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Havens Theater


The gang was having a blast in restoring the old theater that was until....

Chapter 1

The Havens Theater
Chapter 1:
The gang were trading goodies out of their lunch boxes
among each other.
 When Nicky Yellow bee walked over to their table
 and asked
"Hi, guys,
 would you like to buy a ticket to our show next week?"
They're only two bucks.
 And all the money goes
 to help save and repair the old theater
"out in main street."
They reached inside their book bags and handed Nicky
 their money
"Is it true that Ms. Honey wort,
 got the idea for the play you guys; are performing.
 From a student in her writing class?"
 Tommy Cub asked her
"Yah, it was a cool idea.
 Last week we had to write a paper answering
 the question:
"If you could put on a play that would save the
 old theater.
 What would it be about?" Nicky answered him
"Oh wow, and do you know whose paper she chose?"
 Cookie added
"Roger Bucks,
 he just moved to Rocky Shores; a few days ago.
 I was glad when she picked his,
 he's really shy and keeps mostly to himself
"Hopefully this will be a good way for him to start making
new friends."
 Nicky explained
"Do you know what the play is about?"
 Daisy Penguin asked
"Well, since I've a part in it I should know or else.
 I'm in big trouble!" Nicky giggled.
 Noticing that the gang didn't get her little joke
Nicky just continued
"It's a who done it mystery.
Six siblings who dislike each other learn that
 they've just inherited their grandfather's money
 Then try scaring each other out of their shares."
"Sounds great,
 but I already figured out who it was."
 Tommy proudly smiled
"You do?" How?" you haven't even seen it yet,
 besides, there are so many twists in the play
"That we'll leave you guessing all the way until
 the end."
 Nicky frowned
"Maybe, but it has to be a girl;
us guys would never do something like that
"Unless there were video games and food involved."
 Tommy shrugged
While all the girls busted out laughing.
 Sammy only shook his head and gave him a
Wow aren't you dumb look
"Can't wait to see it. When does it open?"
 Vicky Dragonfly asked Nicky
"Not for a few weeks.
 We just finished picking out the cast
"But still are looking for volunteers to help us clean,
 and help out with the props," Nicky answered
"You guys, wouldn't be interesting in helping out.
 Would you?"
 We really do need all the help that we can get."
She added
"Sure, when can we start?" Tommy smiled 

Chapter 2

Chapter 2:
The next afternoon the gang headed out for the
 old theater
"I still can't believe that they'd want to
reopen this old creepy place again
"I heard it's been closed for, so many years was
 because it was to haunt."
 Sammy Turtle was telling them
"Seriously Sammy, for the six billion times.
 Just because a place has been closed for a long period
 of time
It doesn't mean that it's haunted."
 Tommy scowled him
"It's only been closed for two years, Sammy,
 the owner couldn't keep it open after
 the three- crowned theater opened down the block
"Plus, many kids don't go to the movies anymore.
 They rather rent or see movies on their computers."
 Daisy explained
"Yah, it's a shame.
 Since nothing bets movie popcorn!" Cookie laughed
"Totally!" A voice from behind also laughed.
They turned around and noticed that Nicky was smiling
at them
"Hey guys, I'm really happy that you're here. Ready to go?"
When they walked inside they were impressed of
how much
 work was already done
"Oh wow!" this place is starting to look awesome,
 check out those cool lions."
Tommy said pointing to a pair of stone loins
that were on either side of the ticket booth
 we've been working really- hard trying to get the
 place ready.
 The rest of the crew are waiting inside the back room
"Waiting for Ms. Honey wort, to arrive
 so, she can hand out today's work assignments."
 Nicky explained
Shortly afterward they were getting to know the other kids
"Since I know Nicky will never tell you guys this.
 I feel it's up to me to let you guys,
 know the real reason why this place closed down
"I just hope that it won't creep you out so much.
 That you decide not to stay."
 A nervous-looking snake by the name of Pan began
 telling them
 we just found Sammy's long, long lost brother."
 Tommy whispered over to the others.
Sammy only gave him a dirty look then asked Pan
"So, you believe the place is haunted too?"
"Not exactly,
it's well known that the old owner was having
 serious money problems. But what was never reported;
 that on the night he was supposed to close the
doors for good
"He went completely nutty and hung himself from
the balcony." He began
"He figured that if he did it.
 The theater wouldn't close because kids would go more
 to see if the place was haunted or not." Pan added
"Pan, I really don't get how you actually believe
 that morbid story." Nicky frowned
"It's not a morbid story. It really happened!"
 Pan frowned back
"What really happened?"
 A voice from behind them asked
They turned and noticed that Roger was standing
 there with a strange look on his face
"Umm nothing,
 hey; have you seen Ms. Honey wort?"
 She's usually here before us." Nicky quickly answered
"Yah, she was here earlier.
 Somehow the cans of paints she bought yesterday
are missing
"Anyway, she asked me to tell you guys,
 to go home since we won't be able to do
much today."
 Roger answered her

Chapter 3

Chapter 3:
Later that day they gathered inside Honey Kitten's mom ice
 cream shop
 discussing what was going on with the play
"Nicky, who else has the keys to the theater beside
Ms. Honeywort?" Vicky asked her
"I don't know. Maybe Roger;
 he and Ms. Honey wort meet real early or leave late.
 Why?" Nicky answered
"Just trying to figure out who could've."
 Vicky began
"It was probably the previous owner letting us know that
 he's not happy. That he doesn't have a part in the play!"
Pan laughed
The gang looked over at him and groaned
"What?" It's possible;
 maybe when we started restoring the place
 we woke something up.
 And now it doesn't want us there." Pan explained
 just like maybe Big Foot will walk through that door
 at any moment.
 And gave me a big hug hello." Nicky laughed
 But you've to admit ever since day one weird things
 have been happening." Pan added
"Yah, but that still doesn't mean that some
 ghost is causing it." Nicky frowned
"I guess we'll just have to wait and see."
 Pan shrugged

Chapter 4

Chapter 4:
The next day they were hanging out in their clubhouse
 before heading out to meet Nicky
When Vicky came running in
"Hey guys, I couldn't stop thinking what Pan,
 told us yesterday. So, I googled it."
 She began telling them
"And what did you find out?" Tommy asked.
 Vicky took out a piece of paper out her back pocket
 and handed it over to him
"Oh wow, Pan; was sort of right.
 But it wasn't the owner it was one of its ushers
who hung themselves."
 Cookie said after she and the others quickly read
 the article she printed out
"Yah, it's so sad how the owner paid the newspapers,
 and others to keep all of this a big secret
Because he didn't want any more legal problems."
 Daisy added
"But what does any of this have to do with
what's happening now?"
 Sammy asked
 nothing but I've a funny feeling that there's
 a connection between the two
  The question we've to figure out is what."
 Vicky answered him
When they arrived at the theater Nicky came up
 to them.
 It was obvious that she was very upset
"What's the matter, Nicky?" Cookie asked her
"Its Ms. Honey wort,
 she's thinking about concealing the play."
 Nicky sighed
Oh wow, why? They all wanted to know
"This morning when she and Roger arrived.
 They found half of our background scenery
They looked like they had a paintball fight and lost
 with whoever did it." Nicky began
"I swear if I didn't know Pan, as well as I do.
 I'd think that it was him behind all these stupid pranks."
 She added
"Gee, I'm flattered that you think of me so highly!"
 A voice from behind them cried out
They turned around and saw Pan standing there with a
 big grin on his face
"I'm sorry Pan,
 I'm just upset we've worked so hard getting ready.
 And now it looks like all our hard work was
for nothing."  Nicky sobbed
"Ah, I don't think so.
 A little birdy just finished telling me that the tickets sales
 are going through the roof
"So, I highly doubt that neither Ms. Honey wort nor
 the new owner is going to be concealing anything."
 Pan smiled

Chapter 5

Chapter 5:
Two days later
The last dress rehearsal went perfectly without
 any hitches
"Great job, and guess what?"
 Ms. Honey wort told them once they all gathered
 back in the break room for lunch
"I spoke with the new owner.
 he was so impressed with the play and informed me
 that he wants us to perform another one
"every month."
that's great they all smiled all except for Roger,
 who suddenly got up from his chair
and walked away with a big frown on his face
"Wow, I'd think that he'd be a bit more excited."
 Tommy whispered over to them
"I know, he's been acting kina of strange lately.
 I wonder what's going on with him?"
 Vicky whispered back
A day later Vicky walked into their clubhouse with
the biggest smile on her face
"Wow, aren't we happy?" Cookie teased
"Beyond since, I just busted Roger's little secret.
 He never wrote the play."
Vicky proudly answered her
whoa, what!
"Last night,
 I was telling my cousin about the play.
 When she told me that Roger's play sounded a lot
 like the
 one her friend was supposed to be in a few
 years back
written by Jay Bluestone." Vicky began
who is Jay Bluestone.
Vicky's smile grew wider
"The kid who hung himself."
No way!
"According to my cousin, Jay;
 worked as the usher at the old Havens theater.
 but he loved the theater so much that he came
 up with the idea on how to save it
"He believed that if they besides showing movies,
 start putting on plays it would save the theater."
 Vicky started to explain
" I don't know what happened or what happened that made
him turn nutty.
 but we all know that it didn't turn out how
 Jay hoped it would." She added
"Yah, but how did Roger get ahold of his play?"
 Sammy asked frowning
"I guess there's only one way to find out.
 let's go ask him."
 Cookie answered him shrugging

Chapter 6

Chapter 6:
When they arrived they found Roger inside the back room
"Hey Roger, working hard?" Pan joked.
 Roger looked up from his book and smiled
"So Roger, dude; quick question.
 how hard was it to rewrite Jay's play and
 make it yours?"
Pan asked smirking
For a moment Roger looked like he was punched
 in the face
"What?" I don't know what you are talking about."
 Roger snorted then looked down at his book again
"Oh really,
 then why do they read exactly the same."
 Nicky frowned. for a moment none of them spoke
"Okay, fine I did it." Roger finally admitted
"They should have never tried to reopen this
stupid place
Jay was my brother's best friend.
 he never got over what happened he blamed himself
 that he never tried to stop Jay
"My parents got so scared that he'd do what Jay did.
 that they locked him up in some hospital which drove
 him into a deeper depression and is just
 rotting away."
Roger began yelling
"So, wait; this was all about revenge?"
Tommy asked him
"Of course, it was pure luck when
 Ms. Honeywort picked my script.
 I was so sure that she'd have shut it all down when I
 started pulling all those pranks." Roger growled
"And you really believe that your plan was
really going to work?"
 Sammy asked
"Sure it'd have.
 if you guys didn't stick your noses in where
 it didn't belong."
 Roger shrugged
"I'm sure you truly believe that Roger,
 why don't you come with me and we'll talk about it
 some more." A soft voice from behind them said
They turned to see that Ms. Honey wort was
 standing there
 and obviously heard their whole conversation

Chapter 7

Chapter 7:
Shortly afterward
"Wow, can you believe what just happened.
 I sort of feel bad for him what do you think is going
 to happen to him." Pan asked them
and before any of the gang could reply
 Nicky returned and sighed
"It's so sad, as soon as walked into the office Roger
 started ranting and raving all over again.
 On how we betrayed him; that we should've just let
him stop the theater from opening
"He just doesn't get it."
What's going to happen to him they all wanted
 to know
"Don't know.
 I left he was so out of reality yelling I guess
 Ms. Honeywort called the cops and his parents."
 Nicky shrugged

Chapter 8

Chapter 8:
Opening Night
"Oh wow, I'm so nervous
 it seems like the whole town is out there
 What if I go out there and fall off the stage
or something."
 Nicky said while peeking out the curtains.
 Vicky laughed
"You're going to be great stop worrying.
 I guess Roger, in all his plotting, forgot a major
 a rule in revenge."
"That no matter how many rumors or lies, you spread
 about a place.
you can't control what the other is going to believe
"You can tell the biggest lie or truth but it's always up
to them
 on what they want to believe." Vicky explained
 I just hope that he gets all the help he needs to
 get pass this. I've to really thank you guys
"I don't think none of this would be happening if you
 didn't figure out what he was up to,"
 Nicky told them
"Okay, enough with the gloom and doom talk.
 Nicky, you're on in five." Pan told her smiling
"Thanks, Nicky,
 but it was actually all of us who helped solve this
 but if you really want to reward us
"Before you go on treat us to all the popcorn and candy that
we can eat. and we'll be even."
Tommy proudly grinned
"It would be my pleasure!" Nicky laughed
copyrights (C) belong to Jack 2006