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Beloved and Bewitched


Five daughters were born from the fifth daughter of the fifth generation from the Henderson House, the fifth and last prestigious house to survive the fifth war, also known as the War of the Limadome. They were the direct descendants to the Kingdom of the Limadome Throne, the last Magical Kingdom to rule the world before it perished in the war.

An Ancient Scribe prophesied that there will come a time when two souls at war will unite and restore the balance of their magical world. However, a Naia Seer, the highest level of Seer from the most powerful Seer Tribe, saw an Apocalypse when these souls came together as one.

The signs were given and the prophecy and vision were passed on generations after generations as a warning.

Alas, as the world changes so do the people who live in it. What were once a most feared prophecy and vision are now regarded as mere fables by the younger generation of witches and warlocks.

Only Allania Henderson, second in the siblings of quintuplets, believes the prophecy and vision. How could she not when the signs point to her and Alexine Greyson?

Because of the vision, she decided to prevent the destruction of her people by sacrificing her love by pushing Alexine away. On the other hand, Alexine believes in the Ancient Scribe more and returns back to her to make her believe that love conquers all.

What will happen between them, two souls at war, two people who belong to separate houses-the Henderson House and the Greyson House-whose houses are also at war for the Throne? Will Allania's selfish betrayal and sacrifice saves them or will Alexine's staunch belief in the good and love saves them?

The Woman

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Like a lone candle in a darkened room, the white figure shone. The white glowy aura around her lit up like a beacon, illuminating and shining. She glided in her own pace, her hands drifted as she touched the forest around her.

So long she had not been here yet she could still remember, vividly, the sweet cry of the nightingales, the flapping wings of the ravens, the lovely gaze of her lover.


So delicate yet so sharp...

She wished she had the power to wield it like a sword so she cut the pieces of memories that she had long buried inside her mind. She would trade her purity for the impossible.

Alas, she had made a promise to him and she couldn't break it. She missed him more than anything in this corrupted world. His strong hold, his warm embrace, his deep laugh, his fierce scowl. If only she had not met him, he would be spared the life he had sacrificed for her.

But, then, she wouldn't be so pure if she hadn't met him. She would have been tainted, her aura darkened to black, because of the power that she had.

The lone woman sat on a rock by the river and shut her eyes. The rush of water like lush music, tinkling and whispering, soothed her. She dipped her feet into the cold wintry liquid and savoured the feel of it washing her skin.

There had been too many wars that she had fought, too many bloodshed she had caused. She didn't regret them, however. So long as her descendants could still breathe, so long as their hearts still beat, she would do everything.

She was but eight winters old when she was engaged in her first battle. A small smile filled her face as she a pair of glittery green eyes came to her. They were both so young yet he was so brave, which, in turn, made her brave as well.

Since then, they had been inseparable. He would protect her and she would care for him. Such a simple arrangement.

Fate, however, had planned a crueler cause. They had made a soul mate for her, someone who would be her companion when everything becomes bones and ashes. She had to leave her lover, her beloved, for a mere stranger, to abide tradition that she was not even a part of. It was a catastrophe. Their forced reunion bought nothing but heartbreaks and betrayals.

In the end, she had let both of them to die.