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A New Member


Who will be the newest member of the we always catch our crooks club

We don't need another girl



A couple weeks ago Cookie and her friends decided to open

 their own detective club

Which they named The We Always Catch Our Crooks Club

And so far, since starting the club they’ve solved many cases.

 But today’s club meeting wasn’t about a new case.

But to decide if they should add a new member or not


Chapter 1:

“But for the million time, Minnie Potter, is a girl.” Tommy Cub complained

“Umm hello, Tommy, news flash if you haven’t noticed

 but so are. Daisy, Vicky and myself.” Cookie smiled

“I know, that’s my point exactly.

 We don’t need another girl, my vote if for Toby Pinky.”

 Tommy answered her

“Toby Pinky?” Vicky Dragonfly frowned

“What’s wrong with Toby?”

 He’s smart, well-liked, and he’d fit right in.” Tommy shrugged

“Maybe, but the only reason he’s pretty popular is because.

 He’s always trying to buy friendships instead of trying to make them.”

 Vicky told him

“What do you think Sammy?” Tommy asked him

“He’s not so bad, I guess.” Sammy Turtle shrugged

“Well, we can at least ask him and see if he’d like to join.

 Who knowns he could say no.” Cookie added

“Oh, umm, I sort of mentioned it to him the other day already.”

 Tommy mumbled

“Great Tommy, how could you do that without talking to us first.”

Vicky scowled him. Tommy hung his head then mumbled

“Sorry you guys, it just slipped out.”

And what did he say they wanted to know

“At first, he didn’t seem so interested.

 But I guess he thought about it and say if he got in

“He’d buy us some walkie-talkies.” Tommy explained

“There you see he did again!” Daisy Penguin cried out

“Whatever, he’s just trying to be nice. What’s wrong with that?”

 Tommy frowned

“Okay, okay, let’s vote.

 All in favor of asking Toby to join raise your paw.” Cookie said.

 To which only Tommy raised his

“Aww, you guys!”


“Tommy, can’t you see that Toby was just trying to bribe you

 with the walkie-talkies.

 But I’ve an idea, you want Toby, to try out

“While the rest of would like for Minnie, to try out.” Vicky began

“But Minnie, only moved to Rocky Shores, a few weeks ago.

 We barely know her.

 For all we know she could be some crazed psycho killer.”

 Tommy smiled

“Wow, I sure hope so!” Daisy laughed

“Okay you guys, its settled.

 Whoever helps us solve our next case to best.

 Has a better chance to get in” Vicky said

“That’s a great idea. All we need now is a case.”

 Cookie smiled



A New Case

Chapter 2:

The next afternoon Sammy told them that he wanted to meet

 at their clubhouse, right after school

Everyone showed up expect for Minnie


“So, where’s Minnie?” Sammy asked

“I bet she couldn’t figure out what to wear.

 That’s why she’s not here.” Tommy smirked.

 Ignoring Tommy, they asked Sammy what was up

“We got a new case, Ms. Cow’s wallet was stolen.

According to her, she had to attend a staff meeting during lunch

 and forgot to take her purse with her

“And when she returned her purse was still there but her wallet was missing.

 She hopes whoever took it

Will turn it in, but we all know that’s never going to happen.”

 Sammy explained

“Isn’t Minnie, in her class?”

 Maybe, she can give us some hints on who’d be the perfect suspect.”

 Daisy added

“Good idea. While you girls,

 do that we’ll start searching around the school.

 And see if we can find any other clues or her wallet.”

 Sammy told them

“But wouldn’t the crook still have it?” Toby frowned

“Maybe, but I don’t think so.

 The way I figure they probably stashed it away some place by now.”

Sammy answered him


Case solved

Chapter 3:

The next day Toby was about to wash up inside the boy’s bathroom.

 Before the lunch bell rang when Tommy walked in

“Hey Toby, how’s it going?”

“Okay, how’s the case going?”

 Do you’ve any new leads yet?” Toby asked him

“No, but don’t worry we always catch our crooks!”

 Tommy laughed

Oh, Toby shrugged before he walked into the bathroom stall.

After a few minutes Tommy started to hear weird noises

 coming out from it and asked

“Hey, Toby, are you okay?”

“Yah, it’s just this dumb paper dispensers jammed up or something.

 I can’t get any paper out of it.”

“Do you want me to get you some?” Tommy asked him

“No, thanks, I managed to pull out enough.” Toby answered


Shortly after lunch they all meet by the monkey bars,

 expect for Minnie and Daisy who showed up ten minutes later


“Well, well, look who finally decided to show up.”

 Tommy smirked

“Zip it Tommy, we’ve a very good excuse for begin late.”

 Daisy frowned

“Oh, really and that’s?” Tommy teased

“We found Ms. Cow’s wallet!” Minnie cried out

“You did?”

 That’s awesome,

 where did you guys find it at?” Cookie asked smiling

“Inside the boy’s bathroom. Actually, it

 was Minnie, who found it.” Daisy answered her

“Whoa, what were you two doing inside the boy’s bathroom.

 You’re aren’t allow in there.” Tommy cried out


“I know, but when Daisy told me about the case.

 I started thinking if I were the thief where would

 the perfect place to hide her wallet

“Then it hit me. The bathrooms!”

 that would be the last place anyone would look for it.”

“So, before class I decided to check them out.

 First, I checked out the girls

“Which was empty, then I sneaked into the boys.” Minnie began

“And was the wallet in there” Toby asked mumbling

“Yah, it was hidden inside the paper dispenser by the corner stall.

 but when I was about to walk out I heard some boys walk in

“So, I had to hide until they left,

 which made me late for homeroom.

 And had to stay twenty minutes after.” She answered

“Oh wow, way to go Minnie.” Cookie smiled

“Yah, good job.

 So, what was it like begin inside the boy’s bathroom?”

Vicky added laughing

“Gross and smelly!” Minnie laughed back

“So, I guess it’s case closed.

 All we’ve to do now is return Ms. Cow’s wallet where is it now?”

 Sammy asked

Hold on there's something fishy going on

Chapter 4:

Minnie opened her book bag and handed it over to him

“Hold on, a second the wallet is empty.

 What happened to the money inside of it?” Sammy frowned

“I knew it!”

 not only did you take her wallet, but you also took her money!”

 Tommy accused her

“Don’t be a jerk Tommy, how can she be the one who stole the wallet?”

 When she’s the one who found it.” Daisy also frowned

“Exactly, I find it a bit weird.

 That me and Toby, were inside the bathroom earlier today

Toby, even went into the same stall and he didn’t find anything


 simple, because she probably set the whole thing up.

 So, she could solve the case.” Tommy stated

“No, I didn’t!”

 I’m not going to stand here and be blamed for something I didn’t do!”

 Minnie cried out


Cookie didn’t believe that Minnie did it.

 But how was she going to prove it to Tommy

Suddenly an idea popped into her mind.

She lend over and whispered something into Vicky’s ear

“Well, like Sammy said good job you guys, it’s case close.”

Cookie began

“Huh?” You’re kidding, right?”

 This case isn’t over until we find out what happened to the money.”

 Tommy interrupted her frowning

“Wrong, the case was to find her wallet.

 So, we’re just going to turn it back to her just as we found it.”

 Cookie shrugged

“And Toby,

 since you did such a good job in helping us solve this case.

 You’re more than welcome to join our club


, even check out some walkie-talkies that you told Tommy about.”

She added

“Umm, yah sure.” Toby mumbled

“Cool!” I’ve about five bucks, how much do you’ve?” She asked him.

 Toby and the others gave her a strange look as he reached inside his pocket

 and pulled out a ten-dollar bill

“Umm. My dad gave me ten bucks last night, why?”

 He asked uncertainly.

 But instead of answering him Cookie just quickly yanked

 the money away from him.

 And handed it over to Vicky

“Hey!” What gives?” Give me back my money!”

 Toby angrily yelled out

“Don’t you mean Ms. Cow’s money?” Cookie answered him



“I found it really weird that you missed seeing the wallet.

 When you were inside the same stall that Minnie found it in

“But I now, know why.

 That’s because you’re the one who stole it.”

 Cookie started to explain

“No way!” Toby cried out

“Yes way, you stole Ms. Cow’s wallet then hid it inside the boy’s room.

 You thought that none of us would ever think of looking for it in there

“Am I right so far?” Cookie asked him


Toby slowly just nodded his head yes

“But why dude?”

 You told me that your dad gives you money all the time.”

 Tommy cried out in disbelief

“He only gives me a few bucks,

 which barely covers all the stuff that I’ve to buy every day.”

 Toby sobbed

“But Toby, you don’t have to buy stuff every day.”

 Vicky began

“Oh yes, I do!” If I don’t know one will like me!” He cried out

“Toby, if they were really your friends.

 They wouldn’t care if you buy them stuff or not.” Daisy answered him

“Please, please, don’t turn me in.

 if you do they’ll call my dad,

 and he’ll kill me if he ever found out what I did

“I promise to never ever do it again.” He yelled

A lesson in true friendship

Chapter 5:

“Umm, Toby, wait here for a second.

 Guys, can I talk to you in private for a minute?”

Tommy asked them

“First, Minnie, I’m sorry about how I acted earlier.”

 He began

“That’s okay, but I kind of feel sorry for Toby, are you guys,

 really going to turn him in?” Minnie asked

“Yah, me too.

 He looks so scared I wish there’s a way that we could help him out.”

Sammy added

“There is!” Cookie suddenly cried out


“You’ll see, hey Toby, we’ve decided not to turn you in.”

 Cookie cried out to him



“You did?” Oh wow, thanks you guys.”

“Whoa, whoa, slow down don’t thank us just yet.

 You didn’t let me finish, I said we weren’t going to turn you in

“You’re going to turn yourself in.” Cookie interrupted him

“And why would I do that?”

 Knowing that my dad would flip out if I did.” Toby frowned

“Maybe, then maybe not

, if we go with you and explain the whole story to Ms. Cow

And express how you’re going to not only promise, but pinky swear

Never to do it again

“Not only will you promise that you won’t do it again.

 But if you ever get into any sort of trouble

We’ll not only the cops, but your dad,

 which would be a million times worst.

Deal?” Cookie explained

“Deal, but do you think Ms. Cow, will agree?”

 Toby asked

“Don’t know, we’ll just have to wait until tomorrow.”

 Cookie shrugged


The next day after returning her wallet.

 They all talked with Ms. Cow

At first, she was very upset about the whole thing

But after hearing about Cookie’s deal plan she agreed

Toby also kept his end of the deal.

 He even helped Ms. Cow clean up her classroom for a week

And helped Minnie with her math homework to make it up to her


And although they were both very gratefully and had a blast helping

 the gang solve this case.

 They both decided not to join the We Always Catch Our Crooks Club

But the most important lesson that Toby learned in all of this

Is that stealing isn’t worth the price you’ve to pay.

 But the most valuable lesson he learned was that if one has to

 buy stuff to be friends with another

That isn’t a real friendship since real friendship

 are not brought but priceless


copyrights © belong to jack 2006