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The Last-Half Blood.



Kalena Leandros is just your normal teenage girl. At least she thought she was... but now she isn't sure what real and what isn't. Her whole life has just been one big lie and secret. No one she was once in contact with were who they seemed.

You see, no one is like Kalena, for Kalena is the last half-blood in the entire world due to the Apollyon.
And to top it all off she has the best sentinel and not to mention god-handsomely looking Stephanos  training her everyday... extremely distracting. 

Kalena will have to fight for her life or die trying.

Chapter One.

I was dancing in a huge ballroom. I could faintly see white stairs run around the room but it was so dark. Though what I could make out was people surrounding me but their faces were blurs. All I saw were yellow, red, blue, green, silver, golden—dresses. They fanned out as men in crisped tuxedos circled their partners around, not letting them out their grip, as if letting go of them go would make them disappear. So classic and beautiful. 
The warmth leaving beads of sweat that pressed against my forehead, making me feel dizzy. My hair was twined up in a bun which made me feel like some sort of special princess, I let the brown strands of hair escape around my face as I smiled brightly, I was spinning, twirling in someone's arms. I let my eyes fall forwards. I froze, ice-cubes formed my stomach; the man had no face, just black, hallow features stared back at me around pale white, crinkled skin. I was going to be sick. 
"It's beginning" A low grumble left the deep, dark hole of a make shift mouth; it was like I could see all the way to the back of his throat, and bile rose in my own. 
"Kalena, run" The thing continued, now shaking me. My head span around trying to call for help but the ballroom was gone, everything was gone. 
Dancers vanished, stairs had disappeared. Panicking, I tried to pull a way but I found myself weak. My arms slacked, my legs buckled and smacked against the cool floor, face first; my insides were twisting and pulling out through me, I gasped trying to ignore the pain so I could try and make my legs work. 
"Work! Gods, dammit, work!" I protested. The man hung over me, so sinister that tears filled my eyes; I will never forget that face. That horrible, evil face. I was going to die; he was going to kill me. I sobbed from my chest. 
"Run Kalena, run or die" 


I shot up, sweat poured out of me and the bed was soaked with it, my hair stuck to my clammy face. My chest rose sharply and I couldn't seem to stop heaving. After a moment letting my heart beat slow down and the noise of the blood pumping through my ears stopped. I rubbed my eyes finding them wet. My body hung over for a brief second and exhaustion hit me. 
Forcing my aching legs to move I rolled onto my side and swung my legs off the bed. While I painfully pushed the dream to the darkest corner of my head before I pulled the left over covers off my pajamas legs then I got up and stretched; my spine clicking in two places. I was getting old already, great.
Shuffling tiredly over to my wardrobe which needed to just be thrown out because it was so ruined; the white paint peeled off the wood, I only had one door to it, the other one fell off years ago and I couldn't exactly fix it myself and I didn't have enough space in my room to keep it so unfortunately it just had to go. 
I cracked the only door open, getting out a pair of worn out, black, skinny jeans and a long sleeved grey top along with a bra and underwear. I quickly changed into them and rushed over to my little bathroom; a small bathtub took most of it up which had a deep crack going up the side and a white shower curtain was pulled across, next to that was the toilet. I turned towards the sink and I almost scared myself—okay that might have been an exaggeration but dark crescent moons formed under my bloodshot eyes, I looked like a stoner after a massive sesh. 
Although, I knew I needed to stop being vain as if I was going to get anyone decent. A smile appeared on my face, how dramatic was I? 
Time to put down the romantic fictional novels maybe, I was beginning to sound like one. 
Meanwhile, I brushed my teeth somehow managing to get the green, foamy toothpaste down my chin and my hand, apparently I was four again. 
When I was done, I washed the brush before returning it back the toothpaste stained pot then I turned back around into my bedroom; the floor were just boards, no carpet had been put on them which was okay in the summer but in the winter, the things felt like ice against my bare feet. I sighed and went to run a brush through my brown tangles, cursing a few times when they were big ones, my hair landed at the middle of my back but short strands, mostly baby hair formed around my face, I was pale and I had the slightest fate freckles which formed over my nose and across my cheeks.
As if I was going to get anyone good.


Once I was downstairs, I was bombarded by my Mom and Step Father who were rushing about to get to work, something I hadn't seen before. I had gotten use to them not being here most of the time but it was rarely I saw them in a rush to get there. A pang kind of stuck though my heart before the 'use to' feeling washed over me. 
"Hey, why the rush?" I spoke tying to be cheerful. They both turned to face me, my mother had the same colour hair as me but it was shorter and silkier than mine and that was the about the only thing I shared of her. She had a skinny frame and the most beautiful green eyes which made-up her face which had high cheek bones and a slim nose which lead to a noticeable cupid bow which then filled out her rosy lips-now painted a dangerous crimson colour. 
"Lucas forgot to put the alarm on and we were meant to be in at eight" My mother voice sung in annoyance and I heard Lucas huff in the background, she shot him a glare. Aw love, didn't it make you feel great? I thought sarcastically. I mean that was if you did believe in love anyway. I continued mentally rambling to myself as I tilted my head to the side and looked at the clock which hung above the fridge in the tiny kitchen, it was a tattered old thing with roman numerals painted in a faded black were now telling me it was thirty three minutes passed ten. Gods, they were seriously late, the rushing seemed understandable along with the frustration now and I almost wish I could help but I knew I'd just be in the way. I was always in the way when it came to them, they had never said though, maybe they didn't think they needed to. 
"Oh I'm sorry you woke up late" I mumbled, feeling useless as I moved into the kitchen sitting in one of the old stools, my feet making contact with the breakfast bar leg as I stayed away from them but my eyes still watched unable to look away it seemed. 
Lucas caught my stare and flashed me a warm smile which made me feel a bit better. His hair was short and dark but you could faintly see the grey strands of hair around his temples and beard, his faded blue eyes were surrounded by wrinkles which created more when he formed that white smile, man what dental place did he go to? 
He was now dressed in a grey suit and purple tie, he was in all right shape for his age. He dashed to get his brown briefcase and asked my mother if she finally had everything and when she nodded he gave me a quick goodbye wave and then went out the door. Which left me gulping, feeling awkward in my mother's presence but she gave me a quick kiss on the head; though it felt like she was more breathing in my scent. 
Then she just left, no goodbye or anything.


I found myself walking aimlessly around this ratty, old house. I had nothing to do and it was driving me insane. I had cleaned my room   —but that hadn't taken long— so then I decided to empty my wardrobe of clothes I didn't wear anymore or were extremely to short and took them to a charity shop and when I had gotten back I decided to clean and tidy the whole house, starting with the kitchen then the living room and the downstairs bathroom, the only room I didn't clean was my parents because that was strictly off limits which was understandable, everyone needed their own space and in this house, the bedrooms were the only form of privacy. 
In all honesty I just wanted to distract myself from last night's dream. After flicking through all the channels on the TV finding nothing remotely interesting, I pulled my phone out and texted my friend to asked if we could meet up, unsurprisingly he was free or sometimes I felt like he made himself free to spend time with me but either way I loved seeing him so I immediately made my way to Alexis's house.It wasn't far from mine, it was in the posh part of town and I had pretty much stepped my journey to his in the ground by now. As I started to head towards his house, I looked up at the sky which now was showing a gloomy grey which made me groan. I hated it when the sky was like this. It made me feel as if someone was seriously pissed off somewhere or up there but overall if that was even a real thing.
I just hoped it wouldn't rain, I thought as I hugged my thin black sweater closer to me, my sneakers kept snagging the dirt made path. I lived in the outskirt of North California in a place called Nevada City. It was extremely low in population which to me was the worst thing ever. 
Everyone knew everyone. 
Any secrets around here weren't secrets, I remember when I was seven and I had stolen a Twinkies from Al's corner store; I went to school after that and even people I had never met, knew what I had done. I couldn't wait to get out of here and just make something of my life, start over, visit new places before settling down with a family of my own maybe in New Orleans, just because why not? I had never been there before, it would be an adventure. My train of imaginary future plans broke as I found myself outside Alexis house; it was huge and expensive and twice the size of mine; it had six massive windows on the front of it and was painted in what looked like the brightest white I'd ever seen which made it live up to the palace it was. I let a jagged breath out which was then cut off by someone's warm embrace, I was in Alexis's arms. 
Alexis was couple inches taller than me and his dark, straight, shoulder length hair brushed against my cheek. I wrapped my arms around him, soaking him all back in. I had missed him so much. It had just been too long without seeing him.
"Where have you been all summer, loser?" I felt him grin before he pulled back, showing me his brown eyes that shone like a good old whiskey. 
"Working mostly" I shrugged, the tips of my lips tugging downwards like it wasn't a big deal. Alexis pulled a face as if he didn't know what work meant. In other words he never needed to stress about something like that, I mean his house had proven that.

We headed back inside his mansion and when I was inside it truly hit me how rich Alexis was; the floors were pure oak, above me was a chandelier, twinkling like little drop of Gods' tears. Facing me was a huge open living room which was not made for four people —four hundred yeah but not four. Not just Alexis, his younger sister, Ambrosine and his parents; whom in the years of knowing Alexis had never even met or seen before but then again he hadn't seen mine either. 
Huh... I never realised that until now, that was slightly strange but then again my parents just worked all the time while I suppose Alexis's parents also did.
White leather couches pointed towards a flat screen TV and another chandelier hung from the ceiling which looked like it was hand— carved of wings and cupid bows and many other things. I felt oddly out of place here like I was meant to be their trash can or something and I wanted nothing more than to turn around and head back to my own little home. But I resisted the urge and followed behind Alexis; his raven hair flowing like a black wing, I so envied that hair he owned and he totally rocked the hot masculine look that was now covered in a pair of causal jeans and black top which did him no justice for his body; ripped biceps where only thing on show now. 
"I got the new Saw movie and it's in 3D. Want to make some popcorn and watch this bad boy in my room?" He asked, Saw did sounded hella good right now, especially in 3D, it was just the thing I needed to relax on this miserable day. I nodded eagerly and his grinned widen as he dragged me into the kitchen; white, spotless tiles formed around the walls and an island of oak and black marble stood in the middle, that was probably more expensive than my whole room. 
Behind that was the cooker, oven and sink all fashioning the black marble and dark oak and I found myself having to close my jaw as I stepped back from him. Alexis rushed around the island and got the bag of popcorn out from the nearest cupboard by the sink then turned to me. 
"Why do you always get nervous at my house? Anywhere else you're really chatty" He laughed; it sounded like warm honey and it would charm anyone in a mile radius. A smile appeared across my face in embarrassment and I couldn't meet his gaze. The sole reason for my nerves was because I was so intimidated by his wealth but I had to remember it never made him arrogant and he was never mean to me about not being well... you know. 
"I...I just feel a little out of place being here" I admitted but I felt a weight lift off my shoulders. In all the years I'd known Alexis I had never told him that but then again he had never asked. He looked at me and his brown eyes turned warm and soft and he walked towards me. My voice had closed up now and I went to step back again but the wall prevented me. 
"You don't have to feel like that, Kaley" He spoke, his tone sympathetic for something that wasn't even his fault as he went to touch me. I waved my hands dismissively and turned to the side; I hated getting all mushy with people. Alexis back off, knowing that and ripped the bag; popcorn seeds fell out into a ceramic grey bowl before putting in the microwave; I loved the sound the popcorn crackling and popping. It just made me feel warm and I only ever had them with Alexis. He was my only friend here—not that bothered me— and we went way back, I couldn't even remember how we met, that's how long we had been friends. The thing that bothered was the way people looked at me or treated me; it was like I was some diamon in a bikini doing belly dancing. 
I was broken out of thought when the microwave ping, letting everyone know it was done. Alexis turned back and smirked at me. He was so up to something and before I knew it, he threw popcorn at me face, I squeaked before laughing.
"Hold this, you nutter" He laughed, passing me the bowl of popcorn, the heat filled my body and I clutched to the bowl like my life depended on it. Alexis grabbed the movie off the island and I followed him upstairs.




"Why I agreed to watch that with you, Alexis. I'll never know. I thought I was going to vomit" I spoke humorously to Alexis,who was now finishing off the rest of the popcorn. He was so greedy though he never seemed to put on weight. 
On the other hand, Alexis shot me a dirty grin, putting the next horror movie into his flat screen TV. I snuggled up closer to the soft, cream blanket and felt my eyes droop for a moment before I brought myself back to the present. It would be embarrassing if I fell a sleeping front of Alexis and especially after last night's dream, I didn't trust myself. 
"How you feeling about going back to school?" Alexis asked after a moment as he came to sit next to me again, breaking my sleepy thoughts. My throat tightened for a second before I told myself to grow up. School had been a problem to me, if I hadn't made that cleared already. "Yep. Good" I told him, he raised an raven eyebrow at me which made his beautiful face now stunning, I really should realise that more often, the way his nose was shaped and the way his jaw was just so featured but Alexis being Alexis he saw through all my lies, even the ones I tried so hard to keep a secret; the longest one I managed to keep was a day and it was about when I made out Aiden Saint behind the gym building. I felt myself flush against the blanket, thinking about the memory.
"Okay. Now how about you really tell me how you feel about school on Tuesday, my Kaley pop" He repeated, I loved it when he called me Kaley pop, he was the only one who called me that, not that I want anyone else to anyway. I breathed for a moment, unsure whether to tell him. His eyes shifted over to the screen as he hit play with the remote. Whereas I found myself shuffling over to him and leaned on his arm; his warmth radiated off him and soaked into my frozen bones. Why was I being so silly, this was Alexis, I could tell him anything. Only him. 
"I'm nervous, sure. But you will be there so I don't need to worry" I explained, he put his around my waist and held me close as if he was scared for me already. I felt bad because the way people reacted around me was so different to the way everyone treated him, it was like he was some sort of God. 
Everyone, seemed memorized by him and sucked up to him daily but he always stayed right by my side. I felt like he could be achieving such a better school life if he didn't hang out only with me. And I sure as hell didn't believe I was that great of company. 
"Good. I'm glad you think that because I will never let anyone hurt you, I mean it, Kaley pop" He replied, placing a kiss on top of my head. Those words were proof, he wanted to be around me and it hadn't been the first time he said something like that. I smiled a little and let the movie take over me, the blood and gore made me flinch but made Alexis laugh, I seriously believed he was like some secret serial killer who loved watching death and the last time I'd called him that, I had an elbow to the ribs which just made me wet myself because he had only proven my theory a bit more.
Though I was glad the movie took my mind off the anxiety building up in me about school. It made me focus on what I cared about in my life which was Alexis and my parents and maybe my grades sometimes. If school was bad, to hell with it. 
I only had year left, anyway.