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Cookie's Magical Stone


While on vacation Cookie found a stone but is it really a magical one

or just pebble that was thrown in the ocean

Let the adventure begin



Chapter 1:

Tommy Cub looked out towards the view from their hotel window

down towards the sandy beach

“Wow, I still can’t believe that our parents, actually let us

come on this vacation

without them tagging along.

This is going to be the best week ever!”

 He cried out happily

“Yah, I never thought in a million years, they’d agree to it either.”

Sammy Turtle added smiling

“I kina feel bad for Mr. Smiley,

 I bet that when our group starts running around

 on the island. In all different directions,

 he’s going to wish that he never agreed to have volunteered

“To watch over us on this trip.” Daisy Penguin also added.

Cookie picked up a tour book that was laying on the table

 and asked the gang


“Okay, you guys, what are we going to do today?”

 Will it be some deep reef diving or plain old sight-seeing?”

Then after talking it over for a few more minutes.

 The gang decided that the weather was just too nice

And decided to go diving instead of just walking

around getting all sweaty


A few minutes later they were picking up their scuba gear,

 and waiting to board the Arch Sails

to take them to a small island off the water reefs

Okay, kids, we’ll only be out here for an hour or so.

 So, be careful out in these waters there has been tales of a shark

 or two wandering around

Also, be extra careful when you return- back to the main land.

 There has been talks of some of the tourists disappearing in the past weeks.”

The ship’s captain warned them

“Disappearing?” Sammy muttered.

 And before the captain could reply Tommy grabbed Sammy

by the shoulder and whispered over to him

“Dude, relax, I highly doubt that’s true.

 He’s only trying to scare you.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure of that little one.”

 The captain mumbled then walked away before any of the gang

 had a chance to ask him what he meant by that


Cookie's Discovery

Chapter 2:

Soon afterwards they were exploring the reefs and all the different kinds

 of fishes in them

Cookie was following a group of star fishes.

When she spotted something shining on the ocean floor and dove farther

down to go get it

She popped her head out of the water to show it to the rest of the gang.

 What she found when she noticed that the captain was waving

 and yelling at her

 from the side of the boat


“I wonder what he’s so excited about?” She thought to herself.

 She was going to wave back

When she spotted a fin slicing through the water heading

 straight towards her

“Look out Cookie!”

 Don’t try to swim, just stay perfectly still!”

Vicky Dragonfly yelled out to her.

 Cookie began freaking out and did the only thing that

 popped into her mind

She suddenly held up the stone that she found high in the air

Strangely the shark eyes widen with fear before it turned around

 and swam quickly away in the other direction


“Oh wow, how did you do that?”

 Sammy asked her once they were back onboard the boat

“I don’t know,

 I just held up this stone that I found on the bottom of the ocean

And it just swam away.” Cookie shrugged

“Cool, can I see it?” Tommy asked her.

 Cookie was about to hand it over to him

When she suddenly dropped it on the floor and began licking her paw

“What’s the matter?” Vicky asked

“It was weird, when I went to hand it over to Tommy,

 the stone suddenly got really hot and burn my paw.”

Cookie answered.

 She was going to pick it up again

When the captain cried out to her

“Don’t touch that!”

“Huh?” Why not?” Cookie frowned

“If you want to know what you found, then as soon as you kids,

 get back to shore.

 Go and visit the island historian and let him tell you what it is.”

 The captain said before he walked away


“That was one strange dude.”

Tommy told them once they got off the ship 

Finding information

Chapter 3:

They quickly went back to their hotel room to change their cloths.

Then went back out to do some sight seeing


“Hey, check it out.”

 Vicky said pointing to a big sign that was posted over a straw hut

Which read:





Oh wow, look at all this stuff.”

 Tommy said looking around the room.

 Which, walls were covered with weird looking masks

“I read about these types of masks on the plane coming here.

 The island warriors used to wear them to wear off any evil spirits.”

 Vicky explained

“Cool, I wonder how much they’re selling them for?”

 I’d love to take one back home.” Tommy told them

“Oh, I’m sorry, but they’re not for sale.”

An annoyed voice interrupted.

 They turned around and noticed an old owl wearing a black robe

 standing by the door frowning at them

“They’re pretty, but, the main reason we came in was.

 This morning we went diving and our ship’s captain

Told us that we should come here and show you what I found.”

 Cookie quickly explained

“I see, and what was that?” The owl answered.

Cookie opened her towel in where she placed the stone in

 and handed it to him

“Wait, here.” The owl told them


A few seconds later the old owl returned carrying a big book.

 He flipped through the pages then showed it to them

“The stone you found young pup, once belonged to a great warrior mask.

 Legend has it whoever comes across this mask, or any part of it

Would be granted extreme powers and unlimited riches.”

“Oh wow, Cookie!”

 Looks like you found a gold mine, you’re about to be rich.”

 Tommy giggled


The old owl suddenly frowned before he added

“I won’t be so quick to celebrate, young cub.

 According to legend this was a very powerful mask was stolen

Which made the warrior who owned it very upset.

 And put a curse on it or any of the pieces until it was returned

 to its proper place

“Wow, and you really think this is one of those pieces?”

 Cookie interrupted

“There’s a great possibly,

 that’s why I strongly suggest that you kids,

 take it back. And offered the stone back to the great warrior

“Now, if you’d excuse me I’ve to return back to my work.”

 The old owl answered smirking

Then walked out of the room before any of the gang could reply


A few minutes later they were off again

“Is it me?” Or is everyone on this island just a little nutty.”

 Tommy asked.

 Cookie was about to answer him when a loud noise

 caught their attention

“What was that noise?” Sammy asked

“Don’t know, but let’s go see what it is.?” Tommy shrugged

“Why, do we’ve to check out every noise we hear?”

 Even when we’re on vacation.”

 Sammy sighed before they headed towards


Chapter 4:

Hey, check it out. Isn’t that weird old owl?”

 Vicky frowned pointing to him as he quickly walked down the street.

 Towards the boat yard

“Yah, I think we should follow him.

And see where he’s going to in such a hurry.”

 Tommy added


Seconds later they were back inside the boat yard.

 And hid behind some creates that were close enough

So, they could hear what was going on

“We’re all set up all we’ve to do now is wait.

 Do you think they’ll show up?”

The captain asked the old owl

“No doubt, my captain friend, no doubt at all.”

 The owl smirked before they both disappeared inside

 the captain’s boat

“Weird, I wonder what those two are up to?”

 Tommy whispered over to them

“Total, let’s seek onboard and see if we can find out.”

 Cookie agreed.


 She was going to be the first one to board. When Sammy stopped her

“Hey, Cookie, your stone is glowing.”


“Not only is it glowing,

 but it seems to be shining on those crates that are by the far end

 of the dock.” He added.


 Once they walked over to it Cookie was about to take her stone

 out of her book bag

But she lost her balance and fell right through it

“Whoa, Cookie, you just hit the jack-pot!”

 Tommy whistled as he and the others looked at all the gold coins

 and other gems

 that were inside or spilled out of it


“Thank you very much kids, your stone did exactly what I was hoping

 it would. Now young lady

If you’d please place the stone onto the mask inside the crate and hand it over.”

 The owl who was standing behind the gang ordered waving a small gun

“You’re not going to get away with this.” Cookie frowned

“Silence!” now stop wasting my time and hand it over to me!”

The owl snapped

“If you want it so badly, quick here catch!”

 Cookie yelled before she quickly threw the stone at him

 as hard as she could

Hitting him in the middle of his forehead knocking him out cold


“Oh wow, that was one lucky throw kid!”

 A voice laughed.

 The gang turned to see that the captain was smiling over at them

“Let me explain, I’m not really a ship captain. I’m officer Buns,

 I’ve been undercover ever since my office heard about all the stolen treasures

 from the island museums and other historian places

“And all of them happened while our friend Mr. Owl,

 was in charge of them.

 We got a tip by one of the real ship captains,

 claiming that he’d pay them lots of money

to ship his crates overseas

We really could never prove it until now.” He told them

“Oh wow, now I get why you acted so weird and wanted us

 to see him so badly.”

 Vicky answered

“I’m just glad that we were able to help.” Cookie smiled

“Yah, now finally we can start having some real fun

and a mystery free vacation!”

 Sammy laughed


Copyrights © belong to jack 2006