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The Betrayed


He went by many names. The Forgotten One. The Ancient One. The God of the Night and...

The Betrayed.

All families have secrets, but along with an eternal family come eternal secrets. This is the case with Olympus. It has buried its secrets well, but when one of them rises from the depths of Hell, it may bind together the Olympian family, who have slowly drifted asunder, or...
Scatter them into oblivion.


Blurred images, all around, a deceptively calm atmosphere, the only one he had ever been in, spoiled, spoiled by his father, his own father looking down at him with pure disgust, loathing for him evident on his face. He raised his arms as if to smite him, but was interrupted by the other gods pouring into the council room.

He put on a happy facade as he saw the gods as he gently cradled his baby God.

These sensations were the first Adderou had ever witnessed, yet, they were the only mildly negligent compared to what had come after for it had alienated him from his own family, his family that had thrown him away like a rag doll, all due to the influence of one god.


His father.

He had misled the family of gods, making himself the king. A council had been formed, a council of 12 gods, with 6 males and 6 females, symbolizing equality.

Yet, the equality did not last long.

Then came along Zeus's son, Dionysus. Given preference as the son of the king of the gods. He was added to the council as a reward for his bravery. Due to this, Hestia, the firstborn of Cronus had to give up her seat in the council for an inferior god of Wine and insanity.

This tipped the scales of equality in the council and suddenly, there were 5 females and 7 males.

As the condition of the gods mirrored that of the world, the women on Earth were soon considered inferior to men.

Along with this, even Hades was not given a seat in the council because Zeus feared his power and banished him to the underworld.

Only Poseidon, who submitted to his brother, was given a seat on the council.

Soon all the gods were against Adderou, but the tipping point was when his heritage was revealed, Zeus started to get desperate.


It had been a hundred years since my birth and me being an outcast, but this was a special day, the hundredth birthday was the day a god was granted his powers, he just had to go to Olympus. 

My family was hardly a family, everyone was involved in their own petty feuds over little things.

Only a few had remained rational in these past few years and those included Hestia and Demeter.

Hestia rarely visited Olympus but was a great friend of mine, I often talked to her how petty our family could be.

She was the one who confided with me, the reason I was an outcast.

I was too strong, she had said mournfully, that had been the problem with her family, it was the fact that they were too power-loving.

Their need for power had taken them to great lengths, allowing them to win against the Titans, but it would take them no further.

The Olympians were paranoid, guarding their possessions jealously and blaming people without the slightest bit of evidence.

As it was my 100th birthday, I went to Olympus, back to where it all started, me erupting from Zeus's back in full battle regalia, dressed like a king.

The only question I had as I traveled there was, who was my mother?

I had my suspicions but I wasn't sure.

I had reached Mt. Olympus, which, to most of the humans, would appear as the barren peak. But the primitive humans did not notice the small, hidden cave on the other side.

Who would?

Entering Olympus, I went straight to the council room.

There, I saw an unusual sight, the gods sitting quietly in the throne room, talking in hushed tones. Hmm, something was not right, the council was always quarreling, and I had never seen them having a civilized conversation with themselves.

I inched closer to hear what they were saying.

"Adderou should not be allowed to receive his powers, he is already as strong as one of us" Ol' Zeusy thundered.

"I agree with your decision father, he is a male and males deserve to die," said Artemis, man-hunter herself.

The rest of the council agreed unanimously.

I rubbed my moist eyes as the council tried to decide how to dispose of me.

I was heading away when I saw flashes of light in my peripheral vision.

I turned around and saw two fair ladies and an old woman appear in flashes of light. "Who are you??" Zeus roared.

"We are The Morai."They said, coldly.

The room chilled.

The Morai.

The apportioners.

Atropos, Lachesis, and Clotho.

Zeus seemed taken aback but asked,

"So why have you come here?"

"To tell you of young Adderou's heritage."

"Bah, that insignificant speck, he is not here."

He said, vaguely waving his hand around the council room.

The Morai ignored him and spoke,

"When power grows out of hand,
Then does the son of Metis stalk the land, 
Avenging himself and his friends, 
And will not stop, till it ends."

"All hail Adderou, the God of The Pain, Loyalty, Fate, Secrets, Darkness, Shadows and Night, The son of Metis and..."

The Fates turned to look at me, their cold eyes boring into mine.

"The Destroyer of Olympus."


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All gazes turned to me, I froze, like a deer caught in spotlights, there was so much hate and loathing in the gazes of the Olympians that I wanted to bow down my head and run away from my family, which already contemplating on how to dispose of me.

Zeus got up from the throne, sputtering gibberish, as his minuscule brain tried to comprehend the vast amount of world-shattering knowledge he had been given.

Then, Zeus shouted,"Capture him."

The Olympians jumped into action.

My mind was reeling with emotions, raw unadulterated emotions, as I figured out what the Morai had said.

The son of Metis.


My mother.

Destroyer of Olympus.

Only if I am given a reason to.

I was brought in chains in front of Zeus's feet.

" Adderou, you have committed treason of the highest kind, trying to destabilize Olympus, do you plead guilty?"

"Not Guilty, you are trying me for a crime that I have not yet committed. This is both unfai-"

I was cut off by Zeus.

"I am protecting Olympus from blasphemy by people like you"

"For treason against Olympus, I hereby punish Adderou to the deepest depths of Tartarus. We shall take a vote for this."

He waved me off like I was nothing. I was internally burning with anger and hate at my father. He was convicting his own son for treason against Olympus. I had never taken a step against Olympus, sure, I had been an outcast, but it did not make me resent Olympus.

The entire council raised their hands except for Demeter, who abstained.

The last hope I had of coming out of this encounter unscathed disappeared instantly.

Zeus's look of maniacal glee removed any thoughts of my escape. 

As the other gods left, Zeus clapped his hands and whispered into my ears-

"Finally, I get some time with my son."

He picked me up and started to drag me down- Back to Olympia.


They were in the world of man.

I had spent most of my life down on Olympia and I was rather familiar with the continent. Elves, Orcs, and humans lived in harmony, except for the occasional quarrel.

But the path Zeus dragged me through was one I had never been to, but soon I realized where he was taking me- The BloodBark Forest.

A place of Horror, The BloodBark forest where none ventured, and those who did, never came back.

Soon, the tall, gnarled trees of the BloodBark forest loomed over us.

Zeus stood there, momentarily in indecision, but then he turned back to me and spoke," You're in for a treat, boy"

He turned and took another path, moving right between the narrow strip of barren land that marked the end both lush and withered forest. 

The on the left was lush and green, but obviously, they turned the other way. They continued onwards till the surroundings grew barren once again. We finally reached a barren field. The only thing there was a whirlpool of sand and mud.

Zeus picked me up and threw him in the whirlpool.

It was Tartarus, the whirlpool was a giant opening to an ancient individual called Tartarus, a primordial who was one of the strongest beings to walk on Earth.

I started to sink and suffocate, as mud and dirt clouded his vision, and just when I could breathe no more, I was falling through the open air.

It took me 9 days to fall, just as Hesiod would predict, later on. I managed to roughly land on the ground, yet breaking several bones in the process.

Thankfully, the chains that were binding me took up the brunt of the impact, shattering in the process.

I groaned as my godly essence started to heal my bones.

After I was reasonably healed I gently extricated myself out of my chains and stood up.

I looked around and spotted dark forms lurking in the dark mist.

I was in Tartarus.