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We Catch Crooks Club


It started with one stole bike

Chapter 1





Two weeks ago, Cookie's grandmother brought

her a new shining bike

 For her birthday.  

A week later it was stolen from her front lawn 

Now Cookie and her friends are on

 the case to find out who stole

 her bike.

 So just sit back and enjoy their story:



 Chapter 1:

"I can't believe that it has been a whole week. 

 And the cops still haven't found your

 bike Cookie," Tommy Cub sighed 

"Yah." I guess

 they don't know what a big bummer it's for

 a kid to lose their bikes.”

Sammy Turtle told her 

"Have the cops told your mom anything new or

 gave her  

Any idea on when you might get it back?" 

 Daisy Penguin added 

"They said that I would probably never get it back.  

There's a gang of bike thieves roaming around

 the neighborhood" 

"Mines was the sixth bike that was reported

 Stolen in a week,"  

Cookie started to explain 

"Oh wow!" That's scary," Daisy sadly told her  

"But I was thinking that if the cops can't

 find my bike, then we’ll!” Cookie giggled

 then we'll!"


"Cookie, did you hit your head or something?"

 Sammy frowned.  

"What makes you think that we can find

 your bike?

 When the cops can't even find it?" 

"That's my point exactly!"

 They don't have the time to look for it.  


 I don't think any kid's bike is safe unless we do

 Something about it."

 Cookie answered him 

"Do something like?" Daisy asked her  

"Like start a private detective club or

something like that. 

 And offer our services to kids in our

 Neighborhood who the police are to

Busy to help

"I even picked out a name for it.

 The We Always Catch Our Crooks Club 

 what do you guys think?" Cookie explained. 

 And after thinking it over for a couple

 of minutes. 

 The rest of the gang decided that it was

 a great idea  

Chapter 2

Chapter 2:  

The next day right after breakfast

 they started working on their first case

 Solving the mystery of who stole

Cookie's bike  



 we'll take one side of the neighborhood

 and you guys, search the other side.”

 Cookie instructed

 “We’ll meet back here around lunchtime

To compare notes. And remember

to keep your eyes open.” She added





A couple hours later they were all back at Cookie's


"So, how did you guys make out?"

 Did you find out anything?" 

 Cookie asked the guys  


 the only interesting thing that happened was

that Tommy,

 Got kicked in the head.  

When he tried to break up a fight between his

Little brother and his friend," 

 Sammy laughed  

"That wasn't funny dude!" Tommy growled  

"What were they fighting about?"

 Vicky asked trying hard not to laugh  

"I don't know.  

Those two are always fighting with each other"  

"But I warn them that if they did it again

that I'd kick both their butts.”

 Tommy answered her



 Daisy just rolled her eyes at him  

"What?" He shrugged.  

 A knock interrupted her answer  

"I just saw them!"

 Daisy's little sister Tracy cried out  

As she rushed inside of Cookie's house  

"You just saw who?" Daisy asked  

"The guys, who robbed Cookie's bike!"

 Tracy exclaimed  

"Okay Tracy,

 calm down and tell us what you saw,"

 Vicky added  

"I was walking to the candying store 

 When I noticed some weird looking foxes,

 Writing down the address of a house.  

That had a bunch of kid's bikes in the front yard"  

"Then afterward, they got back in their van

 It only drove half a block and did the same

 thing over again. 

 So, they have to be the ones who stole

 Cookie's bike!" Right?”

 Tracy cried out  

"Oh wow!"

 did you take down their license number?"

 Tommy asked her  

"The what?" Tracy frowned  


"Never mind, come on quick

 let's go and see if they're still around


 You girls, go check out the right side of the block

and we'll go left."

Tommy instructed  


A few minutes later they spotted the van that

 Tracy described.  

Halfway down the block  

"Okay, Sammy, let’s see if we 

 we can get a closer look and figure out

what they're up to,"  

Tommy told him.   


They crept along some parked cars until

they almost reached the van.


 But it took off they tried to run after it  

"Oh no!"

 They're getting away," Sammy panted  

"It's okay, I got the license plate number.

 We'll just give it to the police and let them

 deal with it,"  

Tommy answered  

"Yah, but what if the van is stolen then what?" 

 Sammy told him  

"You got a point.

 I guess we'll just have to find a way to keep

 following them 

 Until we can find out where they hid all

the stolen bikes," 

 Tommy shrugged. 

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: 

They jumped inside the back of a cab that

 was two cars behind the van

Waiting for the light to change  

"Quick!" Follow that van!"

 The one that's waiting for the light

to change." Tommy cried out


 The cabbie turned around and just gave them

 a confused stare  

"You kids, are kidding me, right?" He asked  


 we got money if that's what you're worried

 about," Sammy answered him  

Then took out a big wad of bills out from

 his pocket  

"Okay kid,

 it's your money but never in my ten years of

 driving this cab.  

I never heard anyone asks me to follow

another car before,"

The cabbie shrugged  


"Umm, can you please drive a little

faster this is important police business?”

Tommy asked as they drove off

  “Sure kid.” The cabbie laughed

"No, seriously,

 the foxes in that van are a bunch of

 bike robbers!" 

 And we're following them in hopes that

 they'll lead us to

 where they're hiding all the stolen bikes,"  

Sammy added    


A few minutes later the cab followed the

 van until it parked behind


 An abounded warehouse  

"Okay Sammy,

 give him the money," Tommy told him  

"Is this enough to have you wait

 for us?"

 We'll only be gone for a few minutes

 hopefully," Sammy asked  

"Sure kid,

 but I don't feel very comfortable having

 you playing cops with some real robbers.


Why don't I just drive you kids to the

 police station?"

 The cabbie answered  

"Oh, don't worry about us, mister,

 We can take care of ourselves"

 Tommy proudly smiled. 

 "We're just going to take a quick peek just to

 be sure that we've

 The right guys before we tell the police."


"Okay, but only a quick peek. And

if you're not back in less than ten minutes

 I'm calling the cops," 

 The cabbie answered.   

Then after thanking the cabbie


 They ran towards the warehouse

"I think

 we should go back and have the cabbie

call the cops now," 

 Sammy whispered over to Tommy. 

 After they peek through the window and saw

that the two foxes  

Looking over pictures of front lawns with

 bikes in them  

"Not yet,

 we need more proof we've to find the

 bike first,"  

Tommy whispered back.  


 He looked around and saw some stairs

 that looked like they lead to a basement



 I'm going down there, yell if you see them

 coming out," He told Sammy 

 “Tommy, I don’t think that’s such a great idea.”


Chapter 4

Chapter 4:

But it was too late

 Tommy had already sneaked away

 and ran towards the stairs

And after what seemed like hours

 Sammy couldn't take

 it anymore and went to look 

for Tommy  


"Hey, Tommy!"

 What's taking you so long?"  


A loud crashing noise interrupted

 Tommy's responds as the

basement lights suddenly came on. 


 When he accidentally tripped over a

 row of bikes. 

 Sammy quickly hurried over to him and was

 about to ask him if he was okay

When a voice yelled out  

"What are you kids doing down here?"

 One of the foxes demanded

"Leaving," Sammy began


"Not so fast-"   

"What my friend is trying to say is that

we owe you, kids


 an apology we didn't mean to scare you.  

Please you're free to go,"

The other fox interrupted  

"We're not leaving without our friend's bike!"

 Tommy cried out  

"Huh?" Your friend's bike?"

 One of the foxes asked with a

trying to look confuse tone of voice


 it's right over there by the window,"

 Tommy frowned  

"Oh, I see you

 think that just because it's over there

 that we stole your friend's bike?"  

The fox smirked  


"Well duh!"

 Why else would her bike be there?"

 Sammy frowned  

"Oh. Hey!" You kids have it all

 wrong this isn't even our place it belongs

to a friend of ours.  

We had no idea that these bikes

 were down here"  

"Please take it with you, and don’t worry


 we'll be sure to call the cops as soon

 as you leave.

  And tell them all about what you found,"

 The fox smiled.  

They both knew that the fox was lying

 but they decided to play along


"Yah, okay sounds fair enough to us,"

 Tommy smiled back  


 Tony, please

help these kids take the bike upstairs

 while I make that call," The fox told him  

And as Tony slowly started to walk over

 towards them  


Tommy looked over at Sammy and winked 

 But Sammy didn't notice he was slowly

inching his way towards the stairs

 “No. Sammy, wait!” He cried out

Chapter 5

Chapter 5:

 But it was too late

Sammy was already halfway up

 the stairs  

"Hey!" Stop that kid!" The fox yelled. 

 Tony was about to chase him when a

 loud voice yelled out


 from the top of the stairs  

"Hold it right there!" Nobody move!"  


They all turned around and saw a cop

 that stood halfway down


the stairs along with the cabbie  

"You kids, okay?" 

 I got worried when you didn't return,

 so, I placed a call to the police over

my cab radio"  


 there was a patrol car just a few

 blocks from here.  

And we got here

 before these creeps could hurt you,"

The cabbie explained  

"Thanks," Tommy answered him. 


 He then turned to the cop and

 added pointing over to where

Cookie's bike was  

"They stole my friend's bike.

 It's right over there,"  


Later that day they repeated their story

 to a bunch of news reporters.


 And had their pictures taken with the cabbie  

But what they were most proud of wasn't

 what was written about them in the paper

 Was the smile on Cookie’s face

 When she got her bike back

And what was written in the headlines

Which was:  


Attention all you want to be crooks!  

There's a new sheriff in town and

 they'll always catch their crooks!!

Copyrights © belongs to jack 2006