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Can two friends share the same dream

In the beginning

“Wow!” What a nightmare,” Cookie yawned as she sat up on her bed and started stretching. But stopped midway and looked around the room
“Whoa!” Where am I?”  This isn’t my room. Okay Cookie, don’t panic there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation of why” You just woke up in a totally strange room,” She mumbled to herself as she slowly got out of the bed. And stumbled around the room until she found a light switch
“Oh great!” It doesn’t work”
She took out a small key chain flashlight out of her pocket and clicked it on
“Oh wow!” This place looks like it hasn’t been lived in years so how did I wind up in here? And why can’t I remember?” But one thing for sure I’m getting out of here right now, this is to weird,” She said to herself 
Cookie slowly made her way out of the room and into a long hallway. She was nearly down the hall when a voice cried out to her
“Cookie, is that you? What are you doing here?”
“Daisy?” I was just about to ask you the same question,” Cookie frowned
“I don’t know I can’t remember. Do you’ve any clue on how or why we’re here?” Daisy shrugged
“No, all I remember was working on my writing assignment before going to bed. Then having the worst nightmare of having to fight inside this wheel that looked…,” Cookie began
“Like a big ball of fire,” Daisy finished for her
“Yah!” But how did you know?” Cookie asked
“I know this is going to sound totally crazy. But I think that we had the same dream,” Daisy explained
“What!” How can we both have the same dream…
“Shh!” Daisy interrupted. “Did you hear that?”
“No, what was it?” Cookie asked
“It sounded like someone walking downstairs or moving stuff around the room,” Daisy answered
“Who?” Cookie frowned
“Cookie, how do I know I don’t even know how we got here,” Daisy smirked
“Hey!” Maybe we were in an accident and hit our heads or something that’s why we can’t remember” And our parents are downstairs right now looking for us,” Cookie suggested
“I highly doubt it Cookie, but stranger things have happened. Might as well go downstairs and find out,” Daisy sighed 
Once they got downstairs two bull dogs dressed all in black wearing sunglass spotted them
“Well, well there you two are we’ve been looking all over the place for you,” One of the dogs smirked. He went to grab for Cookie’s collar without thinking she reached over and flipped the dog over her shoulder. The other dog seeing that his partner was in trouble went over to help him but Cookie saw him coming and knocked their two heads  together knocking them both to the ground
“Oh wow!” Who taught you how to do that?” Daisy asked in an awe tone of voice 
“Trust me, no one is more surprised as I’m. come on let’s get out of here before they wake up” I’m not sure if I can do that again,” Cookie answered
“I got a better idea, why don’t we tie them up. And when they wake up we can ask them what’s going on,” Daisy suggested
“That’s a great idea!” Cookie smiled 
A few minutes later the two dogs snapped their eyes open and started struggling with the ropes
“Untie us right now!” One of them demanded
“Not until you tell us what’s going on”? How and why are we here?” Daisy asked frowning
“Oh wow!” That machine must’ve messed with their minds,” One of the dogs cried out 
“What machine?” We don’t know what you’re talking about why would anyone want to erase our memories?” Cookie asked. The dog just ignored Cookie’s outburst and yelled
“Let us go!” If you don’t return back with us back to the lab and get medical attention. You could suffer some serious brain damage,” One of the dogs started to explain
“Well, we don’t believe you!” Daisy cried out
“Hey!” Look what I found when I went through their pockets it’s some sort of map,” Cookie said. She opened it up and asked
“What’s the Kid’s Secret Spy House?”
“Well if you’re so smart why you don’t you   tell us what it is,” One of the dogs smirked
“We’ll just as soon as we come back. See you losers later!” Cookie laughed. As she and Daisy walked out the front door 
Once they got outside Daisy looked up to the sky and said
“Okay, the sun sets in the east and by the look on this map. This place is somewhere around in that direction” We just have to follow the sun and hopefully it’ll lead us there,”
“Whoa!” How did you know all of that?” Cookie asked
“I don’t know it just popped into my head,” Daisy shrugged. “I guess Vicky, isn’t the only smart one in our group!” She added laughing 
A few minutes later they came across a big wide fence that stretched in both directions. And at the bottom of it was a sign that read: 
They walked for a few more minutes when a guard standing by the front gate stopped them
“What are you kids, doing in here?”
“Umm, well sir, we really don’t know how or why we’re here. We can’t remember,” Cookie began
“You kids, do know this isn’t a playground in where you can just walk into,” The guard interrupted. “Now if you don’t mind I’ve more important things to do. Then to listen to any more of your kiddy stories,” He added
“But we’re not making up any kiddy stories!” We really don’t remember!” Daisy cried out. The guard was about to answer her when a chicken wearing a doctor’s coat
Walked over towards them and said in a happy tone of voice
“Welcome back!” How was your trip?” I can’t wait to hear all about it,”
“Huh?” Umm, I’m sorry but do we know you? We really don’t know what you’re talking about?” Cookie asked the chicken 
“Oh my!” You mean you really don’t remember anything,” The chicken cried out 
“No, all we remember is waking up in that creepy house and having those two goons try to grab us. “I guess they did help us find this place but we’ve no clue of what’s going on or what this place is,” Cookie shrugged
“Oh dear, you better come with me it sounds like you’re suffering some serious side effects,” The chicken answered 
On the walk back to her lab she explained that they had enrolled in a spy program for the past year. And the last couple of months they’ve been working on a new machine
That can transport agents through time in a speed of light. But there are still some bugs in the system
“Oh great!” So what you’re saying is that we might never get our memories back?” Daisy sighed
“Well no, I don’t know, hopefully your memories are still locked up inside the time machine’s computer chip. You and Cookie, will just have to go back inside and we’ll just reprogram it,” The chicken shrugged
“No way!” I had enough of time travel to last me a lifetime!” I just want to go home and forget this whole thing,” Daisy cried out
“But if you kids, don’t there’ll be no telling when or if you’ll ever get your memories back. Or we’ll never know if that was just a fluke in the system or a simple accident,” The chicken started to explain
“But what if it wasn’t an accident,” Cookie interrupted. “What if someone is trying to make it look like that?” Because they don’t want the mission to be successful,”
Cookie then started to inspect the machine a bit more carefully
“Hey!” Check it out a bunch of wires have been ripped out. And some of these color chips have been missed place with the wrong color,” She cried out. Cookie turned around and saw that the chicken was pointing some weird looking gun deceive at them
“You two, just had to come back and spoil the whole thing!” If you just stayed away this whole mission would have been wrote off as a complete failure!” And I could’ve sold it to the highest bidder,” The chicken cried out
“So you were the one who messed with the machine. And sent those goons after us to see if we remember anything!” Daisy cried out
“That’s right!” And this time I’m going to make sure that you two nosey kids, are never heard from again!” The chicken smirked. She was about to order them back inside the time machine. When both Daisy and Cookie attacked her. Cookie
knocked the gun out of her way. And as the chicken went to get a hold of it back. Daisy pushed the biggest button that she could find 
Seconds later bright lights began flashing and a loud buzzing sound drowned out the chicken’s horrified screams. As she disappeared into thin Smokey air 
A few minutes later the room was filled with large bull dogs. Dressed in marines uniforms 
“Whoa!” Where did you guys, come from?” Daisy asked
“Don’t you remember one of you pulled the energy help button,” One of the dogs answered her
“Oh wow!” I’m so glad that…”
A loud noise startled Cookie awake almost falling off her bed
“Whoa!” Now that was the weirdest dream ever. I can’t wait to tell Daisy, all about it tomorrow,”
She was about to get out of bed to get a drink of water. When her phone rang
“Cookie, sorry I know it’s late. But I’ve to tell you about the weirdest spookiest dream I just had” First, I woke up in some strange creepy room and…” Daisy began
“And you don’t remember why or how you got there,” Cookie finished for her