand catching the rim of the bottle cap on his ring that lied on his middle finger, as he pulled it up, taking the cap off leaving very subtle scratches. It was a black ring so it was hard to tell on the material that there were any scratches at all. She stared at his tired face a bit, He wasn't the best looking man. Below average,  the only distinguishing marks he had, where on the left side of his face, He had a scar clipping through his eyebrow. And down near his chin a small one as well. He often grew stubble but shaved it often. Though some how there was always a prickly mess on his face. Though it suited him very well even if he was black haired, and pesky copper chin hairs sprouted once in awhile. He had pale blue, almost grey coloured eyes, he had long shoulder length, wavy dark, very dark, brown hair. It was almost black. Yet he it was somewhat red.

He handed her the opened beer as mist flowed out of the neck as she sat in her chair moving just a bit till he could see her face clearly. She was fair skinned, pale, and her hair went with her fiery temper. Even if it was a darker auburn. All though people often said it reminded them of Autumn. She had slightly red pink lips, green eyes-- Jade green almost. She was a true colour pallet. She often wore non revealing clothing, long sweaters or cardigans with them.


He said with a tired tone, as Alice looked towards him

"Yeah, Kaz?" Kaz was a nickname, his real name was Kaizer. The first time he met her, she misunderstood his name and called him. After all she was a bit young. And ever since he was 10 he knew she was going to die. Even 18 years later, he knew something terrible would happen to her at some point. All though, he just thought he was insane. It was half and half with him, he didn't know if it was real or just his mind. But he dreaded it still-- But finally he some what convinced himself it was just a illusion. And he came to terms with it, dismissing it as his brain being absolutely crazy.

Interaction 2: Living in an upside down apartment.

"Alice, you want something stronger~?"

Originally his tone ensued he concerned about her-- or something close to it. Though as the question left his mouth as one meant to antagonize. He would often joke about her poor choice in liquor and men.  He would reach his hand over his own bottle, cracking the cap off with the ring on his middle finger the same as he did to hers. 

He soon took a swig of the black rum with a content sigh after he had swallowed the dark liquid.  A familiar burning sensation accompanied by a sweet taste left in his mouth, whilst his nose tingled from the alcohol. After he had a few more sips he would put his bottle down next to his chair. He pushed the bottle right up against the fabric so it wouldn't fall over as easy. The cool glass had started to sprout little dollops of water, making the upholstery wet. 

Alice soon smacked his arm, leaving. Some what spread out, Her hand left a smarting sensation along with red markings.


He exclaimed as he looked at her with his tired eyes, not making a quick effort to turn towards her

"What the... hell was that for huh.. Alice?" He sputtered out tiredly soon realizing what he had dpne, leaning back over the arm of his chair to grab his bottle pulling it back onto his lips with a grunt.

"I know..I know..The seat."

Kaz had said tiredly as he leaned back, closing his eyes, he would re-open them, but he was tired his eyes felt so heavy and he thought to keep them closed awhile longer as he took sips from his drink here and there. Alice patted his shoulder, and whispered out in a big sister like tone. Stern, yet caring.

"I'm going to get back to the desk. Good night Kaz~"

She said with a coo in her voice as she left the empty bottle by a blue bin that was over flowing with glass and aluminum cans. She simply set it down in front of the box as she grabbed her does and left out the door. She had a weird child like urges, one of these urges was that she loved to do is run up and down the stairs in her socks. Apart from this apartment being absolutely dirty and a mess most of the time one of the things Kaz did to keep his rent low his clean the stairs for her.

Kaz continued to sit in his chair, eyes closed mindlessly sipping his drink over and over. Tilting it back further and further until-- He had ran out of his beloved drink, with a grunt he opened his eyes. Yet instead of seeing his TV set, and speakers with blinking lights and buttons. He was met with hansom gleaming white eyes and sharp long white teeth, There was what looked to be a mangy looking...Dog? No-- It was just canine like. With human inflections along side the canine ones. The canine was pure black. No color getting through or even touching it, no light shining on it, but it's outline was well pronounced. It had the mouth of a human almost-- Not the lips but the mouth. It seemed to smile. In addition to it's large grin it seemed to be oozing something. It looked like thick, black, tar but as soon as it touched anything it turned to smoke and mist.  A large portion dropped down onto his face, only to turn into a puff of smoke right before his eyes. Even though it seemed to secrete the ooze from every single pore of it's, leaking through it's fur. It drooled profusely onto his chest, the same dark ooze. Yet it didn't turn to smoke, instead it felt like the ooze dissolved as soon as it touch his clothing, and it wasn't  as thick looking either.

The canine looked down with the smile still on his lips, before he started to cave in on himself.  The sound of cracking bones, flesh ripping apart and being torn from the bone as it contorted into a horrible state in which it no longer moved or even made a resembled a canine or a human. It looked to be just a disgusting mess of bone and flesh. It was laying out in front of his television set, motionless and slowly turning to smoke from the middle outwards   until it was gone. The creature that appeared with pure white eyes was laying in front of his feet. In the end entrails, bone, and black blood where seeping out of the canine. The bones still cracking, splintering even. Like a big wood log being crushed under massive weight and crackling like kindling on a raging fire. The bones were pushing their way through the tissue causing black blood to spurt out across the room and pool around the mass of flesh and bone. The flesh was falling off of the white bones, like water dripping off a leaf. Falling off as it had never been attached at all and was just sliding off.

 Soon enough he realized one more thing. His apartment seemed to be upside down. Or at least. He was on the roof of his now, upside down apartment. He was in so much shock he could barely move. His hands shook and as did he, this wasn't the first time he saw the canine like creature. He never knew how to describe such a horrid looking thing. So he simply called it Archaic. It looked like pure trouble, anarchy and evil. He stumbled around out of his "upside down chair" he was flung out of it onto the floor infront of the tv, previously where the large black stain was from the blood of Archaic. He checked his palms for any sign of the blood but finding nothing but small amounts of dirt and crumbs.  He wiped his hands off on his shirt, looking around in a panic as his room seemed to be back to normal. 

Soon enough he stood up, staring blankly  into a small clay sculpture Alice had bought him from a street vendor when he was in Detroit with her parents. They often took Kaizer places due to his parents never doing anything with him. They found him an annoyance and always told him to stop screaming in pain. He had the sculpture for a while,  10 or so years-- It was a small crow sculpture with a old plague doctors mask on it. The crow was sleek and black. And the plague mask was brown leather and it could be removed.  It had a small strap on the back of the crows head insuring it would stay on. But two beaming white eyes that always seemed to be discomforting to some people despite the crows cute appearance even with the mask on. He slowly picked up and stared into at the leather mask. Simply staring at something that brought him some what okay memories.

Interaction 3 : Welcome to my nightmare.

It had been a few minuets. Or..Had it been more? An hour? Two? No. It had only been ten minuets. Yet for Kaizer it seemed to have been forever. He kept staring at the crow sculpture before putting it down in front of the TV and walking away as he shook. He walked at a slow pace, dragging his feet  as he walked towards the fridge, as he opened it he got out a couple bottles of his rum. He cracked the first one open, and started to down it with haste.  He slammed the bottle down into the sink, shattering it, within the stainless steel bucket. He was breathing hastily repeating; "It's just a dream...That's it...dreams.."

Kaz had previously been admitted to a mental hospital when he was 15. A couple weeks after he returned from Detroit. He tried to explain to his parents about this black dog he saw that smiled like a man. Yet all his  mother did was yell at how stupid he was for thinking something like that could exist. His father called the local asylum and had him shut away for 3 years for rehabilitation. Though his parent's had no idea what they did to him in there. Hydro-therapy, Shock-therapy. And many other experimental treatments.  

When he got out, he learned his mother had passed and his father had left town. Alice's dad who owned the apartment building at the time let him have his own room and he stayed there till his current age had come to pick him up. Alice was so happy giddy even to see her friend again. When Alice finally saw Kaz she knew he had been through hell. His hair had been cut down into clumps.  And looked it had been singed off in some parts. His wrists hand blue strips on them from where they tied him down with leather cuffs. His ankles had very similar strips on them all though they where a tad larger. He had scars around his shoulders from struggling as they tried to hold him down on a metal table, cutting himself on the edges quite often in his struggling. She broke into tears running up to hug the feeble slender framed boy she knew no longer. She wrapped her arms around his chest balling into his clothing, making a large wet imprint. He looked down with dead eyes, too tired to hug back or even cry, he just would look at her with eyes of some one that had been drained of all happiness. 

Even though he saw colours of unimaginable beauty. His expression would not change for years until he was a almost twenty, he was nineteen or so. After he got out of the hospital he started to fill his void with various  things, drugs, alcohol, smoking, and assorted crimes. He robbed a couple of stores, did various drugs, and wouldn't drink anything with a alcohol level lower than 1%. One night, he had a cocktail of different highs. He used up everything he had in his stash just to escape his reality. To feel something other than pain and emptiness, to try and feel like he hadn't lost his mind. He just thought he was crazy and that's all these screams where, him being insane. So he took absolutely everything he could find, anything chew-able, lick-able, anything to shove into his veins. Anything he could get high off of, and he just layed there lifelessly staring at his roof, before he closed his eyes. Only to open them 5 weeks later in a hospital bed. He had a serious overdose, he had done just about everything he had just to take the pain away just for a moment. But he had done way to much, causing his body to spasm and go into shock, his heart couldn't take the overwhelming toxins and shut down. His heart, pounding away like  under the stress of having everything he could get into his system crammed in there. 

He went  into a small coma for 5 weeks, all though that sounds almost like a joke to some people-- A small coma, there isn't really anything small about it other than the frame of time he was in a nightmare. When he woke up, Alice and her father where in the room. Her father looked terrible like he hadn't slept in days, his beard was grown out, and he had clothes on that were unwashed and tattered. He was sitting in the chair that was beside the large window on the back wall of the room. As he looked around the room he noticed it was rather white, dull, and familiar, it looked like the asylum he had been in. Trying not to panic his heart started to beat furiously as the machine's alarms went off, his pulse spiked and he was on the verge of having a heart attack in his already fragile condition. He had no more time to take in the room as a doctor and a few nurse's ran in securing him down as everything soon faded to black, and the noise of the room soon faded to become a faint deaf tone. 

He awoke the next morning with a nurse in the room, as well as Alice, her father had left the room, and the chair he sat in was  near Alice. He moved his arm that was over the blanket,  flicking the railing making a sort of"ting" sound. It took awhile for the faint sound to reach the nurse in the room. She walked over waking Alice up as the nurse asked Alice to keep an eye on him, the nurse rushing out of the room to get the Doctor that had been seeing to his treatment. Alice grasped desperately for his hand as she cried, clutching his hand desperately  wishing he wouldn't leave her again.

"Don't you dare...close your eyes on me"

She was afraid that he would leave her, and had all the reason to in his current state. He looked as if he crawled out of a grave, he had an overall messy appearance, and he didn't smell too great either. As Alice clung to his hand crying at his bedside, he feebly  grasped back with a faint smile on his face. He had died for a total of 20 seconds before they started his heart again. He felt like he was in a new body, having been disconnected from life, even in an unconscious state he felt something was wrong.

"Alice...Did I die..?"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     He asked tilting his head to see her a bit more, her auburn hair, that once gleamed with love, was dark and shabby, cut a bit shorter since the last time he saw her. Her pale skin was some how ever whiter, more porcelain than white. He brushed his thumb across her palm as his breathing felt irregular, heavy and more of an annoyance than actual natural breathing. His heart hurt in his chest, like some one stuck multiple needles into it before closing him back up. 

"You fucking idiot...what where you thinking! You could have died for longer than you already did! You died for 30 seconds or something! You scared me! You where about to leave me alone in this world...You can't do that! Promise me you wont leave me alone! And no more fucking d-Drugs you got that!?"                                                                    Instead of giving her a frown, and apologizing for almost departing this world, he gave a warm smile, best that he could in his condition and said with his raspy voice.

"I promise I won't leave you...Alice...I won't leave yo..u...Alone in promise." Kaz always had kept his promises, never breaking them to anyone.

He was hard  set on getting his words out in a coherent sentence  as his words sputtered out in a raspy tone due to his lack of water in his throat. The nurse came back in a few seconds after he promised her that he wouldn't leave or do drugs again. Alice never touched anything like that, she had apple cider with alcohol in  it once but that was it. The nurse and doctor came in, doing physical exams on Kaz, the doctor making sure his eyes worked properly, the nurse checking his blood pressure. All seemed fine disregarding the fact he almost died, they gave him a bottle of pills and left telling him not to make any sudden movements or get out of bed yet and he would be released in a couple of days.

Soon enough he was released, Alice and her father got a good nights rest knowing he was okay for now. Kaz always kept his promises, even if it was to people he couldn't trust to ever repay the favour.  He was, and still is struggling against his previous addiction but no matter how tempted he is, he made a promise to the one person who can truly find solace in. The one person he truly loves, even if she may never love him back due to him being like her brother.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           After getting out of the hospital, he disposed of all his various drugs, got a job as a construction worker, and kept it till his current days.  Even working on the apartment building, not having to pay rent made him feel a bit bad, feeling as if he needed to make it up to Alice and her father, he would do any repairs around the building for free.

Interaction 4: Dance of Death.

After Alice's father had passed  away Kaz was the only one to be there for her. For the first few years the stress and depression of not only losing her dad but having to take over  apartment building really took a toll on her. She'd end up staying with Kaz every night,  she'd sleep in his bed, and he'd sleep on his comfy chair  leaned all the way back, and the leg rest all the way out.

It wasn't the most ideal for either one of them, but she found comfort in being near him, and that's all he cared about. Helping his only friend. He soon tried getting her out of the house more often than she did. They found  a nice coffee shop around the corner that had tons of baked goods and even grew their own coffee trees to have their own coffee beans. They would go here just about every Wednesday and send at least an hour taking time to laugh and have fun for once. 

On Tuesday evening Alice had her usual time with Kaz, after she left his screams kept getting worse, hearing the unsual kinds tonight. Distorted and warped more than usual. As his head pounded, he dropped the bottle of rum he had in his hand, the  bottle rolled off to the corner of the bar behind his chair, as he sprung from the reclining chair was moving back and forth violently as he rushed to his bed room. Knowing he'd be going through terrible pains he wanted to at least lay down, at least that was what he attempted to do. But he was cut short, he fell onto his chest just inches from his bed. He would lay there on the floor petrified of what would come. Would it be that dog again? The dog that Kaz had dubbed "Archaic Oozes Kill" Due to that horrid black substance the dog secreted, which the dog ever so hated every time Kaz pointed it out or drew attention to it. 

He layed there waiting for something more terrible to happen than what was to come. He instead found himself having a vision, of a tall ebony skinned man. He wore a white T-shirt with blue rugged hole filled jeans and   he had brown satchel tucked to his side. He was standing at the subway station waiting near the tracks more than he should be, texting on his phone.  There was a mugger coming from behind, he had just robbed a young lady, snatching her purse and running towards the man. Due to the some what crowded nature of the subway, he ran near the tracks to avoid being stopped. But the ebony skinned man was some what aware of the girls scream. The  man turned around but the mugger shoulder rushed him right onto the tracks. The mugger didn't want to be caught so he kept running as the station started to shake with the incoming arrival of the subway train.

The man tried his best to get off the tracks but his pants that where full of holes had been caught around a bolt that held the tracks in place.  He ripped his jeans as he tried to escape but soon like a deer in headlights he froze in face of the subway train. The conductor tried his best to slow down, the brakes screeching on the tracks, but he was moving too fast as soon the ebony skinned man was run down by the train, leaving little to the imagination on what that would look like. His body was mangled and almost unable to be identified as human. Legs and arms bent like they shouldn't, his ribs caved in,  stomach burst and well, everything was hanging out where it shouldn't have been.

What happened then is Kaz woke up abruptly to a knock on his door followed by a coo of joy as some one called his name. It was dawn, and he was still on the floor cluthing at his blanket that he had pulled off of his mattress. The coo was all too familiar and he knew there was only one who would do it, let alone knock on his door, Alice was ready to go out already she usually took much longer than him
           "Y-yeah...I'm coming! Hold on..."
He said groggily and breathless. He hopped around trying to get his clothes together, he soon came out with his some what good shirt on, his usual long coat, and his black pointy toed shoes on and of course his jeans. He gave a sigh at his some what groggy feeling. Alice reached up to him  as she started to mess around with his hair
           "Your flufy hair is all over the place~! " 
She always enjoyed playing with his hair to annoy him, since he liked it a single way, but this time it was all over the place and she knew she had to fix his hair.  
           "Eh..? Thanks I guess... We going Alice? or do you need to do your girl things first..."

He often made jokes at how long she'd take to even get her shoes on. But seemingly she was fully  ready to leave. She soon took his hand and started to drag him down the stairs at out to around the corner to head to the coffee shop. The brisk cold morning air hit him hard after being on his  floor all night infront of his heater, but he was rather used to the cold. The worse it would do is give him a red nose and a slight shiver or perhaps he may comment on it. As they walked to the coffee shop Kaz was staring up into space wondering about what he saw. The dark skinned boy he had seen the night prior in his visions. 

He had a very strange look to him, some what very light, pale blue hair, with dark skin. Most people of any different colour than white where often a pool for people to throw things at, and blame for everything due to the bombings years before. Infact it's probably why the mugger had little to no remorse for pushing him on the tracks. Kaz always had a vivid imagination but last night was a little too real for him, as if he was standing right there. Infact all of his visions  where rather vivid as if he stood there himself. But usually they where all obscured by a semi translucent color filled fog, and by the time he woke he was not able to remember much. Almost like a dream anyone would have simply forgetting it by the morning, but bits and pieces staying with them until they slept again forgetting a dream that seemed so brief. But for Kaz, last night was a horrific vivid night terror that he felt as if he didn't wake up from. Seeing the man in front of him, he couldn't help but think he was still in a dream.

Alice tugged on his wrist, pulling him to sit down at a table, his back now facing to the dark skinned male, and trying to forget he was ever. As if he was trying to force his brain to lose his object permanence in order to forget about him. For Kaz, staring at some one he watched die just hours prior was a horrific thing. Not only did he feel as if he was the reason he died but he felt as if he was going to see it yet again, just the thought of seeing the gruesome sight again made his stomach turn into a ball of knots. Twisting and turning, it felt as if some one stuck a large drill bit in his stomach, turning it on his flesh and organs gripped to the spiral shaped mechanism and ripping apart his every organ. He sat staring out into Alice's eyes as he heard nothing but a deaf tone. Simply a low hum that blocked out all other noise, Alice's eyes where always easy to get lost in but for him it proved to be a distraction now.   

Soon a waitress came along, wearing normal waitress attire, an apron with a white t-shirt, and a few pockets infront to house a pen and paper. She'd reach in the pockets retrieving the pen, and what looked to be coffee stained note pad from the front of the apron. She'd hold the tip of the pen to the paper ready to write down the order Kaz and Alice would soon place.  Kaz would continue staring at the spot where Alice's eyes where, sort of staring through here as he would soon look up at the waitress with a rather dull expression, watching her lips as he'd think of everything that he saw last night instead of ordering anything. Soon the waitress would turn slightly to face Kaz, yet instead of saying his order he just stared at her, although he stared, he wasn't the best looking guy, yet she began to blush slightly, either out of him looking at her deeply, or being stared at by some weird guy.  Kaz soon shook his head a tiny bit blinking a few times he's stammer and make little noises as he tried to figure out what to order
         " Uhm...Can I get..well..Something hot? Actually uh..give me an espresso "
Kaz wasn't much of a caffeine guy, but he had a feeling this would be one hell of a day, and a long one at that. He just hoped he wouldn't have to dance with lady death.

Interaction 5: Crazy Diamond.

Soon the waitress would return, Kaz still zoned out, not paying attention or rather, paying the smallest Iota of attention to Alice's eyes. As the waitress came back with the caffeinated drinks, putting them in front of both of them, Kaz jumped back, startled at this. He was so lost in her deep eyes that he didn't even notice an arm in front of him. It was easy to say Kaz was in love with her, but she was rather oblivious some times to his modus operandi concerning her. He acted different around her and it was rather obvious, he was a constant contradiction to himself around her.  And everyone was always a bit weirded out by their symbiotic relationship, they where always rough on each other but seemed to both gain something out of it.  Kaz got to annoy her, and maker her uncomfortable some times, and she got to pick on him. They had the most weird relationship their friends had ever seen. They acted like best friends, ex's, a married couple, and strangers all at the same time. 

"So, can I get you two anything more? " The waitress asked as she looked back between the two of them, her eyes darting to back between Alice and Kaz every few moments.

"Uh..Not for awhile, no I think we're good! Thank you though." Alice said giving her little kind wide smile to the waitress as she started to greedily grasp her coffee, before she went to take a sip she looked down into the dark brownish water and said"'s to hot  I can't drink it Kaz! " She was one for theatrics as she started to fake cry over her"delicious" coffee being to hot to drink.

Although Kaz had something on his mind, something he just couldn't get rid of, something that he seemed utterly focused on. As if he was just surrounded by darkness, staring into the abyss that had consumed his being. Disconnected from everything and just about everyone, that's when Alice's nightmare showed up and snapped them back into grim reality. Kaz's Ex-girlfriend. Lith, the hot headed, auburn hair colored, bitch, or at-least that's how Alice always put it. Kaz dated her soon after her father passed, and they where both finding people to rely on. Kaz had met Lith, or rather Lith is what she preferred to be called. He met Lith in a bar one late night, the bar was having some sort of happy hour specialty that they botched on the flyer, making it sound as if hard alcohol and anything stronger than beer was a third of the sticker price off. However they where printed wrong and the bar was crowded and Kaz was in there pushed chest to flat chested girl as if they where crammed on a Japanese subway train.

Lith was pressed against him but instead of moving against him or asking if he could move, as Kaz was about to do, she raised her hand to shake his.
“ Hi, Lith~ Nice to be shoved against you.”

Kaz would shake her hand a bit sheepishly replying “ Yeah..Hi....Kaizer....B-but everyone calls me Kaz so--”

Before he could stammer out the rest of his Casanova-esk introduction, they crowed started to move, and as if they where caught in waves they started to shift and move before half of the burly biker men cleared out with their ladies the bar was half full now. Kaz looked around but the girl was nowhere to be found, he would brush it off. Soon he'd sit at the counter his coat making it some what hard for him to move around on the bar stool usually, yet it was almost as if he was slipping and sliding all over finding it somewhat hard to keep on the stool.

The usual sticky, grimy stools in this bar seemed to have been cleaned for this big discount they had to make it look more appealing. And apparently to make the stools a death trap, and it seemed like sitting on ice. After Kaz had ordered his drink  and payed the cheap price he left the bar, he wasn't the best at socializing but cheep booze always got him out of the house. As Kaz walked down the dark, damp, lonely streets, he soon found himself wandering past his home. Or at least in the opposite direction, he wasn't drunk he was way under his limit after all, but he just liked tonight. He had met some one that he thought was rather lovely looking, he couldn't tell if it was because he was jam packed against her in an unfavourable position, or her personality. But she made his heart beat in a way he had never really felt since he was kids, and still some what may have had a chance with Alice.

However soon enough it was past the witching hour, and Kaz was far from home, as he started to head back he heard various disconcerting noises. Dogs barking, cats hissing, and what sounded like gun shots, for anyone in the city it would be a normality, but for Kaz it was a different story, his paranoia always got to him. He thought as if some people where always out to get him, always out to hurt him. He didn't grow up in a bad town, or even neighbourhood he was just always afraid at times like these. Without Alice here he started to run to every street corner, trying to find a sign he recognized. As he stumbled in a cold sweat, every word just looked like a blurred mess until he ended up behind the bar he was just in. A couple of guys where just leaving a some what familiar voice saying goodbye and waving as they dropped a cigarette. As they would bend down to pick it up they'd stomp it out in favour of walking over to Kaz fully knowing they where not well.
“Hey Kazzy, you alright there?”
To Kaz the person looked faceless. A blur, he was slightly buzzed, and having a rather large panic attack. The person slowly stood up a bit to reach Kaz's face. Cupping his rather cold, albeit sweaty face.
“You OK there honey bunches of-- Of fuck you're not OK are you?”

They said, slowly starting to rub their face up to Kaz's forehead, he was burning like jet fuel. And suddenly He'd reach up, grasping her wrists as he breathed deeply, the air was cold enough, and his body warm enough to look like it was producing steam from his mouth.

“Alice I... Where is ..home”

“It's Lith honey, not Alice..I guess you're in worse shape than I thought...are you alright? You look like you fell down the rabbit hole.”

Kaz shook his head falling a bit into Lith as she'd grunt a tiny bit, his head fell into the crook of her neck, as his consciousness was fleeting. As Lith struggled to keep him up, she dug her hands into his pockets looking for a wallet. Soon she'd find his red leather wallet. fuck this thing was weird; she thought to her self, There was two straps that made it look like the top, but was actually the side. She'd open it and get out his ID card. Every long term citizen had their address stamped onto their card along with their name, their Social Identification Number, SIN for short and a bar code, for any further government information.

Kaz was in one hell of a sweat, cold and panicking as if his life was at stake. And soon enough he was fully out. Lith had soon carried him to his home, it was better than the shit hole she used to live in, it wasn't a mansion, but if you put the two side by side you might as well call it one. Lith wasn't one to carry a lot of money, nor claim to have any, but she worked hard for what little she got. As he piggy backed Kaz into his apartment building in the dead of night, well it was the morning now. Soon enough she lugged him into his apartment, the registry at the front door helped with that, otherwise she wouldn't have known where he was staying. She'd lug him over the bag of bottles he'd fill up over a month instead of a tiny bin, he'd use giant black trash bags for his rum, and occasional bear bottles.

The place wasn't Valhalla, but it sure as hell wasn't a dump. He kept it clean, but it was one odd place, the pictures he had around where strange, and the little clay sculptures Alice made him where even weirder. Soon enough He'd come to, waking up only a few hours after Lithhad lobbed him on her bed, the TV lit up his living room as she sat in his big comfy chair drinking his booze, and smoking his cigars.

Interaction 6: Deadly last whisper.

Kaz stumbled out into his living room, clutching his blanket to himself, still wearing his coat and shoes, she obviously didn't take care to undress him for shoving him to his bed.

“...Did you carry me... here?” He asked, slowly starting to ball up his blanket before turning and tossing it against his headboard and then started taking his coat off
“Yeah yeah, shut up this is a good part!” Lith laughed with histarically at the screen as it flashed, bombarding her with colours as the cigar almost wiggled cartoonishly in her mouth. Kaz did just as she had said, shutting up as he sauntered slowly, sitting next to her in his fold up chair, grabbing one of his cigars and unwrapping it hastily lighting it with the hand torch he carried, it lit cigars right away, and evenly. It wasn't elegant, but he was never one to care what was elegant in the slightest.

But since the day that she carried Kaz home he was forever thankful to her, and stuck around through the worst of it. Once upon a time, her voice sent love and warmth throughout his body, beckoning him back to when he felt genuine joy and childish wonder. And now, in the moment, all her voice did, was fill him with dread, regret, anger, hopelessness, and as if he was trapped in a box made of nothing more than tangible darkness. Though every reach forward he took, drained his body, he felt weak, out of air, and being crushed under the weight of the darkness. It felt like dense heavy smoke, but every time he tried to tear through it to escape to what he hoped was light on the other side. He kept getting pulled back in, by her.

He always thought he loved her because of an obligation to save his life. But he knew she could have left him in the back alley filled with rats and garbage to rot along with them, but she didn't, she was different, she didn't take his wallet and leave him. He knew dating her was a bad idea, but he couldn't help it.

And now he regret it more than a lot of things in his life. And as his ears rung with her voice, that cold sweat came on, and he started to panic a bit, the cup jostling in his hands as if an earthquake was happening, but only one that effected him. Alice held his hand steady and turned around with the rather large grimace on her face. Alice almost never frowned or gave any bad looks, but the relationship Kaz and Lith had was one of the few things in this vast world that set her off. Alice let go of Kaz's hand firmly slamming her hands down on the table, pushing up rather fast and she soon stormed off to meet Lith face to face.

Lith always picked on Alice like a big sister, and today was no different. As soon as she confronted Lith, just as she opened her mouth, she was drowned out by a greeting

“Well hello there kid, you've grown a tad, been eating well, and seem to be doing well. And how's our lovely crow clad in black hm?”

Lith was much taller than Alice, and could see right over her, and she would directly stare at Kaz with a big smile, a grin that you would find on a serial killer, finally happy with a masterpiece, a painting of blood and ruin. Kaz could swear, part of her enjoyed always breaking him. She was the only one person to be able to reduce him to an unrecognizable state. Lith easily pushed Alice aside and bent over, leaning on the table with her elbow and hand supporting her head up as she slowly traced up Kaz's hand. If Alice had the effect to calm Kaz down, and to make him feel loved, Lith was the opposite, a duality that couldn't be further apart. Alice was furious, shocked even that Lith would touch her in the way she did, and soon stormed back to pull her away from the table, as hard as it was for some one of her size she succeed and started to scream. Alice was furious, fuming as she just went off on Lith, questioning her reason for even approaching them or making herself known. As Kaz tried to drown it out, looking out at the street with a blank expression cascading over his face like a mask made of clay. Soon enough his vision blurred from staring for so long, and as he stared he started to see things, and soon something he wished he had not seen. It was so weird, he thought he saw a being crawl out of a dog, a large skeletal being, one with flesh still left on the bone, sticking to it as if the rest rotted away. The bones were bleach white, and the skull fully exposed, around the neck was a large circle of fur curving around the shoulder area, horns built up only a few inches off the top of the skull, red disks around the heart area. It was only for an instant but as soon as he blinked after seeing the creature he sized up.

It was like something in his brain snapped, his head cracking to the side, his pupils dilated and all he could see was blurred motions of reality. His hands gripped his chest and soon he started to scream as if he was witnessing something horrid, he fell out of his chair, starting to scream and write in pain. His screams drowned out Alice and Lith, as the soon looked back, to see him on the ground, and as soon as they did, they rushed to his aid. Kaz just kept screaming in pain, as the creature he had laid eyes on sauntered over to his location, everyone seemed to be oblivious to the around 7 foot large demonic being covered with rotted muscle and bits of skin littered about on the red tissue like it was confetti. The being reached down, the arms seemed to have the least flesh and muscle and were mostly the bleach white bone. The creature slowly ran it's digits across Kaz's face, putting him into a rest as it send something in an old, pained voice.

"It is not time for us to meet." 

For Kaz it seemed like an instantaneous encounter. When his eyes opened, he was greeted with a blistering light of a hospital room where he saw the two girls in his life that impacted him the most. Some how they were not fighting in the same room, perhaps it was their care for Kaz, or simply doctors telling them not to. But Lith was fully awake as Alice slept in a nearby chair, Lith slowly ran her hand across Kaz's face slowly down to his neck, trickling down his arm as she gave a loving sigh, one of relief and relaxation. It was surprising to hear that in such a situation for Kaz, he'd grasp her hand, not letting it leave his touch, perhaps to make sure she wouldn't try to kill him. Or for his comfort.