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The Hidden Room


Cookie and her friends find a secret room inside of Honey's aunt new bed and breakfast

want to find out what it is

dare to read the story and find out

The secret room



Chapter 1:


“I’m so happy that your moms, said it was okay.

For you guys, to stay with me at my aunt’s house while my mom’s at the hospital.

“I think I would’ve died of boredom if I had to spend all that time with her alone.”

Honey Kitten was telling them.

As they waited for Honey’s aunt to arrive on her front porch

“Oh, I don’t think it would’ve been that bad Honey,

 I know that she might be a bit old. But I like her.”

 Daisy Penguin answered her

“What she means is.

 She can’t wait to munch out on all her goodie treats!” Cookie laughed

“Yum, they’re my favorite.

 But I’ve to warn you guys, besides helping her bake there’s not much else to do

“Expect play cards with her friends.

 The last time I had to stay with her for more than a few days.

 I gained ten pounds and lost half of my allowance!” Honey also laughed

“How’s your mom doing?” Vicky Dragonfly asked her

“Oh, she’s doing lots better after they taped up her leg.

 But she has to stay in the hospital for a few more days,

 or until she can walk on her own without the use of the doggie walker.”

 Honey explained.

The girls were sharing school gossip when they noticed

 Honey’s aunt pulling up inside her drive way


“Hi, girls, don’t you all look pretty today.” Honey’s aunt Peggy smiled.

 Once she got out of her car

Then after she got settled she asked the girls to gather inside the kitchen

because she has a surprise to tell them about

“What’s up Aunt Peggy?” Honey asked her excitedly.

Peggy pulled out a large envelope and handed it over to her


Honey opened it and pulled out a thick piece of paper that had a picture of an old looking mansion on it

Below the picture it read:











Peggy laughed at the look of confusion on the girls faces

“Maybe, I should explain a friend of mines, and I decided to buy the old Havens mansion.

We’re planning on turning it into a bed and breakfast.

 But not any normal bed and breakfast place

“Every weekend we plan on throwing a history mystery party.

Some sort of reenactment of two crimes that happened in the past”

 Peggy began to explain

“One of them is a true story and the other one is false.

 And whoever can solve them will win a free night, plus fifty dollars.”

 She added smiling

“Oh wow, that sounds great.” All the girls agreed

“But I need some help in getting the place ready for the grand opening next week.

 And was wondering if you girls, were willing to help us out

“Not only with the cleanup, but being part of our weekend parties.”

 Peggy asked them.

 The girls stared at each other for a second before they broke out with big smiles on their faces

Would we ever!


The next day they all got up early ate a quick breakfast then headed out for the Havens mansion

“Oh wow!”

 I’ve probably passed this place a million times but I never thought it was this big.”

Cookie told them as she and the others looked out the car window at the old mansion

“Yah, talk about fitting the perfect part.

This place looks like the perfect haunted house.” Honey giggled.

They got out of the car and walked towards the entrance of the mansion and walked in

“Well, I did say it needed some work to it.

 But with some fresh paint and some other touch ups, it’ll look good as new!”

 Peggy laughed

“It’s going to need more than a few touch up to get this place ready.”

 Honey whispered with a smile on her face to the others

 as they looked over towards the dusty living room

“It looks and smells like no one has lived in here for years.” Daisy added


After a quick look and taking notes of what they needed to get started with the cleanup.

When they finished Peggy told the girls to stay put while she picked up the cleaning supplies,

some snacks and other stuff

“And remember if you kids, are going to explore please be careful.”


Chapter 2:

Once Peggy left the girls began exploring the downstairs room

“Wow, I know that Aunt Peggy, wants to have this place ready by next week.

 But sadly I think she needs a reality check, this place is a dump.”

 Honey said as she was about to open a dusty door knob

“I wonder what’s in here.” She added

“Maybe, it’s a room filled with hidden treasures and gold coins!”

 Daisy laughed. Vicky rolled her eyes

“Oh boy, you’ve been hanging out with Tommy, for too long.”


The door creaked as it slowly opened and the girls poked their heads inside

“How weird. Is that what I think it is?”
“Whoa, why is there a tunnel inside a room?”

 Daisy asked frowning as they stared into the dark tunnel

“Don’t know. But I think we should explore and see where it leads to.” Cookie replied

“Umm, maybe, it’s just some old shaft and goes to the basement or something like that.”

 Daisy shrugged

“Wow!” Now you sound like Sammy!” Cookie laughed.

 “Besides we’re never going to know just standing here.” She added

“Hold on. I’ll be right back.”

 Honey told them then returned a few minutes later carrying a couple of flashlights

“Where did you get those from?”

“From the kitchen counter, okay, exploring we’ll go!”

Honey cried out as she gave each of them a flashlight


Chapter 3:

“Wow, this looks like it goes on for miles,”

 Daisy whistled as she beamed her light into the dampness of the tunnel

“It better not.

We’ve to get back before my aunt gets back,

she’ll freak if she comes back and can’t find us.”

 Honey answered her. They slowly walked into the tunnel

And continued walking in silence until they reached an old wooden door

“Umm, okay, now that’s not weird at all they all agreed

“What do you say ladies, do we knock and see who answers?” Honey smiled

“Maybe, we should just go-“Daisy began

“Or we can just open it and see what surprise waits for us inside.”

 Vicky interrupted her before she turned the knob and pulled the door open


“Weird, there’s nothing in here.” Daisy said

“Well, it’s not completely empty.”

 Cookie answered her shining her flashlight towards the far end corner of the room

It was a coffin

“Creepy, I’ve never seen a coffin this close before.

 I wonder if it’s empty.” Vicky whistled

“OMG!” Who cares if it’s empty or not, my Aunt’s going to have a major freak attack.

When she finds out.” Honey cried out

“She’s right.

 So let’s go back and wait for your aunt to come back, and see what she has to say about all of this.”

 Daisy told them.

 But before Cookie or Honey could follow her out the door

Vicky cried out

“It’s empty!”

“You opened it?”

“Yah, I just flipped the lid and it popped opened,

 but it was empty expect for this small bottle that was laying in the middle of it.”

 She explained.

She held up the small clear bottle higher so the others could have a better look at it


Vicky raised the bottle and read out loud what was written on the label

“I guess whoever left this, had a bad breath problem.

 It says here, that this is Ham Breath.”

“Ham Breath?”

“The label is worn out. But I think that’s what it read.” Vicky shrugged.

Cookie took the bottle from her

“Well, let’s see what ham breath smells like.” She giggled before she opened it

“Cookie, stop!” No wait!” Daisy cried out.

 But it was too late Cookie had already took the bottle’s plug out of it

As she did a sour smelling fog surrounded them

“Gross Cookie!” Plug it back up, plug it back up!”

“I’m trying, I’m trying!” She yelled out


The smell floated through the air for a few more seconds before it finally faded away

Yuck!” I think I swallow some of it.” Daisy gaged

“I think, I did too. Let’s just get out of here I really need to wash my mouth out.”

 Honey frowned

“Umm, guys, I think we’ve company look.” Vicky whispered over to them


Chapter 4:

They all turned and looked.

 Standing in the door was an old strangely looking wolf dog wearing a black tuxedo just blankly staring

“Where did he come from?” He wasn’t there a second ago.”

Cookie asked.

 And before the other girls had a chance to respond the old wolf dog growled softly

“Where am I?”

But instead of answering the wolf dog, the girls fled the room.

 And ran all the way back to where they came from

But the door they had come through was gone


“Great, now what are we going to do?”

what happened to the door, and how are we going to get back?”

 I can’t believe that-“Daisy began

“Oh, my poor head please press her shut off button.”

They slowly turned around and found that the wolf dog had followed them


“Umm, hi, sorry, but we’re a little confused. We just came from this way but now the door is missing

And we’re also confused on where you popped out from?” Cookie mumbled

“Yah, and how are we supposed to get back.” Daisy added

“I’m the great wolf Count, and I should be asking you girls, the same question.

 Since you seem to be trespassing in my home.” He answered smirking

“Your home?” But my aunt and her friend just brought this place,

 it’s been empty for years. So how can it be your home?”

 Honey frowned

The count ignored Honey and continued

“Now, where did I put it?”

“Where did you put what? They wanted to know

“I can’t seem to find them; what I’m going to do I can’t see very well without my glasses.

 Can you help me find them?” He asked them

“Sure, but only if you help us find a way to get back home.” Cookie smiled



Chapter 5:

“Okay, where is the last time you remember seeing your glasses.” Vicky asked him.

 The Count thought for a second before he answered her back

“Inside the room we all just came from.

 I remember drinking my favorite midnight snack then falling asleep

“I don’t remember anything else after that until now.”

“Well, let’s go back and see if we can find it.” Cookie smiled



They returned back and began searching.

But they couldn’t find anything except the empty bottle that they found earlier

“It’s not here, nothing is here expect for this empty bottle.”

Honey sighed as she picked it up

“But I’m sure that it’d be here.” The count whined

“We’re sorry that we couldn’t find your glasses.

 But can you please let us know how we can get back now?” Honey added

“Oh, I’m sorry. But I’ve no clue on how you could do that.” The count shrugged


“I wish I knew.

 But I’m just an old count who can’t even remember where he left his glasses

“How do you think that I could ever help you?”

 Now, if you’d excuse me, I’ve to continue my search.” He answered them.

And before any of them had a chance to reply the old wolf dog disappeared


“Oh great!” Now what?” Daisy groaned

“We leave, and hopefully we get back before your aunt does.” Vicky stated

“And how are we going to do that?” When the door we used to get here disappeared into thin air.”

 It’s obvious that creepy dog isn’t going to help us.” Daisy frowned

“Well, we’ve to try to do something standing here feeling sorry for ourselves isn’t going to help us any.”

 Vicky shrugged.

 Once again they began exploring the tunnel looking for a way out

“I’ve a strange feeling that we’re just walking around in a circle,

 I hate to say this but we’re just doomed.” Daisy sighed after a few minutes

“That’s the spirit Daisy, now let’s trying to be a bit less cheerful.

 And let’s just keep moving looking for a way out!” Vicky laughed.

They continued walking until they reached another wooden door


“Well, here goes nothing.

 Let’s see what surprises are inside door number two!”

 Cookie joked before she slowly opened the door.

 Inside the old wolf dog was searching through a dusty book case looking for his glasses

“I guess you haven’t had any luck.” Honey asked him shrugging

“Oh no, not you girls again?”

 Why don’t you go and run off and leave me in peace to find my glasses?”

The old wolf dog whined

“We’d love to. But we still can’t find a way back— “Cookie began

“Oh, for crying out loud.”

 The old wolf dog sighed he then order them to close their eyes

And before the girls could ask him why the room began to fill up with the same fog as before.

 When the fog cleared up they were standing inside at the entrance of the tunnel they started from


Chapter 6:

“Oh wow!” we’re back!” How did he do that!” Vicky cried out

“Who cares, all that matters is that we’re back!” Honey also cried out

Oh no!”

 Now, I’m never going to find my glasses since I can’t remember where I stopped looking for them.”

They slowly turned around and found that the wolf dog was standing there frowning at them.

 And before any of them could respond another voice cried out

“There you girls, are!” I’ve been looking all over for you.”

“Aunt Peggy!” You’re never going to believe what just happened!”

 Honey yelled.

 But before she could continue her aunt interrupted

“Oh, I see. You meet my friend the Count,

I know he’s a bit strange but he really knows his history

 and will be a big help to us when throwing our mystery parties.”

 Peggy giggled.

The girls were so stunned and confused that they didn’t know how to answer her back

“I must go.

 I need to find my glasses; how can I get anything done without my glasses.”

 The wolf dog snorted

“Now, now, Count, calm down. Here let me help you.”

 Peggy smiled as she gently reached over

and took the wolf dog’s glasses out of the pocket out of his tux

“There. You see, they were there all this time.”

“Why thank you my dear Peggy, what would I ever do without you.”

He smiled. He then took a bow and walk away inside the tunnel


Chapter 7:


“Umm, can you please explain what just happened” Vicky asked Honey’s aunt

“Yah, Aunt Peggy, did you know about this?” What took you so long?”

“Did you know about the tunnels?”

“Has he been there long?” Does he live in there, and if no. why did he say he did?”

 Both Cookie and Vicky added. Laughing Peggy held up her paw

“Ladies, ladies, one at a time please!”

“Didn’t I tell you girls, that I wanted to make this different from every other B and B.

 so think about it did I know or didn’t I?”

Maybe I was testing you girls, maybe I wanted to see how you all handed yourselves.

 During spooky situations or feeling trapped without a way out.” Peggy began smiling

“Or maybe you girls, just helped out in giving an old lonely dog a bit of excitement in his life.

 plus, helping him find his glasses, which he’s always losing”

Or maybe none of this really happened I’ll let you girls, be the judge of these things

“Now who wants some ice cream!” She added laughing


Copyrights © belong to Jack 2006