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When Willy's dog returned from his run away adventure up in Creek Mills he returned with a mystery of his own one that even The We Always Catch Our Crooks Club might not even be able to solve

The mystery beings


Tommy Cub was about to bet his brother’s Chuck high score on the space blaster game. That he was playing inside the Rocky Shores arcade
“Way to go Tommy, as soon as you destroy that alien space station. You’ll be able to reach the last level of the game” No one not even Chuck, has been able to reach that far before!” His friend Sammy Turtle was telling him
“I know, I guess today is just my lucky day!” Tommy laughed. “I can’t wait to go home and tell Chuck, that I just blew his high score out to orbit!”

He was just about to blow up the space station when something bumped into him. Causing him to crash into a flying rock and losing his space life
“Willy! You turd!” Cause of you I just wiped out on the best game I ever played!” He cried out
“Sorry Tommy, I don’t know what happened. I suddenly felt dizzy for a second I thought I was going to pass out,” Willy mumbled 
“Oh wow!” are you okay?” you don’t look so good,” Tommy told him
“I guess so, ever since my dog Mo, ran off I’ve been feeling like I’m lost inside some kina of fog or something. But I figured that if I went out for a while I’d feel better,” Willy answered him
“Bummer, how long has your dog been missing?” Sammy asked him
“About four days, my mom keeps telling me that he’ll find his way back home any time now. That he’s just exploring his new surroundings,” Willy answered him back sounding like he was about to cry at any moment
“I’m sure she’s right.” Sammy smiled. Remembering that Willy had only moved to Rocky Shores just a few weeks ago
“But seriously you don’t look so good, you should go home and take a nap or something,” He added. Willy just nodded his head in agreement then started to
head for the front door. When he started to feel dizzy again and almost fell to the floor. If Tommy and Sammy didn’t quickly reach out to help him

“Whoa Willy!” Why don’t you call your mom to come and pick you up? You really shouldn’t be walking around like you’re drunk or something,” Sammy told him
“I can’t. She’s not home she dropped me off before she went to work. She didn’t want me to stay home alone, mopping all day” But I think that she just doesn’t want me to go back out to Creek Mills, anymore”
“That’s the direction that Mo, ran off to the last time I saw him,” Willy began to explain
“Oh wow!” Sammy whistled. “I wouldn’t be caught dead going in there by myself, my brother told me that some kids, went up there for a camping trip and they were never seen again. It was like they just disappeared into thin air,”

Tommy rolled his eyes before he answered
“Oh please Sammy, give us a serious break,”
“Well it was pretty scary. I’ll give him that the whole time that I was there looking for Mo,” I had this creepy feeling that someone was watching me”
“And for a few minutes I thought I had gotten lost going back to the river bank. That I lost my balance and fell off a small hill and at the bottom of it, I found--,” Willy began. And before Tommy and Sammy could ask him what he found Chuck, and the girls joined them 

“Hey little bro!” I can tell by the look on your face that I still rule the galaxy!” Chuck laughed
“Very funny Chuck, if it wasn’t for Willy, here I would’ve blown your score up in flames,” Tommy snorted
“Yah, yah right. Excuses, excuses!” Chuck laughed patting Tommy on his back
“No, it’s true. I did accidently bump into him while he was playing, like I was telling them before. Ever since my dog Mo, ran off I haven’t been myself—“Willy answered
“Oh, I’m so sorry about your dog I hope that you’ll find him soon,” Daisy Penguin interrupted
“Thanks,” Willy sadly smiled
“Yah, we all do. But can we please stop interrupting him and let him tell us what he found,” Tommy snorted
“It was two skulls next to an old worn out pack bag,” Willy answered
“Whoa!” Both Cookie and Tommy cried out
“The pack bag was empty expect for an old torn up map and one of the skulls looked like it was glued together, and had a small hole in back of it,” Willy explained
“Wow!” What did you do with it?” Cookie asked
“Nothing, I just put everything back as I found it then started running until I got back home. And told my mom about it, she got all weird on me and made me promise that I’d never go back there again”
“That I just probably found a bunch of rocks,” Willy answered her. “But ever since I found them I can’t stop thinking about it along with Mo,” Who’s still out there I guess that’s why I’ve been so out of it”
“And Tommy, sorry again about the whole game thing,” He added
“Don’t worry about it. It was only a dumb game right now we’ve a few mysteries to solve. That are much better than playing game!” Tommy cried out happily

“Huh?” What mysteries?” Sammy frowned
“One, to find Willy’s dog. And the other is to find out more about the stuff that Willy found out in Creek Mills,” Tommy answered him back smiling
“And how are we going to do that?” Willy’s mom isn’t the only one who’d freak out if she ever found out we went out there to snoop around. Mines would probably ground me for life if we got caught,” Sammy told him
“Yah, mines too,” Daisy added
“It’s not only our parents who get all weird when it comes to Creek Mills, I remember last year. I was writing a paper about Creek Mills, for my English class”
“And every time I’d ask that old weird librarian who took over for Ms. Hen, to help me with the research. She’d either tell me how dangerous it was, that it wasn’t a place to discuss to write about someplace else”
“It was like Creek Mills, was hiding some spooky secret she wasn’t allow to tell,” Chuck told them
“Yah, but what?” Cookie frowned
“That’s what we’re about to find out,” Tommy smiled 

Two days later Cookie, Chuck, Daisy, Willy and Tommy were gathered inside their club house
“Hey!” Guess what?” Mo, found his way back home last night,” Willy cried out happily
“That’s great news Willy,” Cookie smiled
“Great, now we can get down to business of solving our real mystery,” Tommy told them
“Where’re Vicky and Sammy?” Daisy asked. And before any of them could answer her Vicky and Sammy walked into the club house

“Hey guys!” Missed us?” Sammy smiled
“At the library, trying to find some books and other stuff about Creek Mills. That we might be able to use,” Vicky Dragonfly answered her
“And did you find anything out?” Cookie asked
“You mean besides learning how quickly. You can smile and give someone a death stare in less the five seconds?” Nope, not really,” Sammy shrugged
Vicky giggled before she added
“Chuck, wasn’t kidding about that creepy new librarian. When we asked her to help us find some information about Creek Mills,” She just looked at us with the meanest, strangest look then pointed to the old newspaper section”
“And told us to look through it. Which was a waste of time. We were just about to leave when a lady bird, who overheard us talking with Arch” Waved us over then handed us this book and told us to hide in my bag,” 

Vicky opened her book bag and took it out. Which was entitled


“Ghosts grave mine?” Tommy frowned after reading the title off the book
“Yah, it has a whole bunch of stories of mysterious deaths, disappearance, and other weird stuff. That happened out in Creek Mills,” Vicky started to explain
“Can I see it?” Willy asked. Vicky smiled as she handed the book over to him
“Hey listen to this!” It says here that in the early sixties a couple of foxes, went out to Creek Mills, in search of a diamond mine” A few days later their families reported them missing and their whereabouts were never found,”
“Whoa!” I didn’t even know there was a diamond out there,” Chuck frowned. “Does it say where it’s at?”
“Umm, don’t know the next few pages are missing,” Willy answered him back shrugging
“Let me see it,” Tommy said taking the book away from him
“That’s weird,” He added after rereading what Willy had a few seconds ago
“It just skips to another story about a couple of kids, who went camping and were found dead over by the river bank” A few days later the doctor who examined their bodies determined that they both died of the same natural causes”
“At the exactly same time,”
“Huh?” That’s impossible!” How can they both have died exactly the same way or time?” Vicky frowned. No one answered her they just sat in silence within their own thoughts

“So now what?” Sammy asked breaking the silence “Seems like every time we think that we might have an answer to our question. Three different more pop up,” 
And before any of them could answer him Cookie interrupted
“What about the lady bird?” I bet she can help us, let’s go back to the library and see if she’s still there,” 

An hour later they back inside the local library searching for the lady bird. They soon found her by the history section
“Well hello kids, back so soon and I see that you brought some of your friends this time,” She smiled
“Hi, my name is Vicky, and these are my friends; Cookie, Daisy, Sammy, Tommy, Willy and Chuck,”
“Well it’s very nice meeting you kids, my name is Ms. May, how can I help you?”
“Umm, it’s about the book you gave me. It seems to have a few pages missing from it,” Vicky began
“Oh my!” That’s strange there shouldn’t be any pages missing,” Ms. May cried out feeling Ms. Arch eyes on them she added smiling
“Why don’t you kids, meet me at the local pizza shop across the street. I’ll be there in a few minutes, just order whatever you kids, like. It’ll be my treat,” 

A few minutes later she joined them
“Sorry, I just figured this would be a much nicer place to talk without any--,” Ms. May began
“You mean without any creepy librarians giving you the evil eye when you’re talking?” Cookie interrupted smiling
“Ah yes!” Ms. Arch, can be a little creepy at times,” The lady bird giggled.  “Now tell me why are you kids, so interested in Creek Mills?”
“Well I guess it started when my dog Mo, ran off into Creek Mills, and I followed him down the river bank, and up the rocky cliff hills. That’s where I found an old pack bag, and some skulls hidden by the river bank,” Willy began
“I see, that must’ve gave you a fright. But sadly I’m sure there’re many hidden skulls waiting to be discovered in Creek Mills,” Did you ever find your dog?” Ms. May asked him
“Oh yah, he came back a few days later all safe,” Willy smiled
“Glad to hear now Vicky, do you’ve the book I’d like to see what pages are missing?” She asked her. Vicky took the book out of her bag and passed it over to her

“See, it starts talking about some old secret diamond mine. Then the rest of the pages seemed to be have been ripped out,” Vicky told her
“That’s strange I could’ve sworn that when I gave Ms. Arch, this book all the pages were there. I guess someone didn’t want others to read the rest of the story about old souls mine,” Ms. May said shaking her head. After she took the book and looked through it
“Old souls mine?” Cookie frowned 
“Yes, rumors has it from the old folk’s legend that if one follows the river bank to the very end. You’d supposal would find the entrance to the old mine,” Ms. May began
“Do you believe these rumors?” Vicky asked
“Oh wow!” Can you imagine? If we were to find it we’d be rich!” Tommy added happily
“Easy now kids, Creek Mills, isn’t a playground it’s and always has been a very dangerous place. I’m not sure if the rumors are true or not, but one thing I do believe is” That many foolish folks have and probably will try to see if it’s true or not”   
“I remember my grandpa, telling us stories about the diamond mine when we were little. Of how he and his pals were going to strike it rich as soon as they find the diamond mine” But they never did I guess they were to scared of river banks truly being haunted by ancient spirits, or they just didn’t believe that they’d find it,” Ms. May frowned

“Do you believe that the skulls that Willy, found could’ve belong to one of those folks looking for the mine?” Cookie asked the lady bird
“That my dear, I can’t say but I strongly suggest that you kids, just forget that you ever heard about those skulls. And stay away from Creek Mills,” Ms. May answered  

A few hours later they were back at their club house
“So I guess that’s, that,” Sammy told them sadly
“You guess that’s what?” Tommy frowned
“The case, I guess this is one case that we won’t be able to solve,” Sammy shrugged
Huh?” Since when do you guys, just give up on a case so easily?” Willy asked. “I was just about suggesting that we’d go back to Creek Mills,”
“He’s right. We never just give up on a case just cause it’s getting to hard. We should go back grab the stuff Willy, found and figured out what happened to them,” Cookie added
“Agreed. And just think about it you guys, just imagine if we were the first kids, in history to find the diamond mine” We’d be beyond famous!” Tommy cried out excitedly

Then after discussion it for a few more minutes and going over it two more times. They all agreed that they couldn’t give up
They all had to go back to Creek Mills 
Copyrights © belong to jack 2006