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Haunted Hotel


Greetings and welcome to the Havens

i hope that you have a nice stay since

check in is at 12

and check out is Never

Chapter 1



Chapter 1:

Cookie looked out the car window after.

 When she noticed that

 Tommy Cub’s brother Chuck

Began to slow down and asked him

“Are we there?”

“Are we were?” all I see is the road.”

Daisy Penguin frowned.

Once she looked out the other window


“No, we’re not. Sorry guys,

 but it looks like we’ve to stop

for the night.

And let this old tinker get some rest,

it’s beginning to over-heating again

“And I don’t want to take any chances that

 it’ll conk out for good.”

 Chuck answered them


“Oh great,

 I knew that we should’ve gone with Miss Bay.

 We would’ve been at C.D. park by now.”

 Sammy Turtle whined 

“Don’t worry about it Sammy,

 my boy.

 We’ll be ready to crash those

waves in no time!” Chuck laughed

“We’ll just spend the night in that hotel.

 And hit the road early in the morning.”

 He added

“What hotel?” Tommy asked

Chuck pointed to a sign that read:




A few minutes later he pulled up to

 the hotel’s driveway.

 The fur on the back of Cookie’s neck

Stood up as she looked out

 the window

And saw that the hotel was hidden

 by some overgrown trees

“Why do I get a funny feeling that

 we shouldn’t stay here?”

She thought to herself as she

 got out of the car


after they all collected their stuff

they walked into the hotel’s main lobby


“Why, hello,

 and welcome to the Havens hotel.

 How can I help you this evening?”

A voice called out from nowhere.

 The gang turned around and spotted

 the front desk clerk

Standing behind a big oak desk

“Um, our care was overheating.

 So we decided to get a room

 for the night.” Chuck explained


“Excellent!” And lucky for you,

 we only have one room left.

 So let me get all your information

And get you kids, all comfy

 and checked in.” The desk clerk smiled 


Chapter 2

Chapter 2:

A few minute later

“Okay, why don’t you guys,

go put our bags in the room

And unpack.

 I’m going to see if they’ve a dinner

Or something open to pick up

 a quick bite.” Chuck told them

As he handed the room key over

 to Tommy

“Try not to trash the place.

 I’ll only be gone for a few minutes.”

 He added smirking


Once they went inside the room

Tommy picked up

The tv remote jumped on the bed

And turned on the tv



 and welcome to Spook TV.”

 A ghostly looking announcer laughed

“I’m glad that you’ve chosen to join us.”

Before reaching out his arms through

 the TV set


“Holy crap!”

 Tommy yelled out as he tried to

 turn off the TV

But it wouldn’t shut off


The ghost announcer returned back inside

 the TV and smirked

“Foolish kids,

 you should’ve ran while you still had the

 chance to escape

“Now, it’s to late.

 Since none of you’ll be checking out.”

He then vanished from the TV screen


For a moment none of them spoke

They just stared at the TV in total shock

“Umm, please

 tell me that was some sort

 of hotel humor.” Sammy mumbled

“Of course it was dude.

I bet that they do.”

Tommy began


The ringing interrupted Vicky went over

 to it and answered


“Listen carefully.”

 A whispery voice on the other

 end said

“My name is Ollie,

 this hotel is full of ghost

 who can’t wait to turn you and your friends

 into one also

“But I can help you escape whatever you do

 don’t go to sleep.

 And as soon as possible go to room.”

“Wait, what?” Hello?”

Vicky yelled into the phone

She listened for a few more seconds

 but the line was dead


“Who was on the phone?”

 Daisy asked her,

“Don’t know.

 But whoever it was sounded like

they had a bad cold or something.

 All I understood that his name

was Ollie

“And that we were in danger since

 the hotel was

 filled with ghost.

 And are planning on turning us

into one.”

 Vicky began explained



“He also told me that he’d help us escape.

 But the line went dead

 before he could tell me what room

 he was in.” She added shrugging

“I knew it!”

 I knew that we should’ve gone

 with Miss Bay,

 now we’re going to be turned into some kina

Of ghost kids.

 And be stuck in this dumb hotel forever!”

 Sammy cried out

“Whoa Sammy,

 let’s us know when you’re done

freaking out.

 So we can go and find Chuck

“So, we can get out of here.”

 Tommy frowned

“Shouldn’t he be here by now?” Cookie added

“Oh no, what if they already turned him

 into a ghost.

That’s why he’s not back yet.”

 Sammy cried

“Sammy, please

 acting like a total freak okay?

” And let’s go,

I’m going to show you guys,

 that there’s no such thing as ghost.”

Tommy sighed    



Chapter 3

Chapter 3:

They walked into the hallway and towards

 the elevator

And just as the doors were

 going to open

They spotted a foggy cloud slowly moving

 in their direction


“What was that?” Vicky asked.


 And before any of them could

 answer her back

The cloud turned into a large boar dressed

 as a janitor with black sunken eyes

“Hey, where do you kids,

 think you’re going?”

 Isn’t past you bed time?”

Why don’t

I take you back to your room.”

 He laughed

“Umm, thanks,

 I think that we can find it ourselves.”

 Cookie yelled over her shoulder


As she and the rest of the gang started

 running towards the fire door exit

“Okay Tommy,

 tell me again how there’s no such

thing as ghosts.”

 Sammy smirked once they reached

 the main lobby


Tommy was about to answer him back

when Chuck called out his name

“What are you guys, doing here?”

 I thought that I told you to wait for me

In the room?”

 Chuck asked frowning

“Where have you been?”

 Tommy frowned back

“I’ve been walking around this

dumb hotel

looking for the creepy clerk

So he could tell me

 where the dining room is.

 But I couldn’t find him

 I can’t even get

the stupid front door to open.”

 He answered.


Then after hearing what the gang explained

to him

 all about the weird things that

 happened while he was gone

Chuck nodded his head then said


 if our only way to get out of here is

 by finding this dude Ollie, what are

 we waiting for

Let’s go find him.”


Soon afterwards they started checking all the

 rooms in where.

They thought would be the perfect

 hiding spot.


 When they went inside the room Sammy

went straight

 towards the phone and picked it up

“Sammy, who are you calling?”

 Daisy asked him

“Who do you think the police.”

 He frowned

“Oh right, and say what?”

 I’m trapped inside a haunted hotel;

 please come and save me

“They’ll think you’re nuts.”

 Tommy smirked

“Hey, listen to this.” Cookie said

 picking up a bunch of papers

 and began reading them out loud

“These are all stories of how

 the owners were forced to

 close it down

 due to all the unexplainable things

 and death that happened here.”

“Oh wow, and look there’s a picture of

Ollie in one of these article!”


And before any of them could reply


 suddenly dropped the paper

 on the floor

When a dark colored line spread out

 on them and spelled out

What seemed like a warning for them to

 get out of the room and run


Chuck looked over to them who were

 just staring

at the message with confused

And scared looks on their faces

 and shouted

“Well?” What are we waiting for?”




 what just happened back there?”

 Daisy asked once they reached

 the main lobby

“Don’t know.

 Maybe this is one of Ollie’s way of helping

 us or something.” Vicky shrugged

“Sure, it is.

 And he couldn’t think of other way

 of doing it.

 Right?” Sammy frowned

Chapter 4

Chapter 4:

When they walked into the game room

 they found the creepy desk clerk

Playing a video game


 it took you long enough to find me.”

 He laughed

“Huh, you’re Ollie?”

The desk clerk only smirked

“So, if you’re Ollie,

 why didn’t you just tell us when

we first came in?” Cookie frowned


And before he could get a chance to

 answer her

A voice from behind them said

“That’s because he’s not Ollie.

He just wants you all to think that he’s.”


They all turned around and saw a

 small sad looking mutt

With sunken eyes standing by

 the door staring at them

“Oh, you’re no fun.”

 The desk clerk pouted

“Why don’t you just go away.

 And leave me and our new guest to get to

 know each other better.” He added


“I’m warn you.”

“Okay, okay,

 no need to get all huffy I’m leaving.

 But don’t worry kids

 I shall soon return

He can’t protect you forever!”

 The desk clerk laughed before

 he vanished into thin air


“Okay Ollie,

we had enough of this place.

 Just tell us how we can get

 out of here

“Or give us the key,

 so we can open the door and leave.”

 Tommy frowned


 I wish that I could but I can’t.”

 Ollie sadly answered

“You’re kidding us right?”

 Didn’t you tell Vicky that you could

help us get out of here?”

And now you can’t, why?”

 Cookie cried out


“My great, great grandfather built this hotel

 from the ground-up

But from the day it first opened.

 It’s doors,

 the place has been cursed

“He died in the penthouse from

 some sort of freak accident.”

 Ollie began


“Soon afterwards every one of

 my relatives died in the same way.

 Turning them into bitter-revengeful ghosts,

who keep turning all who check in

 into one too just for fun.” He added

“But you’re not like them?”

 Why did you decided to help us?”

 Vicky asked

“Besides of having no choice of begin

 trapped here.

 I never liked them I always try to help

 the new check- ins

“Even though I haven’t been successful;

 one of my family members gets to

them first.


 I figure if I do succeed in helping you

or any of the others escape.

 I can too, and cross over and finally

 be free from this place and them.

” Ollie explained


“But how?”

 You don’t even know where the key is

 to open the front door.”

 Daisy asked him

“Yah, but at twelve,

 it’ll be check out time.

And the doors automatically open

by themselves for a few seconds

“None of my dumb family members

 have figure out how to stop it


. That’s why they do their ghost-turning

 before then.”

Ollie answered her shrugging

“Well, lucky for us.

 That’s going to be our way out of here

so let’s try not to blow it.” Chuck told them

Chapter 5

Chapter 5:

“Okay, here’s the plan;

 as soon as the clock strikes twelve.

We all run and push the doors open and

 we keep running until we reach the car.”

Chuck explained to them


He then looked at his watch and

started the count down

Minutes later he yelled

“Okay, it’s time to go!” Run!”


They all ran as fast as they could towards

 the door and pushed it open

As hard as they could


Yes, we did it!”

Chapter 6

Chapter 6:

Cookie jumped inside the car.

 She looked over towards the hotel

 and noticed Ollie sadly staring

 at them

Through the window waving good-bye


“Wow, I can’t believe that we made it.

 Out of there all in one piece.”

 Daisy sighed

“Yah, but I feel sorry for Ollie,

can you imagine begin trapped inside

 that creepy place

“Never knowing when we’ll be freed.”

 Vicky added


“I don’t even want to think about it.

Chuck, do you think we’ll be able

to make it to

 the park without having

any more car trouble.”

Tommy asked his brother


“Car trouble?”

 We never had any car trouble,

“That must’ve been some dream,

 I’ve heard of friends sharing

 dreams before

 but never like the way you all did it.”

 Chuck answered him


“You, all were

 talking in your sleep about

begin trapped

 in this haunted hotel and

 having a desk clerk turn you into ghosts

. It was the funniest thing

 I couldn’t stop laughing

“Any ways, we should be reaching the

 park in ten minutes.

 That’s if you don’t ghost-out on me again!”

 He added laughing


They all just looked at each other

 in total disbelief and confusion

It was just all a dream

No it could’ve been

Could it

Copyrights © belong to jack 200