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Cookie and Daisy's Nightmare


Cookie and Daisy are super best friends that even share the same dream

but is it just a dream.....

Chapter one

Cookie and Daisy’s Nightmare


Chapter 1:

“Wow!” What a nightmare.”

 Cookie yawned as she sat up on her bed and started stretching.

But stop midway and suddenly looked around the room

“Whoa, where am i?”

 This isn’t my room; okay Cookie, don’t panic.

“There’s a perfectly good explanation of why you just woke up

in a totally strange room.”

She mumbled to herself searching the room

 until she found the light switch


“Oh great, it doesn’t work.”

She took out a small key chain flashlight out of

 her pocket and clicked it on

“Oh wow, this place looks like it hasn’t been lived in for years.

So how did I end up in here?”

Don’t know and don’t care,

all I care about is getting out of here right now.”

 She frowned to herself.

 Cookie slowly made her way out of the room and

 into a long dingy hallway

She was nearly down the hall when a voice called out to her

“Cookie!” Is that you?” What are you doing here?”


 I was about to ask you the same question.”

 Cookie frowned

“I don’t know. I can’t remember,

 do you’ve any clue on how or why we’re here?”

 Daisy shrugged

“No, all I remember was working on my writing assignment

 before going to bed.

“Then having this nightmare of me,

 trying to escape this building before it exploded into a big ball

Of.” Cookie began

“Fire.” Daisy finished for her

“Yah, but how did you know?” Cookie asked

“I know this is going to sound totally crazy.

 But I think that we had the same dream.”

 Daisy started explaining

“What!” How can we both have the same dream?”

“Shh, did you hear that?” Daisy interrupted her

“No, what?” Cookie asked

“It sounded like they’re walking around downstairs

 or moving stuff around.” Daisy answered

“Who?” Cookie frowned

“Cookie, how do I know?”

 I don’t even know how we got here?” Daisy smirked

“Oh, well, maybe we were in an accident and hit our heads

 or something. That’s why we can’t remember

“And those our parents downstairs looking for us.”

 Cookie suggested

“I highly doubt it, but stranger things are happening.

 That we might as well go downstairs and find out.” Daisy sighed

Chapter 2

Chapter 2:

Once they got downstairs two bull dogs dressed all in black

wearing sunglasses spotted them

“Well, well, there you two are.

 We’ve been looking all over the place for you.”

 One of the bull dogs smirked.


 He went to grab for Cookie’s collar

Who without thinking she reached over

 and flipped him over to the floor.


 Noticing that his partner was in trouble

the other bull dog rushed over to them,

 but Cookie saw his coming quickly moved out

of the way tripping the other dog on top of another

“Oh wow, who taught you how to do that?”

 Daisy asked her in awe tone of voice

“Have no clue,

 but that was pretty cool if I do say so myself.

We better get going before those two wake up

“I’m not sure if I could do that again.” Cookie smiled

“I got a better idea.

Why don’t we tie them up and when they wake up we’ll ask

 them what’s going on.”

 Daisy suggested


A few minutes later the two dogs snapped their eyes open and

started struggling with the ropes

“Untie us right now!” One of them demanded

“Not until you tell us what’s going on

 and why we were brought here?”

 Daisy frowned

“Whoa, that machine must’ve messed with their minds.

 You, girls, really need to return back to the lab.”

 The other bull dog added

“We don’t understand what machine, what lab?”

 Cookie demanded.


 But before any of them would answer Daisy held up

a small map then asked


“What’s the kids secret spy house?”  

“Well, if you’re so smart why don’t you tell us?

 What it is?” The dog smirked.

 Both Cookie and Daisy looked at them as they were nuts

“Okay sure, just as soon as we come back.

 See you losers later!” Cookie laughed

 as she and Daisy walked out the front door


Once they got outside Daisy looked up to the sky and said

“Okay, the sun sets in the east.

 And by the looks on this map this place is somewhere around

 that direction

“We’ll just follow the sun and hopefully it’ll lead us there.”

“And we know this how?” Cookie asked

“I don’t know.

 It just popped into my head.” Daisy shrugged

“I guess Vicky,

isn’t the only smart one in our group anymore!”

 She added laughing


Chapter 3

Chapter 3:

A few minutes later they came across a big wooden fence

That stretched in both directions.

 And at the bottom of it was a sign

That read:





They walked for a few more minutes when a security guard

Stopped them

“Why are you kids wondering around here?”

“Well sir, we can’t remember.” Cookie began

“Okay, you kids this isn’t funny.

 We can’t help you especially if you’re going to play games.”

 The security guard smirked 

“But we’re not playing any games.

 We really don’t remember!” Daisy cried out.


 The guard was about to answer when a chicken wearing a doctors coat

 walked over to them and smiled

“Welcome back,

 how was your trip?” I can’t wait to hear all about it.”

“I’m sorry,

 but we can’t remember who you are. Do we know you?”

Cookie asked the chicken


“Oh no, that’s awful you really can’t remember anything.”

 The chicken gasped

“No, all we remember is waking up in this creepy house.

 And these two bull dogs tried to grab us

“But we tied them up and found this map with the name

of this place.”

 Cookie started to explain

“Do you know what’s going on or what’s happening to us?”

 Daisy added

“Oh dear, you better come with me.

 It sounds like you’re suffering from some nasty side effects.”

 The chicken answered


On the walk back to her lab. The chicken explained that they had

 been enrolled in a spy program

For the last couple of months.

 Supposedly they invited a machine that can transport you through

any time period or city in the matter of hours


“But I guess there are still a few kinks in the system.”

The chicken told them as they walked inside her lab

“Oh great.

 So what you’re saying is that we might never get our

 memory back?”

 Daisy asked her sighing

“Well hopefully no,

 changes are that your memories are still programed inside

 the time machine

“Cookie and you will just have to take another trip


 back in time to return them.” The chicken shrugged


“No way!”

 I believe that I had enough of time travel to last me a lifetime.

I just want to go home and forget this whole thing.”

 Daisy sobbed

“But if you don’t.

 There will be no telling if or when you’ll ever get them back.

 If this was a side effect or there’s something wrong with

 the programing.”

The chicken started to explain

“But what if there’s nothing wrong with the programing.

 What if it was tampered to make it look like it?

“So the mission wouldn’t be successful?” Cookie interrupted


 “I highly doubt it. Why?”

But before the chicken had a chance to finish

 Cookie interrupted her again

“Hey, take a look at this.

 There are some wires ripped out and some of these other

 color-coded wires have been plugged into the wrong spaces.”


Chapter 4

Chapter 4:

Cookie turned around and saw that the chicken was pointing

 some weird looking gun in their direction

“You, two trouble makers couldn’t just stay away,

 could you?”

 if you’d have just minded your own business.

 And disappeared as I planned for you to

 “this whole mission

 would have been wrote off as a complete failure.”

The chicken cried out


“It was you?”

 you’re the one who did all of this to us?” Daisy cried out

“That’s right!”

And this time I’m going to make sure that you two nosey

 kids disappear for good.

“Then once the story of how we fail with this mission settled down.

 I’ll just sell the machine to the highest bidder.”

 The chicken smirked.


 She was about to force them inside the machine

When both Daisy and Cookie jumped on her

After Cookie knocked the gun away from her.

 She pushed the biggest button that she could reach


Seconds later bright lights began flashing and a

 loud buzzing sound

 drowned out the chicken’s horrified screams as she disappeared

 into the smoking machine

Chapter 5

Chapter 5:

A few minutes later the room was filled large bull dogs all dressed

 in marines’ uniforms

“Whoa, where did you guys, come from?” Cookie asked

None answered

A loud noise startled Cookie awake causing her to almost fall

 out of her bed

“Wow, now that was the wildest dream I ever had.

 I can’t wait to tell Daisy, all about it tomorrow.”


She was about to get out of bed to get a drink of water when

 her cell rang



“Cookie, sorry, I know it’s late.

 But I’ve to tell you about this creepy weird dream I just had

“first, I woke up in some strange room and.” Daisy began

“And you don’t remember why or how you got there.”

 Cookie finished for her

“That’s right!” But how did you know?” Daisy asked.


 Cookie laughed

“Trust me you thought that dream was weird,

wait until I tell you.”


Copyrights © belong to jack 2006