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What happens when the snobbiest girl in school throws a heart party

It's party time



It was a rainy afternoon when the gang was walking down Main Street

"Can you please remain me again, why?” We're walking around in the rain going from store to store.

 Instead of not going inside one of the cafe shops and drinking

Some hot chocolate.” Sammy Turtle whined before he jumped over a big puddle of water

“Cause we need to find something cute to wear for Jenny Grill’s heart party, next weekend.”

 Daisy Penguin answered him

“Oh,” Sammy began and before he could finish his thought. Tommy Cub frowned before he interrupted

“I don’t know, why we’re even going to her stupid party. She has to be the snobbiest girl in all our school.”

“But if we don’t show up she’ll just cry and whine to her mom, and to who knows who else.

How we just don’t like her because she has more money than we do”

 Or how jealous we’re cause she’s prettier than us.” Daisy answered him

“Yah, then her mom, would probably tell our mom’s and our lives will turn into the biggest nightmare.

So it’s just better just going to her party and get it over with!” Cookie laughed

“I can almost hear her now!” Vicky added also laughing.”

 It’s not my fault that we’re sooo rich and they’re not, or that I’ve the best clothes,

 Or even worst yet beyond smarter than Tommy’s!”

“Hey!”  Tommy cried out.

 The gang was still goofing and making fun of each other when Daisy, noticed an old building that look like it was about to fall down.

At any moment and hanging in front of the building was a sign that read:





And before she pointed the building out to the rest of the gang.

She also noticed that the side walk in front of the building was super dry. Like it never rained at all 

“Hey guys, check out that sign out. I never seen that store before have any of you?” Daisy asked them

“No, but that sign got me curious it sounds so mysterious. Let’s go and check out.”

Vicky answered her. And before any of them had a chance to reply it started to rain 

They quickly ran inside the musty smelling store, which looked bigger than they thought it’d.

They slowly walked around the dim lite store

“Hey, check this out!” Cookie giggled holding up a small bottle that the label read:


“Hi. May I help you?”


They all turned around to find a young owl with thick glasses standing behind them.

 Just staring at them with the weirdest look on her face

“Oh, umm, no, we were just looking around. You sure have some interesting stuff, do you work here?”

Cookie asked placing the tiny bottle back on the shelf 

“Yes, my aunt just brought the place I’m helping her out. Until she can offered to hire some part time help.”

 The owl shyly answered  

“I didn’t even know this store was here. Have you been open long?” Vicky asked

“No, we’re not even really open yet for business still in the unpacking stage.

We just moved here from Copper City, a few days ago.” The owl answered

“So it’s you and your aunt?” Daisy asked her

“Yes, my parents, died in a car accident when I was young.” The owl mumbled.

Then after a few seconds of silence she continued

“Oh, where is my manners I’m Brandy,”

“Nice to meet you, I’m Cookie, and these are my friends. Daisy, Vicky, Sammy, and Tommy”

 How do you like living in Rocky Shores?” Cookie asked

“So far okay, I guess. Well it was nice meeting you guys, and if you need anything just yell.

I’ll be in the back room there’s like a trillion more boxes left to unpack.” Brandy sighed

“Umm, no. that’s okay, we’ve to go anyway but we’ll make sure to come back and visit you soon.

We’ll even give you the grand tour of our little town” And show you all the cool place to hang out.”

Cookie smiled

“Thanks that would be great. Thanks for coming by.” Brandy smiled back before she left for the back room


An hour later they were back at Daisy’s house waiting for Jenny to arrive

“So shouldn’t the royal princess be here by now?” Tommy smirked

“Tommy, will you please stop it already with your stupid jokes about her.

 I kina feel sorry for her” She acts like she’s happy all the time but deep down I think

she’s rather sad, and lonely” And doesn’t have many friends, it’s all just a big act.”

 Daisy scowled him. And before Tommy could answer her back her doorbell rang

“She’s here. Now Tommy, remember be nice

And no more wise cracks.”

 Daisy warned him before she went to open the door

“Hi. Sorry, I’m late but I couldn’t find a thing to wear that you haven’t seen already this week.” Jenny sighed

“Oh, that’s okay, Jenny, we were just waiting for you to watch that new Van door, movie. Cookie,

 Brought over and order a pizza.” Daisy smiled.


 Later on after they

Finished watching the movie Vicky was telling Jenny all about the new store that they discovered

“Oh, yah! Wendy, told me about that the other day.

 She went inside with her mom”

 She told me that she was very weird and was dressed in some old fashion clothing and looked like the biggest emo!”

 Jenny laughed

“Well if Wendy said it, then it must be true. Give me a serious break just cause

Brandy, seems a little shy doesn’t make her an emo!”

She’s shy cause she just moved here and doesn’t really know any one yet” Besides who died and made

Wendy, such an emo expert any ways!” Tommy angrily cried out. And before

Jenny had a chance to answer him back Vicky interrupted

“Anyway her aunt’s store has a lot of cool stuff inside of it.”

“Yah, they even have these little tiny bottles filled with love potions!” Cookie added laughing

“Really?” I wonder if that stuff really works.” Jenny frowned

“Oh, please don’t tell me that you believe in that stuff.” Tommy snorted

“No, but it’d be interesting to find out if it does or not.” Jenny shrugged


Two days later they all went back to Brandy’s aunt store

“Oh, you guys, weren’t kidding just look at all this old stuff….”

Jenny began as she looked around Brandy’s aunt store

“Oh, hi. I’m sorry but I was about to close up for lunch.” Brandy told the gang 

“Oh, we’ll be quick I was just interested in your love potion. You do sell those right?”

 Jenny asked her smirking

“Sure, they right this way we’ve all sort of great potions besides for love, we’ve some for money and beauty too.”

 Brandy smiled

“Wow, if they do then I wonder why she hasn’t used any on her. She could sure use them.”

Jenny whispered over to the girls as they followed Brandy. Cookie just gave her 

A wow! Why do you have to be so mean look?

“Here, they are. Are you looking for a certain brand?” Brandy asked Jenny 

“No, not really, just one that works really quickly.” Jenny shrugged

“I think I’ve the perfect one.

 I’ll just go in the back and wrap it for you. I’ll be right back.” Brandy told her before she left

“Ha!” I bet she’s going to fill it up with some coconut water or something!” Jenny laughed

“Shh!” You don’t have to be so mean Jenny, what if she heard you.”  Cookie scowled her


Brandy came back a few seconds later holding a brown bag 

“Here, you go. Now the best way to find out if it really works or not.

 Is to follow the directions carefully and have a bit of faith that it will” And if you do the effects

Will start working in ten minutes, make sure that you’re close to the person you want it to work for doing that time.”

“You don’t want them to fall for the wrong person!” Brandy giggled

“Thanks. Oh by the way, I’m having a hearts party this weekend.

 And if you’re not doing anything I’d like for you to come

It’ll be a great way to get to know you and us better.” Jenny told her

“Umm, I’d love to but I’ve to ask my aunt first to see if it’ll be okay.” Brandy shrugged


A few days later the girls were getting ready for Jenny’s party

“Hey Cookie, are you going to leave your hair down or put it up in a doggy tail?” Vicky asked her

“I think I’m going to just pick it up I really don’t feel like dealing with for this party.” Cookie sighed

“I still can’t believe that Jenny’s, going to spike her punch with that stupid love potion she brought.

She’s nuts if she really believes that its going to work.” Vicky added shaking her head 

“Yah, it’s pretty stupid idea.

 And the way she was talking to Brandy, was embracing.

 I hope that Brandy doesn’t think we’re like that.” Daisy agreed 

“I hope not. But one thing for sure is I’m going to take my water bottle with me.

 There’s no way that I’m going to drink anything at her party, with her, you never know what she put in it.”

 Cookie told them

“Umm, I don’t think you’ll have to worry about it Cookie. Now Tommy, on the other hand well” Daisy giggled

“O.M.G!” What?” no way!” Jenny, has a secret crash on Tommy!” Both Vicky and Cookie cried out

Daisy nodded her head then giggled

“She doesn’t know, that I know.

But a few days ago I asked her to borrow her science’s notes.

 And in back of her note book with a whole bunch of hearts with Tommy and her names inside of it!”

“So that’s why she wanted to buy the love potion so bad. She’s really hoping that it really works!”

 Cookie cried out

“Let’s hope for Tommy’s sakes it doesn’t!” Poor guy, just wait until he finds out!”

Vicky laughed


A few hours later the boys pick them up and then made their way to Jenny’s

“Hi, guys!” Happy Heart day!” Jenny cried out once she opened the door

“You too. Oh wow!”

The place looks great Jenny, and so does that pendant its beautiful.” Cookie answered her

“Thanks, my dad gave it to me for heart’s day!” Jenny proudly smiled

“So Tommy, are you ready to get your dancing shoes rocking?”

 She added “Umm, sure, yah, I guess.” Tommy uncertainly shrugged


A couple hours into the party the gang was greatly surprised of the great time they were having

“Having a good time?” Jenny asked Tommy, who was standing over by the food table eating a sweet roll

“Yah, it’s a great party. But I don’t think that Sammy’s having so much fun.

 I just finished wiping his tail at ice hockey!” Tommy laughed.

 Jenny looked over to were Sammy was

Doing the robot dance in the middle of the dance floor.

 While Cookie and Vicky were cheering him on and Daisy video typed it

“Oh, I don’t think that he looks like he’s to broken up about losing!” Jenny laughed.

 “How about we play a game and the loser has to take the winner.

 Out to lunch next week?” She added

“You’re on!” Tommy smiled. “But I’ve to warn you I haven’t lose at air hockey yet!”

“Well there’s always the first time!” Jenny laughed as she walked away


“Can I’ve every ones attention please?”

 Jenny cried out standing on top of a chair holding a cup.

 Sammy walked over to the stereo and turned it off as she continued

“I’d like to thank you all for coming, and to wish you a very happy heart’s day!




The girls just looked at one another before they raised their cups in the air.

 At the corner of her eye, Daisy noticed that Tommy was about to take a sip

She quickly went over to him and bumped his arm hard knocking the cup out of his paw

“Hey!” What was that all about?” Tommy frowned wiping the punch off of his shirt

Opposes!” Sorry, I lose my balance.” Daisy shrugged.

 A few minutes later a bright light filled the room

And the lights went out. Cookie found the light switch and flicked it on


For a few seconds none on of them spoke nor moved.

 They couldn’t believe what they were seeing

Everyone in the room was frozen solid, Jenny was standing by the stereo with a frozen smile on her face

She looked like she was about to whisper over to Sammy, who also had a frozen smile on his face

“Whoa!” What just happened?” Why are they all frozen, why can’t they move?” Tommy cried out

“Tommy, will you please calm down. You’re beginning to sound just like Sammy,”

Vicky told him.

 “All I remember after Jenny, made her toast the lights went off.”

  “The punch!” It had to be, anyone who drank the punch that Jenny, spiked became froze.” Cookie added

“Whoa, what?” Why would Jenny, spike the punch and what did she put in it?” Tommy frowned

“Never mind, that we’ll explain it to you later.

 But right now we’ve to go find Brandy, hopefully she can tell us what’s going on.” Vicky answered him


Minutes later they quickly ran all the way to Brandy’s aunt store. But when they got there 

There was a closed sign hanging in the window 

“Oh, great!” What are we going to do now?” Daisy sighed.

Vicky knew it seemed pointless to bang on the door

But she did anyway hoping that either Brandy or her aunt would open the door for them

And just when they were just about to give up and return back to Jenny’s house.

 The door cracked open. They slowly walked inside and found Brandy standing behind the counter

Staring at them with a weird look on her face

“So I guess Jenny’s lame heart party didn’t go as she hope it would, huh?” She smirked

“That wasn’t love potion that you sold Jenny, was it?” Vicky asked 

“Huh?” Is that why Sammy’s frozen like a popsicle cause Jenny spiked her punch with love potion!”

 Tommy cried out. Brandy just gave him a strange look then answered

“No, it was filled with Novocain the kind you’d get a dentist office..

“What!” Are you nuts?”

 Why would you sell her that and have her think it was some sort of love potions!”

 Daisy interrupted her. An evil smile spread across Brandy’s face as she answered

“I’ll get to that in a minute, what you meant that he was frozen?”

“Yah, everyone who drank the punch is now frozen.” Vicky told her

“What a dumb bell, I told her to be careful with the amount she was supposed to use.” Brandy half laughed

“But how do we fix it? Should we call a doctor or the police?” Daisy asked 

“Sorry, but they’re not going to be able to help you.

And neither can I. now if you’d excuse me I’ve better things to do.” Brandy began

“What!” You’re kidding us right?

You’re just going to walk away without even trying to help us?” Cookie cried out

“Oh, please save it, why should I help you?”

 For all I know you’re just like her, who doesn’t care about anyone but herself.” Brandy snorted


“Brandy, I know I feel the same way but I also feel sorry for her at the same time.

As weird as that sounds but please don’t punish all those other kids,”

 Just because you wanted to teach Jenny a lesson.” Cookie pleaded with her.

 Brandy just stared at them for a long time before answering

“Okay, okay, you’re right I did just wanted to teach her a lesson.

 But I didn’t want anyone to get hurt. I’ll be right back.”


Brandy went into the back room then returned a few minutes later holding a large black candle 

“Okay, let’s go.”


When they got back to Jenny’s house Brandy quickly lite the candle and explained

“As soon as they inhale the fumes from this candle.

They’ll return back to normal in the next five, to ten minutes”

 Or more it depends on how much punch they drank.”

“Oh wow!” That really smells awful” Vicky told her before she pinched her nose

“Yah, it’s also not working. You’re just filling the room with that awful smell.”

Daisy added noticing that Brandy, was blowing smoke in Sammy’s face and he still wasn’t moving

“I just finished saying that it’ll take a few minutes.” Brandy snorted


A few minutes later they started to move around

“Yuck!” What’s that awful smell?” Sammy cried out

“Oh my god!” What’s she doing here and why is she waving that nasty smelling candle around the room!”

Jenny added yelling

“Jenny, if you’d calm down then we can explain.” Cookie began

“I was very relax until this emo decided to crash my party with her smelly candle.

She’s ruining the whole thing” Jenny interrupted pouting

“That’s it!” Tommy suddenly cried out.

“Jenny, you’re the meanest girl in this whole town. I don’t know how you can even stand yourself”

 You think you’re so

Special just because you’ve more money, or whatever then the rest of us.

That gives you the right to talk down to others, who aren’t like you.”

“Here’s a news flash Jenny, the world doesn’t revolve around you!”

 Because of your stupid dumb prank Sammy, and the rest of your so called friends were frozen”

 If it wasn’t for Brandy, they would still be. But do you even care?”

 No, cause you only care about yourself!”

Jenny looked like she was about to cry when she answered Tommy back

“I think the party’s over you all should go home now.”


A few weeks later the gang was sharing a cheese pizza at the local pizza shop with Brandy

“So Brandy, what do you think about our little town so far?” Cookie asked her

“Not bad, everyone in school has been really nice.

 But what I really love is the library its way bigger than my last schools.” Brandy smiled

“Umm, I hate to be a downer. But has anyone heard from Jenny, lately?” Daisy asked them 

“No, not after the party. But I heard that she refused to go back to school”

 She even told her mom, that we all hated her and threaten to run away if they made her go back.”

 Vicky started explained

“Oh wow! I can’t believe her.

 First she spikes her punch in hopes that I fall in love with her, then she turns it all around and puts the blame on us.”

On why, she can’t go back to school?” Tommy sighed

“I guess girls, like Jenny, will never learn.”

 Cookie added.

 None of them spoke for a long time. Until Brandy looked over to Tommy and with a laugh she asked him

“Hey Tommy, want to share my punch?”


Copyrights © belong to jack 2006