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I pull him closer to me and he forces his tongue in between my lips. I love his kisses, sure we fuck hard, but his kisses are always gentle. I moan loudly. He pulls away and pushes me back down on the bed. 

He climbs on top of me. I grab his hair, roughly. He travels down my body and he finds his way in between my legs. He grabs them, wraps them around his leg, and uses his teeth to yank my underwear down.




Zoe black has a life most people would envy. Sure she's extremely beautiful with her dark brown hair and blue eyes and pretty much every guy wants to fuck her. Sure she has more money than she knows what to do with it, but that isn't everything. Zoe's dad died in a tragic car accident when she was just nine months old, she's always longed for a relationship with her father. He was a big time movie director and her mother charmed her way into his bed, when he found out she was pregnant, he married her. He died shortly after and every since then there has been a string of men in her mother's life and the latest one was Sean Carter.


Sean Carter has lived a life of opulence. His family is from old money and has never struggled a day in their life. Since he was a billionaire's son, he never really had to work for anything. He met Elizabeth Black at a dinner party one night, she was hot and single, he was hit and horny. So naturally they ended up fucking, she was such a good lay that he married. The only downside was that she had a daughter and not just some ugly little girl, no her daughter looked like a supermodel. With her long brown hair, piercing blue-grey eyes, and perfect pout lips she was very hard to resist.


One day Zoe's best friends Candace and Sophie convince her to enter a fun contest at a strip club. Once she gets their and dances on stage. One guy in particular catches her eyes and everything changes.


Read desire to find out what happens




I pull him closer to me and he forces his tongue in between my lips. I love his kisses, sure we fuck hard, but his kisses are always gentle. I moan loudly. He pulls away and pushes me back down on the bed. 

He climbs on top of me. I grab his hair, roughly. He travels down my body and he finds his way in between my legs. He grabs them, wraps them around his neck and uses his teeth to yank my underwear down.

Once my panties aren't covering my pussy, he latches his lips onto my clit. My whole body shudders. He starts licking my insides, god he's so good at this. 

"Baby," I pant, grabbing onto the sheets. I know I don't have long. "I'm about to come."

He sits up and unbuckled his pants. "Not before I get inside you."

I sit up too and help him push his boxers down. I can't help staring in awe at his package. He slams me down again on the bed. Once I'm laying on my back, he enters me. 

"God you feel so good Zoe," he moans loudly. I can't even get words out. "Mmmh we could be doing this a lot more, if you would just learn to fucking listen."

"Shut the fuck up," I manage to get out. 

"Watch your fucking mouth," he warns. He pulls out for a second, then slams back into me again. He's too much for me, I can't handle him. I squeeze my boobs, tightly. "Are you this mouthy with Noah?"

I laugh darkly. "Jealous?" I question him. I want more from him.

"Fuck no," he shouts, he sticks two fingers inside of me. No more room, too much. All my muscles squeeze down on him. "Are this easy with him?"

"Easier," I lie. He pulls my hair. 

"Liar," he retorts.

"Mmmh I gave it up pretty easy yesterday," I taunt him. He stops moving.

"What did you say?" He asks.

"You heard me," I push him even farther. "He came inside me yesterday, while we fucked hard, and I loved every second of it."

His hand comes down so hard as he slaps me across the face. He grabs my throat. "Why do you always make me do that!?" He demands, as he begins plowing into me again.

"Because I love it," I answer truthfully. He lets go of my throat.

"Zoe, give it up for me," he urges, as his teeth bite down on my nipple. I tense up once again. He's the only guy whose ever made me feel like this.

I'm about to, when the door abruptly opens. His head snaps up quickly, looking at the person who barged in.

I'm completely and utterly shocked. She looks absolutely flabbergasted. This  must be a first for her, to be honest it's definitely a first for me too.

"What....What is this," she stammers. Her blonde hair is piled up on her hand and her brown eyes began to fill with tears.

Is it bad that I don't even feel a little bit bad for her.


So let's get a few things out in the open, before you start judging me and calling me a slut, whore, and a home wrecker. This is not all my fault, sure I had something to do with this, but you can't blame all of this on me.

First, this is not what it looks like. Well yeah, we were just fucking, but don't judge us.

Second, I didn't know she was gonna show up.

Third, I'm not a home wrecker. I don't even want him.

You know what I'll just tell you this long ass story, it might get boring, or be too much for you. Just let me tell my side of the story, okay.

It all started one a very pedestrian day, about a month ago.


"The fuck Zoe, you need to do something else around here, besides spending the entire day at the mall!" My mom starts complaining,throwing her hands in the air. I roll my clear blue-grey eyes at her and turn my attention back to my phone.

It's only about seven in the morning, yet she's already trying to start with me. I didn't get in until five a.m after a long night of partying with Candace and Sophie, my best friends in the entire world. I ended the night hooking up with one of the guys we met, at a party. He was hot and I'm currently trying to get over a break up, so it was good I guess. I'm surprised I managed to make it home and not get pulled over, I was wasted last night. I'm one hundred percent suffering from a hangover now.

My mom stalks toward me with a drink in hand. God she's a complete mess. Her blonde hair is piled into a bun on top of her head and her dark brown eyes are full of hatred. "Listen here missy, you need to get it together or else," she warns, pointing a finger in my face. I laugh darkly. I'm about to retort, when my stepfather enters the kitchen.

My mom immediately plasters a fake smile on her face and stalks toward him. She loves to act like the perfect mom of the year, when Sean comes around. "Baby, I missed you last night," she croons in his ear. Did I mention Sean rarely makes appearances at home. "Don't tell me your headed off to work," she pleads. She's a great actress, I'll give her that.

I don't know how my mom managed to land Sean, he's the perfect male specimen. He works out at the gym everyday for a couple of hours, so he's in tip top shape physically. His jet black hair and dark blue eyes, set off his tan perfectly. If he wasn't like twenty years older than me, I would definitely want to hit that.

Sean wraps his arms around her waist. "Baby I have to work," he says. She leans in closer to him and he grabs her jaw. 

Oh God I don't want to witness another one of their make out sessions. I grab my phone and head to my sanctuary. Once I'm in there I decide to get ready for the day I take a shower, brush my teeth, moisturize, fix my makeup, and pull on an outfit.

An hour later I'm heading downstairs, when I see Sean tip toeing out of his room in nothing but his underwear. I avert my eyes. Don't get my wrong, but sex doesn't scare me or whatever. It's just weird to see my stepdad in nothing, but his boxers.

"Zoe hi," he calls out from behind me as I make my way downstairs. 

I look over my shoulder and wave. "Hey," I greet him.

"Are you going out in that," he questions me. Now why all of the sudden, does Sean care about what I wanna do.

"Obviously," I scoff, rolling my eyes. He smirks down at me. "What's wrong with it," I ask.

His eyes wander over my body. "Well for starters your shirt barely covers your boobs, your skirt barely covers your ass, and your stilettos are too high," he points out every little thing he doesn't like.

"Well too bad I'm wearing," I reply, saucily. He glares at me.

Before Sean can add anything, my mom comes into the hall. "Sean honey," she calls out. I raise one of my eyebrows, staring him directly in the eyes. He turns around and heads back up the stairs.

This is the first time in the two years, that my mom and Sean have been married, that he's shown any interest whatsoever in me. Why all of sudden does he care. I can't think of any good reason and just head to lunch with my two best friends.


"So was he any good," my best friend, Candace begs for juicy details. 

A slow smile spread across my face and I take a sip of coke. "Mmmh I guess, he's better than a lot of the guys I've slept with," I admit.

My other best friend Sophie jumps in the conversation. "Go for the nerds they are the best," she adds, scrolling through the messages on her phone.

Candace gasps. "Really," she asks shocked. Sophie and I both nod our heads in agreement.

"True they wait forever to have sex, so they put everything they have into it," I tell her.

"And how do you guys know this?" She inquires. I take a couple of my French fries and dump them in my ranch.

"Don't worry about it," Sophie and I say in at the same time. 

"Whatever, so I was thinking about switching it up tonight," Candace starts. 

"What do you mean?" I ask confused. Sophie digs through her purse, produces a flyer, and hands it to me.

I gasp in complete shock.