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I used to write. A lot. I began when I was 12. Now that I'm turning 28, I've decided to write again. I used to write on Wattpad but I brought my stories down and removed them completely. I have 2 pen names: Ain Adena and Tainted Amaranth. I used to enjoy writing but now I am afraid. To write and be rejected. When I was so confident in my writing regardless of what people said. I don't know why but I can never give it up. And so. Here I am. Once again. Writing.


Nothing new.


  • Beloved and Bewitched

    Five daughters were born from the fifth daughter of the fifth generation from the Henderson House, the fifth and last prestigious house to survive the fifth war, also known as the War of the Limadome. They were the direct descendants to the Kingdom of the Limadome Throne, the last Magical Kingdom t...

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